Walt Bismarck: Hunter Wallace Is Wrong

It will suffice to say here that I recall things differently.

The Alt-Right that I remember first emerged in the 2000s when George W. Bush was president and “True Conservatism” was still ascendant. The Center Right was dominant. National Review and The Weekly Standard defined and policed the boundaries of mainstream conservatism.

In those days, paleocons, libertarians and White Nationalists were in the political wilderness and huddled together for warmth on online forums like the one that I created. The nascent Alt-Right was young people – late Gen Xers / early Millennials – who disliked George W. Bush, neocons and the Iraq War. Paul Gottfried labeled us the “post-paleo Right” and later coined the term Alternative Right.

Richard Spencer who is one of my peers was deeply involved in this milieu. He started out at The American Conservative and Takimag before publicly coming out as a White Nationalist. I’m old enough to remember the movement before Spencer and before it really had a name. I remember when Spencer first launched the original Alternative Right website. I remember Richard Hanania when he was still Richard Hoste, when Greg Johnson started Counter-Currents, when Lawrence Auster was still alive, etc. I knew people like Thomas777, Fisted by Foucault, BAP and so on twenty years ago.

The second phase of the movement began in Barack Obama’s second term after Richard Spencer got bored and shitcanned the original Alternative Right website to launch his Radix Journal webzine and hold NPI conferences. This was Andrew Anglin founding The Daily Stormer, Mike Enoch & Co. launching the TRS podcast, MILO and Gamergate and the shortened “Alt Right” gestating on 4chan before erupting on YouTube and Twitter in 2015 with the #cuckservative hashtag. Spencer had little to do with any of this. He always had trouble relating to these people who swelled the base of the movement. Spencer never played video games or posted on 4chan or had any interest in anime.

From the start, Daily Stormer and TRS began to redefine the Alt-Right in their own image. This was initially highly controversial. Nazi toilet humor and swastikas were back in fashion. Vulgarity was back in fashion. Racial epithets were back in fashion. It was the age of trolling, Kekistan flags, Happy Merchant memes, parody songs, sonnenrads, Pepe the Frog, anime, etc. Everything was also a big ironic joke. Crudity was the norm. It reached a fever pitch with the Stormer Nazi Troll Army on Twitter during the 2016 election. “Ironic Nazism,” which originally had been associated with White Nationalism 1.0 and which sites like Stormfront had tried to get away from, was grafted on and associated with the “Alt-Right” brand after 2014.

I will grant that there were legions of people who were attracted to the 2015-2017 Alt-Right who were contrarians, rightwing edgelords, nihilists who were enjoying the vibe or who were just trolling. Perhaps some of them were nerds and hipsters from liberal families in coastal metros who saw Spencer on CNN or who genuinely thought what he was saying about Nietzsche was brilliant and original. Walt Bismarck was 23 around 2016 which means he was around 10-years-old when the movement started.

I would place myself in the True Believers category. I am not a contrarian by temperament. I have fixed values and beliefs. I have always had the same ambitions. I am not someone who lobs grenades or who enjoys poking holes in a consensus for the sake of doing so. I am part of an older group of nationalists who disliked George W. Bush era conservatism and who supported Trump as a means to get rid of it. This is why we used to be associated with Spencer and why we now find him so tiresome. We find the contrarianism and the hot takes of the late Spencer (i.e., “Joe Biden is the best president of my lifetime”) or the Nietzschean neoliberal memes of Emmanuel Macron with glowing eyes absurd.

In my original article, I pointed to this account as a good example of what the contrarians around Richard Spencer have become since around 2021. For people like this, the marginalization of the Alt-Right was the point. It is what attracted them in the first place and why they jumped ship.


Spencer has a small cult following of people like this on Twitter who uncritically absorb, parrot and reflect his latest contrarian hot takes. It is led by Mark Brahmin who is the high priest of Apolloism which is his own personal made up religion. It strikes me as a road to nowhere.

From what I understand, this is what Walt Bismarck is driving at for Alt-Right 2.0 or now the Walt Right. He has abandoned White Nationalism and Identitarianism. He wants to bleed Russia dry by supporting the war in Ukraine in order to import cheap labor for middle class families. As he has said, he wants to appeal to urban coastal elites, and he wants to be called a fag by MAGA chuds in pickup trucks. The goal here is to charm the Morning Joe audience, own the chuds and seize power in 2028 after the post-Trump Right realizes it wants to be ruled by technocratic nerds in the Acela Corridor.

Richard Hanania’s presence on Twitter and Substack appears to be the model. Hanania has attributed his conversion to neoliberalism to reading the Jewish economist Bryan Caplan’s book Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration. He recently told us that he used to be cringe in his Alt-Right years as Richard Hoste, but fortunately those days are over. I lost track of him after I muted him on Twitter. He seemed to be caught in the same downward spiral of attention seeking hot takes.

In hindsight, I had such knee jerk reaction to Walt reviving the Alt-Right label for three reasons.

1. The first reason is that what is being proposed here is not at all what the original Alt-Right was about. It sounds more like something you would hear from Mitch McConnell.

2. The second reason is that we really haven’t achieved any of our original goals: the border is more porous than ever, White people are more demonized than ever, demographic change is accelerating, the culture is more degenerate, the law is less reliable than ever, and so on.

3. The third and most important reason is the trail of destruction left behind by people like Spencer and McLaren: the suicides, the doxxing, the social ostracization, the crippling lawsuits, the brand in tatters, all the people who got into fights and went to prison, etc. I understand that Richard wanted to become famous and believes “it should all just been about Richard Spencer.”

I heard Walt say something to the effect of “follow my contrarian temperament.” It brought to mind all the people who followed Spencer and how badly it ended for them. He said the Alt-Right was intellectually serious. I thought … it was reprints of Sam Francis books, Nietzschean platitudes, a think tank which didn’t think or offer anything new except doxxing the people who were interested in it, dilettantes who didn’t write white papers or policy proposals which would have required actual work. It was Happy Merchant and gas chamber memes. It was calling people cuckservatives on Twitter in their mentions. It was Spencer representing himself pro se in the Sines v. Kessler trial because he couldn’t afford a lawyer while clutching a stuffed animal for emotional support. It was Andrew Anglin’s tantrums about women. It was Matt Forney being chased around the RNC. It was MILO bathing in blood, dressing in drag and getting diddled by his black husband. It was Jazzhands doing deep dives about Finkelthink. It was Baked Alaska and Loulz harassing gas station clerks for clicks. It was Cantwell crying on the VICE documentary. It was the day that Matt Heimbach was caught having a sordid affair with Matt Parrott’s wife. It was Nick Fuentes praising Hitler on Alex Jones with Yedolf in a gimp mask when he was running for president.

Walt remembers an Alt-Right where everyone was 6 foot tall except for Beardson, making three figures and bulletproof. It was intellectually serious. It attracted highly educated people on 4chan and 8chan. Unlike previous iterations of White Nationalism, it was articulate and sophisticated.

This is a harsh clip.

It struck a chord though.

In my darker moods, I feel like that sometimes myself about where the Alt-Right ended up. We don’t need more hot takes or goon marches or rebrands. We need normalization. We need to start building a political infrastructure to push our goals into policy where a consensus has been established.

Pretty much the entire Right now agrees on the need to restrict immigration. Can we even do that? Deporting 6 million illegal aliens and reducing immigration flows won’t solve all our problems. It seems like a utopian pipe dream though to set a political goal as modest as this.

How about achieving something like basic political representation at the federal, state and local level? Judd Blevins wasn’t changing the world on the Enid City Commission, but we have to start somewhere. We take for granted that racially conscious blacks run entire major cities like Atlanta and Baltimore. There are enough racially conscious Whites in large pockets of the country to start making inroads.

Metapolitical victories are worthless without follow up political victories. It is great that conservatives have come around on a lot of our issues, but the kids are still being transed and the monuments are still being toppled and the schools are a wreck and the border has collapsed and blacks are still being worshipped and Whites are still being replaced and women are slutted out and the House is still passing resolutions to fight anti-Semitism and we are still in demographic decline pretty much everywhere. I could go on and on with this laundry list of our defeats and things that are broken. When I say that we have a lot of work to do to turn this around, I mean it will take generations and probably centuries to claw our way back.


  1. Hey B,

    I recommend you suspend OD or let someone else, trusted, safe (Maybe James or me) handled OD in a safe way for the ret of this God awful election year.

    It’s the nature of our “movement” (hate that word) that Presidential election years come around and our people get their hopes up for some type of miracle savior riding in on a White horses either through the Republican Party, not the Democrat party since George Wallace ran for President in the Democrat primaries in 1972 – he won Michigan.

    Or some 3rd party crusade of Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Born Agains and the system is certainly fixed at the top so we always lose and our people turn on each other.

    Sounds like there are a lot of pressures on you to turn on others, Spencer, NPI, Daily Stormer etc – all kinds of accusations of “Sell out”, “Perverts”, or just

    “YOU’RE LOSERS”, “Grifters” etc.

    I recommend taking a break, concentrate on your family, health and just local things like neighbors, church if it’s a decent church.

    I’m helping a couple of Dutch Afrikanner families with beautiful young children. The exchange rate is AMAZING 18 S African Rand for $1 USA dollar. So I can pay for a full month of pre school for two children 2 years old and 1. Doesn’t cost me any more than a night out on the town with a non appreciated 20 something hozing American gal in Chicago.

    Yes, that’s my recommendation, take most of this Presidential election year off – IMO it’s gonna be a witch hunt for White Racists from the Js media, Mainstream Media, Cuckservatives or just the Trump Campaign, Donald Trump Jr who are trying to sneak back in.

    We can discuss other important projects like :


    For next year and going forward.

    Hey B, I think Vdare is going to fold. What do you think?

    • What a brilliant idea! We should start a nonprofit organization to fund and help white African to live and fight back in South Africa, but by doing it in the same vein, as “save the children.“ Except this would be “Save the Boer.”

      How can we get information as to who could be helped this way? This is absolutely brilliant!

      • @Fr. John,

        Have you heard of Boer Jack or Jan Lamprecht?

        Both of those men live and fight for Afrikaners in S.A.

        I have a contact in South Africa that I could ask to recommend who we could back. He was a colleague of the great Eugène Terre’Blanche.

        I know you are on GAB. Are you on Telegram too? I would prefer to provide contact info for these men a bit more privately.

      • @Fr John. This has been discussed at various levels and groups since the late 90s and early 2000s. Tragically, the Dissident Right, White Nationalists, American Nationalists, and Patriots seem to lack any conception of how to form actual publicly and privately funded non-profits, create corporate advertising campaigns for donations, and establish grass roots to pressure political parties, companies, and government institutions. Besides, the Anglo-Afrikaaners blame the Papists as much as the race commies for what happened, so I doubt they’d support working with a bunch of Catholics.

        Nometheless, the idea is sound its also just there are no smart chiefs with integrity to get it going. It would also require someone with deep pockets to provide legal help and access to centers of power. There might be a few left in America, Britannia, and Europe, but again there simply is a lack of intellect to carry it out. I think Ryan’s simple example of providing a few bucks to some program the Anglo-Afrikaaners have going is the right one.

        The last real attempt at forming some sort of non-profit-publoc relations org you are talking about was that Iranian dude. Hunter makes fun of it, but actually it had a strong and solid argument going for it and might have become a thing. But, it fell prey to cynical entrapment for various reasons and eventually was against the political winds which favored a new concordance with Iran.

        I’d propose another shot at doing another attempt but this time with South Africa. Yet, unless it gets solid Administration support it likely won’t succeed. I must also remind you all that the political intelligence interference soing these ops is quite heavy and we are now 2 minutes to doomsday here in the US. Like others capable of doing it most of my remaining time is spent on my own Trump style revenge tour for when the city on the hill burns to the ground and we get a parting Parthian shot. We got literally like 6 months to 5 years before shit like this starts to happen, including at Hunter’s fishing hole.

    • @Jaye Ryan,

      Just go Amish. You’ll get a fertile trad Christian wife. You seemed to have tried and burned all the other bridges to that goal.


    • @Jack Ryan

      I dont think he should suspend or let someone else run OD for the remainder of the year. There are some things I disagree with Hunter on, but he routinely puts out important and well timed articles like this. Perhaps he could set an agreement for written submissions for other writers for additional content and or delegate an editorializing, maintaining the site, and moderating. I know Hinter at one time had some sort of embryonic staff in being going but youth being youth, it ain’t gonna stay to do work for free for too long. He’d probably need some help from people our age group to perhaps maybe a few years younger than he is right now to help work and have the maturity to keep to his vision.

  2. Thanks for going into the weeds. What a clown show.

    Contra Walt, Richard Hanania did not have some genuine transformation. He was doxed and then he cucked so he could still put food on the table. That’s it. Right up to the moment before he was doxed, Hanania hated blacks, was subverting the US on Afghanistan, rejecting Ukraine, and mocking feminism. Then he was exposed for “nazism” and he cucked on everything as part of a fraudulent apology and then did a hamfisted, shameless whoring to keep his book royalty and status as an “interesting guy.” It had zero substance.

    As for Spencer and now apparently Walt’s appealing to the Coastal elites because of their “super secret ironic Nazism they’re not aware of but we are,” it is bunco. Spencer always did that as part of his petty revenge strategy against the right while fully understanding it has zero realistic traction. He knows it is a fraud. It is irony broism but the few still around him are too stupid and take the bait as if it is a viable strategy. This is the clown show. You know what Spencer’s strategy looks like in the real world? Spencer went on Bumble probably partly because Bumble markets itself to liberals by only giving women autonomy and this neatly overlapped with Spencer’s Cville mental complex. You know what the result was? Spencer’s Bumble profile was ratted out to Jezebel by a liberal white woman and all the supposedly “ironically eugenic, ironically Nazi” liberal white women celebrated his humiliation in a Jezebel hit piece and laughed at him for being a Nazi loser because he hates blacks, and thereby blowing his no doubt INCREDIBLE chance at scoring on Bumble, and probably not only on Bumble. The whole failed radfem thing was partly a dating strategy retreat because he is shut out of the broader pool, ironically! Lmao. This is a microcosm of the Clown Show.

    • Megan seemed like his best shot at getting what he wanted. I don’t know how that relationship ended.

      Christians actually forgive and forget. The liberals that he wants to impress so badly are going to hold his past against him forever.

  3. And Sven was simply right in that clip. He was right. There’s days where I regret ever getting involved. Dunking on Spencer feels good because he really is asking for it but at the same time, there is plenty of chastisement to go around. The altright was a lesson in original sin.

    • Sven has his finger on something important.

      Much of the Alt-Right was online performance art by people whose personal lives were in shambles. Baked Alaska is a good example of this. Beardson throwing himself a pity party after his wife left him for a black guy is another. Matt Forney being a guide to women and relationships!

    • Sven is a childish libertarian wanker. Imagine trashing your fellow White brothers for wanting a change and trying to make that happen. If we had won, this snake would still be around us. Looking forward to hearing him begging for people to come back to his parody song podcast lol.

  4. Remember the paranoids claiming that the Alt Right was a GOP op to get White Nationalist kids to support Trump? The Walt Right is a GOP op to get people who still think Richard Spencer is intelligent, cool, and deep (all relative terms, so it is inevitable he seems that way to some people) to stop supporting Biden and get on the Mitch McConnell train.

    That’s cyclical history for you: the first time is a tragedy, the second time a Disney parody song.

    • If past is prologue, Spencer will inevitably have a falling out with Walt, so the charitable thing to do here is to wish him luck and wait to see how it plays out.

      Walt also says he disappeared in 2017 and was only briefly around at the peak of the movement and has a bit of nostalgia for the good old days. That’s fine.

      I wish he wasn’t being negatively influenced by the Richards. Nostalgia for the old days blinded me for years and it was only the Elle Reeve interview during the Charlottesville trial when I finally had enough of Dick’s narcissism

      • “it was only the Elle Reeve interview during the Charlottesville trial when I finally had enough of Dick’s narcissism”

        Not the moment he opened mouth with that feigned Harvard accent ?

    • Brad

      I really enjoy reading your reflective, alt-right historian posts.

      I’m a few years older than you, one of the Gen-Xers who got fed up during the Bush years. I didn’t jump directly into the alternative right. Between 2005-2014, I was more heavily influenced by the right-libertarian sect that Ron Paul sort of energized. People like Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux got me to think out of the box and see the system for what it is, even if I disagreed with some of the shit they said.

      It was two major things; Obama and Trayvon Martin, that pushed me in a different direction, with a sprinkling of Sandy Hook and some other notable events. The main concept that I grasped was “two sides of the same coin” in reference to our political system. I figured out that the game was rigged. Right-libertarian morphed into alt-right.

      During that period, I discovered a very good libertarian channel called “Libertarian realist”. He did race realism stuff. The algorithms on YouTube eventually opened up all kinds of things. AmRen, holocaust revisionism, JQ, everything. I even listened to Brother Nathanael and and Norman Finkelstein. Then came Trump in 2015, and the algorithms led me to TRS.

      The point I’m going to make here is that you are correct, all of this stuff did have a huge impact. It didn’t change the world, but the skeleton of the TrueCon movement has had to adapt. The skiddish Boomers who ultimately know the truth (at least about race/homosexuality etc) are losing their influence. Younger, internet savvy white men who are the product of a feminized, negrophilic, secularized western society, and who feel marginalized, are starting to influence the democratic process.

      AND THATS WHY THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS IS SLATED FOR AN END. This is why “Our Democracy™?” sounds evermore authoritarian and oppressive.

      In regards to “resurrecting” the Alt-Right, I have become very content with watching the butterfly wings whip up a hurricane. We don’t need an Alt-Right. We need normal people getting a spine. We definitely need another Trump administration. I really get annoyed by some of your other writer contributors who discourage voting. I do understand the saying “if voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it”. However, the ideas we wish to spread need a catalyst. Voting doesn’t matter at all when it comes to the current-year people who control our world. Voting DOES matter when we are able to facilitate the spreading of IDEAS through our participation in the process.

      The WN 1.0 people who scream “don’t vote!” Have been screaming that for 30 years, and they haven’t voted (except maybe Trump in 2016), and during that timeframe, the only real shift in the Overton Window came the one time they did vote, and the reaction of the “system” was to do exactly what it did, to discourage them from ever voting again. Funny how compliant they are.

    • Yes, TRS was on iTunes and podcast sharing platforms. The Alt-Right had a huge platform on YouTube. Those days are over

        • Which merely proves the truth of long said by a creator of an alt-platform: MPAI = Most People Are Idiots. QED.

          • “Most people are idiots”:

            Most people are “dumbed down” by the system. High IQ is not needed to understand how the system works. Political concepts are not beyond the mental reach of the vast majority, not like calculus and physics. The system strives to keep people confused and distracted from really thinking about it.

          • Yes Merthyr most are indeed ‘dumbed down’ by the system. That’s the entire objective of publick edumacation after all. Old Koba had an excellent understanding of system and its purpose:

            >”Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” — Josef Stalin

            He wasn’t lying about that. All that one needs to do is to ask a simple question (and an IQ of 100 is not even required for this):

            Who hold the weapon (education) and at whom is it aimed?

            That’s how we end up with Welsh “nationalists” selecting an African as their leader. According to the doctrine of ‘magic dirt”, this African became Welsh because he lives upon the dirt called Wales. This extremely insane dogma is only followed in white countries like the UK, US, Canada, Europe, etc. You won’t see it in places like Africa or Asia (though the usual suspects have introduced it to Korea and Japan for sure).

          • “That’s how we end up with Welsh ‘nationalists’ selecting an African as their leader. According to the doctrine of ‘magic dirt’, this African became Welsh because he lives upon the dirt called Wales”:

            You are very well informed. Yes, the unnatural, illogical anti-“concept” of “Black Welsh” (which is impossible) bore fruit in the system’s (s)election. Cymru has more sheep than people and can easily be overwhelmed by a little more foreign immigration. Real red Welsh nationalist socialism has almost died out. Waving the flag and singing Yma O Hyd at football games is not enough.

  5. Jaye Ryan ” I recommend you suspend OD or let someone else ” I recommend he don’t, he is handling things just fine, real leadership, ” Lead’s, these are not normal times, these are historical times …….Their is a time of seasoning, in everyman’s life, the host of this site, is more relevant than ever ……

    • I wish Brad had some folks with closely parallel beliefs to help him. He does a lot of high quality content and commentary.

  6. “In my original article, I pointed to this account as a good example of what the contrarians around Richard Spencer have become since around 2021. For people like this, the marginalization of the Alt-Right was the point. It is what attracted them in the first place and why they jumped ship.”

    It’s more to do with the conspiracy theory crackpots who want to derail every conversation into their obsession with vaccines causing heart attacks, plastic making the frogs gay, and re-litigating the Kennedy Assassination that’s now over 60 years old and has absolutely no relevance to modern people’s lives. It’s gotten to the point where you can’t even say that Muslim immigrants commit terrorist attacks because EVERYTHING has to be a CIA/Mossaad conspiracy. Who knows what embarrassing crackpottery they’re going to get up to next?

    • Believe me, I have dealt with it.

      I’ve been accused of being a federal agent and a Jew. Some people have never forgotten that I believed COVID was a real virus

  7. Whether, you we’re in a leadership role, or we’re simply an adherent, I think, you alt right guys, are second guessing yourselves, when you don’t need to be, you all were younger, you did what you could, with what you had to work with, we live and learn in life, it wasn’t like the party of Lincoln, left the light on and set the welcome mat out for you, I applaud you all, for actually giving a shit, know this, your efforts, did bare fruit, you all provoked the Monsters in to showing their true colors and baring their fangs, you also showed the world, what a bunch of corrupt,crooked, soul sick , fakes, the LINCONITES really are, your best day’s lie ahead, keep Working, keep Marching, the people need you …..

  8. ” lot of work to do to turn this around, I mean it will take generations and probably centuries to claw our way back.”

    We don’t have that much time.
    The rate of immigration and race mixing is too fast for that time span.

    Back to my recurring theme, it will take natural forces of collapse to make the change, not rational human planning.

    Only NS Germans and prewar American eugenicists had the foresight to preserve and advance the race.

    Our ancestors of 100 years ago had more intelligence than the current generations with all the technology and none of the wits.

  9. Alt right had a visual impact and aesthetics but while there were some intellectuals, there were also others that were clowns and took everything as a joke.
    The problem of Spencer as always been the same…..he need attention and need to be at the center, he’s egocentric, for him is worthless the idea or the movement or the Mission, the important is that people worship him like God.
    I think I am just one of many and I am nothing special but I still give you a piece of advice: infiltrate institutions (schools, city councils, courts and universities) with members of the dissident right. These, however, should not have swastikas tattooed on them or cry extermination, otherwise they will be immediately blocked, but they should gradually bring our ideas into society without frightening the undecided and especially without being purged immediately by the left woke.

    P.s. i think a lot of US of not even all have been accused to be Fed on websites……this this is one of the flaws, which is to think that there is a conspiracy behind everything and that everyone who does not think like someone else is a fed. And especially the lack of unity among whites who still say only northerners are white, etc.

  10. You sounded so optimistic about things yesterday. I guess now you’re admitting that we are still powerless despite a few people like Walsh, Tucker and Elon mentioning anti-White stuff. Glad you came back down to Earth.

    • I believe all of these things are true:

      1.) We are winning some metapolitical victories on the Right

      2.) Elected politicians reflect the priorities of older voters

      3.) We are still losing ground across the board

  11. Hearing that clip in 2024, after knowing this was the case for the last 5 years or so, it just sticks in my craw.

    Was the entire thing just delusional hubris by a handful of maladjusted quacks?

    All the lives destroyed. Funds diverted. Time wasted.

    When he refers to the giy with the half jew wife, he means Enoch? The Puerto Rican in a wheelchair I’m guessing is Striker? This is Just the TRS orbit.

    TRS was never THE altright. They were an outlet of the narrative but. Sounds like even Sven had an outsized perspective on their influence, which was all but gone by 2018 when they began to actively purge all the popular podcasts from their site and pulled their mask off.

    I reiterate my resolve to have nothing to do with any of it. I had enough problems just from being absorbed in it for years.

    • Sven was a having a meltdown about NJP which he blames for ruining TRS.

      In a sense, I agree. I think it used to reach a much wider audience in 2014-2017, but later it seemed to become much more insular and like a clique with its own jargon. It became a bubble where everyone gradually became an earnest Neo-Nazi as it narrowed and narrowed down to that subculture.

      The final act of NJP was a comical collapse of a textbook fringe third party with Greg Conte asking his comrades “are you for or against the Fuhrer.” Sven is right that these people completely lost touch with reality and were living in their own fantasy world

  12. Overall, these are the kind of articles that have always attracted me to reading OD since way back, aside of course from the comments. This article has so much in it to comment and I am late to the section, so I will keep it simple.

    I will simply say let Bismark, Spencer, and Co. should run their psyop on the White coastal ethnos, particularly on the West Coast. So, let this run its course and perhaps if appropriate work together when needed.

    The old Xers, hipster and younger groups are sincerely in a funk over the state of the cities they helped gentrify starting 30 years ago. They are particularly disappointed by Black Democrats. Many have fled the cities, many have not. All are disappointed and heartbroken over the state of what once was.

    Despite the fact many were maddenly liberal, they were also obviously “huwite” even WASP. The cognitive dissonance was palpable. Today, not only are they heartbroken, but they are scared enough to consider the unthinkable. So, they probably could be peeled away in a manner that would be difficult for the more country America you speak too.

    That ethnos of the country America has a deep vein of traditions, symbols, memes, and campaigns to organize around. Places like OD and the more mainstream White Nationalists need to rally and organize new groups in the GOP and non partisan communities around these themes. Its vitally necessary it be done, because after this so called Alt Right 2.0. does it bit, successfully or not, the inner core of the historical American nation will need to secure the future or defend what remains.

    Meanwhile, Alt Right 2.0 can do their thing on the coastal Whites. They don’t like Black Run America, don’t like Hamas, and are equally suspicious of Hamas. They also don’t like Lloyd Austin. In light of that, let me leave you this note from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who despite being a Papist Caribbean Nigger, who is also rumored to be transitioning, recently stated Israel is not conducting a genocide in Gaza. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/austin-says-no-evidence-that-israel-is-committing-genocide-in-gaza-strip-war-against-hamas/ar-BB1llT5B

    This song is for all the Xer, Hipster, Millennial, and Gen Z Coastal Huwites to reminisce about when they think of New York City, Gaza, Black Run America and Lloyd.

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