Presidential Harassment! Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case Begins In Manhattan

It begins.


“Former President Trump arrived Monday at the Lower Manhattan courthouse for the start of jury selection in his criminal trial.

Why it matters: The first-ever criminal trial of a former U.S. president — who happens to be a presumptive nominee — will put the long-expected collision between Trump’s legal jeopardy and his presidential ambitions into sharp, stunning focus. …”

I will never forgive these people for making Trump look sympathetic.

We were finished with him. They brought his political career back from the dead with this bullshit.


  1. “We were finished with him. They brought his political career back from the dead with this bullshit.” Precisely. Media like CNN can’t survive without the “bitter clingers” of 24/7 padded room levels of TDS er DDS.

  2. “They brought his political career back from the dead with this bullshit.”

    That was why they did it. The Biden administration, MSM, etc. thought Trump would be easy to beat in 2024.

    • Seems too perfect, however I don’t think they actually were that clever playing “4D Chess” as the conspiracy wackos like to say. I think it’s quite simply that they did it because they still hate him. Blacks and Jews in particular, that’s where this comes from. They project their worst fears onto the guy, to the Jews he is literally Hitler, and to the Blacks he leads “Klan Rallies.” That is the paranoid worldview these people have of the 80s blowhard with some Baltic Avenue Atlantic City Casinos and a crappy reality show. The black and jewish version of Q-anon nutters, and a huge portion of them fall into that category. My sister runs with all these suburban DC jews and has Stockholm Syndrome and has picked up their way of thinking and she was egging on my mom to see some Hollywood film about the ’36 Berlin Olympics to “see what Make America Great is really all about and who Trump really is.” He’s even less a “Hitler” than Napoleon the Third was Napoleon. But what we are seeing is these corrupt, big blue city black DAs bringing trumped up charges against Trump out of black hatred for him daring to say in a generic way that America is going in the wrong direction because subconsciously they know he’s right and the rise of blacks are largely responsible for it. They plan to put him in front of a black jury who would convict him of the Lindberg kidnapping if given the chance.

  3. Trump is the first politician in history to hire a whore. Just shocking,, shocking. At least it was a woman instead of a guy. With most Republicans it would be a guy, just ask Miss Lindsay.

    • Yeh, like a guy who’s dating Ms Universe contestants is going to go after a disease infested porn ho.

      Oh , where is Stormy’s first lawyer , in prison ?

    • Lol, Dump is a staunch heterosexual. The lgbtgqta mafia is no coincidence. DC is probably the most unspoken den of iniquity in the entire country.

  4. The two Jews, I find it very interesting, Weisselberg and Cohen. The first Weisselberg went to prison, Rikers Island twice rather than snitch Trump out. And then Cohen the save himself at all cost Jew willing to give up his own mother to save his sorry hide. Very interesting.

  5. He paid hush money to a whore. New York chose their weakest case (out of dozens of choices). They can’t be serious! Actually they aren’t. Just propping up the corpse, so to speak.

    The zombies love it. MAGA. Make America Gay Again. Get your tickets to the LGTG Log Cabin love in, this Saturday the 20th, happening at the snake’s main hole, Mar-A-Gomorrah, primary speaker, the former prostitute and Epstein girl Melania Trump.

    Will she participate in the festivities with all the LGTG peoples in the rooms, doing whatever it is that LGTG people do? Given that she actually hasn’t lived with the snake for the past ten years. She just shows up from time to time. Will she? Probably!

    You and I knew, we all knew, that he was a snake when we let him in. We all still know. He even laughs in our face, repeating the old greek fable. The zombies don’t care. A snake is what they want. They are kiked to the core.

    As to the case in New York, the snake will be rescued on appeal. It cannot be upheld. That is why they went with this one. Got to keep that corpse propped up awhile longer. It is beginning to smell bad.

  6. Direct the masses’ attention to rich celebrity scandals, while the system is busy destroying the entire world. Trying to predict the “winner” of system’s so-called “election” in the imperial “homeland” is an utter waste of time, in my opinion. You can’t VOTE your way out of the system, but if you really are conservative, really want to conserve the system, then be sure to vote because everything is really going your way.

  7. Bolshevik enemedia is on about not impartial potential jurors released as the kabuki grows intelligence insulting.
    Trump on a stump is a witty retort from the Long March Mockingbird maggots, you gotta keep it Gump simple in the steaming fourth world turd Banana Republica.
    Thinking with a small head or trusting a nice butt/boobs with a smile will get you every time.

  8. If the “Access Hollywood” recording (“Grab her by the p***y”) didn’t sink him in 2016, then Stormy Daniels would not have even if it was all the way fully known back then.

  9. President Trump has been dragged kicking and screaming into reality. He was a blue pilled Normie before being targeted by The Deep State aka Barack Obama. He is now a huge asset to America because he been forced to face the ugly reality that Obama is our dictator. Trump knows what he is up against. He knows our elections are rigged, our justice system is rigged, every institution in America has been captured by Marxists. He played by their rules 2016-2020. Now he will take the gloves off and play by the real rules. No other politician in America has been schooled the way Trump has. No one else is willing to stand up to Obama and his legions of Marxists who control every institution in America from the US Military to healthcare to every University to Boy Scouts. Its probably too late to save America. But, if anyone has the will to do it, its Trump.

  10. I was into the NSDAP and WWII long before some DR hive heard about it.
    Manboons is not a learning animal so history will always repeat but where is our magic Mustache Man to flush the Weimar slime?
    Breaking-Potential Trump jurors fart and step outside for a smoke break.
    There won’t be any fair trail in the CCP occupied glorious peoples republic of Georgia either.

  11. If you kick a dog or cat in public, the public will feel for the animal, not the kicker. These legal activities are the gift that keep on giving… Trump.
    The public are resonating with him, generating votes.

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