Happy St. George’s Day

Wishing all our readers Happy April 23 St. George’s Day 2024.
Here’s some English patriotic music to honor this day.
It’s our day….
Homos, trannies, assorted mentally unbalanced perverts get a whole month. Black Africans in American (what are they doing here?) have all kinds of history months, separate special holidays like Juneteenth to let everyone know they don’t want to be here and do American patriotic holiday like July 4th Independence Day, tthey even have their own version of Hanaukkah – Kwanza.
Isn’t it fair for us Anglo English Americans or any of our English people left in London/Londonstan to get one patriotic, nationalist day? JUST ONE DAY?!
Well, today April 23rd 2024 is our day.
Here’s a link to some beautiful, nationalist English music. Enjoy Link


  1. Watching Dutch orchestra perform Ennio Morricone-The Ecstasy of Gold.
    And converted the 15m Ron Goodwin Where Eagles Dare suite!
    Maybe some Wagner is on order.
    White Europeans (WE) forever!

    • Great suite! Great movie! The plot theme, the double game, the subtle sexpionage, and above all live action stunt scenes and cinematography are outstanding. As someone who has done his small share of falling thru the sky with hair on fire, I can say the movie captures the sheer anxiety amd thrill of crazy shit the best of the best do to this day. Considering they now sit on the shoulders of those who pioneered this stuff way back in Vera Lynn’s day and during a full scale war is unbelievable. But, it was true lads, it was true. From the smallest elements of unconventional warfare to the more complex, their training is relevant to this day. But don’t believe me. Believe a real Londoner tell you.

  2. Thanks for that, Jaye. My father especially loved to hear Vera Lynn. She lived to 103 and was singing quite well at 100.

    Everyone forgets about the Welsh, though. The Welsh equivalent of St. George’s Day is “Dydd Dewi Sant” (Saint David’s Day) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsVTf29JsvQ on the first of March each year. Wales is a SINGING NATION:

  3. Tbh, this might be light years more appropriate.

    (British World War II veterans lament how post war Britain turned, they think in their old age that World War II was a bad mistake from the British side edited by JR)

  4. What are black Africans doing in America?
    Well if you’re referencing black Americans of slave ancestry, you know what they’re doing there. They were brought to America against their will centuries before you were born. Most of them have partial British ancestry as well as African.
    I don’t defend third world immigration generally, but we all know black Americans are a unique group with a unique history in America. You brought them to America. You’re stuck with them.

      • The AH B day blog was just up for a short time around the actual April 20th.

        IMO it s a day to honor and reflect on this great man . If it stays up too long it just becomes “ butt showing “ , Cucks to use against (us )

    • No one who is alive today “brought them here.” Only a tiny percentage of the population were responsible for ever bringing “them here”. This does not justify the never-ending punishment of White Americans. I guess, by your logic, you Brits deserve exactly what you’re getting for all your historical colonization of primitive third-worlders, i.e, rape gangs, thought crime laws and non-White leadership??

      • Astrid,
        It’s the context that counts. Black Americans are not immigrants. One can either love or hate them, but they’re NOT immigrants.
        I live in Australia (of British ancestry) and I hate diversity. Thanks to our purile, treacherous governments, we have record amounts of Asian immigration, the loss of local manufacturing, foreign aid forever doled out to countries that give nothing back in return, Chinese billionaire’s buying all our home’s, pricing locals out of the market, and a justice system weaker than a bucket of water. Like with your negroes, we have Aborigines that we’re stuck with because of unique circumstances:- they didn’t come to us, we came to them.
        As members of the Right, we still need to be realistic and reasonable.

  5. Now this is a post to like. Thanks Jaye for remembering this day and remembering Vera Lynn. Lots of Anglo-American soldiers, sailors, and airmen remember her songs well. I actually got a chance to see her sing in a small session and spoke to her briefly, commenting on her importance to my grandparents, one of whom didn’t come back, but had this as their favorite song:

    St George’s Day is still celebrated by many Americans here and there. Its traditionally one of the three great saint holidays (well four including the Red Welshman’s lot) in America: St George, St Andrew, St Patrick, and St David.

    The American Papists and the American Army Airborne also celebrated St Mary. I must add, she definitely seems to like and help our rashly stupid American soldiers. Thank you Mary for getting me and mine thru dangerous shit, and thank you for sparing us to do this! So, far.

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