Whatifalthist: Why The 2024 Election Will Start a Civil War

I don’t see it happening.

I see a clearly enfeebled Joe Biden who is only growing weaker in the polls leading a fractured coalition that is more animated these days by protesting his events as “Genocide Joe” than in street fights with Proud Boys. I don’t see the Supreme Court removing Trump from the ballot.

Joe Biden decisively loses the 2024 election remains the most likely outcome in national and swing state polling. I don’t see anything that could happen over the next nine months that can change Trump’s public image. He has dominated our politics now for the last eight years. Everyone has already made up their mind about him and the polls have shown for months now that the public would rather take Trump back than put up with Joe Biden for another four years. Biden is losing Nevada by 7 points.

If Trump and the Right win the 2024 election, Texas isn’t going to secede. Also, if Joe Biden loses badly to Trump, it is more likely to provoke Democratic infighting. Most Democrats don’t even want him to run for reelection. Many will be relieved to see him gone. Biden will be blamed for refusing to step aside when voters telegraphed in every national poll that they weren’t going to put up with a senile president.

Is the Stormy Daniels hush money case going to cost Trump the 2024 election? The E. Jean Carroll verdicts and the fraud case haven’t put a dent in his numbers. No one cares about the classified documents. What happens if Joe Biden continues to deteriorate under pressure on the campaign trail?


  1. Who would even fight in a civil war? Would it be that state national guard units against the military? I don’t know how that would work, since most military members in my area are from another region of the country, with quite a few from other countries, and I assume it’s similar for the guard units. I don’t have much faith in the military or National Guards splentering or taking the side of the people. I’m not even sure that the American people would take their own side at this point.

    • > I’m not even sure that the American people would take their own side at this point.

      Neither am I. As Robert Frost remarked about liberals: They won’t even take their own side in an argument. This applies to white people in general, whether full-blown shitlibs are Repuke-voting conserviltards. They just don’t get it. They’re like the deer in the old Gary Larson cartoon (Bummer of a birthmark, Hal) except they’re totally unaware of that target on them. 100 years of endless gaslighting does that to a people and the victims are quite unaware they’ve been continually gaslighted since birth. This applies to whites in Europe too, though the degree varies somewhat from country to country.

  2. Boogaloo predictions from a gen Z shilling for a crypto exchange, ugh. I doubt Rudyard would know one end of an AR-15 from the other.

    MAGA *may* go to war if Trump is killed. Otherwise another election will be stolen and/or an excuse will be found for implementing martial law and suspending the Constitution (WEF’s “Disease X” anyone?). The boys that have been prepping for years will then get on with it. The NPC’s will do what they do best – nothing.

  3. One thing everyone seems to be overlooking is the literal invasion through the southern border (or what used to be the southern border). It is a grave error to dismiss this issue. This will figure into the coming hostilities in ways we cannot imagine.

    Over 5 million illegals have come through the southern border since Resident Joe was installed; over half are military age males who are not coming here to do your lawn care. The hundred thousand or so Chinese military age males are not coming to be your friendly neighbors. I’d wager the marxists are building an army right in front of you.

    The clock is running out for the United States for many reasons, from treason and corruption, all manner of physical poisons and psychological warfare, to a literal invasion. People who think “voting” will save them are fooling themselves.

    • Nobody sees this for what it is, it is a threat. You stop your support for our Israel our beloved kyke stake and we will turn lose the blacks and browns to pillage and destroy you and your country…….all we gotta do is cut off the EBT and blacks and browns will be running wild looking every where for food…….that is how the kykes think, but it is not going to happen that way.

      • That’s a very good point. The invaders crossing the border – mostly military-age males – are being funded by all manner of NGOs paid by the government to facilitate the invasion. They will serve as boots on the ground for Obama’s promised army. Remember the massive quantities of weapons and ammunition purchased by multiple government agencies during the Obama regime? This likely continued under Zion Don who did nothing to dismantle the program. The boots on the ground are now here and they’ll be well-equipped with kit and ammo.

        • “The invaders crossing the border – mostly military-age males – are being funded by all manner of NGOs paid by the government to facilitate the invasion”:

          Crossing the border? So what. The U.S. has heavily armed proxy armies crossing the borders of most of the countries from which these so-called “invaders” are fleeing. They are also fleeing from countries being destroyed “nonviolently by U.S.-imposed sanctions and blockades.

          Hilarious contradiction in the news today: “Biden sends more weapons to Israel and pushes for cease fire.” The few countries that the U.S. doesn’t fully control yet are either being invaded by its proxies or pulled down by its sanctions and blockades.

          The system would not be eager to invite the few million Palestinian genocide survivors to join the mix, even if that disappearing indigenous people wasn’t so stubbornly rooted to their little plots of fertile soil, and their goats, sheep, citrus orchards and ancient olive groves.

  4. Biden has been, more or less, officially declared senile, yet he’s being allowed to run for president again? Something wrong with this picture. Are TPTB deliberately setting up things for Trump to win? Watch out for Trump.

    • A senile POTUS serves TPTB’s interests perfectly. They *want* to debase the office of President and destroy Americans’ faith in the democratic process, in the Constitution and in themselves. They are setting up things for the Republic to be replaced by a totalitarian technocracy, when the time is right. Vote – not in the expectation that Trump will fix things, but because that is your Constitutional right – and let’s face it, he can’t possibly be worse than the alternative. The one thing they can’t corrupt is the Constitution. Whether a return to legitimate constitutional government happens under this Republic or a new one, it will happen.

  5. Re: the looming danger of civil war:

    Eric Prince (of Blackwater and Reflex Responses) would re-direct the energies of Republican versus Democrat civil-war internal dissension to a new, no-holds-barred super imperialism. When the opposing sides turn their attention and direct their energy to foreign conquest, looting and colonization, they won’t be fighting each other at home. The Kingfish (Prince) says: “it’s time to put the imperial hat back on” – to be BOLD in doing “it” to others before they do it to us. He says we must now openly invade, conquer and colonize the rest of the world, beginning with Africa and Latin America that he says “cannot govern themselves”: https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/blackwater-founder-calls-on-us-to-colonize-africa–latin-ame Imperialism is what both sides love and can agree on, like thieves who hate each other cooperate well when pulling a big heist.

    • Yes, of course they are (s)elections. If the U.sury S.ystem with its Endless Money unlimited buying power determines elections in most foreign countries, why would it refrain from doing the same thing within the borders of its “homeland”? It does, and “you can’t vote your way out.” Pakistan is one of the world’s most populous countries but the U.S. has no problem bribing legislators to perform a legislative coup to remove the democratically-elected president, Imran Khan, or with bribing judges to put him in prison for ten years so the people can’t elect him again, while the people are on the streets by the millions in the largest demonstrations in Pakistan’s history, expressing their support for Khan who is obviously their choice. The Almighty Dollar trumps the people’s will.

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