Boycotted the Superbowl – Final Update

Hey Good Lookings...

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.”
Exodus 20 KJB

(I ended up watching the Super Bowl home alone with the sound off. I highly recommend this as a compromise regarding the J media promoting anti White causes, sports, politics, sexual degeneracy. When with “normies” in some social setting, just work to turn the TV sound off – suggest playing music or just having conversations. This will lessen the propaganda message. I just “noticed” some Black guy (I think the “artists” name was “Usher”) gyrating around in the halftime show and partially stripping. With the sound off it’s easy to just “observe” and not “submit” to the J, BLM, BRA, corporate consume sh** message. It worked for me)

IMO – there are other, better sports to follow besides the NFL Negro Felon League and College (in name only) Amurikun Football.
I support our best women athletes all over the remaining White world and work to protect them from unfair competition against biological male Trannies, or steroid, blood doping POC. Since the International Track and Field authorities cracked down steroid, blood doping cheating our women have done very, very well in T&F sports like sprinting, hurdling and relay races. IMO our best team in the Dutch sprinting relay team (some beautiful Nordic babes!) led by the best ever Femke Bol.

Check out this video of the Dutch women’s team coming from behind to win last year’s world championship – Femke Bol is AMAZING Link.

IMO another excellent women’s sport is American college volleyball. Over 90,000 fans attended a recent University of Nebraska women’s volleyball game and the players on both teams were AMAZING and very good looking in a healthy, natural way (didn’t see any fake boobs, or LGBT type purple hair) Link

Most of us here at OD and in the Race Realist, Alternative Right, Patriotic Immigration Reform movements come from some sort of Christian background – James Edwards and (I assume) Hunter Wallace come from a Southern Baptist Christian background; as the name suggest – a church that once believed it was OK to be a White Southerner in the American South . I come from an Anglican, Episcopalian background – a church that was once the Christian denomination of the Kings of England, the Founding Fathers, and the folks who translated for the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer (“give me that old time religion). Sigh, it’s getting rather difficult to find any Christian church in the USA where it’s OK to be a straight White male.

One of the basic points of the Christian religion is:
The Ten Commandments. #8 is:

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.”
Exodus 20 KJB

In the early years of the NFL National Football League this was “an issue” – playing on the Christian Sabbath Sunday. But as the years went by, the “Powers that Be” successfully worked to push professional football and college (in name only football) 5 days a week and all days Saturday and Sunday. NFL football seems to now represent everything commercial, vulgar, gambling oriented and criminal negro worshiping in our society.
Hey OD readers, is worshiping genetically altered, often criminal 300 lbs Black Negroes is that really keeping Sunday, the Christian Sabbath holy? I don’t think so.

Today’s NFL Super Duper Super Bowl is in Vegas – the gambling, prostitution center of our country. Oh and Taylor Swift – the wealthiest women pop singer in history has some how made it in to this Superbowl NFL football show. What’s the half time show going to be like? It is Black History Month or/Hate White People month – recent years have featured Black Hip Hop near porn “Beyonce”

What to do?

I’m boycotting this Sunday’s Super Bowl. I’m trying to organize a neighborhood trash pick up, something useful like that.
American Football (derivative of the British sport of Rugby not Football, our stupid people just got the wrong name!).
The Superbowl is also the event where the “American” (yeah right) Advertising Industry premiers their new Woke adverts – oh dear. There are also rumors of Arab/Islamists targeting the Super Bowl to protest the Gaza slaughter, US occupations, air strikes in Iraq, Iran, stationing fa* LGBT military near Saudi Islamic holy cities. That makes sense.

Yep, I’m boycotting this Sunday’s Super Bowl. How about you?


  1. The Swifty Bowl? I’ll listen to Tucker and Pepe le Putin.
    Laughing at lameazzes who don’t want to watch two hour video, you listen in the background and look at other pages on a round of web serf.
    It must be nice to have a world class leader who loves land/soil/people.
    Maybe someday after the Phoenix rises from burning it all down for CCP.

  2. As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race,
    I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
    Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

    As Kipling wrote, the Gods of the Market Place will surely fall.

  3. NFL and Superbowl viewership has been plunging over the past several years, they’re giving it the Biden treatment, pump life into a failing institution.

    Don’t worry, NFL pr men will be spreading lots of payola around to get various media channels to hype the “AMAZING, FANTASTIC, SUPER EVENT OF OUR LIFETIME”. rah.,……….rah………*pfttt*

    • What’s wrong with watching a bunch of blk felons, buffed up on steroids and pain killers play a game for retards ?

      Good wholesome family entertainment.

  4. “Not only the jew, but also all that is derived from the jewish mind corrodes and disintegrates what is best in all of us.” – Houston Stewart Chamberlain

      • I just happened to come across that quote of his in a book of fiction I was reading one time and it has always stuck with me.

        • “all that is derived from the jewish mind corrodes and disintegrates what is best in all of us.”

          Wow , does that ever relate.

          HW, goes on about the thoughtless tolerance of boomers being at the root of most of our social ills, which mostly stem from the ‘teachings’ of dr. ((Benjamin Spock)).

  5. Jaye that Super Bowl looks like a miserable spectacle. I would not waste a penny or a minute on it. How about a football match with national folk music? See below.

    But, Jaye, Friends (Quakers) call Sunday “The First Day,” not “Sunday” which means the day of the Sun god, and it is definitely not “The Sabbath” (Sabbath being a Jewish observance held on the LAST day of every week). We believe the Sabbath is an Old Testament rule or a Jewish tradition, NOT for Christians to practice! The First Day is also called “The Lord’s Day.” We don’t avoid working on The First Day. As Paul says in Romans 14:5: we “esteem every day alike” (we believe every day is the same as every other day). We are not burdened by ecclesiastical calendars (Lent, Advent, Saint’s Days, etc.) and certainly not by the Jewish sabbath. As Jesus said, when he and his disciples worked on the Sabbath: “Sabbath was made for man but Man was not made for the sabbath!” Freedom from chains of Judaism! We are free to use all our time wisely, to do good things.

    Everyone is singing a defiant song about Welsh independence at the football game:

    • ‘nig*ers and j*ws’ is enough reason to boycott the superbowl. i dont pay attention to a book delivered to us by j*ws which coincidentallly says j*ws must be protected, they are the most special, and anything i do to stop their evil will land me in hell.

  6. When Coca Cola gave employees training on How to be Less White I boycotted them.
    When the CEO of Pepsi said she didn’t want any Trump Supporter customers I boycotted them.
    When Gillette made the real men are all gay commercials I boycotted them.
    When Starbucks CEO said they would hire 10,000 rapefugees I boycotted them.
    When all professional and college sports became BLM rallies I boycotted them.
    As you have said in the past, we are already several years into the collapse. Once feminine cultural marxism takes over an institution its gone. Over. Not yours anymore. Rush Limbaugh used to say that any institution that isn’t consciously Conservative by design automatically becomes Leftist by default. The Left is determined to take over every institution. Look at the state of the US Military.

    • “Left is determined to take over every institution”

      As Keith Alexander always says “the march through the institutions.”

      • Alexander is merely quoting the Italian Bolshevik Antonio Gramsci, who advocated a “long march through the institutions” as a means to achieve the Marxist utopia. The whole gender and racial aspect was grafted into Gramsci’s method by the Frankfurt School (Marcuse, Adorno, et al). The Austrian painter let them escape to Murika.

        • Yes, I couldn’t remember the attribution, thanks.

          It’s the exact method that has been used in our nation.
          One by one, like dominos, our institutions have been corrupted.

          • If so, it was his only real, longterm victory. Not only Murika, but his enemies Britain, France, Norway, Holland and Denmark are well on their way down into the cesspool of history.

            Ironically, those who ended up behind the Iron Curtain came out better off than the west in terms of remaining as intact nations. Of course Clown-World has by now been at them unrelentingly for three full decades, but even now the map of Germany is quite striking between the former GDR and BRD. It turns out Homo economicus with its magic dirt is an even bigger fraud than Homo sovieticus was.

      • Yep. That’s basically the same observation that Dabney made about ‘conservatives’ back in 1870. It’s a strategy guaranteed to fail. This is a feature, not a bug.

        • “Right is under the delusion of “playing fair”.

          That’s more a WHITE fault than a particular political attribute.

          It’s great, when exercised within a homogeneous WHITE society, but fatal in a ‘diverse’ culture.

  7. I’ve not watched a football game since 1992 and very little in the 5 years prior to that.I’m proud to say most years I have no idea even which teams are playing in the Super bowl.I saw a chart several years back and Jews own over half the NFL,MLB,NBA and NHL teams so its no wonder they use it to destroy Sunday School time and the White race in general.Everything about sports now is pure evil.Glad everyone is joining me on my boycott of decades haha

  8. I’ve been boycotting the superbowl for a decade now. Still, I wouldn’t want to see anything happen. Well it isn’t beyond reason that there are enough talented and hateful Moslem sand niggers here in the US, some born here, some legal immigrants, some students on sex tourism or nuclear engineering, some illegals carrying ied vests who came across under Biden, that would have the capability and desire to conduct a mass destruction attack in the Super Bowl. Maybe instead of a jet airliner plowing itself into Taylor Swift during half time it will be a series of shaheedi style drone attacks on the audience. On the other hand maybe a simple repetition of the Manchester United attacks. There was a time when I’d care enough to try and stop it, but after all the shit they put us thru, I think I am just going fishing instead.

  9. I haven’t watched negroball since I was an 11 yo because it’s so blatantly anti white. Not changing this Sunday either.

    • Good for you.

      According to “Caste Football” the 49ers and KC Chiefs are the most White friendly NFL teams. The best offensive players for the 49ers is a White Running back. We don’t see that very much. Even the championed “Black” KC Chief QB isn’t very Black.

      My God – the Baltimore Ravens Team looked all Black, Black – like a Black prison gang in Baltimore or a 100% failing Black Baltimore Public School.

      But, I”m still boycotting the Superbowl. The Taylor Swift, Halftime Show, Woke, race mixing superbowl adverts should be opposed.

    • “blatantly anti white.”

      Beyond that, it’s a stupid game.
      I’ve seen several healthy, strong WHITE men injured for life by football caused injuries.

      • Arrian writes:

        ““blatantly anti white.”

        Beyond that, it’s a stupid game.
        I’ve seen several healthy, strong WHITE men injured for life by football caused injuries.”

        I respond:

        Yep. American Football is a stupid game, even the name “Football” is very stupid.

        American football is a derivative of the British game of “Rugby” not “Football/Soccer” where the players actually kick the ball with their feet.

        In American “Football” the only people that kick the ball with their feet are punters and field goal/extra point kickers. What happened is some East Coast sports writers saw some East coast college guys running around on a field, they were told it was a British sport so they assumed it was “football.

        Dumb asses.

        Set the president for more modern Amurikun dumb asses like Hank Williams Jr. “Are You Ready for Some Football?” What a dumb ass, this was done shortly after Hank Jr was promoting ZOG Neo Con wars in Iraq for Bush S and Bush Jr.

        • “In American “Football” the only people that kick the ball with their feet are punters and field goal/extra point kickers. What happened is some East Coast sports writers saw some East coast college guys running around on a field, they were told it was a British sport so they assumed it was “football.”

          The history of almost all modern ball games can most directly be traced back to the English, including what we call Soccer. The later name’s etymology is an Ivy League-Oxbridge colloquialism of “Association Football” rules developed at Oxbridge in the late 1800s. So Oxbridsher and their apping Ivy Leaguers started calling asSOCiation football, then asSoccer football, then simply Soccer. Bit it was officially considered English Football in the late 1800s.

          However, Soccer was used to differentiate the rules of football from its elder brother Rugby Football. Rugby rules rules started out in the early to middle 1800s in England and got its name from Rugby Student Union. Its rule book became the name for Rugby football. This rule most closely followed the original football played in England since time immemorial.

          Both football games were derived from the older English Folk Ball which was a mix of both feet and hand work. It’s history is old and is recorded going back to the 900s A.D. It is unknown where it comes from before that but the Romans commented that the ancient pre-Anglo-Saxon British played at a ball sport similar to Folk Ball. They apparently saw it differently played than their own Greco-Roman ball game. It’s possible English Folk Ball is a mix of British, Greco-Roman, and Anglo-Saxon ball sport.

          As usual football rules are not only a White thing, it’s a British thing. So, how did American football get its name? As usual we got here thru Yankee “exceptionalism,” Papists fuckery, and Jewish propaganda. In essence, a Yankee wanted to create something special and added some new rules to Rugby. Originally it was called Gridiron Football and was differentiates from Rugby by downs and other small iterations.

          However, Anglophobic Irish American Papists wanted to steal the name of Football from the hated British Protestants, and started calling Gridiron football simply football. Then Jewish sports writers at the turn of the century wanted to turn the country away from its British Protestant heritage and so called English Football soccer, and said “Football” was a White Ethnic American creation.

          What we have with American Football is a relatively modern iteration of Rugby dating back to the early 20th century, an exclusion of “English Football” by othering it as Soccer, and both of their antecedents in mixed hand-foot British football is deliberately forgotten. The usual suspects of Judeo-Catholic-Yankees twisted a unique American creation of Rugby rules football that was created by a Yankee at the turn of the 20th century, rewrote history of football, and erased Americas Anglo-Saxon British Protestant antecedents. The Pope and Rabbis are happy, especially now they’ve given it all to the thugniggers controlled by their joint ethnic white crime syndicate.

          • Good historical account. I expect American football has degraded in quality since the advent of mass media also. Less teamwork, strategy and more showboating kneegrows. It’s all about the money now – even college football, where the football team is literally the T-Rex tail that wags the academic chihuahua. Not that it matters any more since all universities are now just Church of Woke monasteries. Everybody in the place takes the knee for St. George of Fentanyl now.

        • I have come to the conclusion that most people in this country are “dumb asses”. They’re brainwashed beyond belief. There is no use arguing with them. They deserve to live in the conditions they are helping to create.

  10. Like many, I’ll not be watching. Haven’t for a very long time. It’s a tiresome bore. Rugby and Gaelic football are far more entertaining as sports – and a healthy reminder that white men can be superb athletes, contrary to what Talmudvision would have you believe.

    • Exactly. Both Rugby and Gaelic are pretty healthy. “Soccer” was at one time healthy too, especially in the UK. I remember when clubs were unique, locally owned, with a large amount of local talent. The fans were integrated into the clubs, except for the unofficial firms, whose members I at one time rode along with in another era too 😉

      That old system is management rules I am no expert in somehow kept big money out of the sport. The system also allowed clubs to rise and fall out of the Premier League, UK’s professional equivalent to our professional leagues. This system with lots of semi-pro and part time footballers going in and out and staying part of the local club, recalled the old American Football days of yore.

      But then they started allowing the clubs to be bought and sold and professionalized in the new American (Wall Street) way. Thats how you get Judeo-Catholics from New York owning English football teams, importing Somalis, and ruining the sport. God help Rugby and Gaelic football if they go down that route. Btw, they now allow College Footballers to be paid like professionals. So College Football has gone down the toilet too, including at Auburn.

  11. Beyonce looks like fat old granny in grammaw panties.
    Remember the nipple tweak from Janet Jackson and ol’ whathisface.
    This abomination of desolation steaming fourth world turd Kwanstain has to burn to the ground.

  12. As someone who played tackle football from a preteen through high school both with and without pad or helmet and watched 100s of college and NFL games over the decades, I gave up on the NFL and college football back in the early 90s because of niggers aping in front of the cameras after every touchdown, interception, or quarterback sack.

    On occasion, when I was at a friend or family member’s home, and a game was on I would casually glance at the action, but never felt pulled into being a fan again.

    The NFL (Nigger Felon League) ‘jumped the shark’ forever for self-respecting White Americans when the St. Louis Rams went along with the jewish narrative of the lie of “Hands up. Don’t shoot” obscurantist lie.

    From that anti-White cop and White Americans event in Ferguson, Missouri, college and professional sporting events took on the (((SJW))) mythology of police harassment of blacks. Of course, after the 2020 summer of St. Floyd of Fentanyl, the NFL began to put the words, “End Racism” in the end zones. That should have been the final straw for the last White normie NFL fans, but you cannot cure stupid.

    As far as Taylor Swift is concerned, like other White female pop stars of the last quarter century that were sexualized as teens, she has devolved into a pro-abortion, pro-Biden, pro-miscegenation (see her video “Lover”) strumpet.

    Now if our bread and circuses included Christian zionists, White traitors, and other untermenchen being feed to lions in the Los Angeles Coliseum, I might make some popcorn to watch that.

    • You indeed saw the devolution of the sport. But it was guaranteed to happen once they professionalized it the way they did back in the 60s. It was only a matter of time before the old American mobsters gave way to new mob and new mob money, the Judeo-Catholic-Negroid mob.

      There have been books written from the inside of players’ or staffs’ experience with the professional sport and thimerosal illumination of the sickness in modern professional American sports. Essentially its corrupt, unethical, with the games often fixed, tied to gambling interests, and the whole system backed by mob enforcers. In turn ties between street gangs and global organized crime has created a new fangled mess that law enforcement has problem piercing.

      Its the same to different degree with other forms of entertainment. Nashville has categorically fallen to the West Coast and predominantly Jewish mob scene. We should remember that all of these entertainers are controlled by their agents and the system they serve. Most of the political b.s. they spew is given to them in writing and delivered from the Democrat Media. Its an entire organized crime system.

      Taylor Swift actually was bucking the system for awhile. Sadly, there was no American group to back her like Bill the Butcher from the nativist days or the many Patriots that existed in early to middle Hollywood and kept it at least publicly American virtuous. Those guys kept the real bad guys and later the commies out. In today’s Hollywood, Taylor Swift eventually took her marching orders from the Democrat mob blob machine. There will be no British Safari themes in her videos in the future. We shall see if she resists myscegination. Shame to think what could’ve been.

      • At least Taylor Swift is at least pretending to date a White NFL player. That’s increasing hard to do these days.

        Remember, when the daughter (white) of Elvis Presley married Michael Jackson to try to stay in the celebrity scene?

        This country is not kind to child, teen, young men and women pop stars/celebrities. Shriley Temple and Donny Osmond are the only 2 I can think of that turned out to sane, successful adults.

  13. I abandoned sportsball entirely in 2016 — basketball, baseball, everything — during the NFL kneeling and never looked back. Threw all of that stuff in the dumpster. No games, no YouTube highlight clips, nothing. It doesn’t get more cucky than repeatedly worshiping — yes, despite the denials, it is worshiping — people who dislike you. The American Empire strips away our core identities and then gives us fake ones based on popular music totems, iconic film stars, and athletic heroes. These escapist illusions are different in degree, but not in kind, from someone pushing drugs on you.

    We get steered into this garbage by family, friends, and coworkers, but at some point, we must realize life is short. Play a musical instrument, learn a foreign language, read a book, hit the gym — there are a million things to do besides getting fat tediously watching African millionaires enact what amounts to a primitive battle ritual. It’s an ersatz consumer identity — ready-made, disposable, off-the-shelf collectivism — for people who need the real thing.

    • Good for you.

      But please consider checking out some international or college sports where our people are doing very well and there is way less $ commercial, race mixing propaganda.

      International rugby is still very very White. It’s the our kinsmen the White Dutch Afrikaner’s sacred sport.

      After the international track and field clamped down on steroids, blood doping, our European women are doing great in once thought (Blacks will win all that) sports like sprinting races, hurdles.

      The Dutch sprinting re-lay team -all White… is ….


      Femke Bol is the best ever. This is my favorite relay race ever – Dutch team had some really beautiful sexy babes on it and they won the Gold.

      Women’s collegiate volleyball is a great sport, not just the beach volleyball (sexy). OUr women dominate – that Black bit** on Duke tried to pull off another racist hoax against BYU, it didn’t work, but nothing was done to the hoaxers.

      Over 90,000 (White) fans watched these beautiful, talented (White) Nebraska women’s volleyball players. They are very good, and very good looking!

      • Now you know why they want to introduce troons into it. Although this is all part of the general cycle of end time liberal degeneracy, its also true people will weaponizr aspects of it to destroy what good remains.

    • “We get steered into this garbage by family, friends, and coworkers,…..(((MASS MEDIA)))

      That’s the primary culprit. The culture is steered by the media, the other influences branch off from that.

      • Culture is upstream of politics. I long ago realized we were screwed when we couldn’t get enough Republicans interested in creating new media, let alone trying to get enough wealthy White Protestants to back an entertainment management company capable of fighting on Broadway or Hollywood. It’s not that some didn’t try, its just not enough cared and the result was the media system centralized to the point its run by woke AI.

        There were probably enough wealthy people in the South at the time, they just didn’t get how the battle was fought and I wasn around to found out. So here we are today, non stop tv commercials of black white married couples selling laundry detergent to Latinos, Asians buying French food in a tv dinner, and promotions of negro felon ball games, and plays on Broadway about some lesbian talking to her pussy.

        • Ari,

          I agree. If culture could be reinvigorated, political predicaments resolve themselves. Those who desire the most sweeping social change expend much energy on culture for good reason.

          Richard Wagner liked to hammer home that creativity and art express the collective spirit of a people. Without that soil, it is tough to grow anything else that scales. Can we live beyond the death of our Gods? Wagner, at once modernist and reactionary, answers yes, but on a mythological and national horizon.

          Think about Hollywood’s recent failures. They shoehorn every story to look and feel like Los Angeles 2024. But on Netflix, most of the best content now is “international” — Brazilian, German, Korean, whatever — and they can tell a good story because they have a cultural context and are written from a cultural context. This makes sense. Tolkien could only create something extraordinary by tapping into the inner spirit of Classical, Germanic, and Christian civilization. That’s because, while science reveals truths, only culture reveals how to feel.

          Conservatives such as the Critical Drinker and Nerdrotic say the problem is that writing quality recently fell off a cliff because of “identity politics,” “wokeness,” and “inexperienced writers.” But that’s not the problem. I once chatted with an Indian during an Uber ride. He remarked that he once heard a raga so beautiful that it made him cry. I will never be able to understand a raga the same way he does. Similarly, when I saw Die Meistersinger at the Met, the Lutheran chorale Wagner wrote following the overture as the curtain is raised hit me right in the feels, a much different experience, I suppose, from someone who has no idea what that context means. (As an aside, Die Meistersinger is a great opera since it teaches that to be a modernist, one must be a traditionalist, and to be a traditionalist, one must be a modernist.)

          So, stuff like Lord of the Rings is inherently white. Strip out the Gothic atmosphere, redemptive arcs, suffering quests into the beyond, etc., then only the externals remain without what is inwardly essential. It becomes fan fiction. To be cringe, it is missing the Faustian spirit. It is no longer white. Conservatives want things to be white without white culture, that is, they want a deracinated white culture, which is impossible, no matter how much merit, Jesus, IQ testing, European genetics, and free-market economics we have sloshing around in the system.

    • ” It’s an ersatz consumer identity — ready-made, disposable, off-the-shelf collectivism — for people who need the real thing.”

      Back to one of my themes.

      The German American Bund had summer camps for kids and adults . Places to go for sports, exercise, recreation, socializing, marriages , building WHITE communities. That was destroyed by a cabal of jwz. The jwz will always destroy anything that is beneficial to our advancement and betterment, while replacing it with destructive institutions like commercial sports and mindless entertainment.

      The jwz have the same effect on our society that arsenic has on food, it turns the essentially healthy into the fatal.

      • I was not a big fan of the Bund growing up. I dont know why, but I think it has something to do with the WASP v German think that was going on from the 1840s to the 1940s. Many people on the Dissident Right fail to appreciate not only White National differences but especially America’s based British American identity and how that plays out inter-community, especially during times of crisis.

        For example, in the North East, there were loads of ethnic White cultural organizations ranging from the Jews to the Italians, and the Irish to the Nativists. Many of the White ethnicities in America got naturally infiltrated by their foreign homeland governments. As a result, they became a hotbed of foreign covert operations, especially for the Germans, Bohemians, and Hungarians during WWI, and the Germans and Italians during WWII.

        In turn, the British American majority population and ruling class became associated with the British during the World Wars. Aided by their own institutional control at the time of fed, state, and local law enforcement, and their own politico-cultural groups, they went after groups like the Bund. So they conducted all sort of investigations, raids, and bad publicity on these White ethnic groups. I even know my great grandfather busted up some of their organizations during and after WWI.

        In the end, America’s based British American identity and alliance with the British pretty much suppressed most of the White Ethnic identity from WWI. In the case of some such as the Bund, they were targeted more than others. You are right, they were targeted by the Kosher Nostra. But it wasn’t just the Jews causing them problems. It was the British and WASP power elite.

        Still, I appreciated and respected the Bund activities my friends got involved with growing up. It was highly Americanized at that point thanks to the proceeding. I think if the Bund had presented themselves differently after they got rid of the Nazi infiltrators during the war, it could’ve been better for them. But thats a big if. Very few White cultural groups survived the Boomer era tune out that came in the 60s and 70s. Even for the Jews.

  14. Good morning Hunter/B.

    I updated this blog to promote some of our women’s best sports (who says i’m a Sexist? Well I am a Sexist – Sexism is sexy!) – Dutch women’s relay sprinting led by the GOAT Femke Bol and ….

    Women’s volleyball.

    I’m still boycotting the NFL/Taylor Swift, ZIO Madison Avenue Superbowl.

    How about you?


  15. There are three main causes for blks physical success in football.

    1). The value slave traders put on strength in their African purchases .

    2). the selective breeding for strength that occurred during slavery.

    3) German chemistry, ie steroids, synthetic hormones.

    • Blacks aren’t all that great. Most Blacks score poorly in health and physical ability on average comparatively to Whites. Also consider that for American Football, players track mostly from College. The IQ and academic level for Blacks getting into College let alone graduating is even worse than their performance in health and physical ability. We can look at School and military records to show that Blacks don’t perform at levels supporting the ability to hold 15% let alone 60% of any sports field.

      Consider all the sports at middle and high school. Whites still remain the largest and best scoring group in those categories by number. But despite outnumbering Blacks 3 or even 4 to 1 in sports, Whites are only 35% of Football and less in Basketballa. Also consider in 1990, the rates were even higher for Whites in middle and high school but already blacks were becoming the majority in NFL. That means for that era’s cohort of people born in 1960-1965, more than half of all the best players in American football during their high school or College years were Black?

      In sum, Blacks are about 12% of the entire population, but are 60% of American football.
      Controlling for the variables, of education, IQ, numbers, physical ability, and the recruitment system, there is simply no reason that Blacks constitute such a large percentage of players in any sport. Unless its thru discrimination and corrupt, unethical, and criminal activities blacks should be well below their numbers in sports. For a population that constitutes 12% of the overall population, with below average physical health, IQ, and academic abilities, for them to be 65% of sport is prima face evidence of a criminal conspiracy to lock out Whites as well as other probably far worse reasons.

      • “Blacks score poorly in health and physical ability on average ”

        I meant the selective few that make it into pro sports.

        For all the trillions that WHITES have paid into the welfare system and free medical care, every blk should be the exemplar of perfect health and fitness.

  16. It is after midnight EST, I don’t know who won…or who lost.

    The Yankee Empire has never lost (so some claim). I guess the greedy advertisers won maybe. The military industrial complex won probably. And the deep state (big brother) always wins even if it appears to be a loss. Or maybe the event was cancelled or stadium RUDed (rapid unscheduled disassembly) due to terrorism which will have a different set of winners and losers…maybe.

    Well, General Patton (or at least actor George C Scott did) summed up winning and losing “eloquently”:

    PATTON Introduction Speech Intro ( English )

    Stay out of foreign wars so you won’t have to win or lose and if you have to fight then fight where it really counts — defending your own borders.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  17. While “the American people” focused on the Super Bowl, Israel (actually the U.S.) was carpet bombing Rafah (with U.S. bombs), the so-called “:safe zone” where half of the remaining living inhabitants of Gaza are sheltering because they had been ordered by Israel (and by the U.S.) to go there “to be safe.” Hundreds were killed or seriously injured (so they will die slowly) in this latest escalation. Israel (the U.S.) has by now murdered about one out of five people who were alive in the Gaza Strip concentration camp in October, and one out of four who were alive in October has been either killed or seriously physically injured, and one out of one has received (and they are still receiving) serious psychological trauma, so they will suffer from shell shock/PTSD as long as they live (which in many cases will be only months or days). Every day, another planeload or boatload of bombs, missiles, spare parts, and other supplies for killing Palestinians is being delivered (given for free) to the colonial proxy by the U.S. or by its satellites (UK, Germany, France, etc.). Let’s face it the entire Western, capitalist world led by Washington and New York has “chimped out” on killing all the indigenous people of Palestine

    • Yes and no.

      Yes this happening – horrible – especially for the poor Palestinian Arabs trapped in Gaza. But “NO” this isn’t the world of “Evil White Colonialists, Neo Colonialists” in Britain, Germany, France, USA. You are using the dishonest anti White language of 1950s, 60s, 70s which led to horrible anti White, Marxist terrorist wars of “National Liberation” (yeah right) – just ended up slaughter all of my people White British, French, Belgium, Dutch in places like French Algeria, Kenya (Mau Mau) Uganda, Rhodesia, now South Africa.

      It’s racist, Talmudist (see all non Js as goyim, Arabs are Goyim, Black migrants are goyim, Whites anywhere in the world are the most hated goyim)

      Also understand that the Israeli Racist ZIoniosts used their media control/monopoly here in the USA to announce “The Plan” is to remove the surviving Palestinians after the Js response to their Warsaw Ghetto uprising to transport all the bitter surviving Palestinian Arabs in Gaza here to the USA, to Germany, Sweden, UK – the White West. That’s the plan. No way are we Right White Racist Colonialists behind this or supporting this.


      You sound like a very old guy still wearing early 1970s tie died GD shirts and mouthing cult marxist slogans. That’s old man.

  18. “No way are we Right White Racist Colonialists behind this or supporting this”:

    I agree. You Right White Racist Colonialists really are not behind it or supporting it (the genocide of Palestine). But the United States definitely, undeniably, IS behind it and IS supporting it. The U.S. bankrolls it and supports the genocide in every possible way, down to giving the proxy force surveillance imagery and precise GPS targeting directions, from U.S. military satellites in space. Israel is definitely, undeniably a Western colony established by the U.S. and UK, and it is probably the most important colony the U.S. has ever had, so important that it seems to rule the U.S. in many ways, like a tail wagging the dog. You guessed correctly that I don’t care for Western colonialism ANYWHERE, including the French in Algeria. Some Whites who have been colonized themselves, such as the colonized Welsh and Irish, tend to have a different understanding of it than those who have always been on top of them, and this true understanding of being colonized came long before Marx, and it isn’t “Marxist,” Neo-Marxist or woke! The truth about class exploitation (capitalist and feudal) and peoples’ resistance to it has been known since Caratacus, and since Spartacus, and centuries and thousands of years before that, and it never “gets old,” just remains as true as ever.

    Well, that is my opinion. I am open to persuasion that it’s wrong using facts and logic. As always thanks for sharing your view and advice.

    • IMO – none of the current sh** in GAZA/Palestine, new Neo Con, Zio wars, military “responses” in Iran, Yemen, restarting the Cold War with Russia, Ukraine, Crimea if the Romans had just contained all this J sh** in Roman administered Palestine bag in the days of King Herod.

      As for the evils of White “Colonialism” I’m definitely say a big “No”, “Niet” to that:

      Roman Colonialism to Palestine, North Africa, Egypt and yes to White barbarians in Gaul, Britain was a good thing – these White Barbarians back in the days of Julius Caeser’s “Conquest of Gaul” and ” Britain” were illiterate barbaians, no written language, plus the White Gaul barbarians practiced human sacrifice same as the Mayans and Aztecs back in their heydays.

      IMO White Civilization, White colonalism was/is a good thing:

      This scene from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” presents my view:

      “What have the Romans Ever Done for Us”….

      Plus I like beautiful, tall, White, high caste Persians and once Lebanese Maronite Christian women in swimsuits – Lebanon used to win international beauty contests with swimsuit competitions back in the 1970s.

      The Burka isn’t sexy and the women inside them are butt ugly.

      So are most Je*ish women over the age of 30 – another reason all the successful Js in Hollywood chase our women, corrupt our women, why Billy Joels prefer to mate with White Gentile Nordic beautiful women like Christie Brinkley insead of nasty ugly J women like Bella Abzus, Ruth Bader Ginzberg, Elena Kagan, Madeline Albright, or even Barbara Streisan… UGLY!

      • Re: “I like beautiful, tall, White, high caste (women):

        Then look at this photo of an Australian Aborigine woman, who is a celebrity in Australia and a Senator, anti-White, and a very strong pro-Zionist. She is a loud cheerleader for Israel’s “removal” (genocide) of Palestinians and wants Australians who demonstrate against the genocide to be arrested and put in prison!


        Most indigenous peoples are wise enough to identify with the Palestinians, but apparently the Aborigines foolishly support the genocide.

        I Respond:

        I’ll write a more lengthy response later.

        Just wanted to share my observation:

        You’re being a “contrarian” here. Look it up.


  19. The Monty Python movie message is half right. The Romans did build aqueducts, with slave labour, and long, durable, smooth highways, so that they could move the troops around quickly to keep everyone under control. But the “civilizing” Roman Empire was also the most efficient wealth extraction system in the ancient world, enriching a very small Roman elite (and some comprador elites in conquered foreign countries) at the expense of millions of peasants and slaves. Under the Rome-based wealth extraction system, even Italy itself gradually lost its “middle class” and the poor got even poorer over time. Millions of acres of Italian small farmers’ land was taken, until the farmers became serfs on the Elites’ Latifundia or foot soldiers in the legions, or drifted aimlessly into the expanding multi-ethnic cities – especially Rome – to survive as beggars and slaves. The genuine Christianity that spread spontaneously along the trade routes from the Mediterranean to Britain and Gaul was beneficial to the “barbarians,” an improvement on previous religions of the North that were not averse to the occasional human sacrifice (as you noted). But the Roman Empire’s weaponized official version of Christianity was not so beneficial. Conquest by Rome and its Catholic (universal) religion was demoralizing for the Britons and Gauls, and some Germans who were conquered, making them weak and susceptible to fall before the advance of less “civilized” peoples who were coming from beyond the pale of Roman hegemony. The feudalism of the Dark Ages was the logical, inevitable outcome of Roman imperialism once it had reached its limit of human resources to exploit and began to collapse. It was never concerned with the welfare of the vast majority, only with maximizing the wealth and power of the few. So much unnecessary suffering, waste and destruction! There was also very little scientific and technological progress through the centuries under the rule of the Roman system, but the feudalism that followed was even worse. (This is all my opinion of course.)

    Jaye, you mentioned Julius Caesar. He became too much a man of the common people. He even started to re-distribute (return) some of the farmland to ordinary Italians. He was assassinated for his populism. From then on, the system only got worse (for ordinary people) even if it lasted three hundred more years.

  20. When it comes to sports Whites dominate the Pole Valut!

    A Ukrainian Pole Vault athlete,

    You should to, know who holds the world record for highest pole vault!

    Black athletes are seriously envy and respect him!

    Proud Former Pole Vaulter here! It’s the most impressive sport hands Down impressive!

    Tomorrow I ski! Win

    Did Whites come up with skiing?


    • Yes, that is good. I would just make the comment that some of our White European poll vaulters aren’t wearing much, or any clothing on their butts. I don’t think that’s proper. I also think our beach volleyball gals could cover up just a bit more. Did you see the photo I included in the update on this blog? Our regular volleyball women’s players have a great sports uniform – not wearing the same uniforms that men do in their sports like women’s basketball and women’s soccer players do. The women’s volleyball players wear long sleeve T Shirts and short shorts showing off their great long fit legs, but not showing their butts or V private parts.

      It’s not just male views like me that notice these things, women viewers are really watching how their rivals dress and the size of their butts.

      My step daughter was that way.

      • A White French Man now holds the world record in the pole vault!

        Sorry Brad and this Rayen?

        Identity Dixey

        Has more information and insights

        Win win win

  21. I haven’t watched the Super Bowl now for about 8 years. I didn’t watch at first when the league took the Rams away from St Louis. I started going to high school games in my hometown, it was amazing to me how quick the game was compared to the pro game. I used to listen to the Rams games on radio, they kicked the ball off, and then we listened to 8 beer commercials, then the other team punted, then 8 truck commercials. Unless somebody mounted a sustained drive, they were never on the air for more then a minute. The games were basically nothing but ads. It just got to be way too much.

    The Super Bowl is just as bad, worse even. I’ve heard guys talk about actually being at the game, they sit there watching the players stand around doing nothing, during all of the t.v. time outs. Its actually better at home.

    And watching mostly white teams, now and then all white, playing mostly white teams, made it obvious how ridiculous watching NFL teams composed mostly of spook criminals really was. I gave up NFL football and had stopped watching the college game some years prior.

    I started watching hockey for awhile. The quarentines and then league ‘gay pride’ nights kind of ruined it, at least for awhile. The NHL was forcing the players to wear this shit.

    • Well said.

      Have you tried to switch to College and International ice hockey? I highly recommend both. The seasons are much shorter, goal tending not as good so there is more scoring. When Sweden plays Russian in Olympic or junior ice hockey pretty much every white person in Sweden or Russia is watching and it’s good hockey, passing, no fights – for that, compliment with supporting real White MMA, and champion boxers.

      There are options out there, we don’t have to consume what the Zio, BLM and cuck corporate “American” (yeah right) media tries to force on us.

  22. I did not watch it. After all, it is a form of virtual Negro worship. The players are majority Black, the fans are overwhelming White who paid 9000 per ticket! What is wrong with this picture? Don’t be surprised if somewhere do the line Taylor Swift’s handlers will turn her into a mud shark and millions of White girls will follow in her footsteps. This is, after all, America whose number one exports to the world is LGBTQ advocacy and miscegenation! Did you not see the embassy in Afghanistan flying the rainbow flag?

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