Poll Watch: Ukraine Aid Views Are Shaped By Cold War Memories

This is interesting.

In the latest CBS News / YouGov poll, 61% of Republican voters oppose military aid to Ukraine.

CBS Narratives:

51% of House Republicans actually voted against Ukraine aid. 46% supported it.

We won the argument.

We lost the political fight over Ukraine aid.

We lost because God told Mike Johnson that he was like Winston Churchill. He was the only thing stopping Vladimir Putin’s legions from sweeping across Europe.

Establishment Republicans didn’t have the political support to do this. They went ahead and did it anyway though. They run the Senate and serve as chairmen of all the important committees in the House. They are vastly overrepresented in Republican leadership compared to their popular support.

This defeat over Ukraine aid is an opportunity to address the gap between public opinion and policy, younger voters with more isolationist views and the elderly Republican congressmen who represent them who are still mentally stuck in the Cold War. This vote should be used as a broom to start sweeping these people out of leadership positions in Congress and ultimately to replace them.


  1. “Mike Johnson reportedly dropped to his knees in prayer for guidance on how to handle the Ukraine”

    Johnson, the Ned Flanders of congress

    • Who knew that God was so interested in Ukraine getting more artillery and Patriot missiles? Has God also been speaking to the Pope of Televangelists, the “Rev.” John “Scumbag” Hagee about this shit too? We know the good “Rev.” hears from God that the reprobates in Congress need to send more aid to Our Greatest Ally so they can put some of that aid back in the good “Reverend’s” bank account.

      Like it says in the “Rev.” John “Scumbag” Hagee’s Bible; ‘One hand washes the other’. Who knew doing God’s work could be so lucrative? I guess the money shows whose side God is really on.

      • Hey, don’t knock Hagee. He foretold that the eclipse of 4 8 was a sure sign of the rapture.

        I’m sitting here watching the clouds, waiting…… waiting…..waiting………..

  2. “Is the best hope of ending this war,”

    The exact opposite is true, this will only prolong the war, killing, suffering and massive corruption.

    61 billion is just a steppingstone to the next round of war funding, ad infinitum. It’s endless!

    • @Arrian.

      The reason that the judeo-MIC and jewsmedia didn’t complain about the withdraw from Afghanistan. They already had the Jewkraine proxy war lined up, and ready.

      The Jewkraine war has been a better grift for jews on Wailing Wall Street than Afghanistan, especially, after jews like the Sachler family no longer were getting cheap opium due to the Taliban taking over, and eventually burning those crops.

      FFS, Zelenskyy himself said that Jewkraine will be open for BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and the rest of the jewish robber barons to pick over it abundant natural resources at the war’s end.

      Death to the big and little satans.

      • “The reason that the judeo-MIC and jewsmedia didn’t complain about the withdraw from Afghanistan”

        Another reason, it shows that a well armed citizenry can defeat a superpower. Just too 2nd amendmentish.
        Don’t want the peasants getting any ideas.

    • @Ringo,

      They did it on National Marijuana Day. They know Americans are dope sick in the brain whether they have THC in their bloodstream or not.

      They only humiliate National Socialists when they bring them to the gallows operated by a jewish hangman on Purim, as they did in 1946.

  3. Nearly 90% of Americans opposed the war against Iraq in 1990, going into it. The ppl didn’t want it. ZOG did it anyway, because no one in Washington cares what the people think. “The people” are not a stakeholder.

    I remember talking to Senator Warner during the run up to that war. He said it was true the people opposed the war. But later on, he said, they would support the war, once it gets going. And you know, he was right.

    So yesterday Zog leaked that they are sending more “advisors” to Keev. Not to be in combat, of course. Just like our advisors in Vietnam, none were in combat. In fact it was illegal for them to fight. But they all did, all 800 of them (the actual number by 1960 was over 10,000).

    Johnson needs a nickname. Zognald gives everyone a nickname. Speaker Scofield Johnson, I say. Scofield Johnson. Scofield. Fagface, Johnson.

    • Not 90 percent, it was 2/3 opposed, at best. Most of the people I knew were good little typical Amerikan jews-media drones….all for it.

  4. We gotta win one for the Gipper.
    If we don’t fight Ivan over there, they will cross the Atlantic?
    What do you mean non-existent southern border, borders are a construct of the white male patriarchy, comrade.
    Rocky Balboa is training to take out Ivan Drago and James Brown is singing Living in America…cut some more checks for the MIC.
    Dupes and dullards have no clue that the Rapture Express wasn’t mentioned for 1800 years until comrade Scofield came along.
    I love God too but I never want to hear about it from politicians on some eschatological delusion.
    Those aren’t the Jews you’re looking for either as their homeland is Eastern Europe.

  5. Sorry Mike a Christian protects and defends the weak and the innocent. A Jew preys on the weak and the innocent. Why did the Jews kill Christ Mike? Because it is the nature of the beast, the Jews are a predatory people who need prey, the weak and the innocent. Mike Johnson worships the anti-Christ, he has betrayed Christ,like all those gutter Irish filth have. I told you the Moshiach is Irish, I told you the anti-Christ is an Irishmen, now watch and see with your own eyes they way these Christ killers lie through their teeth.

    • @Roberta O’Browning,
      I’d hate to break it, but your post’s are failing to turn my frown upside down.
      They are less than inspiring, I’m afraid to say. How about running with more contemporary and relevant points that today’s society can relate to? Biblical wrong doings don’t really cut it in 2024.
      Unbreak my heart FFS! 😉

  6. Like the Republicans and Democrats, Tories and Labour in the U,K. (the other branch of the global “Aryan” Anglo-zionist usury system based primarily in New York, Washington and London) have also agreed on Britain’s largest-ever aid package for colonial proxy Khazarkraine to use to destroy Russia (and to further enrich the captains of the for-profit weapons industry and Khazarkrainian oligarchs): https://www.rt.com/news/596436-uk-largest-ever-military-aid-ukraine/

    Those “views shaped by Cold War memories” are based on ignorance, which is based on lies spewed by all parts of the usury system’s propaganda industry. The System’s many wars around the globe including the still-ongoing war (“cold,” hot, financial, psychological, and hybrid) to destroy Russia, will not end until the capitalist-imperialist class system is replaced by a new system with liberty and equality for all.

    “tend to be cold warriors”:

    “Cold warrior” is a euphemism for capitalist anti-socialist reactionary. The usury system likes kings and queens and right-wing dictatorships. Cold warriors of today fight to destroy every trace of, even the memory of socialism from the face of the Earth, and Russia is a big part of that memory, and the destruction of Chinese socialism, the CPC, and China with it, is the ultimate goal. Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua and other small holdouts against the system will not be overlooked.

  7. The system hates nationalism and is afraid that nationalism in Russia might embolden nationalists in the United Sattes. The United States also hates the idea of a multipolar world in which they are no longer the solitary voice and power. But above all they fear the new BRICS will replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and a currency based on a commodity which would be more stable than the dollar. America has killed leaders who tried to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. That is why they had NATO kill Libya’s Qaddafi!

    • @Feric Jagger,

      They murdered Gaddafi because he was going to create a gold backed currency for Africa.

      You really do not need to look for any other reason for that murder.

  8. @Michael Tracey
    “Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly dropped to his knees in prayer for guidance on how to handle the Ukraine matter. Always fascinating when the voice of God becomes interchangeable with the voice of the National Security State”

    … dropped to his knees in prayer for guidance on how to handle the Ukraine matter. Lol !!
    The Mother Fucker dropped to his knees to suck JEWISH COCK !!

    Always fascinating when the voice of God becomes interchangeable with the voice of the National Security State”
    More interesting is how big was the Check he got from Israhell !!

  9. who are still mentally stuck in the Cold War

    They’re stuck in the 19th and 20th Centuries, period. That’s one of our biggest problems. These Cold War relics and museum pieces belong in retirement, along with their policies and politics. The 21st Century is not defined by WWII and the Cold War. Or Communism. The real problem is finding young people to replace these coffin dodgers, whose brains haven’t been infected with Leftism. Which is itself a relic from the past, and a product of clinging desperately to the 20th Century, by our Oligarchy.

  10. “Ukraine Aid Views Are Shaped By Cold War Memories.”

    I was fifteen, when the television movie “The Day After” came out. But I now recognize the fact that the Cold War ended, there is no Communist Block, and no Soviet Union, anymore. I still feel nostalgic for the 70’s and 80’s, but it has little to do with the Cold War. I live in the 21st Century now. Unfortunately for us, our so-called leaders stayed behind, when we moved forward.

  11. This was the uni party at its worst. While their own country is suffering, they want to re start the cold war, they even brought out world war 2 propaganda, which was so threadbare, it fell apart when they took it out of the mothballs. The government needs to do something about narcotics, homelessness, and inflation. Instead the political hacks want to be seen funding third world autocrats. Pretty much the whole world has been appalled and disgusted by the way Israel has treated civilians in this war, everyone apparently but Fox Network and the 73 year old dildos running the Republican Party.

    Not only do most of them seem to be stuck in the past, but they are on the wrong side of history.

    Johnson is a good leader for this group of horses asses, a fake conservative who is actually another RINO.

  12. Putin snuffs out Russian ultra-nationalism and Russian White Supremacists like the rest of world’s Zio-Stooge leadership. The Right is barking up the wrong tree with this Putin-As-White-Savior stuff.

    • @Ringo,

      Absolutely no WN believes Putin is a savior of the European race.

      That’s globohomo propaganda from the gay cist right of Grindr Greg Johnson and “felching” Frodi Midjord.

      That’s a meme that WNs in the know back Putin or Dugin.We don’t, but we even more don’t back US-UK ZOG and ZOGlenskyy’s regime.

      AZOG Battalion has set real National Socialism back with its Hollywood Nazi war crimes and visits to the US Capitol and the Wailing Wall.

  13. The Cold War ended thirty years ago. The Twentieth Century ended twenty three years ago. There is no Communist Block, Soviet Union, Cold War, or Post WWII Era anymore.

    The 21st Century isn’t defined by WWII, or fighting over Communism. The old coffin dodgers need to get over the 20th Century,get over themselves, and get in the real world,in the present. And retire, while they still have a few years left

  14. Jews are not Christians. Jews do not like Christians, especially overly religious ones. It is shameful and disgusting how servile these clowns are to them.

  15. “The (((United States))) also hates the idea of a multipolar world in which they are no longer the solitary voice and power.”

    (((They)) Tried having global dominion through communism, that flopped, now they’re trying via USZOG commercial dominion and military hegemony.

    • That argument claiming communism was only a joo conspiracy is counterproductive to bringing others to the jq. Billions of people for the last 200 years have been drawn to communism because of its legitimate yearning for a better world.

  16. > Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly dropped to his knees …

    That part of the sentence is absolutely true. What they’re lying about was the purpose of his assuming the position. God had nothing to do with it. The overall purpose rhymes with ‘Lewinsky’, as does the particular person – at least metaphorically.

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