Poll Watch: Border Chaos Lifts Trump Above Biden In Key Swing States

This is my view.

In 2016, I supported Trump for a bunch of reasons, but I mainly saw him as a bulldozer who would topple Conservatism, Inc. and “move the Overton Window” by mainstreaming a populist and nationalist agenda. In the long run, he ultimately succeeded in doing this.

From 2017 to 2020, I became blackpilled on Trump as he squandered his presidency pursuing things like the tax cuts and criminal justice reform and picking fights with allies like Jeff Sessions while endorsing people like Mitt Romney. He ran for reelection on the Platinum Plan. I sat out the election.

From 2021 to 2024, the Joe Biden presidency has been so awful – on the border and immigration, on civil liberties, on inflation and on foreign policy with Ukraine and Israel – that even the bumbling Trump era looks good by comparison. We can’t take another 6 to 8 million illegal aliens.

Therefore, it is better to have Trump back in 2025 and just tune out of politics and not get emotionally invested in it like the last time he was in power. If he spends his entire presidency flailing around settling old scores, it would still be better than another four years of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.


Why it matters: The percentage of voters who said immigration was the “single most important issue” to them in November went up in six of the seven swing states polled in a new Bloomberg News/Morning Consult survey.

61% of those voters in those states say Biden is at least somewhat responsible for the wave of migration on the U.S.-Mexico border.

On the same question, 30% blamed the Trump administration and 38% blamed congressional Republicans.

Voters in those states say they trust Trump over Biden on immigration 52% to 30%. The 22 percentage point margin is up five points since the last poll in December.

Zoom in: Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are the seven states featured in the poll.

Asked how they would vote if the election were held today in a one-one-one matchup, Biden trails Trump by an average of 48%-42% across the seven states, which resembles other polls showing Biden lagging Trump in the key states. …”

New York Times:

“On President Biden’s first day in office, he paused nearly all deportations. He vowed to end the harsh practices of the Trump administration, show compassion toward those wishing to come to the United States and secure the southern border.

For Mr. Biden, it was a matter of principle. He wanted to show the world that the United States was a humane nation, while also demonstrating to his fellow citizens that government could work again.

But those early promises have largely been set aside as chaos engulfs the border and imperils Mr. Biden’s re-election hopes. The number of people crossing into the United States has reached record levels, more than double than in the Trump years. The asylum system is still all but broken. … ”

I don’t expect Trump to deliver on his campaign promises.

I do believe, however, that Joe Biden will exceed my worst expectations on immigration in a second term.


  1. Biden seems to be a geriatric patient……….i hope for you americans that Trump can stop or at least slow down wokism

  2. You really didn’t see what Biden was going to do? Its not like he didn’t tell us. It’s not like his voters didn’t show us who they were in 2020 by gleefully ruining every big city in America.

      • “who he works for”:

        He worked for the DuPont family in Delaware, who gave him all kinds of gifts for his service. It’s the norm, the nature of the business of politics in the U.sury S.ystem. As “Silent Cal” said, the business of America is business!

    • Cuckservatives assume everyone is as spineless as they are, and continually underestimate dems. Just like you said, they, the radical leftists, have said exactly what they want and plan to do. The only ones operating under the delusion that life is fair, refuse to fight dirty and, more importantly, STICK TOGETHER are these placating white trash politicians that consistently get voted in because their opponent is that much more worse. You can’t continually run on “well at least I’m not a DEMOCRAT” which is almost the entirety of the Republican GOP main selling point.

      • @AtomWaffles:

        I think there is a slow sea level change going on with White Democrats.

        They are running scared. You see, these Disingenuous White Liberals had positioned themselves as White Saviors who were going to protect all POC from those Evil Wrongthink Blue Collar Whites that were going to put them “back in chains.”

        Except the POC decided to rescue themselves by displacing White Liberal Democrats by taking office and voting themselves their own benefits. Now they are in a position to wrest reparations that will more quickly bankrupt the country.

        Then there are the most disingenous of “White” Liberals aka our (((Fellow White People))) who are now literally being hoisted by their own Anti-White petards thanks to the perception that Palestinians and their supporters have so cleverly painted of them as White Supremacists, colonizing, oppressing and genociding Brown People.

        They are terrified and with good reason. Ordinarily, they’d have the United States pickin up and taking over their slack as was done in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, but all their White Male Purges in favor of DEI have depleted the armed services across NATO. The British have docked two warships, because there aren’t enough volunteers to fill it.

        The latest military recruitment commercial was completely lacking in Diversity and had a fighting fraternity of nothing but Stale, Pale Males just reeking of Toxic Masculinity jumping out of airplanes, reveling in the machismo thrill of it all.

        Last night, I saw an SUV commercial featuring a White family WITHOUT a Diversity Child in tow as an Antiracist Accessory. A Nordic looking family. Dressed as VIKINGS, LOL.

        This couldn’t be happening if the Republicans had any political clout or large majority in Congress. They’d be too busy pursuing the Black and Hispanic and Asian vote to dance with the Whites who brought them.

        So, in conclusion, all I have to say is: Patience, My Children. Wait and See.

    • Voting is also demonstration of force. They may wipe out millions of votes. But they know that there were millions of votes.

      And then lower Swamp Things will be scared and refuse to obey regime illegal or legal orders.

      Fearmongering works. Of course, Soros doesn’t care but those lower younger Swamp Things who actually carry out orders will be scared.

      They know that they fighting against hundreds of millions and worry, what may happen with them when MAGA Army wins and starts punishing traitors. So to save themselves, they will ignore the orders and regime becomes impotent . Orders are useless when nobody carries them out.

    • “They may wipe out millions of votes”:

      The U.sury S.ystem is very experienced and successful at running (fixing) elections in other countries, and changing the results, and overthrowing winners it doesn’t want. Why would it refrain (it doesn’t!) from doing the same in the imperial “homeland”?

      If you want to see what honest, fair elections look like, look to some of the countries that don’t obey the U.S., that the U.S. is constantly trying to overthrow.

  3. The Texas AG should investigate the Fed’s human trafficking front groups like the red cross and doctors without borders and release the heads of these groups private emails to the public. And just like twatter, I’ll bet the farm we’ll find the Fed’s pig hoof prints all over them. If Arizona is allowing illegal aliens to vote in our zero fraud federal elections you bet your ass they are wherever shitlibs are in tighter control.

  4. I have to vote for Trump, but I’m not going to like it. He’s just less incompetent than Biden is. One term of big floor show, and constant fighting with his enemies. Nothing important and needed will get done. But maybe by the end of his term, both democrats and Maga will finally get Trump out of tie heads and we can get on with more serious things

  5. I know this is a lesser of two evils argument, but Mitt Romney would have been a better president than Biden.

  6. The American people are too slow.
    The border crisis should have been a critical issue 60 years ago.
    Eisenhower did some to address the issue, but it slid from 1960s to the present.

  7. Moshe Trumpstein won’t change anything.
    If voting changed anything it would be illegal.
    Look for the CPUSA (D) to suspend the (s)election by any means necessary.
    There is no voting your way out of a coup and Bolshevik Revolution Two.

  8. Problem is nowhere in those polls is he above 50% and those “undecided” might well all break for Biden. This would NEVER be the case with the 1988 Bush/Dukakis electorate, it would easily be 60% + for Trump. Unfortunately those people have mostly died off and been replaced by brainwashed products of the education racket and the children of foreigners who feel no connection to the country. As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, America quite simply has a majority of bad people.

  9. “The asylum system is still all but broken. … ”

    The problem with this kind of rhetoric from the mainstream media is that by “broken” they mean it’s not instantly minting them citizenship cards at the port of entry and using the “motor voter” nonsense to immediately add them to the voter role for the Democratic machine to ballot harvest.

    I do think thought that maybe Biden will pretend to crack down on the border just before the election to fool the dumb white women in the electorate before going straight back to letting them all right back in on Wednesday morning in November.

  10. Our Anti-White overlords seem to have a knack for offering us the same kind of “choices” every four years: Bad and worse.

    The best you can expect from Trump is to slightly slow down the southern border invasion but not to stop it. Forget about meaningful deportations. Meanwhile, it will be gung-ho “Diversity” and gung-ho Israel.

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