Mike Pence Refuses To Endorse Donald Trump

I’ve recently been accused of “selling out” to conservatism.

Some people don’t grasp why I supported Trump in 2016, grew so blackpilled and disillusioned with him during his presidency only to reassess my views during the Biden presidency.

Initially, I supported Trump for purely pragmatic reasons. I saw Trump as a useful instrument for bulldozing over Conservatism, Inc. and “moving the Overton Window.” I became blackpilled when he squandered his presidency pushing Paul Ryan’s agenda, threw allies like Jeff Sessions under the bus and staffed his administration with neocons like John Bolton. He governed as a normal Republican president. The Trump presidency seemed like a big step back from the energy of the Trump campaign.

In Year Nine of the Trump era though, we can look back and see that he ultimately succeeded in crushing “True Conservatism” and the old pre-Trump Republican coalition. He also succeeded in dramatically shifting the Overton Window so much so that people like Nikki Haley and Mike Pence now sound like relics of a bygone age. The 2024 Republican primary was the death rattle of Reagan Conservatism.

Anyway, the old conservatism is dead and our battle with it is over. Even if Trump wins the 2024 election, he will be a lame duck president in two years. Trump himself will be finally gone in 2028.


  1. “ In Year Nine of the Trump era though, we can look back and see that he ultimately succeeded in crushing “True Conservatism” and the old pre-Trump Republican coalition. ”

    I disagree with this. It is entirely possible that if Trump had not run, Nikki Haley or some other cuck would have won the nomination. It is perhaps likely that some establishment cuck will win the nomination in 2028.

    Trump is a cult of personality with no intellectual foundation. His influence will completely evaporate the moment he is gone.

    • “””…Trump is a cult of personality with no intellectual foundation…”””

      Yep. And that is what we need right now. Thanks to cult, uncle Donald is immune to defamation so their greatest weapon, The Big Lie is useless.

      In the War you don’t need intellectual foundation but careful monitoring of situation and using every possibility to make damage to enemy.

      Like Jews say, if you break something long enough, it will be broken. Jews broke us not with intellectuality, but relentless salvo of attacks. Now we return the favor and like uncle Donald, everybody from us shall be on big wrecking ball ready to damage every enemy target on sight.

    • I fully agree with this. Trump was fading into obscurity with DeSantis projected to be the new golden child, until all the indictments started happening. Trumps enemies are really the only thing keeping him popular, and the empty rhetoric will only go so far if and when he is back in the White House.

    • I would ordinarily agree with this if the establishment and the Deep State had not orchestrated the silent coup that removed Trump under very suspicious circumstances from office.

      I honestly think if they had allowed Trump his second term but stymied him from prosecuting anything other than Reaganite *True Conservative” policies, Trump, who was already in the processing of cucking and cucking hard, would have been written off as a flash in the pan, deeply demoralizing any future populism from the masses.

      But what we are seeing is that, even though Trump may have been a cynical conman who just said what he had to in order to win a victory over (or even put up a good fight against Hillary Rodham Clinton, there is a slew of true believers coming up behind him: street fighters like Margery Taylor Greene (to name one).

      But the establishment succumbed Trump Derangement Syndrome over the mere thought of having to flatter that “short-fingered vulgarian” as they called him. Their outraged snobbery got the better of them so that they helped orchestrate the ultimate wrecking ball:

      President Joseph Robinette Biden.

      I was an adult when he was caught blatantly plagiarizing British Labor party member Neil Kinnock’s speech during his first presidential bid in 1987 and the Democrat leadership at the time wasted not a single solitary second flushing his campaign like an old turd down the toilet. Especially when all the late night comics were having a field day ridiculing Biden.

      It was Obama himself who warned fellow party members to “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.”

      Trump was not as anti-establishment as he had claimed. He was the stupid, obnoxious, boorish showoff who kept trying to crash the inner golden circle. They only allowed his 2016, because they thought he could be easily beaten. They were totally caught off guard when he won.

      These outraged snobs were so infuriated and filled with spite that they took down the whole Western world to take him out. Regardless of whether or not Trump is willing or able to law down the law, deport all the illegals, build that wall, drain the swamp, this country is never going to go back to status quo Pre-Trump.

      The American establishment has done nothing but lost the trust of the average American, because they lost all patience with keeping up the pretense that the American voter has a say that will be respected by them. They forfeited their legitimacy because they preferred to “speak power to truth.” In doing so, they also lost any respect or fear the rest of the world still had for them.

      In a way, orchestrating the election of an incompetent corrupt boob like Joseph Robinette Biden was the biggest favor the Deep State ever did for Donald Trump. They may have alleviated the challenges of appeasing the Zionists while trying to sneak past any pro-American initiatives like border control, true patriotic immigration reform and bringing American manufacturing back.

      It’s almost a year until election day. Ukraine and Israel may just be wrapped up before Trump is ever sworn into office again. Just not in the way the warmongers in the MIC ever envisioned it.

  2. Wow what a dirty traitor he makes Indiana look bad
    So sad , worst most ungrateful VP since cheney

    • Pence was a worthless cuck as governor of Indiana. Trump merely proving yet again that he was totally incapable of appointing anything but worthless assholes who would ultimately stab him in the back. So much for the stable genius. Basically he’d appoint any POS who would kiss his ass loudly enough to be heard in the next state. That fits Pence to a tee. Trump has no business whining about it. It’s entirely his own stupid fault.

  3. Conservatism? Is there anything left to conserve in the US? Literally every institution is shot through with jewry from religion to government to education to politics to business to the military to you-name-it. And then throw in the Blacks and minorities to make an even more toxic mess.

    • Trump and Biden will try to outdo each other on how much each will pander to Jews and “minorities”. Meanwhile, the dwindling White majority is forgotten and gets more “Diversity”. It’s all a big scam folks. Beware.

  4. Good subject,that needs to be addressed, when the Satanist are dogging him out, I feel a DIRTY WHITE BOY affinity/solidarity with him, but as soon as the heat is off him, he goes right back into republican mode,I honestly cannot stand a republican or a democrat, but if you dont run as one or the other, you dont have a chance in hell,I admired how he,beat them at their own game, so he wins, with our help then what does he do, sucks up to the people,who hate him, hate us, who he just beat,well MR.DON JOHN TRUMP, me thinks Appalachian blooded Senator J.D VANCE of Ohio, would make a great running mate and president TRUMP WOULD HAVE four years to mentor him, I am really,really fed up with our people being treated like shit,they cater to everybody else,I want a right thinking SOUTHERN BLOODED WHITE MAN, on the ticket, ya i said it and i will say this too, m.pence is a creep,i saw g.bush seniors funeral, pence was there, he had a envelope delivered to him, just like the rest of them devils ….

  5. Treachery runs in Irish blood. A word to the wise for those who have put their faith and trust in the Irish.

    Pence tweets—-In 1923, my grandfather came to this country from Ireland and our family is proud of our Irish American heritage every day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day??

    What are these Goddamned Christ killers so proud of??? …..of being shameless traitorous slim? Is that what makes them proud?

  6. “Is there anything left to conserve in the US?”

    Everything. The U.sury S.ystem IS conservatism, always conserving itself, its elites, its class structure, its “culture” of exploitation. Its exact opposite is socialism. Socialism is not liberalism.

  7. Does DJT still hate the Confederate Flag as much as Nikki Haley?

    During his 1st term it was worse for the Right than it was when Obama was President because the Conservative Republicans would join the Left in attacking the Right to virtue signal. Will the deep state set up circumstances (another Charlottesville) to try to get DJT and what’s left of the Conservative Repubs to attack the Right and go back to virtue signalling our White (Southern and otherwise) heritage away?

    I do hope that DJT wins to free the J6 people. If he deports every single invader that has illegally entered this country that will be probably too much to hope for.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  8. If Trump gets in he will not only lead a massive war against the enemies of Israel, but will convince young White men to enlist in the military again, WHILE allowing the border to do about what it’s doing now.

    Whether it’s Trump or Biden, the border will stay open, and crime will increase. The only functional difference is how many young White men die for Israel.

    Remember that Trump never pardoned the J6’ers, but he did pardon Jonathan Pollard and Sholom Rubashkin.

    • @Eric:

      “If Trump gets in he will not only lead a massive war against the enemies of Israel, but will convince young White men to enlist in the military again, WHILE allowing the border to do about what it’s doing now.”

      It’s 307 days (or ten months) until Inauguration Day on 01/20/2025. It is highly unlikely, with it being an election year, that Congress will resurrect a military draft that has not been in place in over fifty years.

      Assuming Congress is that stupid, young Americans of military age would still have to voluntarily show up at their local draft boards. I don’t see that happening. Even for the few, if any, that do, most young Americans are fat. They’d have to go through several months of fat camp to be prepared for boot camp.

      If the draft is brought back, Israel will be blamed and there will be an Anti-Semitic backlash from Americans against the Jews.

      In the meantime, Joe Biden, a Democrat majority in the Senate and a larger Democrat minority accompanied by Anti-War Republicans will keep from starting up another draft.

      There are 310 days to go until January 20, 2024 Inauguration Day. That’s ten months. A long, long, time for a country whose real defense strategy always was for the USA to fight its battles and fund its anti-missile projects like Iron Dome.

      There is a reason why just as quickly as they brought it up, Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin stopped referring to October 7th as Israel’s 911. Like the USA, Israel was deeply divided by an election. Like Bush, Netanyahu needed a crisis to unite the country. Like American “intelligence,” Israeli “intelligence” ignored all the warning signs that an attack was imminent.

      Thus, Biden’s hot mic moment about “having a Come to Jesus” moment with Netanyahu who may have sacrificed his country to remain in power as prime minister.

      I would be greatly surprised if Israel is still an issue for anybody by Inauguration Day. If Trump takes power, he will be too busy trying to undo the damage Biden and the Progressives did to the American Oil Industry and dealing with the invasion of illegal aliens to worry about Israel.

      DJT’s only involvement with Israel might be resettling Israeli refugees. In 2014, the late Henry Kissinger predicted that Israel would cease to exist in ten years …. 2024.

  9. I agree with your general assessment Hunter. What most of you other naysayers fail to understand is the utilization of politival power. That is chiefly done thru networks, which in modern America are organized by interest groups, not parties. The later are mainly vehicles thru which those interests groups travel and advertise.

    Consider the parties as traveling advertising trucks with loudspeakers trying to move the people on the streets in a certain direction. Because most of you naysayers refused to get involved, that truck has been driven by the neocons and neoliberals. The insurgents among us did get involved and we put Trump in that drivers seat.

    While Trump mostly drove it like a standard neoconservative neoliberal, and made half hearted efforts to move the people into a new nationalist direction, a sufficient amount of advertising programming was changed to interest the masses with nationalism and disinterest them with neoconnery and neoliberalfoolery. As with masses, they generally don’t continue to be vulnerable to old advertising that has been programmed.

    Therefore,, Trump may get back in the drivers seat or not. He may continue to drive standard neocon/neolib. He may go full nationalist and roll into the Red terror areas and mow them down by the truckloads. He he will in fact be replaced at some point. Regardless, the people will never again be prey to the neocon/neolib advertising. They are on the move to new horizons. Its up to us to make sure they travel in the right direction.

  10. I’m pretty sure I posted this before, but got no response. Just after the vote confirming Biden, someone walked up to Pence, still at the podium, and handed him what looked like a coin. Pence glanced at it and then put it in his coat pocket. Did anyone else see this? I wonder what it meant.

  11. I guess that’s the part of your analysis I don’t agree with. I agree with the fact that he’ll win and be a lame duck president, but I disagree that he defeated conservatism. He merely is a personality cult but we get the same policies we’ve always got.

  12. I’ve said this a million times and I guess I have to say it again.
    Trump is a neocon.
    In terms of policy, there is no meaningful difference between Trump, the Bushs, Cheneys and McCains.
    The only difference is in a bit of rhetoric and stylistically, there is no substantive difference.
    This war between Trump, the never Trump republicans and democrats is a fake war, it’s theater.
    What motivates Trump and his class, the ruling class?
    Money, power and Israel, that’s it.
    They are just using conservatives and nationalists, just like the fake left is using liberals and progressives.
    Until you figure that out, that the billionaires who fund and control both sides aren’t ideological, that they’re just using you, you will remain trapped in the matrix, in the WWE professional wrestling federation.
    Perhaps in the near future they will even concoct a civil war between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.
    You will join one of the two, thinking you’re fighting for God, country, faith, flag, when in reality you are just fighting to thin the herd which you are a part of.

  13. Same thing with this war between Russia and the west.
    What difference is there between the west and Russia?
    Perhaps they are a bit more socially conservative than us, the trans movement hasn’t caught on there, yet.
    Other than that there is no difference.
    The world is homogenizing.
    Russia is a multiculti crony capitalist imperialist empire with fake elections between a left and right with little-no difference between the two, just as we are.
    They have mass immigration from nonwhite countries, from the former soviet union, places like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan…
    The big investment companies, BlackRock and VanGuard are just as invested there as they are here.
    There is no important difference between Russia and the USA except for bathrooms and pronouns.
    In truth, the west, Russia and China are part of the same world order, ran by giant investment companies/cartels and the global brahmin caste, the Jews.

  14. Christian Religious Right, Christian Co-Alition, 100% Pro Life Conservatives and surprisingly pretty much all LDS Mormon Christian Republicans like Mittens Romney are now lost to us.

    These CINO Christians in Name Only aren’t even contesting Jerusalem with the Islamists or the Talmudists, they don’t seem to care that Leningrad is once again St. Petersburg Russian ISIS just slaughtered lots of White Christian Russians in Russia.

    What did Mike Pence say in response to Tucker Carlson questioning him about his unconditional $ support for War with Russian in Ukraine, Crimea and endless J Neo Con wars against Israel’s neighbors and the collapse of our civilization in American cities, mass 3rd world migrant invasions of the USA?

    “That’s not my concern Tucker”.

    • ISIS is a 100% Mossad/CIA/MI-6 operation. They especially target Christians in the ME along with Muslims who have defended them – principally Shiites and Alawites. US embassy mentioned a possible terror attack in Moscow a week ago or so, no doubt because they’d been in on the planning thereof. Lady G (who just visited Kiev) and Juan McStain were regular visitors of ISIS in Syria.

  15. Lil’ Mikey won’t even be a footnote.
    He can go sit with Karen now and wait on teh Rapture Express which isn’t coming.

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