Iran Attacks Israel


At the beginning of April, Israel bombs the Iranian embassy in Syria and kills several high ranked Iranian military advisors. I ignored the story because in my judgment nothing had happened. Hardly a week goes by without Israel launching some type of attack in Syria and Lebanon.

Iran gets very angry about the Israeli airstrike and vows to retaliate.

Suspense builds over the past two weeks about the pending Iranian response.

Yesterday, the news broke that Iran had launched dozens of drones in an attack on Israel, which I initially dismissed as a nothingburger. It was telegraphed in advance. It was nothing but another face saving gesture like the rockets that were fired after Trump had General Soleimani assassinated.

Gradually, it becomes clear that the Iranian attack was much larger than expected and included cruise missiles which struck targets in Israel. The U.S., U.K. and Jordan assisted Israel in intercepting the missiles and drones and succeeded in shooting down most of them.

The Netanyahu government in Israel threatens an overwhelming response on Iranian soil.

Last night, the Biden administration announced that it would not support an Israeli attack on Iran, and the Israeli government appeared to be backing down and “taking the win.”

I was extremely skeptical that Israel would continue to show such restraint.

As of this afternoon, it seems the Israeli government is planning to retaliate after all. It remains unclear whether something has happened. We don’t know yet if this is going to blow over.

Your thoughts?

Did something happen in Israel yesterday or is this just more of the usual tit for tat between Israel and Iran when will be defused when cooler heads prevail?


  1. Hezbollah would massacre the IDF. The Izzies would need help from Zog. That is problematic in an election year.

    • Our Greatest Ally’s intelligence apparatus in the U.S, UK, France, Germany etc. has the goods on politicians, prominent businessmen, public figures etc. as well as controlling legacy media. The Epstein affair was proof of this with Epstein’s mountain of blackmail now in FBI vaults, never to see the light of day unless needed to wreck some scumbag’s career if he strays too far off the reservation. This is what Our Greatest Ally is counting on when they get their nuts in a vise.

      ” . . . Nice political career you’ve got there Senator. The only thing worse than those pictures of you with those teenage girls are the ones of you with teenage boys. If they ever got published . . . but that’s why I am your friend. I know the right people who can prevent that and I will because I believe in Good Government. . . . Now if you can do one small favor for me , , ,”

      That’s how it works, right or wrong, lots of bribery, too.

      . . . and Dementia Joe was asleep on the couch in the Oval Office when the big decisions were made, he has no clue.

  2. Rumor has it that jwz are flooding out of israhell.

    “Israel in intercepting the missiles and drones and succeeded in shooting down most of them.”
    Yeh, that’s the jwz narrative. What’s the truth ?

    Israhell wants to keep escalating this conflict so they can pull the US into the fight, to wreck Iran.

  3. These days, these things are impossible to predict.
    Several years ago, I’d say they’ll probably work something out, but nowadays?
    Anything’s possible, a nothing burger, WW3, and anything in between those two ends of the spectrum.

    I mean a Israel is committing a GENOCIDE in Gaza right now and they simply do not care what the world thinks of them, so if that’s on the table, everything is.
    Meanwhile for the first time in decades, Europe is at war with itself.

    We’ll just have to wait and see…Netanyahu is giving mixed responses but a regime that’s capable of genocide is capable of anything.
    And America is still the world’s superpower altho its power appears to be rapidly waning, and it’s still a Zionist Occupied Government.
    Great powers well into the process of decline often do desperate things to maintain hegemony.

    This may be go time for America, Israel and their hegemony, do or die, either contain their enemies now, or be overrun by them later, that appears to me to be what’s happening.

    • Israel is probably threatening to use its nukes against Iran unless the U.S. Government pays them off. This payoff i.e. “nuclear blackmail” technique was used effectively against President Nixon in Oct. 1973 during the Yom Kippur War so why not use it again? This time things have changed and Israel will probably end up using its nukes anyway against Iran and Hezbollah with unforeseen consequences.

      The blackmail payoff demand will not be just money and weapons but also an agreement to take in Gaza refugees. Dementia Joe doesn’t want this announced before the ridiculous election for obvious reasons. Think how much each 100 yards of beachfront property would be worth if they can get rid of those pesky locals, one way or another.

  4. Breaking-No Rapture Express (RE) on radar.
    Brandon befuddled baffled after bathing on beach for start of WWIII.
    Handlers still in middle of big bong hit in the Frankfurt faculty lounge.

  5. “The Netanyahu government in Israel threatens an overwhelming response on Iranian soil.
    Last night, the Biden administration announced that it would not support an Israeli attack on Iran, and the Israeli government appeared to be backing down and “taking the win.”
    I was extremely skeptical that Israel would continue to show such restraint.
    As of this afternoon, it seems the Israeli government is planning to retaliate after all.”

    Netanyahu WILL strike Iran; he’s one of these Krazy Kikes who believes that the Jew’s “Militant Messiah” has yet to arrive and only by unleashing holy hell will jews be victorious. He’s as nutty as squirrels’ shit.

    • Some of these Arab states are discovering the secret recipe.

      Take some of that oil wealth, hire German and Russian engineers along with tacticians, create weapons and tactics that overpower zogs greatest ally.

      Keep hiring bright Europeans, rinse and repeat

  6. It’s ironic that the people who inflicted diversity upon us are now being bitten in the ass by their diversity pets. Had there been no Hart-Celler Act in 1965 the filthy wogs would never have been let into the U.S. The wogs now have Dementia Joe backed into a corner, either opposing his policies in the Near East or simply unwilling to support another GloboHomo Empire war. The Usual Suspects could have kept their parasitical racket, including unrestricted military support for Our Greatest Ally’s wars going but their incessant desire to wreck nations has broken formerly undivided Democrat support for them.

    The Republicans led by Trump are hopeless of course, demanding the U.S. support an Israeli attack upon Iran. In reality this means a U.S. attack upon Iran since Our Greatest Ally simply intends to leave that chestnut for the U.S. to crack. One domestic political problem with this evil strategy is that the U.S. doesn’t have a military capable of sustaining such a large war especially with all its other military commitments. The U.S. Government would have to invoke conscription again for the first time since Jan. 1973 when it ended as the Vietnam War ended.

    Conscription became an albatross around the neck of the U.S. Government, especially that notorious scumbag LBJ forcing him from the 1968 presidential race. President Nixon reduced conscription, finally ending it in Jan. 1973 because it was political poison. Conscription would be as unpopular today as it was then especially with the diversity. the truth is there is nothing to defend, nothing worth supporting in the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire that wants legacy Americans AKA Real Americans dead, six feet under anyway.

  7. Second thought:

    “Israel in intercepting the missiles and drones and succeeded in shooting down most of them.”

    They shot down the decoys that were meant to overwhelm their air defenses so the actual attack rockets could penetrate their systems and hit the intended targets.

    Seems that a major israhell airbase took several direct hits.

    • @Arrian,
      Yeah that’s interesting to know. It serves to remind you that you can never trust the official reports, and that you need to delve deeper.

  8. “Israel bombs the Iranian embassy in Syria and kills several high ranked Iranian military advisors. I ignored the story because in my judgment nothing had happened”:

    The U.sury S.ystem WANTS you to ignore all its wars and think that nothing happened. National embassies and diplomats are inviolable (until now) under international law, and at the United Nations the next day, only the U.S. and its colony Israel claimed that “nothing had happened.” The U.S. runs the U.N. which did absolutely nothing about it (the U.N. does NOTHING that the U.S. doesn’t want it to do), so Iran was forced to enforce the international law.

    “Iran gets very angry about the Israeli airstrike and vows to retaliate”:

    An attack on a nation’s embassy, or on diplomats on a diplomatic mission (remember when the U.S. assassinated Soleimani when he was travelling on a diplomatic peace mission?) is exactly the same under international law as an invasion of a nation’s sovereign territory. Besides, there is also an international law REQUIRING every nation to take action to stop a genocide, which only little Yemen, and now Iran, have obeyed. The U.S. and its chief colony (Israel) and the UK and other U.S. satellites are doing the exact opposite: they are COMMITTING the genocide.

    Anglo-Zionist imperialism is unfazed by Iran’s retaliation yesterday, and logically so. Endless imperialist war must continue as long as the capitalist system exists. The mass media “news” organs of the U.sury S.ystem make it clear that the genocide of indigenous Palestinians will continue at full force (many more Palestinian men, women and children were slaughtered today in Gaza, and also in the West Bank); Israeli (U.S.) missiles and bombs landed throughout Lebanon today; the U.S. is deploying even more of its military to the region today; the ridiculous U.S.-run “United Nations” will condemn the victims today and continue to do nothing to help the victim nations; and the “democratic” U.S.-installed and supported puppet regime that runs Egypt, and “royal” puppet run Jordan, and “House of Saud” mafia-run Arabia will remain on the side of the U.S. against the will of their own people and ignoring the international law that requires every nation to do all it can to try to stop any genocide happening anywhere in the world. The war-mongering, Mammon-worshipping population (I don’t call it a people) of the U.S. “homeland” is pleased with the war and evangelical so-called “Christian” churches are preaching and praying in support of it. Censorship of any effective dissident online speech and banning and arrests of anti-war and anti-genocide protesters will increase as the war escalates.

    White Nationalist far-right conservatives really LOVE to see “inferior, subhuman animal” Brown-skinned people (and Yellow-skinned and Black-skinned people) being exterminated, but now they are wavering in giving their support to the genocide of Palestine, because they hate Jews as much as they hate the “brown, sand n—–” Palestinians, Lebanese, Yeminis, Syrians and Iranians. WN’s are also wavering in support of the war to destroy “mixed, multi-racial orc” Russia completely and remove the last trace and memory of communism where it began, because of their anti-Semitism – because Zelensky is Jewish. White Nationalism is an essential arm of the capitalist imperialist system. It has an important, vital role in distracting the masses from and taking the place of real socialism that the masses would otherwise embrace. If WN did not exist, the system would need to create it. Note well that White Nationalists do not actively protest against these wars. They are effectively “neutral,” just like the puppet rulers of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Those who are not against the system are for it.

    Brian Berletic gives the best explanation of the war that I have found so far. I agree with Berletic that Hamas is really part of the system, NOT for the Palestinian people. It is a “Brown nationalist” version of White nationalism, a conservative capitalist organization managed by superwealthy elites based in Qatar and UAE. But Palestinians still chose Hamas because it was the least evil choice they were allowed to have in their last U.S.-controlled “election.” Frustrated, suffering people habitually swing to the far right when there is no left. The U.S. will no more allow a socialist party to rise in Palestine than it would allow it to develop in the Israeli part of the colony. Here is the excellent (in my opinion) Berletic video:

  9. The latest crisis that ain’t. Tomorrow it will be something else, and then something else, on and on.

  10. Not really. Iran’s response was largely theatre. They are the ones showing restraint. It might have been a kind of test of Israel’s AD system to prepare for something a lot bigger. Depending on how much influence they have over their fellow Shiites Hezbollah, the real response would come from there rather than from drones and cruise missiles launched from hundreds of miles away. The Imperial Panopticon would give Israel plenty of advance warning of any significant swarm coming their way from Iran, as it no doubt did yesterday.

    • Yes, warning shot. They showed that they could cluster ballistic missiles in the same spot. This means they can hit what they are aiming at. Bad for Jews. I doubt it will stop them though. They are mentally ill and their long reign without anyone stopping them has the psychopaths overconfident, as they always are.

  11. its not about Iran attacking us, its about Biden !

    “Opinion | Biden Shrinks Medicare Advantage”

    President Biden keeps accusing Republicans of trying to gut Medicare. No doubt he hopes seniors don’t notice that his Administration recently cut payments to Medicare Advantage plans, which will lead to higher patient costs and reduced benefits.

    About half of seniors are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, which are administered by private insurers with government funding. These plans have been increasing in popularity, especially among lower-income Americans, because they offer additional benefits such as dental and vision care. Out-of-pocket costs tend to be lower than in traditional fee-for-service Medicare….

  12. That’s probably the smartest thing that old Joe has ever done. He’s really just thinking about re-election, though. An ongoing war with Iran during election time would mean high fuel prices, probable stonk market mayhem, and lots of Muslim/sympathizer rage.

  13. You mentioned that hardly a week goes by without Israel launching some attack, so you were uninterested in its attack on Iran’s irregular warfare and terror branch commanders in Damascus the other week. I am curious as to know why you aren’t interested in the attacks Iran launches in the Middle East as well. Hardly a day, let alone a week goes by without Iran attacking some US or US affiliated target not only in the Middle East but even in Latin America by Iran. Israel’s attacks have always been retaliatory in nature, including in killing Iranian WMD mad scientists and engineers, usually assisted or directed by the US. The world is a very dangerous place, and probably more dangerous now than anytime since WWII. Being bored with it merely makes the Dissident Right ignorant fools to what is going on and often dupes to foreign powers. You might not be interested in the world, but it is interested in you.

    • Oh the western “intelligence community’s” line of ayotollahs aren’t complying anymore, uh oh.

    • Israel is a nation founded by terrorist thugs, based upon mythology thousands of years old. According to the mythology, it was founded on land theft and genocide the first time around, too.

    • More evidence of the superior ingenuity/creativity of the “Aryan” Anglo-Zionist race:
      “Israeli forces are broadcasting the recorded sounds of women screaming and children crying in order to lure civilians out from under cover in order to shoot them. The Euro-Med Human rights Monitor reported (…) the sound of women screaming and babies crying was heard late at night on both Sunday and Monday. When some of the residents went out to investigate and tried to help, they were shot at by Israeli quadcopter drones. The sounds they had heard were, in fact, recordings played by the Israeli drones with the intent of forcing the camp’s residents out into the streets, where they could be easily targeted by snipers and other weaponry”:

      Bear in mind that many of these highly-skilled snipers murdering Palestinian women and children are mercenaries hailing from the U.S. More than one third of the foreign mercenaries participating in the genocide are U.S. citizens, and the requirement of dual citizenship to wear the IDF uniform has been relaxed.

      The U.sury S.ystem’s Hollywood “culture” softpower that corrupts the world is failing as it is being challenged by expressions of real nations’ re-emerging consciousness of the true nature (satanic) of the forces that are constantly attacking them. The Korean nation learned once and never forgot it, but the Chinese people, who were temporarily snowed by Hollywood’s propaganda for several decades, are re-learning it now. The evil spell of Hollywood “culture” is beginning to wear off, and they are making their own movies about the “democratic, humanitarian” Aryn, Anglo-Zionist West, that show its real nature and intentions. Some recent examples: and And finally, in response to the statement that “Israel’s attacks have always been retaliatory in nature”: The endless attacks of U.S./Anglo-Zionist imperialism including the actions of its chief colony are always AGGRESSIVE, NOT retaliatory.

      • I recommend to you “The Children of Vietnam” by William Pepper, which I read recently: You can see there is NO difference between what the U.sury S.ystem did to the Vietnamese people fifty years ago and what it has been doing to the Palestinian people.
        “No one can read this article by Mr. William Pepper and not be horrified by the atrocities that are daily being committed in our name. The war in Vietnam has reached its ultimate and most barbarous stage, with the massiveness of American firepower being brought to bear in rural areas occupied largely by women and children. The statistics are monstrous. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese children have been terribly burned by American napalm and are receiving scandalously inadequate treatment. Many are gradually dying. A quarter of a million children are already dead in this wasteful war, and another three-quarters of a million have been wounded or maimed since 1961. This destruction of children is not one of those ‘sad but inescapable accidents of war.’ It is a direct and necessary result of the Johnson Administration’s policy of unrestricted bombing….” Fifty years ago, you “superior Aryan race”-ists laughed at the “gooks” and their “yellow, gook babies” that you were killing and maiming, just like you laugh now at your current victims: the Palestinian “Sand N——,” as you call them, being butchered, blown up or starved to death. The global capitalist empire, the U.S., does NOT “trust in God” as it claims on the face of its money. It trusts in Money, the Almighty Dollar, which it never runs out of and gives it the ultimate power.

      • Lots of deliberate lefteing lies here. The same literal accusation was made against US snipers including of all people Chris Kyle. The left has a deep reservoir of villainous lies theyve used in every conflict they’ve been involved in since the early 1900s including in Vietnam. This despite the fact that history has shown they project their own deeds upon their enemies and deny that they are the aggressor, such as denying that Israel’s actions have been retaliatory in nature. They use this same logic when claiming that the US was established as an aggressive White colonialist state just like Israel, forgetting that it was the Indian nations around Jamestown and Plymouth which drew first blood in savage treacherous terror, much like the savage treacherous terror of Hamas on October 07.


    Lot of people claim that Iran had such technological advantage that even war hawks freaked out.

    The other thing is that someone woking behind the scenes and giving amnesty. Quit treason and you will walk away with Epstein videos and other shit.

    Putin did this back in 2001. Quit treason, retire and we will forgive and forget and you will live comfortable life. Yeltsin took this offer and thousands more so Jewry lost all it’s network

  15. It was beyond ballsy for israel to hit Irans embassy like it did. If I recall, the building they bombed was feet from the canadian embassy lol.

    We did our part to make sure an ally, albeit an obnoxious one, didn’t lose face, and Biden actually sounds like he made a good call telling Israel thats it, no further.

    If the baddies want to open another front in the war of economic attrition, let them. It wouldn’t bother me in the least to see both countries humiliated and set back a generation or two for all the grief they’ve collectively caused us.

    The entire region is getting filled up with uppity ambitious dictators all lining up for handouts from china.

    • They didn’t hit the embassy. They hit an annex building next door. Numerous countries use annexes as a means both to deal with overcrowding as well as do operations that are diplomatically unethical or illegal but since not at an embassy, giving plausible deniability. So, no, it wasn’t balsy, they were just shutting down an illegal terror headquarters.

      • “They didn’t hit the embassy. They hit an annex”:

        “Just” an embassy annex. They didn’t strike the Orthodox church in Gaza either, just an annex. They didn’t bomb the hospital where hundreds were sheltering, just the courtyard in the middle of the hospital, the exact spot where the crowd was sheltering. What would happen if an Israeli or U.S. embassy was bombed? What excuse would you create for that? None of course! You claim that Israel “only retaliates,” and that all White Nationalists “should ally with it”!

        • Such accusations have been disproven. But, yes, White Nationalists should ally with Israel on most issues, both as a White colonial settler state, and the most European state in the Middle East, outside of Cyprus.

          If they would have done so in the past instead of building Mormon-Papist-Pagan-Athrist Spencer’s new Imperium, or christening the Gay Grand Papist Inquisitor Fuentes as “Baby Hitler, the American White Nationalist movement would have had great success over the years.

          Take a loom at how well White Nationalist parties have done in Europe, and all are allied with Israel, such as Gert Wilder’s Party, the Swedish Democrats, Lega Nord, etc. Even the Polok Nationalists figured out how to ally with Israel. But American ones? Still larping for Hitler and celebrating his birthday like in a Mel Brooke’s movie.

          • “Take a look at how well White Nationalist parties have done in Europe, and all are allied with Israel, such as Gert Wilder’s Party, the Swedish Democrats….”

            Those parties have NOT done well, not by any sane and moral measure. The White Right of Europe is allowed to flourish because it has a vital role to play in conserving the system. You are correct that the White Right and Zionism belong together. They are of the same evil substance.

  16. In Australia, we have a phrase:- quit while you’re ahead. Israel is ahead, now just quit!
    Again, the US, UK and France were involved in the defence, whilst Jews in their countries do everything possible to ensure they become diverse. Oh the irony!
    The US has correctly told Israel they’re on their own if they take things further.
    Let’s see where it goes.

    • They won’t stop. These scum have the Old Testament mentality. Their god is a god of genocide and theft. They want war.

  17. Israel asked at ONU to condemn Iran’s attack……..Iran said that acted in self defense and that it doesn’t want war.

  18. These goofy wars have almost no popular support, even in Israel itself. The people running the world right now are irrational gamblers but even they can see the writing on the wall.

    Take the L.

    • “running the world right now are irrational gamblers”

      Who cares, the chips are free, they’re called ‘gentiles’.

  19. I don’t know. It would seem that Israel “owes” Iran several dead high ranking military men. To me, it seems both this conflict (including Gaza) and the Russ-Uke one are being conducted in very unusual ways.

    • I agree. Most probably, Israel will begin taking out Iranian leaders in the way they took out scientists and engineers. Tue aim is toppling of the regime.

      • Lie after lie, but with a little truth mixed in to make the lie (poison) palatable. In this one it is TRUE that the U.S. has been trying to overthrow the Islamic revolutionary republic of Iran (for over forty years, ever since the Iranian people revolted and ousted the Shah) but the republic is NOT a “regime”!

        The Shah dictatorship installed by the U.S. (and UK) to replace the democratically-elected Mosaddegh presidency that the U.S. overthrew WAS a regime. The bloody Shah dictatorship allied with Israel/U.S. to oppose Russia, oppress the Iranian people and steal Iranian oil and other natural resources. But you already knew that.

        • “In this one it is TRUE that the U.S. has been trying to overthrow the Islamic revolutionary republic of Iran (for over forty years, ever since the Iranian people revolted and ousted the Shah) but the republic is NOT a “regime”!”

          The Mullahs are a regime by every sense of the word. They do not have historical precedence in Iranian ruling history. They came to power through a revolutionary coup de etat, and have run Iran as a kind of theocratic state and power similar to how the Papacy runs the Vatican and the Catholic Church without regard to acceptable norma of international relations. This is why Papists like the Gay Grand Inquisitor look to Iran for inspiration in forming their own Buggering Bishop run Christian Empire. Fuentes fancies himself as some sort of Papist mobster running an empire with Bishops instead of mullahs as the supreme authority. That’s why he liked Iran.

          “The Shah dictatorship installed by the U.S. (and UK) to replace the democratically-elected Mosaddegh presidency that the U.S. overthrew WAS a regime.”

          Neither the US nor UK created the Shah. The Shah’s have existed for centuries, and even theoretically can claim to be the oldest single governing institution in the world. Mossedeg was a political mobster. He ordered the assassination of his predecessor and removed his predecessor’s successor by force on a coup. His party stole the subsequent election in the same way the Democrats steal elections every single election. His party ran a criminal enterprise with the objective of stealing the property of British persons solely because they were White, European Christian, and foreign.

          Everyone talks about the CIA’s role in overthrowing Mossedeg. The reality is more prosaic. Mossedeg’s party was just one faction of Iranian mobsters. The agency managed to peel away some of those mobsters, link them with others, and together with the British and their supporters, fought back with their own mob tactics.

          The British found this distasteful given the precedence and actually wanted a more straightforward assault mean to smash Mossedeg’s mobsters with the might of Western forces. This was viewed as antiquated by most of agency, and so the British went along with a more covert campaign.

          Eventually, the upheavals in the political class, roots in the streets, and exposures of Mossedeg’s criminal activities caused the Shah to order intervention. Mossedeq was arrested, tried for high crimes and treason, found guilty and imprisoned for life. The Shah was ruler before, during and after Mossedeg. Parliament continued after Mossedeg. So, no there was no regime, except in the sense of a ministerial regime or court regime serving the Shah.

          In contrast, the Mullahs and their Iranian mobster backed allies were and are a true regime, because they eliminated the enitre institutions of government in Iran. The Mullahs basically trash canned the recent Constitional government created in the early 1900s, and even eliminated the centuries old institution of the Shah. They replaced it all with an Islamic Theocratic state, in which religious Mullahs were the supreme body, and the state run bureaucracy of institutionalized mobsters served them. Thousands of years of Iranian social and governmental history was lobotomized by a fanatical group of wierdows, much like the commies did to Russia.

          “The bloody Shah dictatorship allied with Israel/U.S. to oppose Russia, oppress the Iranian people and steal Iranian oil and other natural resources. But you already knew that.”

          No, that is a lie, but I know the lie exists. The Anglo-Iranian company was a British company and one of the largest in the world. Like other British firms, it lost out to Anglophobic hysteria pushed by the Iranian mob. Even though most of the Iranian mobsters political boy was imprisoned and Anglo-Iranian restored, the Americans and the Shah exacted a price. The British were now a minority in their own company, with the US and Shah having equal shares of the company with the British. But, Iran got 50% of the profit with the Shah getting a huge chunk of that. The Iranian mobsters didn’t like that though. They wanted it all. So, they bid their time, until they slowly gained more and more power in the Shah’s court and allied more and more with the Mullahs. Eventually, with the Mullahs help, the Iranian mobsters overthrew Shah and took everything. Today, all of the British created wealth in Iran, including the Anglo-Iranian company, as well as all other wealth, is split between the Mullahs and the Iranian mobsters. In turn, the later run a global criminal empire behind the facade of Iranian Shia Islamism. It’s sick.

          There is no class oppression in this real history. There is no pure Brown people standing up for equality against Aryan Capitalism in this fake Iranian history of yours. In really, its just criminal third world shit bags eliminating not only the last vestiges of Western civilization but Aryan tradition and seizing it for their self aggradnizement and petty imperial projects. You live in a Marxist-Lenninist-Socialist fantasy world that is deluded of reality. The only ones who gain anything from its perspective are third world powers and mobsters.

          • Re: “The Shah’s have existed for centuries, and even theoretically can claim to be the oldest single governing institution in the world”:

            You are dishonest or miseducated. “Shah” is just a title. There is no such lineage. Iranian people suffered for centuries under “Shahs” like Tibetans suffered under Lamas.

            I am well aware that “the Shah” was not the first PAHLAVI Shah. The Shah’s “noble lineage” goes back to just one previous Shah, who took power in 1925 after the British invasion in WW1 and remained in power through WW2, when he didn’t help the NAZIs at all but didn’t obey the British well enough, so Iran was again invaded. Your “history” of Iran is all anti-Iranian propaganda that I’ve seen before. I will agree that Iran has “mobsters” (aka capitalists or oligarchs) too, just like the U.S.-Israel, but it is honestly trying to be a sovereign, socialist nation, and has a lot more socialism and less “mobsterism” (capitalism) than U.S.-Israeli global imperial mobsterism would ever admit. Read Ramin Mazaheri’s “Socialism’s Ignored Success: Iranian Islamic Socialism.” It is perfectly clear that the U.S.-Israel simply wants to destroy Iranian socialism and take full control of its natural resources and “human resources.” The U.S.-Israel intends to give the Iranian people another Shah, like all the other Middle Eastern countries managed by puppet regimes.

          • “this fake Iranian history of yours”:

            I encourage everyone here to READ FOR YOURSELVES the history of Iran in the twentieth century, to know whether what I wrote is really “fake history” or the truth. Even biased (against Iran) mainstream accounts such as Wikipedia’s history of Iran contradict your portrayal of Mohammad Mossadegh as a “mobster,” who in fact received the greatest possible (over 90%) support of the Iranian people for his socialistic reforms, until he was removed by the U.S. in a brilliantly executed CIA operation (“Ajax”) involving crippling economic sanctions (doesn’t that sound familiar?), a long embargo/blockade, hired proxies, bribed betrayers, and relentless waves of fake news and false flag psychological warfare. Your denial of what the U.S. (and UK) did to Mohammad Mosaaddegh and Iran in the twentieth century is the same as your denials of what your “Aryan,” Judeo-“Christian” global capitalist-imperialist system is OBVIOUSLY doing now (because this time the whole world actually SEES it) to Palestine, Russia, Syria, Iran, China….

            “The Shah was ruler before, during and after Mossedeg”:

            Mosaddegh was in government BEFORE the young Shah (second member of the Pahlavi dynasty) was installed by Western imperialism in 1941, and the Shah was also NOT around, having fled abroad in fear of the people’s wrath, when Mosaddegh, promoted from Prime Minister to president/people’s dictatorship made revolutionary anti-feudal, anti-royal, anti-imperialist anti-capitalist reforms, by dictate for the benefit of the people. The CIA re-installed the Shah, who had to be forced to come back to Iran.

            “Socialist fantasy world”:

            No. It is seeing the REALITY of the world. You want people to live in the fantasy world of Aryan supremacy, distracting them from seeing their real problem of class exploitation.

            Re: “Iranians are a hodgepodge of Kurdish, Turkish, Turkified, Arab, and Arabacized peoples”:

            You portray the U.S.’s Khazarkrainian proxy (“Ukraine”) as a White Christian nation, versus Russia as racially and religiously mixed. You note that many IDF soldiers look Nordic, whereas Palestinians are “brown,” “Sand Ni—–.” Israel is said to full of Christians whereas Palestine has few and Gaza has none. Many White people are flattered by the fantasy of their Aryan racial superiority, and don’t realize they are falling for, being defeated by, a very old psychological war tactic.

  20. The snake himself is now on trial, in the heart of Gomorrah City. This is great theatre. Ten times better than some crypto’s civil war movie.

  21. From what I’ve read it seems like the Iranians are using the Russian playbook of using inexpensive drones to thin out AAW resources while saving their main punch for later. Using $2+ million missiles to down $10-15k drones will only work for a while especially when you consider the long lead time to replace the missiles. Apparently the Iranians used some hypersonics as well and they are what got through. One attack and it costs the Israelis only $1.0-1.3 billion (really you and me) to stop it. The funny thing is how the words Ukraine and Taiwan are completely missing now from any mainstream news. Zog has issued its marching orders and it all for Israel now.

    • Be fair, Chamberlain and Hitler had an agreement not to attack civilians or urban areas, that’s the reason it was called ‘the phoney war’, no one was getting killed.

      Churchill came in and instantly started bombing cities and civilians.

      • Wrong! Nazi Germany initiated the first mass carpet bombings of civilian cities as way back as the Spanish Civil War. Other cities like Rotterdam and Warsaw where all obliterated by Nazi German Luffwaffe as part of Hitler’s terror campaign.

    • @Charlie,
      In a show of religious simping, this preacher forgives his attacker an see’s him as his ‘son’. An effeminate, pathetic response. Before forgiveness takes place, one must repent.
      The rioters had the right idea, responding quickly and harshly. The attacker somehow had a finger severed by his own knife during his apprehension by parishioners. They then went on to assault police and damage police cars as they saw them only as protector’s of the would be murderer. Stabby was protected like a new born baby whilst police treated the people who detained him, as criminals.
      With the Australian justice system the way it is, the perp will likely get five minutes community service…… suspended.

  22. As I mentioned in a still unpublished comment, Israel’s attacks on Iranian proxies are in retaliation for those proxies waging war on US and Israeli assets, personnel, and territory. The recent bombing by Israel of Iranian generals will help explain how Israel will likely respond to this new attack given Biden pressure for Israel to take one for the team.

    Iran has an entire branch of its military dedicated to irregular warfare and terrorism. This branch is the size of an army and spreads its operatives across the globe from Indonesia to Latin America to Europe and of course the Middle East. These cadres engage in organized crime to take control of the underworld, smuggling especially to move arms, and training as force multipliers for large proxy armies. The later include but are not limited to Houthis, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

    All of the later have been attacking for decades and recently launched their war on Israel and its allies including the US. Those are all directed by Iranian officers and generals. Most recently the high command of this irregular warfare and terror branch met at a special annex outside of the Iranian embassy so said embassy could claim plausible deniability diplomatically. Israel attacked that annexe and killed the most senior leaders of Iran’s irregular warfare and terror branch since Soulemani.

    Despite the ongoing war on Israel by Iran, this is the first time Israel had directly attacked Iranian’s irregular warfare and terror leadership. Iran, accordingly decided to launch a direct attack on Israel from Iran. This attack wasn’t using proxies, it wasn’t covert action, it wasn’t using irregular warfare units, it was using ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and heavy drones in the hundreds.

    Despite the size and direction of the attack, the Biden Administration was undoubtedly involved in discussions with Iran to limit its responses to stop escalating war in the region. But, the attack was still massiv. Israel of course is going to respond. But, again, the Biden Administration is in discussions with Israel to limit its responses to stop the escalation of war.

    Netanyahu has already told the Biden Administration to go fuck itself. However, Netanyahu is leading a minority party which is now in union with a national unity government including liberals and labour. These later groups are Democrat Party proxies in Israel. Consequently, it is likely they will manage to limit Netenyahu’s responses. The later being an experienced special forces soldier, combat arms officer, and war minister is the Churchill of modern Israel to WWII’s UK.

    Netenyahu’s likely response was to launch combined air, land, and sea attacks on Iran’s suspected nuclear, biological, and chemical facilities and the general staff of Iran, and do so using submarine launched ballistic missiles, and possibly other Iranian proxies in the area. Thanks to Biden’s Administration being filled with fellow travellers of the Dissident Right, its subsequent pressure to not respond, and its influence with the liberal left of Israel’s Unity government, this is unlikely to happen. The more likely operation will be more limited.

    However, it will also likely include targeted killing of leaders of Iran’s special warfare and terror branch on a widespread scale. Imagine the Israeli response to the Munich Olympic massacre but at a faster response and more widespread in its casualties, including direct assaults on Iranian military, intelligence, and commercial assets in and around Iran. Biden’s sole objective is to limit the fire he’s appeasement and villainous government has spread throughout the world so he can get elected and stop Trump. Netanyahu is unlikely to wait that long to respond with assaults on Iranians across the world.
    “Its better to start a war than wait for it to attack you.”-Old Roman Proverb

    • But aren’t many Iranians Aryan, or Indo-Aryans? Many have Caucasian appearance, have high average IQ, and are able to design and launch satellites into space. If “Aryans” are the superior, noble race, why then are you demonizing Iranian Aryans and calling for their destruction? Something doesn’t add up here.

      Re: destroying “Iran’s suspected nuclear, biological, and chemical facilities”:

      Remember all the LIES that were being spewed about Iraq’s, and ‘Syria’s, supposedly “known” nuclear, biological and chemical weapons? But the Israel-U.S. (the two are one) Anglo-Zionist Aryan Global Hegemon DOES have nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. So why are you not calling for the destruction of those REAL Weapons of Mass Destruction?

      “better to start a war than wait for it”:

      You know what starts ALL the wars! The global capitalist system, based primarily in New York, London and Washington, will NEVER stop (because it CANNOT stop) It’s endless imperialist warfare (hot, cold, financial, psychological, proxy and hybrid wars) to control all natural resources and “human resources” (people) of the entire world! For the wicked, there is no peace.

      • “But aren’t many Iranians Aryan, or Indo-Aryans? Many have Caucasian appearance, have high average IQ, and are able to design and launch satellites into space. If “Aryans” are the superior, noble race, why then are you demonizing Iranian Aryans and calling for their destruction? Something doesn’t add up here.”

        First, while we hold to an understanding of White or Aryan or European or Christian Civilization, we don’t hold to the White Race Is Be All Of End All regarding domestic and foreign relations.

        Second, the Indo-Iranians and Indo-Aryan race is directly related to the European races, they are heavily mixed with subject nations they conquered or assimilated. Although assuredly even more “White” than today, the Persians were considered Orientalized by even the ancient Hellenes in the Greco-Persian Wars. The Hellenes recognized they were the West and the Persians were the East and made statements to such an effect at the Battle of Thermopolae with the Spartans in the vangaurd.

        Third, the present day Iranians are a hodgepodge of Kurdish, Turkish, Turkified, Arab, and Arabacized peoples with a heavily mixed Persian population overlaying it.

        Fourthly, most Indo-European or Aryan cultural behaviors the Persians had was virtually smothered and semeticized by Islam. The later is even more Semitic than present day Judaism and thus was more destructive to the Aryan mind and body than even the “Duh, Jews” section can contemplate what might be done by Jews.

        Fifthly, Iran is an ancient power with often a long and antagonistic historical role with Western and Eastern European powers. In fact, Russia has the most direct antagonistic history with Iran, having fought some very long and devastating wars with Iran.

        Consequently, although Iran does have a long and complicated relationship with European civilization, it is enough on the margins to have earned itself an “otherness” not usually given to even the worst European states. Thus, its totally feasible for present day European civilization influenced states as well as presumed “Aryan” believers, to consider war a legitimate option against Iran.

        “Remember all the LIES that were being spewed about Iraq’s, and ‘Syria’s, supposedly “known” nuclear, biological and chemical weapons?”

        Actually, Iraq and Iran did have biological and chemical weapons and were building nuclear weapons.

        “But the Israel-U.S. (the two are one) Anglo-Zionist Aryan Global Hegemon DOES have nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. So why are you not calling for the destruction of those REAL Weapons of Mass Destruction?”

        In a world with 7,500,000,000 people of color with a history of savagery, terror, and warfare without distinction, it would be beyond unwise for little nations such as the US to give up nuclear weapons.

        “You know what starts ALL the wars! The global capitalist system, based primarily in New York, London and Washington, will NEVER stop (because it CANNOT stop) It’s endless imperialist warfare (hot, cold, financial, psychological, proxy and hybrid wars) to control all natural resources and “human resources” (people) of the entire world! For the wicked, there is no peace.”

        Thats just delusional Marxist-Lenninist-Socialism talking.

        • “we don’t hold to the White Race Is Be All Of End All regarding domestic and foreign relations”:

          Like some Aryan White Nationalists say “the Japanese are Aryans.” Maybe because they were allied with Germany, and because they have been fully obedient to the U.S. since that time. As long as they are fully integrated into, obediently allied with the system, they will be treated pretty well, and used as proxies against the empires victims like Japan is being prepared to use against China.

  23. Now and then I wonder if the Republican Party can actually get any lower. They want to bank roll Israel starving civilians to death, denying water and medical care. Unbelievable! They had a perfect opportunity to defund FISA and they blew that too.
    They knew the intelligence people used FISA to spy on Trump and others, Trump isn’t a foreign spy whatever you might think of him. I’m beginning to see why people get tired of all the crap and just stop voting.

    I’ve heard that congress is buying a new head quarters for the FBI, they’re pathetic.

  24. Looking at a site linked at Vox Day, videos show the Iranians hit the targets they specified with ballistic missiles. A very clear warning, and surprising capabilities that the Jews have no defense against.

    Iranians 1
    clown world globalhomo 0

    • All manner of advanced US installations are set up in ‘muh Izrahell’ to defend the precious ones from those mean Ayatollahs. Meanwhile the precious ones and their many shabbas-goyim continue to hold the border open for an ongoing invasion while shills for Globo-Pedo like like AGB continue to vomit their sea of bullshit here. Murikan, Brit, French, Jordan and Saudi all participated in attempting to down the Iranian drones, cruise and ballistic missiles. Iran even have them a day and a half advance warning so Schlomo could avoid any IDF goons getting killed. Despite all this and the great Panopticon, missiles got through – more than the Empire of Lies and its friends admit too. Iran isn’t leading the charge to exterminate whites, are they? Three guesses who is, and the first three don’t count.

  25. I forgot to add now that Hezbalooh has them on the ground in the north stalemated, Hamas appears to have stalemated them in Gaza, and the Iranians have them with ballistic missiles they are in quite a bit of trouble. They no longer control the situation. Others can “choose” when they want to strike them. They have lost choice in the matter to strike without consequence.

    Remains to be seen what they will do in the US. It’s a very bad time for them to be fomenting more trouble in the US, undermining whatever, small support they do have. And the support here becomes smaller and smaller every day.

    • Sam J does have a point. Israel’s freedom of action is decreasing, not just abroad but here in the US as well. A significant anti-Israeli alliance has been built between some Dissident Rightists and Dissident Leftists which gravitate around Anti-semitism First (AF). Dissident Rightists, especially among the Gay Grand Inquisitor’s AF movement have participated in most Pro-Hamas demonstrations. Fascinatingly, it appears the Biden Administration is actually encouraging and even possibly funding these activities as a means of disrupting the Rightwing support for Trump and sowing chaos and confusion among the Republican led foreign policy practitioners.

      For example, we know that Biden has declared war on the rightwing calling them White Supremacists. In turn, Dissident Rightist Fuentes issued a fatwa, declaring holy war on Israel also just months prior to the Oct 7 massacre. This heavily distracted and divided the rightwing thereby helping to damage the Republican led pro-Israel coalition.

      Simultaneously, its now become public that prior to the October 7 massacre Biden has been funding Hamas itself directly. While the Left’s aid for Hamas is well known, it wasn’t until Obama himself directed the creation of an international aid alliance which directed funding to Hamas that the US directly funded Hamas.

      However, once it became apparent those funds went to building fortifications, tunnels, and weaponry the aid alliance was suspended by Trump. In turn, to stop this from happening again, a new law was passed by the Republican Congress strictly prohibiting aid to Hamas. At the time, this law was heavily criticized by Fuentes and his crypto-homosexual AF movement.

      Not surprisingly, many commentators here likewise demanded that Hamas receive “humanitarian ” support even after Oct 07. The combination of rightists and leftists was disconcerting. Subseqiently, Biden indeed ignored that law and transfered at least $1,500,000,000 federal dollars to Hamas.

      In response, Stephan Miller, the former Duke Lacrosse dude and former student ally of disgraced Alt-Right Richard Spencer, launched an investigation. Miller using America First Legal (no relation to Papist crypto-homo network AF) and joined by Congressman Ronnie Jackson, claimed a lawsuit against Judeo-Catholics Biden and Blanken for knowingly and unlawfully” provided more than $1.5 billion in aid to Gaza. Discovery has a chance to show the extend of coordination between elements in the Dissident Right and the Biden Administration.

      There has been a history of various Dissident Rightists, ranging from Fuentes to Keith Woods, signaling almost on cue, talking points which disrupt foreign policy oriented Republican led coalitions and which echo initiatives by the far leftist Judeo-Catholic led Biden Administration. This is especially true regarding Israel which now faces both regular and irregular conflict.

      Israel is facing both conventional and unconvention war, with significant propoganda war here in the US focused on cutting support for it. Some of that Propganda is being pushed by the Dissodent Right. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Its clear foreign interests are behind this heavily Papist movement to cut off Israel and break apart the rigthwinng. The Dissident Right has some Leftwing infiltraters among its rank. Its going to get an anema.

      • “the October 7 massacre”:

        You continue to use that long-disproven, ridiculous U.S. propaganda meme. You know like every intelligent and informed person knows that the Palestinians were allowed to break out of their concentration camp briefly according to the plan, and that when they were out they attacked military targets not civilians, while the Zionist forces responded by massacring their own civilians at the rock concert and in the kibbutzes, using planes, tanks and heavy weapons, and blaming it all on “Hamas” – which by the way happens to be the legitimate democratically-elected government of Palestine (even if Hamas is right-wing conservative, which I don’t agree with, but Palestinians “had to” go Right because have never been allowed by the U.S. to go Left and have a real Left, socialist party and government, or even to have an election in recent years.) Now feast your eyes on what the so-called “noble” Aryan, Anglo-Zionist “race” (the global capitalist system based in New York, Washington and London primarily) really does, that makes it “noble”: and There is nuch more like that on Marandi’s Twitter (X) site, which is bound to be censored soon. You can keep plugging leaks in the dyke using lame, ridiculous propaganda to keep truth from pouring into the U.S. “homeland,” but truth is already flooding the rest of the world. History is still on the march and the meek, exploited poor will surely inherit the earth.

        • Your logic:
          It wasn’t a massacre
          Because Israelis let out
          Beastly savages
          Who killed a bunch of women and children
          Therefore its not their fault.

          • “Your logic: It wasn’t a massacre Because Israelis let out…”

            That is not my logic. You misunderstood. I said the Israelis allowed them to break out. While they were outside the walls of the open-air concentration camp, the Palestinians attacked Israeli military, NOT women and children! The Palestinians did NOT kill babies or behead anyone. The Israeli military are the savage beasts who did the massacre of their own women and children using tanks and helicopters and heavy munitions. THAT is my logic, and those are the facts.

  26. When the Iranians hire more Europeans to advance the sophistication of their weapons, israhell will be in a pickle.

    • That was already tried before by Sand Nigger Nasser. He hired a bunch of Nazi German engineers, scientists, intellectuals, and managers to create a large ballistic missiles and nuclear program. Through a combination of political pressure, economic sobatage and a couple of assassinations, the plan was thwarted by the Anglo-American-Israelis. Subsequent attempts in Syria and Iraq also saw said Europeans neutralized or even liquidated such as Gerald Bell, the supergun guy.

      The Iranians and Pakistanis have been more smart about it using their own people to go to European and American academies to learn the techniques themselves and then apply them over time. The Pakistanis through the Khan network, espionage of India’s nuclear program, and pooling resources with China and especially North Korea, managed to create nuclear capabilities and detonated their bombs some 25 years ago or so. Iran tried to do it but it has been blocked over time thru industrial sabotage, assassinations, and economic sanctions. Europeans and Americans almost entirely stay away from it because of the blowback.

      • “That was already tried before by Sand Nigger Nasser. He hired a bunch of Nazi German engineers, scientists,”

        Just needs refinement.
        Put the designers in RUSSIA, Malaysia etc.
        Just need to be more security conscious.

        The European tacticians showed Egypt how to blast through the Ber-lev line and take the Sinai.

        Just need to hire more and put a security cordon around them.

        (Bar Lev line was considered impenetrable by the Israeli military until it was overrun in less than two hours during Egypt’s Operation Badr)

    • That’s actually not good though. Where do you think those rats will run to? White countries of course, where they will resume their natural roles as cancer cells and termites.

      • Apparentely, Timken Olam the enlightener, is the first person to comment here and mention the obvious. If you don’t want Israelis moving en mass to your fishing hole at your home town in Alabama, you better not be such as a-hole to Israel. Duh.

  27. The fact they sent in sub-sonic drones and not the Iranian air force convinces me this is merely a token response to save face.

  28. Netanyahu is under intense pressure by his right wing coalition elements to “act like a mad dog” and attack Iran. He knows once this war is over he is finished.

    Given that Iran degraded Israeli/Western air defences whilst hitting the targets they aimed at, it should be obvious that a new dynamic has emerged.

    Iran has thousands of cheap drones and also ballistic missiles. Ditto Hezbollah. If Israel attacks Iran as revenge for the latest Iranian attack then it is highly likely that Israel, which is already teetering financially due to the war, will get smashed.

    Israel may resort to nuke attacks on Iran, as well as trying to drag US/NATO into attacking also. The important point to note in this scenario is Iran has the support of Russia and China, so we are looking potentially at the 3rd world war.

    I just hope the Israeli’s get to suffer for the damage they’ve been inflicting on the world. What goes around comes around!

    Death to ZOG.

    • Well, if they do, they will likely be moving to your neighborhood in large numbers as refugees. Karma.

  29. Yesterday there were demonstrations all over St. Louis of Palestine support at intersections…not stopping traffic. I drove by one, seeing some women in Hijabs and the Palestinian flag. I honked my horn and waved, as others did. It seemed like the right thing to do.

    Meanwhile, Glenn Beck said the Iranian missiles did no good…”because God’s shield is on Israel.”
    Take your pick.

  30. “This may be go time for America, Israel and their hegemony, do or die, either contain their enemies now, or be overrun by them later, that appears to me to be what’s happening.”

    You may be right. I don’t know why it took Gaza, to do it, but the whole world seems to be tiring of Israel. Jews everywhere seem to sense their game ending. Instead of viewing Jews as goofy Seinfeld characters, people are starting to see them as they really are, and relating them to people like Netanyahu, Epstein, Weinstein, Howard Stern, street-level Jewish activists, sleazy Orthodox Jews, slumlords, Wall Street shysters…. I think it is now or never for Jews.

  31. Israel attacked Iran today. Israel (the U.S.) fired a ballistic missile into Iran today:

    The U.S. is tightening (to the utmost) its sanctions blockade on Iran, and is further increasing arms shipments to its chief colony (Israel), while hundreds of U.S. military/mercenaries in IDF uniforms participate directly in the genocide.

    Brian Berletic explains the 2009 policy paper that laid out the plan for the Israel-Iran war, and almost everything is going according to plan:

    Did you know? Do you care? If you do not care and you are not against capitalist imperialism, then you are for it.

  32. Correction to my previous comment: It appears now that Israel did NOT fire one or more missiles into Iran today. The reliable Iranian news sources FARS, PressTV and NourNews all state unequivocally that there was NO Israeli attack on Iran, and that the noise that was heard near the city of Isfahan was anti-aircraft fire at a suspicious object. I usually remember to check reliable, non-Western sources before running with something that Western sources are all saying, because we know Western “news” media constantly LIES. Iran will respond in full force “if there is so much as a pinprick” attack by the U.S./Israel.

  33. A further correction, of my previous correction: I am now convinced that there WAS a U.S. (“Israeli”) attack on Iran yesterday, and that a secret new advanced missile was used that managed to penetrate Iran’s air defenses to damage or destroy a crucial radar air defense site protecting the main nuclear energy and research facility near Isfahan, and if Iran was stunned by the success of the new weapon, that would explain why it insisted there was “no Israeli attack” but merely some “suspicious objects in the air.” The U.S.’s war in the Middle East is going full steam ahead. The U.S. wages endless war with its endless money. The U.sury S.ystem is determined that Palestine will disappear (be exterminated) and Iran will be overthrown and put under a semi-feudal puppet regime like all the U.S.’s other puppet Arab states.

    You White Nationalists, “noble Aryans” all, who hate all “brown people” (and all black and yellow people) and all “Sand Ni—–,” and want them all to be dead, will be pleased with this news on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

  34. India is now the world’s third largest economy after China and the U.S. after its GDP grew by over 8% last year, the fastest growth rate in the world (of any large economy) and its population is also exploding (India has the second largest population next to China), and it is securely under control of a hyper-capitalist regime allied with the U.S. in the war against China. Philippines, Japan and Australia are also under full capitalist control and being used as proxies by the U.S. to overthrow and re-colonise China. The U.sury S.ystem does NOT trust in God like it says on the face of its money. It trusts in Money, and has an endless supply of it, and the whole world worships or is forced to bow down to it. Yes I’m being very pessimistic and the glass is half empty today, on Hitler’s birthday.

  35. Pepe Escobar reports on his Telegram channel today a high-level fact or rumor that the U.S./Israel initially sent an F-35 with a nuclear bomb to be air-detonated over Iran, to knock out all of Iran’s electric power and disable or destroy all of its electronic devices, but Russia intervened to prevent the bomber from reaching Iran. Thus, mutual de-escalation forced by Russia, backing off from the brink of World War 3, might be the reason why both Israel and Iran deny that there was any “real” attack on Iran yesterday, while the Western “news” media keeps bragging about it. Russia walked out of the U.N. meeting yesterday in obvious disgust, as soon as the Israeli ambassador rose to speak. It is possible that Russia saved Iran and also saved the world, yesterday. It wouldn’t be the first time that Russia saved the world.

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