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  1. So Kali War-Karen call it quits. She’ll have a nice nest-egg with all the campaign cash raised. I read that 96% of her supporters think Joey Shitpants is doing a fine job. Maybe she can run for the Incitatus posterior position presently held by Lady G’s lawn-jockey in the event that the God-Emperor of Grift selects Mr. Tim as his running mate because he loves the Platinum-Murikans so. Lady G’s not interested in vaginas so perhaps War-Karen’s husband can provide the required fellation-dues to herself.

  2. I did my best to serve my Jew masters; to undermine white Christian America – Hell, I even screwed other men outside my marriage ! Can’t help it that Whites can see right thru me !

  3. “Marjorie Taylor Greene exploded at a BBC journalist who asked her if she believes in “Jewish space lasers” — telling the reporter to “f–k off.”

    Just too good 🙂

    Go Marjorie !

  4. My very long range prediction of a Kamala on the ticket in 2020 turned out to be correct, but my long-range prediction of a Nimrata on the ticket this year may be wrong. Instead of becoming VP (if the Republicans “win” the “election”) she may rise to the highest position of all: becoming the next De FACTO President (Secretary of State) of the U.S., just like Blinken, Hillary, and Dick Cheney. But even a de facto POTUS is still a puppet and mouthpiece of the system, and it makes no difference at all which capitalist party wins the “election.”

    • I’m flagging your Vice President Nimrata Rhandhawa prediction, Methyr. Indiana Talk Show Host, Steven Deace,thinks that Nikki Haley got all this outside funding from the Military Industrial Complex so as to bribe Donald Trump, whose campaign is cash-strapped with a huge “dowry,” so to speak.

      We shall see what we shall see.

      • She has a bright future somewhere in the Uni-party. Wouldn’t she make a great Secretary of State, like Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Hillary and Blinken? If you must go to the polls under pressure, please spoil your ballot. There are no good candidates beyond the local level.

  5. “Haley Cedes Republican Race to Trump, but Does Not Endorse Him”

    Not so loyal to the parties obvious nominee.

  6. She got some shekels out of it and a pat on the head from CPUSA (D) comrades.
    Maybe next time on that glass ceiling. (sad trombone)

  7. You know I do not understand why anyone would support DONALD TRUMP. I understand supporting MAGA, I understand America First, BUT TRUMP. Trump best friend Is the war monger Lindsey Graham. That is why I never visit this site anymore. No way am I supported that Israeli First President. Even on this site, they believe in the man not the message. The message is right the man is wrong period

  8. Ding, dong the witch is dead. Which old witch? THE CURRY HO.

    “…there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they (i.e., we) will get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political and religious order which finally denies the religious liberties of the enemies of God.” – Dr. Gary North

    If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today. – Thomas Sowell

    ? “And so, there was ‘from the beginning’ [ I John 1:1] an inevitable civil war between Christ and Caesar. Church and State. This war was eventually won by the earthly representatives of the ascended Christ. Christians finally replaced pagans in the offices of civil authority.

    This ‘Constantinian settlement’ still outrages and embarrasses political polytheists in the modern Church: fundamentalists, pietists, neo-evangelical liberals, and Christian college professors, everywhere. They much prefer to see pagans occupy the seats of civil authority, so the example of Constantine offends them. They prefer a contemporary political polytheism analogous to that of the Roman Pantheon, either because they secretly worship the messianic monotheism of the State (political liberals, humanists, and some neo-evangelicals) or because they refuse to acknowledge that statism is always the political manifestation of polytheism (fundamentalists, Lutherans, most Calvinists, and any remaining neo-evangelicals). Like the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, they prefer rule by polytheistic taskmasters in the service of a [sic] divine State…”… It is time to begin making plans for the conquest of Canaan.”
    – Gary North, PhD, “Political Polytheism,” (1989) p. 536-7.

  9. She looks dead. Probably they will arrest you for immigrant abuse for voting against her.

    You always post the best photos. That one of her in front of the star of remphan nails it. Six points, six triangles, six lines. That is who she is. A pagan. But her Sikh gods failed her. And the Cross of St. Andrew will again fly over South Carolina in due time.

  10. Nimrata is racial filth and worships the Devil.Doesn’t that at least make her an honorary Jew?

  11. More good signs, Trump is purging the RINOS from the Republican election committees. Whether he makes good picks or not we will see, but all he is doing to prepare for the Presidency looks very favorable.

    It’s really not impossible to believe that he never thought he would win. So he never really prepared. His daughter and that snake son in law hovered over him like a fog and poisoned his mind. I don’t think, at the time, he could bear to be without them because everyone else was calling for his blood and he needed someone he thought he could 100% trust. This led to a rash of bad decisions. The Jews got rid of some of the strongest parts of the team early. Especially Gen. Flynn. I suspect if Gen Flynn had been around and close, a lot of what happened would not have. After the “A” team was cut by the Jews and the traitors around him, he was left with nothing but more and more traitors and no one to turn to. But he’s not an idiot, he sees what this got him. And the shit storm they are throwing at him now, if he wins I could see him wanting to bleed out the opposition and totally support a populist position. But…we’ll see. If the powers that be determine that Trump will govern as he says, it may very well mean the Jews and their paid ghouls coming out of the closet and trying their very best to start a civil war. I hope they do not get it and if they do, I hope they are crushed, quickly.

    This is what they did in Russia to take over, and I’ve noticed they run the exact same play book, over, and over, and over. I personally believe “Q” was nothing but “operation trust” like they ran in Russia with a few twist to fit perfect circumstances.

  12. > His daughter and that snake son in law hovered over him like a fog and poisoned his mind.

    Hence the moniker Grima Wormtongue for the Devil-worshipping son-in-law. Queen Esther was used in mockery for the airhead daughter, though she’s so stupid that it’s an insult to airheads. It fits him perfectly. He’s not gone though, and Cheetohead just endorsed not only the Zionist regime’s mass-slaughter of civilians in Gaza, but sending more money to New-Khazaria and its handless pianist – but “on loan” (which won’t be paid back of course).

    > If the powers that be determine that Trump will govern as he says, it may very well mean the Jews and their paid ghouls coming out of the closet and trying their very best to start a civil war. I hope they do not get it and if they do, I hope they are crushed, quickly.

    Will he govern as he says? He said much the same thing in 2016 and look what we got. Time will tell. It will be interesting to see if TPTB are confident enough in their racket to run Joey Shitpants again. I read the SOTU address was in the ‘Dark Brandon’ mode. All it lacked were some flaming torches on each side and a nice Obsidian statue of Baphomet gleaming in the background.

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