Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Invokes State Sovereignty To Defy Joe Biden and Supreme Court


Is this really happening?

Is 1861 going to commence again?

Is Greg Abbott actually doing the right thing?

Note: I didn’t think he had the spine for it. Alabama stands with Texas!


  1. Well. At the certain point, Swamp Things will understand that times are changing and they start quietly moving themselves to the winning side.

    The Swamp is not knights of the Round Table who will stand with their King to the bitter end. This corrupt filth will betray their previous masters and switch to new ones.

    Donald worked on this already 8 years ago when he appointed Swamp creatures. Looks like hard work will bear fruits.

    • > The Swamp is not knights of the Round Table who will stand with their King to the bitter end. This corrupt filth will betray their previous masters and switch to new ones.

      You’ve been on a roll as of late. Excellent point, and absolutely true.

  2. I’m genuinely surprised Abbott had the stones to do this. Let’s see if he actually crosses the Rubicon. Even more interesting will be Cheetohead’s reaction. If the Grande Quacke l’Orange stands with Abbott…..

    This edition of the quadrennial kabuki circus could become genuinely interesting.

  3. “The News About the News Business Is Getting Grimmer
    Mass layoffs, closures and reader fatigue are afflicting news organizations “. NY times

    High time !
    They have nerve, calling their slimy propaganda ‘news’.

  4. When you have your head Kikes bring in a gazillion niggers, beaners, and other assorted vermin and spread em’ around, u know it’s a finished shitshow.

    “Illegal immigrants should “IMMEDIATELY SURGE the BORDER” when I’m President – Biden in 1st Debate”

  5. A point no one makes,
    They are stealing citizenship.
    Probably the most valuable thing you have is your US citizenship, no matter what you think of the government. Our forefathers and relatives paid for it in sweat, blood and suffering.

    • Thieves aren’t allowed to keep their ill-gotten goods when discovered either. Whatever they stole they lose even if it’s years after the theft is discovered. This principle applies to stolen goods that may have passed through innocent hands too.

      Once the goods are discovered to have been originally stolen the current owner loses title and the goods revert to the original owner even if years have passed since the original theft. This happens with cars that are stolen, are innocently purchased then lost by the innocent purchaser to the original owner because of the original theft.


      Illegal aliens are stealing U.S. citizenship. Their children, although innocent of the crimes their parents have committed are still not entitled to retain U.S. citizenship because of their parents’ original crime. The children are receiving “stolen goods” ultimately i.e. U.S. citizenship, and they are not entitled to keep it. Both the parents and their children should be deported and as accomplices the scumbag judges, politicians and businessmen should be arrested and jailed.

  6. Federal money going to states with sanctuary cities like NY should be re-directed to Texas and Arizona to compensate for the expenses incurred by those states’ residents from the wog invasion. NM is already full of Mexicans and they, just like Cal. support the invasion so no money for them.

  7. I actually saw on a “Conservative” news channel them calling for a National Divorce. Tonight actually and now this in Texas. Interesting times for sure. ?

  8. III Armored Corps is headquartered at Ft. Hood (I’m sorry Ft. Cavasos).
    Will the PTB pulling Biden’s strings turn them loose against the Texas National Guard?
    Probably not but things I never thought I’d see are happening with regular frequency.
    We’re already in a cold civil war but it looks like it could get much warmer.

  9. If the conservatives had started siding with the working people and the middle class, instead of the boarding school snots, a great deal of the ills of the last sixty years could have been avoided perhaps. Pat Buchanan had pointed out with the Boston school busing, back in the 1970s, that the judge who ordered it, the Governor, and the two Senators from Massachusetts, none of them had children in Boston public schools. The working class should have declared quite a while back, you all aren’t going to make up any more rules that you don’t have to follow.

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