Senate Passes $95 Billion Foreign Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

As things stand today, a minority of Senate Republicans voted with Mitch McConnell to pass the $95 billion foreign aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. He couldn’t persuade a majority of his own caucus to support it. House Speaker Mike Johnson is opposed to holding a vote on it.


“The Senate finally passed a $95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific early Tuesday morning.

Why it matters: The tortured proceedings have put on display a divided Republican party, with a growing faction embracing isolationist views at odds with the GOP establishment. …

Zoom in: The package passed 70-29, with 22 Republicans supporting it. Two Democrats — Sens. Peter Welch (Vt.) and Jeff Merkley (Ore.) — opposed the bill over concerns around its aid for Israel, as did Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). …”

The bill could still pass through a discharge petition.

The fate of the bill now turns on whether a minority of House Republicans are bold enough to defy Trump and House leadership and vote with Democrats to Stand With Ukraine.


“The Senate’s overwhelming passage of a $95 billion foreign aid package Tuesday morning has backed House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) into a corner. …

What we’re watching: House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) vowed Tuesday to “use every available legislative tool” to pass funding for Ukraine, Israel and Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The statement was widely viewed as a reference to a “discharge petition,” a once-obscure method of allowing 218 members — a bipartisan majority — to circumvent the speaker and force a House vote. …”

We will see.


  1. Most everyone here (apart from the neo-klown AGB troll) has some grasp of the utter fraudulence of the Gay Old Pedoburo – an “opposition” party as fake-and-gay as it is possible to be. Nothing unexpected in the ludicrous Senate with the likes of the Kentucky Undertaker, Capt. Underoos, Lady G, her lawn-jockey Mr. Tim and the rest. Well beyond useless.

    The interesting one is the fake-and-gay Musloid wearing the D-jersey here:

    House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) vowed Tuesday to “use every available legislative tool” to pass funding for Ukraine, Israel and Palestinian civilians in Gaza. The Musloid in AIPAC’s pocket is going along with the whole neo-klown agenda, while the those who run AIPAC are given carte-blanche to butcher mostly Muslim civilians in Gaza. The ‘civilian aid’ in Gaza is nothing compared to what is being sent to the New Khazaria money-laundromat and “Our Greatest Ally” (who gets to attack US ships and kill American sailors with total impunity), and it will likely be used to resettle them Palestinians here in Murika so more compomat stooges like Jeffries can be installed.

  2. In the news today: Rand Corporation, a capitalist-imperialist think tank that directs U.S. “defense” policy (you voters think your “elected representatives” do that) says the U.S. must begin expanding its nuclear arsenal (which is already being expanded) at a much more rapid pace until it far surpasses the nuclear capabilities of Russia and China combined, assuring that both countries will be destroyed while the U.S. (and Israel) will survive. Nuclear weaponry will give the U.S. the “most bang for the buck” (not that cost is ever really a limitation for the exceptional “nation” that was chosen to be the seat of the world-worshipped Almighty Dollar) and it is good for the economy (profitable for the Military Industrial Complex). Imperialist war for capitalist monopoly of the entire planet will continue to grow even more cruel and deadly:

  3. TASS says corpses of U.S. soldiers with their insignias have been found in Andeevka, which fell suddenly to the Russians because the Neo-Nazi Azov thugs who experienced front-line combat for the first time (the Nazi bullies’ role up to now has been to protect the regime by terrorizing the population into submission and forcing the non-Nazi cannon fodder to stay on the front lines) were frightened and decided to run away, precipitating the flight of the entire army. The rout was unexpected and these American soldiers were not extricated. Hundreds of UK, U.S., Polish and other Western forces must be operating secretly behind the front lines.

    • > Hundreds of UK, U.S., Polish and other Western forces must be operating secretly behind the front lines.

      It’s actually in the thousands. Poles are the largest group but there are plenty of sheep-dip Germans, Brits and Murikans. Many of the mercs went home after getting a taste of missiles blowing them up in barracks early on

      • I know. Using many of the same symbols, slogans and salute as the real, historical, German National Socialists did, doesn’t make the Banderite Neo-“Nazis” who serve and protect the Talmudistic oligarchy and its figurehead Zelensky, REAL Nazis. Maybe I should write “Banderites” instead of “Nazis.”

  4. Re: The post topic of a ninety-five billion dollar “aid” package for war, including the war on China:

    $95 billion is a drop in the trillion-dollar bucket of “defense” spending. Other “aid” packages and “black budget funds” must be covering the U.S.’s endless secret CYBER WAR on China and all other countries. Global Times reports today that “China’s cybersecurity agencies have released reports revealing the US government’s long-running cyberattacks against China’s critical infrastructure. Such irresponsible policy and practices have exposed global critical infrastructure to huge risks (…) A security report recently obtained by the Global Times from the 360 Security Group revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), one of the primary intelligence agencies of the US federal government, has continuously engaged in espionage and intelligence theft activities, while the National Security Agency (NSA) has also conducted secret hacking activities for over a decade targeting leading companies in various industries in China.” If the U.S. is accusing China of doing it, that simply means that the U.S. is the one doing it – to China. The U.S.’s endless cyber terrorism harms all people everywhere, although the population (not a people) of the U.S. suffers less than it otherwise would as long as the U.S. elites feed on the foreign victims and crumbs of the spoils trickle down to the proles.

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