PBS Newshour: What Is White Christian Nationalism?

White Christian Nationalism is the new rightwing counterculture.

The Atlantic:

“The chattering class has a new fixation: polyamory. What began as a trickle of discourse a few years ago—as shows including Succession and Scenes From a Marriage streamed open relationships into our living rooms—has become a veritable flood. The past weeks and months have seen stories ranging from wide-eyed to prurient in The New YorkerThe New York Times, the Financial TimesNPRThe Wall Street Journal.

At the center of the recent discussions is More: A Memoir of an Open Marriage, by Molly Roden Winter, an unsparing account of a polyamorous life—at least, a polyamorous life as lived by a white, wealthy, heterosexual Brooklynite.

More—and the present interest in polyamory more broadly—is the result of a long-gestating obsession with authenticity and individual self-fulfillment. That obsession is evident today in Instagram affirmations, Goop, and the (often toxic) sex positivity of an app-dominated dating scene, but its roots go back decades. As the historian Christopher Lasch wrote in 1977, this worldview “assumes that psychic health and personal liberation are synonymous with an absence of inner restraints, inhibitions, and ‘hangups.’” And what could offer more liberation than throwing off the constraints of one of humanity’s oldest institutions, monogamous marriage? Indeed, the desire to discover her true self is Molly’s stated reason for engaging in “ethical non-monogamy.” When she prepares to go on one of her first extramarital dates, she thinks, “Who is my ‘self’ if not a mother and a wife? I honestly don’t know. Perhaps it’s time to find out.” …

In this way, More is a near-perfect time capsule of the banal pleasure-seeking of wealthy, elite culture in the 2020s, and a neat encapsulation of its flaws. This culture would have us believe that interminable self-improvement projects, navel-gazing, and sexual peccadilloes are the new face of progress. …”

Suppose you reject our liberal elites and their neverending pursuit of fads and trends like gay marriage, transgenderism and polyamory and decide you want to storm off in the opposite direction. Maybe you want to fervently embrace precisely what is being rejected by our wealthy, woke and modernist upper middle class elites like White identity and a culture centered on Christian norms?


“Divorce has become a major life milestone replete with specialized parties, large support networks and a whole industry ready to capitalize on the big change — just like weddings.

Why it matters: Cultural attitudes toward ending a marriage have become far less negative, and in the process divorce has gotten more commodified, from services marking the transition to digital culture that lightens the mood. …”

Rod Dreher:

“The book is based on Renn’s megaviral First Things essay, “The Three Worlds Of Evangelicalism”. In that piece, Renn put forward his theory of Positive World, Neutral World, and Negative World. Quote:

Within the story of American secularization, there have been three distinct stages:

Positive World (Pre-1994): Society at large retains a mostly positive view of Christianity. To be known as a good, churchgoing man remains part of being an upstanding citizen. Publicly being a Christian is a status-enhancer. Christian moral norms are the basic moral norms of society and violating them can bring negative consequences.

Neutral World (1994–2014): Society takes a neutral stance toward Christianity. Christianity no longer has privileged status but is not disfavored. Being publicly known as a Christian has neither a positive nor a negative impact on one’s social status. Christianity is a valid option within a pluralistic public square. Christian moral norms retain some residual effect.

Negative World (2014–Present): Society has come to have a negative view of Christianity. Being known as a Christian is a social negative, particularly in the elite domains of ­society. Christian morality is expressly repudiated and seen as a threat to the public good and the new public moral order. Subscribing to Christian moral views or violating the secular moral order brings negative consequences. …

I often hear the refrain online that “Christian nationalism is an op.”

I see it as an organic reaction to what Aaron Renn has labeled “Negative World.” Christianity is no longer the mainstream culture. It is no longer even viewed positively or even neutrally by our elites. Instead, there is a major push from above to challenge, repudiate and rollback Christian norms, as can be seen in recent years in the major culture war battles over transgenderism and now polyamory.

Some Christian conservatives resent this loss of status. They can feel the ground has shifted under their feet. They have been radicalized by the attempt to push transgenderism onto kids. This has produced a backlash in which some Christian conservatives are beginning to question right liberalism. This is where the explosion of Christian Nationalism has come from over the past five years.

Note: I have spent years tracking the radicalization of White evangelicals in public opinion polls. The symptoms of it are everywhere these days, but some people are still unable to wrap their minds around the idea that there has been a big shift in this demographic since around 2019.


  1. “has become a veritable flood. …. from wide-eyed to prurient in The New Yorker, The New York Times, the Financial Times, NPR, The Wall Street Journal.”

    Well, if I didn’t know better, I’d think it’s a coordinated propaganda campaign to steer society off the edge and into the abyss of social chaos.

    But I know that no group could be so evil that they want to cause ruin and social destruction . Just like no one would advocate racial mixing to ruin the races and create a slave class of tards.

  2. Matt Parrot wrote an interesting, as always, article about religion:

    Pagans in the past were not faggot or homosexuals as leftists try to represent them…….But they certainly did not condemn the homoerotic relationship…..
    Mind you I am not saying that they accepted same-sex marriage and gender fluid (which did not even exist) but they accepted in some cases homoeroticism. The Greeks and Romans and even some Germanic tribes accepted this practice. Emperor Nero had one of his servants cut off his cock and “married” him. Christianity rejected, condemned and punished homoerotic and degenerate practices that SOME not all practiced in the ancient world. Christianism morality is correct for fight this madness, even of they’re poisoning christianism with woke.

  3. Who will be the approved poet, songster of this Christian Nationalism ? Toby Keith?

    Maybe the Koch Brothers are offering the Niki Haley camp another hundred $ million to tour with Toby Keith for some “ what do we do now ? BOMB IRAN like we did Saddam !”

  4. I gave up on christianity in any organized sense in my teens, as even then it was apparent how absolutely dysfunctional and decadent it was.

    Wake me up when its time to set off into the galaxy in starships to spread the gospel by force to the heathen xenos races in the name of the still nascent god emperor of man.

    Until then, all this heralds is another cyclical “revival” of christianity, many of which modern and classical history books are full of.

    The wheel of our history keeps turning in cycles on an imbalanced rim that wobbles, mounted to a bent axle. Cycles and epicycles and gyrations all a product of the same mechanisms.

    It looks like change, but its just variations on a theme.

  5. White Christian Nationalism is when White Men raised in an intact two parent household vote. Wokism aka Marxism aka Socialism is when everybody else votes to take what we produced so they don’t have to work. And they get revenge on us for doing better in life than them.

    • Vast swaths of America are still 99.5% White – the negros, like the jews – are concentrated in major urban/suburban areas.

      • That’s not as true as it used to be. Thanks to the rapefugee resettlement racket run by jews and their shabbas-goy churches (all denominations in the USA: Prot, Catholic and even some Orthodox), numerous Somalis and other orcs have been resettled in small towns throughout the land. White shitlibs are the ones who bear the greatest responsibility for this treason. There have also been programs to resettle resident kneegrows into places like Iowa from their Shitcongo, Illnoize cesspools. Retarded goodhwytes can’t get enough to satisfy their jungle fever. Schlomo, as always, just rubs its rodentine paws and laughs at the goy stupidity as it counts the federal provided shekels for his Section Ape rental properties. One can’t entirely blame the creature. After all, what else is a spawn o’Satan to do?

    • Blaphltphshhhhh! Don’t let it out. Truly some of these old traditions in the Midwest and North East are so cool, grey, White, and could last forever that they could be proxies for some secret White and Christian Nationalism.

      I remember a city in the Midwest back at the end of the last century which was festooned with Christmas and Anglo-Germanic themes during the Winter holidays. It was like seeing Germany or old Britain back in the Cold War days what with all the overt muscular national and cultural supremacy traditions on display.

      If we could somehow figure out a strategy to entry into these festivals and use it to center some nationalist movement ideology we may have something. I mean think of being able to wedge Grand Hog Day into that. We’d own one of the great movies of all time and it would last forever, over, and over again. https://youtu.be/4YTqBxkDJlw?si=vM_FbgfbWkHrvrga

  6. It’s Christian Nationalism there’s no such thing as “Whiteness”. There are ethnos but to say someone is “White” or not is an American thing. Go to Europe and they don’t identify as “White” they identify with their ethnos. Who is “white” and who is not has changed in this country also. I don’t know anybody who goes around identifying solely as “White”.

    • Incredibly stupid. Everybody knows there is a “white world” – white people and non-whites alike. The claim that Europeans don’t know about being white is just a lie of people who would suffer legal repercussions if they said what they really think about Africans and other non-white groups.

      One thing that needs to ALWAYS be remembered is that there are people working for the FEDS on EVERY SITE LIKE THIS, CONTINUALLY.

      So if we hear people trashing “White Christian Nationalism” – (the FACT that the American nationality is white and Christian and doesn’t substantially exist without those identifiers), then just remember, odds are good it’s a fed or one the retards who agrees with them.

  7. ” but some people are still unable to wrap their minds around the idea that their has been a big shift in this demographic since around 2019 ” yes, faith in Jesus Christ is now more offensive than my WHITE skin ….

  8. This is the result of seeds that were planted back in the late 1800s and early 1900s as you so well wrote and discussed a few years back. It’s much more logical and accurate to view the evolution of American society through the prism of this collaboration, competition, and submersion of ethnic differences between WASP, Papist, and Jew in NYC, than strictly focus on “Duh, Jews.” Weirdly, The Atlantic doesn’t seem to happy about the new modern degeneracy embraced by so many social people in NYC.

    As the article mentions, Molly, has imbibed the poison with the wine of early 21st century degenerate America. Like her, most Whites in NYC are nominal Catholics. Papists like the Gay Grand Inquisitor both hate her but want to defend her ethnicity. Too bad she doesn’t feel the same. Instead she likes to traipse around NYC’s other slightly smaller White Jewish ethnicity and even the few Prods that remain, taste the sample of Latino Papists, Black Moslems, and in general eat at the buffet of Sodom and Gomorrah. That is what that early 20th century of liberal cosmopolitanism between Jews, Catholics, and Yankees has delivered, Sodom.

    Although today’s elite promoters of Sodomy are primarily of Judeo-Catholic background it was initiated by marginal liberal Protestant New Yorkers, who still exercise an incredible influence on society. Even though that WASP elite was originally majority conservative, their ethos as a distinct upper class Protestant led them to abandon their working class Protestant brethren as part of their identity by the early 1900s. Instead they embraced liberal cosmopolitanism and tried to leave their unique imprint on it. The result was their temporary retention of superior status, but refusing to back their ethnic relatives in the middle and working class, the Judeo-Catholics and their working and middle class mobsters and mafias quickly ended that superiority.

    Henceforth, from the early 1900s, the Yankee class began a slow dissolution as the ethnic rif raf of Ellis Islanders and Irish Papist Potato famine refugees rose up from the ghettos by knife and gunpoint to take the streets, then Tammany Hall, and finally society at large. If one reads the old political almanacs, one sees a slow take over of one WASP community after another by Papists and Jews until the North East became a solid Democrat bastion of Judeo-Catholicism. But, they too slowly embraced the secularists liberal cosmopolitanism of the era with Al Smith of the 1930’s being one of the last true Papist of American elite society until he was replaced by a secularized Papist named Kennedy.

    JFK became the new standard bearer of Catholicism after WWII. With his slight Bostonian WASP accent, American good looks, a war hero status he was the new IT GUY. He downplayed his Irish Catholic background except as part of the American experience. He was this kind of a new WASP type palpable to both sides. Although he did bring in the first large scale group of Catholics into federal power, he mostly steered close to Yankee liberal cosmopolitanism and appeared American. As such he defeated the last scion of Yankee supremacy, Mr Cabot Lodge, in the 1950s.

    In turn, Cabot Lodge was the last Yankee Republican who actually tried to mobilize Yankee working class. He was the Protestant counterpart to Al Smith. Good looking, tall, a fighter, he represented the overt Protestant America class that ruled America before 1965, whose strong chinned footballer players dominated the Ivy League schools and graced innumerable the magazine covers. The new new post war Judeo-Catholic-Yankee class was determined to abandon that. Too late the Yankee conservatives realized the deal with the devil and their lack of truly backing a strong working and middle class Yankee identity had left them isolated to much more powerful Judeo-Catholic community in the North East.

    Indeed, JFK’s slight victory over Lodge showed it was no longer possible to hold onto power in the North East the sectarian way whether Jew or Catholic either. It was clear the Yankees would have to get off their superior rung and truly share power with the Judeo-Catholics. Likewise, the later discovered it was going to take an Americanized version of themselves to cement their power. No way was a Al Smith, Guido, or Rothstein going to claim power unless they looked and acted like rough WASP Americans.

    Thus, JFK became representative of the secularists Papist American who combined with secularists Jews and in coalition with the remaining Yankees formed the current American Judeo-Catholic-Yankee elite. All sides had to drop their sectarian habits and play equally on the secular field. A field bereft of god, true culture, and history. A field full of pleasure, fake cheese, and sports. Its formation, marinated in secularism if not atheism is the foundation of the wickedness we see before us.

    The reason is simple. Such an elite is obviously unstable for sectarian reasons.The solutions? Abolish all aspects of sectarianism leaving the godless, materialist, vacuous, degenerate liberalism as the sole culture to embrace. This entire elite is based on the ideal of submersing ethnic identity to non identity. In turn it’s led to mass immigration since with no real American identity, then magically anyone can become an American too, and why not, it’s good for business. Slowly, by logical progression it’s led to these evils like polyamory. Strangely, there actually seems to be a little feeble pushback from what remains of sanity in the sick brain of our elite at “The Atlantic.” Ironically funny, it could just as likely be from a Jew, as a Catholic or Yankee.

    • The problem “old stock” Southerners have is that they don’t understand the demographics of America. Even of the present day South. Ranting on about “judeo-Catholics” is nuts. Yankees don’t really identify as Protestants anymore. The Bush family are Yankees who moved South and pretended to be Christian. The reason Catholics go into government work is lack of business opportunities. The reason people in the Northeast would often vote for ethnic Catholics is that the alternative would be to vote for Planned Parenthood directors like the Bushes and women like Elizabeth Warren.

      Trump won the Catholic vote, not the “white Catholic vote” – but the Catholic vote. Catholics are identified by being baptized as such and not identifying as anything else, they are nominal Catholics, evangelicals are a self-selected category.


      • Interesting article. I vaguely remember reading it. I think it and similar articles caused me to take another big dive into the ethno-religous vote back then and even before the election. Since I worked heavily in the Trump campaign, I was able to gather data on erhno-religious voters and determined, these voters wherr key to determining what is and is not America, where it originates from, and where it wants to go. The fact is, church going rate does have a slight effect on making a vote more conservative, but ethno-religious voting patterns reveal even more about it.

        For example, breaking voting demographics down not just racially, not just ethnically, but ethno-religiously, provides a huge window on voters. It shows Colonial American Protestant non-attendees, vote more conservative than any of the other religious denominations from any other ethnicity or denomination. In turn, Protestant church attending Colonial Americans vote the most conservative. It also shows these vote is consistently underrepresented in outreach resources by both political parties.

        In contrast, Catholics, even church attending Catholics, even Whites ones, even White Colonial American Catholic Church attending voters are less conservative than the Protestant Colonial Church attending. Yet, pursuing the White Ethnic Church attending Catholic vote gets more money than the Colonial American Church attending vote. In fact, the Colonial American Church attending vote is less represented in government than any other group despite being the largest group in the country. More importantly, the later represent the single largest ethno-religious group of disaffected voters.

        What this means is that the governments, at all levels, and in all States and Federal branches are considered liberal and unrepresentative to the people who made the governments in the first place. While this group overwhelmingly votes for the GOP candidate, there is a still a large part of it which doesn’t vote at all. Somewhere in that margin lies a large number of Hunter Wallaces and even Dissident Rightists. Sadly, they don’t realize how much the country has changed demographically. If they don’t get off their arses, it will all be gone tomorrow.

        • “Colonial American Protestant non-attendees”

          And how do you think they voted when there was a solid Democratic South during the Roosevelt administration?

          The vote along racial lines in the South is not a “conservative” vote. Was Hunter Wallace really a conservative in his upbringing? Was the South “pro-life” in the past? This identification with GOP conservatism is in large part a necessity to combat the Communist negro menace in the South. It’s true that “old stock” Southerners are more cohesive than other cultural groups in America, they look like they’re related to each other. Look at Alex Jones and Bill Hicks. The recapitulation of types shows the genetic relatedness.

          As for “Colonial American Protestant non-attendees”

          You’re obviously not talking about the ones in Oregon and Washington. Those are some of the most liberal states in America, with a relatively small Catholic population.

          Yankee wasps are extremists or not interested in direct political participation.

          Would a member of the Taft family, if nominated to the Supreme Court, vote against Roe vs Wade?

          Now Romney was not old-stock but he was English. How did he win in Massachusetts? There are limits to what people in the Northeast will accept if you are not talking about Jews and Yankees. This is why you see a politician like Christie get into office. This is why ethnic Catholics are elected over Jews and Yankees! The problem is not judeo-Catholics. The problem is judeo-Yankees. Face facts. I remember the nuts on these blog comments blaming immigrants and Catholics for the Civil War. Areas with large white ethnic Catholic populations are not necessarily especially liberal. Certainly not as liberal as areas with large ethnically Yankee populations. Wisconsin is one of the most ethnically Catholic and German states in America, it is especially liberal for being a Northern industrial state. Germans have traditionally voted Republican more than “white colonial non-attendees.” And yet Germans did not vote for Prohibition. It was forced on them by Yankee extremists. German Americans are the least represented Americans, politically.

          • The New Deal era issue proxies for determining voting patterns died a generation or two ago, so its mostly irrelevant to discuss it. Back then, the Protestant Colonial Americans ruled the roost, so it was more about which Yankee or Dixie subgroup would run the show utilizing the ethnic white minorities. Yankees (usually Republicans) or Southerners (Democrats). So their political differences were tactical not cultural. Today the ethno-religious ruling class has changed but the political culture remains the same. In the North and South, Colonial American Protestants are forced to combine for survival and remain the most conservative and most loyal to American Constitution and heritage.

            For example, Northern Colonial American Protestant Church attendees are still more conservative than Northern Ethnic White Catholic Church attendees. Nancy Pelosi is a prime example of a Northern Ethnic White Catholic Church attendee. Her apples to apples counter part would be Mitt Romney, even though he isn’t a Protestant he is Protestant heretic. But he is certainly more conservative than Nancy Pelosi. Or you could pick any number of Yankee Colonial American Protestant Church attendee politician or voter and as a group they will be more conservative than their Catholic counter-part.

            The fact is ethnic White Catholics trend left compared to Colonial Americans. While they can be collaborated with in certain areas, overall they are subversive to Americanism. As Catholics they are also easily manipulated into supporting globalist movements sush as the EU by the very nature of the Globalist Catholic Church. They also are least likely to embrace traditional American heritage and interests than Colonial Americans. Its primarily Ethnic White Judeo-Catholics from the North, but especially just Ethnic White Catholics from the North that are tearing down Southern military heritage. Although blacks and browns are heavily involved with this, the intellectual and financial push is predominantly Ethnic White Catholics from the North.

            Overall, the disintergration of America preceeded the Jews and started with the Catholics. Even when Conservative they are problematic. Every single one of the rightwing Catholics I collaborated with in national security has been disdainful if not outright hostile to the South and especially the Confederacy. So, even when Rightwing they were a kind of Leftist. Its either left authoritarianism such as State absolutism like Peronism or Fascism, or they trend Left libertarianism such as the Free Love La Dolce Vita Europeans of the 1950s-1990s. Its possible to peel them off and divide them. Its also true other ethno-religious groups are worse. Look I know my Catholics well. I got deeeeep into them.?

        • There’s no space to reply to your last comment. Suffice it to say, if we’re talking about the WHY here, then one has to look at the patterns in the Roosevelt coalition to explain how the difference between Catholic and Protestant voters has developed over time. If you go back over one hundred years, there were already signs that urban populations were not reproducing themselves in America. It was said at the time in Arthur Preuss’s Fortnightly Review that the city of Cincinnati’s population only grew because of the influx of “negroes” and mountaineers.” The Northeastern population is highly urbanized, and the people there live in close proximity to Jews and Yankees, who have the dominant roles in society.

          When we break down the states, we can see clearly: the Pacific Northwest isn’t solidly blue because of Catholics. That alone shows that Catholicism is not the basis of the white liberal vote. If whites were liberal because of Catholics, the Pacific Northwest wouldn’t be liberal. The upper Midwest is liberal because of Yankees, Scandinavians, and organized labor. Suffice it to say, if you’ve never been in the Catholic parts of America (such as in rural Iowa, in my mother’s hometown there was no public school the state taxes for schools were $1), you don’t don’t understand Catholic America, at all. You find large sections of the general population that is nominally Catholic in the largest, most liberal Eastern cities (actually DC is the most Left city in America). Catholic stats always include large numbers of mestizo hispanics and large numbers of people concentrated in the largest, most liberal cities in America. Yet the Catholics still voted for Trump.

          “Every single one of the rightwing Catholics I collaborated with in national security”

          Thank you for outing youself “Aryan Bro.” Do you consider Pat Buchanan to have disdainful to the South? The reality is that the South would rather have Planned Parenthood Yankees like the Bushes and the New York City Democrats like Trump than a Catholic.

          “So, even when Rightwing they were a kind of Leftist. Its either left authoritarianism such as State absolutism like Peronism or Fascism”

          Peronists? Sounds pretty silly and made-up, man. Peronists were pretty notoriously anti-clerical as well. The fact that you consider right-wingers to be “Leftists” shows again that these Southerners don’t actually style themselves as “right-wing conservatives” anyway. Hunter Wallace is at pains to point that out for years. The South voted Democrat ALONG RACIAL LINES, and now they vote Republican ALONG RACIAL LINES. The vote is not ideological. Hunter Wallace, as a youth was pro-abortion, held “leftist” or “authoritarian” views, what alienated him from the Country Club libertards and liberals was the issue of RACE.

          If Catholics express disdain for the South in America it’s because 1) that is what people in America do in this day and age. Even people from the South who are not Catholic, can express embarrassment at their place of origin. This is someone who went to MIT. He was socialized to have that view. 2) Most are from the North and identify with the Northern states, although we can certainly say, there are many famous American Catholics from the South. (though they are not famed for being Catholic, nobody in America gets a high reputation for being Catholic in America – maybe Father Coughlin and Elizabeth Seton)

          It’s also important to understand. Catholics have always had a very high rate of falling away. The percentage of the population that is descended from Catholics is much higher than it appears. Much of the conservative voting population is ex-Catholic. Many of the GOP voters in the South are sunbelt “evangelicals” who were born Catholic. Catholicism is not only the largest denomination in America, the people fallen away who identify as something else, if counted as a denomination, would be one of the largest. This is a country largely descended from Catholics. And of course, if you go far enough back in time. All these people originate in ancestry that comes from Catholic medieval Europe. So they have that in common. Catholics are not subversive of Christian civilization, unless they consciously adopt the ideology, rejecting their Catholic roots. The subversives are the descendants of the Puritans and Quakers and other judaized Protestant sects (you know, the ones that didn’t like Christmas, just like the KIKES!) Those were the people who started the Civil War. You’re blaming Catholics because of Stockholm syndrome.

  9. In seeking to destroy marriage, the Aryan’s enemies are well aware it is the engine of race.

    • Superb point. The objective of feminism had nothing to do with improving the lives of women (that was the sales-pitch only). The real objective was the destruction of white marriages, families and children. Feminism should have been discredited when Gloria Steinem’s response or Bill Clinton’s actions (rich shitlib males are all entitled to one grope), yet the public schuls, and Talmudvision continue the gaslighting campaign so it marches along – carrying its retarded followers into sterile lives to end as childless cat ladies.

      • “objective of feminism had nothing to do with improving the lives of women.”

        Makes a good cover story, like every other jwz scheme.
        ‘civil rights’ had nothing to do with improving the lives of blks, but rather the destruction of WHITES.

        They always use the same polemic tricks to conceal their true intentions.

  10. Of course, devout Christians can always point to the Bible that warns there will be a great falling away from the faith before the end times are upon us.

  11. Christian nationalists banned abortion, it had zero positive impact on society. Why should I think that the next thing they do will work out any differently?

    • They don’t have the power of the Fed yet. When they do, then you will see. For me, I will welcome the new Handmaiden’s Tale era.

  12. I’m skeptical of basing a government on a religion. The problem is, if you can debunk that religion, than the whole structure for the state would collapse. Religions have come and gone throughout history, I don’t think Christianity will be any different. It’s best to leave religion out of government and keep it a private matter.

  13. Pure Bolshevik Soviet? Thanks for taking one for the team and watching that.
    I don’t have any braincells to spare and my side hurts from all the flailing and failing of the FUSA.
    Be of good cheer, you have an IQ beyond double digits and only watch these ham fisted agit prop turds for the LUL’z and popcorn enjoyment.
    Don’t feel bad for drooling dullards who watch these and get their thought cloud update for the day, they get what they deserve.

  14. Lol, shitlibs don’t understand why evangelicals and we Christian nationalist-types embrace Trump. Christian Nationalists want a soldier, shitlibs think we want a pastor. So that’s heartening, in many ways shitlibs don’t understand we’re in a war.

  15. I always say a good, true nationalist must also be an internationalist, and a true Christian is concerned for the welfare of ALL humanity, beginning at home. George Fox the Quaker said, “They alone are worthy to be called and counted true Christians who walk in love and charity the towards ALL, who travail after the mind and spirit of Christ, not only toward some particular nations, but toward ALL mankind.”

    • Merthyr Rising, Very nice sentiment in your comment, ” beginning at home ” as long as our obligation too our own, is fulfilled first, yes of course we help, if it is possible to do so ……I reckon, their is a little light in you after all, MERTHYR MAN ……

    • MR writes:

      George Fox the Quaker said, “They alone are worthy to be called and counted true Christians who walk in love and charity the towards ALL, who travail after the mind and spirit of Christ, not only toward some particular nations, but toward ALL mankind.”

      I respond:

      Anytime I hear about any White guy bak in the day or now who wants to kind and gentle to “all of mankind” , I hear that worst ever John Lennon/Yoko song “Imagine” going off in my head, and then I want to take a ball pean hammer and knock the #*$&@ Bsing White guy’s teeth out, leave him in the gutter and get some recent migrant arrivals from South American to go share their STD, Covid and other plagued body fluids on him.

      I’m afraid this mindset has been taking over the mind, bodies and souls of once healthy sensible White men after since that fat ass, swarthy Harvey Weinstein looking J St. Paul,, Rabbi Saul of Tarsus first thought up this universalist, race denying, sex denying, free and slave deny cult that we know as Judeo X’tianity

      Here’s one of St. Paul/Rabbi Saul’s gems, now compare it to the John Lennon adaptation – they are practically identical and they all spread the meme of “submission”, join the heard of sexless, raceless slaves:

      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

      Galatians 3: 28

      “Imagine there’s no countries
      It isn’t hard to do
      Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion, too
      Imagine all the people
      Living life in peace…

      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will be as one
      Imagine no possessions
      I wonder if you can
      No need for greed or hunger
      A brotherhood of man”

      Jaye Ryan comments

      Does this sound eerily familiar ladies and gents?

      Sound like Rabbi Saul/St. Paul might as well be speaking in the ear of John Lennon , spreading his poisonous lies of “Submission” – universal peace and universal equality and brother of all mankind… Saul also ads all of human kind – women, castrated Eunuchs, LGBT tranny community spreading this peace, equality and brotherhood right before Hamas, ISIS, the Taliban comes to sweep in behead the remaining White males and take off the remains White females that have any use for the Muslims for sexual slavery and procreation and then there those J people, that Rabbi Saul, St. Paul assures the White Nordic Greeks in and around Damascus Syria – those Js that have caused you so so much problems, that’s all in the rear view mirror as all the Js are accepting Jesus Christ as the true Messiah, Js are becoming all pacifist Christians, good neighbors who don’t do bad things anymore like corrupt your Greek daughters in to the hard core porn industry doing Black on White gang bang scenes, the Js will give up being slum lord landlords, enslaving the next 10 generations of White Greeks in to Usury , Debt slavery – nope that’s all in the past we’re all Judeo Christians now, we all believe in Jeeeeeeeeesus..

      Saul/St. Paul is saying all this BS as he mixes the Rev. Jim Jones Kool Aide mix for the White Greeks.

      Anybody here still drinking this Kool Aide?

      • Jaye, I don’t agree either with the message of that song, which imagines “there are no countries,” and suggests “no religion too.” I also dislike his other song, the one that ridicules revolution and Chairman Mao. If the Beatles’ and similar groups’ songs had REAL revolutionary messages, they would never have been promoted by the system to help derail the socialistic anti-war movement of many young people in the sixties, leading them (luring them) instead down the blind alleys of “youth rebellion,” “sexual liberation” and drug addiction.

        “You say you want a revolution…yeah yeah, we all wanna change the world…you can count me out…don’t you know, it’s gonna be alright,” etc.

        Your view of Paul of Tarsus, the author of most of the New Testament is not just heresy, it is entirely wrong. But I realize that you don’t read Greek, and you have no historical background, and you got it second-hand, or third- or fourth-hand. The truth is that there is no real conflict, contradiction or fundamental difference between the viewpoint and teachings of the Pauline scriptures and the rest of the New Testament, including the “red letters” (the words of Jesus) in the four gospels. I encourage you to study, pray and think.

        Jaye, there really is such a thing as humanity or mankind, just as there really is such a thing as society, and “a people,” and even more so, because a society or a people always has vague “grey” edges of members who also belong to, or span over or transition into the next society or people, whereas “mankind” is absolutely definitive. All people live together on this one planet, our only home. Moving to Mars is a fantasy, at this point. Waging race war to exterminate the “inferior races” might not turn out like you think it will. In fact that war has been waged for centuries, called imperialism, and one variant is known as Zionism.

        The Biblical concept of “thy neighbor” is not limited to someone living next-door or in close proximity, or your family and friends, or a member of your own race or ethnic group. In the parable of the Samaritan, Jesus explained to the Jews that “being a neighbor” extends beyond one’s own ethnicity, tribe or family. The concept of neighbor is universal.

        It is true that “charity begins at home” (with family) but that natural beginning point is not its limit, and it is not a reason or excuse for hating, exploiting and murdering foreign people. You seem to fear that without interracial hate and conflict (race war) the “White race” will continue to be diluted and out-numbered by other racial or ethnic groups who are immigrating and have higher reproduction rates, until the White race becomes a very small minority or becomes extinct. You don’t seem to know the CAUSE of the mass immigration and atomization (or alienation) that is associated with low reproduction and out-breeding of “Whites.” You want to treat symptoms instead of the disease.

      • All moderns gets trapped by their interpretation of Paul’s words. He is speaking about spiritual salvation. The Jews believed ethnic non-Jews couldn’t receive God’s promise. They also believed their ethno-religious state was the only State which deserved legitimacy. Under Rome, this made it tricky for any Christian of any ethnicity to practice. It also made it prohibitory trying to convert gentiles to leave their ethnic customs to become Christians.

        Instread Paul was saying that Christianity was a universal and spiritual religion not an ethnic tradition. Paul was trying to say that now under Christianity, all Christians could receive God’s promise. It didn’t matter if one where Black, White Jewish, or Genitle. He was also trying to stop Judeo-Christians from requiring Gentile Christians follow Israelite customs and commandments to be considered Christians. Paul wasn’t trying to stop Judeo-Christians from practicing their Israelite customes and traditions, nor was he trying to say other people shouldn’t practice their ethno-Christian traditions. What he was saying was one spiritual matter. What you are speaking to is an earthly matter. Apples and Oranges.

    • Quelle surprise!! Just try and imagine, if you will, the profound depth of my shock and awe. And folks wonder why some refer to the place as Weimurika. This should be shoved right down the throat of every retarded Christian Zionist heretic in the country.

  16. White Christian Nationalism?? People who push such oxymoronic nonsense are trolls or braindead fools.

    The Bible is fiction and Christianity is an embarrassment to the Europeans (though the misery and ignorance in Europe after they fall of Rome sometimes blamed on Christianism was entirely due to the germanic barbarians’ illiteracy and lack of skills and knowledge to replicate what was in front of them).

  17. The churches were infiltrated long ago. Once the churches started to weaken, the culture started to go. It’s no accident, of course.

    I find this recent controversy about what Alistair Begg said about Christians attending a gay or Trans wedding to be a good example of the slide. There seems to be a growing problem with celebrity pastor worship as many people have feigned shock at what he said. “Oh not Begg!”

    This should be no surprise in the post Christian culture we live in. For instance, there is no shortage of You Tube “creators” who are only too ready to pounce on people who make errant statements like Begg did in the race to get more likes and raise their subscriber count.

    I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t attend a gay wedding, but I’m also sure that he wouldn’t go on You Tube to publicly rebuke Begg for giving the advice he did. He would have gone to him personally and talked to him about it.

    I sometimes wonder how Sodom and Gommorah could have been worse than modern day USA.

    Maybe it wasn’t.

    • I think Babylon is a more apt comparison than Sodom and Gomorrah. Murikan ‘culture’ is rather like a 24 x 7 x 365 Belshazzar’s orgy-feast. Too bad we haven’t been blessed with a disembodied hand appearing in the White House dining room to scrawl a warning. Not that it would make one bit of difference. The War-Sow (V. Nudelman, recently in Kiev to give instructions to the handless pianist) and her Satanic companions would just party on like it was 2004. Mene, mene tekel …. (tick, tick, tick)

  18. Re: “What is White Christian nationalism”? What is White Christian? How about, what is “red” Christian? See the “red letters” of the New Testament, the heart of the gospel, the real good news that will turn the world upside down. Love is better and more powerful than weapons and war. Men will beat their swords into plowshares, and everyone will do unto others “as you would have others do unto you.” Real Christianity doesn’t kill, torture, steal, envy, hate or lie, whereas the system of Satan tries to compel you to do all of that, directly or indirectly.

    • “Love is better and more powerful than weapons and war.”

      That’s rich coming from you, Merthyr. The May Day parades, or whatever they were, of the USSR that you regard as civilization’s pinnacle were history’s most boorish display of armament.

      Indeed, your favorite word, socialism, is wanton violence, a manifestation of ego vexation, the urge to eradicate every ego other than one’s own. Truth be told, it’s not even a word. It’s an asemiogram—my coinage: a string of letters without meaning. It’s a non-concept, no more imaginable than the square root of negative 1. The difference is that the square root of negative 1 has to do with reality.

      • “The May Day parades, or whatever they were, of the USSR that you regard as civilization’s pinnacle were history’s most boorish display of armament”:

        Realize that Russian socialism was under attack from the very beginning, and if it had not developed nuclear weapons very quickly, it would have been destroyed more than sixty years ago. The Russian parades with the missiles on display are like some animals, such as hedgehogs or porcupines, that find it necessary to display their best weapons to defend themselves. The Russian military parades (which continue to this day) are ethnocentric and doing no one any harm. Parades and military musical concerts are some of the very few things soldiers can do besides killing, crippling, traumatizing and impoverishing people, and destroying the natural environment and other good things. Watch out for the NON-parading forces of evil that are constantly mass-murdering and destroying good things, while being hidden!

        “socialism, is wanton violence”:

        To the contrary, socialism is the Christian economy of brotherly love and peace, which is naturally, logically, under constant attack (wanton violence) by the opposite, Satanic, system that upholds “the virtue of selfishness” (as Ayn Rand called it) and private property and private profit.

        “Love is better and more powerful than weapons and war (…) That’s rich…”

        The scriptural assertion you are making light of will prove to be true in the long run. The long war between the two systems of class and of equality must come to an end someday. “Babylon” that corrupts, deceives, exploits and rules (almost all of) the world, at present, will finally fall. As Jesus said, “the meek will inherit the earth.” Men of all nations will beat their swords into plowshares. All ethnys or peoples will be free to live and develop ethnocentrically according to their natural abilities and characteristics.

        • “The scriptural assertion you are making light of will prove to be true in the long run.”

          I didn’t make light of it, Merthyr. I said it was rich “coming from you,” because of your admiration of the USSR, whose sole contribution to world culture was those obnoxious military displays. You can’t have missed that point—you’d just responded to it—but then, in quoting my statement, you eliminated the words “coming from you” and seemed not to have grasped what I’d said. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else quite do something like that.

          “Realize that Russian socialism was under attack from the very beginning, and if it had not developed nuclear weapons very quickly, it would have been destroyed more than sixty years ago.”

          So—love is not better and more powerful than weapons and war?

          “The Russian parades with the missiles on display are like some animals, such as hedgehogs or porcupines, that find it necessary to display their best weapons to defend themselves.”

          I see—the great USSR, in reasoning about the threat it supposedly faced from capitalist regimes, figured that its best bet was to act like a mammal with an IQ of about 14.

          You’re making excuses, Merthyr, for the boorishness, the thuggishness, of the polity you esteem above all others. It was you, a year or two ago, when you first appeared here, at Occidental Dissent, who linked video footage of God-knows-how-old MiGs of the Chinese air force, Migs tricked out with colored lights that illuminated only the feebleness of the China you admire—and when I called you out on, in effect, its idiocy, you immediately retreated, said you were aware that Chinese military equipment didn’t equal that of the United States. Well—then why had you posted it? Because you’d hoped, as the USSR had hoped, with those military parades, to intimidate, just as communists hope to intimidate with their famed symbol of the clenched fist (artfully raised, its viciousness thus hoped to be deniable). Everything and everyone you admire is thuggish.

          “To the contrary, socialism is the Christian economy of brotherly love and peace ….”

          It is nonstop violation of the right to do nothing at all, institutionalized joylessness, the inability to leave any other ego alone.

  19. Young men are attracted to strength, power, virility, etc. Where is that to be found at all in modern Christianity which is now weak and feminized? When they do relate to or admire Christianity it is the military Christianity of the Middle Ages and the Crusades. I can see where Christianity would appeal to someone like Wallace who has a young family and wants to give his children some sort of moral compass as they grow up in the cultural toilet that the US now is. I went through the same phase with my sons when they were young(1-10yo) but as I have matured my outlook on Christianity has changed to a more cynical one.

    • “When they do relate to or admire Christianity it is the military Christianity of the Middle Ages and the Crusades”:

      Anyone who admires the Roman Catholic crusaders is very misinformed, and ignorance of history leads to repetition of mistakes and crimes. The Crusades were nothing but serial crimes against humanity. The Papacy’s first intended victim was Eastern Orthodoxy that did not accept the new filioque doctrine and Pope’s claim to be the sole representation (“Vicarius”) of the Son of God on earth. Constantinople and other Byzantine orthodox cities were invaded and sacked. They slaughtered the orthodox equally, along with the Muslims. Everywhere churches were burned or damaged. Some of the “Christian” Crusaders make Israeli Zionists look humane by comparison. Their evil deeds and bloodthirstiness (including the failed plan to exhume the body of Muhammad from his tomb and mutilate it) have not been forgotten across the Middle East after almost ten centuries.

      Don’t forget the OTHER Roman Catholic crusades, that were launched against other peoples in other directions: the serial crusades against Russia that failed, and one against the Baltic peoples that forced them to “convert,” and the serial crusades against the orthodox and Bogomil Bosnians and Serbs, and against the Albigensian Christians in France, and against orthodox Britain, that remained orthodox until the Pope’s Norman crusade defeated the Anglo-Saxons, and destroyed the churches, killed the priests, and replaced them with Roman churches and priests. There is no such thing as “military Christianity.” Jesus’ teaching and example of “love thy neighbor as thyself” does not involve shooting an arrow into thy neighbor’s body, cutting off his head, burning down his house, and eating his corpse after you have murdered him, as some of the “holy” crusaders did.

  20. The Long Marchers infiltrated the church first for a reason.
    There is a fresco of Apollyon the Destroyer in a catholic basilica in the district of cesspool from Revelation 9 v 11.
    Comrade Pope is just the end of the line for the Long March.
    The plan is for 100 million replacements courtesy of China, the UN and tiny hats.
    Vote for Moshe Trumpstein all you want, it will only buy some time which is all you should expect from him.

  21. And exactly praytell, will be the leader of this growing, powerful White Christian American spiritual/political movement?

    M’thinks it will be some like or even will Mike Pence – he made it as far about the American Conservative, national political chain of command all the way up to Vice President under then President Trump!

    We should all find out where Tucker Carlson is these days and write Tucker C thank you notes or exposing the fraud that was/is always has been J covering, pandering, tax exempt Amurikun Religious Right Judeo J X’tianity.

    As Tucker Carlson’s last allowed access to mainstream American media, GOP primary politics Tucker Carlson asked MIke Pence.

    “With America’s Southern border complete open to mass migrant invasions, and American cities falling down in to 3rd world hells of drug, disease and despair – how do you justify advocating $ hundreds of $ billions in additional American military aid in Ukraine, Crimea, Iraq and Iran when most struggling Americans can’t even find these places on the map”.

    Mike Pence answered (suprisingly honestly) “That’s not my concern”. (Words very close to these for TC and MP)

    Understand that everyone who still has hopes of making American tax exempt Religious RIght Judeo X’tianity work for us/you “Save our nation”:

    These top “Leaders” of American political Conservative Christianity are not concerned with the collapse of our civilization, they are not concerned that our border is being invaded by over 300,000 Central and South American also SDS plague carrying BLACK HAITIAN MIGRANTS – they are not concerned about the Great Replacement of our people and our civilization here in North America, Europe or not so Merry Old England.

    So what are these White Christian political leaders like Mike Pence, Mike the Huckster Huckabee, the tax exempt hundred $ million leaders of the Southern Baptist Church or LDS Latter Day Sissie Church concerned about?

    1) Supporting and covering or all things Israel, all things Je*ish including Je*ish Hollywood and the porn industry, Fed Reserve debt slavery usury racket

    2) Their own wealth and comforts

    What did the real Jesus Christ say about these exact types?

    “Sooner will a camel make it through the eye of a needle than a rich man make it in to the kingdown of heaven”.

    The real JC also had MEAN, RACIST, ANTI SEMITE things to say about the Je*ish High Priests of his time and about the worst J money changers in the temple who were nothing, even remotedly as bad, powerful as our George Soroses.

    Nope, M’thinks this White Christian Nationalist American movement or whatever you want to call it – not gonna save us. Just imagine the secret or not so secret religious ceremonies that will be held by the likes of other White Christian Zionist leaders like Lisping Lindsey Graham.

    Oh dear.

    • “White Christian Nationalism” is a term that is applied by anti-white, anti-Christian globalists to white American Christians as way to shoehorn Christianity into “White Nationalism.” They intend to persecute Christians. These people are the enemies of God, the children of the devil, the Synagogue of Satan. They hate white Christian civilization.

      If there’s a dirty kike or homosexual rat on here attacking white Christian civilization, they’re an enemy.

    • That substack article is a pretty decent overview of how things went even further down the broad and easy road to perdition in the second half of the 20th century. I don’t know of Graham ever repented of his CZ heresy or not. The earlier part of the story (covered here before) has to do with the dispensationalist heresy and it’s subsequent use as a weapon to infiltrate and subvert Christianity by über-Zionist Samuel Untermeyer via his stooge the reprobate preacher Cyrus Scofield. Interesting coverage in the linked article of jews using Billy Graham to further their Satanic agenda.

      Jaye Ryan asks:

      > So what are these White Christian political leaders like Mike Pence, Mike the Huckster Huckabee, the tax exempt hundred $ million leaders of the Southern Baptist Church or LDS Latter Day Sissie Church concerned about?

      1) Supporting and covering or all things Israel, all things Je*ish including Je*ish Hollywood and the porn industry, Fed Reserve debt slavery usury racket

      2) Their own wealth and comforts

      What did the real Jesus Christ say about these exact types?

      “Sooner will a camel make it through the eye of a needle than a rich man make it in to the kingdom of heaven”.

      While the quote fits at the surface level, a better passage from the New Testament describing such leaders (Pence, Huckabee, Hagee, et al) appears later on in the book of Jude (Ch.1, v.12-13):

      > These men are hidden reefs in your [love feasts when they feast together with you without fear, looking after [only] themselves; [they are like] clouds without water, swept along by the winds; autumn trees without fruit, doubly dead, uprooted and lifeless; wild waves of the sea, flinging up their own shame like foam; wandering stars, for whom the gloom of deep darkness has been reserved forever.

      Put simply, Christianity is basically toast in the west. That doesn’t mean it will perish. Persecution must come to purify the church from all those who allowed the likes of Pence, et al to infiltrate and destroy. It’s going to be a long hard road to even survive as a people. Trump is not salvation, nor is any world leader as all of them (without exception) have to one-degree or another taken the Satan’s ticket to power offered to Christ himself in the desert. The Amish and other Annabaptists have learned to practice the basic survival method pretty effectively – though their pacifism will not serve well in those places where the devil-spawn takes full control of everything in the enhanced totalitarian model.

      • “That doesn’t mean it will perish. Persecution must come to purify the church”:

        I agree. The true church will rise like the phoenix from the ashes.

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