Charlie Kirk: The Civil Rights Act ‘Created A Beast’ That ‘Turned Into An Anti-White Weapon’

I will reiterate my advice.

Don’t become an internet edgelord.

Just call yourself a conservative populist.

Focus on your own personal life and career path.

“Become Who You Are” by becoming the policy wonk with the credentials to be hired to work on something like immigration policy or unraveling the civil rights bureaucracy.

Eyes on the Right:

“On the Apr. 16, 2024 episode of his Rumble show, Turning Point USA founder and president Charlie Kirk interviewed Jeremy Carl — a Senior Fellow at the far-right Claremont Institute who authored a book bemoaning “anti-white racism.” Both Kirk and Carl criticized the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which Kirk said “created a beast” that “turned into an anti-white weapon.”

Charlie Kirk asked Jeremy Carl how they can “best fight back” against being called “white nationalist[s]” for complaining about “anti-white racism.” Carl responded that “the simple answer to the white nationalist question” is that he simply isn’t one, and that he’d tell people if he were.

Carl also suggested a reexamination of how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is enforced. Among other things, the Act prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, and national origin in public accommodations, public education, and employment. And while Carl insisted that he had no intention of “relitigat[ing] the wisdom” of passing it, he criticized its usefulness today. … ”

Jeremy Carl was on The Charlie Kirk Show to promote his new book The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart. The term anti-White was taboo until Tucker Carlson began using it on his show in 2021. Con, Inc. shut down all discussion of White interests for 20 years.

Today, you don’t have to join the National Justice Party and stand on a street corner with a sign that says Stop Anti-White Hate to get your message out. My generation was frozen out of the political mainstream and our concerns were driven underground. The ice is beginning to thaw now though.

In a few years, I think there will be people who be getting hired to work on these issues.


  1. You are going to have Jew rabbi’s coming out and protesting and demanding fair treatment for whites, because this fairness thing is a religion, a religion of the Jew messiah and it has to apply to everyone including people the Jews hate in order to protect the Jew.

    • Christ Jesus is not and never was a Jew you blasphemer.And the Jews want to destroy the White race which is created in God’s image.The Jews religion is worshiping their father the Devil.Do not believe the political or religious face they show you as that is only a means to an end.Their enemy is God,His Son Jesus and the White Christian peoples.The Jew is quite happy with the whole world going down in flames.That is the Devils wish.

  2. Bob Whitaker and the Bugs/White Rabbits deserve the credit for the term anti-White finally breaking through. Come on, give credit where it’s due. I’m sure you remember those years where it was difficult to visit a comment section and NOT see The Mantra, even in normie spaces.

  3. ” . . . Both Kirk and Carl criticized the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which Kirk said “created a beast” that “turned into an anti-white weapon.”

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was designed from the beginning as an anti-white weapon, it did not turn into anything, it’s working exactly as designed. The idea that the (so-called) Civil Rights Act turned bad implies that it was good in the beginning but somehow, mysteriously, it got corrupted and turned bad. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The results of the (so-called) Civil Rights Act are the current GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire we now enjoy with all of its manifold failures. Third World shithole cities, failing roads and utilities, foreign invasion, destruction of industry, impoverishment of the (formerly) middle class, elevating incompetent and corrupt minorities to positions of authority, concentration of wealth etc. are the natural consequences of the (so-called) Civil Rights Act, not a surprise outcome. The so-called “Liberals” from the 1960’s who supported the (so-called) Civil Rights Act of 1964 were the first to flee from their minority pets after 1964 because they knew what was coming.

    There is no reforming GloboHomo into some version of pre-1964 America, it’s too late for that. The ruling class doesn’t want to reform anything anyway, they just plan to loot what’s left. From their point of view everything is working great. They are oblivious to the fact that the very institutions they need to maintain their power, such as the military, the industrial base and the dollar, which they have wrecked, can no longer function at a high level. They keep provoking wars as though they had pre-1964 America available to fight for them. They are in for a nasty surprise.

    • @12AX7

      They can’t even count on future potential innovations and inventions to rescue the dollar and pay off debts as America turns into Brazil. The browning of America has very serious implications.

      • ” potential innovations and inventions ”

        They don’t need that.
        They’ll have rabbis to sacrifice goats and chickens to invoke their demon god, while blaming and torturing gentiles for all their failures, just like communism did.

      • America,now run by the people who invented 3 things, a blanket, a bowl and a stick. This country is so dead thanks boomers,you will not be missed.

    • You’re right about their foreknowledge of the consequences of 65 civil rights.

      “They are oblivious to the fact that the very institutions they need ”

      No, they’re not at all oblivious, that to is by design.
      They want to drive the great majority into an impoverished, posessionless slave class. this is very much by design. They will have a few select technical class to support them.

      They won’t need the things you mention, they will have gold, no need for confetti dollars. No need for a vast industry, the slaves will have huts and rags to wear. They won’t need a big military, they can rule with a few thugs toting machine guns, besides thugs are cheap to replace, think Haiti under papa doc.

      You need to change your perspective. Just imagine one vast Haiti of slums, with the ultra rich living in palatial compounds. Like the Persian Gulf states, fantastic rich and cruelly exploited asian workers.

      That’s their model.

      • Only psychopaths would want to live in such a world, but of course, that is what they are.

    • “…There is no reforming GloboHomo into some version of pre-1964 America, it’s too late for that….”

      This is not true. With a majority vote of serious people in office, we could boot the whole entire group of people out that immigrated since 1964. Simply deport any immigrant that took public services, so making them a public charge. People say we can’t possibly do this are not correct. We can legally change the voting laws at the national level to not allow ANY immigrants to vote, and we should.

      Can’t deport this vast number of people, not so. I did the actual numbers, or close, of what it cost and how long it would take. It would cost us less than what we spend on aliens every year, or so I’m told. I know it would cost less than three years of school cost for all the alien children at the most. It would take less than a year. Think about this, what if in fell swoop we changed the whole country back to close, not the same, but close to what it was. And this could be done. All these civil rights laws were made and can also be unmade. Here’s the numbers and cost to deport 100 million people. Next time someone says we can’t possibly do this, cut these numbers in and paste them. We don’t have to put up with this shit.

      As for the deprivations of the Negros. Have a vote in the House on the statement. “Diversity is our greatest value”, all the districts where they vote yes we build 30 story apartments and pack the Negros in them. Furthermore from then on when one gets pregnant she does not get a new apartment. She says with her Mom. Giving them a slightly bigger one if necessary. It would not take long for this to impress on the Negroes, and their neighbors, of how bad an idea it is to fuck with people.

      There are all sorts of ways to solve these problems if we would just get over the idea that we need the approval of all these Jews, Negros, etc. and just do what ever we can to look after our interest. Not theirs.

    • 12AX7 You are quite correct.It was a Jewish vehicle to destroy the White race.Both GOP/Dem were in on it.Read about the power Alfred Blumrosen wielded from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to destroy Whites.Paul Craig Roberts tells at length about this.It can be found in his archives at

  4. True. But why did not White Southerners react in 1964, when I was four? Fear of losing their job, their wife, going to jail, etc.? The White Southerner of 2024 is hardly the same of the ones in 1964. That was a pretty long time ago. I don’t expect them to do jack today.

    • ” But why did not White Southerners react in 1964, when I was four? Fear of losing their job, their wife, going to jail, etc.?”
      That was the first wave of ‘Jew change’ coming to America; the under mining was starting to take effect. Civil rights, Vietnam, etc,

      • DOn;;t you folks remember White Students being ‘escorted’ by ARMED THUGS of the U.S. State, to forcibly integrate them? One of those young men should have grabbed a gun, turned on his mercenaries, and opened fire. IT would have ended right there.

        As Solzhenitsyn said so cogently, “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
        ? Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

        • Grabbing the gun of the National Guard and shooting them would only play further into the hands of the enemy.

          Southern Civic Leaders knew at least two years in advance the way the wind was blowing in the Supreme Court. They would have been better off working with their local churches to build parochial schools and remove all White children from the public schools.

          That way, when the Yankee press gleefully showed up to record the Southern reaction to their latest humiliating defeat, they would show:

          Black students triumphantly being escorted to formerly segregated White schools by smug US Marshals. However, the streets would be quiet and the public schools would be empty.

          The humiliation of the Yankees; Jew and Gentile alike would be on public display. Oh, they would resort to scolding, head-wagging, pointing and sputtering, but little Black boys would not be seated next to little White girls in school.

          Arkansas would have written the best SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) when dealing with federal interference. One which would have been copied by Whites in other states, including Boston, MA.

          Why did they not have Plan B in place in case their appeals, as expected, fell on deaf ears at SCOTUS?

          The same problem Pro-White Activists have now – they couldn’t organize and work together as a collective. The way that Non-Whites do, which is why they keep cleaning our clocks for us. Even today, with our numbers greatly reduced or overwhelmed, Whites refuse to act as a racial bloc. And what passes as a Pro-White Advocacy leadership are too engaged in in-fighting to be of much help.

          Everyone wants to be Hitler; no one wants to be Goebbels or policy wonks to implement into policy and law to enforce any off his vision. Much as Ronald Reagan is disdained by many on the right these days, as he astutely noted, “There is no amount of things one cannot do, if one doesn’t care who gets the credit.”

          The life of most White people is being made miserable by faceless bureaucrats working behind the scenes, writing and implementing Anti-White policies. Often, their evil works aren’t even in immediate effect but will be felt with full force five or ten years from now.

          That’s why Hunter is absolutely right when he posits that the best way or Pro White Advocates to help and protect White people is by infiltrating all levels of the bureaucracies; state, local, and federal.

          Former Iowa Congressional Representative, Steve King, lost any House Leadership positions and was ultimately run out of Congress by a leftist media and the GOP establishment for his remarks defending Western Civilization. He was too ineffective to ever change things through his time in office.

          Had King infiltrated the federal bureaucracy, bringing fellow believers with him, he would have been able to save or restore large sections of his beloved Western Civilization.

          Mayer Amschel Rothschilde once said, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” Well, “give a smart wordsmith who is good at wonkery, control of writing a nation’s policies, and it doesn’t matter who makes its laws.

          Being a policy wonk, working behind the scenes, is not as sexy or as exciting as being the fearless leader under krieg lights and exhorting a huge auditorium full of cheering supporters before the world.

          How well did that work out? Hitler suicided in a bunker, Mussolini was executed with the bodies of himself and his mistress hung upside down for public display. Donald Trump is being harassed and victimized by endless innuendo and 24-7 lawfare.

          If enough inteligent, detail-oriented Whites are in charge of policy, it doesn’t matter who occupies the bully pulpits and gives great speeches, as long as s/he is articulate and can act intelligent. That’s where the policy wonks carefully script and direct the office holder, especially if s/he is limited by two four year terms. And we want them to be over and out. Happily bought off by overpaid speaking engagements.

          We want OUR PEOPLE to be unaccountable faceless bureaucrats who can’t be fired.

        • You make a good point Fr John but with the massive Jewish control of media(thus narrative)and of the State power I do not believe anything would have helped.These demons are energized with the power of Satan,that is why everything goes their way.They will have the one world government as the Bible says.But then Christ shall return and destroy them and send them into Hell.It is our duty to keep clinging to God and His truth till the End.The victory is already won.The Jewish demons may destroy all around us but they will never separate us from the Father.It is good that they will burn for eternity in Hell,they have earned it.I mourn for all the good people and the way of life they have destroyed.A Jewish face to me is more repulsive than a pile of shit.

    • ” why did not White Southerners react in 1964″

      A lot of it comes from church guilt. “We has to treat everbodies goodz, weez all gawwwwdz chillins”.

      Church guilt and universal sucker altruism accounts for most of the sheepish inaction.

      Why do generations slave and donate to establish a nice church, then give it away to a black congregation ?

      • Materialism is Jewish.And heroes are lost when materialism seizes a percentage of the populace.Many White Southerners fought back but many were to comfortable.The control of media and the police State also account for keeping us down.When all the levers of power are in enemy hands and the Satanic tools of brainwashing(i.e. TV,movies,music,education system)are unprecedented in history then the outcome is not in doubt.The power of Hell is at a maximum on Earth and the Bible said this must happen.But we must resist till the End.

  5. Civil rights has always been an attack by the elites on the white working class and middle classes, for the most part the wealthy rich were exempt from it. It was the working class that lost their neighborhoods when segregation ended, they were the ones that lost their schools. The rich snots had their kids in private schools and lived in rich neighborhoods.

    Pat Buchanan pointed this out when busing came to Boston in the 1970’s, the Governor, the two Senators from Massachusetts, the judge that ordered it, none of them had kids in Boston public schools. The snobs get to stand around and act superior while they order working people about.

    They used to be more careful about what it was about, now they came right in the open and attack people just for being European, and they attack western civilization, like that yuppie twat that took over NPR. These guys are sick fucks, they seem to have no thoughts except endless negativity, and this sense of how important they think they are.

    Their screwed up guilt trip has turned into a malevolent obsession for them. And most colleges and media places have become nothing but echo chambers for the worst kind of limousine liberal horseshit imaginable.

    • It’s not a guilt trip. When Robert Burnham spoke of liberalism as being a kind of way of dealing with guilt, he was full of shit. These New England degenerates are just being true to their racial origin among the Puritans.

  6. Charlie kirk (?) is an American traitor !! he was aligned with unlimited immigration 2021 !! (now he’s changing his stripes on everything !!) check it yourself !! ! ??

  7. Shelley v. Kraemer(S.Ct. 1948) took away our ability to control and protect our neighborhoods and homes. Brown v. Topeka Bd. of Education(S.Ct. 1954)took away our public schools. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 gave the Left the green light to commit election fraud in the futherance of their anti-white goals, the Immigration Act of 1965 opened our border to “the Great Replacement” of whites by nonwhites, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act took away almost everything else- especially a meritocratic nation via affirmative action. None of this was righteous and holy as people like /charlie Kirk once assumed-it was all anti white and concocted by the fertile imaginations of the Jews.

  8. Charlie kirk HAS been an American traitor !! he was aligned with unlimited immigration in 2021 !! (now he’s changing his stripes on everything !!) I’ve been looking on youtube where Kirk said he would staple Green cards to foreign students to work in USA !! i saw it with my own eyes !

  9. I’ll call myself to the right of Genghis Khan as that’s how I was raised.
    It’s in the water here and Army brat from way back.
    We’re there any people warning us that freedom of association was gone and a new constitution (civil rights) was born in 1964?
    One thing that War hero John F. Kennedy got wrong was muh cibil rights and didn’t affirmative action also start under him?

    • Yes there were plenty of warnings at the time. Typically, most whites shrugged the warnings off as a “conspiracy theory”. Despite all of the bluster and boasting from WNs about their civilizational accomplishments (which though real are all in the past), the majority have been turned into de-racinated NPCs by the gaslight media, public edumacation and academia. To apply full Darwinist ‘survival of the fittest’ notions, most whites no longer have enough common sense to survive – even negroids are ahead of them in this respect. That’s why they make up 6% of the world population when they were 25% in 1900. Here’s an illustration of what has taken place.

      The two cases I linked above are illustrative to prove my overall point. That white teacher who was repeatedly slapped by the kneegrow is likely puking out Church of Woke dogma in the indoctrination center which employs her. Any white parent who send their children to a government schul is insane, stupid and evil. The example from Cuck Island shows the complete insanity of paying any tuition to obtain a worthless degree in the arts of academia. This meme sums up the state of the arts in the west perfectly.

  10. Back in 1964 any media discredited, hated segregationist could have told Charlie “Civil rights” was an Anti-White weapon. Goldwater voted against it and his “Party” walked away from him. White self-hatred was well established by 1964.

    • @more of the same
      Certainly couldn’t agree more; Jews have spent a LONG TIME working to destroy us

      • If the hatred is intergenerational then it is of the blood. The Jew hatred for us and our Christ is a trait, a characteristic of Jew blood. And you are a racist for seeing, recognising, and knowing the true nature of Jew blood, you get the psychological games being played here?

  11. The enormous glutton Sam Francis tried to persuade Pat Buchanan to not call himself a “conservative”. He understood even in 1992 that tag was poison. It was and is even more so now.

    Fat Francis was an ok guy actually, but he supported Zog inexplicably ( opposed secession) and never could understand that Knights of Malta Buchanan had always been a Trojan Horse.

    Buchanan used to brag that he convinced Nixon to support forced school bussing all over the country. That’s all I needed to know. But even good people never saw the real Pat Buchanan.

    The tag “conservative” is poison. Look for somethng else. Populist is not bad.

    • @Rangewolf,

      Hahaha. Are you one of those, “it’s not the jews, but the Jesuits” numbskulls?

      They often never say anything about the unholy nexus of Freemasonry (WASPs) and internation jewry. Cohencidence?

  12. ‘Charlie Kirk: I will out-right LIE to defend my beloved pay-master Israel (1:01 on video) ’

    Charlie Kirk Vs. Groypers Compilation

  13. “The ice is beginning to thaw now though.”

    Vdare is considered a mainstream conservative website on immigration now.

    I think on a few years Jared Taylor may break back into the mainstream even. Ong ago the National Review ha e a fairly positive review of ‘Paved With Good Intentions’ and CSPAN even showed Amren conferences. I think those videos are still archived somewhere even.

    Having Trump in is great. It is like if Gold water or Buchanan got in but it actually happened.

  14. Shelly v. Kraemer(S.Ct. 1948) took away our homes and neighborhoods, Brown v. Topeka Bd. of Education(S. Ct. 1954) took away our public(i.e. free) schools, and the 1964 civil Rights act took away everything else.

  15. A lot of the commentary in here seems to be “we are getting our message out, but not the way we were “supposed “ to. Too many other commentators are telling “our” ideas, rather than a the way WE wanted to get the message out. I’m just fine with people like Tucker and Matt Walsh doing this. He reaches millions more people than we can. One day, maybe many people in this movement will get out of their own way and let themselves win.

  16. The CPUSA (D) wing of the UNI-Party bird did say that they would use racial tensions to tear apart the fabric of American society back in 1922.

    (h/t-G. Edward Griffin)

  17. So Mikey Johnson came through with 90 billion for the yids, on Hitler’s birthday, 4/20. BtW, that CANNOT be a coincidence.

    Surprised me. I supposed they would get rid of Zelensky first. Next they will work on stealing the Russian money they already stole.

    The plan to depopulate Ukraine and then make it the second Jewish homeland lives.

    The Russians need to get serious. They need a military coup, to clean out the gangster state. Within 30 days they could well be fighting nose to nose with the 82nd Airborne. And elite units from 10 NATO nations.

  18. Go, Charlie: speaking truth to passive-aggressive power. Alas, most of my boomer generation became so open-minded that our brains fell out (present writer excepted). Keep on keepin’ on!

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