Our Old and Out of it Boomers


Lots of our really old people have difficulty dealing with …

White Southerners were still voting straight “Democrat” in state and local elections up until Ronald Reagan’s second term (old Ronnie was pretty much senile) 1984-88. At a time when the National Democrat party had been taken over by the worst anti White, Js (Jacob Javitz, Howard Metzenbaum, Je& York Times, Ed Eisner & Norman Lear CBS, the J NACCP, ACL-Je* Democrats) and White hating Blacks such as Jessie Jack as* Jackson – our major cities run by Black buffoons homo ex Con Harold Washington, Coleman Young or even low down crack cocaine addict DC Mayor Marion Barry, White Southerns and still some White Irish in South Boston were voting strait Democrat.

Why? These stuck in their ways White folks would respond:
“My daddy was a Democrat, my grand daddy was a Democrat so by God I’m a Democrat”
White Southerners still blaming Republicans for the Civil War and Black Reconstruction, White Irish Americans in South Boston still upset with WASP Boston Brahmins looking down on their Irish Immigrant grandparents and still licking wounds from the Irish Potato Famine (why didn’t they plant other crops?). RFK Jr recently put out a trial balloon advertisement saying his patriarch grandfather Joe Kennedy was a scratch golfer but evil, anti Catholic WASPS wouldn’t let Grandpa Joe play on their private golf courses; Patriarch Catholic Joe Kennedy had to build his own golf course on the Kennedy family estate on Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, U.S.
(The Kennedys then and now like to play the Gracchite role of the super rich, noble family, the rich Camelot princes that champion the causes of the poor Blacks, 3rd worlders etc, at the same time hanging with the international jet set elites who are also PC, Woke Lib… except, sometimes over the issue of Israel, the Js and Palestine – that got RFK assassinated)
So what do we do with these old and out of it “Boomers” that have apparently restarted the Cold War with Russia after over 30 years since Communism fell in Russia and all of Eastern Europe, the Warsaw Pact dissolved (why didn’t NATO do the same)?
What does one do with a old and out of it senile family member? With these old and out of it Reagan Bush Boomer 1980s Rambos, Red Dawn true believer?
Anybody have a pillow?


    • “Jacob Javitz was a Republican. Getting your basic facts correct would certainly help your argument.”

      I respond:


      Jacob Javitz was ….

      An international Je*.


      You should know by know that international Js change political parties, changed political and social philosophies, change their sir names and change their countries as often as regular White men change their clothes.


      The point of this blog was that way too many of our people have their minds set in the past… our older boomer people wish it was still Ike’s 1950s – the days of “Leave it to Beaver”, “Father Knows Best” or the early 1960s – the days of the Beach Boys… Endless Summer, a time where SEC Football and Basketball was all White Southerners – Ol Miss really were the “Rebels”, waving the Confederate Rebel Flag.

      Things change.

      “Change” can be good, bad or neutral.

      The “Democrat” state and National Party from ~ 1845 – 1963 was the pro White Southern party, in the North, the Democrat Party was the party of White Working class, Ethnic Catholics here in Chicago, Boston, even New York City. Before World War I, there were practically NO Blacks, Negros in Northern Cities, the few here voted Republican – the Party of Lincoln. It wasn’t until the mid 1960s, Civil Rights Movement, LBJ “Great Society” , Black A American takeovers of the mayors of Detroit, Newark, Chicago, Garry in the early 1970s that Black Negroes switched almost 100% to the Democrat party.

      The point of this blog is that way, WAY too many White Boomer, Reagan Bush Conservatives have their minds stuck in 1980 when the Reagan mission was to FIght The Russians, end the Evil Empire, Roll Back Communism etc.

      In my mind even as a younger man in 1980, certainly by 1990 when I fled Black ,3rd world, soon to be Muslim terrorized New York City – I new this Boomer obsession about fighting “The Russians” was really stupid.

      Hell, I was/am 25% Russian.

      My White European Russian Grandfather fought in the Russian Civil war 100 years ago. He fought in the “White Army” not the Black, LGBT, Homo, Woke Je* army. Pretty much all the Je*s in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland were Communists, Bolsheviks, NKVD.

      During and immediately after World War II, White Slavic and other Gentile Whites in Eastern Europe joined the Communist party and pushed aside the Old Bolshevik Je*s.

      Je*s in American noticed this and stopped supporting Russian/the Soviet Union – they became increasingly Neo Conservatives.

      Now the Js in the USA – Neo Conservative Republicans, Lib Dems whatever you or they want to call them

      Hate Russians, Hate Putin and of course hate the Palestinians, hate Us.

      All this seems rather obvious to me – but too many of our people, looks like that includes you – they don’t see racial, ethnic realities, that don’t see, understand the JQ.

      And really, with our Southern border being massively invaded by over 300,000 nasty, diseased 3rd world Orcs, AIDS infected Haitians, our cities like my Chicago being ruled by anti White BLM, CTU Chicago/Communist Teachers union Mayor Johnson, daily car jackings, murder and mayhem….

      What kind of confused, old and out of it Reagan/Bush 1980 Boomer Conservatives are still obsessed about Fighting our White European Kinsmen the RUSSIANS?

      Don’t like great White Russian ice hockey players, or don’t you just notice Beautiful, Sexy White Russian tennis players like Anna Kournikova? Pop music superstar Enrique Ingles noticed beautiful White Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova – he married her, they have a beautiful, large family.

      What’s wrong with you?


      For other OD readers who aren’t completely brainwashed to “We Gots to fight the Russians” (that’s when we’re not glued to the TV Je* tube 5 days a week worshiping genetically engineered 300 lbs criminal Negroes) just look at the Farstar Comic included in this blog:

      Is that you or your family members – waving the Zio USA flag, addicted to Je* TV Boob Tub and falling hook line and sinker or the latest anti White war, Je* war.

      Jeeees this is embarrassing.

      There are some good reasons the Js call most of our people…

      Dumb Goyim!

      • “There are some good reasons the Js call most of our people…
        Dumb Goyim!”

        Sad, but mostly true.

        We’re a disgrace to our ancestors. they warned us, Ford, Edison, Voltaire, kant , hume, Napoleon, Cicero etc.

      • hello Jaye,,,

        why are you censoring comments with no “hates” or any kind of “abusive” language?
        What’s the point of whining about Jews when the ones criticizing them apply even more brutal censorship)

        • I like to run my blogs like the best daily newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune did – they print the better letters from a variety of perspectives, but it was nothing like an internet comments on a blog where all kinds of just off the cuff things get said that don’t reference the blog.

          I mentioned that I was a 7th and 8th grade public school teacher in Brooklyn in the mid 1980s, mixed class – kind of like “Welcome Back Kotter” – but a daily classroom was not quiet, intelligent teaching, learning – left unchecked it was usually just short of a chimp out.

          HW comment rules are sensible – comments that violate these rules, they don’t get published.

          Nothing mean or personal – just the teacher in me.

          This blog is about Old and Out of it 1980s Reagan Bush Conservatives that just signed off on $100 billion military expenditures to ….

          Fight, slaughter our White European Russian kinsmen in Ukraine, Crimea.

          These weren’t just anti White hateful Js like the Homeland Security Je* Mayorkis who’s been busy flooding the USA, North America with millions of diseased, 3rd world MS13 gang bangers, Ebola infected Haitians and now hateful, resentful Muslims, Arabs including soon to be the survivors of Palestinian Arabs the IDF ethnically cleanses from Gaza.

          No, this blog was about the dumb as* old and out of it Reagan Bush 1980 Conservatives that are so happy that we’ve restarted the Cold War against the Russians – this after Communism fell in Russia and all of Eastern Europe over 30 years ago, this after the Afghanistan debacle where the Reagan Bush 1980 Rambo III fantasy world got completely discredited – the Afghan Islamists Taliban expelled every last single American, military, cultural and made the departing Americans take every single homo rainbow LGBT pride flag with them.

          For some reason these Old and Out of it Reagan Bush 1980 Cold War Conservatives didn’t notice this, they haven’t kept up with the times. Do they still use VHS tapes, or even 8 Track Tapes?

          THat was the main point of this blog. I hoped that there would be lots of follow up by OD readers, that would spread the word in to their communities that:

          “Hey, we have to move on. It’s not 1980 – the Russians are not our #1 enemy. That’s stupid”.

          But, as so often our people get distracted, they have their own obsessions, their own hobby horses, plus there’s 5 days a week of Negro Felon League and now the USFL is coming back and our women are distracted by who Taylor Swift is dating….

          It’s yeah, NFL Negro Felon League guy.

          The comments should reference the specific article, the specific arguments, observations in the blog.

          Again, it’s nothing personal, just the teacher in me.

      • I enjoyed your article.Very nice.I used to say how old Democrats were dumb,and they were because the Democrat party was openly anti-White.But I was also dumb and presumptuous for believing that the GOP cared about White interests either.Both parties were/are controlled by Jews,that is fact.Eisenhower was scum who murdered millions of Germans and sent the 101st Airborne against Whites defending their people and culture.Kennedy,a huge nigger lover.Johnson a probable Jew who governed like one.Nixon,a Quaker and nigger lover.And on and on.None are for us.Also you touched on the U.S.S.R and how the Jews were displaced.I disagree.The Jews were and are firmly in control in USSR/Russia.The Jews here do hate Russia,they hated them then and now.They hate America’s White Christians as well as Europe’s,Canada’s and Australia/New Zealand’s.They want murder pure and simple.The countries themselves mean nothing to them.Their father the Devil wants death and depravity.Look at most of the Soviet premiers after Stalin:mostly Jews or having Jewish wives.Most of the Warsaw Pact nations were ruled by Jews who changed their names(like they do here in America or where ever they are).I want Russia to crush Ukraine(just to upset Jew plans)but I am under no illusion that Jews aren’t powerful in Russia.Satan will create a one world government run by his children the Jews.So its just like the GOP/Democrats,there is the illusion that by rooting for one that we will win.But the victory has already been won by the sacrifice of our precious Lord Jesus,we must only claim it.And we must resist the Devil and his Jew demons mightily.It is our duty to oppose the enemies of the Cross even if an Earthly victory is not possible.Thank you for a very good piece.May God bless you.

        • Thank for the kind words.

          I mostly agree, but I do think there are things we can do in “this world”.

          I know Jesus Christ said:

          “My kingdom is not of this world”.

          But, there are things we can and should do.

          I’m helping to support one AMAZING Beautiful Dutch Afrikaner gal in the Western Cape. She has two charming little boys (they’re not so little – they’re gonna be giants!) and a 3rd boy is apparently on the way.

          That’s something we can do on this world – support great moms.

          Thanks again for the kind words. I’m trying to get started on SubStack, Maybe you can follow me there and buy me some “Beers” that’s a $ support on SubStack.

          Keep the faith Brother – it looks mostly terrible, but I’ve been through worse. I was a 7th and 8th grade public school teacher in Brooklyn NYC 1985-86. I’ve been through urban combat.

      • @Jaye Ryan:

        “The point of this blog is that way, WAY too many White Boomer, Reagan Bush Conservatives have their minds stuck in 1980 when the Reagan mission was to Fight The Russians, end the Evil Empire, Roll Back Communism etc.”

        It is Human Nature for people to always to view a current crisis from their experience of the last major crisis. Reagan – until Joseph Robinette Biden – the oldest man to ever occupy the White House – was a young adult – and was all too familiar with the horrors and body count generated by Communism. So, naturally, he would see the Soviet Union as an Evil Empire which had to be defeated.

        However, Reagan was naïve enough to assume that American Libertarian theories of economics and governance would fill any vacuum left by Communism and never foresaw that former corrupt party apparatchiks would become billionaire oligarchs, leaving the Proletariat even more impoverished and beaten down.

        We don’t know what would have happened if Old Age and Alzheimers hadn’t caught up with Reagan. We do know that, during his second term, Reagan simultaneously signed off on Amnesty without securing the border before he did. Perhaps a younger Reagan would not have made such a horrible mistake. Especially since he had smashed the Unions, leaving the American workforce more vulnerable to the market forces that would see many of their manufacturing jobs exported overseas.

        In the hands of the Neo-Cons and corporatists, Reaganomics became less about a strong defense and tax cuts to stimulate small business (which provided over seventy-five percent of American jobs) and more about corporatism which siphoned off more money and influence from the average American to the oligarchs.

        “During and immediately after World War II, White Slavic and other Gentile Whites in Eastern Europe joined the Communist party and pushed aside the Old Bolshevik Je*s.”

        Whites can be amazingly successful when they think and act collectively. However, they only seem to be able to do so when they are all but wiped out and are so marginalized that they have their backs to the wall and are forced to think outside the box.

        “What kind of confused, old and out of it Reagan/Bush 1980 Boomer Conservatives are still obsessed about Fighting our White European Kinsmen the RUSSIANS?”

        The kind who are either getting massive kickbacks from the Military Industrial Complex or the kind who are being blackmailed. The Republican Majority have been very adamant, indeed, that they have no interest in fighting the Russians over Ukraine and increasingly, fighting the Chinese over Taiwan. Last, but not least, the Israel Fatigue is strong with them.

        During the House Speaker Fight, Conservatives – that would be BOOMER Conservatives – because most of them would be retired or only working part-time and have TIME to fax and call their Congressional Representatives to make their voices heard, Jaye – SIGH.

        Those who did wanted the Congressman they thought would most align with ending the use of Ukraine as a Money Laundering Operation for corrupt officials. The vast majority of those who called wanted Jim Jordan. So, what happened?

        The Republicans refused to put him in, saying that they would not be “bullied” by their constituents. Out of nowhere, they gave the House Speakership to the Trifecta of Stupid Evangelical Christian with an adopted Black son, who wanted to fight Antisemitism and White Supremacy.

        Mike Johnson. A grey little dude who just reeks of being a CIA operative by the very looks of him. Had anyone even heard of this man before he took the gavel? I didn’t think so.

        I can give you numerous other examples before House Speaker Mike Johnson where Boomer Conservatives tried and failed to fight to take this country back from the precipice it was headed over. But I don’t think you are interested, Jaye.

        For some weird reason, it makes you happier to think that a generation who wasn’t even old enough to vote or, in my case, were in elementary school, were responsible for desegregation, forced busing, the Civil Rights Act, the Immigration “Reform” Act, Affirmative Action, etc. Like we WANTED to see our children and grandchildren become marginalized pariahs in their own damned country.

        Unlike you, I am not going to blame the average adult citizen of the time for what happened. The Greatest Generation thought they had fought the good fight against Hitler and Nazis, they were focused on raising their family. It never occurred to them that their elected representatives would sell them out the way they did. Of course, they didn’t have the internet back then, but neither did we Boomers until twenty years ago.

        I respectfully suggest you stop your divisive nonsense and stop pointing fingers and assigning blame to people who, quite frankly, weren’t mind readers. People who were brought up on Anne Frank and the Greatest Generation saving the World from Fascism on D-Day. Innocents who were naïve enough to trust their leaders.

        I welcome any thoughtful autopsy and exposition as to what factors and forces led us to where we are. I would welcome even more any constructive suggestions as to how we go forward from here.

        • For the most part a good response. A couple of counters.

          1. Reagan said his signing of the Amnesty was one of the top 3 worst decisions he made as President. He said if he had another term or time, aside from impmenting its enforcement actions (the deportation and punishment clauses were ruled out by SCOTUS or Bush Executive Order), he would’ve made mass deportations and securing and fortifying the border the signature of his remainong term (s).

          2. Under Mike Johnson, the GOP actually started making good legislative strategy. Namely, combining Border Security with Foreign Aid. Suddenly that was abandoned by the Speaker deslite it earning huge political capital. The primary cause? Two aides who pushed him to retreat from the policy. I have spoken earlier about these two, Zeigler, and Shah. Although they in turn aren’t the authors of the retreat they are more responsible than Johnson’s adopted black dude.

          3. Boomers didn’t originate the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 or the Civil Rights Act, true. But they certainly were foot soldiers for pushing it and other horrible policies and court ruling. That and their promotion of a certain selfishness with lack of consequences has made them the standard bearers for policies they didn’t originate.

          As Hunter has mentioned in other articles, Boomers are the epitome of the liberal progressive philosophy that grew to dominance out of the New York City Greenwich neighborhood cesspool of the late 19th century. There Protestant Yankees, slummed out with Bohemian artists. The later where in turn heavily represented by Jews and Catholics who brought their distinctly unAmerican views to the table. Together they creates the philosophic framework which the horrible post WWII policies were built.

          Yes, its this later group of Judeo-Catholic-Yankee cosmopolitans and their political children who were modt responsible for creating the horrible policies and court rulings of the post WWII era. But, it was the Boomers who were its chief beneficiary and despite evidence showing its failure, have fortified those policies ibto an almost impenetrable fortress.

          The Boomers are thus directly responsible for the situation we are now in. Their ideals of individual self expression, liberation, and gratification have continued long into their later life and have left us ruined. They are the epitome of spoiled children who never grew up and took responsibility for their society, fellow countrymen, or posterity. They deserve are righteous condemnation.

          • @Aryan Globalist Brothers:

            “3. Boomers didn’t originate the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 or the Civil Rights Act, true. But they certainly were foot soldiers for pushing it and other horrible policies and court ruling. That and their promotion of a certain selfishness with lack of consequences has made them the standard bearers for policies they didn’t originate.”

            Most of the Boomers I knew and grew up with were working class Whites who did not decide or enforce Washington’s Anti-White policies. The men were drafted to Vietnam. I have a first cousin who saw such terrible action that he was never in his right mind after that and had to be institutionalized. My younger cousins joined the military due to the economy. The jobs their fathers did had been exported overseas.

            During our young adulthoods, Boomers did NOT have access to the internet. We had only three television channels and three news networks. During our formative years, we were raised on the Holocaust and books like “Hope is the Last to Die” and Anne Frank as well as being incessantly guilt-tripped about Jim Crow and lynchings that ended long before we came of age.

            The vast majority of us worked what jobs we could get, paid our mortgages, and raised our children. And rolled with whatever punches the Washington Bureaucracy threw our way.

            Mind you, there were many instances where Boomers fought for their rights and the rights of their progeny getting their legislatures to write law to protected them, like Proposition 187 in 1994. But we were subjected to yet other examples of Failure Theater. The propositions would get passed, a leftist court would overturn it, the state leaders would throw up their hands and shrug their shoulders and just give up rather than fighting it all the way to the Supreme Court.

            The most recent example was the GOP House Establishment refusing to be “bullied” by their voters who wanted Jim Jordan elected Speaker of the House when McCarthy was pushed out.

            Now GOP voters are stuck with that Trifecta of Stupid. Christian Evangelist with Black son who is devoted to Israel and fighting “Anti-Semitism” and “White Supremacy.”

            Again, I’m sick and tired of being blamed for a bunch of stuff that I was too young to pass and getting blamed for stuff that I have no power to get rid of.

            If all of you younger guys busting the chops of my generation think they can do better, than they need to man up, step up, and show us stupid Boomers how it’s done!

  1. We should have pushed back harder during the removal of God from everything and the Pledge.
    Maybe said wait a minute when Jimmy the Greek got cancelled.
    Might have held Al Sharpton accountable for Freddie’s Fashion Mart and Twana Brawley hoax.
    This could have been stopped forty years ago but it is almost cartridge box only now.

    • You can go back farther than 40 yrs.
      Truman forced ‘integrstion’ in the military in 1947.
      Then housing, then schools.
      Little Rock at bayonets.

      It’s been a continuous slide, right off the cliff.

      • Well stated Arrian.Truman was filth and a urinal for Jews.Same with Roosevelt,Eisenhower,Kennedy,Johnson the Jew and even Reagan.None represented the White race or the Cross.The were/are owned by Satan via the disgusting hooked demon Jews.To use the 101st Airborne White troops against decent and good White Southern people is a crime Eisenhower will burn in Hell for.That to me shows the very demonic nature of it all.Why is race-mixing the most important thing to these Jews and their acolytes?Because God created Whites in His beautiful image and Satan hates our Lord.It is a Holy war.Race-mixing is the one thing that really angers sane people to the core,and this is because it destroys the essence of what God made.This world is done for,it is the End.We can all be assured that the Jews will be screaming and begging like the cowards they are when God compels them to Hell.Thanks for the great comments.

        • Wilmot Robertson the brilliant writer of the “ Dispossessed Majority “ and the follow up magazine “ Instauration “ present Harry Truman as the poster boy for “ Truckler “ White majority treason – the lower middle class White guy that embraces Bkacj and Jewish causes because it advances his career in Lib places like Washington DC , Bew Uork City . Harry Truman flirted with the KKK when he was down and out in rural Missouri during the Depression then he switched sides to be FDR rural White VP , “ New Deal “ and racially integrated the US Army during the Korean War .

          After he left office and went back to suburban Kansas City – Harry Truman heaped abuse on MLk jr and the whole Negro Civil Rights thing .

          So W Robertson argued Truckler White treason depends very much on geography , sane with lBJ .

    • You can go back farther than 40 yrs.
      Truman forced ‘integrstion’ in the military in 1947.
      Then housing, then schools.
      Little Rock at bayonets .

      It’s been a continuous slide, right off the cliff.

      • That scumbag FDR started the process of social disintegration through forced race mixing by signing Executive Order 8802 before Pearl Harbor in July, 1941 forbidding workplace discrimination. This provoked race riots in Detroit in June, 1943 as the U.S. Govt. tried to force blacks into White areas under the guise of wartime housing shortages. WWII gave the U.S. Government unprecedented power to meddle in people’s personal affairs and implement the Left’s destructive agenda an inch at a time.


        FDR’s election in 1932 was catastrophic in many different ways and created the template for the (so-called) “Civil Rights” legislation of the 1960’s.
        Income tax withholding started in 1943 as a “temporary” wartime measure as well as peacetime conscription. The UN, IMF and World Bank got their start then too. From 1932 until today the Left has been triumphant because of their focus, determination, planning, intelligence, philosophy of No Enemies on the Left and control of money through The Usual Suspects. The “Conservative” movement was, of course, useless as opposition. The Republicans couldn’t wait to do business’s bidding and sell out Whites.

        FDR’s unprecedented four terms (dying in his 4th term) as Mr. President allowed Communists to infiltrate his administration top to bottom. This was a charge made against the FDR regime and widely ridiculed by The Usual Suspects in the Lügenpresse. This charge was later proven true beyond doubt after the fall of the USSR and the opening of some of their archives. The archives of the U.S. Army’s Venona Project also corroborated Soviet archives regarding extensive Communist infiltration of the U.S. Govt. during FDR’s reign.


        • Agreed, but the income tax began in 1913, with the Federal Reserve beginning about 5 months later. All under scumbag Woodrow Wilson, of course.

          • True, but withholding didn’t start until 1943 as a “temporary” wartime measure. Most people didn’t owe income tax anyway in 1913 because of the size of the standard deduction then. Inflation pushed nearly everyone into a tax bracket after WWII.

            Before 1943 the Government had to wait until taxes were filed to receive monies “owed” on taxes. After 1943 withholding acted as a money machine for Government, automatically sending a river of money to the loathsome scumbags in Washington every month. Without withholding the U.S. Govt. (and state governments that tax income) would never be able to collect the exorbitant taxes they collect now.

            Withholding conditioned the populace to accept high taxes because of the automatic nature of collection. If the Government had to chase people after every April 15th the Government would never get the money they do now and they would cause tremendous resentment by their tyrannical collection efforts. Without withholding the size of government would be vastly smaller and therefore far less destructive.

  2. “Lots of our really old people have difficulty dealing with … Change”:

    Not only “boomers” are too lazy and stubborn to think, or too overwhelmed with the system’s lying propaganda and starved of accurate information. We ALL must work hard to find truth or true facts covered up by a sea of propaganda, and be willing to change our minds regarding things we thought we knew. We also have a moral duty and it should be our joy to help others learn truth that we have learned. It does not require a very high IQ to understand the basics of history, politics and economics, only diligent effort to locate accurate information amid the system’s flood of false information (propaganda).

    • Yes, the problem is by no means limited to the elderly. Even the basic, fundamental understanding of the so-called “free” market is entirely lost on the majority, despite the fact that a large number sense that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. There is a reason for this. Step one is to understand that there is nothing free about a rigged market (which is what we have in Clown-World). Step two is to understand that there will be no change politically until the control of the money supply is taken away from the criminal oligarchy at the top of the system. Tree of Woe (the author whose article is linked above), puts it this way:

      > The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because our banking system systematically lends new money to the rich, who in turn benefit from asset inflation (when they invest the money) and Cantillon effects (when they spend the money), while the poor lose out from asset inflation (tried buying a house lately?), Cantillon effects, and deindustrialization.

  3. But some of the young are learning – that the system’s version of “reality” (including “freedom of speech in America”) they were taught to believe isn’t true at all. They are asking new questions, and might be noticing some important things like ISIS and Al Qaeda never attack Israel (ask yourself Why is that?) and that ANTIFA doesn’t protest against or even mention the ongoing genocide of Palestine (Why is that?) and that White “Nationalists” are silent, giving tacit consent to the genocide of a nation “because the protests against it are Jewish” and that some WNs go further to call for an “alliance” of White Nationalism with Israel. This is an excellent learning time for those with eyes willing to see.

    • Even the toughest American racialists are willing to put on the One Ring to fight Sauron rather than understand, as Frodo finally made Faramir understand, that it was impossible to use it for Gondor’s purposes. Faramir even risked his life by disobeying his father’s laws, and he freed Frodo so he continued his journey: something that American racialists will never do.

      The American white nationalist is like Boromir, always ready to ‘compromise’ with the ethos of his country,

  4. Well, the blacks weren’t fooled by any of this Republican/Democrat shake up from 1960-1980. None of that “Republicans freed you in 1865” fooled them, they took a look at just exactly WHO were representing these parties and drew the proper conclusions. I’ll frequently fault blacks for a lot of stupid shit they say and do but in this case they were spot in their perspectives. On the other hand you have these strange idiots like Hannity and D’Souza claiming “the Democrats are the real racists because they founded the Klan” etc. No, blacks and the left see it exactly as it was, WHITE SOUTHERNERS did that, not “Democrats” and these days white southerners are all rallying under the Republican banner.

    • “the Democrats are the real racists because they founded the Klan” etc. No, blacks and the left see it exactly as it was, WHITE SOUTHERNERS did that, not “Democrats”

      Not so fast…

      If you think the WHITE NORTHERNERS are NOT “racists” (“racism” is not a real word in a “historical” sense) then think again. The North was/is made up of mostly Whites (they didn’t want Blacks in their states). The anti-slavery position of keeping slavery out of the territories in the mid 1800s was really an anti-Black movement. The North wanted to keep Blacks out of the territories just like they kept them out of their states (look up Illinois’ state laws directed against Blacks living in Illinois which Abraham Lincoln supported).

      This is what the greatest Northerner, greatest Yankee, greatest Republican and many-believe the greatest American President said about Blacks (the ALL CAPS words are mine for emphasis):

      “…I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races,[applause]-that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER MAN AM IN FAVOR OF HAVING THE SUPERIOR POSITION ASSIGNED TO THE WHITE RACE…”
      –Abraham Lincoln, quote from 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate, Charleston, Illinois, 9/18/1858.

      A couple of months before he announced the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862 Lincoln met at the White House with Black leaders and urged that blacks leave the country. He arranged congressional funding for their emigration. Addressing his guests Lincoln said:

      “You and we are of different races. We have existing between us broader differences than exist between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, WHILE OURS SUFFER FROM YOUR PRESENCE. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”
      — President Abraham Lincoln, 1862, Addressing African-American leaders he met with at the White House and urging them to leave the country that would be funded by Congress.

      Lincoln also said this about Whites in the territories:

      “The whole nation is interested that the best use shall be made of these [western] territories. We want them for the HOMES OF FREE WHITE PEOPLE.”
      — Abraham Lincoln. 1854.

      So who needs a vigilante group like the KKK when your whole mostly White state population contains relatively few Blacks — these Northern states were one big “KKK”-controlled operation that kept the Black demographic at a bare minimum in many Northern states and even today still have very low percentage of Blacks.

      Here is an excellent set of statistics in Wikipedia showing the number of Blacks in each state over time. This is very revealing and will show you who the real “racists” really are and where they really live.

      Wikipedia: “List of U.S. states and territories by African-American population”


      • A Black man who had migrated to the North for work came back to visit family and friends in the Deep South. They wanted to know what White people up North were like. The Black man told them, “Well, in the South, the Whites don’t care how close you get, as long as you don’t get too high. In the North, the Whites don’t care how high you get, as long as you don’t get too close.”

        Coming from the North, the one thing that struck my family was that, unlike in the North, there didn’t seem to be what Northerners called “the wrong side of the tracks.”

        In the North, poor, marginalized people of all races lived on “the wrong side of the tracks.” Bad neighborhoods were separated from the good neighborhood by the industrial areas which were usually serviced by trains. In the South, bad neighborhoods abutted good neighborhoods even during segregation times.

        It is still in the North that there are Sundown Towns. They are distinguished by being poor, White working class towns filled with people who were forced to commute, because they could not force to live in the cities.

        However, because the Southern Whites had the reputation of being Anti-Black racists due to Civil War propaganda, Jim Crow, and the Ku Klux Klan, these Sundown Towns are largely left alone. But we will see with the influx of all these illegal aliens the Biden administration is letting in.

  5. This post is full of incorrect assumptions, skewed historical assessments, and simplistic thinking.

    The Republican Party stopped being the “party of blacks” a LOOONG time before the 60s and Civil Rights era, and the Democratic Party hasn’t been even an “implicitly” pro-white party since before the Great Depression. Blacks stopped voting for Republicans by the time Roosevelt was elected in the 30s. The New Deal was the impetus for the political restructuring that eventually made the Democratic Party the antiwhite party. It was the embrace of communism and wealth distribution by the Roosevelt administration that initiated the flight of the middle class white voters over to the Republican side, because egalitarian wealth distribution meant that whites were going to be supporting blacks through social welfare programs. (And that’s in fact what happened).

    And all of this is to say that this longing for the Dixiecrats of the 40s,50s, and 60s, while I understand the sentiment, is misplaced anachronistic thinking. (The post is lamenting Boomers for anachronistic thinking, so I’m going to feed that criticism back to Mr Ryan).

    If anything is really true or the Dixiecrats, it’s that the politicians who maintained their Democratic affiliation in the 40s, 50s, and 60s were STUNTING the potential to form a truly pro-white populist Republican Party as it was increasingly becoming. (Remember, Charles Lindbergh was a Republican and his faction represented the non-interventionist and pro-fascist side in WW2).

    If the Dixiecrat politicians had jumped ship and joined the Republicans when Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson started implementing Civil Rights and Great Society bullshit, the Republican Party could have put a stop to a lot of this garbage and became a quasi-fascist, populist, American Nationalist and non-interventionist pro-white party.

    Instead, the Dixiecrats held their white southern voters on the plantation because of the perceived benefit of social welfare programs for poor white Appalachian and the Deep South. While that’s not a totally misplaced reason for doing so, they were maintaining an alliance with people who only begrudgingly kept them around for the votes.

    Boomers are no more to blame than their Dixiecrat parents were to blame for not grasping the opportunity to embrace a new paradigm, and Boomers are no more to blame than Xers, millennials, and Xers who currently are voting for Democrats because of their feelz for poor brown people.

    • This post is addressing the old and out of it Reagan Bush 1980s Conservatives who just voted to authorize $100 billion in direct state of the art Mikitary weapons to the J pervert Oervert Oresident of Ukraine and of course close to half of tgat goes to Israel to slaughter the Palestinians in Gaza then fund the Js to relocate the surviving hostile as hell Sirhab, Sirab , Muhammad Atas to relocate here – sexually groom rape our girls , bully white boys set up revenge No Ho Muslim areas here in North America same as they ve fine in England and Sweden .

      Just look at Hunter’s last few blogs of White US Congressmen , US Senators wearing Ukrainian and Israel flag lapels – quoting Reagan and Winston Churchill and saying “ “Jesus spoke to me to do this – slaughter Russians and Palestinians .”

      That s the point of this post – old and out of it Boomer Conservatives doing stupid , treasonous things now

      We being mass invading by hundreds of thousands of migrant murderers and rapists my God these old and out of it don t see it or notice it – they te wandering around thinking of Ronnie Reagan s D day Annuversary speech , crying when old and out of it ato did Reagan told Russian leader Gorbachev

      “ Tear down that wall Mr Gorbachev “.

      I was screaming at the TV back then

      “ No you senile old man , ask Gorbachev to build us a wall. Build the Wall!”


      • Please take the following reply as a constructive criticism and not a personal attack.

        Mr Ryan, as with most anybody who “affiliates” with right leaning populism, southern identity, dissident politics, etc, I find myself agreeing with much of what you write, in part or even occasionally in full. *(When I can parse out the points of your commentary from the gibberish). Or in other words, biblically speaking, after separating the wheat from the chaff.

        But I have to ask you, why do you interject “*sigh*” into almost every post and article? It’s extremely unprofessional. It is one thing to do that in a post in the comment section when it is a little less formal, but I think Hunter Wallace sets a pretty high standard that is thought provoking, introspective, analytical, coherent and intelligent. His writing and core convictions remain consistent while he is also willing to adapt when he finds his previous thoughts to be in error. Interjecting “sigh” into every comment comes across as arrogant and lacking any sort of self awareness that perhaps everything you think and write isn’t always the gospel truth. I may be the only person who thinks this, but oh well.

        It is a distraction from everything else you have written. Even the nuggets of truth get mired in the muck of laxity in your style.

        I’m no grammar nazi. Certainly, I’ve misplaced a comma or committed a run-on or two even in this comment. Even still, strategic separation of coherent thought into punctuated paragraphs, with proper spacing, will quickly turn a rambling and babbling mess into a decent article if done correctly.

        I find myself cringing at the thought of clicking on your blog posts, because there is no rigor or discipline in your writing.

        Good writing is the conveyance of our thought processes in a format that the reader can understand without having to re-arrange everything to make sense of it. It is a reflection of HOW WE THINK. I can promise you that people in general are dismissive of things they read when it is apparent that the writer’s mind is all over the place and incapable of organizing things in a presentable way.

        Now I know that this came off as offensive and caustic. I promise I don’t mean to be. It isn’t my blog, it is HW’s. It isn’t my concern, and I can just scroll past the stuff I don’t want to read. However, I DO want to be able to read other people’s perspectives without getting a headache. That includes yours. Perhaps you can do a little research on effective writing techniques and do some self improvement. At least drop all the “*sigh*” comments, at least in the main blog post. Save those for arguments with readers.

        • I’m always up for “Constructive Criticism”.

          I’ll defer to our great, young than I senior editor BG, Hunter Wallace.

          If BG/Hunter Wallace wants me to stop ever using the expression “Sigh”.

          I’ll do so.

          It’s his blog.

          At the same time, I’m not going to enable immigration traitors, race traitors, those who support or who look the other way in “the Great Replacement” of our people here in North American, UK, Europe, SA, Australia.

          Life isn’t complicated.

          Just don’t support or enable immigration traitors, race traitors, cuckservatives and others who’ve knowingly or unknowingly sell their mind, body and souls to the evil, anti White Eternal Js, or others like the worst Blacks, Islamists etc.

          I defer to BG, Hunter Wallace. And if BG/Hunter Wallace wants me to stop using “sigh” or calling old old and young traitors, fools, idiots. I’ll do so.

          • Jaye,,,

            You’re a talented and humorous writer, I enjoy very much your articles (and the cartoons).
            I don’t understand why someone would criticize you because the use of “Sigh” wich I see as you being ironic or sarcastic.

            My only point of contention is excessive censorship
            Even the comment about you being 25% Russian was not allowed. Sigh

          • Thanks for the kind words Cesar Tort,

            I should be starting up soon with the new “places to be” now that the main social media FB, YouTube/JewTube, Twitter are controlled.

            It looks like SubStack us the new “In place” to be for more cutting edge writing and comments.

            Substack does have more unfettered comments and if get my Substack page going there, it will have lots more uncensored comments – more free wheeling.

            Substack also makes it easy for readers/followers to send a few $ – presented as buying the writer a “beer” . I see David Cole doing well there.

            I hope you will consider following me there and maybe buying me a “beer” or two. I’ve stopped drinking all alcoholic beers, wines, no alcohol in real life, so maybe I can can some in the alternative media.

            Do you have any thoughts on “Gab”?

            I’d like to get video feeds, call in shows, interviews – branch out a bit, and not just preach to the choir, which always ends up we turn on each other from lack of great, history changing success.

            Thanks brother.

            Maybe I’ll see you in real life next month.

          • I think this was an excellent article. Your sighs are well placed and create a rhetorical answer which although mostly unspoken is understood by most. I dont think it is arrogant for you to use it as you’ve done. I agree with Cesar that you talent and humor in writing are well understood. Sure, J disagree often with some of your conclusions, but in general I found the criticism a little harsh. Keel up your good work. I’ll be here to correct your conclusions. Meanwhile, this article’s conclusions were spot on.

          • Thank you so much.

            I am thinking of just “hanging it up” at least for the rest of this Pres election year.

            With the USFL coming back, our people will now have 12 months a year of Amurikun Football to waste all their time caring about, gambling, fantasy football. I don’t think I can resist insulting our people for being dumb goyim and wasting 5 days a week, soon to be 12 months a year glued to the TV Je* tube watching genetically modified 300 lbs criminal negroes and endless terrible tasting lite beer commercials. The Powers that Be tried to introduce Trannie Spokes creatures to pitch the worst piss Lite Beers like Bud Lite (Literally Chicago piss and poop sewage that goes down to St. Louis) Some regular White folks like Kid Rock noticed this and took offense, but this seems over.

          • Whether you post this or not, you do know that “Aryan Globalist Bro” is a Hasbara jewish troll, correct? Yet, you thank him for complementing your column.

            Ffs, you damn well know one of the oldest tricks in the jewish playbook is complementing their enemies to weaken their resolve against them.

            Both you and Hunter are being played by that obvious isreali agent.

  6. J.RYAN ” What does one do with an old and out of it senile family member ?” How about Honoring your elders,respecting and caring about your Blood kin, looking out for them, till they cross over, that would be the proper and decent thing to do, you want to help our people? Start with your family ..IMO…

    • “How about Honoring your elders,”

      Yes, providing they took care of their young.

      Fk to hell those who abandon or abuse their children, then expect care in old age.

      Reciprocity……the golden principal.

      • Arrian, I agree with you, no argument here, another golden principle, ” Always try to do right, even if others don’t,” Honor your elders, you honor yourself, in the process..

  7. I’m in west central Alabama. All local elections are won by Republicans in landslides. Been that way for many years now.

    • I fear the second second district is lost. Supreme court had it gerrymandered in order for the democrat party to take it.

  8. Most White Southerners voted Republican for Barry Goldwater in 1964. The last holdouts switched over to the Republicans in State and local elections by the early 70’s, as I recall. The local political hierarchies in the rural South were still dominated by White segregationists up until the mid seventies. What did they get for switching over to the Republicans? – NOTHING! Richard Nixon gave us affirmative action in 1969! The more things change, the more they stay the same!

    • They should have read Rev. Dabney’s 1870 remark on the purpose of conservatism and saved themselves all the trouble. Two jews appointed by Nixon to the DOJ created affirmative action out of whole cloth. Republicans talked about the issue for a time and then just accepted it as part of “our demoncracy”

  9. > It wasn’t until the mid 1960s, Civil Rights Movement, LBJ “Great Society” , Black A American takeovers of the mayors of Detroit, Newark, Chicago, Garry in the early 1970s that Black Negroes switched almost 100% to the Democrat party.

    The shift was already well underway by the 1940s with the first introduction of welfare in the 1930s under FDR. It was already complete by 1970 and hasn’t budged at all. The D-jerseys have delivered for blacks, most of whom have zero concept of long-term consequences. The many gibs they’ve received over the past seven decades are rather like giving a drug addict unlimited access to a dealer’s inventory. It will not end well for them. Once YT is neutralized, the new bosses will take over and blacks will die off en masse. I could care less. Cry me a river, they chose their fate.

  10. I’m a tail end boomer (1960) and I fit none of the stereotypes. I agree with Jim Goad (1961) about “generational astrology”.

    • The entire set up and naming of generations was started in the 1960s by (((Madison Avenue))). The up-and-coming boomers became the darlings of the gaslight media and they were the first to fall for the racket in a massive way. Their predecessors (Greatest and Silent) had no labels for a while. The WW II vets were initially tagged as the ‘GI Joes’ and the Silents were tagged as the ‘beat’ generation. These names didn’t stick so the Brokaw led the charge to rename as ‘Greatest’ in the 1990s. Silents got their new name about the same time. Boomers have fallen for this bullshit so thoroughly and in such massive numbers that all of the negative aspects of the era and it’s long catalog of stupid notions are all-too-common behavior patterns. Bill Clinton, Trump, Jorge W. Busheron, John Bolton are all examples of boomertard behavior – all managed to avoid being sent to Vietnam (surprise).

      The irony is seeing the succeeding generations’ willingness to accept their own labeling by the (((gaslight media))) which is truly the greatest lie-machine ever constructed. There is a reason some like to remind themselves of a simple formula: journalist + rope + tree (some assembly required). Simply put, nearly all of them have it coming. Thanks to their own embrace of Madison Avenue bullshit, Xers, Millenials and Zoomers have largely embraced an updated version of the same utopian shitlib package of lies first swallowed whole by the boomers – even as they denounce all boomers with a white-hot hatred. Generations used to not be so divided. Young people learned from their elders and were taught to respect them and grew up to be adults. The boomers were the first generation to be raised on Talmudvision and many have remained perpetual adolescents even to this day. Taking note of the nose behind the curtain is something only very few manage to do.

      • @Exalter Cyclops,

        Lisping, speech-impeded Tom Brokaw was the mofo who mainstreamed the BS title “Greatest Generation” for the men and women that had a role during WWII to achieve jewish hegemony in the West.

        If anything, they were the “generation” that lost European primacy and the West.

        The truest title of Greatest Generation belongs to the peoples of Europe that fought for Western civilization during 1933-1945.

    • PS: ‘Generational Astrology’ is a good enough term for it. Astrology is based on the positions of starts and planets in the sky (though these positions have shifted over the centuries) and of course the whole field is dominated by grifters now. The Irish Stud still runs astrological charts on the horses raced there, curiously. It’s been done for well over a century and their track record is better than one would think. Of course there could be additional factors which account for the favorable record.

      (((Madison Avenue))), whose godfather was Sigmund Fraud’s nephew Edward Bernays, is part of a lie-machine designed to lie and deceive from the outset so Generational Astrology is considerably worse than plain astrology as it was created with greedy and malicious intent.

  11. Boomers were the first generation to have their minds warped by TV. I hear these people every day, they are completely programmed, as are their children. Love the jews…hate Russia…bow down to blacks…worship sports…adopt 3rd world orphans and praise race-mixing, etc. They disregard their instincts, ignore what is right in front of their eyes, and believe what the media tells them to.

  12. As an interesting sidenote, down in places like where Hunter lives, until the late 1960’s the Kl*n often placed second in the voting, after the Dems. They very sensibly did not allow the n***ers to vote.

    (Edited by JR)

  13. Comrade commissar FDR was the start of the Fundamental Transformation away from self-reliance as you never let a crisis go to waste.
    He even said that there is nothing wrong with communism and some of them are my best friends, Harry Dexter White and Morgenthau come to mind.
    The state department has been infiltrated since that time and AINO is nothing but a hollowed out third world welfare colony as Bibi Satan said about nations that they really hate.

  14. Enjoy tis thread, and the comments are good. I’m a “guilty?” Boomer (b. 1952), but their views are not my views, but I see all of the 80’s Reagan love in full form. I especially see (hear?) it on talk radio, which, in the 80’s, was new and open, but now is simply a conduit for canned conservatism. Rush Limbaugh did a lot of good and was fun, but he showed his Boomer roots in backing Reagan and Bush no matter what. I broke with him over the Iraq War. I listen to talk radio now and they still, to a man, call Putin a thug, that we have to stand up to China, and the Palestinians are “Nazi savages.” More than a couple of radio hosts have openly called for the extermination of Palestinians. “You can’t change ’em, the kids grow up to be killers…what can we do?” Just so sad, and of course Israel is holy (literally), and is “the only democracy in the Middle East.” And…”next election cycle we’ll WIN…” This goes with Reagan/Bush worship.
    I think the concept I’d use is passivity. Most older Americans are passive. They don’t think much past 21. My mother was like that. My brother (seven years older) hates his wife, who listens to Fox, so he listens to NPR “because they are balanced.” WHAT??? I demanded. But he, like a lot of Boomers, wants to be “fair” and “moderate.” He’s’ an ex-cop, well aware of race problems, but said “a black man told he he ‘just wished Obama would win because…we should have a chance.’ and my brother felt maybe the man was right. My brother never voted for Obama, but he has that passive outlook, and he believes what the media tells him. He asserts the Russians lost hundred of thousands of men, they have no tanks, and Ukraine is winning. Again, passivity and a reluctance to challenge any MSM arguments. He prides himself on his knowledge of history, which entirely consists of reading the Time-Life series on WWII and Vietnam. He’s a good person, but limited. And passive. We always fight for right. The police are gods. We just need to elect ‘true conservatives.’ His worldview was formed in 1965, and has pretty much stayed there. and there is endless talk of old TV series and The Three Stooges. And the lefties are the same. I remember two women my age whose greatest moments in life was hearing Martin Luther King speak. One kept a photo of him and her meeting like it was the Shroud of Turin. I noted the Boomers were the ones who went whole hog for Covid rules. When I see a Biden T-shirt, it’s worn by an old Boomer, almost always masked. What did Nietzsche say? “Only those who continue to change remain my kin.”

    • On average, American cops have a slight edge in intelligence to the BIPOC criminals they are supposed to protect us from.

      I have perhaps met one cop who I would say was above midwit intelligence. The rest were NPC normiecons. Blank slates that the jewsmedia write their internal software.

      • >>>>>>cops have a slight edge in intelligence to the BIPOC

        I think most anyone with brains moves to another profession asap.

    • Vox’s post on the flight from the USD is much more important. GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire relies on a sea of dollars for its wars, bribery, raw materials, economic warfare etc. The idiots are, of course, shooting themselves in the foot by wrecking the dollar which begs the question: Why?


      My answer is hubris, boomer short-sightedness, lack of historical perspective from typical, horrible, mis-education, particularly at (so-called) “elite” colleges and lack of alternative strategies. If the dollar goes away as a reserve currency the financial system’s institutions as currently constituted i.e. World Bank, IMF, UN, G7 etc. will also go away. It will be the end of GloboHomo too, which the ruling class certainly doesn’t want to happen. Perhaps they can’t help themselves, destruction is simply in their DNA.

      • Totally agree on the importance. As for your point, not much to add except maybe;

        “Pride cometh before a fall”. The perfect epigraph for our overlords is Hubris et mediocritas sine consecutione. Maybe at long last the heavens will laugh.

  15. You probably shouldn’t insult boomers. These days, most commenters on Occ Dissent are boomers. Even Brad is basically a spiritual boomer now.

    • Pretty much everyone hates the boomers now. The generation that believed it was the IT generation of all generations. Growing up, we had to listen to endless documentaries on them, their lives, their music, their “tragedies.” Then have them lecture us about their innate moral superiority cuz MLK.

      Well actually this was small segment of them. But, that segment got the megaphone and basically screamed at us about how important they were for the next generation. Only recently have the changes they ushered in come to fruit to such an extent they are vilified.

      Much as many of us predicted would happen back in the 80’s and 90s, the rising tide of color thru immigration and anti-Whitism would finally reached a certain point, that the younger heavily non-White population would revolt against paying boomers with social security taxes, elder care, senior citizen funding, etc. and consider them a joke.

      Now the boomers who read OD are of another sort of boomer. Often the ones who actually went and fought in Vietnam (most Vietnam combat veterans were volunteers not draftees, and white not black or brown). Or the ones who resisted Civil Rights Era. Yes, many ended up supporting Reagan and pushing for the end of communism. They were a spectacular group as well, and definitely more fitting for representing America.

      Still, yes, even true blue America boomers, have common traits which makes them as annoying as the other, including selling out their investments, burning thru everything, then leveraging the asset ashes to leave nothing for their posterity and in general being as a self centered as their other generational cohorts. Its this selfish dipshitism assholery which is so common and needs to change, for it is what has driven us to the depths of destruction and despair.

      This selfish individualism, related as it is to the self realization and liberation of the early 20th century cosmo set, was deeply drunk by the Boomers. It has quiet literally led to madness for their generation. If the boomers reading OD don’t stop their selfishness, get involved selflessly for their children, kin, and country, well their ancestors won’t have kind words for them on the other side. I hope they end up being like this guy. Let King Theoden be the avatar representing the Boomer generation that leaves madness, is redeemed and helps redeem the civilizarion and country at the very end.

  16. Exalted Cyclops: I’d be wasting my time. My brother adamantly refuses to look at anything on the internet because “it is all full of conspiracy theories.” He only watches reliable (!) news sources or listens to a radio talk show host locally who essentially offers the usual canned conservatism.

    Remember, my brother didn’t like Trump in 2016. He wasn’t “nice.” My brother wanted John Kasich, because “he’s a nice guy. I want a nice guy as president.”
    Like many Boomers, he is, as I said earlier, obsessed with being fair and open-minded.

  17. Dear “I hate incoherent posts” I hate to burst your bubble but southern Blacks were still voting majority Republican until Jack Kennedy was elected president in 1960. “Lt” George W. Lee of Memphis was still president of the “Black and Tan” Republican club until 1956, and gave the nominating speech for Republican presidential candidate Bob Taft-Eisenhower’s main opponent- at the nominating convention in 1952.Lee was a typical Black Republican of his day- He never delivered a single electoral vote for any Republican presidential candidate during his long tenure, but when a Republican got himself elected president, Lee was brisk for business- getting as many black Memphians jobs with the U.S. Postal service as possible- a task he considered his main reason for being in politics. Finally, a job where Blacks weren’t tormented by pesky concepts like productivity and profitability! There are still several “Lt. Lee” branch post offices in the older slums of Memphis- a testament to his efforts, which started the decline in the quality of Postal services in America which is still plaguing us today. The only way to halt this decline- never ending higher postal costs and lower quality service- is for artificial Intelligence to replace the deadheads currently staffing the post office thanks to Lt. Lee!

  18. Dear Exalted Cyclops-Brad unfortunately has a weakness for the “generational astrology” that resulted in the obsessive notion that”Boomers” are the source of all that ails us. The ‘Boomers” bombast was invented by Jared Taylor of AmRen in 2016 to deflect attention from his adamant refusal to name the Jew. Why not name the Jew? -they’re the real enemy responsible for the way things are- not Boomers. Probably because you’d like to create an adversary you’d have a chance of beating, which isn’t the Jews. The Jews-not the Boomers- are the real adversary, but the truth be damned!

    • Boomers were infants or children when most of these destructive laws were passed. When brown v. Board education was decided the oldest boomers were 10 yr old. When Truman integrated the military the oldest boomers was 2.

    • No, Exalted Cyclops is correct. Blacks have been leaning Democrat since White Redeemer Democrats soldified their control at the end of the 19th century. It wasnt until the Middle of the 20th century that Blacks were in such large numbers in Northern cities. As a result, Blacks mostly lived under White Southern Democrat control and appropriately voted for it to ensure some access to power.

      Until middle 20th century, Blacks were overwhelmingly concentrated  in the South. There, White Southern Democrats had majority control. In turn, they had solid control of the Black vote as early as the 1920s. The reason is simple, spoils and jobs, especially in the country, where most Blacks lived, was under the control of White Southern Democrats.  The White Southern Democrats wouldn’t give it to Blacks unless they supported the White Community’s political chosen. This state of affairs was eventually chiefly responsible for many Blacks leaving, especially when the rapacious Yankee upper class’s demand for cheap labor could only be filled by Blacks after the 1920 Immigration restriction act.

      To simply believe Blacks in the South voted Republican because Whites voted Democrat is understandable but wrong. People don’t really understand how the South was before WWII. It was very rural, life was very hard, and Whites were mostly lower middle class, if not working class poor. They were mean and tough. Even the rural elite were tough and savvy and they fought hard to maintain their good but still ruined conditions. The stories handed down in my own family originating in Louisiana are quite often scary violent and dark of this time. Exceot in the small towns which were oasis of Lily White tranquility (mostly) all classes of Whites in the country, lived in close proximity with Blacks, who were equally mean and tough.

      As a result, only strong racial solidarity by Whites, built around there shared identity as British Protestant Colonial Settlers, and especially their shared identity as Confederates, kept such folk in security and dominance. This was easily done when your group is of the same ethno-national origin with families sharing ancestry and the deprivation and solid righteous anger over the injustices done by the War of Northern Aggression.

      Therefore, when this social ethno-national solidarity was backed by State authority, it ensured Black compliance and subordination. The Blacks in turn voted Democrat and were reasonably compensated and protected by the country elite. At the top were the remaining planter class and their shared cousinage with City merchant families. Together, by remaining solidly behind the Southern yeoman farmer, and rural working class, they exercised solid control over much of the South.

      However, in many places, there was also a great replacement in the ppper classes of society. In these places, the Old Southern families had been replaced by the carpet baggers and scalawags of Reconstruction. Even today, some areas of South, including not far from Hunter’s fishing whole, the entire region had become dominated by Yankee origin land barons and merchant families. Here they exercised a kind of neo-colonial economic control of much of the South. Places like Atlanta and Memphis and New Orleans were centers of these Yankee colonials. As a result, in such places Blacks aligned with the region’s predominante socio-economix elite, which were Republican, as in the case of Memphis.

      Memphis was never a thoroughly White Southern city. It had a heavy Irish Catholic population, it had a large Yankee Protestant population. It became predominantly a White Southern Democrats dominated city only around the turn of the century. The upper class remained divided between Northern origin and Southern origin groups with the Irish Catholic population switching its politics mostly to the Southern White Protestants in the early 20th century. Blacks of course leaned Republican but because so many Whites of all origins despised the thought of living under their rule, White Southern Democrats minted predominant power, with White Republicans periodically making a grab for power usually under the banner of anti-corruption.

      Also, something forgotten, even before the Civil Rights Movement, thru their control of banks, credits, and merchant stores these Yankee colonials kept a thumb on other areas of the  South outside of places like Memphis. In those places, yes, the Blacks would often be able to organize as Republicans. But in the rest, they didn’t organize except in a very local manner to ensure votes for the Whit3 Southern Democrats’ Country Boys, preferred candidate.

      This difference in Southern society was kept in an uneasy equilibrium with White Southern Confederate Cracker types mostly in control of the South, still very rural, but trying to bust back into dominance in the socio-economic city areas. Alternatively there were also trying to hold onto what they had against a growing strength of urban elites. This resulted in a South where the upper class were notably divided between a still majority old Southern upper class against a growing New Southern upper class, with strong origins in the North. Richard Spencer’s family is a perfect example of this socio-economoc history. 

      These socio-economic conflicts between White South and White North, and Old White South versus New White South, became the gist of many of our modern myths from the Dukes of Hazard, to more realistic movies such as Lawless. It was less about To Kill A Mockingbird, and more about Take over of the Agricultural Bank.

      This political, commercial, and underworld conflict in the South was mostly between Whites, especially those from the North’s racketeer dominated cities. The conflict so hurt the psyche of the Irish and Italian Papists, and their Jewish allies, who had until then not usually met such strong native resistance, that under Kennedy, they made a determined effort under Yankee political oversight to finish off the control exercised by White Southern Democrats, especially rural ones.

      This Judeo-Catholic-Yankee elite did so by going after the White Southern Democrat’s Black vote. This wasn’t intended to be about putting Blacks in charge as much as taking out White Southern British Protestant colonial stock. Blacks have until recently chiefly been bystanders to the real conflict between White Judeo-Catholic-Yankees and White Southern Americans. A conflict whose hidden violence often revolved around control of contraband such as booze, and especially during prohibition, as represented in the movie Lawless. We tend to romanticize the Lily White South, it was actually not so Lily.

  19. Jaye?Jack,

    You are a baby boomer who I would render a guess was a Reagan-Bush voter from 1980-1988, and I know that you were/are an ardent supporter of Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka, so how are you much better than the boomers that you scorn in the cartoons and text you posted here?

    I do agree with “TW” and Jim Goad about “Generational Astrology.” It’s a shortcut to thinking like ad Hominum attacks, therefore a fallacy.

    • Nope.

      I saw great hope in the 1980, 84 Reagan landslides – back when our Pat Buchanan was part of that. Then Ol Ronnie got senile.

      Bush Sr. is my least favorite US President – the most disappointing.

      I was in collapsing New York City 1988 when George HW Bush was elected president over the “Gosh Darn Liberal Democrat from Governor of Massachusetts – the one that led convicted Black murderer Willie Horton out on an unsupervised weekend furlough where Willie proceeded to do a home invasion, raped and tortured a White woman. This most dishonest “tough on Black crime” Lee Atwater Willie Horton Advert erased a 20 point Bush Sr. deficit to Dukakis.

      Then Pres George HW Bush Sr proceded to….

      Invade and occupy Iraq, the first time for…

      The United Nations, a New World Order

      Or as Pat Buchanan said then and many times later…

      “The main people pushing this invasion of Iraq are the Israeli Defense force and their Amen Lobby in Washington”.

      Then President George Bush decided to try to make himself another LBJ Great Society Black Civil Rights president by letting Black Bloods, Crips and thousands of Mestizo illegal aliens, riots, loot, murder Korean merchants, drag White truck drivers out of their rigs, smash their heads in with cement blocks then do an end zone celebratory dance to protest White LA police officers for daring to stop and fight back against drunk, drugged out typical Black dumb as* Rodney King.

      George HW Bush decided to retry the LA White Police officers on Federal “Civil Rights” charges – as if Black A Americans have some civil right to get drunk, tanked on PCP ANgle Dust and drive 100 MPH then jump of their cars to fight the Po PO Police!

      Q : How did ol Rodney King actually die?

      A: He got drugged and drunk (again) pass out in a lawn chair and fell in to his private swimming pool that he got from a civil rights lawsuit against the City of LA for violating his Black Civil Rights to get drugged and drunk and drive over 100 MPH then get out of his car to fight the Po Po Police.

      Hell NO I didn’t support Yalie George HW Bush.

      If you remember, I did a one man anti George HW Bush American First anti War campaign in Nashville TN, then met David Duke.

      You should remember that.

      IMO there’s only one thing worse than a Liberal Democrat from Harvard and that’s….

      A Liberal Republican from Yale.

      That’s the Bush Family.

      • “IMO there’s only one thing worse than a Liberal Democrat from Harvard and that’s….

        A Liberal Republican from Yale.

        That’s the Bush Family.”

        100%. The Bush family has done such grave damage to the country its unlikely to recover. It was Bush Sr. who directed the creation of GATT into the WTO, and created NAFTA. His and his master’s dream was the creation of an EU style North American Union consisting of Canada, America, and Mexico, wedded with the European Union, into a kind of Atlantic Super State. So, it could’ve been far worse. Bush Jr of course ruined the greatest chance in a century to save the country, secure our borders, kick out the illegals, rebuild the military, take on the narcos, eliminate the Islamo-Fascists and Jihadis, subordinate the Sheiks, get back our oil, and restore Christian communities in the Middle East. Instead, he destroyed America’s middle class nest egg of housing wealth, hamstrung our military, refused to secure the border, blew what remained of our military’s wad on a lame strategy of wak a mole, gave away our military occupied oil regions to the Chinese, empowered the Sheiks, left the narcos alone so they could subsume Mexico, and destroyed what remained of the Christian communities in the Middle East. They did these things not because they hate Christian Communities are whatever, but because they are Ivy League, elitist, liberal, self centered, pirating, retards.

  20. Well, I worked for both Buchanan and Duke in 1992, and had physical confrontations with both the JDL and S.H.A.R.P. There were some tough baby boomers that fought by my side in those altercations. Not one man broke ranks and fled.

    I hate the retardicans more than the demoncrats because they are the gatekeepers to authentic pro-White opposition to the two wings of the tulmudic birds.

    The most basic bottom-line is that it is not right versus left but jews versus Europeans/Whites.

  21. Since we’re dumping on Bush, you might want to read my review of the book Hell of a Ride, where John Podhoretz dissects the George HW Bush years, on Countercurrents Jan. 6, 2022.
    I was in Boston some years after the election on the subway and there, sitting across from me was Mike Dukakis, the “other guy” Bush beat. Boston’s the kind of place where you see celebrities on the subway and street, rubbing elbows. I spoke to him, we exchanged niceties, then he waved goodbye on his way to Northeastern U. and his job there as policy/faculty whatever. I miss the accessibility of people in public. Boston was a remarkably safe city in the 80’s-90’s…as long as Willie Horton was not in your way.

    • Thanks for sharing that personal story.

      Yes, I agree that Boston was a safe, sane city in the mid 1980s. I had a college friend from Vanderbilt who grew up in the Connecticut Suburbs (He was Korean American – fun, nice guy) who was working at a bank and living in Boston as I was …

      In New York City 1985-91.

      I went up to visit him a few times in Boston, it was so clean, sane like being in England before the mass Indian invasion changed it.

      With Mike Dukakis – I’m sure he was a decent guy – like pretty much all true Liberals, the stupid things they say and do about crime, race relations, foreign policy aren’t that destructive if there aren’t a lot of Blacks, Afghans, MS13 Amer-Indians around.

      It’s like Vermont or Minnesota in the 1970s and 1980s – sure the Libs say stupid stuff about politics, S Africa, the United Nations etc, but these places were nice all White places. The Capital of Vermont (I forget the name Mont… something ) hadn’t had a murder there in 100 years. My neighbor when I lived by the University of Chicago Bernie Sanders, he’s not really destructive with his lib socialist policies in an all white place like Vermont. The ABBA 1970s Sweden was also a good place to live – sure high taxes, idiots mouthing off about anti Apartheid sh** in WHite racist South Africa, but that’s just talk in a great White place.

      I feel pretty much the same about Libertarians – a bunch of harmless idiots when they’re in an all White college environment. If there ever in power say during a BLM riot, mass looting situation of they actually get to implement their “No borders”, “Let everyone in the entire world move to White prosperous places provided they’re will to work a job, any job… (Yeah Rand Paul said that in his Obama era response to the State of the Union address).



      It must have been nice to be in Boston MA in the 1980s and ride that clean, safe train with Mike Dukakis.

  22. This post isn’t meant to be against Jaye Ryan but just a general observation about some points being made in these comments underneath from different people. I have noticed how Southerners get picked at in our circles for things we haven’t done exactly right. We have flaws just like any other group of whites but I fail to see how whites in other parts of the country are any smarter than us on the race issue or are any more conservative. I don’t understand why we get singled out for being stupid about this and that in a lot of these types of discussions

    • I agree.

      The old Boomer guy in the cartoon waving the U-S-A flag, watching the ZOG TV with the posters from 1980 of Reagan Bush Conservatism/Cuckservatism – “Fight the Russians”, “Democrats were/are the real racists” he’s not meant to be just Southern or even Southern. He could definitely be a California White Boomer all excited about attending the Beach Boys concert on the Washington Mall for the Reagan Bush inauguration.

      But if anybody remembers what happened back then at the Reagan Bush 1980 (I think it was 1980, not 1984) Beach Boys concert for President Reagan inauguration. A really typical, dumb as* Western anything goes hunting, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, anything goes mining, and of course just loves unlimited cheap migrant labor – Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior James Watt made a big thing about how bad it was to have such an Anti American music group “The Beach Boys” performing on the Washington Mall because the Beach Boys and other Rock and Roll music groups played the un American Music of “Rock and Roll” with fans doing terrible anti American things like smoking Marijuana!

      Yep, that was the head in the sand, old and out of it dumb as( GUNS, GUNS, anything goes mining, ranching everything “Liberal” or even young people listening to Rock and Roll Music was evil.

      This head up his as* Reagan’s Secretary of Interior James Watts wanted to substitute Las Vegas performer Wayne Newton for the unAmerican Beach Boys with fans who do horrible things like smoke MJ.

      THat’s the mentality we were dealing with then and to a great extent, it’s what we’re still stuck with today with these Boomer Cuckersrvatives or just Chamber of Commerce, Country Club Republicans.

      They’re not deep thinkers, they don’t study real, terrifying racial history, the clash of civilizations like the Fall of Constantinople to the Muslim Turks in the 15th Century, or the Battle of Algiers race war in French Algeria in the 1950s which ended in all the White French Pied Noir/all the French and other Europeans being ethnically cleansed forced to choose between the “Coffin or the Suitcase” Stay in Algeria after French Algeria was given independence with Arab Muslim majority rule – stay and be murdered “The Coffin” or flee with just their clothes on their back and a suitcase.

      So IMO it’s pretty much useless trying to talk sense about mass 3rd world immigration, the Great Replacement of our people with totally out of it Conservatives like James Watt back then or more recently with GOP Presidential candidate former MA Governor, now Utah Senator Mitt Romney.

      Our John “The Derb’ Derbyshire tired to do just that, talk some immigration sense with then GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney back when John Derbyshire “the Derb” was still working for National Review and the Derb had the job of interviewing GOP Presidential candidates like Mitt Romney, Dan Quayle, Mike Huckabee etc.

      John Derbyshire asked candidate Mitt Romney what he thought about mass immigration in to the USA, Europe the West, and Mitt Romney admitted that:

      “He just hadn’t thought about it”.

      Then Mitt Romney shrugged his shoulders and other (js) at National Review asked him some softball questions, or they talked about the weather, college sports etc.

      That’s what we’re dealing with folks.

      Not just Old and out of it Boomers in the South and elsewhere but just…

      Not paying attention to things like “The Great Replacement” the loss of London England to Pakistani Londonstan, not really caring that Neo Con and other Js have restarted the Cold War against our Russian Kinsmen.

      These people, Cuckservatives old Boomers or young frat guys, sports betters..

      They don’t care.

      It’s pretty much pointless IMO to try to get them to read and think about real serious books that do address the impending replacement of our people, the Clash of Civilizations that are side isn’t fighting or isn’t even noticing.

      Yeah, I know some people strongly object to me writing, thinking of this. But, my response is…


      Unless one of these Romneys, Bushes, Huckabees are in the room with me at the time and I can punch them in the face or I/we’re on a Saturday or Sunday and all the White people young and old are wasting the whole day watching, worshiping Amurikun Football – ya know. Hanging with dumb White goyim.

      What can we do?

      Thanks Courtney from Alabama. How are your adorable children? Do your tree climbing son and your charming daughter get along OK? Is your daughter plotting to get your son to marry a really, really FAT Bible thumping Southern woman. Ha Ha

      Luv ya.

      Jack R

    • “I don’t understand why we get singled out for being stupid”

      Geez, I can’t figure it out, either.

      After 50+ years of continuous media insults via the jewtube I just can’t image why southers are open game for ridicule and insults. Just such a mystery!

  23. AGREED! The stupidity of this policy is witnessed by the destruction it has caused to Whites in general. Folks at VDare are of the opinion, mostly correct, that it was part of Nixon’s counter strategy which was left unfinished and incomplete due to Watergate. I suspect I know what they are referring. Be that as may be true, the fact is, the strategy remained incomplete but the Republican Presidents have done eff all to fix this executive order or even implement the rest of Nixons strategy. Its time to not only end Affirmative Action for non-Whites, but to implement a strong Affirmative Action regime for Whites, especially its founding stock.

    At this point, the damage done to Whites by Nixon’s and others’ Affirmative Action policy are so far reaching its my assessment President Trump should reverse it in favor of Whites. It should be pointed out there was never any official policy at the Federal level regarding the color bar, except for a brief period under President Wilson in the District of Colombia. In fact, as one person noted here regarding a Memphis Black politician, Blacks regularly got spoils in Federal government. No corporation officially had a policy discriminating against Blacks or promoting Whites. As to the States, I think likewise there was no official policy discriminating against Blacks. Indeed, there were riots, by Blacks, over their race unions being denied monopolies in business, the Porterman’s Union in the Railroad being a perfect example. Black racketeering in business has a long history and was given official government sanction by post 1965 American government.

    Thus, in contrast to postbellum and pre-1965 America, we’ve had nothing but straight up racism against Whites, and especially ethno-racism against America’s founding British Protestant Colonial Settlers. Its clear to me there is now huge legal grounds for promoting a strong affirmative action program on behalf of Whites and especially British Protestant Colonial Settlers (originally called Native Americans) to rectify the over 50 years of official hate and discrimination against them. With Republicans having a history of doing this in favor of Blacks, we will have a work cut out for us in this political battle against Black Relublicanism.

    • Or just pass “Proposition # so and so that makes it illegal to defame, discriminate, assault, rape and murder White European Americans, including CIS White men.

      We tried banning affirmative action and discrimination against all people because of their race, country of origin, do that whole MLK Jr thing, judge people by the content of their character. That didn’t work. ALl these others racial, ethnic, sexual groups just doubled down, used some trick to gang up on us. My employment life in corporations has been 100% ruined, destroyed by PC, strident, Woke college miseducated women, not by any means all Js. My experience is the same as any straight, White males trying to work with, under Kathleen Kennedy and Brei Larson at Disney/MCU/Lucas Films.

      They hate us.

      Any pope dreams about “Meritocracies” in the media, colleges and universities – if you believe that has any chance of happening, I have some farm land in Rhodesia I want to sell you.

  24. “Thanks Courtney from Alabama. How are your adorable children? Do your tree climbing son and your charming daughter get along OK? Is your daughter plotting to get your son to marry a really, really FAT Bible thumping Southern woman. Ha Ha”

    You forgot to add barefoot and toothless to your description of his future bride. And she will also keep him happy with fresh biscuits and sweet tea. Ha ha. I know you are just messing with me. Believe it or not but the South has its own share of gorgeous women ( in addition to the round ones). This is why some men come down here for college and end up staying. Ha ha. Love ya too friend.

    • Yes, I know there are so so many beautiful, charming Southern women like… well you and Dani.


      I was yes, joking, thinking for of sibling rivalries where your daughter might be plotting to torment her brother by choosing a not so desirable wife for him.

      I think we should seriously consider going back to some form of arrange marriages.

      I’ve heard of some interesting Middle Easter marriage making customs. We think women don’t have many, any rights in these Middle Eastern or Muslim societies, but in other ways they do.

      I’ve heard from an Indian (beautiful gal) married woman that the custom is that the sisters of the groom to be get invited to a party where they meet the bride to be – the groom doesn’t get to see her until their wedding night. The women have chocolates and tees and the bride to be dancing in a belly dance to show the sisters of the groom to be what , well her body is like.

      So the groom to be is pretty much at the mercy of his sisters and he asks them “What does she look like , yah know without too many clothes on”. If the groom has been mean to his sisters, they get really screw him over.

      Ha Ha.

      I tend to root for the Middle Eastern and SOuth American leaders that have the best looking wives and are good dressers and good looking themselves. Assad of Syria is a very handsome man and his wife who’s of the Syrian ethnic group, sort of Arab, she’s beautiful and very fair, a great dresses, went to school in the UK. Iran under the Shah had very beautiful women dressed in the latest French Parisian fashions. And then the Islamic Revolution, anti AMerican, “AMerican held Hostage” thing happened in the late 1970s when Jimmy Carter was President. ANd those mobs of ugly, hairy Iranian mobs with that really scary Old Ayhtolla Khomenmi was the top leader.

      I was arguing with Liberal even bi sexual artist students in my high school – who went for anything anti American including this Iranian Islamic revolution, I saw that:

      “Hey these are 8th century Islamics – they throw guys/bis like you off of their roofs”.

      Oh Well.

      I hope to see you in a couple of weeks in the South.

      Thanks for the great photos – your son and daughter look and sound…

      AMAZING like their mom – you.


  25. This/My comment is meant for the very beautiful, charming AMAZING Southern Gal, great mom:

    Courtney from Alabama.

    I deleted most of our comment exchange because it looks like my attempts at humor, light hearted banter with you were pretty much:

    “Lost in translation”.

    This is a big problem on comment sections of Dissident Right, White race realist blogs – humor, intentions don’t translate well.

    It’s mostly guys GUYS GUYS shouting out things to each other which are often not very important or thought out but, it really doesn’t hurt anyone – just like guys yelling about sports and some sports bar.

    We don’t have many/any women commenters here or related elsewhere and they generally don’t stay long. The guys say things the women don’t like, or else we try to bend over backwards to cater to the ladies, do foolish things like propose marriage to them here on the comments section.


    I’m sorry that some of my comments, my attempts at humor were…

    Lost in translation.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you this month in person, I hope so.


    • I dont know anything about this Courtney or your familiarity with her, but I got your translations completely. It says something about the audience if they not only can’t get the translation but criticize it.

      JR, I cticize you at times in policy substance. That’s it. If someone goes anti-artistic on your rhetorical style or has problems because they don’t “GET IT,” well thats okay. Maybe they have assburgers. Let them seeth.

      Others get it, and we are the ones that count. Them, well they will complain after torturing you, then ask you to say sorry. Don’t. Even if they are hot Southern girls.

  26. Awww Jaye you didn’t have to delete that. I thought we had fun with that discussion. But I appreciate the consideration. Looking forward to seeing you down South soon as well. Best, Courtney

  27. Aryan Globalist Bro, I wasn’t offended by Jaye’s comments. I had fun with our discussion above. His apology was his own doing. He is just a really nice person.

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