Vivek Drops Out and Endorses Donald Trump

Vivek had a few good moments.

In hindsight, I am glad that I never watched the debates or took any of these other candidates seriously. It was a complete waste of time. I briefly thought the Revenge Tour would fizzle after the midterms, but the primary has been over since the Alvin Bragg indictment last April.

Vivek also wasn’t running a serious campaign. He was only running to introduce himself to a national audience. He was angling for something like a cabinet seat in the Trump administration. Rick Perry and Ben Carson both had cabinet seats when Trump was president.

The big question now is when will Desanctus drop out. Does he drop out tonight? Does he wait until he finishes off Nikki Haley and comes in third place in New Hampshire?


  1. Indians especially these Sikh Indians of the Vivek and Nikki Haley kind have a certain antipathy towards Muslims. The Sikh religion was founded during the time of Muslim conquest and rather than become Muslims these people founded their own religion and became Sikh. Hey who else hates Muslims?? The Irish and the Jews of course. You’re a great American, now get out there and risk your stupid sorry arse, fighting the towel heads…… the A-rab towel heads not the Indian towel heads.

    • Are you a muzzie, Brownie? Do you follow the ideology of world conquest and submission dreamed up by a pedophile?

      • You’re Irish aren’t you? WTF have Muslims ever done to the Irish? Are you going to fight and die for the Jews or are you going to do a Greg Johnson and get them stupid country boys to do your fighting and dying for you, which is it Mick?

        • Muzzie scum actually raided Ireland for slaves, genius. No sympathy for the kikes from me. Brownie proves himself clueless once again.

        • Let’s see … Wasn’t it a nice Muslim migrant from Algeria who stabbed those little Irish kids some weeks back in Dublinistan?? Despite this Ireland was one of the few countries where there were some large protests against the Kosher-Murikan jihad in Gaza. So no I don’t think there’s any more than the usual level of annoyance with Muslim invaders in Ireland.

          You are correct about the Sikh antipathy towards Muslims – who invaded India numerous times since the Islamic expansion of the 700s. With all of the millions of invaders pouring into Europe, there are a fair number of folks in the EUSSR who are developing a some hatred towards them, especially as they’re encouraged and backstopped in their criminal proclivities by the truly evil elites – many of whom are white Euros and even nominally “Christian” servants of Jewish banking cartels – working to flood the continent with bloodsucking migrants and make every European people minorities in their own lands.

          It’s known as the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan or ‘The Great Replacement’. It’s only natural to hate someone who’s actively participating in a plan to genocide you – as they whine about the same jews who backstop their invasion slaughtering the Gaza populace (who they cannot be bothered not help). You seem to be thinking along the lines of it being the “white man’s burden” to stop the murderous behavior of the Zionist regime. I suggest you take your outrage and call for action to the Dar-al-Islam instead, as only a few (mainly Shiites) are actually doing anything to oppose the Zionist regime sitting there in their backyard.

    • Vivek is a Sikh? Most Sikh’s I’ve encountered tend to be a lot lighter? I thought he was from South of Mumbai by his tone? The Sikh’s are from way north near Pakistan and Kashmir.

      • Not a Sikh name. Upon becoming Sikh (kind of like conformation) all men take the ceremonial surname Singh (= Lion) while women take Kaur (= Princess). They do have surnames, and women keep the family names after marriage. Ramaswamy is not a Sikh surname, or at very least an uncommon one.

        • You get my point, they are being promoted by Jew interests because of their animosity towards Muslims, not because they are peace loving freedom loving American wannabees. And why do Jew interests want people with animosity towards Muslims in positions of power?? That is the question you should consider.

  2. Trump promised Ratswammy the position of Secretary of 7-11s in a Trump administration if Ratswammy endorsed Trump. Also – Eric Trump was giving that diamond-shaped hand sign that Merkel likes to do while he was standing next to his father while Trump was makibg his speech last night. Weird.

  3. All of it is just performance art at this point. I’m guessing one of them won’t concede until they are forced to at a failed attempt to contest his appointment at the party convention.

    Its one of the party’s last gambits, and they seem likely to try about anything these days.

    • Vivek seems to make a lot of sense, however, I deal with stuff coming back from Amazon Fulfillment who just refund anyone for anything put back in a box. There is a huge amount of theft going on with fraudulent returns and people putting 5-6 year old, spent, out of warranty older models in a box and claiming they are returning the brand new stuff they just bought and defrauded. When I run all the serial numbers I can trace this stuff online and I find that Indian type names are vastly disproportionately represented in these return frauds. My take is that they are quite dishonest and you have to be wary doing any business dealings with them, wasn’t a dot head the actual brains behind the Elizabeth Holmes fraud she was fronting? Don’t sell anything on Ebay to them and not expect them to immediately file for a return and refund and send you a box of junk on your own dime for the return shipping…then when you document the fraud to Ebay have them side with the crook anyway.

  4. That being said, at least Christie Cream and Vivek Salami had a few gags, whereas DeSantis, Haley and Pence were insufferable bores.

    • Meatball Ron is a boring mob consigliere, and Pence is absolutely insufferable – right down there into Jeb’s (Please clap) mode. Now you have to admit, totally noxious as she is, Kali War-Karen is at least a clown doing her bit to make the Schlomo’s shitty little circus a kind of perverted show. Kali the War-Karen Klown-Princess no doubt has both Winnie the Pooh and Vlad the Pale Koba pissing their pants because they’re both laughing so hard.

  5. I don’t understand. Why would you expect DeSantis to drop out so early? Why wouldn’t he at least stay in until Super Tuesday?

  6. Let’s see… Christy Creme and King Cobra are out (along with Lady G’s lawn-jockey Mr. Tim who had to fight antisemitism instead), which leaves us with Kali the War-Karen and Meatball Ron. Is Cuck Pence still running?

  7. Vivek Ramaswamy was just another Tulsi Gabbard 2.0. Overhyped politician with an extremely online fanbase that doesn’t have actual mainstream relevancy.

    • @MIGAnut,

      Tulsi turned out to be another ‘Israel Firster’ like all the critters in D.C. with the possible exceptions of Senator Paul and Representative Massie.

      Gabbard is being talked up as a possible VP running mate to rabbi Shmuley Boteach”s BFF RFK Jr.

      Whoever occupies the Oval Office, jews win and Whites lose.

  8. It’s all political theater, albeit entertaining. Until a candidate affirms that Whites exist as a race and have legitimate rights and concerns as a race, I won’t be taking any of these clowns seriously.

  9. Off Topic:

    I don’t know how many others saw this video of a potential military coup against Zion Don should he win in November, but it was reported by NBC News which is nipple deep in “former” high raking intelligence officials.

    To absolutely no one’s surprise jews in the US Senate and elsewhere are involved. They are trying to save their (((democracy))).

    Discussion of the coup begins at the 37 minute mark.

    • The Pentagon brass aren’t going to risk their fat taxpayer-funded pensions trying to overthrow Warp Speed Don – unlike the J6ers they know that none of this martyr-stuff is really worth it.

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