Tyson Foods – Traitors on the Agribusiness Conservative Right Wing Update

Make it Personal

The capitalists will sell us everything, including the rope with which to hang them.
Vladimir Lenin Bolshevik Communist Leader

We have a real life, (border line fat) flesh and blood White traitor to target, to make an example of to stop other would be White corporate, neo slave owner traitors.
This traitor’s name is:
Donnie King – he’s the > $13 million compensated CEO of Tyson Foods that is bragging he’s going to lay off over 52,000 (White) American meat packer workers and replace them with lowest slave wages, illegal alien migrants:
Link Fox Business News “Tyson Foods to hire 52,000 migrants after massive layoffs in Iowa” Link

We can not blame the Great Replacement of our people and our White European Civilization all on the Js, or on those “gosh darn Liberal Democrats”. So much of our dispossession is done by our own selfish, traitorous very White European American people, especially the White corporate leaders of big agribusinesses like Tyson Foods, Cargill, Monsanto etc.

Not only is this #*$&@ fat as* Tyson CEO Traitor Donnie King a viciously anti White American worker slave owner, he, Tyson Foods is apparently the most animal abusive agribusiness on planet earth, and also the #1 greenhouse gas producer (think, smell millions of abused pigs locked in cages, farting in their own filth).

Some honest environmentalist groups (there are just a few) have targeted Tyson Foods for their atrocious environmentalist record:

Environmental record

Tyson Foods has been responsible for numerous instances of environmental damage.[77] Tyson is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the global food industry. According to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Tyson is among the largest single sources of greenhouse gases in the world, when the whole process of rearing animals for slaughter (such as producing feed for the animals and using agriculture chemicals) is considered.[78]

Tyson has been involved in several lawsuits related to air and water pollution. In June 2003, the company admitted to illegally dumping untreated wastewater from its poultry processing plant near Sedalia, Missouri, from 1998 to 2001.[77][79] The company pleaded guilty to 20 felony violations of the federal Clean Water Act.[77] According to a Department of Justice attorney, the dumping had continued even after the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation searched the plant in 1999.[79] As part of the plea agreement, the company agreed to pay $7.5 million in fines: $5.5 million to the federal government, $1 million to the state of Missouri, and $1 million to the Missouri Natural Resources Protection Fund.[79] The company also agreed to hire an outside consultant to perform an environmental audit, and institute an “enhanced environmental management system” at the Sedalia plant.[80] At the same time, Tyson also settled a case filed by the Missouri attorney general’s office related to the same illegal dumping.”
Source Wikipedia

Tyson American Workers’ rights…

Negro Slaves Probably Had it Better

According to Celeste Monforton, professor of occupational health at George Washington University, 34 employees were injured at 10 Tyson meatpacking plants during January–September 2015, resulting in one amputation per month on average.
Source Wikipedia

An Oxfam report issued in 2016 cited anonymous employees who stated they were routinely denied bathroom breaks; they wore adult diapers to work in order to get through the day.[107] In 2017, Tyson Foods announced plans to provide regularly scheduled bathroom breaks and training on workers’ rights for employees, “give more attention to line speeds at plants”, and establish safety councils that involved workers. 

Long time OD readers should remember – we saw this 10 years ago when we (LOS)
led demonstrations against Tyson Foods – $8 million a year former Tyson CEO Donnie Smith.

Link Occidental Dissent “Progressive Leftist Target Tyson Foods” Link

Tyson Foods flooded Middle Tennessee with thousands of low wage Somalian Islamic Black African workers, bring diseases like COVID, TB and the joys of (female genital mutilation, sexual harassment and rape of our girls) to Middle Tennessee.

Well, Tyson Foods is doing it again. Tyson Foods has announced massive layoffs of American workers, – over 50,000 layoffs this time in Iowa. Tyson Foods is replacing our American workers with the lowest cost, “undocumented” illegal alien workers. Tyson Foods and other Big Agriculture Inc have long bought off Iowa’s GOP Political Leaders like Christian Zionist political prostitute Mike the Huckster Huckabee, somehow this is supposed to bring Jeeeeeeeesus back sooner, along with slaughtering all the remaining Palestinian Christians in Gaza and East Jerusalem.
Link Fox Business News “Tyson Foods to hire 52,000 migrants after massive layoffs in Iowa” Link

Here are some reports of the OBSCENE Tyson Foods Executive compensations of these as bad as it gets White American Right Wing Conservative Agribusiness traitors:

SPRINGDALE, Ark. — Donnie King of Tyson Foods Inc. in Springdale earned nearly $13.2 million in total compensation in fiscal 2023, according to a proxy statement filed by the company with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

King has been CEO since replacing Dean Banks in June 2021 and was the company’s highest-paid named executive in 2023; his total compensation was $12 million in 2022. King’s 2023 salary was $1.4 million, up from $1.3 million, and he received $8.2 million in stock awards and $2.75 million in options.”

Sector(s): Consumer Defensive
Industry: Farm Products
Full Time Employees: 139,000
Action needed… what can we do?

Yes, we know, White revolutionary fantasies with AR 15 guns, Guns, GUNS are more exciting that writing a lot of letters, e-mails, making phone calls, lobbying labor organizations, animal rights groups and just GOP “Conservative” (yeah right) pols in Arkansas, Iowa and Tennessee. But, well organized shaming, doxing of filthy rich traitors who abuse our workers, abuse animals, abuse the environment – this does work.

So let’s get to work:

Here are some people, groups to contact – I do it all the time and it does work.
The Springdale Arkansas elected officials (That’s where Tyson Foods HQ is based) appear to all be White, non J, gentiles, with sh** eating grins, not in the least bit concerned that their #1 Company in town is working to flood our country with flesh eating 3rd world zombies, Islamic Jihadists, Haitian Ebola rapists, MS13 gang bangers with gang tattoos on their neck.
So please phone, e-mail, write a US Mail letter to them and let them know how you feel. Try to start a back and forth dialogue and not a one way rant. But, yes do let them know that this is serious and they are apparently enabling Donnie King Tyson Foods CEO, IMO the #1 White Anglo traitor in North America. Let them know that if they don’t work to oppose this*#*$&@ traitor and stop enabling Donnie King and Tyson Foods’ Great Replacement of our people, our civilization, we’re going to get Texas GOP Governor to send hundreds of thousands of AIDS infected, TB infected, Hamas, ISIS connected migrants to their safe, clean and soon to no longer be… Very White town of Springdale Arkansas.
We’ve got work to do, not get to work.
J Ryan


  1. I see where this going, you don’t mess with a man’s kids, you don’ mess with a man’s dog and you Damm sure don’t mess with a man’s CHICKEN, this voodoo mystery meat, this BLACK MAGIC BIRD ain”t gonna fly …….

  2. Yep, it all add’s up now, Tyson layoff’s/change over, mass cannibal importation/infestation ……DONT eat no ” SOYLET CHICKEN ” Y’ALL !!!………..

  3. “especially the White corporate leaders ”

    Same can be said for Koch bros. Both pushed for more open immigration and foreign workers.

    They only had 50 billion each. Guess they needed more to make the rent, poor guys.

  4. “Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife giving most of $640M donations to extreme left groups boosting migrant criminals, trans athletes.
    Scott will provide 67 migrant-advocacy organizations a combined $122 million for legal aid and other assistance, according to an analysis of 361 awards she announced Tuesday through her foundation Yield Giving.”. Nypost

  5. How the f*ck did the Huckabee’s get involved in this conversation!?! It was Bill and Hillary Clinton that created, developed, and pitched the Immigrants For Donations program directly to our faces (Poultry Producers) during one of our group meetings with the Rose Law Firm; which was representing us all; in a major lawsuit. We had an endless supply of dumb, hard working hillbillies to run our processing plants; and were quite happy with their work; but it was the cost of labor that was putting a strain on us. The Clintons offered us a way around this problem; and right or wrong. All of us went on board. In exchange for specific donation amounts to their charities; we were guaranteed an endless flow of Mexicans to work in our plants; and we were able to double our production lines to boot. The destruction to the local communities was severe; and I resigned my position at Cargill-Springdale in 1999; and moved out of stste in shame.

    • I’m Mexican but if a pure white man tells me he’s dating a mudblood I’ll stop talking to him for life. And if it doesn’t affect my job or income, I’ll spit on the ground and tell him I’ll see him and his new family on the Day of the Rope

      But nationalists never talk like that, not even remotely!

    • Thank you BigJymn for sharing that personal story about the sell out of our hard working “Hillbillies” as you called them. I prefer – hard working, traditional White American workers.

      Can you expand on this real story? Please name real names – many of the worst White Agribusiness filthy rich executive traitors are still around and they can and should be identified and yes ….


      Doxing works. I’ve been doxed and I’ve doxed. It is better to have doxed than to just have stayed in our homes on our computers, stockpiling guns that were never used for anything constructive.

      I bet a lot of the worst Agribusiness neo slave labor bosses try to cover their immigration, labor treason by being big NRA gun supporters and of course supporting all those J Neo Con wars, “Support the Troops”, “answer the call” as now dead Toby Keith told us .

    • The cost of labor you pass on to me one way or another. Given my druthers, I’d rather pay half again or double for chicken processed by law-abiding, vetted Americans than all the ancillary costs of non-vetted foreigners of dubious character.

      Americans have paid a high price for cheap chicken. Entire families wiped out by drunk drivers, Americans robbed and raped and murdered. Court trials, prisons and last, but not least having to lower the education for American children, because tax funds had to be diverted to teach children who don’t know a word of English.

      I think that a class action suit against Tyson, etc. should involve not only paying for the Americans they’ve fired but being charged huge fines for all the havoc caused by their unvetted foreign labor.

      A good way to stop antics like Tysons would be to insist that they cannot hire any foreigner for a penny less than what would be paid to an American AND foreign employees would have to be bonded and insured by Tyson so if one goes on a bender and crashes into another car, the victims can sue the snot out of Tyson, etc.

  6. Boycott Tyson if you weren’t already.

    I like the direction of this site focusing in issues like this. Keep it up. Chobani yogurt did the same in Idaho a few years ago. The children of an immigrant employee raped a White girl in town and the White female mayor or governor I don’t remember attacked the girls mother over it. Insanely evil.

    • “Boycott Tyson”

      Difficult to do, they’re a virtual monopoly.
      Try to buy locally produced food, if possible.

      Another unseen factor, when someone like Tyson cuts corners by hiring migrants it forces competitors to do the same, in order to remain competitive.

      • Arian writes:

        ““Boycott Tyson”

        Difficult to do, they’re a virtual monopoly.”

        I respond:

        Yes, difficult or impossible to fight Tyson Foods or… “The Liberal Media”, “The Bankers”, “The Globalists”, or even “The Marxists”, “The Js”.

        This is because you are thinking in the same old, same old Conservative Sandbox that as our great leader GL Rockwell noticed 50 years ago (“50 Years of Failure” WP now 100 Years of Failure) Conservatives have been using and thinking in Conservative ways that don’t work. Simply complaining, bitc*ing and moaning about supposedly all powerful, evil institutions DOES NOT WORK. It hasn’t worked and will never work.

        But and this is a very good “BUT” when we make the fight PERSONAL, identify real enemies and traitors that are flesh and blood living humans and we take the fight to them PERSONALLY (as advised in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals”) we can win battles, make change that works for our people our causes.

        So where does theis $13 milllion a year very White Tyson CEO Donnie King and his traitor family work, live, hang out, play golf. What expensive private schools do his children attend – I guarantee you that Donny King’s children, like Ted Kennedy’s children back in the 1970s forced racial busing era ain’t going to public schools with the children of Somalian, Haitian, Salvadoran MS13s gang bangers, COVID, Ebola plague carries.

        We need to learn to DOX.

        I’m giving you ARIAN the homework assignment to find some personal information about these worst Tyson executive traitors – yes be careful to include strict adviseries against doing anything illegal, violent, but there we definitely have the right and the duty to “put the word out” to the friends, neighbors, low level public officials near where this worst in the nation traitor Tyson Exeuctive Donny King and others enjoy the fruits of their treason to our American workers.

        So… please get out of the Conservative Sand Box – stop just bich*** and moaning about supposedly all powerful, anonymous Institutions like Tyson Foods, Disney Corporation, Anheisur Bush, The Liberal Democrats or the Cuckservative GOPs.

        There you have your homework assignment. Please turn off the Je* tube and don’t watch as much March Madness of Black Negroes dumping a round ball through a peach basket. Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson never wasted a single week end doing that.

  7. No doubt. Too many Whites care more about $$$$ than anything else. And unlike jews, they don’t use that money to advance their own people. They use it to “one-up” the neighbors.

  8. It only gets worse until the curse of the Yankee Puritans is dealt with.
    Sold out by our own traitorous Yanks, I have to find that poem in the archive.

  9. Profit maximization is the purpose of business firms in a capitalist economy. The single biggest cost for most businesses is labor therefore it is perfectly logical for businessmen to reduce their labor costs to slave wages to maximize profits. Firms also cheapen their products and services to further increase profits.

    Capitalism is an amoral economic system; it is indifferent regarding right and wrong, only making money. Cocaine dealing, prostitution, porn, Tyson Foods, Google, Chase Manhattan, Microsoft etc. are all capitalist enterprises and have the same operating principle, profit maximization. The difference is the cocaine dealer’s business, like Al Capone’s 100 years ago don’t settle disputes in corrupt courts of law, they use more direct methods.

    The intersection of democracy i.e. government based upon bribery and extortion with unbridled capitalism results in constant labor replacement by what Marx called the reserve army of labor. Agriculture, construction, restaurants, landscaping, hiring of servants, hotels etc. rely upon endless Third World labor to avoid paying more than subsistence wages; their employees are expendable. Wal Mart was helping its employees file for welfare because their wages were so low resulting in taxpayers subsidizing Wal Mart’s obscene profits.

    All of this is possible because of the fatally flawed U.S. political system. Businessmen oligarchs simply buy U.S. politicians with “campaign contributions” i.e. bribes to allow wogs to flood the country driving down wages. This is highly destructive but the scumbags involved don’t care because they are greedy and therefore, willfully blind.

    If there were real representation of majority interests in Congress there would be no immigration and businessmen hiring illegals would be jailed. Instead, the scumbags in Congress, particularly the Republican poodles are in the pay of big business. Republican voters are completely at odds with Republican leaders because of this bribery from the über wealthy but have nowhere to turn because the Democrats are insane and openly the party of anti-White hatred.

    What cannot be sustained won’t be and the system is rapidly approaching a crisis. Enormous debts, lawless government, a corrupt and arbitrary legal system, a rentier instead of productive economy, concentration of wealth in few hands, foreign government meddling and a crisis of competence in every field means a crash is coming. As individuals one can only prepare for the inevitable. The system is not reformable so stand back, let it fall, and let the diversity fix things this time; good luck with that.

    • That might be a bit much, but lots of truth there. This is way we don’t call ourselves “Capitalists” – We’re more like “Populists”, “Southern Nationalists”, “White European American identitarians but fair to others”.

      The “Marxist” “Communist” brand name has been pretty much irrevocably ruined by the likes of Pol Pot, Madamn Mao, the failed Cuban, Nicauraguan, Zimbabwe, Hugo Chavez Venezuela experiences/models etc.

      The horrible anti White de-colonial experiences in places like Algeria, Uganda, Rhodesia, or further back Santo Domingo/Haiti has pretty much put the idea out to most, all remaining WHite European peoples alive on planet earth including very poor, working class White folks getting screwed now by this #$(#*$*@Q Tyson Foods CEO $13 million a year *#$&@ Donnie King – struggling, very poor Whites in small towns in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama yes hate these corporate elites, but they aren’t going to sign up for anything called “Marxist”, “Communist” or even “Socialist” – our versions of socialism do respect our workers and honorable business owners – we don’t hate our honorable business owners just as we don’t hate our workers, farmers, merchants, wives, teachers etc. I hope that clears things up. But yeah, this as** hole $13 million a year Tyson Foods CEO Donny King that’s laying off (White) workers in Iowa and replacing them with supposedly happy slave migrant, illegal aliens now camped in New York City and here in Chicago. Yeah, we hate him . Why don’t real Socialists, Marxists confront him instead of tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus, Confederate soldiers, and forcing homo tranny sexual grooming programs on our children in public schools?

      • “Profit maximization is the purpose of business firms in a capitalist economy.”

        That’s especially true in America , because the zog is hyper stimulating with inflation, controlled interest rates, mass immigration, fatal amounts of debt, free trade etc.

        The US economy is a junkie who has overdosed on speed.

    • Ok …

      So the rather OBVIOUS thing to do is to make immigration treason , anti White workers corporate policies very unprofitable for corporations and their specific executives such as Tyson CEO Donny king make it cost them huge amounts of $money

      We did that with Anheisur Bush Bud Light . It s happening with Disney /Lucas Films . But we have to take it the next step


      Again , study Saul Alinsky s “ Rules for Radicals”

      Make it personal !

  10. I always thought that you made way too much a deal with the “No jihad in Tennessee” protest.

    Corporations are all about maximum profits every financial quarter. They care not the why or how.

    You should know by now, the way forward is nationalism without restricted capitalism, and socialism without internationalism in European homogenous ethnostates. Think 1970 Sweden without the pornography, and other jewish cultural diseases.

    • “Corporations are all about maximum profits every financial quarter”
      Because our society has been distorted by jwzish practices of low quality/high profit make a system of fast buck economics.

      The entire system is distorted by money being devalued , inflation.
      Inflation and massive debt is an explosive combination that will end terribly.

      (Honestly, I think porn in an all WHITE society will just diminish to nothing, when there’s normal male/female relationships. Porn is a function of an alienated disfunctional society.)

    • I meant to write nationalism with heavily RESTRICTED capitalism. If it is good for folk and nation being the entry point for any economic activities.

      • Yep,
        Gotta curtain all forms of parasitic capital, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, porn, usury interest (payday loans etc).

        Channel all capital into beneficial production.
        America had such a man, Benjamin Strong, he ran the federal reserve 1914 to 1928.

  11. I agree, you can’t blame it all on the Jews. Without the assistance of traitors, aka those that look like us but have no loyalty to us, the Jews couldn’t get to 1st base.

  12. I’d trust gas station sushi over anything Tyson.
    The local grocery deli chicken is preferable.
    They are from the land of esteemed CPUSA (D) party member Slick Willie.
    Replacements work in their plants and probably apply the chicky birds to various body parts here in the stupidest society in human history.

  13. An aside, regarding “Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene III…”: Shakespeare did not side with the Roman Republic, therefore his play does not portray Julius Caesar accurately. He does not tell that Caesar was assassinated by the elites for his anti-elite. egalitarian politics, not for “becoming a dictator.”

    Now, regarding your question “Why don’t real Socialists, Marxists confront him instead of tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus, Confederate soldiers, and forcing homo tranny sexual grooming programs on our children in public schools?:

    Because they are mostly not real socialists. They are liberals, the fake left side of the class system coin, with conservatives on the other side. “Woke” so-called socialism is confusion, distraction, a smoke screen that liberals hide behind.

  14. White nationalism equals weak nationalism. I’ve always told you material interests rule supreme. This is what makes WNs stupider than normies. Normies understand that people are selfish at least. Your movement was like a sixties hippie movement in that it was young people with a narrow and singular focus mostly on themselves. No one else was really invited to join in but everybody was supposed to get behind it.

    You need to organize physically and target to ultra wealthy. It seems like the non whites are the ones who have the balls to do this here in California. I respect them and would rather organize with people like that. Richard Spencer “I don’t give a damn about the economy” probably owns stock in Tyson Foods. So probably does Donald Trump. Class warfare is more important. It always will be.

    • M.kochel ” class warfare is more important, it always will be ” WRONG !!! Till you understand, that we are up to our necks, in spiritual warfare, you really don’t understand, what this is really all about, so kill all the rich eh ? Then what ? We will still be spiritually contaminated, so go ahead, with your class warfare, my advice, to my people, is simply, TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SOUL ! ……

      • I agree it’s wrong to promote blind class warfare to “kill all the rich”. But….

        Just looking at the featured guy in this blog:

        Whiter than White #1, IMO #1 traitor in the USA – $13 million a year Tyson Foods CEO Donnie King.

        This is definitely a rich guy it’s OK to hate, fight, rough up, play loud music in front of his home at 4 AM.

        No don’t hate, want to “Kill the Rich”…

        But this guy, this real, live, flesh and blood, fat as, anti White Worker traitor. Hell yeah, hate em, fight em.

        • Jaye Ryan, thank you mister RYAN, I don’t hate someone, nor am I jealous of someone, for being wealthy, I agree, with your take on the matter, out them, dox them, confront them with facts, law them in court, if possible, we already have a rather large amount of IMBECILE, Bolshevik,KHMER ROUGE wanna be’s, who have damaged this country, this society, immeasurably in the last several years and these naive, impressio able lame asse’s, will take these, smooth talking demon’s up on their suggestion’s, in the process doing nobody any good at all, this isn’t France in the 1790’s or Bavaria in 1848 or Russia in 1917,the best thing for our people, for the time being, is” STAY IN YOUR LANE” do your duty, which is doing the right thing, we cant help what other people do any way,it may not be GLAMOROUS, but walk in humility, be steady, sound and reliable men and women, as our forbears we’re, work, earn an honest living, mind your business, improve yourself, where and when you can, thing’s could and can be better and they could be much worse also, shooting at the police, killing rich people, as some fools s uggest, is not the way to go, we need too maintain and continue to monitor whats going on, it’s just a matter of time, we will have the country back, whats left of it anyway ….

      • I am not a part of your people. I always knew what Brad Griffin found out over the last few years. Self interest reigns supreme. It’s all about class warfare. I can’t stand weak whites who drag me down with them.

  15. “We can not blame the Great Replacement of our people and our White European Civilization all on the Js, or on those “gosh darn Liberal Democrats”. So much of our dispossession is done by our own selfish, traitorous very White European American people, especially the White corporate leaders of big agribusinesses like Tyson Foods, Cargill, Monsanto etc.”

    True, true – but we can blame the J’s for being CONSTANT promoters of internationalism, interracialism, that greed is good mentality, that whites and Christianity are the perpetual enemies of mankind, … shall I go on ?

  16. Can we really believe that big corporations are focused on profit when they deliberately push this woke tranny globohomo garbage and double down on it when pushback starts?

    Planet fitness just stepped in the shit by cancelling a woman’s membership because she complained about a man in the women’s changing rooms.

    Surely the bosses at planet fitness are aware that people have started boycotting the wokeness and costing companies millions even billions, yet they still do it.

    This is beyond profit motivation and enters the realm of Anarcho Tyranny. The banksteins who control the big corporations are burning the West to the ground, in real time.

    Whilst I agree Jaye we shouldn’t be violent to these toerags, I do believe we eventually use the law against them and then execute ALL the treasonous scum, after stripping their families of everything.

    • Ok, but talk is cheap.

      We’ve presented one of the North America’s absolutely rock bottom worst White Traitors. Tyson Foods CEO Donnie King – $13 million a year, fires White American workers, publicly boasts he will replace all of them with diseased, COVID, Ebola infected migrants at neo slave wages.

      How about go having a “talk” with this terrible traitor. Bring your golf clubs, offer to “discuss” his labor practices over 18 holes and probably the most expensive private golf club in Arkansas.

      Remember the “Golf Scene” in “Falling Down”?

  17. Northwest Arkansas was a major white flight area for Arkansans who live in southern and eastern Arkansas which is majority black. Then came Tyson’s Food and schools in that area (such as Rogers) when from all White to 65% Hispanic! The crime rate went up to!

  18. Big Jim writes :

    “ We had an endless supply of dumb, hard working hillbillies to run our processing plants; and were quite happy with their work; but it was the cost of labor that was putting a strain on us. The Clintons offered us a way around this problem; and right or wrong. All of us went on board.”

    I translate :

    You took the “ 30 pieces of silver “ – let the likes of “ Slick Willie” talk you in to betraying our hard work White working class “ dumb Hillbillies” as you called them .

    You were/are not the only White man to betray our honest working people – it was said about too many rich people in then White ruled South Africa who did the same with their honest White workers , preferring low wage Biack servants “ happy slaves that didn t stay happy servants for ever :

    “ Rich White South Africans would rather be murdered in their own beds than to have to make their own beds “


  19. Off-topic but interesting, I think:

    As of this week, the government of Wales is headed by an African born in Zambia. Look up Vaughan Gething. England, Scotland, Wales, and Britain as a whole are all headed, or FIGURE-headed, by non-Whites – more evidence that natural ethno-centricity has been replaced by money-centricity in late-stage capitalism.

    • Yes, your comment is “off topic”.

      Please get back on topic and contact the looks to be all White, non J elected officials of Springdale

      City of Springdale
      We’re Making it Happen
      Contact & Connect
      Employee Email
      Employee Thrillshare
      Sign Up for Springdale Alert!





      Use the search field above to filter by staff name.
      Select Departments

      Information Specialist


      Administrative Assistant

      Chief of Staff

      Executive Assistant


    • “England, Scotland, Wales, and Britain as a whole are all headed, or FIGURE-headed, by non-Whites”

      At least they aren’t speaking German.

  20. Great article. American’s really have power when they simply practice some vigilance and find out that corporations like tyson sells short term unhealthy gmo/pharma riddled cheap garbage at the long term expense of mass shithole immigration to places that are soon going to get a rude awakening (Latin Americans are one thing but they’re really opening up the shitbox with masses of Arabs and Africans) and they have a unscrupulus dogshit company like tyson to thank for it. Don’t spend a dime of your hard earned money on this crap, it’s bad enough our taxes are funding this as well. The ultimate protest is a large mass of Americans simply stop paying taxes but not buying anything tyson is a good start.

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