Tales From The Movement: Derek Black Troons Out To Push New Book

Derek Black has dined out on his family name for a decade.

The “son of a Klansman” schtick has grown stale. His last book was a failure.

If you were in the White Nationalist movement twenty years ago, you probably remember Derek and Stormfront, but most people who are involved these days weren’t around back then. Anyway, Derek needs a new hook to sell his memoir and keep his grift going, so he is “trans” now.

New York Post:

The former poster child for white nationalism has quietly come out as transgender in their debut book — in which they reminisced about being mistaken for a girl while working with their father’s KKK chapter.

R Derek Black revealed in the epilogue of their new memoir, “The Klansman’s Son: My Journey from White Nationalism to Antiracism,” that they identified as LGBTQ and used they/ them pronouns, according to an excerpt obtained by the Daily Mail.

Black, 35, became famous in 1999 at the age of 10, when they appeared on salacious daytime talk program “The Jenny Jones Show” to peddle the backward beliefs of their father, Klu Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Don Black and godfather, former Grand Wizard David Duke. …

Derek is married and had a kid a few years ago.

He isn’t a homosexual. He is doing this purely for the attention.

If it were not for his last name, no one would give a shit about this loser.


  1. Why these obsession for gain the attention?? I don’t understand these people…..they seem one more retarded than the other.

  2. You beat me to it, Brad. But I thought he had a Jewish girlfriend. I know a Jewish friend at whatever college he went to convinced him to see the light. And let’s not forget Prussian Blue, April Gade’s daughters who were once The Nazi pop twins, also renounced racism. Btw, I wouldn’t doubt if Dereck is really trans.

      • Was he placed under some sort of extreme long term psyop by the Reds? Or is this the result of extreme sheltering and spoiling by his father thereby creating a narcissist? Perhaps Don was a narcissist too? I dont think so though. He seemed like a strong but kind and very smart individual who genuinely loved his son. So why would Derek abandon every single familial tie, go all the way to marry out, and end up being a little trans snake?

        Derek’s career arc is similar in ways to Bruce Jenner. Somewhere in Derek’s background was a ball busting woman like with Jenner. Perhaps his mother? What happened to Christ in his life? I think if Don and his wife were sincere individuals and not deeply disturbed individuals, what Derek has done to them is shameful, hateful, and traitorous. But, Derek being the little faggot he acts like, is clearly not ashamed of anything.

        Don Black his father has a rather interesting back story. Very Deep Statey like, very intelligent, watchful, yet a person of action. He was involved with a number of men, whose actions on behalf of rightwing militancy put everyone to shame who is now larping about Civil War or Direct Action. Guys ranging from the James Earl Ray family, whose brother shot Don for stealing sensitive data from J B Stoner’s gubenatorial campaign to unmentioned military adventurers.

        Don traveled across the country with David Duke and infamous White Terrorist Joseph Paul Franklin. The later, in an age before the internet, hunted down myscegenators, civil rights activists, and liberal business owners and assassinated them and/or robbed them. He became the basis for your namesake, the character in the book “Hunter.”

        Don’s capabilities was such he was involved internationally as well. In 1981, Don was involved in an interesting scheme to overthrow a tin pot Caribbean country called Dominica and use it as a launching pad to recover other West Indian islands to White rule. Although theoretically a capable plan, it lacked the expertise needed for such operations and failed spectacularly.

        Apparentely, they took to strongly to this film which they loosely based their plan on. The film is actually not bad for dramatizing proper military planning and political intelligence organizing. It and its comparison with Don’s plan is appropriate. The Dominican op might have actually worked.

        According to declassified documents the scheme was backed by a strange consortium of ultra conservative Protestant Deep State Southerners and Papist mobsters. Apparentely it did have some sort of political blessing. But when they lost operational security they went ahead with things anyways, a mistake. When they informed the back up ship captain they hired that they were on a CIA op, they screwed up. He was a Vietnam Veteran with experience, decided it was bunk, and informed the Feds. They were all eventually arrested.

        You are right. Derek was always a rather odd cat. I remember thinking he was some sort of plant not knowing he was Don’s son until later. My gut is almost always right. Perhaps Don himself was a plant. Probably not, but moral of the story, be careful in this political skullduggery. Best to keep close to traditional and goodly Christian American behavior, work in normie channels, but go into the political frontier to resettle that what was lost with fellow affiliated comrades. Leave action to guys who have the experience, but grab the popcorn, you nearer to it than you realize.

      • “April Gade’s daughters who were once The Nazi pop twins, also renounced racism”

        Another perfect example of the reason not to publicly involve pre-twenties kids in this intense subject.

    • I found Jared Taylor fascinating back in the day after seeing him on Cspan then looking him up a few years later when I got internet. But one thing I hated was that weird promotion of that “Lynx and Lamb” cult and other weirdos pushing their children out front into public stands that could get you “cancelled” even back then. I really am not too surprised these kids rebelled by going the polar opposite of what their domineering parents directed them towards.

      • ” kids rebelled by going the polar opposite ”

        EXACTLY !

        IF kids are given a normal healthy environment, they’ll come around to our persuasion.

        Being overbearing will just lead to psychological recoil compensation

  3. Sad,
    He was raised to be a very good kid.


    There’s too much psychological trauma involved, too much for a kid.

    • I agree. Stalin kept kept his daughter carefully away from his movement. She thought he was adorable and as I recall, amazingly, had fairly normie lives.

    • He was raised to be a very good kid.

      Raised to have the right beliefs, but you don’t know anything about the methods his father employed. My guess would be they were the methods of an overbearing blowhard. As so often happens in these cases, the kid pulls a complete 180 on the parents.

      I agree about not involving kids in the cause. Do your best to impart your beliefs and values, but keep the kids out of any political efforts you might be engaged in. Preferably, don’t even tell them about it. They will be under intense psychological pressure to disavow you and your beliefs, and many kids won’t be able to resist.

      The only exception I would make is if you’re taking an ‘anti-anti-white’ stance. That is a lot milder than standard WN, and vastly more people (including more than a few non-whites) would give you a pass for it. (I doubt this point will be appreciated on this blog, but the fact remains.)

    • Added,
      Derek was getting death threats when he was just 9 years old and
      Those threats really upset him. Most adults have difficulty dealing with that sort of stress and it’s just too much for a child.

      This cause is too intense for a child. These beliefs and actions are only for very mature minds.

      It shouldn’t be a surprise that his mind has recoiled from his childhood stresses and ostracism, kids want to be accepted .
      He’s compensating.

  4. He could go shemale Clockwork Orange for attention whore needs.
    I’m the son of an Airborne Ranger and was taught stealth while drawing no attention.
    That way you see them before they see you.

  5. ‘look at me, look at me,look at me’.
    Some people love drawing attention to themselves for reasons I’d personally keep hidden away. No shame, no embarrassment.

  6. You told me in confidence back in 2013 why Derek quit the movement. When you did, I could have kicked myself for not having figured it out right away and on my own; It was hiding in plain sight right in front of my face. And of course I was tangentially but indirectly involved in it.

    But you also said back then to keep it confidential.

    You still want to stay under the vest?

    Also, e-mail me, speaking of things that have to stay under the vest. There’s something you need to know and perhaps get ready for, that the whole world doesn’t need to know (yet).

  7. He’s a histrionic, narcissistic attention whore, no principles, no integrity, a dime a dozen in modern America, from the far left to the far right and everything in between.

  8. I do remember seeing Derek at many gatherings. He was also ways strange with long hair and a hat that reminded me of the outlaw Josie Wells with a voice like Thurston Howell the 3rd. I cannot imagine the trauma he has caused his family. MY heart goes out to them. But even back them people thought he was strange, and more than a few racialists thought he was Gay and that somewhere down the line it would prove a major embarrassment for Don Black. A lot of that is weakness though. He goes to a super liberal college, a strange choice for the son a White racialist, and lets the power of the P transform his entire life.

  9. Academia is really just a re-education camp, holy smokes. I feel sorry for him er I mean xer er is it it? Them, wikipedia says them.

  10. Leviticus 20: (KJV)
    13) If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Deuteronomy 22: (KJV)
    5) The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

  11. I recall once, at some conference or other, I found Don Black after hours. Everyone was having drinks and socializing so I went up to him and thanked him and his generation for what they had done for us.

    I’ll never forget his reply:

    He said: “thank us for what? We’ve utterly failed you…”

    Don, like all of us, is a normal white guy, ravished by government-school and the modern world. His son Derek is a victim. What’s happening to him, now, is what’s happening to entire generations of our people in the aggregate. We need to see this as a religious conversion. One of the sacred sacraments of the religion of liberalism is the public acting out of one’s perceived shame – the greater the perceived shame, the greater the public act of humiliating atonement. All in service of the Luciferian spirit’s quest to destroy a civilization (and rub out all memory of it).

    Derek is my son and your son – all of ours. All those blue-haired, screeching feminists. They’re our women. This is being done to us. And Don was right to have a cynical sort of despair about his generation’s response.

    Our response hasn’t been any better. It’s time we begin the great spiritual counter-offensive. Re-take more than just tropical islands…

    • “What’s happening to him, now, is what’s happening to entire generations of our people in the aggregate”:

      Good comment about the young victims of the “religion of liberalism” (I call it the worship of Mammon) that is destroying people and culture. The liberal system has come to full maturity and reached the peak of its power. But truth is still stronger than Babylon.

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