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  1. Nimrata will stay in the race as long as she continues to get paid to stay in the race. It’s not as though she had something else constructive to do besides collect wealthy oligarchs’ money to try to weaken Trump. She needs to go back to India and Make India Great Again or something.

    Dementia Joe has a serious problem as shown in the states that allow voters to pick uncommitted or its equivalent in the primary. About 10% of votes cast in those states are uncommitted now, a number high enough to cost him swing states even with the usual Democrat cheating. If Gavin Newsome replaces Dementia Joe (which seems likely) then Gavin Newsome will inherit this problem.

    If there are new crises that erupt at home or abroad the Democrats are done (they may already be anyway). Trump will be screaming about how they caused the new crises, how if he had been Mr. President none of it would have happened and only he can fix things. It may all be false but since when has the electorate been interested in the truth?

  2. Friend has pointed out that the Democrats and their media associates have entered upon a “Trump’s too old” argument, as if they’re setting up a switcheroo, in which, say, Gavin Newsom, will be the Democrat nominee, touted as a youthful alternative to an aging Trump.

    Indeed, I saw a video clip, yesterday, in which Madame Clinton was making that argument. As usual, her discourse was ornamented with inappropriate affect, namely, laughter when she was saying nothing funny and was simply trying to combat the longstanding charge that she is humorless. The woman is a catastrophic failure of personality formation.

  3. Yes, but who have the NPCs nominated? The Father of the vaccine. The Vaccinator-in-chief.

    The zombies are extremely demoralized. In that condition, they are unable to process information, they are unable to think. They live purely through emotions. So they see videos of Trump and they feel happy. So he is their man, because he is a good actor, a good showman. It doesn’t matter to them what he does. Judging what he does and has done requires a functioning brain. They don’t have one.

    As to what Trump did to murder a few million Americans through Operation Warp Speed, the zombies say he was duped or used or didn’t know. An innocent victim. All of the evidence says otherwise. He knew. He was complicit. He hates you and me as much as Fauci does. Fauci was his man, after all. Trump protected Fauci for four long years.

    The stage was set for mass killing on September 19, 2019, when
    Zognald issued Executive Order number 13387, titled “Modernizing Influenza vaccines in the United States to promote National Security and public health.”

    This EO created the entire structure for the massacre to come. It put the military in charge, gave the manufacturing of the poison to the military via their Bioweapons labs. Design, manufacturing, and distribution were given to the military.

    tehnocracy.news has a good piece on that genocidal XO, with all the details. It is titled, “When technocrats sunk their claws into President Trump and he rolled over.”

    It is up at that excellent web site, you can find it if you scroll around.

    As millions continue to die, of heart conditions, strokes, cancers, all filled with horrendous blood clots, Zognald is emerging as the biggest mass murderer in history.

    And the Zombies love him.

  4. Trump just endorsed a colored fella for North Carolina governor. Trump said “I told that to Mark I said ‘You’re better than MLK. I think you are MLK times two'” The Blompf Revenge Tour 2024 is just getting started!

  5. As the country plays games with our lives and livelihood , the Nit-Wits of Kike-all street (Wall street) make the bone-head move to LOWER interest rates:

    MarketWatch Live U.S. stocks snap two-day losing run as Powell signals rate cuts likely this year

    “Tommy Thorton late PM note 3/6

    The Musical chair market

    Stocks: Fading late in the day. This remains a musical chairs type of market with the music still playing, but fewer chairs remaining. Powell didn’t say much new and did his best with the people in Congress (I have a low regard for them). One of the biggest bullish Tesla sell-side analysts SLASHED his 2024 estimates to the low on the street.

    The market fading today now has most ETFs trading still up but below today’s VWAP levels. A sign of a tired market. The YTD attribution posted below shows how much NVDA has done for the indexes. It’s just crazy. I mentioned some retailers that were up a lot yesterday and there is some fading today after ANF and JWN reports were inline to slightly weaker. This group is overbought and could be a sell the news.

    I’ve called this mania a musical chairs market because the music continues to play however the chairs are getting fewer. A lot of major companies are down rather significantly. The story of very narrow attribution gainers shows on both NDX and S&P NVDA doing a significant majority of the overall gains YTD. On NDX it’s 40% of the total gain vs the next leading attribute 20% for Meta. On the S&P it’s 33% of the gain vs 3x of Meta.”

  6. Minnesota?!?!?!?! Wow. Even Bolshevikist Lake Woebegon votes for Trump? (Granted, it’s only the Republitards, but still)


    (and may the Kingdom come, tomorrow, too, while we’re at it.)

  7. some recent political developments:
    There has been the creation of ‘ No Labels national political movement (i.e.
    All Kikes party), The new North Carolina party is linked to a national No Labels effort that lists a wide array of mostly centrist political leaders backing it. They include ex-North Carolina GOP Gov. Pat McCrory, U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, a former Democrat who became an independent.


  8. As George Carlin said, “If you think voting will make a difference, you are a part of the problem.”

    Yes, I know that Carlin was a liberal asshole.

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