Ex-President Nixon Warned Against the Media Complex

Ex President Nixon Warns Against an Elite Media Complex Link

President Nixon is respected in a lot of interesting quarters – then and now. The Russian/Soviet leaders of his day considered Richard Nixon to be America’s most intelligent, practical US President as did the 1970s Chinese leadership. Along with American Russian/Soviet expert George F Kennan (Link) Richard Nixon favored a pragmatic American policy towards Soviet Russia – a policy of “containment” which rejected Right Wing American notions of a world wide communist conspiracy all directed from Moscow. Richard Nixon, George Kennan, President Eisenhower all knew that Russia was Russia, China was China – during Communist, Soviet times, before and what would come after. History has proved them to be very correct on that point.

President Nixon, his Vice President Agnew and pretty much all Conservatives of the 1960s and 1970s had negative views of the “liberal media”. After the Woodward and Bernstein Washington Post J*w coup against President Nixon (Nixon won 49 out of 50 states in 1972 election) for very trivial “Watergate hotel bugging cover -ups” , Nixon retreated to his Southern California retreat.

Something (I’ve never heard of before) called the “Richard Nixon Foundation” has just released a very interesting post president Nixon interview commenting on a “Media Complex” as – dangerous as the “Military Industrial Complex” that President Eisenhower warned our nation about in Eisenhower’s “Farewell Address to the Nation Link” Ex President Nixon doesn’t “Name the J*w” in this interview, but Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham once did “Name the Je*” in some private, recording phone conversations. These comments have apparently been scrubbed from the internet – we couldn’t find them.

But, lots and lots of alternative bloggers, pod casters are now just “noticing’ massive layoffs in the mainstream media and the American public’s loss of faith in the mainstream media – buy few are taking that next step to…. Name the Je*.

“If you want to know who rules you, just NOTICE who you are not allowed to criticize” French Philosopher Voltaire


  1. Nixon made Kissinger Secretary of State, Kissinger proceeded to pack the State Dept and NSA with fellow jwz and it’s been that way to the present.

    Nixon was stupid, Kissinger would take a few token goys from State dept and NSA to presidential briefings so Nixon wouldn’t see what was occurring.

    Nixon would make openly anti-jwz comments in front of Kissinger.
    The fool didn’t know he was bleeding in front of a shark, just stupid !
    Jwz are taught to deeply conceal their hatred and furry to stoke fires of revenge.

    • To be fair jews weren’t part of our cultural history. Other than the Bible and myths from the old country, not Britain, as jews weren’t a problem until the 19th century there.
      Nixon did castigate jews for not identifying as American. Kissinger was silent. Anglos believe in sincerity and couldn’t contemplate a facade. Same with hindus ingratiating themselves.

    • Thanks for finding that.

      This was amazing – please spread these truths by Rev. Billy Graham and then President Nixon to places that matter.

      I note that Rev. Billy Graham and his son another “Rev” had to walk this back big time had to do their own “St. Peter” deny that they ever said this or even knew about this like Ron Paul denying he wrote or even read his own Ron Paul Newsletter in the 1980s which made accurate, negative comments about Saint, Martin Luther King Jr and the Israel Lobby AIPAC.

      I do note that then Rev. Billy Graham said that the Js had a stranglehold on Germany controlling all the banks and all the German media during the horrible Weimar Republica but then Rev. Billy Graham tells then President Nixon that:

      “Hitler went about this problem all wrong”. Rev Graham doesn’t propose any other, better way to address this same J monopoly on the American mass media, pushing porn doing the work of the Synagogue of Satan. As I understand it, Rev Billy Graham never dared to utter these truths in public back in the day and he later walked this back and as I said – did a “St. Peter” denied he knew Christ and the Synagogue of Satan Js.

      Thank you again for finding this amazing audio – you might want to share it with David Duke and his small group of followers.

        • I don’t strongly disagree but I don’t agree either.

          I seem Rev. Billy Graham as a very talented, charismatic, great speaker that well, like pretty much all White American Christian (particularly Protestant denomination Christians) they beat around the bush, fell down in to foolish obsessions like whether some healthy, athletic, handsome young White guy ever smoke MJ in college – or else these people wasted the 1960s President election (back when our USA was over 90% White European, overwelmingly some type of Christian denomination) obsessed that John F Kennedy was of a Catholic Christian heritage (that was back when the American Catholic and international Catholic Church was dominated by White Catholic Christians like Mel Gibson’s father, Pat Buchanan’s father or Italian Conservative Catholic Popes – WTF?).

          Or else these Christian Co-alition, 700 Club, Pro Life purist wasted the 1980s fighting our White European kinsmen the Russians in Afghanistan – arming those fun, loveable mounting Afhgan “Freedom Fighters” that morphed in to the Taliban! How did that one work out?

          So I don’t necessarily agree that Rev Billy Graham and his son now are “Creations of THE SYSTEM” more like, rather typical idiot Amurikun White Conservatives, Bible types that are just are just… not of us and for us – yet they had/have huge followings.


        • “Billy Graham was a total creation of the system”

          Randolph Hearst sent out a memo to his editors “puff Graham.”

          (Billy Graham was a two faced con man. He’d suck up, agree with, anyone in power or prominence.)

    • Note that Graham is telling Nixon he believes in TWO groups of Jews. The other group he postulates is his most important, crucial belief: the “righteous remnant of the latter days.” We can learn from this secret conversation that he was a “Christian” Zionist in private, as well as in public. He says he really believes in all he said, including, most importantly, the CZ heresy. Nothing else he says and believes really matters. He always supported the U.S.’s Zionist colony and every U.S. imperialist war to the hilt. He told his Crusade personnel not to evangelize Jewish people, but to evangelize every other race and ethnicity. Now you can see why he was selected and promoted by the capitalist system’s “media complex” to represent Christianity to the foolish American public and the world.

      • “He says he really believes in all he said”

        Is that true for the prostitutes he hired to come his hotel room?

        I don’t remember any sermons on “blessed be those whores”.

        • His head of security for the Sacrameto crusade has published this.

          It’s true to form. All these mega TV preachers travel the same path, opulent lifestyles, excess spending, near nothing charity work, side affairs.

          The open display and pretense to virtue always hides something.

          To boot, he’s a false prophet,
          “The world will probably end in 2 years, the world will absolutely end within 3 years” billy graham 1952 crusade.

      • Terry, maybe I agree with you more than you think. The real social gospel is in the New Testament, and the requirement of holiness is there too. Did you know George McGovern was brought up Wesleyan Methodist? I don’t agree with Fr John that Billy Graham was an “extreme free will Arminian.” He was a semi-Calvinist. I also do not support Arrian’s claim or implication that he was an adulterer, unless Arrian produces evidence. Not every pastor or priest is a hypocrite (most are sincere in my experience) and the Gospel is still true no matter who preaches it or tries to subvert or denies it.

  2. Marshall McLuhan warned about it back in the sixties.
    Edward Bernays and Joseph Goebbles would be media moguls today.
    The drooling stupidity of the masses always reaches terminal boat anchor point as the smoke and mirrors reach the end of the line.

    • Ahhhhhh no.

      The J media mafia didn’t even allow a Liberal virtue signaling White Southerner Ted Turner (married Hanoi Jane Fonda, backed Bill Clinton, gave a ton of money to the United Nations) – the New York, Hollywood, Southern California J media mafia wouldn’t accept Ted Turner in to the media elite club, you think they would allow the likes of Joseph Goebbles in to their J media mafia club?

      Wow, that was a rather stupid comment – one of THE most stupid comments ever to be posted here on OD. Wow! We’re throwing the penalty flag on you here for doing that one mate!

      • He got one detail wrong. Mcluhan did make something of a warning about gaslight media back in the 1960s (The Media is the Message). The jew Bernays was the father of modern propaganda and Goebbels merely adopted his methods. He’s also correct about the drooling stupidity. Watching the idiot box endlessly makes you into an idiot. Goebbels would have never been allowed to be sure – even less than Ted Turner. George Carlin’s point about the Sodom-on-Potomac regime (don’t believe anything they say) holds even more true for gaslight media.

  3. ” J media mafia wouldn’t accept Ted Turner”

    They kept Howard Hughes, with his vast wealth, from buying the ABC network.

    Network Media is their exclusive club, goys not allowed.

  4. President Nixon succumbed to blackmail from Our Greatest Ally in Oct. 1973 by stripping U.S. Army units in NATO of their (then) most modern and effective anti-tank missiles in the world (the TOW missile) and shipping them to Our Greatest Ally. This was when he also put the U.S. on the highest military alert since the Cuban Missile Crisis including nuclear forces for Our Greatest Ally. As thanks for Pres. Nixon’s goodness his fiercest critics, The Usual Suspects, then led the charge that drove him from office in Aug. 1974. No good deed (from their point of view) goes unpunished.

    Besides a general distaste for the man, Nixon’s opponents never forgave, never forgot his defeat of Helen Gahagan Douglas in the 1950 California Senate election. She was a leftover New Deal Democrat, a Communist sympathizer whom Nixon tagged with the epithet “The Pink Lady” to emphasize her Left Wing sympathies. Nixon also used his position on the House Un-American Affairs Committee to uncover Communist spies such as Alger Hiss, another unforgiveable sin. It took about 25 years but his enemies finally got revenge on Nixon in 1974, they never gave up hating him.

    • “stripping U.S. Army units”……of ammunition in Vietnam.
      Many Americans died because they didn’t have adequate ammunition to defend themselves from Vietcong attacks.
      All shipped to israhell .

  5. Nixon’s statement was correct about the elites’ “news” (propaganda) Media Complex, just like Eisenhower was correct about the danger of a Military Industrial Complex (to which ironically, Eisenhower himself belonged). So-called “journalists” who work for the Media Complex are all are money-driven career presstitutes and activists who create and spread lies and care nothing for truth. Real journalists who search for truth and share it when they find it, like Julian Assange, are independent now, and they are being drowned out or silenced, or assassinated or put in prison with torture for the rest of their lives. Truth is truly dying in the West.

    “Nixon won 49 out of 50 states in 1972 election”:

    But George McGovern was the better (or less evil) candidate in the 1972 election. I recommend reading his biography, even on Wikipedia. I think he was the best (or least evil) major party presidential nominee in the last one hundred years, which shows how morally corrupted by the system the U.S. electorate was even then, back in 1972, when the U.S. population was still mostly White. By 1980, the majority of the U,S. electorate had been moved so far right (I mean so far anti-left) that George even lost his senate seat, and Jimmy Carter lost decisively to Reagan – like an echo or mirror image of Britain where self-described socialist Labour candidate Michael Foot had just lost decisively to Thatcher, and just as Labour has moved right ever since the loss to Thatcher, since the loss to Reagan in 1980 the Democratic party has kept moving further and further to the right, while using fake-left Identity Politics and Wokeness for cover.

    In the ’72 presidential election, Americans showed their preference for imperialist war (such as victory in Vietnam) and for capitalism instead of socialism, by voting overwhelmingly against George McGovern who displayed anti-war and anti-capitalistic tendencies. The leaders of the Democratic party didn’t want him either, and changes were made to party rules in the mid-seventies (including the creation of “superdelegates”) to ensure that no one like McGovern could approach the presidency again.

    Jaye, do you remember the “Democrats for Nixon” campaign, including television attack ads ridiculing his good choice of running mate, and his semi-socialistic redistribution of wealth program? See:

  6. I read portions of The Nixon Transcripts now in book form. One discussion in the oval office was on abortion. Nixons said he was against it except when a White female gets pregnant by a Black.

    • “Nixon said he was against it except when a White female gets pregnant by a Black.”

      Those are more opinions of his time , born in 1913, that his own derivation.

      Too bad he didn’t have the spine to say that publicly.

      • @Arrian:

        Nixon was also ill the night of the debate, thus the sweating. He feared wearing makeup would only highlight the problem.

        The funny thing is that, for those who only listened to the Kennedy-Nixon Debate over the radio, the vast majority thought Nixon won it.

        Very unfortunate. I believe that if Nixon had decisively won that election hands down, he would have listened to Eisenhower (who Nixon deeply respected). Eisenhower was against escalating the Vietnam conflict. He wanted to limit the help to military advisors but otherwise keep out of it. Especially after the French defeat over there.

        I honestly think that, if Nixon had immediately succeeded Eisenhower, we would not have lost over 50,000 young men and God knows how many more who survived but came back with such severe PTSD that their lives were blighted beyond repair. My first cousin lost first wife and two children to divorce and his second marriage was annulled, because he had to be institutionalized.

        My family has a military tradition, so I have nephews and second and third cousins in the military. Naturally, I take an extremely dim view of engaging in any conflicts that have more to do with the profits of the MIC stockholders than defending our national interests.

        In view of the suspicious collapse of Tower 7 on September 11, 2001, the Lavon Affair, and the USS Liberty incident, I have my doubts that those killed and wounded by those drones a few days ago were hit by Iran and not Israel which has been beating the war drums for the United States to go to war against Iran. I think Iran is too smart to start anything with us. Easier to kick back and let us self-destruct than endanger their own people, in my not so humble opinion.

        In any case, I can see Joe Biden not wanting to do or allow much of anything where Israel is concerned before the election which is almost a year away, so the problem of the albatross that is Our Closest Ally could resolve itself by being eliminated thanks to Biden’s being corrupt, incompetent, and totally owned by the extreme left (which is riddled with Anti-Zionists and outright “Anti-Semites).

        • The Nixon Kennedy Presidential debate was before I was born. It did set a terrible president.

          Our Presidential election began to be determined by women voters, women TV voters who determined our elections by how candidates looked, their hairstyle etc.

          John F Kennedy looked young, handsome, fit in this Presidential election TV debate – before that he was very, very thin, almost 4F for World War II military service – I think he drove some boat in the USA Navy. John F Kennedy had a terrible bad back, but because of some breakthroughs in “Cortisone Shots” to the back, John F Kennedy put on weight and looked fit and handsome.

          I seriously believe that now American women voters would vote, elect some Hollywood actor like Brad Pitt or George Clooney because they looked handsome and they recognized him.

          Canadian Lib PM Justin Trudeaus was elected for just those reasons – looked and acted, has politics like a Hollywod Left Coast actor celebrity – women lib voters always go for that. Owe and they will also go for Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey Presidential politics.

          Democracy sucks with women voters.

          • “women voters would vote, elect some Hollywood actor ”

            You know it !
            Most women a far too influenced by superficials.

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