Donald Trump Wins South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary

UPDATE: Crushed, as expected.

I’ve seen enough.

Nikki Haley is just wasting our time by refusing to drop out. This primary is over.

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  1. What most people don’t understand about our present political election system is that it is at its base a strategy of extractionary negotiation. Modern American politics is a gladiatorial ballet in which the politicians (gladiators) actually try to hurt one another, but not necessarily destroy, and develop teams based on unity of purpose. The later is created not so much by common ideological interests as much as by the ability to harm one another AND an agreement to harm some other gladiator or team of gladiators more. “The audience,” us, pay money directly or indirectly, purchase tickets (campaign donations and volunteering), then watch and clap at the dance of battle and finally vote for who we want to win at the end of various acts.

    Kali Yuga War Karen as well as every other Republican politician running for President, knew their likelihood of winning the primary was low. The point of their race was to make the system look like a true competition whilst extracting from Team Trump and the organizers of the games, money and promises of jobs and contracts. Additionally, the longer the gladiators are on stage the more money they get from “ticket sales.”

    Gladiator Kali Yuga War Karen knew fairly on she was unlikely to win. But the longer she stayed in, the longer she didn’t destroy Trump but remained “viable,” the more money and influence she has with Team Trump and/or anti-Team Trump and above all the organizers of the game. To understand really what she was getting at, one needs to look at who her key campaign people where, who were her key donors, and what national influencers she was meeting throughout the year. Sorry, but it was never about winning the primary. Just about hustling and entertaining the game. Don’t get mad at the players, even War Karen, get mad at the game and turn it against those rulers, who organize it. Get inside the ring and sabotage the circus m8s.

    • “What most people don’t understand about our present political election system is that it is at its base a strategy of extractionary negotiation. Modern American politics is a gladiatorial ballet in which the politicians (gladiators) actually try to hurt one another, but not necessarily destroy, and develop teams based on unity of purpose. The later is created not so much by common ideological interests as much as by the ability to harm one another AND an agreement to harm some other gladiator or team of gladiators more. “The audience,” us, pay money directly or indirectly, purchase tickets (campaign donations and volunteering), then watch and clap at the dance of battle and finally vote for who we want to win at the end of various acts.”

      Never have I ever (with respect) disagreed more. This a slow war of White annihilation; always has been. Don’t be fooled by external appearances. It’s not a game to our enemies.

    • No, she’s 100% kosher astroturfed plant and pretending she’s anything else is a joke. We know the opposition between Haley and Trump is phony because he picked her as UN ambassador. This fake candidacy (her chances of success weren’t low, they were zero, Republicans were never going to nominate her, anymore than they were going to nominate Tim Scott, her candidacy and his were mime to make it look like it’s normal and acceptable for hindu (or sikh) prostitutes and negroes to run for the Republican nomination. Now the Jews are probably demanding that Trump pick her as VP. Don’t try to tell us anything else.

  2. “Nikki Haley is just wasting our time”:

    Giving attention to the “two-party” drama of U.S. politics is what is wasting our time.

    Nimrata Randhawa is not wasting time. She is the System’s choice. I predict she will become at least the next DE FACTO President, like Blinken, if it is really the G.O.P.’s turn to “win” a presidential (s)election. But it makes no difference which puppet figurehead or which party is chosen. Both Randhawa and Trump are proven enemies of the common man, and the two criminals may yet reconcile and combine, thick as thieves, for mutual advantage. It makes no difference who wins. Only bad candidates can play.

    • I know what you mean, Merthyr. They’re all commies.

      Hmm—well, maybe that’s not what you mean.

      • “They’re all commies”:

        They’re just the opposite. Randhawa and Trump absolutely hate socialism. Only capitalist (right and fake left) candidates can play. That reminds me, today is 100 years since Lenin died:

    • Merthyr Man ” She is the systems choice ” obviously, we have plenty of BITCHES here in the states, we don’t need or want any imported ones and certainly not in the WHITE house ….

    • Oh, Methuen, my little Red revolutionary friend. So demoralized by the stench of the theater called modern American public political life. I think we were friends in another life, so let me give you another scene from the movie to ponder how it is possible to change the system, to a degree if not take down an empire. It begins by gaining entrance close to the ruler or ruling class and then winning the crowd before the final blow.

    • Its almost like they are losing control. Rat race has begun and there is not enough people anymore who are ready to unconditionally support the regime.

      Soviet Union repression machine imploded similar way.

      “”…Anti-Trump Burnout: The Resistance Says It’s Exhausted
      Bracing for yet another election against Donald Trump, America’s liberals are feeling the fatigue. “We’re kind of, like, crises-ed out,” one Democrat said….””

        • At least the Soviets believed in integrity of nations and had the goal of increasing the standard of living

      • Juri, it was liberation not a “repression machine,” and it did not “implode in similar way” as the U.S. might implode. Rather, it was betrayed by Trotskyite revisionists (Gorbachev was one, and so was Khruschev) at the upper levels of leadership, who were constantly undermining, sabotaging, dismantling, devaluing and discrediting it for more than forty years, until they finally got what they wanted: the return of the “free” market economy, so that Russia could be raped. Please read accurate history with an open mind and common sense. Gorbachev was a great traitor:

    • Yeah and Trump, the money grubbing skank boning machine is going to be running as a Christian nationalist, try not to piss your pants Ringo.

  3. > It’s almost like Trump is the goy that TPTB wanted all along.

    As Gomer Pyle, USMC liked to say: Sooprahze, sooprahze, sooprahze! Only the nose knows for sure. Tobias Langdon has the best phrase for Kali War-Karen, Zion Don and all the rest: a government of groveling goys. Maybe Trumpenstein will really use a Jedi mind-trick this time around: This ain’t the goy you’re looking for … that’ll get ’em.

  4. As long as Nimrata is still legally a candidate for President (or other public office), even if mathematically eliminated, she can still collect and keep “campaign contributions” (i.e. bribes). Election law allows candidates to keep their unspent “campaign contributions” (i.e. bribes) after the election is over so long as the money collected is used for campaign expenses including future political campaigns. The law was written by politicians and lobbyists so it’s no surprise that their law is favorable to their interests. That is why politicians always “suspend” their campaigns instead of legally terminating them, to keep access to the bribes collected long after they have lost the election.

    Monies collected for political campaigns theoretically cannot be spent for personal enrichment or household expenses such as buying a new car. In practice politicians will hire their children, spouses and in-laws at high salaries to run their campaigns. These positions are in name only as professional political consultants will also be hired to actually run the candidate’s campaign. This keeps “campaign contributions” (i.e. bribes) in the family and transfers money from restricted campaign expenses to personal income to be spent any way the candidate wants. Politics is just another business racket, one amongst many of the innumerable rackets that constitute the current “economy” of GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire along side stock market swindles, real estate speculation, the bond market, derivatives, MIC, NGOs etc.

    Nimrata is being paid handsomely to continue her ridiculous campaign by those who want to destroy Donald Trump. For Nimrata, it’s just a job, and a good paying job, too. Indians, dot not feather, are great swindlers and Nimrata has been in on the grift from the beginning and will be to the bitter end, as long as Other People’s Money keeps coming in.

    • Exactly 100%. Money that she and her crime family and their political retainers can direct for other candidates or especially organizations that pretend to be independent grass roots. Its all about collecting the protection money. It’s not a coincidence that is also how actual organized crime is run as well but collects from criminal gangs rather than constitutuent voters.

      Btw, everyone should take a look at the scenes of her “victory party” and look at the individuals walking around. It reminded me more of upper class New York or the Left coast than South Carolina. Everyone should also look at the polling results county by county and look at the demographics. While it shows the South Carolinans voted for Trump, the North East Judeo-Catholic-Yankee colonized areas along the coast and Columbia voted for Haley. Someone should do a thorough ethnic breakdown of those areas and compare and contrast the votong patterns. It will expose how the South is being conquered.

    • Jer Sikh family is actually of royal lineage and historically was used as the Sikh’s assassins. I am amazed so few people even in the Deep State know this, but then they didn’t even know Iraq was still a tribal country when we invaded. We are ruled by morons which makes us imbeciles if we all it to continue further.

  5. Google Dan Goodes. He recently told how the Negro Felon League actually operates. He should have known, he was their lawyer. Lasted almost a whole day after he talked. These primaries are run the same way. Fixed. Dump was chosen for the nomination, in order to take the fall once again in the General Election.

    • Old Koba knew the score: Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count them decide everything. That’s actually a paraphrase of the full quote, which is below:

      ? ??????, ??? ?????????? ???????, ??? ? ??? ????? ? ?????? ??????????; ?? ??? ??? ??????????? ?????, ??? – ??? ? ??? ????? ??????? ??????.

      Literally: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.

      So you think Cheetohead will fall to the drooling Joey Shitpants again, or will it be against the more plausible Gavin Greathair who’ll promise the retarded hos all the abortion mills they want at gubmint expense? (They’ll all swoon and vote D of course).

  6. Well if DON JOHN TRUMP, allows the talmudic supremacist’s, too put HAGBAG HALEY on his ticket, I will withdraw my support for him, I won’t concern myself with this election business, it’s all one big joke anyway ……

  7. I’ll go along with what Andrew Anglin said on the primary: “I’m really trying hard but I can’t manage to give a shit.”

  8. Anybody here want us/me to write an update of our classic:

    “What’s the Matter With South Carolina”
    Occidental Dissent March 3rd, 2023

    Not much of anything has changed. Tough White New York City guy that loves the Jews but the Jews all hate because most all of Trump’s supporters are poor and working class White folks, also Trump used/uses patriot Charles Lindberg and Pat Buchanan’s “Put America First” – scares the Je*s that he actually means it and might try to actually do it.

    Anybody want us/me to do an update “What’s the Matter With South Carolina”. Yeah, not much has changed except maybe the #*&$@ Christian Zionists, Israeli Firsters, stupid Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell, Mike the Huckster Huckabee have lost a lot of control over their flock – and their worst Patriotard, Fake Wrestling WWF true believer, all around Dumb As( Tobey Keith pass on to Purgetory where he now has joined the likes of Pat Robertson and Rev. Billy Graham – . IMO Rev. Billy Graham pretty much invented, first implemented Amurikun Patriotard Christian Zionism. Rev. Graham knew the JQ, knew the Hollywood, Mad Avenue, WaPost, New York Times, International J Finance/Communists/Zionists were doing Satan’s work, but he had some (Selfish $ money making scam) that American Conservative Christians were all supposed to just keep quiet about it, support all things Israel and Js, rake in the $ Shekels and let Satan and the J Children of the Devil have their way in everything and this would somehow bring Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus back real soon.


    Anybody want an update of “What’s the Matter With South Carolina”?


    • Yes I think an update to your classic is in order. SC is distinguished not only by its royals like Lady G and her retarded lawn-jockey Mr. Tim, but a whole circus of clowns ranging from utterly cucked palefaces to savage negroes, Christian Zionists shilling for jews who work ceaselessly for their total extermination, and a new wave of yankee carpetbaggers. The state is a centerpiece of what a utter farce conservatism has become. There are plenty of examples of shitlib clownshows like California, Illnoize and Jew York but fewer of the “conserviltard” variety.

  9. If Trump (or Biden or any other puppet selection) becomes the next President, he will definitely promote nuclear proliferation among the “allies” (puppet proxies), leading inevitably to nuclear war, which some still thought was un-thinkable a few years ago. Trump says he will not support NATO unless NATO rearms “enough,” which would necessarily include nuclear arming, which gives the biggest bang for the buck. In this mature. late stage of capitalism, Trump’s second term, or term of any president following Biden will involve waging imperialist war (hot, cold, proxy, hybrid, etc.) more vigorously than ever before. So the imperial colonial proxy called “Germany” is being pushed to arm with nuclear weapons now:

    “Donald Trump’s announcement that he would no longer support European NATO states if he becomes president again, unless they rearm massively enough, is being used by the ruling class in Germany for an aggressive campaign in favour of its own nuclear weapons. Hardly a day goes by without a leading politician or a central media organisation calling for a German or European nuclear bomb. The current issue of Germany’s highest-circulation news magazine Der Spiegel shows a menacing-looking Trump on the cover. Trump is quoted saying, “I wouldn’t protect you!” followed by the question, “Does Germany need the bomb now?” The magazine’s unequivocal answer is yes!” Most of the world worships the God of Mammon (based in Washington and New Hork) that has driven the world mad that it intends to destroy. The genocide and bombing destruction of Gaza is a small sample of what lies in store for the nations of the world if they continue to believe in the usury system and its “virtue of selfishness.” What is being done to Gaza (total destruction) now will be done to you!

  10. She hopes that her fellow Marxists succeed in putting Trump in jail before the election so that she can save us all. That’s why she stays in. That’s why wealthy “Americans” keep donating to her. The Deep State wants us to choose between her and Michelle Obama. Its a farce anyway because the general election is rigged. Barack with Michelle Obama as his puppet is as good as in office. Barack has been dictator since 2008 anyway. Barack controlled the US gov 2016-2020 thru his Deep State. Trump never had any power.

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