House Approves $95 Billion Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan Aid

I’ve had some time to sit with my anger.

I am determined not to irrationally and emotionally react to this setback.

Nothing new was revealed yesterday in the House vote on Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan aid. We have long known that the Republican Party is about evenly split on Ukraine aid. We have known that the Democrats are bitterly split on Israel aid. There is much more support in both parties for Taiwan aid.

In the end, every single Democrat voted for Ukraine aid and even burst out in celebration chanting “Ukraine” while waving Ukrainian flags when the bill passed. 112 Republicans voted against Ukraine aid. 101 Republicans voted for it. House Speaker Mike Johnson is being compared to Winston Churchill for breaking the Hastert rule and allowing the bill to be put on the floor without the support of a majority of his own caucus. Ukraine hawks control every single important committee in the House.

As the House debate on Ukraine aid vividly showed, there are two Republican parties. There is a populist, nationalist and libertarian wing led by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie whose audience is younger and more online. There is also a more traditional conservative wing led by people like Mike McCaul and Dan Crenshaw whose audience is older and watches FOX News. Around 15 percent of Republican voters supported Nikki Haley in the 2024 primary. Around 30 percent of Republican voters are Reaganites who voted for Ted Cruz in 2016 and supported Ron DeSantis in 2024.

In recent years, the Bush and Reaganinte wings of the Republican Party have been in decline. This was confirmed by the 2024 primary in which DeSantis and Haley got blown out. It has also played out in Congress with a series of retirements in the House and Senate. The best recent example of this is J.D. Vance, a strong critic of Ukraine aid, replacing Rob Portman who was a stalwart Ukraine hawk in the Senate in the 2022 midterms. In spite of this, Reaganites and Bush Republicans who represent older voters remain entrenched and overrepresented in Congress and yesterday they scored a pyrrhic victory.

Don’t be fooled.

Congress isn’t a lost cause.

Older voters and entrenched establishments have always been overrepresented in Washington. Older people are much more likely to vote. It takes time for them to lose altitude and power. That’s why it seems like our views have become so much more influential over the last ten years.

In the House debate, Ronald Reagan was invoked 19 times before the final vote on Ukraine aid. Older Republicans made up their minds about Russia and foreign policy during the Cold War. Reagan was a decisive influence on their politics. Winston Churchill was also repeatedly brought up during the debate. Mike Johnson was compared to Churchill for putting the Ukraine aid bill on the floor. Many of these people compared Putin to Hitler and Ukraine to Great Britain. We are living in the 1930s. We are unironically fighting an “Axis of Evil” in the form of evil dictators who rule Russia, China and Iran. It brought back memories of the GOP of the W. years in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

The key difference is that today this sort of rhetoric is highly controversial and was met with widespread ridicule online. House Speaker Mike Johnson could end up losing his job. What used to be more of the mainstream consensus in the Republican Party in the 2000s has shrunk down to 1/3 to 1/2 of the party. It continues to shrink with each passing year and the vote on Ukraine aid is another milestone in the decline of this worldview. This vote also showed that Ukraine aid is not becoming more popular.

The most constructive way to respond to this defeat is to 1.) end Mike Johnson’s political career to send a message, 2.) use it further shift our politics in an isolationist direction when it becomes clear that it is yet another gargantuan waste of money and example of neglecting our domestic priorities and 3.) to accelerate the decline of Reaganism by purging as many of the House Republicans who voted for this as possible like Dan Crenshaw, Tom Cole, Joe Wilson and Mike McCaul.

Again, the political situation isn’t hopeless. This faction is already in decline. It just needs to be given a hard push to expedite its slide into irrelevance. We already succeeding in defining the issue.


  1. We are ruled by traitors and have been for some time. Both parties are complicit. I will no longer participate in elections which give a mandate to treason.

  2. Zelensky must be distributing some lavish bribes and other ‘incentives’.

    “Jwz pave their way with money”

    • . . . And the flip side of the bribery coin is the blackmail from The Usual Suspects hanging over these scumbags’ heads.

      Like they say all over S. America; “What will you take, silver or lead?”

  3. “Johnson became an unlikely Churchill”

    Churchill ???…….. Oh that guy who started the terror bombing of German civilians….that guy?

  4. They fought like hell, used their last blackmail and other pressure weapons and gained….nothing. This money will change nothing in the Ukraine or Middle East.

    Jews already lost both in Ukraine and Israel. Both wars still going only because in the East, Eastern people want permanent victory.

    Permanent victory means enemy forever gone and because of that, enemy future fighting capabilities must be also systematically destroyed to avoid enemy rise in the future. In the nearest future Jews cease to exist or became irrelevant rural tribe like Mongols or Tartars.

    • I appreciate your perspective Yuri but one look at RT tells me jews are still dug into Russia like botflies and are just waiting for the next generation to hatch.

  5. The situation in Washington is completely hopeless. Fortunately the empire continues to rapidly implode. Zog has just agreed to exit Niger, like a running dog. No news on whether or not they found the missing g.

    They will need 5 or 6 to end Johnson’s tenure. I hear they have 3. Tom Massie is pure gold. He will do it.

    Of course it is necessary for the foreign empire to implode before the internal empire shards. It is happening fast. For example, the Philippines on Friday took possession of their first BrahMos antiship missiles. These are Russian hypersonic missiles built in India on contract.

    Marcos was summoned to Washington twice over this missile contract. But he refused to give in. The first of the BrahMos missiles are being deployed.

    India says Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and others want that same missile. It can sink Chinese ships. Or American, if that becomes necessary.

    We see the empire has imploded in Africa, in most of South America, and it is dying in Europe as Russia defeats Zog on the battlefield. And it is dying in Asia. Even the most abject vassal state, the Philippines, is starting to load up on Russian missiles.

    The situation overall is extremely good, full of hope. BUt in Washington, no. IN the end, we will just have to secede from all that. Hopefully the Republic if Louisuana will put Johnson in front of a firing squad. After a fair abd open, trial of course.

      • The same House of “representatives” (Elites’ puppets) just voted almost unanimously to resolve that the saying “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is anti-Semitic hate speech. ONLY ONE Republican, the absurd QAnon-ist Marjorie
        Greene, didn’t vote for that blatantly pro-genocide resolution. Republican Tom Cotton, another one of your “better” Republicans, just implied that bystanders should take matters into their own hands at anti-genocide protests and tear the skin off anti-genocide, anti-war protesters or drive into them if they hinder traffic. ALL of your so-called “elected representatives” hate the real left, love imperialism and live to serve the capitalist class. They vary only in party name, style, and race or skin colour, otherwise they’re all the same. The Right is always conserving the system, and the so-called (fake) left is also always conserving the system, in a different style, being the flip side of the coin so you “have a choice” when you vote. Workers (aka consumers, cannon fodder, human resources, etc.) lose with both sides. “Populism” is a temporary pressure-release safety valve that is allowed when needed to preserve the system. In this age with an abundance of nuclear, biological, chemical, robotic, and AI weapons capable of exterminating our entire species (except for a few elites in hidden bunkers), the only sane direction to go is Left, out of the old, defunct system and into the better system that is surely coming if we don’t all die first.

  6. Reminds me of when SNL chose to broadcast the Ukrainian national anthem in place of a comedic intro. However, during the Summer of Floyd let alone any of the other tumultuous times that we have been through, I can’t recall them playing the national anthem or asking for solidarity in this country and waving OUR flag. For this, these rodents can’t never be forgiven.

  7. Re: “Congress isn’t a lost cause,” and “there are two Republican parties,” and “the way to respond to this defeat is to end Mike Johnson’s career (…) shift our politics in an isolationist direction (…) by purging the House Republicans who voted for this”:

    How are you going to do any of that? Certainly not by voting! It doesn’t matter how many factions the Republican Party or the Democrat party might split into, they are really united. They are ALL THE SAME! Marjorie and Massie’s populist capitalism and Rand Paul’s semi-Ayn Randian libertarian capitalism are still fully capitalist, and therefore imperialist, anti-socialist, anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-Korean, pro-Zionist neocolonialist, anti-“Hamas” (anti-Palestinian) et cetera. Differences of style but the same substance. Style means nothing, and their words mean nothing, only their actions count.

    Yesterday the House of so-called “Representatives” (puppets of the Elites) also voted to STEAL sixty billion dollars’ worth of Russian assets held in U.S. banks that they had previously only half-stolen (“frozen”) – and the U.S. will now give the Russian people’s monwy (if the Senate approves) to U.S. weapons manufacturing corporations (Boeing, Raytheon, etc.) and most of the rest of it to Khazarkrainian oligarchs, who will use it to buy even more big houses and luxury cars. Since U.S. aid began flowing into Khazarkraine, luxury car sales were never so high in Khazarkraine. Billionaire oligarchs who manage your imperial neo-colonies such as Israel, Haiti and Khazarkraine must be paid first. Every day the U.S. global imperialism commits at least one brazen, undeniable, textbook act of illegal aggressive WAR – like stealing sixty billion dollars from the Russian people and using it to kill Russian people!

      • It’s not. In fact the Jews and their cat’s paws have overreached. Mass murder of the Palestinians has, I think, put an end to any talk about the Holohoax being relevant. Epstein made it clear who and how they run things. Their mishandling of the banking system led to runaway inflation and the flooding of aliens has pissed off almost everyone. True they will steal lots of votes in the blue States but they don’t control all the votes and over time the number of people they have blackmailed is falling. With the constant lawsuits over voting it’s getting far more risky for every vote they steal. Think if we had not one MTG but 50. Things would change, fast. I have over and over shown that the tools we need to crush them are already at hand and with a “slight” majority, willing to vote for ruthless measures, they could be soundly defeated. Routed.

        It’s not over until it’s over. The Jews have been thrown out every single country they have ever gone to, it’s not out of the question we could throw them out too and claw back all the wealth they financialized out from under us.

        • Possibly, if Americans are ever able to overcome their inability to see the patterns of jewish projection, predation, anti-goyism, and neurotically induced promotions of social destruction.

  8. I guess all that’s left is to hope Russia wins this thing and the BRICS pushes forward with dedollarisation. Until the District of Commusexuals is a smoldering ruin none of us be free. May every evil thing these bastards have turned loose come home to roost on the Hill of Criminals. May their bones know no peace.

  9. The US taxpayers continue funding Israel’s existence as Jews in the West push causes detrimental to our wellbeing.
    I don’t like China so I’m on the fence with the Taiwan issue.
    The Republicrat duopoly continues on…

  10. Zion-Don was fully on board with all of this crap. Just in case anyone here is stupid enough to believe his latest firehose of bullshit.

    The thing to really watch is how much the Chinese will increase their rate of dumping US treasures (which is basically junk bonds) in order to buy ever more gold. The big buyers of gold are in China: not only the government by many private citizens. If the rate increases expect the true rate of inflation (pay no attention to government figure – they are all completely bogus) will then rise even faster. Nothing gets the attention of the average Muritard like not being able to buy even essentials like food. The sooner this evil regime collapses the better it is for everyone on the planet. The best outcome of all would be hungry mobs going full Rwanda on elites and their guards caught in some shithole of their making like NYC.

    • “big buyers of gold are in China: not only the government by many private citizens”

      They aren’t a stupid race . They can see that green paper is losing value very quickly. All of Asia has gold shops, they’ve seen what happens with corrupt governments and paper money.

      What could really spook and discipline USZOG is for Americans to turn to other assets.

      “The best outcome of all would be hungry mobs going full Rwanda on elites and their guards caught in some shithole of their making like NYC.”

      A nice thought, but sadly they all have their escape plans ready at an hour’s notice.

      Leona Helmsly wasn’t the only one with a remote ranch in the mountains of new Mexico, with a jet on 24 hour standby.

      There’s serious business of ppl building bunkers in the Peruvian Amazon.

    • Hey Mike,

      “I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.” Gen 1 29

      Have some hemlock.

      Follow that part of the bible

    • Good God- the man is both an idiot and biblical moron.

      Supporting GOD’s ISRAEL (the Church, Christendom – gal. 6:16) is what the Bible tells us to do!

      Don’t confuse satanic Talmudistan with Biblical Israel. that’s like comparing the Virgin Mary to the Whore of Babylon.
      (HInt- Apostate Jerusalem (not Papal Rome) is the Biblical ‘Whore of Babylon’ in the book of Revelation, FWIW.)

      ” JEWS inherit the blood-guiltiness of their fathers and are for that reason, for all ages, stained with the blood of Christ. When the Jews stretch forth their hands in prayer, they only remind God the Father of their sin against His son. – St. Basil the Great, 4th Century.

      “INDEED… the DEICIDAL CURSE is still upon the Jew. The Deicidal blood curse is still unrepented of and confirms the Jews in a murderous disposition with the wrath of God upon them. This can be seen in the Jews’ penchant to criticize, to continually find fault, that is, to tear down all existing orders, especially the Christian Order of Western Civilization.” – Br. Nathanael Kapner

      “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – St. Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, # 3.8

      “Live in peace not only with your friends but with your enemies; but only with your personal enemies and not with the enemies of God.”
      St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (+1074)

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      “Chrysostomos loudly declares not only heretics, but also those who have communion with them, to be enemies of God.”
      St. Theodore the Studite, Epistle to Abbot Theophilus

      • Agree that the Bible does not tell Christians to “support Israel”. Jews are not Christians, they do not like Christians as anything other than useful idiots, and they rejected Jesus. The Deicide accusation doesn’t really work, though. According to your theology, Jesus had to die, so SOMEONE had to bear responsibility for executing Jesus. If not the jews, someone else had to do it. And according to you, he came back anyway, so there was no Deicide.

  11. That 90 billion should have gone to pay down the national debt and stabilize the dollar and inflation costs that are turning the whole country into SF Bay Area prices. It’s also pretty clear Ukraine are simply American armed mercenaries to hired wage war against Russia in the historic lands of Catherine the Great. The Russians were right to feel offended claiming they never armed the Iraqis and Afghanis to wage war against the US over the last couple decades so why this blatant act of war?

    • “90 billion should have gone ….”

      To healthcare, border fence, anything is better than weapons to a war zone.

    • 35 trillion, which is what the debt will soon be, is unpayable, especially with our treasonous, irresponsible government. 90 billion is an insignificant fraction of that. No, there is going to have be some sort of reset at some point, and it will probably be painful for everyone.

  12. Hopefully Rand Paul filibusters.

    US foreign policy is a catastrophe, and it is getting worse. We need to be willing to respectfully engage with anyone and everyone who opposes ZOG’s wars. The pro-Palestinian movement is worth engaging with. The heart of this movement consists of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims. They have shown impressive courage and persistence. Unlike the vicious Antifa riots of 2020, which consisted of entitled Jews and White leftists throwing a temper tantrum, the pro-Palestinian movement of 2024 is sober and serious. There hasn’t been a single instance of assault or arson associated with the pro-Palestinian movement. The Palestinians themselves in particular are very serious – the lives of their families are at stake. Blacks tend to be disproportionately sympathetic of the pro-Palestine movement. The White leftists involved tend to be the more respectable type of leftist (think George Galloway or Max Blumenthal).

    The worst type of leftists are also involved – Woke Antifa Jews. If anyone is burning a flag, or spitting on a cop, or trying to drag unrelated causes and issues into the protest, or policing who is “allowed” to support Palestine, it will be this type.
    Unfortunately this last category has the most experience with street activism, and is pushy and fanatical. They seem to be trying to hijack the movement and render it ghettoized and ineffective – much like they did to Occupy Wall Street, or like the Neocons did to conservatism.

    Hopefully they fail, because it is urgently necessary for the Israel lobby to be dismantled. The Israel lobby is the driving force behind all of these wars, not just in the Middle East.

    The Israel lobby is at the heart of all our foreign policy problems, including Russia. The Israel lobby hates Russia because Russia is the patron of Syria, which is in turn the patron of Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance groups. US support of the Maidan revolution was payback against Russia for sending troops to Latakia as a tripwire, and thus foiling the Obama administration’s plans for a Libya-style regime change war in Syria. The Israel lobby also hates North Korea and China, because these nations refuse to sanction Russia and Iran.

    • Max Blumenthal is jewish. I’d basically count him as one of the good ones, though.

  13. All these American politicians need to be deported to Ukraine…

    Maybe we should just give up on the Yankee Empire altogether and like Ukraine seek foreign aid but instead of the USA seek it from Russia, China or others in the BRICS community, etc to get them to help us close our southern border. The Yankee Empire has never been our country here in the South since they conquered us in 1865. Our only help will come from foreign countries until we secede and can control everything ourselves.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  14. On this 4/20, the birthday of the world’s most infamous Adolf, let’s note that Germany’s trajectory — from the world’s most notorious ethnonationalist state a mere 80 years ago to its current form, a multicultural cesspool of anarcho-tyranny — has to break some kind of historical record for irony.

    Related: Germany: Afghan Migrant Does a Diversity™, Rapes Drunk Teenager on Subway Platform ‘For Hours’

    “The number of foreign suspects soared to around 923,000 last year, representing a massive 18 percent increase in just one year nationwide, according to crime statistics from the German Interior Ministry released on Tuesday. However, the even more shocking number may have to do with violent crimes, which soared to record levels in 2023.

    The data from the interior ministry shows that 41 percent of all crime suspects are foreigners, with 2.246 million people in the country suspected of a crime in 2023, which is 7.3 percent more than in 2022. Overall, foreigners only represent 15 percent of the population.

    This corresponds to an increase of almost 18 percent, reports Die Welt, citing the as yet unpublished crime statistics for 2023 from the Federal Ministry of the Interior. They now account for almost 41 percent of all suspects. A total of 2.246 million people in Germany were suspected of a crime – 7.3 percent more than in 2022.”

    It’s frankly downright perplexing and remarkable, in equal measure, that the German government still publishes these statistics and lets the media report upon them to the people.

    Alas, that may not last long, as a Final Solution, as it were, to the mass-migration-as-loving-diversity-boon narrative problem is apparently in the works: reclassify all the migrants as Germans!

  15. You can’t vote your way out of it. Both parties are owned by the Jews. They will get whatever they want. We deserve it for allowing them to exist on our planet.

  16. This is a major setback for a number of reasons, all of which bold ill for the remaining and coming terms of Congress, especially should Trump win the election.

    First off, Johnson is the 1st Southern Speaker of the House of the Representative in generations. Johnson had carved out for himself a reputation as someone strongly favorable to conservative nationalism, economic populism, and Southern heritage. His position in the office offered a host of opportunities to push back against the Judeo-Catholic-Yankee establishment, all the way from strategic initiatives like nationalism, to downstream issues like patronage in offices, leverage on domestic programs, and promotion of Southern heritage protection. That is now all smeared by association with Johnson’s utter betrayal to the Trump Republicans strategic political plan of resurrecting border defense as a form of national security and leveraging Ukrainian aid to obtain it.

    Second, the Johnson’s betrayal suggests the rotteness of the inside political system maybe impossible to overcome. The betrayal by Johnson to the GOP and Trump’s plan, and his own past political stature, reeks of simple bribery. A bribery that is backed by something so powerful and sinister as suggesting taking money is a means of simple survival.

    Third, executing Johnson’s change of position on the issue was his staff. This is very worrisome since its the staff which will gatekeep the agenda for the GOP. I know of two of these individuals named Zeigler and Shah. The later represents a depressingly common problem with Hill Staff, that being they are filled with intellectual light weights, usually of non-American origin, but backed by wealthy donors. Zeigler by contrast is not an intellectual lightweight. I’ve met him a few times in the past and he was a cunning, experienced, and patriotic operative, who knew the systemic problem with DC and was out to change it from the inside. Its these types of staffers who actually do the work in Congress. You can change the Congressman, but the Staff usually remains on the Hill. This makes it very hard to make lasting changing without gstring buy in from the Hill Staffers unless you purge them. The later has never been done as I recall.

    Fourth, the career arch of both and their appointment to Johnson’s office suggests even more that the DC Establishment is still in control of the party. Zeigler, who despite his original principles has shown since then that he has abandoned such pretensions, given up principle, and bought into the system. Zeigler has sworn allegiance to the corporate and oligarch interests that dominate the county and has done several tours being a political gun for hire them as a lobbyist and now has a huge bank account. Shah, got himself compromised by former RNC Chairman and 1st term MAGA saboteur Rince Priebus. The later appointed Shah to be his bitch working at the RNC’s opposition research division thereby gaining huge access to even more compromat on other politicians. He most likely still answers to Rice Priebus. The combination is deadly for getting National Conservative and Populist agendas past in Congress.

    Fifth, both of these staffers, like many others, have ran around working for various other Congressmen, RNC departments and campaigns building up a roledex of info and kompromat. Both got recently appointed to the Speaker’s office under Johnson and were his chief instruments for pushing this horrible package through to the floor. This suggests that a group of donors has such a grip on the GOP that they can get their inside men into any Congressman’s office regardless of how nationalistic or populistic he is, IF said Congressman is in leadership.

    Overall, although I tend to agree with Hunter’s conclusions that this is only a temporary setback, I am a more concerned than he is of its lasting impact given the coming election. The reason is simple, it was Rince Priebus who terminated the hiring process of hundreds of Trump’s supporters during his first term and staffed the Administration instead with the GOP Establishment choices. The result was Trump’s 1st term was heavily Bushisized. Now with Trump trying to go back in for a second shot, it looks like Priebus and the DC Establishment are creating political strongholds in the DC apparatus, staffed with their minions, which will make it very difficult to move forward with Trump’s overt America First agenda. Johnson’s betrayal also makes it difficult to move the Southern agenda forward given his association with it and the anger with Johnson that has spread through the caucus. All in all the Republicans look to have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory once again because too many of them, including Johnson, are unwilling to turn down the bribery by whatever criminal syndicate has its grip on Congress’s balls at the moment.

    • “move forward with Trump’s overt America First agenda”:

      The OVERT agenda of the MAGA scam is confusion. Pay attention to the COVERT agenda. “America” certainly does not mean the workers. “America first” means Oligarchs first, which is the policy of BOTH parties.

      “move the Southern agenda forward”:

      More confusion and distraction.

      “This is a major setback for a number of reasons”:

      But not a setback for your anti-Palestine, anti-Iran and anti-Russia agenda, which I believe is most important, is it not? In that regard, it is just another step, or leap, in the right (and I mean RIGHT!) direction.

      “Johnson’s utter betrayal to the Trump Republicans strategic political plan of resurrecting border defense as a form of national security and leveraging Ukrainian aid to obtain it”:

      So that’s it. You were hoping to get the Israeli-style border walls sooner with Trump, along with the destruction of Russia. But there is no “national security,” with or without building the walls. You know the walls are surely coming no matter which party wins the “election.” The walls will create security for the class of exploiters and rentiers who parasitize, rob and bleed the “human resources” in the “homeland” (rotten heart) of the usury system.

      “turn down the bribery by whatever criminal syndicate has its grip on Congress”:

      Focusing on petty bribery is a distraction from the fact that the Congress are puppets of the elite CLASS, and that all kinds of evil including bribery are essential to the system. Bribery is systemic, universal, not sporadic and accidental, so you cannot “turn down the bribery.” Populism is an illusion, the system cannot be reformed.

    • @Aryan Globalist Bro

      “Johnson had carved out for himself a reputation as someone strongly favorable to conservative nationalism, economic populism, and Southern heritage. His position in the office offered a host of opportunities to push back against the Judeo-Catholic-Yankee establishment, all the way from strategic initiatives like nationalism, to downstream issues like patronage in offices, leverage on domestic programs, and promotion of Southern heritage protection.”

      utter bullshit ! “Johnson had carved out for himself a reputation as someone strongly favorable to conservative nationalism, economic populism, and Southern heritage. His position in the office offered a host of opportunities to push back against the Judeo-Catholic-Yankee establishment” Johnson didnt carve out crap ! He pretended all along to get elected; when will ppl. wake up ?

      • > when will ppl. wake up ?

        Maybe when they’re out of a job and don’t have enough to eat. Given how fucking gaslighted most truly are, it’s an open question of whether they awaken would even then. Conditions of that kind also open the door for a different type of scam and accompanying grifters to take advantage of it.

        Smedley Butler caught on to a portion (the war division) of the big racket late in life. He was passed over for Marine Corps commandant as a result of his partly open eyes. Some refer to the entity that rules over us as ‘the empire that never ended’ or even such terms as ‘the Phoenician Navy’. Perhaps if enough people worldwide rose up and literally slaughtered all of the elites and any who attempted to defend them in any way, things could change – for a while. That’s what it would really take. Not even their grandchildren and great grandchildren could be allowed to live. Generational curses exist. Just about all wars and revolutions are orchestrated affairs carried out for the benefit of the usual suspects, who have been given supernatural power because they’ve made an agreement with a supernatural entity.

        Any freedom that might result from such a ruthless purge would only be short-lived though, for there’s always going to be someone willing to take the offer from Satan that Christ rejected – starting the entire cycle over again. Mike Johnson is but one example of many.

        • There is no supernatural entity granting power to certain people. Aggressive, psychotic, immoral, power-seeking people rise to the top because that’s how nature works.

          • “Aggressive, psychotic, immoral, power-seeking people rise to the top because that’s how nature works”:

            That’s how a system that is BASED ON THE EVIL INCLINATION IN HUMAN NATURE works. Don’t forget there is another direction (going in the opposite direction, to the left) that men can choose to take, which is to lead by merit, in selfless service to others.

            Getting back to the subject of the post (“Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan aid”) I see the aid to the Ukraine proxy is not having much effect:

  17. Oi vey does that suck !

    Well , IMO it s time to read and follow one of the few good parts of the Old Testament Bible , IMO one of the White Greek parts not the Je# parts .

    Yes, IMO there is a time to hate and IMO now is the time to write and send lot s of hate Maine to these enemies and traitors : All the enemy LIb, Leftist , BLM, Jew ! Homo Dems voted for 100% slaughter/ ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in GAZA and World War 3 with the Russians in Ukraine and Crimea.

    Here s the OT quote saying go ahead and hate :

    “ There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:
    2 a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    6 a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    8 a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.”

    Ecclesiastes 3:11

  18. That picture of all those pols waving Ukrainian flags recalls scenes in a Russian movie of the Duma cheering Nicholas II to victory in WWI. I’m not really angry. After all, Congress has a public trust rating of 9 percent. Aryan
    Talking about staffers and staffs, recalls my review in countercurrents (June 7, 2022) on the HBO show VEEP, which is funny and poignant showing the corrupt and dopey system of government in Congress and the White House. as one staffer says to another: “it’s sad. you’re a lousy liar, and that’s what you job is.”
    Johnson would be very much at home on that series.

  19. There is no response. The political entity that used to be the United States is in decay. All you can do is sit back and watch, and try to avoid the debris as best you can.

  20. The clown making the favorable mention of French aid to the American Revolution to support aid to Ukraine forgets that the cost to France of that aid was the French Revolution.

    • “the cost to France”:

      If giving aid to the British colonists weakened the monarchy, then it was a BENEFIT to France, not a “cost” to France. The French Revolution that liberated the French people was a REAL revolution, whereas the American revolution, and the English revolution of the seventeenth century, were bourgeois struggles to replace feudalism with proto-capitalism. Without the French Revolution, one of the greatest watersheds in history, where would you be today? I say, unless you are one of the elite you would be much worse off or you might not even exist. “Smuggle out the truth, pass it through all the obstacles that its enemies fabricate; multiply, spread by all means possible her message so that she may triumph; through zeal and civic action counterbalance the influence of money and the machinations lavished on the propagation of deception. That, in my opinion, is the most useful activity and the most sacred duty of pure patriotism”: Maximilien Robespierre

      • Hah! The French Revolution was a benefit because it destroyed the French elite then? Yet, again your your answer to whether anything is justified is if it destroyed the top level of society or not. Spoken like a true commie madman.

        The French Revolution deformed France. I am not defending the Ancien Regime, with its Popery, Absolutism, and Egotism, but it still had some positive antecedents rooted in the very fabric of France itself. Destroying it as the French Revolution did rather than reforming it into a Constitutional monarchy like a proper Aryan Anglo-Saxon Peotestant would, has had epic negative ramifications for European civilization ever since.

        All of France’s historical antecedents, customs, laws, and institutions were lobotomized in an orgy of madness by weirdo Jesuit psuedo-Illuminati, proto-commie Atheists, gnostic Anti-Clerics, and Abusive French trash. The later no better exemplified than the disgusting working class family that took charge of the Dauphin, and so horribly abused the poor child they ended up murdering him.

        Thats what the French Revolution did, it murdered French society. Everything since the Revolution has been about repairing the damage and reglueing the French society back together. To put this in perspective, it took a Corsican Dictator to restore the largest most powerful state in Europe by going on a messianic war crusade to remake Europe. In doing so he kept France together but in ashes. He alao undid Europe in a way we’ve been trying to overcome ever since.

        The French Revolution was a horror that witnessed at least 50,000 of France’s best and worst people in its upper and middle classes guillotine in a period of three years called the Reign of Terror, another 25,000 revolutionaries executed by the ancient regime and a subsequent 2,500,000 Frenchman killed out of 18,000,000 in a period of 25 years of war, not including other Europeans and not including civilians. The best and brightest and bravest of France were gutted. Yeah, the fitting end to the whole French Revolution experiment at Waterloo was best described by this guy, MERDE!

        • “your answer to whether anything is justified is if it destroyed the top level of society or not”:

          Your class system is doomed. There will be no more so-called “betters” or “top level of society,” no classes at all, when the “common” people become fully aware, and unite, and refuse to work for, be enslaved, robbed, parasitized, by “their betters” any longer. You, the Right Wing, and the fake left, think anything is justified that conserves, protects and advances the “superiour” class’s “right” to exploit the masses.

          “The French Revolution deformed France (…) rather than reforming it into a Constitutional monarchy like a proper Aryan Anglo-Saxon Protestant would, has had epic negative ramifications for European civilization ever since”:

          With the Frech people’s revolution, a real French nation, French people’s republic, finally appeared. “Pas de république sans paysans” (No republic without the peasants)! A bourgeois “republic” such as you recommend, is a class system, not a real republic, an exploitation system not a real nation. Capitalism is not nationalism.

          (Napoleon) “undid Europe in a way we’ve been trying to overcome ever since”:

          He did not “undo Europe,” he RELEASED many Europeans. or began to undo their chains, and the feudal class system was forced to “reform” itself a little and become “constitutional.” You reactionaries have been trying to turn back the clock of history ever since the French revolution. At least you give Bonaparte due credit for being a real revolutionary (the Directory vetted him thoroughly before entrusting him with the defense of the French people’s republic (though he failed by marrying the Hapsburg and being crowned “emperor,” etc.) against the feudal and proto-capitalist monarchies that attacked it furiously from the very beginning.

          “2,500,000 Frenchman killed out of 18,000,000 in a period of 25 years of war, not including other Europeans and not including civilians”:

          That massive death toll is yet another example of how the “top level of society” or nobility” (elite mobster families) of the class usury system will stop at nothing and doesn’t care how many “common” men. women and children die to maintain its “right” to rule them and suck their blood daily. Real nationalism is socialist.

        • “He alao undid Europe in a way we’ve been trying to overcome ever since”:

          Who is “we”? You mean the conservatives, who are always reacting against the progress of History, but History marches on. I ran across this good essay on the better side of Bonaparte, saying what I said about him in my previous comment: i23/11/22/the-one-article-to-read-if-youre-planning-to-see-the-new-napoleon-movie/

          Thomas Paine was also involved in the French Revolution. Paine was ahead of his time in calling for a Universal Allowance, and equal rights and suffrage for ALL French people not just for those who owned real property. The Committee for Public Safety ended up imprisoning Paine because he was English, but he was not executed.

      • You’re wrong. It might have started out as a popular revolution against a monarchy who stupidly borrowed from Satan-spawn and was unable to pay it back (resulting in no food, etc.), but the creditors took control not long after the monarchy was out. As usual, once the usual suspects were in charge mass slaughter of common folk got under way (all of Vendée province, for example) along with massive looting – the proceeds of which all flowed to the usurers. That’s what they do. Every. Single. Time. They faithfully carry out their father’s ministry to steal, kill and destroy.

        • Exalted Cyclops, Vendee was exceptional. The mostly rural inhabitants were in the full control of reactionary Catholicism, which mobilized the brainwashed to fight against the revolution. A people divided against themselves cannot stand, and with the increasing abundance of money-bribed betrayers, bought-off moderate fence-sitters and foolish admirers (and secret protectors) of the “nobility,” the revolution began to fail. Soon, France had a king again but the royalty was “constitutional” now, just to be safe. But the revolution did not really fail.

  21. “The key difference is that today this sort of rhetoric is highly controversial and was met with widespread ridicule online.”

    It deserves widespread ridicule. It was ridiculous nonsense in 1914, and again in the 1930’s and 40’s. The idea that dictator next has to be stopped from taking over the world, was a worn out old trope, even in the 1950’s.

  22. Over a thousand Zionists invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque again yesterday, with police protection, some of them trying again to smuggle goats into the courtyard of the mosque to perform a ritual sacrifice. The” Returning to the Temple Mount” group and other organisations offer financial rewards to those who manage to smuggle in goats. There were more than a dozen attempts in just the past week. The Zionists were also busy during Passover destroying more Palestinian olive orchards, vineyards, houses and vehicles. A Zionist settler was bitten by a venomous snake and died of snakebite, but that was an excuse to go out and kill and maim a lot more Palestinians living nearby. P is for passover and pogroms. Passover is for pogroms not pilgrims (Zionist pogroms to kill more Palestinians). Meanwhile White Nationalists are applauding the U.S. for sending shock troops to stop intelligent U.S. citizens (students on college campuses) from daring to protest against the genocide of indigenous people that the U.S. is carrying out using its Zionist colonial proxy. White Nationalists are proving that they are needed, performing their vital role in conserving the system, by amplifying the system’s attack on anti-imperialist anti-genocide demonstrators. White Nationalists ridicule the demonstrators and say “the protests are Jewish.”

    • How many here are denouncing the protests or saying they are jewish? It is run of the mill conservatard idiots who are bawling about the protests. Most of the non-Arab protesters are simply equating Israel with “White Colonialism”, which is false.

  23. Mike Johnson is calling on the president of Columbia University to resign, and he says he thinks it is time to deploy National Guard troops to silence all speech about the ongoing U.S. genocide of Palestine, among other evils of U.S. imperialism.

    • Correct. Funny, they learned their lesson from the summer of George Floyd. Backed with Israeli politico-intel support they’ve moved to stop what could’ve been a summer of Sand Niggerism to match George Floydism of 2019-2021. For once in almost living memory the Republicans actually put foot to ass. They did it because they learned from the Israelis.

      Think what the GOP Governors and State Legislatures, the GOP Congress and Trump Administration couldve stopped from happening had they rolled up the mostly peaceful demonstrations of Black Niggerism and Antifa in 2019-2021 like they just did to the Paleshitians and their Baizuo masters. Had Trump declared an insurrection then, implemented the Fed’s Index files, recruited a US Marshals force, and deployed the National Guard under it, we could’ve rolled up the entire Antifa network, smashed the Democratic Party’s infrastructure, eliminated Black Niggerism 5.0 and won the election. We probably would’ve spared ourselves the debacle of Afghanistan surrender, the overrunning of five other embassies, and the 1,000 US soldiers now held hostage by Black African Niggers in Niger of course. Above all, we would’ve spared ourselves 15,000,000 more illegals overruning the border because of the Irish Nigger and his Judeo-Cartholic guido potato head cabinet of ass clowns.

      Similarly, now watching how the Israelis handled the Paleshitians in Gaza, if we would’ve done the same after 911 AS I RECOMMBENDED AT THE TIME, the Mideast would be on its way to recovery and the country whole again. Imagine a secured border with an actual fortified wall and military bases. Imagine an Operation Wetback III completed and not a single one of the 40,000,000 illegal aliens and their 15,000,000 children left in the US. Imagine a moratorium on immigration and naturalization and nothing but 12,500,000 legals and their 5,000,000 left in the US. Imagine a victorious US Armed Force, now highly trained with spec op and conventional warfare experience second to none, highly patriotic and nationalistic and White, with ticket tape parades behind it the likes of which unseen since WWII. Imagine the same for our allies in Europe.

      Meanwhile, we would’ve got all our oil back, gotten the Suez Canal back, obliterated the Wahabbis, Islamists, and overall destroyed Sand Niggerism permanently. We would’ve finished it all in 10 years max, and then had time to finish Syria and Iran. We’d be now be about to finish the cartels in Latin America, smashed the Sandinastas, got the Colombian conservatives and ACU guys back in power, and re elected Balsinaro and turned Brazil into a White country once again.

      Further, we’d now he staring down the Pakis and have an armed force capable to take on China. Russia would’ve remained a tamed Bear in a tutu and never would’ve contemplated invading Ukraine. Instead, thr Kremlin would’ve begged to join NATO and take on the Turk Niggers in Central Asia with our help and firmed an alliance against the Chinese. The world would be a better place. All in all we could’ve learned and done alot in alliance with the Israelis rather than cry and say “Duh Jews!” for the last 25 years.

      Overall, if we had done what the GOP just did to the Baizuo Palestinians in 2019-2021, Trump would still be in office and we’d have chance. If we had done to the Saracen Islamists between 2001-2021, what Israeis have done to the Paleshitians, and carried out similar campaigns in Latin America, it would be like a WASP led 1954 America all over again. We’d be a collosus in Europe, Middle East, and Latin America. The later especially would be our backyard again and happy. We would be like this song from that period which oozes the American swinging confidence and the last hurrah of WASP America after its overwhelming victory in WWII. But, all we can do now is ease back and listen. Then, try to recapture the moment of that old America and be ready for when the savages come thru the door. That way we wont be ashamed when we wake up to meet our ancestors on the other side and instrad say we gave the dirt bags a right good rogering in the end.

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