Poll Watch: Young Evangelical Support For Israel Plummets

Christian Zionism was a flash in the pan that was very popular among one generation in one country that was raised on the television. It is already on the way out.

Jerusalem Post:

“Support for Israel among young Evangelicals has plummeted by over 50% in just three years, posing a potential threat to American backing for the Jewish State.

“This should be a wake-up call for Israeli policymakers,” said Dr. Yoav Fromer, head of The Center for the Study of the United States (CSUS) at Tel Aviv University. “For decades, consecutive Israeli governments – especially under Benjamin Netanyahu – have taken for granted the Evangelical support and neglected other groups within American society, including Jewish Americans. …

Other findings: As of late 2021, only 33.6% of young Evangelicals under 30 support Israel, compared to 67.9% in 2018. At the same time, in 2021, 24.3% of young Evangelicals said they support the Palestinians, compared to only 5% three years before.

Moreover, nearly half (42.4%) of young American Evangelicals under 30 said they supported neither Israel nor the Palestinians in 2021, compared to 25% in 2018. … ”

19th century Southerners were not Israel-obsessed Dispensationalists.


  1. Young EVANGELICALS are just as internet savvy as anyone else, I have seen footage of these young EVANGELICAL street preachers, in JERUSALEM, being cursed, spat on, assaulted,, simply for preaching the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, on the streets of the city of David …….

    • A nun went on vacation to israhell to visit fellow sisters in a convent. She was walking down a street without any interaction with anyone , when an old yid came up to her and kicked her hard in the shin. She had a lifelong injury from that attack……….such kind people.

  2. Hagee was an Assembly of God preacher, but is no longer allowed to preach in that denomination because of his adultery. So he formed his own church of the get rich BS scripture.

  3. All we are going to do to switch this poll around, is tell the evangelicals and dissident rightists that following abandonment of Israel, we will evacuate all 7,500,000 Israeli Jews. We will do so by boat, plane, and caravan in an operation that will make Dunkirk and the tragedy of Kabul evacuation pale in comparison. Then we resettle them them in the South.

    There they will erect new synagogues across the South, and a new Jewish Riviera centered on Hunter’s fishing hole. Upon learning of this logical conclusion of abandoning Israel, the evangelicals and dissident rightists will once again become proud zionists. Problem solved with added benefit of new financing for Eretz Yisrael Hashlema. So, bring it.

  4. Assuming for a minute the polls cited are not more gaslight media bullshit inserted to give the AIPAC marketers more reason to scream for money from retarded boomers, what is the reason for the falloff of ‘muh’Izrahell’ worship for these younger Evangelicals? Are they getting red-pilled about the SoS, or is it a feature of the Church of Woke taking over. Most of the mobs marching in the streets in protest of Israel’s attack upon Gaza are Church of Woke types.

    As for why we really should not be joining any such protests, it is primarily the responsibility of the Palestinians’ Arab brethren to be acting, not a bunch of white folks who can’t be bothered to do anything about their own impending genocide. This has been covered over at Unz in two superb posts by readers there: Avery and Poupon Marx. We need to start fighting for ourselves rather than every cause (even seemingly good ones) that attracts our attention.

    • ” We need to start fighting for ourselves”

      I’ve been waiting for that moment for years upon years, it’s been fruitless.

      Might as well go back to the garden and wait for the Great Pumpkin.

      Collectively WHITES are too stupid and sheep like.

  5. I think one of the reasons why the young evangelicals aren’t as hot about Jews and Israel is the internet has made information about Jews and Judaism that has not been common knowledge more widespread. The gatekeepers in the dispensationalist circles can no longer control the flow of information like they did in the past. The YE’s can bypass the gatekeepers, who used their schools, books, and electronic media to paint a rosy picture of Israel, to read and watch contrary sources on the net.

    • Mr. Dalton, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Back when I was a young man, it was unbelievably difficult to get alternate books and newspapers. They were available, that is were sold without censorship, but simply finding out about them was next to impossible. They were not carried in any book store nor were the alternate newspapers found in newsstands. Without an address to write away for a subscription or book catalog, one was pretty much stuck. The internet has opened the eyes of many more people much more quickly.

      Also, members of my family who were immigrants from Europe told me their impression about average Americans (impression formed in the 1950’s & 60’s) was that they were very jew-ignorant. I don’t know if that was always the case, but it sure was when I was growing up.

    • ” the internet has made information about Jews and Judaism that has not been common knowledge more widespread”

      Still so far from the full facts on their true character.

  6. “Christian” Zionism is heresy, and it is an enemy of Orthodoxy. Hagee and other “Christian” Zionists believe that Russia is a force of evil, and that Russia will be on the opposite side (with Anti-Christ) in the Battle of Armageddon. Pepe Escobar has been travelling through Donbass recently, and he reports about the difference of Orthodoxy: “There are between 28 and 30 Orthodox Christian battalions fighting in Donbass. That’s the power of Orthodox Christianity. To see them at work is to understand the essentials: how the Russian soul is capable of any sacrifice to protect the core values of its civilization (…) It’s clear why the US Empire via its Ukie proxy wages war on the Orthodox Church, although that part of the conflict doesn’t get discussed much. Orthodoxy is like ‘The Force’ that provides spiritual strength for all Russian believers–If you believe, you are able to do things you wouldn’t attempt if you didn’t”: https://sputnikglobe.com/20240213/pepe-escobar-life-during-wartime–on-the-road-in-donbass-1116752456.html Note that the Zelensky regime has offered a large reward to anyone who can steal or capture a certain popular Russian icon, so it can be destroyed. The West has wanted to destroy Orthodoxy for centuries.

    • I dont think anyone but a couple people who comment on here have any idea what Christian Zionism is and for those couple its debatable. Frankly, there is no actual Christian theology called Christian Zionism. Its equivalent is Christian Nationalism. In other words its more a political philosophy than a religious philosophy.

      For example, Dispensationalists will simply argue that the testimony and promises of Abraham are still valid for Jews but will also say they are valid for Christians. In other words Jews and Christians both have rights to the promise, including Israel. Other Dispensationalists will simply state rights to land are earthly interpretations to spiritual promises that have nothing to do with Israel per se. As a result, they don’t habe a dog in the fight religiously.

      In contrast other Christian Zionists will state not only the Jews have rights to the land of Israel but so do Christians, that someday all the Jews in Israel will convert to Christianity, therefore it is continent to Biblical commandment to support Israel and evangelize Jews. Still other Christian Zionists will state that spiritual promises have nothing to do with Israel, but regardless, the Jews have control of the place and they should be backed for realpolitic reasons.

      Consequently when commentators here make statements about Christian Zionists it could mean any of the above. In then, all haters of Christian Zionists view and use the word Christian Zionists, kinda like Leftists use the word racists. Its no surprise then that Anti-Christian Zionists have more in common with leftwing niggers, spics, and camel jockeys than they do with White people. Orthodoxy in these circumstances has nothing to do with anything about it.

      • AGB- What kind of comment is that? “Its equivalent is Christian Nationalism. In other words its more a political philosophy than a religious philosophy.”

        Perhaps Rasenlos American Protestants have forgotten their own history, but the concept of the Christian Kingdom is at the heart of the Gospel(s) – as N.T. Wright wrote about in his book ‘How God Became King.” [2012]

        The English Throne (the only one with which ANY American has even the vaguest knowledge) still stands (however shoddily or shakily) on the construct of a Christian Faith (Anglicanism) tied organically to a Christian Realm. I grant you that Charles the Wuss is the least capable man to incarnate that Truth, and that the U.K. is apostate, but she is not yet dead. Yet, there is the visible image of Christ’s reign on Earth, tied hypo statically to a Human Monarch.
        When you realize that Vlad Putin is doing EXACTLY what the late CZAR/SAINT Nicholas did, who died at the hands of the Jews, you see that history has come full circle- DIRECTLY ON THIS VERY POINT.

        You may not like the concept (you are allowed… for now) but you cannot in good conscience, deny it. Even in America, the Christian Reconstructionists tried to make honest Christians out of America’s Protestants in the 1970’s and ’80’s, only to have those godless bastard Dispensationalists like Falwell, Robertson, and Falwell, TWIST it into something of a caricature (Moral Majority, etc.) BUT THE REALITY of the KINGDOM being INCARNATED BY THE FAITHFUL IN SPECIFIC NATIONS, is still there and has been in our own writings by eminent theologians, since the Mathers. Some quotes to corroborate my position, and the Church’s, starting with this quote:

        “If the Christian Church fails to build the visible kingdom (Christian civilization) by means of biblical law and the power of the gospel, despite the resurrection of Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit, then what kind of religion are we preaching?” [Dr. North, Political Polytheism, p. 152]

        Now, some other voices:

        “There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.” – CS Lewis

        “To see and not to speak would be the great betrayal,” said Enoch Powell

        “While the Bible maintains that the Christian apologist is prohibited from adopting the starting point of unbelieving thought, he is encouraged to show the unbeliever the end result of his foolish philosophical principles if they are consistently followed. As defenders of the only true faith, we are to “answer a fool as his folly deserves, lest he be wise in his own eyes” (Prov. 26:5). That is, we are to put the unbeliever’s worldview to the test, showing how absurd it is when followed consistently. “- https://americanvision.org/24207/no-apologies-please/

        Let me close with words by the late Dr. Gary North, from his excellent book, ‘Political Polytheism.’

        “…there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they (i.e., we) will get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political and religious order which finally denies the religious liberties of the enemies of God.” – Dr. Gary North

        “Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to His Church’s public marks of the covenant–baptism and holy communion–must be denied citizenship, just as they were in ancient Israel.”

        “I am arguing that the evangelical testimony of historical sanctions that was available to the nations round about ancient Israel is still in operation. [Deut. 28)….. Christian Reconstructionists assert that this covenantal tool of evangelism is still operating, and that it still impresses lost sinners” [and that] …they will inevitably be confronted with the reality of God’s sanctions in history. They cannot escape it.” – Political Polytheism, 146-7.

        Speaking on Article VI, Clause 3 of the apostate covenant document known as the Constitution: “…If there be no religious test required, (of citizens, and people in public office) pagans, deists, [Jews] and Mahometans might obtain office among us, and that the senators and representatives might all be pagans.” [Henry Abbot, N.C. Ratifying convention, 1780’s] A prophetic voice, indeed! But it was not heeded.” – G. North, Political Polytheism, p. 390-91.

        “And so, there was ‘from the beginning’ [ I John 1:1] an inevitable civil war between Christ and Caesar. Church and State. This war was eventually won by the earthly representatives of the ascended Christ. Christians finally replaced pagans in the offices of civil authority.

        This ‘Constantinian settlement’ still outrages and embarrasses political polytheists in the modern Church: fundamentalists, pietists, neo-evangelical liberals, and Christian college professors, everywhere. They much prefer to see pagans occupy the seats of civil authority, so the example of Constantine offends them. They prefer a contemporary political polytheism analogous to that of the Roman Pantheon, either because they secretly worship the messianic monotheism of the State (political liberals, humanists, and some neo-evangelicals) or because they refuse to acknowledge that statism is always the political manifestation of polytheism (fundamentalists, Lutherans, most Calvinists, and any remaining neo-evangelicals). Like the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, they prefer rule by polytheistic taskmasters in the service of a [sic] divine State…”… It is time to begin making plans for the conquest of Canaan.”
        – Gary North, PhD, “Political Polytheism,” (1989) p. 536-7.

        • Another valuable quote from Scary Gary: “The Y2K crisis is systemic. It cannot possibly be fixed. I think it will wipe out every national government in the West. Not just modify them—destroy them…That is what I have wanted all my adult life. In my view, Y2K is our deliverance.”

      • “there is no actual Christian theology called Christian Zionism”

        It’s certainly true there is no such Christian theology, because the adherents, such as Hagee, are not Christians. That they call themselves Christians and advance a so-called “theology” that idolizes the Zionist Jews in Palestine as “ISRAEL” is a matter of fact. Thus the name.

  7. I would remind Christian Zionists there are more Christians in Palestine than they are in Israel. If Christ was among us today he would recite a parable about The Good Palestinian instead of the good Samaritan and direct it towards Christian Zionists.

    • @Feric,

      “I would remind Christian Zionists there are more Christians in Palestine than they are in Israel.”

      It’s debatable. There are different types of Christians that are not correctly categorized by demographics in Israel and Palestine which muddy the waters. There are guaranteed about 300,000 Christians in Palestine, of which almost all but a couple thousand are located in the West Bank. In turn, most of these are native to the land. Some call them Native Israelis or Native Palestinian in contrast to the descendents of immigrant Jews and Moslems in both Israel and Palestine.

      The Native Israelis aka Palestinian Christians in Israel, number at least 200,000. True, this makes that demographic smaller than in Palestine. But there are also Messianic Jews born in Israel that must be considered. There are also European immigrants, primarily Russian, who for legalistic reasons could take Aliyah to Israel but are not considered Jews. Almost all of the later are Christian or Messianic Jews. These European immigrants, Messianic Jews, and their children number about 325,000.

      Therefore, while Palestinian Christians aka Native Israelis, are larger in size in the State of Palestine, than in Israel, the total number of Christians including the Messianic Jews and Europeans, is actually larger in Israel than in Palestine. In other words there are more Hunter Wallaces in Israel than there are in Palestine and they make Israel a more Christian European like country than Palestine. Like the rest of Israeli politics, this issue is far more complicated than most people assume. But, at least Dissident Rightists here understand there is a Christian issue to Israeli-Palestine relations, unlike in other forums.

      • This “Native Palestinian” ie “Native Israeli” is suspected part German. I’ve always suspected he was descended of Nazi Germans who immigrated to the Middle East after the war and supported the Arab Socialist movement of Nasser, Hussein, Baathists and others. My suspicions could be wrong but are at least as accurate as calling someone named Munther a Native Palestinian. Regardless, interesting comments by him on Christian Zionism. Usually he just makes PLO propaganda points.

  8. Well, in the end, the TRUTH always comes out, if you want to experience the ” JESUS TREATMENT ‘ fly over to JERUSALEM, mention our LORDS name publically and see how well that goes ……

  9. Southerners may not have been in the 19th Century, but the Watchtower Society was initially hyper-semitophile. It was popular in American religion, not just in cults like Russells.


    • The dispensationalist heresy was established in Murika even before the civil war, though it began in the Rothschild-controlled ‘United Kingdom’. It didn’t really become a huge thing until the late 19th century saw it expand with the utter reprobate preacher Cyrus Scofield and some others promoted by early mass media. Scofield’s heretical bible commentary made it extremely widespread in the wake of WW I.

  10. Reading (listening)to the excellent Goebbels on the Jews by Thomas Dalton from 2019 and nowhere is there any mention of a Final Solution or Wannsee Conference.
    There is a 40% for labor, 60% for deportation passage and in previous diary entries he says we must shoot more Jews so he had no compunction about speaking frankly.

  11. The driving force behind the spread of Christian Zionism and Jewish Dispensationalism wasn’t preacher John Nelson Darby in the 1830’s or Cyrus Schofield with the 1909 publication of his Schofield Reference Bible. The real driving force was Billy Graham in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70s.

    • You’re probably right. Billy Graham’s embrace of the heresy greatly accelerated the spread of the poison introduced by Scofield’s abomination. Excellent point.

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