El Salvador President Nayib Bukele – a Man Against Time

Good looking Palestinian Arab Hispanic Pres and Wife

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Here’s some really, really good news to report to OD readers.

IMO El Salvador President Nayib Bukele is THE best world leader – IMO the best Hispanic leader since Chilean savior Gen. Pinochet and Spanish savior Gen. Franco.

His recent triumph speech at CPAC (Link) confirms he knows the score, pretty much “named the J” George Soros and his allied J and other “globalists” – he did what was necessary to save his country, society, people which pretty much entailed putting any and all perceived MS13 drug gang terrorists in a concentration camp. Yep! Just as Spanish savior Gen. Franco was a first winner example to “dad” and others, IMO – this Salvadoran savior – a real man against time (but not the last) will be an example for us.

Please look for the commentary about “the Last Man Against Time” by Savitri Devi:


  1. I don’t get it. What the hell was so important to put out a disclaimer announcing that the 1st Amendment still exists in the USA in order to justify saying some Spic-Wog is the coolest thing since Pinochet? Granted unincentifizing criminality among Brown people isn’t some revolutionary act, even though it is being done by a Protestant Palestinian-Hispanic. Still, its effects were unsuprisingly spectacular.

    As to naming “Duh, Jew” cuz George bloody Soros, what’s the big deal. I was naming Georgie boy long before anysofya. Today, everyone knows about George “Lord of the Sith” Soros. Pointing out his toxicity to American politics isn’t like the third rail of politics. Nor is showing some giant “Duh, Jew” conspiracy.

    Lord Soros is just one of many oligarchs, the majority of whom are Gentiles, that are causing problems in society by politicizing their wealth. For instance, all of the Putin bootlicker Anti-Israelis out there should consider that most of the Ukrainian Oligarchs who initiated rebellion against Moscow’s orbit were Gentiles, not Jews.

    There are more Papist Oligarchs out there than there are Jewish and Protestant ones combined. Most of these Catholic oligarchs support LGBTQ Priests and Brown Supremacy. In fact, there are more Chinese, Moslem, Hindu, and Zorastrian Oligarchs than there are all Jews, Papists, and Protestants combined.

    If you want to know who is suppressing Free Speech in the Western world its those Oriental pieces of shit and their mostly Papist minions. Trudeau aka Castro Jr, is a Chinese agent and a French speaking Papist. His French-Canadian Catholic Absolutist anti-Liberty background was one of the listed reasons for the Declaration of Independence

    At any rate, the point is there are a huge number of DIVERSE enemies to Western man and “White Civilization” whatever that is. Making a scene about “Duh, Jews” seems self-serving, as if the only way to differentiate OD from other Western liberationist groups is by being anti-semetic. But, illuminating some Salvadoran as a Savior cuz he pointed out George Soros is not going to save freedom of speech. Ironically, Nakib Bukele’s wife is a Sephardic Jew. Oppsie, named the Palestinian Hispanic hero heir of Pinochet-Franco as a “Duh, Jew.”

    • “Nakib Bukele’s wife is a Sephardic Jew”:

      Only a small percentage on one side. She is, I think, Orthodox Christian, not Jewish or crypto.

      “unincentivizing criminality among Brown people isn’t some revolutionary act (…) Still, its effects were unsuprisingly spectacular”:

      Although law and order campaign has been effective, some of the “spectacularity” is really lying with statistics: such as ceasing to count bodies in mass graves as victims of crime, but merely as “missing.” The Bukele administration has built one of the world’s largest prisons holding at least 40,000 prisoners who work as slaves in the new prison factories. But don’t be jealous, the U.S.’s massive “MII” (mass incarceration industry) still leads the world.

      “a Protestant Palestinian-Hispanic”:

      Being Palestinian doesn’t keep him from paying homage to the enemy of his people at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, any more than being a Palestinian keeps the U.S.- (and Israel-) installed “Palestinian” Authority president Mahmoud Abbas from betraying his people daily on behalf of the U.S. and its colonial entity. However, President Bukele has some good points in his favour. Fascists or right-populists do sometimes behave like socialists, while they remain essentially classist – capitalist or neo-feudal – and work to preserve (or conserve) the class system by taking the place of the left to prevent real revolution from breaking out to establish a class-less society. Note that Bukele fears and hates the socialist leaders of nearby Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. I think he received so many votes only because the people did not have (and never have) a consistent Left choice, so they swung to the right once more in utter frustration. There is always a gaping void in capitalist “elections” where the real left should be – and logically so, because allowing it to appear would destroy the system.

      All this is my personal opinion, and of course I could be wrong. You may correct and convince me with facts and logic, I appreciate J. Ryan’s choice of a very interesting and important subject that would otherwise have been overlooked.

        • Indeed. I mention Savitri Devi’s works and legacy frequently in my webzine The West’s Darkest Hour.

          • I highly recommend Savitri Devi’s “The Lighting and the Sun” – nothing else I’ve seen of her writings comes anywhere remotely close. It’s similar to Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. His “The Hobbit” is a decent enough, short children’s book, his other publications are just Indexes of some rambling thoughts, not stories with beginnings, middle and ends and great characters.

            The Lighting and the Sun is…..


            “The Last Man Against Time” I referenced here might be the most inspiring prophesy I have ever read and yes, it fits the facts of realities now – the Js have now taken all of Jerusalem and The Devil has done pretty much everything he, this dark force could ever think of doing.

            Please give it a read, though it isn’t about economics, Socialism vs Capitalism etc.

          • Hi Cesar,

            Do you have a link (can make it private to me/us) to your “West’s Darkest Hour”?

            Remember Savitri Devi was definitley of the “East” trying to bring the best parts back to the West – She was Greek, in to Egyptian then classic Hindu Indian philosophy, religion, race.

  2. Well, he’s drastically cleaned up crime in El Salvador and is overwhelmingly popular. I was at LAX in early February and was walking from my hotel over to the In and Out Burger to try that famous chain. (Tastes very similar to the midwest “Steak and Shake” burger chain, just with Big Mac sauce on it instead of ketchup.) There were thousands of people lined up outside one of the hotels, I was perplexed, was it a job fair? There were blue and white flags flying and everyone was in really happy mood, someone said it was a Central American election. Apparently they allow overseas polling for their nationals. People were walking out cheering, it was even more upbeat than all the ecstatic white women I remember seeing on election day in 2008 when they thought they had “proved” themselves “not racist” anymore and from then on all the little black kids in the hood would behave like Beaver Cleaver and help the little old lady across the street and work on their science fair project instead of throwing rocks at your car. I assume they were all ecstatic for Bukele, he got nearly 90% of the vote, I know the American far left hates him, but don’t think the average LA cook who votes in the Salvadoran election cares what white queers at far left webazines think.

    • Re: mention of The West’s Darkest Hour:

      I had not been on that site for awhile, so this was a good reminder to go there again. It is full of facts and well written, even if I view it from the socialist perspective (that means: I think that class exploitation, not racial mixing, is the main problem to be solved and that the natural tendency of ethnocentricity will work by itself to preserve unique genetics when the class system is replaced by socialism).

      “I know the American far left hates him”:

      Any real Leftist would not praise him, because he hates Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Korea and all other socialist states, although he has been ambivalent toward China, because trade with China is beneficial to the El Salvadoran oligarchy. He sides with Israel against Palestine and hates Hamas. He supports the upcoming U.S. intervention in Haiti. He is signing up the workers of El Salvador for a big IMF loan, and soon they will be as indebted to the IMF as the people of Argentina! He has created a police state with massive new prisons and the world’s highest incarceration rate next to the U.S.’s. In his second term, which just began, the stage is set for the elites to reap large profits, and the workers will learn their lesson (I hope, unless the media convinces them that their deepening poverty is Putin’s fault). Just wait!

      “People were walking out cheering”:

      I am not impressed that he got so many votes because it has been common (in history) for workers to vote for right-populism and fascism when they don’t have a clear left choice in an election. Most of them don’t know what they’re missing. Will they ever learn? Someone once said, you can fool most people some of the time, and some people all the time…

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