Poll Watch: Joe Biden Gets Brutal NBC News Poll

Evidently, the big speeches on democracy and white supremacy haven’t worked for Joe Biden. I can’t stress enough how unusual and bad these polls are for him. It is so bad that the CNN poll, the NBC poll and the Gallup poll (!!!) are in agreement that he is losing big time to Trump.

Trump never polled anywhere near this good in 2016 or 2020. And yet, Democrats appear to be calmly sailing toward the abyss. Biden “won” the rigged primary in South Carolina last night. Remember, the DNC changed the primary schedule for him for he could coast to the nomination after an easy victory among blacks in the South Carolina primary. Voters keep telling them Biden will lose to Trump and the message being sent in poll after poll going all the way back to last summer hasn’t changed.


  1. “And yet, Democrats appear to be calmly sailing toward the abyss”.

    The Dems are not worried because they have rigged our elections. They got away with it so easily last time, why wouldn’t they do it again?

    • In a word, no. As Holmes noted above though, they have little to fear from Cheetohead and nothing whatever to fear from any law enforcement agency – who are all rotten to the core. He did zero about their election-rigging in 2018 and 2020. They have a better and deeper system of election rigging in place since then. Mr. Pillow and all his allies failed in the rigged courts and the hapless fools who came to the swamp to support Cheetohead on January 6, 2021 languish in a shithole prison to this day (except for the feds who led them into the building). The only way orange man would actually win would be if sufficient numbers of the tards and stupid hos who make up Joey Shitpants’ base were discouraged enough to just stay home.

      • “January 6, 2021 languish in a shithole prison”

        If Trump doesn’t quickly pardon them , my estimate of him hits the floor.

  2. “””….Democrats appear to be calmly sailing toward the abyss. …”””

    System became so toxic that intelligent people jumped the ship. Basically like Soviet Government in the end of the Soviet Union or Hitler HQ in the 1945. Everybody run out of ideas and then they just spent their days with irrelevant garbage and watched how everything breaking apart.

    Probably lot of them already understand that game is over. Like in Hitler Government most people understood that nothing can save them anymore. Desperate people often fall into apathy.

  3. The problem with Joe Biden is the problem with every Democrat. They complain about European Americans all the time and embrace everybody else. Instead they should do things that will benefit everyone such as creating a National Health Care System with no out of pocket bills. Doing so with no tax increases or price increases on goods. If they would simply do that instead of the bashing traditional European American viewpoints.. people might actually vote for them. ???

  4. I slid a huge Biden in the latrine, spray some Febreze.
    Never underestimate Brandon’s ability to F’ it all up as the Chicago jesus messiah (the ONE!) said.
    It couldn’t happen to nicer drooling fossil traitor RAT POS.
    Speaking of mongoloid drool buckets, FAM is watching some orange man bad show as a make gestures with my hands.
    Surly belligerent rabble is the way.

  5. If the “Deep State” is “counting” the votes then Fightin’ Joe Biden should win in a landslide. Poll numbers don’t scare the Dems it seems. I guess they have no more worries now after 2020. It’s a done deal. Just sayin’.

    • I think that things are quite opposite.

      Low level apparatus became too scared to blindly obey orders and fix the votes. Committing crimes is easy only when you are sure that you can get away with that. When there is serious chance that somehow The Donald will still win and then revenge and punishment will follow, those low level bureaucrats don’t have resources to flee the country and live abroad comfortable millionaire life.

      They will lose their jobs and go to jail. So they are very afraid and refuse to put target on their back. Same thing with The Donald fake crimes. Nobody wants to make himself dirty 5 minutes before midnight .

      Because of that, lawfare failed and electoral fix will also fail. Instead The Swamp fell into desperation and apathy.

      • If Jared Wormtongue gets an ice-axe to the noggin a la Lev Bornsteyn’s 1940 send off, we’ll know you’re theory is true. Hopefully someone more competent than Mercador would get the honors. As you likely know, the true irony of the blessed Mexico City event was that Trotsky was at least as responsible for his own demise as Mercador. Instead of ordering his bodyguards to liquidate Mercador and rushing to the hospital after being hit on the head, he chose to stand and lecture the assassin about his errors in Marxist theology while the hematoma in his brain swelled. Even in 1940, he might have survived the blow.

        • I think that we will not see Sudoplatov style cool stunts but it will be more like Stalin 1937 purge. Massive Elite infighting mostly between The Brats and The Swamp with Trump in charge . Brats will win first round like Yezhov back in 1937.

          After The Swamp is removed, The Brats will be next.

  6. Probably what that White House insider told O’Keefe is true. They realize Kosher Joe is insane and needs to be replaced. But how? He told O’Keefe at least one of the two need to be replaced.

    But they feared the noggers if they replaced Camel, he said. That would be the plan to do what they did to Nixon. First replace the VP, then remove the President. But they feared the nigras, since Camel is half nigra half stteet shitter.

    So what? Probably it will happen at the convention. Kosher Joe or a body double of him will remove his name, throwing the convention open. Then the DNC’s chosen replacement will be nominated. Some Governor. Several are now angling to be the pick.

    No matter who is on the ballot, Trump will lose. And that is a good thing. Trump and Musk are our two worst enemies. Two cryptos for sure.

    • Betcha it will be Gavin Newsom. He’s got that well-coiffed look that stupid wymyn like so much. All he has to do is scream about Orange Ogre taking away their precious abortion rights and they’ll get in line. Guv-Gav ain’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is, but the Gay Old Pedoboro is even dumber. The only real question is which clown will destroy the empire fastest and most completely: GG or Cheetohead?

      • “Betcha it will be Gavin Newsom. He’s got that well-coiffed look that stupid wymyn like so much.”

        I’ve thought the same, but Cali is so deep in fiscal and social crisis that it would be easy to cripple him on reputation alone.

  7. I think Biden will withdraw or be pulled at the convention. I’d watch that governor of Kentucky who just beat the republican’s magic negro.

    Not that it makes much of a difference. I favor Trump just to have the greenhairs rioting in the streets of democrat cities.

    • Yeah its purely for entertainment value for me. I know nothing substantial will get done in his second term.

      Get the popcorn out.

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