1. Glennie Beck and the peoples chalkboard?
    I’ll pass.
    Rich who?
    Fight subhuman commie RAT POS vermin to the end.
    They aren’t human, they are property of the state.
    The forces of evil will never rest until all are equal in the socialist misery of burning it all down.

  2. ” You can always count on the American’s to do the RIGHT thing, after they have tried everything else “. W. Churchill, I Think the country is going to take, a hard turn to the RIGHT, necessity will require it, in times of trouble, people fall back on what works,I also think, President DON JOHN TRUMPS, second term, will be “A crisis Management Term” it could be his finest hour, if he handles it right, I do not think, there will be time or opportunity, to push an agenda, or seek revenge, he will need help, I really hope he put’s Senator ,J D. Vance, on his ticket, in my opinion, if we have to put up with this charade, again, their should be a few script changes, J.D. come up hard, served in the Marine Corps, graduated from Yale University, went to Silicon valley, did very well for himself, wrote a best seller, got elected as Senator from Ohio, Founding Stock, Appalachian heritage, Scottish and Norman Blood line, he would be a great protoge/apprentice, under the presidents mentorship, he would make the president a strong, reliable, Right hand man, Don John needs a vice president that he can trust, this time

    • Married to a pajeet. Wore a kippah at the wailing wall. Sold his soul to jewish bankers and lawyers on both coasts.

      Yes, Terry, J.D. Vance would be an appropriate running mate for Zion Donald Judas Trumpenstein.

      Would you care to but a “Philidelphia John is Right about the South” T-shirt or hoodie?

      • November ” Wore a kippah at the wailing wall ” I didn’t know that, wish I could have talked to him, or got word to him somehow, might have been able, to talk him out of it,thanks for the reply/info, November, Damm, that change’s everything, well he is still breathing, maybe, he will, change his mind and repent, his family come’s from a place, not to far,from where my family is from, November would you please excuse me, but I have a face full of egg, to wipe off….

      • November ” Wore a kippah at the wailing wall” Damm !! I didn’t know that, that changes everything, wish, I could have got word to him,might have been able to talk, him out of it, well, maybe he will see the Light and Repent, his family come’s from the same part of Kentucky, my folk’s are from, well thank ‘S for the info, you’ ll have to excuse me, but I have a face full of egg, to wash off ….

      • J.D. Vance would be appropriate but he doesn’t push all the virtue-signal buttons. Watch Zion-Don select Lady G’s lawn-jockey Mr. Tim as his running mate this time.

  3. from ‘Yes, Fight Anti-White Racism’ :

    “MSNBC warned, “Trumpism is increasingly organized around the reactionary principle that white Americans are not just overlooked, but are victims because of their race. This is a path to unraveling multicultural democracy.”

    The way I see it is to do both at same time;

    Let unravel multicultural democracy for those who don’t wish to be part of such a system AND retain it in a separate country for who wish for such a system. Case solved.

    • “multicultural democracy.”

      That is both a putrid term and concept.
      So are the people who advocate it.

  4. You mentioned in your prior post the deportation of 6 million.

    I can think of exactly the 6 million I want deported…
    If you know what I mean.

  5. So Rich Lowry, a colleague of the very inspiration for cuckservative and a superb exemplar of it himself, seems to be following the latest drift of Cthulhu. Just imagine my shock and awe. If the winds continue to blow, we might even see the littlest chickenhawk saying nice things about Christians….

  6. What about damages, or “reparations” for whites gentiles whose careers were sabotaged by Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action became the official enforcement policy of the EEOC in 1969 during the Nixon administration, while the EEOC was under the control of one Alfred Blumrosen( undoubtedly a good Southern Baptist). Those affected negatively by this blatantly unconstitutional practice are now in their early 70’s- at the end of their working careers- their damages for a diminished lifetime working career should be enormous!- Let the Jews who engineered this injustice pay those damages!

    • Would you have the same sentiments and sympathies for those who had been effected, if you hadn’t been a victim ?

  7. Then you’re a notch above most people.

    For the bulk of WHITES, they only care when they are direct victims of affirm action policies.

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