White Atheist Nationalism Is a Dead End

I have a bone to pick with Jason Kessler.

At the outset, I want to stress that it is nothing personal.

There has always been White Nationalists who share Jason Kessler’s dismissive view of Christianity. When I first stumbled across the White Nationalist movement in 2001, there were already established leaders in the movement who had their own personal race-based religions.

Matt Hale was the leader of the World Church of the Creator which was based on Ben Klassen’s religion of Creativity. Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance offered something which he called Cosmotheism. White Nationalists have created innumerable naturalistic, race-based religions in this vein over the years. Pagans have also been a perennial feature of the White Nationalist movement. The belief that “Christ-Insanity” is a Jewish religion and that “Aryans” are better off without it is a view that has been around for many, many decades. It has always been a fixture in our comment section.

Needless to say, religious skeptics and pagans have always been overrepresented in the online White Nationalist space, especially in top leadership positions. This was true in White Nationalism 1.0. It was true in the Alt-Right years. Back in the 2000s, I went through a Nietzschean and New Atheist phase myself. I spent years arguing against Christianity on online forums. I read Andrew Dickson White. I read Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion. I was also very much influenced by this culture.

In any case, the purpose of this article is not to pick a fight with Kessler, but to illustrate why I believe that rightwing, anti-Christian White Nationalism is a self-defeating, self-marginalizing internet ghetto. Various people have spent half a century trying to push the rock of anti-Christianity up the rightwing hill with predictable disastrous results. This hasn’t stopped them from insisting on doing it.

Graphs About Religion:

I don’t think I need to provide a huge theoretical justification for why this is a weird combination of factors. The Republican party is basically 85% Christians right now. So to be an atheist who also identifies with the GOP puts you in a really small subset of the population. Let me start by just showing you that – this is the share of Democrats and Republicans who identify as atheist/agnostic over the last several election cycles. ...

Here are some key facts:

85% of Republican voters are Christians.

5% of Republican voters are atheists / agnostics.

Of that 5%, the vast majority of rightwing atheist / agnostic Republicans are either liberal conservatives, moderates or libertarians. Only a fraction of 5% are far right secular White Nationalists and an even tinier number are pagan White Nationalists. Who is supposed to be the audience for an anti-Christian White identity movement? How can such a movement succeed in American politics when it is rejected by the Left for being racist and by the Right for being too anti-Christian?

For Republicans, it’s much more modest – from 3% to 5%. One in twenty Republicans are atheists or agnostics. It’s one in five Democrats. There are four Democrat atheist/agnostics for every Republican.

1 in 20 Republicans are atheists or agnostics.

Of that 1 in 20, the vast majority of them are liberal conservatives, moderates and libertarians. How many of them are anti-Christian White Nationalists? Is there enough to even register in a survey?

However, those same figures for Republicans who are low attenders are much different. Among those who are seldom/never attenders, 56% of them say that they are Protestant or Catholic – that’s twice the share as the Democrats. Meanwhile, only 11% of low attending Republicans are atheist/agnostic – compared to 35% of Democrats. Pretty strong evidence here that when Democrats are far from religion, they have little hesitancy in embracing the atheist/agnostic label. Not so for Republicans.

11% of Republicans who do not attend religious services are atheists / agnostics.

56% of non-attenders are Protestants or Catholics who vote like Protestants and Catholics.

For instance, McCain only got 82% of the atheist/agnostic Republican vote in 2008. But, Romney did a whole lot better in 2012. His percentage jumped up to 89%. However, Trump did really poorly with this group in his first campaign in 2016. He only got 80% of Republicans who identified as atheist/agnostic. It’s interesting that the remaining 20% was fairly evenly split between Clinton (12%) and third party candidates (8%). However, in 2020, Trump did much better with this group – getting back to near Romney levels. This may have something to do with the fact that third party candidates were not as viable in that election cycle.

John McCain (82%) in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 (89%) outperformed Trump in the atheist / agnostic Republican vote in the 2016 election. Trump actually lost ground with that constituency. Undoubtedly, this is because McCain and Romney had greater appeal to liberal and moderate Never Trump conservatives in the suburbs who identify as atheist or agnostic Republicans.

I think part of the reason for this finding is not the fact that Republicans are just a whole lot more religious than Democrats, it’s that Republicans just don’t like that atheist/agnostic label that much. So, they may be functionally non-religious but they would never want to call themselves a term that they believe to be repugnant like atheist or agnostic. The empirical evidence for that is pretty clear when you limit the sample to people who report their religious attendance as seldom or never and then calculate the religious composition of those low attenders.

There is some evidence that atheist / agnostic Republicans are undercounted, but that is because negative stereotypes of atheism are so strong on the Right that even rightwing atheists do not want to be associated with the label. Being loudly and aggressively secular and anti-Christian appeals to certain combative personality types. It doesn’t resonate though with its own intended audience.


If there are so few rightwing atheists, why do they seem to be so loud online? It is because no one else in the country is more politically engaged. Atheists are more likely to be activists.

According to this data, about three percent of the adult population were atheists in 2008. This number has slowly risen over the last fifteen years. It was five percent in 2014, then increased to 6% by 2016. What’s striking is that there hasn’t been any appreciable increase between 2015 and 2022; it’s remained around six percent.

Atheists are 6% of the population.

While the number of Nones has exploded, atheists ceased growing in 2015.

In Alabama, for example, atheists are 3% to 5% of the population.

In Vermont, which is the opposite of the Bible Belt, atheists are only 7% to 11% of the population.

In much of the South, more people report being gay than being atheists.

Among college students, only 55% of atheists and 53% of agnostics describe themselves as straight. Back in the 2000s, I made a U-turn from New Atheism when I discovered how many people in the online atheist community are homosexuals and sexual perverts.

White Atheist Nationalists are quick to attack Christian nationalism. And yet, there are more people in California and Vermont who report being sympathetic to Christian nationalism than who identify as atheists and the vast majority of those people are liberals are moderates.

Atheism is clearly negatively correlated with rightwing politics.

Atheism is also negatively correlated with having children.

If your goal is to produce more self-absorbed, childless libtards, then I can see a case for making atheism the sine qua non of your political movement. How do you propose to win though with a view of religion in which over 95 out of 100 atheists end up politically on the Left? The rightwing, far right White Nationalist atheist who identifies with his race is an extreme outlier.

If 85% of the American Right is Christian, wouldn’t it makes sense for a White identity movement to appeal to Christians? Isn’t that necessary to succeed in rightwing politics? 

Finally, the most damning number of all is that White Atheist Nationalism doesn’t appeal to most White Americans who have a positive view of their racial identity or who are pro-White. Few of those people see their religious identity as being opposed to their racial identity. They are not extremely online. The typical White American who is measurably racist in some way is a Christian.

Ultimately, the Christian Question in White Nationalism is a microcosm of a broader problem in American society. Anti-Christian secular nationalists are vastly overrepresented online while the typical American “racist” offline is much more likely to identify as a Christian. Educated elites in both parties are more secular while the people who they claim to represent are more religious.

Inside the >3% online ghetto of rightwing far right atheism, you will encounter all sorts of delusions. One of the most popular delusions is that America in 2024 can be or ought to be Nazi Germany in the 1930s and somehow this can be willed into existence. Some people think of themselves as citizens of their own private fantasy world like the Northwest Republic. Another is angrily expecting the world and especially the broader American Right which is 85% Christian to conform to your own personal cult.

None of this is to say that people who are secular or irreligious are either 1.) unwelcome or 2.) unable to succeed in influencing the American Right. Look no further than Donald Trump and his famous speech on Two Corinthians at Liberty University. Trump could have never gotten to where he is today though by beating the drum against Christianity. He simply ridiculed and diminished people like David French and Russell Moore as losers while positioning himself as a champion of Christians.

Who? How?

These are basic questions which are left unanswered by this crowd. There is no realistic path to where they want to go. There is no constituency to get them there. They have no use for practical politics. This is what is so irritating about them. They masquerade as a political movement, but are far less interested in political goals than in self expression. Achieving political goals like the preservation of the White race requires having to grapple with political reality and persuading White people to adopt our ideas.

Note: Atheists are one of the most unpopular groups in America. We are already marginalized because of our views on race. Some people want us to be double marginalized because of their views on religion.


    • If so, Rusty, he’s a feeble one, who’s letting his followers be destroyed. I love you all, I really do—but it’s a dead end.

      • Tribulations my friend, John. We were not guaranteed peace on this earth. I love y’all too.
        John 16:33
        These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

  1. This article is vintage HW- graphs, charts, stats, and all of it will be dismissed by the group you are criticizing, because they don’t THINK, they EMOTIONALLY REACT. Esp. Pagans. The utter hatred of the Pagan Larpers for Christianity is of a level I have rarely seen in the general population, in my 65+years on the planet. The only people who are more antagonistic are the Faggot class. Perhaps there is overlap? Just saying.

    Since the Christian/Catholic religion has been the originator, purveyor, and sustainer of Civilization over the last 19 centuries, it makes sense that they should be the ones to be given hegemony, and authority to kick out the Deicides, and their Talmudic/Bolshevik ideologies, as we have far more experience with them, than the Pagan/Not-See/Larper class.

    I personally have said, and have quoted numerous historical sources, that Christianity and Talmudic Judaism are diametrically opposed to each other- which renders moot, and DUPLICITOUS any charge that Christianity is a JEWISH religion. True, Orthodox Christianity/Catholicism is an ISRAELITE religion, but that is ‘ganz etwas anderes’ than the Talmuddied counterfeit PRETENDING to be [sic] ‘Judaism,’ today.

    • Talmudic Judaism? Like how many Talmidic Jews are there? Maybe a hundred? Maybe one thousand? Perhaps, five thousand? Only a Catholic Crank with a hidden agenda would advocate being given supreme authority to hunting down a few thousand, if that, Talmudic Jews.

    • “This article is vintage HW- graphs, charts, stats”

      Yep, HW is very good with his poll and stats analysis.
      He gets the essentials out of polls and evades the propaganda ‘push polls’ and skewed narrative control.

      He’s a good skeptic, not gullible and not pessimistically defeatist.

    • you cant fight the system??from within the system??

      Christianity is just a much older and much bigger Jewish trick. It PREVENTS us from getting out from under thumb.

      that was definitely a hard pill to swallow but I finally have.

    • I saw some queer church preacher in Toronto doing online videos about 1st century history and he was pretty frank about the motivation of a lot of these run of the mill “neo-pagans.” Claiming, probably correctly, that the main motivation for their play acting some new age version of paganism is a resentment against Christian sexual mores and the belief in their heads that the pagan world was an anything goes orgy. He claimed though that the wouldn’t really like what paganism actually is, rote superstition that in order for some good outcome to occur one has to perform these same exact rituals over and over at the exact same place and occasion every year. The psychological phenomenon behind paganism is identical to when you see some athlete go on a hitting streak and stop shaving or start wearing the exact same shirt day in day out because it has some “magic mojo” making his performance hot. The leftist degenerate Richard Carrier, who practices “polyamory,” also claims that the ancient world was a lot more “sexually prude” than post modern people want to imagine it. But just as one might suspect, the motivation behind a lot of this stuff is reshuffling the cards of life to create an imaginary world in which these men will have a lot more sex than they are now.

  2. All correct Brad…… ” They masquerade as a political movement, but are far less interested in political goals than in self expression” this remind my Spencer.

    I agree with most of what you said, the only objection is that the right has to get rid of this sense of guilt (which probably has Christian roots in Western society with the famous “original sin”). Stop to have the moral guilt towards blacks (they don’t have it towards us); Stop to have the guilt for what white Europeans have done (all peoples have made mistakes or crimes but I don’t see in others guilt, in fact they are proud to be black, Asian, etc…). In short, the important thing is not to fall into Jeff Schoep-style guilt. In this sense I must admit that maybe, just maybe, atheists do not have this problem.

    • That guilt doesn’t come from Christianity. That guilt arose after the push toward non-Christian secularism. It was socially engineered upon the American and Western psyche by irreligious Western Christian people during the 20th century.

      Western Christianity existed for over a thousand years before that without any sense of the guilt you are speaking of. That guilt comes from the accuser, Satan, and its a spirit that arose not coincidentally with the abandonment of the Christian Spirit.

      Who were the first big political movements behind that Despiritualization? The French Revolutionaries, (All Catholic), later the Communards (Catholics, Jews, and Orthodox), the Bolsheviks (Orthodox and Jews), and Nazis (Catholics). Almost all of the aforementioned had mostly abandoned their faith.

      What is it among Papists, Jews, Orthos that encourages them to not only abandon their faith, but to become virulent revolutionaries. In contrast, Protestants rarely figure in this movements, especially among the Anglo-Saxon ones.

      • Nazis were not catholics……the sense of guilt exist in the bible, the original sin. Strange that these conversion happen in protestant country but i live in catholic country (even if i’m not religious because i’m agnostic) and i can tell you that in dissident right or far-roght movement no one has never been converted or repent. All people that i know start with an idea and ended with that idea. Don’t tell me about catholic or orthodox because that’s not true.

    • “get rid of this sense of guilt (which probably has Christian roots in Western society with the famous “original sin”)”

      SO VERY TRUE !

      The only sense of guilt we should have is letting our WHITE folk fall into bad circumstances and wrong directions.

      Also, we need to focus our altruism onto family and kin, racial kin.
      Universal altruism is a death cult, as sure as suicide.

    • @Marcel,

      You are correct that “White guilt” for real and imagined offenses must end pronto.

      The NAAWP newspaper was from David Duke’s organization of that same name(i.e., National Association for the Advancement of White People) back in the early 90s always had this profound statement in Eve issue: “For every tear the White race has caused, it had dried an ocean of tears ”

      Very true and accurate statement.

      Not that the liberal, egalitarian, ministers, preachers, reverends, priests, and other Christian clergy will let go of shaming Whites, and taking up with non-white causes.

      • “reverends, priests, and other Christian clergy will let go of shaming Whites, ”

        Hey, it fills the collection plate.

  3. Christmas and Easter is mix of European mythology and Abrahamic religions

    We could debate it till the end of time!

    In the Beginning and end Nature wins



  4. Why can’t we have something like a don’t ask, don’t tell policy when it comes to an individual’s thoughts on religion? As long as said individual is morally sound and squared away on the race issue.

    • Most States have a requirement to believe in God to run for elections. It hasn’t been enforced in generations until recently. SCOTUS took up the case and declared the laws unconstitutional. As with Life v Abortion issue this could easily be challenged and likely overturned in the near future. At that point, the Dissidet Right should have a plan for vetting and enforcing such provisions. Most likely, they will be idiots like the GOP which recently scored a major victory on the Life v Abortion issue only to habe several State legislators like in AZ vote to overturn the old law and return to godless villainy

  5. (1) I think militant, fascistic “nationalism” is atheistic, and neoliberalism is atheistic, and imperialism with its constant, endless war for monopoly, whether right, middle, or fake “left” in style or name, is also atheistic. The percentage of PRACTICAL atheists and agnostics in the U.S. population is higher than the percentage of openly-confessing atheists and agnostics. It is possible that the real percentage of atheists including practical atheists may be as high in in the more “Christian” states as in the other states.

    (2) The predominant real religion of most “Americans” (the population of the U.S. “homeland”) whether “Christian” or not is the selfish “dream,” pursuit and worship of MAMMON, even if they are still poor. Some of the most materialistic and business-oriented of all are self-advertising “Christians” who give offerings (or even tithe) on Sundays, like the Pharisees – who as Jesus noted tithed rue and mint and gave alms to the poor, with the blare of a trumpet, with some of their gains from legally robbing people (especially the “people of the land who know not the Law”) and threw poor widows out on the street who couldn’t afford the rent the very next day.

    (3) I think Christian socialism, not “Christian nationalism,” should be the goal. Christianity is socialistic, not national or ethno-national. Ethno-centrism is the natural human condition neither good nor bad in iself, whereas agape is super-natural and good, and lust (as James wrote: ‘From whence come wars and fightings among you? even of your lusts, that war in your members”) is the evil tendency that inspires militant, fascistic nationalism. I always say that a good, true “nationalist” is also an internationalist with respect and love for all of humanity.

    (4) This life is a short walk from cradle to grave. Afterward, we will be called to give an account of our life. Of course we are born naturally ethno-centric, tribal-centric, family-centric. Our natural-born ethnicity can be just our nature, or it can be idolized and used as a weapon against other peoples or races. Atheist or PRACTICAL-atheist nationalism that vaunts itself as superiour is in constant struggle (at war) with the other, “inferior” nations, tribes or races. Christian ethnonational socialism is different, concerned with bringing about the kingdom of God on earth, for our own people and for all peoples: “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven” should be our constant aim and purpose. the Scripture says love is stronger than weapons of war, but men who flee from the Light and hide in darkness because they want to be proud and selfish want more and more weapons of war.

  6. I’ve heard that Christ-Insanity term on Swedish pagan death metal albums by Grave and Unleashed, they know this or it is a bug?
    Morals and repercussions for behavior in this world scares off some as they want the worldling cake uber alles.

  7. Notice that Wallace doesn’t put up any graphs on how attendance and participation in churches is declining especially among the under-30 demographic. Like with so many other institutions in the US as the Boomers die off so does organized religion.

  8. IMO it s best to just “ finesse “ religion as successful Nationalists in White European places like Vladimir Putin and yeah AH Grand Dad did and do .

    The Russian Orthodox Church in all of Russia and any place where there are Tusdiabs is now pro Putin and against Zio Neo Cons or worse Mitt Romney , Mike Pence supposedly Christian Russian haters .

    All kinds of bad anti White communists , homos like this worst ever Pope Francis or Black hate White people race hustlers like Rev Al Sharpton , Jeremiah Wright , Jessie Jackass Jackson , Lutheran Immigrant aid societies that flood Wisconsin and Minnesota with Bantu Somalian Muslim migrant rapists they use various forms of corrupted Judeo Christianity same as Christian Zionists or just Je@ Zionists do.

    We should do the same .

    Anti communists who were more White in the 1970s , 80s Central American countries’ Civil Wars didn t let Communists hide in a Liberation Theology Christian disguise – look what they did to that Catholic Archbishop of San Salvador .

    An enemy is an enemy , a traitor a traitor

    The anti White Js are a snake with many, many snake skin disguises

    It s still the same J snake .

    • I agree with most here Jaye. There has been a noticeable decline in Christian leadership involvement in civil politics both in numbers and sophistication. I should remind you that collaboration between Catholics and Protestants in undertaking a political war against the Left was widely successful. I just don’t think there is that quality of leadership anymore, and if there is on the Catholic side (A side I worked with for decades) they’ve grown increasingly sectarian and are constantly attempting to exploit their superior organization and connections to their advantage.

      That being said, it would be necessary for Protestants to get back control of their churches and undertake what you are discussing. So far, most are intent on Football, and at best are distracted by 360 degree assaults on their communities.

      We are at end game now. Either Protestsnt Patriots move decisively to take control of the churches and move back into civil politics are its over. Protestants need to rediscover their ethno-religious origins, their ethno-religious origins of America in the British Isles. Its time.

  9. There has been a constant worrying refrain on here as to who would ‘lead us’.
    I submit the following individual: Col. Douglas Macgregor

    • No Charlie

      This video advert looks like he same old, same old Libertarian, race, Je$ and Paki Islam denying John Burch Society That GL Rockwell told us -~ 1966 was a complete Waste , 50 years of failure, now 100 years of failure.

      Hell yes we should use state, local,and federal government power to defend our people, defend our borders.who else is gonna do this:

      Coke a cola/ woke a cola?
      Tyson Foods ?
      Hollywood studios now 100% run by the worst White man hating Js, homos, feminists?

      Hey Charlie – don t post this sh&# here anymore.

      Jees this gets old.

      • I think Macgregor “knows”. He just won’t say it because he wants to build a popular movement. Problem is, he’s an old guy and seems to be deteriorating.

    • Yep,

      He’d be an ideal VP for trump (Better than trump as pres).
      But he has skirted the JP and the knives are being sharpened, in case he has political aspirations.

      • @Arrian
        did u see the reply to me above by @Jaye Ryan ? I’m not sure what her hackles were up about (what is the JP??); can u explain what she is going on about??


  10. 85% of Republicans are Christian.

    85% of Republicans are retards and philosemitic.

    Not exactly a good marketing on buying in on “Team Jew.”

    HW, no sale

  11. Whether it resonates with Bible thumpers or not, Reinhard Heydrich was correct when he said that, “No Messiah of ours would ever allow himself to be crucified.”

    Majorities are often wrong, especially when they are ignorant, and gaslit as children.

    • Good quote.

      Christianity is built-in failure.
      Every thing jewish has to go, or be put on the shelf for later investigation at least.

      We gotta get out of this shit and institutionalized cuckery to “gods chosen” is a huge wrench in the machine.

  12. The connection between Atheism and Liberalism began already very early – the ancient Greek philosophical school of atomistic materialism (represented by thinkers like Democritus and Epicurus) quite naturally evolved into atomistic individualism (obviously).


    “To me, Epicureanism is the closest thing to a libertarian philosophy that you can find in Antiquity. Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics, were all statists to various degrees, glorified political involvement, and devised political programs for their audiences of rich and well-connected aristocrats. Epicurus focused on the individual search for happiness, counselled not to get involved in politics because of the personal trouble it brings, and thought that politics was irrelevant. His school included women and slaves. He had no political program to offer and one can find no concept of collective virtues or order or justice in his teachings. On the contrary, the search for happiness implied that individuals should be as free as possible to plan their lives.”

  13. @Hunter,

    This is the work I put in a file called The Hunter’s Good Stuff. Its old school Hunter analysis.

    Now, start a deeper dive. Check into the religious sectarian divide, especially among the Christian denominations. You will find that although being an atheist versus a theist, is the best qualifier for identifying evil v good, liberal v conservative, and globalist v nationalist, the next best qualifier is divided by ethno-Christian sect.

    Ethno-Catholics are the chief denomination underlying most of the worst egregious political movements opposed to maintaining the American Identity of our Founding Fathers. While Jews are per capita more aligned with anti-Americanism more than Catholics, their numbers are magnitudes smaller, and their overall influence is substantially less.

    There is a reason why the Northeast is a famously ice cold far progressive liberal freezer. Its predominantly Catholic both in population, wealth, and politics. Its Catholics which are mostly pushing the local ordinances and laws that our people are finding most egregious. Because, Catholics per capita lean less progressive-liberal than Jews, is no reason to ignore their class in determining who, whom, how what on policy.

    I hope you take a dive into the political sectarian differences in America. It will help you understand why the South is the way it is. It will also help explain how most of America was similar in this way before the coming of the foreign colonists of the Anti-Christ.It will also explain who, whom, what amd how are now moving into the South to finish off what remains of Americans.

    • There are far more jews and partial jews in America than what is advertised. The nation signed its suicide pact when groups other than Northern European Protestants were let in.

  14. Lol Hunter, you somehow collected a gaggle of godless heathens to your site. But they are only a few. Marginal riff raff.

    I read your graphs, and the point is well made. They are just a small band of weirdos out on the margins. They don’t matter.

    British America was founded as a protestant place. Our fathers did not worship idols like the Catholics. That is why early America prospered so magnificantly.

    1848 began the fall of America. We were invaded by millions of idolators. We began losing the blessing of God, who has a seething hatred of idols and those who worship them. Soon came the devastating civil war.

    It was all downhill from there. The Catholics from the various old nations joined together and succeeded in brining in millions of ther Jewish friends. Now our last President, a Catholic idolator, has the border wide open.

    There is no nation. There is no “United States”, it is already dead. So let’s start over, like our fathers did, on a Christian basis. And keeping in mind that the scriptures from beginning to end, including in the 10 Commandments, forbids all idol worship.

  15. “One of the most popular delusions is that America in 2024 can be or ought to be Nazi Germany in the 1930s and somehow this can be willed into existence.”

    As it happens, even pagan Nazis did not like atheists:


    “Heinrich Himmler, who himself was fascinated with Germanic paganism,[177] was a strong promoter of the gottgläubig movement and he did not allow atheists into the SS, arguing that their “refusal to acknowledge higher powers” would be a “potential source of indiscipline”.[36] In the SS, Himmler announced: “We believe in a God Almighty who stands above us; he has created the earth, the Fatherland, and the Volk, and he has sent us the Führer. Any human being who does not believe in God should be considered arrogant, megalomaniacal, and stupid and thus not suited for the SS.”[31]”

  16. Even if you reckon Christianity is a load of syncretic plagiarized and copied mergers of parts of Judaism, Xoroastrianism, Osiris, Mithraism, Platonism, Stoicism etc etc it’s still the sum total of the remnants of Antiquity and our collective medieval past. Even if it were all myth it is still our myths. Which are often revealed truth through other means.

  17. HW, I broadly agree. There is a difference between advocating for secular white nationalism and atheistic white nationalism. The former is viable whereas the latter is clearly not. White nationalism should not become associated with religious viewpoints because this unnecessary creates division within the European American community. Christian white nationalism creates unnecessary contradictions and involves institutions such as the virtually all churches in the U.S. that promote anti-racism and miscegenation as religious imperatives and condemn ethno-nationalism and racial discrimination as sins. As commonly defined by Evangelicals who throw around this term as the new grand ideology of the American Right, Christian nationalism is not even nationalism as such because Christian identity or membership in the Christian nation is not conditioned upon one’s birth, one’s ancestry, or biology; rather, membership in the christian nation is chosen by the voluntary act of conversion to a universalist ideology. Functionally, conversion to Christianity is like conversion to Islam or Marxism because each of them are universalist ideologies with aims to convert the world and subdue local cultures to their hegemony.

    Secular white nationalism side steps the problems of religious conflict between pagans, atheists, and Christians and churches which actively and explicitly work subvert to our continued survival. Our country including the Confederate States has a tradition of secular as opposed to theocratic governments

    Why not advocate for secular as opposed to Christian white nationalism?

  18. Atheism never was nor ever will be for me no matter its attachment. Lest I be accused of being some outlier, I couldn’t imagine taking a blend of pro-White sentiments and mixing them with atheism to a friendly gathering of people I know and have it go over well. People I know would be sympathetic to most of our talking points, but are generally light on religion and even though they’re not at Church often, if at all, and may harbor skepticism of the doctrine here and there, they associate the values taught by Christianity to generally be good and believe in concepts such as God, an afterlife, Jesus being a good God/Man and the tradition.

    Let alone trying to bring it up with actual normies who would be less sympathetic and more religious. Militant Atheist White Nationalism just isn’t good Barbecue Politics.

  19. Who s going to answer some phone poll and say :

    “ yes, I identify as an atheist .”

    Might as well ask people in a poll:

    “ are you a RACIST, Fascist NAZi who wants to gas to death all the remaining Jews, Blacks, Gays, the disabled ?

    C’mon Brad .

    What was with this blog.

  20. Most Christians I’ve met are conservative on many issues………but not immigration. They’ll give you a rundown on how vulgar homosexualality is, whilst holding their Asian wife’s hand.
    Most anti immigration people I’ve met may be cultural or nominal Christians, but not active, biblical ones.
    Make of that what you will, but that’s my observation.

  21. White people had established thriving communities and civilizations for centuries before Jesus had appeared in Palestine. White people don’t need Christianity. Christianity needs White people.

    Belief in a higher power is a lovely idea that merits respect, but why does it have to be a Jewish penile-mutilation deity who expressed his righteousness by annihilating the vast majority of life on earth with a flood, including infants, toddlers, and inoffensive herbivores?

  22. Hunter,

    If White American Christians don’t fall for the “Jews are under attack but it’s really about White people” psyop to roll up anti-Zionist opposition into the BLM frame, I will say it’s a major step forward for your argument.

    But if White Christians do fall for Pedro Gonzalez, Richard Hanania, and the BAPists bullshit rhetorical tricks, I’m afraid that Christian Nationalism is just as much of a dead end than right-wing atheism.

    Everyone who reads this site knows that rolling up Jewish interests with White sovereignty is an automatic L. Jews will get what they want and we won’t.

  23. “ In much of the South, more people report being gay than being atheists.”

    I respond :

    All this shows is what people think are the current fashions on what is consider “ hip “ , “ progressive “ or worse “conservative “

    People who agree to do these phone polls are telling the pollsters what they think the pollster s want to hear .

    This is why Black political candidates like LA’s former mayor Tom Brady always poll way higher than the actual vote turns out.

    When still popular ( pre Rodney King LA riots ) Black Democrat mayor Tom Brady was running for California governor , he was polling way ahead of the pretty much unknown GOP candidate Dukmajon (something like that )

    Clueless GOP Conservatives in California as elsewhere were trying to make inroads with blacks and other minorities , talking about school vouchers to help a jack ghetto hood rats go to White private schools and sexually harass/rape White girls, bully small White boys destroy the private schools same as they do all city and suburban public schools.

    But what happened was this Dukmajian (sp?) GOP candidate was Armenian and there were/are a ton of Armenians in California and they and pretty much all the other non WASP, non Je& California voters will never vote for a Blac& nig$$er. And these voters don t much care about California Conservative Constitutionalist Libertarian true believer issues .

    So …

    Despite all phone polls having the Black Democrat Tom Bradley cruising to victory as California s first Black governor … he lost .

    The Armenian GOP guy won .

    Lots of people were pissed, especially know it all Libertarians at the Hoover Institute ( Stanford U )

    Most people are racists – especially Blacks , Je$s, Paki Muslims now taking over England .

    People aren t going to say that in s phone poll but yeah , that s the way it is .

  24. “Who is Christ king of?”

    There’s no answer to that question that can fit with WN, you have to either dive into lunacy (“Moses founded Scandinavia”) or concede defeat (best-case a return to Sicut Judaeis and Court Jewry, worst-case the DemsRRacist ZioTrumpism we have right now).

    The past sustainability of Christianity as a pro-European force was, to paraphrase Lovecraft, dependent on the mind not having correlated all its components, or on scripture not having been fully hauled out from Genesis to Revelations and freely debated, the mainstream result of which is Evangelical Zionism. Russian Christianity has the advantage of being the diametric opposite of American Bible-Worship, where the religion focuses maximally on ritual and tradition and minimally on going to a big box megachurch to hear how AKSHUALLY Noah COULD have fit all those animals on the boat. But that means that while the negatives are minimized, the religion can’t really do anything positive for ethnic Russians either, like Shinto-But-With-Jesus. Putin is putting up a great fight but White Russia continues to be in a death-spiral with its own Great Replacement much more quietly underway. Western Christianity is much more loud and colorful about it – that 85% of Jesus-loving right-wing normies are just as committed to God’s People as they are to God’s Book, and unless you can delegitimize or return them to ignorance on certain parts of that book, you’re preaching to the unconvertable.

    I really do hate to say it but the NS experiments with alternative White spirituality (including editing the Bible down to just the least Jewish parts, which removed most of it) were the last chance. We got caught in a two thousand year game of brain chess and we lost. The best I can say is that Mexico’s 10% White population does okay for themselves – Mestizos can coexist with Christianity without overthinking it, and Whites, in small numbers, can coexist with them. Best of luck to everyone on their next incarnation.

  25. The Church of the Creator does not seem to be around now. However the National Alliance is still going strong.It is hard enough recruiting White people in our ranks. If your organization is hostile to Christianity that just makes it that much harder to recruit. Remember Machiavelli’s advice was to never criticize a nation’s religion. If necessary give it mouth service even if you are a non-believer or even hostile to its tenets because it is one of the glues that holds society together. I am too young to personally remember George Lincoln Rockwell but he was neutral in matters of religion.To a me a serious White activist organization should include agnostics, atheists, Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox. We are here to save the race not argue over religious dogma

  26. Great article, and one I’m going to bookmark for future use.

    I have no issue with people like Henrik Palmgren, who is openly pagan but never bashes Christianity. It’s cringe, but it’s not hostile. Fine. People like Adam Green(berg?) are absolutely insufferable. As are terminally online anti-Christian spergs who have absolutely no impact on anything in the real world. They’re mostly single, childless larpers. I have no patience for it anymore, and it’s one of the main reasons I end up avoiding telegram, the only social media I have.

    Worst of all, the bitter spergs who attack Christianity online have no idea what they’re talking about. All of their ideas about Christianity come directly from Jews, which is the great irony of it all.

  27. OK, I agree with you that pushing atheism isn’t a winning card on the right. But even so, this isn’t a good reason to trick yourself into actually believing that some guy “rose from the dead” or the utter silliness of religious superstition in general. The world quite simply follows natural laws and magical, miraculous events do not occur. This is the correct outlook to have when strategizing life and what when ignored got the historical Jesus and all the other Zealots he was most certainly part of during the 1st century killed when they failed to “win a battle first before fighting it” by going on a hopelessly outgunned revolt against Rome. Which by the way treated Judea fairly well in it’s empire compared to other areas under it’s thumb. I never believed in any sort of supernatural pretty much my entire life since around 8 or 9 years of age, I figured out god was as fake as Santa around that age despite being sent to Catholic school. The science documentaries on PBS just made a lot more sense to me even as a kid, especially after “praying” for my raffle ticket to win which somehow had no effect on reality. Nope, I never fell for that stuff and just because it’s better to tip toe around the subject around others, I’m not going to fool myself.

  28. Correction, Atheist White Nationalism never lived, as a political force in the world, it remains science fiction, it’s Theist White Nationalism that’s dead, it died sometime last century, save for in parts of Eastern Europe like Hungary.
    The question is, can it be brought back from the dead?
    The answer?
    It remains to be seen.

    Barring the complete collapse of this world order, I highly doubt it.
    Both our liberal, and conservative elite (many of them wealthy, powerful Jews with mob connections who despise white nationalists more than anything) are at best, indifferent to the plight of our race, and at worst, openly hostile, and they’ve successfully indoctrinated most of the white masses to be indifferent and hostile to our race.
    White nationalism would be going in the opposite direction we’ve been headed for many decades now as a civilization, a complete 180.
    We can’t even keep our race from committing suicide out of self loathing, let alone get it to protect itself.
    At this point in time, white nationalism is an uphill battle, all the momentum is on the other side.

    I’m telling you barring total socioeconomic and political breakdown and collapse, we will stay the course, for better or worse, it’s human nature, as long as things are relatively smooth, people stay the course.
    So long as people feel they have something to lose, people want security and stability more than anything, not revolution, which’s what white nationalism would be, a revolution.
    Your greatest ally as a white nationalist or anyone who’s dissatisfied with the status quo for whatever reasons, is chaos.
    Only out of chaos does an alternate western order have a chance of emerging.
    That’s why the geopolitical situation in Ukraine, Israel and perhaps Taiwan has been most interesting to me as of late, as well as the decline in working class living standards.

  29. Re: Atheism as a dead end:

    Russian Orthodox Easter was last Sunday, the 5th of May. New churches are being built everywhere, and they are filling not emptying. Christ is risen.

  30. I don’t believe anymore. I haven’t been to church since 1989. However, I don’t dismiss the importance of either religion in general, or Christianity in particular, when it comes to Occidental civilisation. I keep my lack of belief to myself and within myself. I also recognise that before it was subverted, the Church, particularly the Catholic Church, opposed the Jews, and did everything that it could, to rein them in, and reduce their negative impact on our civilisation.

    “One of the most popular delusions is that America in 2024 can be or ought to be Nazi Germany in the 1930s and somehow this can be willed into existence.”

    We don’t live in Germany, or Europe, or in the 1930’s. We live in the formerly United States®, in the 21st Century, unlike the cretins in Washington, who still live in the 20th Century, during the Cold War.
    I would say that the idea of recreating National Socialist Germany in America, is probably the most popular in the western North, in the heavily German and Scandinavian States, like Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc. But it won’t fly here in Dixie. Nor does is even need to. Each White Nation has to follow its own ethnic/cultural ethos, apart from its connection to Occidental civilisation in general. The formerly United States is, whether we like it or not, three or four different nations, with only the English language and White Civilisation in common. Much like the rest of the Anglosphere, as a whole. These distinct American nations are going to haf to pursuit their destinies apart from one another, politically. Like it, or not.

    Some people think of themselves as citizens of their own private fantasy world like the Northwest Republic.

    I consider myself to be a citizen of Texas. A Texas Nationalist, and a Southern Nationalist. Politically, I’m a Jeffersonian Republican. Being White, European and Occidental, is just a priory assumption, that goes along with the other things.

    Most Southerners think of themselves as American Nationalists. But when you look into their American Nationalism, you realise that their America is the America of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the America that was founded in Virginia, in the South. It’s the America that has almost nothing to do with Massachusetts, New York, or Pennsylvania. Or with the culture of the North, as a whole.

  31. “One of the most popular delusions is that America in 2024 can be or ought to be Nazi Germany in the 1930s and somehow this can be willed into existence.”

    So let’s replace that with an even more improbable delusion that America in 2024 can or ought to be Europe in 1300 and somehow this can be willed into existence.

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