Trump Wins Michigan, Missouri, Idaho Caucuses


Nikki Haley has won Washington, DC while losing everywhere else!

Nikki Haley still has a path to victory!

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  1. Today I heard two of my work colleagues talking about Trump’s possible victory and they were worried……. I kept quiet but it makes me laugh that they were also telling me about it saying there is racism, etc….. If I had told them that I follow Occidental Dissent (nonconforming right-wing website) they would never have spoken to me again. 🙂

      • Yes, because is the obsession of the leftists everywhere in the world to be concerned about racism……we the actual italian president won, a lot of foreigner newspaper were worried about the racist decisione of Italians.
        I Remember when Trump won in 2016, i was at university at that time and i went to the university with smile while others of my fellows (almost all) were angry.

      • Because the left is obsessed with the “racist danger”…….ormai political logics are global and therefore everyone is careful about who gets elected in another state ( unless that state is a small third world state). Even when there were elections in my country, the foreign press was talking about the racist danger in choosing Italians. The world left has this obsession. When Trump was elected in 2016 I was the only one happy in my university, the other students were annoyed.

  2. Basically, South Carolina elected for a number of terms, a foreign pagan worshipping brown person whose only support is in the District of Criminals, where Niggers, White Baizou, foreign intelligence operatives and their traitors run the place. It is useful to consider how a state filled with American colonial settler descendent Christian worshiping ex-Confederates such as South Carolina could be such a bunch of dipshits.

    Haley was clandestinely inserted into a State Republican Party that had been systemically penetrated by North Eastern money and criminal elements whose power base and finance stricture was centered on Hilton Head and Charleston. The common South Carolinan had little time to get to know Haley who was represented to them as a descendent of West Indian planters and South Carolinan Colonial Settlers. This was done in a way for Haley to plausibly deny she or her campaign had placed such misleading information. Later on, she made a show of going to church with her husband to familarize herself to Christians, and above all else, keep her pagan immigrant Sikh parents and family out of the picture.

    I point these facts out so to illuminate to the readers how a system of essentially smoke, mirrors, and orchestra works to misdirect the audience of voters from how things are really working. The only way to defeat the ruling class is to learn their methods, expose them, and play those methods against them. You do that you win the audience and then you win the Empire. Trump is our Gladiator.

    • Aryan Globalist Bro wrote on:
      March 4, 2024 at 10:58 am

      “Basically, South Carolina elected for a number of terms, a foreign pagan worshipping brown person whose only support is in the District of Criminals, where Niggers, White Baizou, foreign intelligence operatives and their traitors run the place. It is useful to consider how a state filled with American colonial settler descendent Christian worshiping ex-Confederates such as South Carolina could be such a bunch of dipshits. ”

      I respond:


      If only that were so.

      It was also most of our corrupted, Christian Zionists, those Whites in SoCar that just love military expenditures for the USA Navy Marines – Marine Flight School in SoCar….

      Uhhhhhm, why exactly does the US Navy Marines need their own air force? Does the US Airforce need their own Navy? Plus none of the uses of these US Navy Marines or other US military ever gets used for our national defense, defending our people here in North America or anywhere on planet earth. Sure some US Marine retired complained when the Clinton Admin removed all restrictions on flaming homo fag((ts, but they soon stop resisting “Dont ask, don’t tell” … how about “Don’t suck another man’s pen***?”

      We wrote all about the dire state of GOP politics in the once leading Conservative Confederate state of South Carolina over ten years ago:

      “What’s the Matter With South Carolina” author (me) Jaye Ryan

      South Carolina didn’t have a hetrosexual White Southerner in the offices of SoCar governor, US Senate. They kept re-electing a Black Affirmative Action pro NAACP US Senator who ran for president, got ~ 05 then announced he’s devoting the rest of his life to opposing anti Je*ish hate speech on US college campuses.

      Then there is US Senator Lisping Lindsey Graham – flaming homo pervert – “Ted Kennedy in drag” that never heard of a ZOG war, military bombing he didn’t want to master**** and send our $95 billion $ tax to support.

      “Aryan Globalist Bro” – it’s not just Yankee transplants, Nig****, homos, dot and father indians that voted and keep re-electing these #*$&@& in South Carolina – it’s our own corrupted, bribed, ZOG TV addicted, Negro Felon League, Clemson College (in name only) Football worshippers.

      Christian Zionism has a huge part in this racial, cultural treason. Somehow the Great Replacement and all Christians being ethnically, religiously cleansed in Jerusalem, the Holyland, London England, Germany and Sweden will make Jesus Come back sooner – in the meantime these *#&$@ Christian Zionest Religious Right tax # exempt frauds are raking in the $ shekels and playing luxury golf.

      Yep, can’t blame this all on Yankee transplants, Queers and Nigs.

    • Correct.Here in SC were have two homo Senators,one White and one coon.We had a filthy Indian as Governor.We have a GOP controlled General Assembly which is not for White people.Its rigged in many ways:Jew media and money control,open primary system,blackmail,voter fraud and fraud in the counting of votes.The Jews only allow who THEY want to rule us.SC politicians only care about enacting laws to penalize those who criticize Jewish control(in fact first in the nation with laws stamping out free speech).Sen Coon Tim Scott was exposed as being a homo so conveniently found a weird White Yankee woman to pose as his fiance.Imagine SC having a n.gger Senator with a White fiance(even if it is fake).The sooner this Satanic Jewish entity falls the better we will all be.

  3. There is a new petition on that is supposed be signed by licensed medical professionals only, who claim Trump has been “diagnosed with moderate to advanced dementia,” based on these professionals’ observations of inappropriate pauses, mistakes and mental lapses at his recent campaign rallies, such as when he mispronounced the word “Venezuela.” Nothing is said about Biden’s obviously much worse mental condition:

    Putin and Xi show no such signs, showing the difference between the concept of meritocratic leadership and the capitalist scheme of figurehead puppetry. The system cannot have anyone too capable, intelligent and wise at the top, or anywhere near the top. When Biden reaches the stage of dementia where he becomes extremely paranoid and physically combative, then Kamala (who was Wall Street’s top choice in 2020) would likely succeed him if Biden is re-(s)elected this year.

    But it makes absolutely no difference which incompetent puppet is installed (“elected”). You can’t vote your way out of the system. But it dies when everyone stops serving it.

  4. Yes, he has the nomination sewn up, so soon it will be time to put him back on the ballot in all States. Oh wait. They already did. They can now stop with all the fake persecutions, it worked already. They have secured the weakest, utterly enelectable man as their opponent.

    Next is who to nominate at the convention to replace Kosher Joe. Whoever they nominate, that is your next President.

    Keep in mind, France is openly calling for an invasion of Russia, as is the head nigger at DOD, as is the head General in UK who is now saying he will “smash Russia”. And what were those German Generals talking about, the ones the FSB got on tape?

    They are going in. Not in a million years will they let Trump be President while NATO/Zog is in a desperate life or death war with Russia. Our hope is for a Russian victory and the complete collapse of the Satanic Washinton regime.

    • As much as the Right wishes it would happen the Slavs slaughtering one another over a few thousand sq kilometers in E Ukraine isn’t going to result in ZOG’s disintegration.

  5. The Vaccinator-in-Chief, the Chosen One, the King of Israel, has just endorsed a nigger to be Governor of North Carolina. Same old NYC Brooklyn piece of shiyyte he always was and always will be.

  6. Hunter, just to get off the subject: I was operated on for colon surgery, and in the hospital caught the usual blizzard of TMC. Another channel had My Cousin Vinney…where two New Yorkers drive through Alabama, are wrongfully indicted for murder, and Joe Pesci, their loser smart-ass cousin Vinney defends them, with Marisa Tomei. I watched it for about ten minutes, and saw about every Hollywood cliche about dumb, backwards Alabamans and wisecracking, smarty-pants New Yorkers, and cops using police procedures so stupid that…I’ll say no more, but Hunter, what do you think of this movie?
    The film reminds me why I don’t watch movies, especially about the south.

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