Reuters: U.S. Approves Strikes Against Iranian Targets In Syria, Iraq

Apparently, the Biden administration has asked Iran if they could launch attacks that would kill Iranians on Iranian soil in retaliation for the deaths of the three American soldiers in Jordan without escalating the conflict. Iran said no and vowed it would retaliate against American forces.


“WASHINGTON, Feb 1 (Reuters) – The United States has approved plans for multi-day strikes in Iraq and Syria against multiple targets, including Iranian personnel and facilities, CBS News reported on Thursday, citing U.S. officials.

President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he had made up his mind on how to respond to a drone attack in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border this week that killed three U.S. service members and wounded more than 40. The U.S. blamed the drone attack on Iran-backed militants. …”

I assumed the air strikes would begin last night.

I waited and waited and nothing happened to write about though.


    • The morons are the front men.
      Those controlling from behind aren’t so stupid. their evil plan is unfolding just as designed, destroy Edom.

      • They are extremely stupid. They were living in the most tolerant and prosperous society in which they were ever allowed to infest, and they have chosen to destroy it.

  1. No successful master salesman was ever as persistent as the greatest empire is with its constant warring (hot, cold, financial, psychological, proxy, and hybrid). The rulers of the empire (system) will NEVER stop trying to achieve total, world monopoly of everything, using all forces and means. They will never take NO for an answer. Many countries have tried very hard to refuse, and even the U.S.’s puppet Iraqi regime has repeatedly asked the U.S. to get out.

    These “Nobles” couldn’t care less about the common peoples’ will. They run rough-shod over the lives of mere “human animals.” Only a real people’s revolution or an invasion by a stronger foreign power, or a mighty act of God, such as a Biblical plague or a meteor strike could stop this greatest empire in world history from bombing and missile-ing the entire world as much as it pleases. And many of the victims approve! The love of money has driven the world mad.

    What did Iran “do wrong”? They nationalized their oil, elected their own government, began redistributing land and wealth, and stopped Western corporations from looting the people’s resources. See:

    The U.S.’s “bad cop” proxy crusader state of Israel is strategically placed in the middle of the Middle East where it is used to make sure that socialism does not rise in the Middle East. Israel also helps the U.S. crush people’s “dissent” in other parts of the world such as Africa and Latin America.

  2. Barack Obama aggressively pursued a so called nuclear deal with Iran at the end of his presidency. The deal was humiliating to the US with America releasing the Iranian government assets held by the US $50 Billion that Jimmy Carter seized in 1979. Obama grovel to the Iranians by giving them the money back with interest so it was $150 Billion in 2015. Just to pile on the humiliation of The Great Satan, Obama offered the US Air Force to fly several million more dollars on pallets and drop them off in Iran. The physical act of this being symbolic and undeniable groveling.

    There was no public support for that “deal” with Iran. There is no support for it now. No upside for any politician to pursue this. And yet Biden still pursues it. Why?

    Could it be that the born and raised Muslim Barack Obama, the guy who attended Muslim schools when he lived in Muslim Indonesia wants Iran to have nuclear weapons? Because they are the most hostile country on earth to America? The original and still champion state sponsor of terrorism, Iran.

    The money that Obama and Biden have paid to Iran has helped keep the anti American regime in power. It was tottering when Obama rammed $150Bil down their throat in 2015. This relieved public pressure for a revolution due to the horrible living conditions there.

    Same thing with lifting economic sanctions agains Iran that had been in place since 1979. Huge concessions to Iran. For what? Why was this such a priority to Obama and now to Biden?

    The Iranians didn’t want a deal anymore than the American public wanted a nuclear deal. The Iranians made it clear that they would accept no monitoring of their nuclear sites, no limits on anything, wanted nothing to do with this. So Obama said, ok how about I just give you $150Bil and lift 45 year old sanctions and you give us nothing whatsoever. Iran took the deal.

    • The US and Britain shouldn’t have overthrown the Iranian government in 1953. But they wanted the oil. The theocracy now in place would never have happened without the Western orchestrated coup. That’s what no one ever talks about. You sound like some brainwashed military douchebag, Faux News Zombie, or straight up hasbarat jew.

      • “The US and Britain shouldn’t have”:

        The nature and logic of the system compelled them to do it. Iran was moving toward secular socialism (with Iranian characteristics) seventy years ago, when the UK and U.S. staged the coup and installed the bloody Shah, to steal the Iranian people’s oil, and create yet another poxy force to use against socialist Russia and against socialism in Iraq, and in Syria and Egypt (the United Arab Republic), to keep the Middle East, and the world, safe for “democracy” which means: unlimited exploitation by the capitalist class.

  3. Forward! 1000 years of glorious victories await the mean girlbosses of the faculty lounge as we make the world into a rainbow bathhouse gloryhole.
    Sun Tzu trembles in fear over Milli-Vanilli (Austin-Milley) as they are the most devestating world conquering warmasters ever seen.
    Almost as badazz as Mad Dog Matis. (gasp!)
    We’ll bomb those towelhead camel jockeys back to the Stone Age.
    Forward to the recruiting office, yes you can.

    • > Sun Tzu trembles in fear over Milli-Vanilli (Austin-Milley) as they are the most devestating world conquering warmasters ever seen.
      Almost as badazz as Mad Dog Matis. (gasp!)
      We’ll bomb those towelhead camel jockeys back to the Stone Age.
      Forward to the recruiting office, yes you can.

      The Mullahs have much to fear! Not only the likes of Raytheon ‘Roid and Milley, but the brilliant stateegery of Joe Tzu and fearless leadership of not only Adm. Levine but the dreaded War-Sow herself – just back from a visit the to the handless pianist in Kiev.

  4. Why do we have Army soldiers in Jordan being killed by drones? The fact that they or any of our troops would even be there is the question. We need to raise hell with our representatives in the swamp and ask them about that.
    As you said they were just trip wires for Israeli interests. These were not SEAL or SF or 75th Ranger detachments. They served their county and paid the ultimate price, the full measure of their devotion, and I pray for their loved ones.

    Netanyahu is the Defacto leader US foreign and military policy. He calls the tune, and we dance to it.

    We need to unplug the jukebox and turn of the lights.

    • Jordan has been a vassal state of the Zios for a long time and it’s just one less Arab neighbor of Israel that the jews have to worry about. Arab Spring allowed the Zios to install a docile puppet as leader of Egypt and the ritualistic humiliation murder of Gaddafi got rid of that thorn in their side. About all that’s left standing in their way is Hezbollah which is who the IDF is really terrified of.

    • “The fact that they or any of our troops would even be there is the question”:

      Of course they would be there. Why is there a “question”? Does that mean you didn’t even KNOW that the U.S. has numerous bases in the rotten puppet monarchy (Jordan), including little “Tower 22” and an enormous U.S. military air base nearby, in eastern Jordan? How many of the other eight hundred overseas U.S. military bases in other countries on every continent do you not know about?

      “Netanyahu is the Defacto leader US foreign and military policy”:

      There is no one leader in particular. Netanyahu is a cypher. The system moves forward by its own logic, on its own momentum, waging war everywhere to allow the capitalist nobility to subdue and exploit all the workers of all the nations of the entire world. Israel is merely the U.S.’s most important overseas military base, located strategically in the middle of the Middle East, at the centre of the eastern hemisphere. Netanyahu is no different than other Israeli leaders, and Biden is not qualitatively different from other U.S. Presidents. “De Facto leader”? You could say the De Facto POTUS now is Blinken, like Dick Cheney was de facto POTUS in the G.W. Bush years…. But all the leaders de facto or not belong to the system. The system always produces the leaders (figureheads) it needs – and remember, you can’t vote your way out of it!

  5. PITIFUL, yet PROPHETICALLY ironic, PERSIA was the instrument, the LORD used too, judge and chastise the first BABYLON, Daniel 5:25 ” And this is the writing that was written, MENE , MENE , TEKEL , UPHARSIS ” ……. Daniel 5:26 ” This is the interpretation of the thing ; MENE ; GOD hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it” ……..Daniel 5:27. TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, And art found wanting ” ……. Daniel 5:28 PERES; Thy kingdom is DIVIDED, And given too the medes and PERSIAN ‘S ” ……….Well the writing is on the wall, once again, and this MYSTERY, doesn’t have long to go …….

  6. If Sleepy Joe wasn’t a complete screw-up he would probably have the election in the bag based on the economy alone – 335K jobs added and a .6% increase in wages while having to deal with the highest Fed Funds Rate in 23 years is pretty good. Clinton got re-elected against a Bozo Repub candidate with the same kind of toxic political environment/good economy scenario.

    • Most people with half a brain know these numbers are bs. Published for the mouth breathing masses. Or these new jobs went to the illegal aliens that this old creep in the white house allowed in.

  7. ” 335K jobs added and a .6% increase in wages”

    There’s a lot of deceit in those numbers.
    What’s the pay on those 335k jobs ?
    Have people lost a good paying job and had to take 2 low paying jobs to replace their income?

    Those gross numbers do more to deceive than reveal.

  8. “he would probably have the election in the bag based on the economy alone – 335K jobs added and a .6% increase in wages”:

    I think 335,000 jobs added is really a loss, because millions of new workers have also been added, through mass immigration, and they are taking millions of jobs. The “big increase in wages” is also really a decrease, due to still raging inflation and especially, the steady decrease in quality and reliability of the goods and services that are available to workers.

    It doesn’t matter which of the two anti-worker parties wins the (s)election, and by voting you give your explicit consent to the evil system.

  9. The White House response (Joe the Senilic is just a figurehead), is representative of their thinking process. Everything is a stage, including war. Right now, Democrat run America doesn’t have a cast to really play on the Middle East stage since they abandoned it 2 years ago. Instead they are focused on White Christian Nationalists, White Supremacy, White Southerners, White Confederates, and Trump. The WH only has enough resources to keep down an American Patriot rebellion and can’t do anything else. So, they are asking the Iranians to set up the Middle East stage for them and act the part of slight loser, so the Dems can play on the American stage as the victor and win another election.

    That they actually think the Iranians might do this shows the depths of foolishness and wickedness that pervades Democrat run America. Think of it. Play war and lose Iranians so we can suppress our people and give you more gibs later. It’s why in 3 years we’ve had five Saigon 1975 embassy evacuations, abandonment of Afghanistan and billions and billions of dollars of equipment, ballistic missiles from camel jockeys in Yemen shutting down global trade routes, China threatening invasion of Taiwan, the collapse of French and Western power in North Africa, Russia invading Ukraine, and the collapse of the US border and invasion from Latin America.

    In sum it’s all collapsing. The GOP didn’t take seriously the threat posed by immigration, multiculturalism, globalism, anti-Whitism, and anti-American iconoclasm. To many rightwingers wanted to go home and fish instead of engaging in entrysim in the GOP. To many Republicans wanted to abandon our global interests instead of building a bigger patriotic American military. To many Dissident Rightwingers abandoned the military and prepping with each other. Soon caravans of gun wielding Mexicans will descend on Hunters fishing pond, steal his Chick Filet sandwich, ransack his hometown, and there will be no militia to help him because everyone wanted to talk about “Duh, Jews” instead of getting involved.

    • Yes because voting for the Gay Old Pedoburo worked so well the previous 70 years or so. It’s just those disagreeable folks who can’t see that it will surely work this time….

      Entryism doesn’t work in rigged systems. Maybe if some had heeded warnings issued literally decades ago about the follies of empire, and taken some steps then available to fight the root problem, we would be in better shape.

      Smedley Butler knew what the deal was by 1935. Even Charles Lindbergh Sr. (the pilot’s father) was aware of the problem by 1917. Lindbergh wrote a book about the “Federal” reserve and its effects when in Congress and even planned to publish it in 1917 before Wilson entered WW I on behalf of the cartel. Wilson’s government goons destroyed the printing plates under a mis-application of the Comstock laws. It wasn’t published until 1934 – after Lindbergh Sr. was dead.

      It will collapse because the collapse has basically been inevitable for some time now. Going off and fighting for a lawless regime that wants you dead is Darwin-award level retardery. The lawless regime that wants all whites dead save the tiny group of the upper 1/4 of one-percent (who don’t see themselves as white – I exclude Jews here who are *not* white) was the logical outcome of elite whites’ rejection of God. Like other Satanic spawn, they corrupt every single thing they touch. The big swamp parties where the Gay Old Pedoburo goes to relax are but a minor reflection of the total depravity of their owners, whether they’re Rotschilds, British Royals or other owners of the “free” world – which is no more free than Mao’s China under the cultural revolution was – and well on its way to becoming Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Enjoy your Schwab Kebabs (grilled cockroaches on a stick) on the way to the gulag.

  10. Any US , British or Australian military personnel who are on their soil, and in uniform, are legitimate targets for attack. What were/are they doing there?
    Will it help the homeless? Will it help secure the southern border or reduce crime on our streets?
    Israel is a whirlpool whose follies we keep being sucked into.
    Nobody in Iran or Syria ever harmed us. The real enemies are Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

  11. Reuters says “The U.S. approves strikes.”

    It has such a nice ring to it. The U.S. doesn’t strike people, it only “approves” strikes….
    But Reuters LIES. The U.S. DOES strike people. It deliberately, voluntarily strikes millions of innocent people every year, killing some, crippling some, shell-shocking some, starving some to death, killing some by blockading shipments of medicine, and making millions homeless or so miserable that they have to leave their countries and come to the seat of empire, the imperial “homeland” to swell its ranks until it has more people than China and India. Aren’t you-all proud to be a member of and vote in the “elections” of the greatest empire in world history? By voting in its “elections” you give your explicit approval to the system’s serial crimes against humanity.

    • Merthyr Rising ” Aren’t you-all proud to be a member of and vote in the ” elections ” of the greatest empire in world history? …….um, I’m thinking ……………well, since you put it that way and you want a yes or no answer ………honestly yes ! …………

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