McConnell Signals Ukraine Aid Is Dead


McConnell has cleaned up the reporting. He still backs a border deal for Ukraine aid. It is almost February though and it still hasn’t happened. Make of that what you will.

As of this morning, it appears the border deal for Ukraine aid package that the Senate had been negotiating is dead because the Revenge Tour has triumphed in Iowa and New Hampshire and Trump is signaling that he wants to run against Joe Biden on immigration.

Note: Hundreds of thousands of people on both sides of the war in Ukraine have died for nothing. If even McConnell is throwing in the towel, it is over.



  1. NEVER underestimate the the ability of Nuland, Blinken, and the Tribe to get their way. I’m still betting on American boots on the ground regardless of what polls say the support for it is.

    • What the lying media won’t disclose:

      Voters are flooding congressional phones, saying “stop spending on Ukraine and spend the money HERE !”

      The media doesn’t want voters to realize the real power they have.
      The media wants to keep voters dumb and helpless, so they say “oh well, I can’t do nuffin”. They want compliant slackers.

      The ((media)) doesn’t what you to realize what power you have, because ((they)) want to have the power to set the agenda.


  2. I never did get the whole “Hate Ukraine/Simp For Putin and Russia” thing that the US Far Right thing is into. I mean – is it a money thing? Or is it because the libs put little Ukraine flags on their lawns when the war started? What is it, exactly?

    • A desire not be involved in a distant, stupid war which ought to be none of concern. This is also our general position. It has nothing to do with Ukraine. See also Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, most recently, Yemen.

      • Who is “our”? Southern Seperatists? Christian Nationalists? Pro-Trump? I lose track. “Our” seems more of a reactionary movement than it does a cohesive, broad-based one.

        • You said the American far right.

          The general position is that we don’t want to be involved in stupid, pointless, expensive wars in Eurasia. That’s true of Ukraine and a bunch of other wars

    • Jewkraine – a totally fake country – was built up into a significant threat to Russia by the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies, whose HQ is Murika. It is a puppet dictatorship run on behalf of several western crime syndicates, among them the Biden family. It fully stands for the entire Globo-Pedo agenda of the EUSSR and Church of Woke. They started the war in 2014. This has already been explained to you by several here. Are you like Greg Johnson and buttrhurt about the higher price of blonde catamites? Russia finally actually defended itself starting in 2022. Idiots compare Putin to Stalin. Stalin would have stomped their asses off the planet back in 2015 or so. They have it coming. They are the ones who started killing their fellow slavs for the jews. We have lots of whites in this country willing to do the very same.

  3. It’s not really over. The funding for the New Khazaria project will continue via CIA dark-money raised off the books, while both the UK and French satraps have upped their funding for ever more rabid actions to provoke Russia into formally launching WW III (which is already under way of course). As the recent hit on the French military in Kharkov proved, there are lots of active-duty NATO officers and enlisted wearing Jewkraine uniforms now over and above the many “foreign legions” (mercs paid for with western tax money) on the ground – ordered to kill from behind the hapless souls conscripted (press-ganged) into Zelensky’s Nudelman legion when they try to surrender (rather than die in the trenches w/o support).

    Jews running the whole operation wanted to depopulate Ukraine to make room for their fellow jews to move in, live like kangz and have their 600 goy slaves do all the work. Russia said no and the plan now is to have all of Europe draft their white meat to feed into the grinder. Alex Soros and Zelensky recently inked a deal to transport all kinds of toxic waste to dump in the farmlands occupied by the Kiev puppet-regime. (Don’t hear any of the environmental groups whining about that one, do you?) There’s a hilarious and telling scene from New Hampshire posted at Vox Day today. A young Jewish bitch accidentally gaffed out the truth: “Don’t use other genocides to describe this one.” That young genius must have been channeling Shitpants Joey.

    It’s always the same old refrain with the Synagogue: As with Nazis, some genocides are just more equal than others.

    If the official funding from Murika being cut off actually disrupts the flow of cash, mercs and weapons to New Khazaria enough for the Russians to actually exploit this and behead the regime in Kiev with some 3000-kilo glide bombs onto Bankova and the Rada plus similar hard responses leaving thousands of dead Murikans, Brits, French, Germans, Poles et al, the war could be over sooner than Nudelman, Soros and the gang are planning for.

    • “Russia said no” to what, exactly? Hundreds of thousands of Russian are fighting and dying in the muddy cow pastures of E Ukraine so that the jews can secure a new homeland in a tiny sliver of E Ukraine – so basically it’s Russia doing the jews’ dirty work by trying to depopulate E Ukraine and the Ukies are trying to prevent that. It’s like you guys don’t even understand what you’re saying. And how can Russia wage a World War when their war with the mediocre Ukrainian military is entering its 3rd year with no end in sight – and – no – China Slave Colony isn’t going to ally with Russia and get into a war with the US/EU over Ukraine.

      • Stop listening to CNN. KIA ratio is at least 3 to 1 in Russia’s favor. New Khazarian military is vastly reduced – hence all the sheep-dipped NAFO grunts wearing NK uniforms. Yes there are still some serious questions about Putin and (esp) Shiogu and whether they truly oppose the globalist gang running the war. Prigozhin – assuming he’s really dead – might have been offed by the CIA when he flipped (likely a CIA asset at some point). He’s “died” in a plane crash before, in Africa some years ago – only to resurface as the top food-supply oligarch running a private army. Occam’s razor argues VVP ordered him eliminated as he just refused to stay out of Russia as he agreed to. The fact that (allegedly) the entire upper command was on the fatal flight with him suggests this as well. His strange coup took place days after the Sodomite Lady G boasted of “something big” about to happen to Russia.

  4. Re: “funding for the New Khazaria project will continue via CIA dark-money raised off the books, while both the UK and French satraps have upped their funding for ever more rabid actions to provoke Russia”:

    Yes. History shows that a removal or cut-off of DIRECT U.S. funding from an imperialist war project means little or nothing. The New Khazaria project (Khazarkraine) will continue to be funded and supplied with weapons, precise targeting directions and full diplomatic support until, or unless, Russia finally defeats it, no matter “what Mitch McConnell says.”

    During the Jimmy Carter administration, the U.S. was too exposed and embarrassed to continue supporting the genocide of indigenous people in Guatemala. As soon as the U.S. “pulled out” of Guatemala, the U.S.’s proxy Israel was ordered in. Israel has been propping up capitalism in Guatemala for the U.S. ever since then. The Zionist colony is very useful, very valuable to the U.S. It has been used to fight socialism and prop up imperial regimes in Latin America and all around the world. It can even profit by supplying arms and other support to BOTH sides of a conflict, as it did in the Falklands War.

  5. Actually, it’s not over. All the Democrats have to do is sign onto securing the Border and Ukraine will get the funding it needs. If I was a smart Republican, I’d use jujitsu tactics on the Dems by encouraging the Ukrainians to support the Republicans and begin lobbying the Dems to secure America’s border. The Dems would be hit on all fronts and watch their foreign and domestic coalition collapse.

    Doing this is nothing but winning. It slides off the Ukrainians from the Dems and onto the Republicans, that’s a W. It secures the border, and ends open borders as we know it, that’s a W. It ramps up military production and preparedness which is vitally necessary for the coming conflict with China, Russia, and the third world, that’s a W. It makes the xenophiliacs look insane, thats a W. Its makes Biden and the Dems look irrelevant, thats a W. Its pushes momentum forward for Trump to launch operation Westbank III, thats a W. It begins the end of Open Borders and Open Immigration, thats a W.

    You cut off the Democrats at the knees by using the Ukrainians necessity for more aid against the Dems. It forces the Dems to show they are actually an illegal alien first regime and actually don’t give a shit about Ukrainians. It secures our border and prepares for the future conflict. Its nothing but winning. That’s how you move the dial.

    • “Border and Ukraine will get the funding it needs.”

      There’s too much pressure on congressmen and it’s growing every day.

  6. Ol’ CCP Turkey Neck has an amnesty program to work on and all military aid goes to the indispensable ally.
    Too bad so sad on the oligarch’s Heavenly Jerusalem plan for Southern Ukraine
    Look up that title if you want to learn more and don’t be distracted by the tatted up skank in the video, she is for sale to the highest bidder.

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