Federal Judge Dismisses Charges Against Rise Above Movement Members

Great news.

It is not often that we get good news out of federal courts.

Prosecutors have already appealed to the Ninth Circus though. This ordeal isn’t over.

Los Angeles Times:

“An Orange County federal judge has dismissed criminal charges for the second time in five years against accused members of a Southern California white supremacist group suspected of inciting brawls at political rallies throughout the state.

U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney on Wednesday dismissed charges against Robert Rundo — who was extradited from Romania last year — and Robert Boman of Torrance. The two were charged with conspiracy to violate the Anti-Riot Act and rioting.

Rundo is alleged to be a founding member of Rise Above Movement, or RAM, a white supremacist group that, according to a federal indictment, touted itself as a “combat-ready, militant group of a new nationalist white supremacy and identity movement.” Boman was also an alleged member of the group. …

Selective prosecution is the norm now.

Antifa show up at events and start fights. Federal and local prosecutors go after “white supremacists.” Violent leftists don’t even get a slap on the wrist like the Disrupt J20 protests.


  1. “Violent leftists don’t even get a slap on the wrist like the Disrupt J20 protests.”

    Or they do get arrested but then get huge monetary awards for “civil rights” infringements. There were several of those stemming from their activity of the Summer of Love in 2020.

  2. It works in this way in almost all countries…..even in my country antifa and other leftist groups attack and start violence but they are not prosecuted. Instead when a person on the right try to defend himself from these attacks….be sure that he will be prosecuted for racist violence and other ridicolous charges.

    • “It works in this way in almost all countries”

      Hitler wrote about this.

      Saying the police were always attacking NSDAP members and rallies while letting communists have free reign to be violent, until the NSDAP started winning elections, then the police attacked the communists.

  3. ” this ordeal isn’t over ” these strange times continue on, CIVIL WAR 2.0 ? I don’t know ……,RECONSTRUCTION 2.0? Yes, I believe so,this is great news ……
    So what’s the trick?

  4. They all have military connections, all these “violent extremist white supremacists” groups have military connections, just like antifa.

    Evidence suggests that the Marine, Grady Joseph Mayfield, 20, of San Diego, California, was involved in a range of Rundo’s political projects following his brief enlistment in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

    Mayfield, who served as a private in the USMC from April to July 2021, even flew to visit Rundo in his current country of residence, Serbia, and the men traveled together elsewhere in Europe along with another Rundo acolyte and collaborator, Allen Goff.


  5. Don’t forget SKANK ‘journalists’ like this CUNNIFF who has the redness to call anyone with whom she (or her talmudic bosses) disagree with, as ‘white supremacists.’

    I want to hear JUST ONCE, someone call ANY Jew, a ‘Talmudic Supremacist.’
    The fact that it will never happen, shows that the opposite tack, is merely slander.

  6. However, take note that the same “justice” system of the West has not dismissed its false charges against Julian Assange. The same “justice” system will NOT let him and other politically-imprisoned anti-imperialist truth tellers go. What is the difference? The system really NEEDS White anti-anti-White movements like Rise Above. The system pretends to “fight the White Right” side of “the political spectrum,” but it really needs BOTH “sides” to exist: the far-right mostly White side and the fake left mostly non-white “far left”, both of them capitalistic, to form the boundaries of allowable political activity and discourse. The “two sides” must argue and fight with each other to keep the population of human resources distracted from noticing the real, fundamental problem (which is class exploitation) and learning or thinking about the only solution to the fundamental problem. Both of the “two sides” are asleep, even though one is called “woke.” If conservatism (the explicitly right right wing of the two-right-winged capitalist-imperialist beast) was a real threat to the existence of the system it would be instantly cut off, attacked much more violently than it is being attacked, until it is gone.

    The system also needs “both sides” to exist in the Middle East. It creates, promotes, supports, uses, and PRETENDS to fight against the “radical side of Islam” including AlQaeda or ISIS which is never anti-capitalist and never really anti-Zionist but always anti-socialist, and it approves of the liberal capitalist side of Islam including the Hashemite, Saudi and Emirati mafias and the Crypto (Abdel el-Sisi is) dictatorship of Egypt that are always anti-socialist. Every Islamic country that began to advance toward socialism – including Palestine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya – was targeted for destruction, using financial sanctions, propaganda and “radical Islamic” proxies to overthrow the socializing governments, and then install or re-install liberal Islamic puppet regimes. The system needs both anti-socialist “sides,” conservative and liberal, to hide and to destroy the hidden, or almost completely hidden third side that is the only real other side.

    • In 2009 WikiLeaks doxed the entire membership of the British National Party, this was a few months after it got almost one million votes in the EU elections and sent 2 representatives to Brussel.

      The BNP had lots of internal problems and contradictions from before and having their archives of donors and members exposed started a sharp downward trend that more or less ended the party.

      WikiLeaks did this to weaken a growing and genuine opposition to the present system in the UK, many people are totally unaware of this episode but I followed it closely at the time…and I have no sympathy for Assange.

      • The BNP list was mostly old, partially inaccurate and forged, and had already appeared elsewhere online, but Wikileaks should not have re-published it. Names and other personal identifiers are normally redacted by Wikileaks, and there would not have been much left after removing the names from a membership list, so it should not have been published. Assange is a real journalist and anti-war, but he is not perfect, especially so because he is not a socialist, only a “left” liberal.

  7. I have also a bad news…..I have just learned that Daniel Burnside, once a member of NSM, has just been converted and has asked for forgiveness for his “sins”. Now it will have to be seen whether he will still remain a conservative or embrace the left. Anyway, even though I don’t think this guy was a great contributor to the movement and the cause, I am always sad and disappointed by this news. How can we identitarians, nationalists change the world if there are so many traitors in our midst. I have always said it on this website, the strength of the left is in not having all these traitors and repentants. They start with an idea and keep it until the end. We also have great examples of that but more beautiful old generation. In USA today there are too many who repent at some point, I don’t see perspective with these people.

  8. Wooow, how much did the fed waste to get this man? What strings had to be pulled to get the Romanian Government to give a shit about Mr. Rundo, isn’t he married to a Romanian national as well? He must have hilarioulsly beat the shit out of some politician’s shit stain kid larping as Antifa in one of those brawls, this seems personal. This man IS NOT a criminal, the fed can’t be bothered prosecuting real crime, just political wrongthink and self defense.

  9. I doubt Rundo will be released. Last time, Judge Carney’s decision was appealed by the prosecutors & reversed by the 9th circuit (the most liberal in the nation), although Rundo was released before the reversal, enabling him to go to Europe, from where he was eventually extradited. Last time, the prosecutors were taken by surprise by Carney; this time they were ready with an emergency motion to keep Rundo locked up while they appeal to the 9th circuit. Also, Carney’s grounds for releasing him this time (“selective prosecution,” i.e., charging white “supremacists” with assault while not charging antifa for assault), can probably be circumvented by dexterous arguments from the prosecutors made to a sympathetic judge.

  10. My previous comment has been superseded by events, which are: Rundo WAS, in fact released on order of Judge Carney, but the 9th circuit stayed his order at the request of prosecutors, pending appeal, which means Rundo should be taken back into custody, although I don’t know if that has happened yet.

    Overall, a mere foretaste of what’s in store after Biden wins the election, the Democrats retain the senate & take back the house. Expect a declared war against & formal criminalization of any explicit white advocacy, including OD, AmRen, & VDARE.

  11. RAM members did 7 years in prison, and ZOG’s terrorist militias (blm and fagtia) never spent more than the time it would take to consume a cup of coffee in jail.

    I wonder if this judge cited the unfair prosecution of “right wing” participants because the statute of limitations ran out on filing charges against ZOG’s golems?

    While I am happy that the men of RAM are being released from ZOG’s gulag, this is in no way a victory for based jurisprudence.

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