Poll Watch: Joe Biden Gets Buried In Blizzard of Bad National Polls

It is March.

The trajectory of the presidential race hasn’t changed.

97% of Trump voters in 2020 are backing Trump in 2024. 83% of Biden voters in 2020 are backing Joe Biden in 2024. 10% of Biden 2020 voters have switched their support to Trump.

New York Times:

President Biden is struggling to overcome doubts about his leadership inside his own party and broad dissatisfaction over the nation’s direction, leaving him trailing behind Donald J. Trump just as their general-election contest is about to begin, a new poll by The New York Times and Siena College has found.

With eight months left until the November election, Mr. Biden’s 43 percent support lags behind Mr. Trump’s 48 percent in the national survey of registered voters. …

Mr. Trump’s ability to consolidate the Republican base better than Mr. Biden has unified the base of his own party shows up starkly in the current thinking of 2020 voters. Mr. Trump is winning 97 percent of those who say they voted for him four years ago, and virtually none of his past supporters said they are casting a ballot for Mr. Biden. In contrast, Mr. Biden is winning only 83 percent of his 2020 voters, with 10 percent saying they now back Mr. Trump. ...

Four major national polls out within the last three days all show that Trump is running away with the race. Barring some catastrophic once-in-a-century event like a global pandemic, history also shows that the polls are highly predictive of the outcome at this point.

Note: In both 2016 and 2020, Trump overperformed his polls. He is currently winning the national popular vote by 2 to 4 points. He is leading in all the swing states.

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  1. The Ultimate Irony for Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden would be if he was defeated by Don “I’m the King Of Israel” Trump because of the whole Gaza Genocide thing.

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if Presidential Usurper, Joe “The Irish Papist Nigger” Biden doubles downs, burns the Capitol, blames it on the Dissident Right, and orders all White Southern racists to march to the nearest train station. There families will be categorized, children sent to new Schools, new uniforms will be issued for Southern Whites, and relocation from their favorite fishing hole for a new Final Destination. Joe Biden, the Democrats, and their Vichy French style Republican collaborators are coming for you all, even after they’ve destroyed Netanyahu.

    • > Wouldn’t be surprised if Presidential Usurper, Joe “The Irish Papist Nigger” Biden doubles downs, burns the Capitol, blames it on the Dissident Right, … Joe Biden, the Democrats, and their Vichy French style Republican collaborators are coming for you all, even after they’ve destroyed Netanyahu.

      I expect most here are well aware that those who pull the strings of the ‘Irish Papist Nigger’ model of retarded ventriloquist dummy are capable of every single item in your list and far worse. You can read about a very informative poll conducted by Rasmussen of the oligarchy and their nomeklatura in this excellent article about it. While these creatures are truly monsters who like to be driven about in armored vehicles, they are not invincible though far too few of their victims understand this. The odd thing here is your inclusion of Netanyahu in the post. While I’m no fan of the character, why would those who pull the puppet’s strings want to get rid of him? If he’s not their actual boss, he certainly serves the same folks they serve (the rulers of Clown World). There is some evidence that a stand down order was issued to the IDF on 10/7/23 and there is definitely a group within Israel who wants to remove Netanyahu from power. It’s basically an internal dispute within the Synagogue of Satan over the spoils once the slaughters are carried out.

      The hatred of whites is overwhelmingly present in the jewish population in both the west and in Israel. They’ve made it very clear they want to genocide whites, along with their large numbers of white collaborators and toadies, not to mention the legions of diversity they’ve been importing for decades running in league with their white collaborators. Netanyahu hates whites as much as Cass Sunsstein and Samantha Power (another Irish Papist Nigger) do. Why should we care about which jewish faction gets the spoils? Either way way most normie whites will be dead. The gang in charge is probably stupid enough to pull the old ‘Reichstag Fire’ gag again (given the superb state of public edumacation in Murika it would work), but if you think the NYC con-man is even the equivalent of the failed Austrian painter, much less a Julius Caesar, you are sorely mistaken.

  3. Dump should have easily won the last election. The big part of the rig was all the swing states (Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona) closing down allegedly to stop counting for some reason that was never explained, which has never happened ever as far as I’m aware, with Dump up by 500,000 in all. Then the very next day when there was supposed to be no counting or some horseshit, shitpants overtook Dumps massive lead and within a few days ended with this magic 10,000 vote range over Dump. Then when Dump was about to exercise his right to challenge the election results, where we might have gotten to the bottom of the wrongdoing, the totally real J6 fedsurrection took place with the aftermath resulting in Dump being intimidated into conceding to shitpants. If the fed rigs other countries’ elections what exactly stops these scumbags from rigging ours?

    • I don’t doubt any item in your post. Even so, Cheetohead has nobody to blame except himself (which of course will never happen due to is absurdly inflated ego). He appointed swamp creature after swamp creature and acted surprised when the swamp swallowed him up. He just followed his usual pattern again the other day – endorsing some Repuke negro as governor of North Carolina. Unable to even consider what happened in Kentucky just months ago. Don’t be surprised if the moron selects Lady G’s lawn-jockey Mr. Tim as his running mate. One literally cannot make this crap up it’s so amazingly stupid. Keep listening to Grima’s advice, Zion Don and you’ll end up sooner than expected on the trash-heap of history.

  4. “Barring some catastrophic once-in-a-century event ”

    That’s the part that scares me, the unknown.

  5. Yeah I have pretty much settled on Trump.

    For awhile there I was considering Biden because he was doing alt of Pro-Union things (Scranton Joe) but even after the UAW settled their contract Biden was losing big time in Michigan polls which puzzled me (this was before alot of the Gaza stuff)

    Then the Hur Report dropped and basically said dude was too old to be President! His own Justice Drpartment. I reckon if Sleepy Joe is not to old that he is to incompetent to fire someone in the Justice Department who is trashing him.

    Been back on the Trump train awhile snd he just keeps going up in the polls.

    Now of some Lib bothers me about who I am voting for I can just Sleepy Joe is too old or ‘I don’t wanna suuport Genocide Joe.’ The Gaza stuff is giving folks cover to abandon him.

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