1. There is nothing wrong with hating the blood of those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. God demands you hate such people with all your might. And what match is God Almighty to this worthless Irish retard?

  2. I would say it’s more correct to say that “The entire American political system revolves around blacks and their feelings”…

    And the Jews use that to their advantage, because without the racism specter always enveloped around blacks, Jews would have a very difficult time making a case for their own victim status.

    • @Sumguy

      That’s how they operate. They exploit natural divisions within countries. The fewer such divisions, the less vulnerable a country is to Jewish subversion.

  3. Facelift Joe is at it again.

    Notice how all the politicians are using the same talking point
    “There’s no place in America for antisemitism”…(Implication, it must be outlawed)
    Sourced from one jwzish PR firm.

    Truth be told, jwz are the worst antisemites, they are killing true semites all over the Levant.

  4. “Biden says antisemitism has no place in America in somber speech connecting the Holocaust to Hamas’ attack on Israel”

    Why Not ? Fucking Jews attack White ppl. 24/7 around the fucking clock, 365 days a year. Fuck them

  5. It’s not just money, it’s the Jewish mafia and the Mossad.
    They have child and drug traffickers and hitmen everywhere.
    They’ve got dirt on many if not all the politicians and they’ll assassinate anyone who defies them.
    All around the world they do this more or less, not just in the US.
    The Jewish crime syndicate is the most powerful crime network in the world by far and away.

  6. Downplaying a suspicious attack that took place 50 years to the day because dates numbers and symbols are all coincidence stupid dupes.

    • “Jew-lickers disgust me. This rotting country is full of them.”

      It’s why the country is rotting.

      Used to be that worshipping Jews was a heresy, blasphemy, and a sin.

  7. “You should never say anything bad about the dead, only good. The past leaders of the state of Israel are dead. Good.”

  8. Ashkenazi Globalist Bro and Genocide
    Joe must be seething that the pissraeli contestant at Eurovision 2024 was booed ferociously off the stage, while pro-Palestinian chants echoed throughout the venue.

    It’s not a cohencodence that Russian contestants have been banned since 2022 for “Not upholding core values of democracy and human rights,” but a representative/contestant from a non-European terrorist entity is allowed to compete, while blatantly violating core values of democracy and human rights with its war crimes and ongoing genocide.

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