Uniparty House Speaker Mike Johnson Easily Survives Motion To Vacate

My respect for Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to grow:

  • She singlehandedly mainstreamed the concept of a National Divorce
  • She was one of the first members of Congress to start using the term anti-White
  • She led the fight against foreign aid to Israel and Ukraine and voted against both
  • She voted against the Antisemitism Awareness Act
  • Finally, she attempted to get rid of House Speaker of Mike Johnson, who is nothing but a pathetic puppet of AIPAC who is supported by Trump. She has also accurately branded these people the Uniparty because there is no essential difference between them on issues that matter

Don’t get me wrong.

MTG has said all sorts of silly things that I disagree with. Most House Republicans are pathetic cucks for Israel. It has been a dismal picture of defeat after defeat in Congress.

In the midst of all this, I just wanted to recognize that MTG is actually doing a good job and is carving out a space to the Right of Blumpf. She has a handful of supporters in Congress like Thomas Massie. She has clarified where House Republicans stand on the issues and created some separation from them.


    • “The day after I vote against @SpeakerJohnson, AIPAC announces a $300,000 ad buy against me. ”

      Always, the stab in the back.
      They love intimidation.
      “Jwz pave their way with money”. The above is a perfect illustration.

  1. Jew burning last assets and resources to get microscopic victories.

    Similar to Nazi Germany. At the very end, Germans also bought little time for horrific price. Last good soldiers dead and weaponry destroyed to push Red Army out from one house for 2 hours.

  2. He fit’s the definition of a ” CLASSIC SCALAWAG ” HE is not the first of that kind, nor the last, a BROMANCE with HAKEEM JEFFRIES, I can only guess, what an indoctrination, HAKEEM, has received from his uncle, the esteemed DR.LEONARD JEFFRIES, listen up LINCONITES ! MGT for HOUSE SPEAKER, J.D. VANCE for VP, We ain’t joking either !! ……..

    • @Terry Smith,

      Thanks! I needed a hearty laugh.

      I nominate you to be “the brains” of Confederacy II. Godspeed.

      • November, thank you sir, I honestly think HAKEEM Jeffries, is someone we must watch, he is dangerous, Obama 2.0, speaker Jonson better be careful, or he could end up HAKEEM ‘S concubine, crip walking in the he capitol, hanging out with p diddy, speaker Johnson with a gavel in one hand and a chicken sandwich in the other,we need to strengthen and fortify MTG,her and KENTUCKY congressman massie, must counterbalance h.jeffries, the democrat’s know that the g.newsom, c whitmer types, will not satiate their radical base, our enemies get tough, we must get tougher, anyway, MR.November your a good man, keep up the good work ..

  3. Any revealing of the UNI-Party is a good thing.
    Ned Flanders cuck Johnson is the perfect symbol for the feckless loser Washington Generals Grand Old Politburo.
    May they have stupid looks on their faces when demographics puts them out of business forever.
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of quislings.

  4. HW,

    Are you going to be in Milwaukee this summer as a GOP delegate at the RNC?

    Perhaps, you can create a caucus of “Christian Conservative Populists.” I bet that would go over with the GOP elite as a lead balloon though. After all, they are Pissrael First MIGA whores through and through.

  5. The government is completely useless for White Americans. Period. This is why voting won’t really make a difference, in the long run.

    Even if somebody were actually allowed to “fix America,” it would take longer than eight years to do it. It took Putin thirty years to get Russia to where it is now, and he’s still not finished. Same goes for the rest of White Man’s Land, or Occident. What little bit Trump did, was undone, and it will be undone again, in 29′ and 30′.

  6. The populist right movement always needs to be a anti war party I believe. Our elected officials, if they can be called that, are there to do the American people’s business, not micro manage the planet. They should not be giving tax money to other people’s governments, not when there is 34 trillion in debt. Foreign aid was always an iffy idea, with this many unresolved problems in the U.S. and trillions in debt it’s idiotic.

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