View From The Right: The Paleoconservative Triumph



I sat down with my old friend Gregory Hood yesterday afternoon to discuss the slow but steady ascendance of paleoconservatism on the Right over the past twenty years. We agree on the need to drop antiquated labels in favor of identifying as just the Right in the 2020s.


  1. Ok… but try presenting that term and all the concepts “PaleoConservative” to hundreds of thousands of blue collar, working class White guys?

    “PaleoConservative” sounds like a dinosaur that went extinct.

    Lots of our enemies like Tim Wise are now boasting that we are about to go extinct.

    I don’t think that’s the meme/narrative we should be spreading.

    • I am well aware of that.

      We talk about the inadequacy of our labels in the podcast – paleoconservative, White Nationalist, Alt-Right, Dissident Right, Southern Nationalist, Christian Nationalist, etc. Ultimately, we conclude that it makes the most sense to identify as the Right. This is just the way the Right is now in our times.

      • Some OD readers/commentators have shared their opinion that:

        “I’m not a very good or even a decent writer”.

        OK, I’m always open to constructive criticism.

        I’ve also noticed that our side has always had very good “Writers” but hasn’t had many/any good:


        IMO – the last great mainstream Conservative propagandists was Lee Atwater before Lee got cancer and became a “Born Again” and took to his knees to confess that he was a terrible “RACIST SINNER” for his “Willie Horton” Adverts that erased George HW Bush’s 20% poll deficit to MA Governor Michael Dukakis who really did give Black murderer Willie Horton an unsuperised Weekend pass where Will proceded to do a home invasion, raped and tortured a White woman and Mike Dukakis never admitted he or that program was really bad.

        On the other hand, IMO and some others – I’m a rather “Good” propagandist, responsible co-creating the most popular, successful White Nationalist flier, poster in 30 years :

        The “Missing – a Future for White Children”.

        Everyone copied it.

        IMO – my/Farstar propaganda comics are good, most people like them, but I can’t get anyone to $ for them or even mass publish them for free.


        So great to see you and your lovely family Br**.

        I’m reassessing what if anying I can/should do.

        I’m afraid I look rather old, older than Dr. Hill or Jared Taylor.


        Wasn’t DD’s grand daughter stunningly beautiful?!

        Keep the faith for our kinfolk,


    • “Dukakis who really did give Black murderer Willie Horton an unsuperised Weekend pass where Will proceded to do a home invasion, raped and tortured a White woman ”

      Same as Gov. Stitt releasing Lawrence Paul Anderson, who murdered and cannibalized Andrea Blankenship.

      See a pattern ?

      (If not, another dozen examples could be cited)

    • @Jaye Ryan and Hunter,

      How interesting. I first brought up the Paleo-Conservative is equal to Dinosaur meme when the political big shots where trying to come up with color code signatures and terms for the Left and Right, and Democrat and Republican, and Buchanan and Bernie type people back at the turn of the century. That was before Hunter and James Kirkpatrick were out of High School and people were still riding the Neo-Liberal End of History insanity just prior to several Sand Niggers diving airplanes into the whole era.

      I wanted to color the Dems as Reds and got in vociferous arguments with Chiefs of Staffs of certain Speakers, Congresscritters, PR guys, and Political Consultants about doing so and whether to color code Republicans as Whites or keep them the old Blue. Most of you new “Smart Set” aka “Bright Set” on the Right are too young to remember the Republicans used to be the Blue party. You can still go and find national election announcements from the 1980s and even into the 90s showing it.

      Paleo-Conservstivism stuck, probably because McCain and co thought it did make Buchanan type people look like dinosaurs. Needless to say, these folks were less interested in having the Republicans called “The Whites” and the Dems called “The Reds,” apparently in magical thinking fear of it causing another Civil War like in old Russia. So, here we are now agreeing Paleo-Conservative sounds like a Dinosaur ( I grew to lovingly accept the term) and saying we need stop calling Dissident Right the Dissident Right.

      I am all for labeling the entire movement “THE RIGHT” cuz I know that is where the country is going, “The Left v The Right.” Yes, Civil Conflict is coming, so we might as well get the terms and colors together now. On the other hand, “The Nationalists” sounds even better and more inclusive. Also, Merthrye will probably say “The Left” and the “The Right” merely play into the hands of the U.nited S.tates usury system of capitalist overloads or whatever. Ironically, all you national socialist friends would agree and I know you all deeply care about them remaining involved for some stupid reason.

      Thus, Nationalists makes more sense to me, and will be most inclusive of the movement; as if my opinion matters here anyways. I will mention that the Nationalism identifier is the key word that the White Righting parties use in Europe. At any rate, I am going to keep calling some of you “Dissident Rightists” when you do stupid shit, which will likely continue as before regardless of what you all rebrand yourselves.

      • How about looking at nationalist , immigration restrictionist parties that are doing well, great? What do they call themselves?

        “ The Swiss People’s party “- #1 in Switzerland.

        “The Polish Law and Justice Party “ – OK they lost power, out of the ruling co alitionbut they are still one of the most popular political parties.

        As for American “ Movement” with subtle , but not so sub,tel pro White populist themes . How about some of these:

        Tennessee Regular guys”
        “ Ohio Regular Guys”

        And so on. It has that “ State s Rights, localism, populism against Hollywood elites, Harvard and Yale elites, New York City and Washington DC elites – “Us versus them “

        Our adversaries the White hating Js will understand what we re getting at.

  2. Even ‘paleoconservatism’ won’t address the primary racial problems. It’s a quarter step, when a full stride is necessary.
    The real solutions to racial problems are several steps beyond anything considered by that Austrian guy.

    • “””….several steps beyond anything considered by that Austrian guy….”””

      Funny how whole planet agrees to something. In Europe I hear similar statements almost daily.

      In Slovakia there is a problem that their prime minister got shot, one Irish conservative was attacked and someone tried to put bomb on Portugese Chega party office. Also assasination attempt against Serbian president Vucic dwarfed and Georgia PM claimed that EU warned him with Fico treatment So in Europe, they go full Weimar.

      “”””…You could be the next Fico,’ Georgian PM claims he was told
      Irakli Kobakhidze says top EU official warned him to be ‘very careful’ over ‘Russian bill’, referencing shooting of Slovakian leader.”””

      People down here of course discussing events and possible solutions and a lot of people claim that post Weimar solutions werent effective enough and this time we must go much further than previous time.

  3. “Biden Officials Debate Letting Ukraine Shoot U.S. Weapons Into Russia

    After a sobering trip to Kyiv, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is urging President Biden to lift restrictions on how Ukraine can use American arms.”……nytimes

    Ready to kiss your a** goodbye ?

  4. Rebranding is excellent idea. Communists hate most that they are past and we are future.

    They pushed homosexual marriage down here in Eastern Europe and what disturbed them most was, when we explaned that homosexual marriage is outdated communist co existence form from the dark past like Gulag or Kolkhoz or Red Army Base and doesn’t belong to the modern 21st century.

    New name for the movement must constantly remember them that we are the future and they are on the wrong side of history.

  5. So now Zognald said on a radio show that he does not believe “Biden” will even be his opponent.

    That much is obvious. But who?

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