Donald Trump, Joe Biden Secure Their Respective Nominations

It is mid-March.

I’m bored with politics.

We are exactly where I thought we would be.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have easily wrapped up their primaries.

New York Times:

President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday secured the delegates necessary to clinch their parties’ presidential nominations, according to The Associated Press, cementing a general election rematch in November months in the making.

Both men and their campaigns have long anticipated this moment. Mr. Biden faced only token opposition in the Democratic primary, as is typical for a sitting president, while Mr. Trump had been his party’s dominant front-runner for months.

Their November collision began to look even more likely after Mr. Trump scored a decisive win in Iowa in January. His victory cleared the field of all but one of his major Republican rivals and put him on a glide path to his party’s nomination. His last remaining primary challenger, Nikki Haley, suspended her campaign last week, further clearing a path that had already been remarkably free of obstacles. …

Nothing has fundamentally changed in months.

Just as I predicted, Donald Trump has caught break after break in the lawfare that has been thrown at him with the most recent example being having several of his charges in the Georgia election subversion case dismissed. The only case which appears to be headed for trial before the 2024 election is the Stormy Daniels hush money case in New York which will have the least impact.

Joe Biden remains deeply unpopular. Liberal pundits got their hopes up that his shrill, hyper partisan SOTU address, which I didn’t bother to watch or comment on, was a turning point. The polls that have come out since show Trump has maintained his lead in the national popular vote and in key swing states.

The 2024 election is shaping up to be a referendum on Joe Biden. Biden’s deep unpopularity appears to be just enough to push Trump over the finish line. We keep waiting for some big game changing shoe to drop and shift the focus back to Trump. It hasn’t happened in over six months now.


  1. Interesting that Trump changed his stance on TikTok not too long ago and now that shitbag jew buddy of his – Mnuchin – has expressed interest in buying TikTok. I’m sure Trump won’t be getting a bunch of preferred stock for when Mnuchin lists TKTK on the NASDAQ.

    • “Mnuchin – has expressed interest in buying TikTok”

      All pre-planned.
      ADL whines to Congress about antisemitism on tiktok.
      Congress claims tiktok is a national security threat.
      Heavily discounted company falls into jwzish hands.
      Kosher win, win.

    • For your collective edification,

      some Slavic proverbs,

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      What God loves, a Jew discards.
      A Jew boasts of things a gentile repents for.
      A Jew’s hands love the labor of others.
      Pandering to a Jew is no different from being a thief yourself.
      Where a Jew walks, men’s tears flow.
      A Jew will say he was beaten, but will never say for what.
      A Jew in business is like a leech on the skin.
      For a Jew, souls are cheaper than coins.
      While you drink, a Jew steals your money.
      Run with Jews, wake up with sins.
      Where a Jew goes, bribes follow.
      First a Jew treats you to a drink, then he makes you a drunkard.
      A Jew takes you not by force, but by temptation.
      A Jew is like a pig: nothing hurts, but he keeps squealing.
      A house is only good until a Jew settles in it.
      A Jew is honey-mouthed in poverty, insolent in equality and a fiend in power.
      Who buys from a Jew, digs his own grave.
      A Jew promising healing is like Death promising life.
      What ends up in a Jew’s hands, disappears.
      Trust your eyes, not Jewish words.
      Jews carry lies like fields carry wheat.
      When a Jew will tell the truth, the Devil will die.
      Even a sated Jew looks around with hungry eyes.
      Jews sow usury and reap misery.
      Jews pave their way with money.
      You may complete your service to God, but never your service to a Jew.
      Around rich Jews, men wear rags.
      Locusts might devour your crops, but a Jew will rip your skin off.
      Who gives a Jew free will, sells himself into slavery.
      Give a jew a ride, he’ll push you off your own wagon.

      Thanks to Jan @

    • That’s why the gaslight media promotes all the bullshit about TT being owned by the “Chicoms”. They own about 6% as I recall. It’s all about getting the stock to crash so Kang Cyrus’ bankstas can pick it up for pennies on the dollah.

    • I’m the last to stick up for trump but if that was the play he’d be supporting this. This “ban” is just a shakedown ploy and tiktok wouldn’t be “banned” if it was owned by an “American.”

      He might be opposing it so that Mnuchin would be the owner at a later date. Right now the talk is to hand it over to some other jewish guy. He’s donated to both D’s and R’s. Each partisan media playing up the other donations, I haven’t looked into him to know which partisan divide he’s on but that doesn’t really matter. He’s associated with the lexner foundation (Wes Lexnar, Epsteins benefactor) so he’s team jew and will play both sides anyways.

      I think trump is opposing it for politics. Simple as. Trump isn’t pounding his chest about Israel, isn’t going to directly contradict Bidens Israel policy because if anything he’d be more pro-Israel but doesn’t want to say that. By signaling towards TikTok it allows people to think he’s opposing the “ban” because he’s pro-Palestine without ever saying it, hoping to pickup votes from disenchanted Biden supporters and energize his supporters who are either apathetic-hostile towards Israel.

      He can say nothing concrete, but let his supporters fill in the motivations they wish he has for his opposition.

      Trump is king at being everything to everyone through ambiguous but still suggestive language.

    • Yeah…tiktok was spreading too much jew hatred, according to Nosferatu Greenblatt. That’s why they want it out of Chinese hands and sold off on the cheap to another jew.

  2. “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

    • That favorite “Stalin quote” is not entirely accurate, and it is definitely taken out of context. Read accurate history, and you will be surprised. Stalin was reported to have said something like that when a particular vote was being taken in the Communist Party, when it was being split by the Trotskyists. The REAL “vote counters” are those who decide the U.S.’s “elections.”

  3. ” . . . We keep waiting for some big game changing shoe to drop and shift the focus back to Trump. It hasn’t happened in over six months now.”

    Most likely there will be new crises, both foreign and domestic, that work against Dementia Joe and by the process of subtraction, help DJT.

    Our Greatest Ally will probably get in a new war, a much more difficult and serious war against Hezbollah 120 miles north of Gaza. They will probably demand U.S. troops. What does Dementia Joe do then since the Coalition of the Fringes (HT Steve Sailer) is already under tremendous strain?

    Inflation is increasing again as the low intensity war against the Houthis continues to shut down Red Sea transit thereby increasing prices. Oil is increasing in price also meaning gasoline will be following suit. If there is a big war in southern Lebanon Iran will be involved and this may shut down transit through the 25 mile wide Strait of Hormuz (at its narrowest) where about 25% of oil transits.

    Ukraine is done, another bloody failure caused by The Usual Suspects. Dementia Joe owns this one too. His owners better hope China doesn’t decide now is the time to attack Taiwan or Dementia Joe will own that failure also.

    Dementia Joe is probably not going to survive the Democrat Convention anyway as the oligarchs select pretty boy Gavin Newsom to be their poodle. Good riddance to bad trash. All that chaos cannot but help DJT for whatever that is worth.

    BTW Hunter, have you looked into using Ivermectin to treat Covid?

      • IOW, ” . . . nice business you got there, shame if it caught fire. Why don’t you buy some insurance from me?”

    • How is Ukraine done, exactly? Russia banned gasoline exports last week for the next 6 months and that was before the latest round of successful Ukraine drone attacks on Rosneft’s largest refinery the other night. And Putin is going to raise taxes in a few weeks after the rigged presidential election in order to pay for the increasing costs of his 3 Day Special Needs Operation.

      • Your supply of blonde catamites running low? Unlike fake-and-gay Murika or EUSSR, where they jail folks for selling “It’s OK to be White” signs, there are real opposition parties in Russia – including the Communists, who are No.2 in popularity. Terrorist operations by NATO mercs being reported by CNN are not reality and will not change the outcome. Jewkraine is finished. Any Murikan who gets smoked over there has it coming and has fully earned his Darwin Award with Kosher Klusters. Good riddance to bad trash.

      • Ukraine is done because they are rapidly running out of everything they need to continue fighting, especially manpower. Also, Ukraine’s allies haven’t been able to supply adequate weapons and ammunition, especially artillery. Ukraine’s summer offensive, designed to break through Russian lines and possibly capture Crimea was a complete failure. A few miles were gained at tremendous cost then Russia counter-attacked, driving Ukraine forces back and taking additional territory.

        Russia’s military performance at the beginning of the war was wretched but they rapidly improved, changing tactics and officers until they found success on the battlefield. Russia has been able to replace and augment all of its losses in men and matériel putting their tremendous industrial base to use outproducing Allied efforts, particularly in artillery. The Russian economy has not only withstood U.S. sanctions during this war but developed import substitutions and thrived.

        Western public support, always fickle and contingent upon quick success and a massive, dishonest propaganda campaign has faded as the war dragged on. The propaganda and lies no longer work as the news from the battlefield becomes grimmer by the day so the Lügenpresse just stopped reporting anything about Ukraine. The support for the war is from The Usual Suspects, the oligarchs and their toy poodle politicians like Dementia Joe, not the public which has forgotten about the whole mess.

        This horrible war was 100% avoidable and now it’s reaching its logical conclusion: a settlement on Russia’s terms. Evidence of this is the recent resignation of Victoria Nuland from the State Dept: the instigator and agent provocateur of the whole, bloody mess. With a pending war against Hezbollah there simply isn’t enough weaponry, ammo, fuel, money, lies or anything else for two wars so Our Greatest Ally gets it all.

    • @12AX7,
      ” . . . We keep waiting for some big game changing shoe to drop and shift the focus back to Trump. It hasn’t happened in over six months now.”

      I believe there will be a BIG Nuke war before not to long which will eliminate USA, Australia, and Europe & Russia – that I believe will set up by and planned by the Jews and will put a big Fucking smile on their Jew faces. They’ve always wanted to eliminate us.

    • What worries me is once Trump wins and is in office, the MAGA white men will be happy to line up at the recruiting office for a new war, just because Trump is at the wheel.

      • I don’t think so, not this time. The memory of two Gulf Wars and Afghanistan is still fresh and the public soured on them. Those wars were fought with volunteers but George Bush II ran out of troops towards the end.

        He didn’t dare ask for conscription, even immediately after 9/11 when he might have gotten it. He was afraid public support for him and his wars would end if he tried to re-introduce conscription. The loathsome politicians know what happened because of opposition to conscription during Vietnam and they are afraid of a repeat.

        Although U.S. forces were victorious in Afghanistan and Iraq against indigenous forces (as in Vietnam) neither war had a decisive end like Gulf War I, Korea (armistice still holding) or WWII. The intent of GloboHomo since Korea in 1953 has been to fight wars, not win them. The public is not interested in that. Too many commercials of vets horribly mangled by their military service and anti-White animus has decimated military recruiting. Even a false flag attack is unlikely to revive public support for conscription.

        One of the effects of diversity is the growth of anti-Israel public sentiments from the Left. Another is Whites turning our backs on GloboHomo and its wars as it reviles us. The geniuses in charge never considered that as they blunder into new wars.

  4. “expressed interest in buying TikTok”

    expressed interest…..
    ……. My a**, he’s been drooling all over himself, anticipating this swindle.

  5. Trump is very boring these days. I liked 2016 trump because he was either going to be disruptive in a positive way, bringing back manufacturing or in a negative way, make libtards shit the bed.

    Trump 2024 isn’t as bad as 2020 trump but still very tame and lame.

    Instead of being disruptive he’s no a stabilizer.

    I do think trump would increase military recruitment and energize the right towards war. To what degree is unknown but a lot more than Biden.

    I’d rather have Biden as president if Israel is going to drag on. In normies mind republican Christian Zionists are responsible for Americas support for Israel. If Trumps elected the D’s will act like the past year never happened and message to being for a ceasefire. Trump and other republicans will take the bait and accuse the dems of being Hamas lovers.

    With Biden in office and unconditional supporting Israel it makes jewish power much more visible.

    While trump has talked a big game about mass deportations all of the people he’s hinted would be in his cabinet are swamp af….

    Right now I’m leaning towards Biden. Make dems hold the bag on a war with Iran on behalf of Israel

  6. Johnson said he will pass the Ukraine bill, Trump’s way. Call it a loan and pretend they might pay it back. And steal from the Russians and give it to the Ukies. But there is no $300 billion. That was Russian propaganda, as they now admit. There was about $80 billion, which the G7 now controls. The G7 has said no to stealing that money, at least up to now.

    So now it is Trump’s “loan”, Trump’s war openly. But it always was. It was Trump who funded that Ukie military buildup,over 4 years, after Obama refused to do it. Obama said it would be foolish to fight the Russians in Ukraine. It was Trump who armed and trained them.

    Now that crypto viper is getting his “loan” proposal written into law. Zero interest. No chance of any repayment. The plan is for the Blackrock Vipers to take over Ukraine and plunder it.

    Mike Johnson is guilty of treason. Trump, not so much. He was never one of us, he was always one of them. Not a traitor, a blood enemy.

  7. Obama was elected in 2008. Starting with the midterms in 2010 the media and the Dems start race riots in May of each election year. Michael Brown in Ferguson MS 2010. Travon Martin vs the White hispanic in 2012. Freddy Gray in Baltimore 2014. I have no idea why Obama decided to skip the May race riots in 2016 but he made up for it in Spades (pun intended) in 2020. And he launched covid in c0lLusIon with Xi Xin Ping.

    Race riots have been Obama’s get out the vote drive. Covid was cover to obtain mail in votes and the fraud that entails.

    There has been no calamity this election cycle yet because it’s not yet May of the election year. Do you think that Obama is going to just allow Trump to take back the Justice Dept, this time with Trump’s eyes wide open to what Obama did to him in 2016 and 17 and 18 and every year since then? Brace for impact. Something, God and Obama only know what, it coming.

  8. Trump had Soleimani whacked way back in 2020 and the Miami Feds want you to believe the Iranians waited 4 years before sending a team to take revenge. This guy hit the Most Wanted list about the same time it became clear Trump was going to win the nomination. An ‘Iranian’ terror attack would sure help with getting squeamish Dem voters back on board with Israel’s Gaza project too. Draw your own conclusions on the odds of Trump making it to November.

  9. Almost no one cares. Anyone with a brain understands by now it is all rigged. We can see that the current Russian election is rigged. We can also see that the American presidential is also rigged. Voting matters not in the least.

    So the USA is dead. The body is rotting, the stench is overwhelming. We are all bored with the politics of who will govern the stinking rotten dead body. It matters not one iota.

    What matters is what will replace the dead rotten putrid body. The North American Union the Vipers have prepared for us, or a new Dixie, or better yet, Texie.

  10. I’ve been following politics closely for about a decade and a half and what I’ve learned is politics is a black hole, an abyss that devours all light. Lots of luck getting anything good out of politics.

  11. Satanic Fag negroes, did some sick shit to Justin Bieber, it seems the WHITE men of America, collectively, do not give a shit about the issue of their loin’s, white kids, cant walk to school, without being attacked, white minors should not be left alone and certainly not behind closed doors,with these hellish beast ……

  12. This website is now just a running commentry on the presidential race, hence my boredom and light input. If you’re also bored with it, Hunter, then provide some alternative articles and topics.
    Two men are representing the Republicrats who can’t and won’t do anything you want them to do, so why absess over them? One is a grandstander who says all the right things, but doesn’t do the right things, the other doesn’t say or do the right things. They are both useless. Troops will still be posted overseas as your own country is invaded daily, with not a finger lifted to repel them. The usual dross.
    Just provide some alternative material to keep us awake. Cheers.
    Pssst…….we admire you, Hunter!

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