Senate Passes Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan Foreign Aid Bill

In the final vote, 31 Senate Republicans voted for it, 15 voted against it and 3 missed the vote. 64% of Senate Republicans voted against the will of 61% of Republican voters.

New York Times:

“The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday night to give final approval to a $95.3 billion package of aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, sending it to President Biden and ending months of uncertainty about whether the United States would continue to back Kyiv in its fight against Russian aggression.

The vote reflected resounding bipartisan support for the measure, which passed the House on Saturday by lopsided margins after a tortured journey on Capitol Hill, where it was nearly derailed by right-wing resistance. The Senate’s action, on a vote of 79 to 18, provided a victory for the president, who had urged lawmakers to move quickly so he could sign it into law. …

The most striking thing to me about the House and Senate debate over Ukraine aid is how much the rhetoric resembled this George Will column in The Washington Post.

“Tuesday’s Senate ratification of Ukrainian aid proves that Dwight Eisenhower’s baton of Republican internationalism was passed, via Ronald Reagan, to Mitch McConnell. They are the three most important Republicans of the past 100 years. …

The Economist columnist Charlemagne says Ukraine’s defeat would be a “Suez moment” for the West. Meaning, a humbling demonstration of waning power. Two months ago, Estonian intelligence said: “Russians in their own thinking are calculating that military conflict with NATO is possible in the next decade.” Josep Borrell, the European Union’s chief diplomat, says: “A high-intensity, conventional war in Europe is no longer a fantasy.”

Today’s Moscow-Beijing-Tehran axis is, as the 1930s Axis was, watching. Johns Hopkins foreign policy analyst Hal Brands, writing for Bloomberg, reminds us: “Italy’s invasion of Abyssinia in 1935 encouraged Hitler to send his military back into the Rhineland in 1936, just as Germany’s blitzkrieg through Western Europe in 1940 emboldened Japan to press into Southeast Asia.”

It was like entering a time warp.

The Republican Party in Washington, especially the Senate, is still the party of George Will, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol and David Frum. We saw Axis of Evil rhetoric straight out of the 2000s. Mitch McConnell and Dan Crenshaw are like Winston Churchill standing up to tyranny in 1941.

The Republican base has changed. The online Right has changed. Lots of mainstream conservative institutions have changed. The politicians have changed too in the House and Senate, but seem to be a lagging indicator. Republican leadership is still mentally in the Cold War in the 1980s.

Since winning the 2022 midterms, the agenda has been banning TikTok, passing around a dozen bills about anti-Semitism on college campuses, expanding government surveillance in the FISA bill and delivering Joe Biden’s agenda by sending $95 billion in foreign aid to war zones or potential war zones around the world. In previous years, the Republican legislative agenda has been things like trillion dollar spending bills, making Juneteenth a federal holiday and passing criminal justice reform.

These people are living in a different political universe. They are responding to donors and very old voters. Many of them undoubtedly just made up their mind about politics in the 1960s and 1970s. My final takeaway is that their victory on Ukraine aid was bought on credit. They didn’t have the political support in their own party to do it, but did it anyway out of self-righteous conviction.

The bill will eventually be paid.


  1. Foreign aid bills are a construct of the white male patriarchy.
    They lower expectations and are imperialistic in nature.

    • “Foreign aid bills are a construct of the white male patriarchy.
      They lower expectations and are imperialistic in nature.”

      Nope – th3y ain’t

  2. Neville Chamberlin or Winston Churchill? The correct analogy for the loathsome Republicans is Judas Iscariot and his thirty pieces of silver.

    • Yep.

      These people know absolutely fuck-all about history — like when Hillary called Putin “Hitler,” LOL.

      The fact is that Chamberlain did the right thing by conceding the Sudetenland at Munich. Wilson’s 14 Points and the League of Nations promised the “right to ethnic self-determination” but then denied it to Germans. Practically speaking there was no way Britain could keep Germany out of Czechoslovakia anyway, it had no bases or troops there. Chamberlain then stupidly gave a war guarantee to Poland, where the British also had no troops and no bases. When Germany and the USSR both invaded Poland, Chamberlain went to war against Germany but not the Soviet Union.

      The fact is that Chamberlain was not the pussy he is portrayed as, but he was stupid for his willingness to go to war for a country he could not possibly defend. And Churchill is no hero as he is portrayed, he was a tyrant who suspended elections so he could attack the “dictator” (LOL) in Germany. As the Hess mission to Britain demonstrated, Germany wanted peace with Britain but Britain’s politicians were too stupid and arrogant to stay the fuck off the Continent, and they were willing to ally themselves with the fucking communist Soviet Union to fight a needless war against Germany.

      It ultimately cost them their empire.

      THAT is the lesson America’s retarded politicians should be learning from Chamberlain and Churchill… but they aren’t.

      • Excellent points. There isn’t an ounce, not even a grain of wisdom or moral courage in America’s “leaders”, such as they are. that has been true for a very long time, too.

      • History teaches that, . . . history teaches nothing.

        Especially to the unteachable and those who profit in this lifetime from telling lies.

      • Germany had the right to the Sudentland because it was full of Germans? Like the Southwest is full of Mexico, and therefore Mexico should just roll into El Norte, cuz, muh Mexican? Or, Rhodesia gets disappeared cuz its full of niggars? Easy for you to say, until they come to your water park. You wont like it when they take your water park my chum.

  3. “Senate Passes Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan Foreign Aid Bill
    Senate Republicans are like Winston Churchill in 1940”

    you mean they sold out to the Jews like Winston ?

  4. The Deep State and it’s pathetic minions are going to “git her done”, or die trying, before November. Just saying.

  5. Here’s your cuckservative utopia bro, tiktok wasn’t a concern when it was destroying the mental health of young women, convincing young men to mutilate their genitals IF it wasn’t getting them hooked on degenerate sexual fetishes, all while destroying their concentration and self worth, but let anti Israel sentiment start growing and they literally are screaming “SHUT IT DOWN”. Absolutely pathetic. How can anyone read this article and then tell themselves “voting matters”

  6. > These people are living in a different political universe. They are responding to donors and very old voters. Many of them undoubtedly just made up their mind about politics in the 1960s and 1970s. My final takeaway is that their victory on Ukraine aid was bought on credit. They didn’t have the political support in their own party to do it, but did it anyway out of self-righteous conviction.

    > The bill will eventually be paid.

    It won’t be paid by the disgusting creatures like Lady G – if only Putin had the stones to vaporize her phaggot arse next time she shows up to amuse the no-hands pianist (I rather doubt Russia waste the missile but it might earn them some friends here). Nor will it be paid by the Gay Old Pedoburo donors, for whom there is no punishment is too brutal. As for the very old, they’ll get their payment from the almighty soon enough.

  7. Winston Churchill also destroyed his own Empire by fighting an unnecessary war. Look at his sorry-ass island now, lorded over by wogs.

    • Ah contraire. Hitler destroyed his country, his party, and his 1,000 year Reich by starting an unnecessary war. Now look at Germany, only 70% German, lorded over by wogs and declining everyday into extinction. It didn’t need to be this way, but for Hitler and his Nazis.

  8. Niger and Chad have again ordered the U.S. military to get out of their countries, but the U.S. says it has “no definite plans to leave” and “will be staying until a new agreement is reached”: It takes a very thorough exorcism, like the battle of Dien Bien Phu to make the imperialist West leave any country that it has possessed, occupied and exploited.

    The U.S. says it “needs” to be in those countries “to control ISIS” (which is not a total lie because the U.S. actually does run ISIS) but the U.S. military is really there to help Western elites continue to exploit the native peoples’ gold, uranium and other mineral resources.

    • @merthyre,

      Its actually correct to both. The US needs to be there to control ISIS and exploit the minerals. I agree with you but come to different conclusions. First, controlling ISIS is a cope. Second, exploiting the resources disguises what we did to get there. Not understanding these two is the result of not understanding the world for what it is, not the world for what you want it to be.

      First, controlling ISIS shouldn’t be a goal. The goal should be obliterating Jihadism in as much of the Moslem world as possible. That means occupying, coopting, allying, or infiltrating as much of the Moslem world as possible. The British and French Empires and lately, the Zionists, accomplished this objective. But, if that is the case, and it is from a reference of self interest and power, why is our policy otherwise, especially historically regarding the British and French Empires?

      France had already been in North Africa and sub Sahara Africa for two hundred years. But, because our foreign policy, like our domestic policy is predominantly influenced by US based multi-nationals (Globalists) we were told to subordinate Africa Francaise to US corporate interests for exploitation. Until, the rise of Islamic Jihad and the spread of the Ulemma Mujahideen, this was difficult since France had a lock on loyalty from the local elite.

      Therefore, the expansion of ISIS was a useful agitation in forcing the French to acquiesce. Encouraging it to revolt, agitating it into spreading, perhaps was done by the US. Perhaps it was at least also a natural evolution of the spread of the Ulumma Mujahideen, Islamo Jihad in particular. Regardless, it happened, and it was warned it was going to happen long before it did happen.

      Either way, under Macron and Szarkozy, the pressure exerted by the Sand Niggers and the refusal of their own and previous successive French governments to increase their military, forced the French to redepliy more French assets and/or replace them with US assets. The US in turn, underfunded its military adventurs and also deployed a small contingent for the size of the objective to these countries. Eventually, this caused the political collapse of Africa Francaise much as Indichine Francaise collapse. Now we are there to replace them in full and also have full control over the resources.

      This was eminently stupid. Rather than encourage the French to expand their military in light of the threat our retarded elite just pretended the problems were manageable. Simultaneously we took over French assets thereby discouraging the French to keep investing in Africa Francaise. The French are responsible for failing to invest in their military and increase their investment in Africa Francaise, but the fact remains we did little to stop the collapse and even encouraged it to a degree.

      Basically, our multinational elite is cannibalizing Western nation-state power to enrich a few institutions, states, individuals and powers. This of course even happens here at home, were loads of wealthy and influential American networks and individuals have fallen to the way side. Bit, it is especially true overseas, where among old European colonial areas we have been at the forefront to decolonize.

      The Papacy was fully behind this effort to replace French neo-colonial influence in North Africa with American one. The Catholic Establishment in Europe, especially France is fully behind this because they get their payoff, without having to expend any further political, military, or economic capital. They are smart, but decadent and lazy. Plus, this collapse of Africa Francais reduces France, a Nation-State, within the EU. France is especially a nation-state that the Papacy hates, since it hates all nation-states and has since forever, but especially the Counter-Reformation, and especially since the French Revolution.

      You see class interests in this state of affairs, with a clear solution namely abolishing classes. We on the other hand see a more complex, nuanced, state of affairs, with rival interests groups jockeying for power and seeking to coopt, subordinate, or destroy each other. Our solution is likewise more complex and flexible. This we are willing to work with groups such as the Zionists since they help us fight the self interested fight against Islam, and now, the Socialists and International as well as other power centers. Unlike their European forbearers, the Israelis and Zionists are well aware that other powers, especially in the US would just as soon as sell them out too. So, they are entrenching themselves thru legislation.

      Some of these other power centers include the Papacy, the Nation-State movement, the Globalists, and great powers such as the Papacy, UK, France, Germany, US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, the Cartels, Zionism, Socialism, the International, Ulemna Mujahideen, Moslem Brotherhood, Black Power movement, Latino movement, etc. All of them habe their own long term and short term agendas. The Israelis and Zionists are smart enough to see this reality and do what they can to protect their interests.

      Indeed, managing these groups on behalf of your own requires you to identify where you seat in the struggle. Whole Israelis and Zionists know where they sit, others do not. Apparentely, most Dissident Rightists and Far Leftists such as yourself can’t seem to identify their group. Instead they creat one out of whole cloth. Whites for the Rightists, and Workers for the Commies. While the Commies still have several power centers, including International Socialism and the more insidious “International,” their identity with some so called proletariat is false. So, they always fail whilst destroying everything around them. They are like cancer.

      The so-called “Whites” of the Dissident Right don’t have a power center representing their so called group. Some like to pretend about creating one, which inevitably turns ibto Hitler. Sadly, they don’t realize they already have a power center, their own nation.

      Instead, they live in fantasy land made real only by endlessly and pointlessly talking about World Jewish conspiracies. This results in the Dissident Right seeing the world move on from them qdespite even opportunities for them to move the dial, like with this war in Gaza. Nope, instead of allying with Zionists to crush their mutual enemy, the Socialist International, Ulemma Mujahideen, etc they sperg out on Anti-Semitism, and then cry when the Globalists ally with the Zionists, to craft an Antisemitism bill to smash down on the Globalists out of control pets, the International Socialists, Black Power and Latino Power movements, Moslem Brotherhood, etc. The Dissident Right doesn’t even have a chance, while the Socialists continue to live in fantasy land while lobbing grenades at it thereby hurting all of us. Sadly, we get both here at O.D.

      • “The Papacy was fully behind this effort”:

        You seem to be trying to convert typically anti-Semitic WN’s from anti-Semitism to anti-Papism.

        “we are willing to work with groups such as the Zionists since they help us”:

        Zionism being your Anglo capitalist class system’s most important colonial proxy force (located most strategically in the center of the eastern hemisphere), it goes without saying that you Anglo/Aryan imperialists are “willing to work with” your Zionists and other imperial proxies, who help you destroy all opposition, to rule and exploit all the workers of the world.

        (Zionists) “help us fight the self interested fight against Islam, and now, the Socialists”:

        You know what Muslim Ummah and non-Islamic Socialism have in common. All socialism, all socialistic, real nationalism must be crushed because the logic of your system requires it, to achieve absolute, universal monopoly.

        “You see class interests in this state of affairs, with a clear solution namely abolishing classes. We on the other hand see a more complex, nuanced, state of affairs, with rival interests groups jockeying for power and seeking to coopt, subordinate, or destroy each other. Our solution is likewise more complex and flexible”:

        There is no “third way” – only two: class exploitation versus equality. So-called “third positions” with their “complexities and nuances” are all confusion, distractions, excuses and camouflage for the same evil system. Like mixtures of food and poison they are still poison for the people if they swallow it.

      • “Middle East Eye” brought attention yesterday to the wealthy class of Palestinians (relatively so, compared to the destitute vast majority) in Gaza that was able to flow (or seep) through the tightly closed border wall around Gaza that food aid trucks cannot cross, and “not even a bird can fly across”:

        “For the past seven months, the overwhelming majority of Palestinians in Gaza have been trapped in the besieged territory, trying to avoid the wrath of the Israeli military. Those who can afford to have passed through the Egyptian border (…) Many were able to move to other countries (…) dual Palestinian-Egyptian nationals and residents who could afford the thousands of dollars in bribes to make their exit from the besieged strip.”

        Palestine has always suffered under capitalism, which includes Hamas, a right-wing capitalist party and government. The people of Palestine only voted for Hamas over the Quisling Fatah party (in the last election that the U.S. allowed) because they were not allowed to have a Left choice. The conservative Hamas government conserved the system of inequality and exploitation of the vast majority by the very few. Wealth is power and everything runs on money in Palestine (like almost everywhere else in the world today) and those who have a lot of it can even buy their way out of Gaza, while the upper bourgeosie who have not quite enough wealth to buy their way out can still buy some remaining food at the exorbitant scarcity prices, while the vast majority with nothing simply starve to death. A truly Islamic, truly socialist party and government would have distributed the stolen, excess wealth long ago and established equal housing, medical care, education and nutrition for all Palestinians. But the U.sury S.ystem (U.S.) crushed socialism in Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East long ago, and the U.S. is vigilant and always taking measures to stop it from rising again. Hamas and Fatah are the kind of party that the U.S. wants, to keep the Palestinian people down and destroy them, so the U.S.’s Zionist colony can expand and Western capital monopoly can grow and fully tighten its grip on the Middle East and the world. I repeatr: there is no “third position” and any “pragmatic alliance” with the evil system is evil.

        • In one different post you equated Hamas to Socialism. But, in this one, you equate it to US capitalism. You can’t have it both ways Merthyr. We will be here to call out your leftist bullshittery.

          In reality, Hamas has practiced a socialistic type of economic policy. Its actually more in keeping with Nazism or what the early Fennian Bogmen in Sinn Fein and IRA wanted in Ireland. So, its also a fusion of religion and socialism, kinda like Catholic Integrationalism, but from an Islamic perspective. It also uses the language and of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary movement to develop theocratic socialistic institutions. So, very Naziesque.

          Hamas is as close to a kind of religious, socialist, fascists movement as anyone can find on the planet, but its for Sand Niggers. This is why we see White Wiggers and Sand Niggers mutually protesting with Papist Niggers like Fuentes. The Wiggers, being Baizuo, can’t help being retarded by linking LGBTQ with Holy Islamic terror, simply because they hate Whites so much. But, Fuentes, is in a whole other level of depraved retardation, despite him saying g things about Hamas being pure holy warriors for their people.

          In reality, as with all Sand Niggers, the Hamas leadership are extremely corrupt and exploitive in a way that puts Latino Papists to shame. The Palestinians from Gaza who are rich are nothing but Sand Nigger gangsters. Many but not at all, are members of Hamas. While the common Gazan Sand Nigger is digging in tunnels and up to his eyeballs with blood, the Hamas Islamo-Socialist elite is out smoking Hookah in Detroit.

          So when you see some Gazans demonstrating around or hanging out at the local bar and they look somewhat well off, they are gangster children. Their families got enriched off of smuggling, narcotic and weapons trafficking, protection rackets, and especially off of grifting your billions of tax dollars our government gave them so they could build tunnels, buy missiles, arms, and ammunition, substandard construction materials and health supplies. In short, their grandparents where grifters, their parents where grifters and someday they will have little grifter Sand Nigger kids.

          Basically, in the Moslem world, gangsterism and politics and dynasties can hand in hand. I witnessed in multiple Moslem countries, both friendly and hostile, during peace and war, the local Moslem elite literaly shake down the less powerful, often using their children aged 11-16 to do the collection. Imagine setting up an overstating post in a ditch near a side of the road, filled with Sand Nigger refuse watching from afar local businesses and seeing kids of that age in their Moslem man-dresses going to the older businessmen slapling them around 1demanding a tax and you get the picture.

          All these countries are mafia states, with the Socialist ones being the most virulent ones. The sheiks handle it in a manner that seems more honest and in keeping with them being Sand Nigger pirates raiding on horseback with a type of Arab civilized elan. The Baathists and Hamas types on the other hand seem just straight heavy handed gangaters. Thats your “socialist” people for you. Its why we call them Sand Niggers and their movements like Nasserism, Sand Niggerism.

          Now, to be fair we have them here too where they are literally called mafia too. Their villainy is to a lesser degree than among the Moslems, but our history with them is much more known. Not coincidentally, these mafias are strongest where the Moslem occupation of Europe, especially Arab and Moor ones, were the strongest. Sand Nigger blood gene is potent. Stay away from it.

          • “In one different post you equated Hamas to Socialism. But, in this one, you equate it to US capitalism. You can’t have it both ways”:

            I have NEVER thought of Hamas as a socialist party. If it were really Left, communistic, really socialist, it would never have been allowed to run in the U.S.-controlled election (which it won everywhere, Gaza and West Bank, because the people were not allowed a left choice) and allowed to govern (but not allowed by the U.S. to govern in West Bank, only in Gaza). I don’t “try to have it both ways.” I am consistent.

            “In reality, Hamas has practiced a socialistic type of economic policy. Its actually more in keeping with Nazism”:

            Nazism was/is not socialism. even it may use the word “socialist.” The Right can never be consistently Right or the human cattle herd would all die, or spontaneously rebel. The Right, middle nd fake left of capitalism always use some socialistic policies.

            I predict the rise of real socialism in the Middle East as soon as the U.S. empire loses control. Socialism in Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Palestine, when the U.S.’s crusader state finally falls.

            “blood gene is potent”;

            Your genetic moral determinism is pathetic, and potentially dangerous if it inspires others to fear, hate and kill. “Aryan racial superiority” is bunk. You use the expressions “Moslem,” Papist” and “S—- N—–” constantly. I have used the word “Papism,” although not with hateful intent. After seeing your use of it in your comments, I have decided not to use the word
            Papism” again. “Roman Catholic” is better, being respectful to those who belong to it or were brought up in it.

          • “can’t have it both ways”:

            My comment seemed a little different, because I was a little surprised to learn just how POROUS the “tightly sealed” wall around Gaza is to those who have enough money to bribe their way out, or in. The crypto (Al Sisi is) U.S.-puppet regime that runs Egypt and the Zionist colonial entity are respectful of wealth though they care nothing about ordinary human lives.

            “heavy handed gangaters”:

            Strangely, you never speak of the Zionists as heavy handed or a gangster operation. Why is that?

  9. Zelensky’s powers expire on May 21. The Speaker of the Parliament becomes President, absent a military coup.

    The Speaker now is a Paruniy. Spellings differ. As it turns out Paruniy is unacceptable to the CIA, and Burns is leading a ferocious campaign to have him removed from being Speaker.

    Zelensky’s main opponent, Zaluzhny, was arrested. Hasn’t been seen and heard from in weeks. Burns probably had him killed.

    With Zaluzhny probably dead, a military coup is unlikely. Syrsky is the top General, but all sides acknowledge at this time that no one is even listening to Syrsky. He does give some orders, which are ignored. A competent American General has been running the war since Zaluzhny was removed.

    So Burns has chosen someone else to be Speaker, who will become President on May 21. Probably.

    On the other side, under the Russian system, the entire cabinet is fired next week, removed from office. Putin must choose an entire new cabinet. May be the same people, maybe not. The Duma will rubberstamp the names. Because the ones who vote no will jump from a 3rd story window a few weeks later. Funny how that happens in Russia.

    A lot of changes coming in ww3 in May.

    21st century warfare. The Bradley tanks have been removed from the battlefield. It cost 10 million usd to deply one Bradley. But they were being destroyed by drones that cost 500 usd. Ok, maybe 500usd more for the bomb. So call it a 1000 usd drone destroying a 10 million usd tank. What is the ratio. 10,000 to 1? 21st century warfare.

  10. Should not it be illegal, or at least against house rules, to wave the flag of a foreign country on the house floor? Especially when it is all on one side?


  11. The fact is the Congresscritters, especially the Republican ones, can’t as a rule think for themselves. They are essentially vessels and ciphers for special interest donors. But, in that process of creating legislation, the real power brokers, they’ve created something else all together. The Adminostrative State, the Deep State, exercises true power in DC, at least until a politician comes along who can tame it. Woe be to us, should it ever be a Nick Fuentes authoritarian style Papist.

    Both parties are now essentially dominated by the same special interest groups. There are a few differences. On the Republican side are a few, barely alive social conservative outfits. On the Democrat side are a few barely alive working class unions. Most of the remaining donors that lean GOP or Democrat do so solely out of social and business networking reasons. Everything political is camouflage for the Big Grift that comes from this political situation.

    On the margins are people like the squad on the Democrat side and the MTGs, Matt Goetzes, and other less known psuedo-populists on the GOP side. Although there are some immigration patriot lobbyists like FAIR, some covert lobbyists for VDare, and a couple of other lesser known patriotic outfits, for the most part there is no one advocating for AMERICANS!
    (Note, this is from 13 years ago. Its far worse now and quadruple the money).

    In contrast, there are a host of advocacy groups for hyphenated Americans, unAmericans, and outright anti-Americans in the Democrat side. These groups are getting stronger everyday to such an extent they can roll the other donors into channeling their social engineering objectives into supporting things like D.I.E.(Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity). This means the political system is drawing under waves of political corruption, systematic graft and bribery, and anti-American ethnic gang warfare all with heavy foreign influence. It reeks!

    For the politician who goes to Washington, feel only sorrow for most. Against this backdrop, it is the rare politician indeed who is anything more than a trained social monkey for various interest groups. They are even reduced to doing so many hours per week for making individual phone calls to donors as telemarketers for collecting more money. Imagine it, you spend you whole life eating shit with a grin on your face because some day when you get high enough you can make changes. Only when you get to that height some staffer from Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell comes in and asks how many phone calls you made that day for the his office, did you put in your T.P.S. report and did you put the right cover sheet on it.

    Now, I am not saying dont get involved. Because the fact of the matter is, one of the chief reasons we got to this stage is people didn’t get involved. Instead, they were convinced by guys like this that watching football, drinking beer, partying at beaches, and naked women, was more important, than doing your civic patriotic duty and be involved.

    So, after generations of allowing corruption to fester and grow we’ve come to this: A Congress totally in the hoc to moneyed interests where foreign influence everywhere abounds. But, a democratically oriented popular nationalist revolt can change this situation. So, the only way it changes is by getting involved. More so, getting involved and putting boot to ass. Even then, the situation is so dire, some extra-constitutional measures are going to be needed to ensure our minority vote is counted. Stay frosty.

  12. Jewish U.S. Presidential candidate, party campaign manager and deputy campaign manager have all been arrested for opposing the U.S.’s genocide of Palestine: This reminds me of the arrest and imprisonment of socialistic anti-imperialist U.S. presidential candidate Eugene Debs to stop his campaign, which resulted in more votes and a victory for the “Democratic” Party candidate Woodrow Wilson, who immediately started the war that the Bankers demanded when he took office. The criminal U.S. (usury system) will stop at nothing. The U.sury S.ystem’s “elections” mean nothing. You “human resources” (just population, not a real people or nation) CANNOT vote your way out of it. All U.S. leaders, politicians and candidates who are allowed to run, are puppets, and if any of them ever begins to get out of line they will certainly be arrested. Petty corruption is overlooked and expected, but anti-imperialist speech is severely punished.

  13. “Senate oasses Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan ‘aid’ bill.” So what! Who approves and who knows the full extent of, and where. THE REST OF the U.S.’s imperialist hybrid-war “aid” goes? The U.S. spent many billions fomenting the colour revolution to overthrow the government of Ukraine and install the puppet regime to fight Russia. A crucial struggle is going on now in neighboring Georgia (the country) where over TWENTY THOUSAND color-revolution NGOs (N.on-G.overnmental O.rganisations) financed by the U.S. to overthrow the government of Georgia to install a puppet regime to use Georgia to fight Russia (like the color-revolution NGO installed puppet regime in Ukraine) are about to have their financial roots exposed. See: The U.S.’s unlimited supply of money buys the loyal service of thousands of traitors in almost any country. BETRAYAL, it’s all about money. There is never a shortage of Judases – because there is no shortage of DOLLARS. Most of the subversive work that was formerly performed by the CIA has been privatised, farmed out to these “NGO”s, and the full scale of the “black budget” for all this “aid” may be many billions of dollars per year. What the Senate votes on and approves is the tip of the iceberg of “aid.”

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