Poll Watch: Half of Americans Oppose Immigrant Detention Camps

Continuing with the theme of my speech …

56% of American voters support mass deportations of illegal aliens.

36% of American voters are cool with rounding up all illegal aliens and putting them in concentration camps before deporting them en masse. 20% are squeamish about the optics.

85% of Republican voters and 61% of Independent voters are angry enough with Joe Biden’s immigration policies that they are currently willing to support what used to be a pipe dream.

62% of Republican voters are not bothered by concentration camps.

I am sharing this here and filing it under the Poll Watch tab for future reference.


“Some 54% of registered voters opposed the use of detention camps while 36% supported such a move and 10% said they did not know or did not respond, the poll found. Still, 56% said most or all immigrants in the U.S. illegally should be deported. …

Some 85% of Republican voters in the Reuters/Ipsos poll said most or all immigrants in the U.S. illegally should be deported, compared to 26% of Democrats and 61% of independents.

But fewer voters agreed with a statement that immigrants in the country illegally should be arrested and put in detention camps while awaiting deportation hearings.

Some 62% of registered Republican said they agreed, compared to 12% of Democrats and 35% of independents. …”

What do you do?

Do you prioritize immigration or anti-Zionism?

Earlier this afternoon, I had a conversation about this with Gregory Hood. We agreed that public opinion is fickle and that such a sweeping mandate for a draconian immigration policy might not come again. This could be our best shot to break the ice on mass deportations.

If Biden loses because of his insane immigration policy and internal divisions over Israel, this could have profound implications for the Democratic Party. It could lead to a retreat from a full embrace of open borders and an era of Clintonesque triangulation on the issue. Anger might subside. Soft support from outraged Independents could wither away and the Overton Window could close on this.


  1. Better hurry before they turn their university dupes er I mean adult daycare infantilised Peter Pan dei goon sqaud on to this issue.

  2. OT, can you ask Mr. Hood to do movie reviews again if he has the time? His reviews are quite good no matter the film.

  3. “public opinion is fickle ”

    Is that ever true.
    Most People won’t have any sense until they’re standing in a soup line with a cold wind blowing through the holes in their coat.
    That’s what it took in Germany.

  4. Rather than follow a collective, I judge each issue as I see it. I’m leftist on some issues, but right wing on most.
    Government don’t seem to get that endless immigration (legal and illegal) generates anti immigration sentiment. They preach the importance of tolerance, whilst doing everything possible to make us intolerant.
    And tolerance of what, our replacement?
    Here in Australia, like America, we have legal immigration which the public were never consulted on, and illegal immigration where people come in illegally…..but then aren’t removed once their status is determined.
    Various methods they use are flying in, then claiming asylum, students from China, Africa or south Asia on student visas who once their term as a student has expired, claim asylum, or hire a good lawyer to take their case, or just disappear into the economy hoping to never be traced.They rarely take their degree home to benefit their homeland. Then you have people from any non Western country rocking up, saying something mean about their countries government and goodness me, they can now claim asylum as their lives will now be in danger if returned. They certainly have various different ways of trying it on.
    Another form of backdoor immigration is when a Western country hosts an Olympic or Commonwealth Games. After the closing ceremonies, half of African and Asian teams always disappear into the night, and aren’t heard from again until they show up somewhere with an immigration lawyer.
    In every case, our leaders do nothing, and these people remain at large, further diluting our genepool. If they were Swedes with incorrect visas, you can be certain they’d be placed on the next available flight home, but Sanjiv, Mohammed and Fong…….’oh dat would be waycist!’.
    If government wishes to end racism, they must end the things that cause it, our gradual replacement being one of them.

    • Hello Goose;

      The other side of the coin is that someone always benefits from the influx of wogs into White countries, just not the White majority which has no voice in a democracy. Businessmen always want more immigration to lower wages which is typically businesses’ biggest single expense. Wogs, at least first generation ones and those in the country illegally, facing at least the threat of deportation to their shithole countries of origin are generally docile workers. This was the situation in California years ago but now of course wogs are the majority and have been here for years and they are an unmitigated disaster, destroyers of civilisation.

      Politicians also benefit by appealing to the worst instincts in wogs and thereby getting elected. The wogs naturally resent and envy Whites who have created great civilisations ex nihilo, something wogs can never do. Even though wogs’ lives improve drastically when they move to White countries all they can see is how differently Whites live and they hate and envy us for White accomplishments.

      Politicians, not having an ounce of morality will blame Whites for the wogs’ manifest failures and promise to get money out of Whites and give it to their colored friends as compensation for being wogs, a tactic that always works. Politicians always join their businessmen friends in selling their countries down the river for their thirty pieces of silver. Ain’t “Our Democracy” grand?

      The only thing that stops this train wreck is some kind of disaster that cripples society and throws the ruling class into complete disrepute and out of power. This happened with Louis XVI in 1789, Napoleon in 1815, the Second French Empire in 1870, the Romanovs in 1917, the Hohenzollern dynasty in Germany in 1918, the Weimar regime in 1933 etc. The current regimes in the West are every bit as evil and incompetent as any in history and will bring about catastrophe, sooner or later. All one can do is prepare personally for the inevitable disaster.

      • 12AX7,
        All very true. It angers me that government uses GDP and the need for labour as an excuse for our continued replacement. They pretend to be doing something beneficial for us, by doing something despicable.
        How many must we import before we no longer have labour ‘shortages’? They put upward pressure on property values and downward pressure on wages. In any case, why are we taking possibly the best minds from third world countries? Don’t THOSE nations need them? It’s funny how we’re made to feel guilty about slavery, the holocaust and colonialism, yet not about taking a third world countries best minds.
        When you keep adding dirty water to clean water, then eventually all the water is dirty. So if you keep adding third worlders to the West, it eventually also becomes the third world. I have no idea why our leaders, who are meant to be the final word in intelligence, don’t get this.
        And I’ll say this; many non whites are great people. In their own country, they have my blessing to do whatever. If their gig is to get around with bones in their noses and live off the land, then who am I to judge? It’s their part of the world. It’s the IQ level nature gave them. More power to them. But keep it there. They are not us. We DON’T want them as 55% of our demographics. We NEVER asked for it. It creates social division, and sends crime stats off the charts. They’re also a welfare burden. If they do find employment and housing, it’s employment and housing whites didn’t get.
        If these people are so good for the West, then surely they’re also good for their homeland.
        I could go on, but will leave it there.

  5. Bottom line: It is a simple matter of our survival as a race. Until enough Whites understand that and the implications of that don’t expect anything significant to happen. We are going to be called “racists” whether we resign ourselves to extinction or overcome it.

    • .”Until enough Whites understand that”

      Most WHITES are just clods, they don’t understand the essentials of race, much less the golden genius of some of our kind. They just want entertainment and no one calling them racisssssst, boo hoo.

      It won’t be the forethought of consequences that changes our society, it will the natural forces of collapse and poverty, with the associated suffering.

      The mass of people are too cowardly to protect the race.

  6. When the elites have finished using immigration, inflation, and globalism (or global free trade) for their benefit (their enrichment), only then will those policies be changed. Their Mainstream “news” media is already suggesting that immigration control is coming, and that “globalism is dead,” and that interest rates will be cut soon, to stop inflation. Inflation was used to strip the value of workers’ savings, but now it is mostly lightening the load on the majority of workers who have no savings, and are paying back their loans with inflated, less valuable dollars.

    You cannot reform this evil system. It must be removed and replaced. Populism/reformism is an illusion, a lie. But if you really feel satisfied with the system, thinking you are “higher up” (in a LESS BAD position) than MOST of its “human resources” (if you are a beta, that means you are “better off” than the gammas and the deltas) then just relax, ignore the “news,” stop trying to reform the system, just let the elites rule, and don’t become educated or educate others about the system, or organize or join a worldwide general strike, which is the only action (besides an act of God) that really could bring down the capitalist-imperialist system.

      • John, you write about “the right not to spend.” Refusal to spend money is not violent. A strike, or refusal to work (or eat) is also non-violent. Strikes as such are merely withholding of service (unless scabs try to cross the picket lines) – but the big capitalists’ (and their puppet governments’ police and courts) RESPONSE to strikes, and to labour organizing, is often violent. Ayn Rand (Rosenbaum) who is likely one of your libertarian influences, recommended a general strike by the capitalists in her novel Atlas Shrugged.

        Peasants can never match the nobility in the use of violence. There are many historical examples of peasant rebellions being crushed, with few losses to the nobles. Workers can only withhold their service, just stop working, and if they all strike together, en masse, the class system will collapse. The nobility could threaten to withhold their so-called “services” from the workers as Ayn Rand suggested, but they are much more to resort to violence immediately, to try to suppress a people’s revolution.

  7. Totalitarian-flavored actions like rounding up illegals, placing them in camps followed by mass deportations will not happen unless the gaslight media is destroyed. Since it’s literally propped up by free-money from the government and the (((usual suspects))), it will not be destroyed until either the usury-machine itself is destroyed or the retards simply stop watching it out of embarrassment.

    Getting rid of the majority of the alien invasion force does not require such measures on a large scale. The simplest and most effective strategy is to go after the clowns who hire illegals ad the numerous NGOs who facilitate the invasion with RICO and asset-seizure laws. Then go after all welfare benefits for non-citizens. If some blackrobe tries to block, they should be removed. Since the last blackrobe impeachment took place under a Dem congress in the Reagan era, other less genteel methods of garbage removal will need to be employed. As Koba liked to say: With a person there is always a problem. No person, no problem.

    Beware of Repukes talking out their arses about camps and mass deportations. They’re just performing for the gaslight media who will promptly (on cue) scream about Austrian painters and stormtroopers. Meanwhile, the Gay Old Pediburo never misses an opportunity to fellate the great Schlomo-Schlong while Ashcannazi Globalist Schill cheers.

    • I agree 100% but I suspect these human suggling NGO’s (among other government agenda NGOs) are fed front groups to bypass oversight. The taxpayer is funding their own invasion as a lot of these NGO’s are funded by the government. Slap a non in the title and the government can operate like a private citizen of sorts through these groups.

      • “a lot of these NGO’s are funded by the government”:

        The U.sury S.ystem has privatized much of the dirty work of the CIA and other U.S. “intelligence” services. For example, the U.S. is indirectly running about 20,000 (yes, twenty thousand) different NGOs in the country of Georgia alone, where they are being used to foment a new colour “revolution” to install a Khazarkraine-like puppet regime to conduct hybrid war against Russia. The system’s unlimited money, “Dollars Unlimited,” make these NGOs go round.

        • “(yes, twenty thousand)”

          I wonder how many front organizations and other subversive elements the Soviets had in place in the U.S., Merthyr, during the decades that every Red and pinko in this country spent gaslighting and mocking those who were alert to them.

    • That article is enraging. Do we need anymore evidence of captured government? The prick in his IDF garb?….American? Why are a lot of the heads of the Department of “homeland” security dual nationals? The current one the democrat senate saved is a dual national.

    • “Totalitarian-flavored actions like rounding up illegals, placing them in camps followed by mass deportations will not happen unless the gaslight media is destroyed”:

      When the capitalist class wants to round up illegals (because unlimited immigration is no longer to their financial benefit) the “gaslight” (capitalist) “news” media will immediately play a different tune, justifying the treatment that they condemned before, like they cover for the U.S. genocide of Palestine by proxy Israel and decade-long genocide of Russians by proxy Khazarkraine. Corporate career “journalists” are real presstitutes, paid to say and write anything that the elites want.

  8. The U.S. has actually been restricting immigration of Haitians, as it creates chaos in Haiti with its indirectly-funded, armed and directed “gangs,” and the time for the U.S.’s newest large-scale invasion of Haiti grows close. The fighting is being out-sourced to mercenaries from Kenya, to put a Black face on the naked imperialism. Big capitalists have big plans for Haitian real estate (Gonave island to be taken over for tourist enterprise), the dirt-cheap sweatshop labour, and recently discovered mineral resources that are worth billions.

  9. The U.S. will need to move a lot of Haitians around, put them somewhere, to make room to execute its plans (to develop Haiti) even if doesn’t take any more of them in to the “homeland.” Haiti is almost defenseless and has twenty billion dollars-worth of gold, silver and copper, all easily mined, and now it has recently been discovered to have the world-s second largest reserves of the very strategic metal Iridium: https://orinocotribune.com/haiti-has-the-worlds-second-largest-iridium-deposits/

    • “… and now it has recently been discovered to have the world-s second largest reserves of the very strategic metal Iridium: https://orinocotribune.com/haiti-has-the-worlds-second-largest-iridium-deposits/

      Unless I’m misunderstanding, Merthyr, Haiti’s Bureau des Mines et de l’Énergie is of the view that the iridium deposit mentioned in the article you linked is of geo-historical significance only, i.e., not economically exploitable:

      Attribuer une cible minière économiquement exploitable à l’iridium identifié dans les couches géologiques de Beloc et de ses environs relève purement de l’utopie compte tenu de la faible teneur en iridium enregistrée (ppb ou ng/cm2) et des épaisseurs peu importantes concernées. Dans aucun pays au monde où les couches de la limite K-Pg ont été repérées, il est fait allusion de réserves importantes d’iridium ou d’une quelconque possibilité d’exploitation à des fins commerciales. Le taux anormal d’iridium dans ces régions est plutôt perçu comme le témoin d’un phénomène mondial survenu il y a 65 millions d’années.

      La limite Crétacé-Paléogène garde encore l’essentiel de son intégrité sur plusieurs sites mais est menace par l’érosion et risque de disparaître à l’avenir dans certaines régions. Vu l’importance de cette couche géologique, le site d’El Kef en Tunisie a été placé en 2016 sur la liste indicative au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. De plus, elle constitue un objet de curiosité pour la population locale et des panneaux d’information ont été installés afin de sensibiliser la population locale à ce patrimoine naturel.

      Il importe en Haïti de considérer le site de Beloc comme une curiosité géologique, de le préserver en aménageant un parc géologique dédié à l’enseignement de la géologie et de le considerer comme appartenant au domaine patrimonial qui mérite, de ce fait, d’être sauvegardé et mis en valeur.

      See page 9 at the following:

      It’s been a half century now, Merthyr, since my undergraduate days, when I noticed that Marxists are always off details of information of all kinds, as if they’re eminently informed about every aspect of human affairs and enterprise. You did it just the other day here, at Occidental Dissent, when you specifically named the Global Hawk surveillance aircraft the U.S. has supposedly recently used in the Ukraine. Now, suddenly, upon having read one article about iridium in Haiti, you’re an expert on transition metals.

      I really don’t know what’s going on with iridium in Haiti—but I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

      • “Unless I’m misunderstanding, Merthyr, Haiti’s Bureau des Mines et de l’Énergie is of the view that the iridium deposit mentioned in the article you linked is of geo-historical significance only”:

        Thanks for your research. Haiti has the world’s second-largest reserve of the extremely valuable metal, after South Africa which has the largest known reserve, and it is accessible by strip mining, but there is very strong opposition to that among the vast majority of ordinary Haitians, who realize they will lose out terribly, which is reflected in the bureau’s official “conclusion.” In fact there is strong opposition to mining anything anywhere, because it destroys scarce farmland and displaces the people who subsist on it. But mining corporations are very interested, and the Sephardic and less-dark-skinned oligarchs who run Haiti do support it. The value of the strategic metal iridium was estimated at about $20 billion around 2020, more now. The value of gold yet to be mined is estimated around $40 billion, and there is even greater value of copper to be exploited, and silver. Mining in Haiti so far has been mostly small-scale in remote areas but it “needs” to be carried out on a large, modern scale when people are moved out of the way.

        “you specifically named the Global Hawk surveillance aircraft the U.S. has supposedly recently used in the Ukraine”:

        I was accurate. The U.S. has been using Global Hawk and satellite surveillance systems to direct Khazarkrainian artillery, missile and drone strikes against Russia for years now. I simply mentioned it in connection with the sinking of the Russian ship in the port of Sevastopol, along with the advanced long-range ATACMS missiles that the U.S. has begun to supply so the Khazarkrainian proxy can strike deep into Russia. Incidentally, don’t assume that the expression “Khazarkrainian” means I accept the Khazar origin theory of the Ashkenazim. Rather I am amused that the proxy’s “national synbol” happens to be almost identical to the Khazarian one. Thanks for your intelligent comments.

        • “[T]here is very strong opposition to that among the vast majority of ordinary Haitians, who realize they will lose out terribly, which is reflected in the bureau’s official ‘conclusion.’ In fact there is strong opposition to mining anything anywhere, because it destroys scarce farmland and displaces the people who subsist on it. But mining corporations are very interested, and the Sephardic and less-dark-skinned oligarchs who run Haiti do support it.”

          So your view, Merthyr, is that those “who run Haiti” do not control its Bureau of Mines.

          • Of course those who run Haiti are not going to SAY it in print, while they are taking bribes and orders to continue issuing mining permits to U.S. companies (and individuals, such as Hillary Clinton’s brother) in the fog of the manufactured “gang chaos,” coups, and exploited natural disasters. No large-scale mining is being done at present, but around fifty new mining permits that displace rural peasants or make them squatters on their own land were issued in the last two decades, mostly coincident with the distractions of U.S. coups and military incursions such as the 2010 earthquake “relief” operation. The Clinton-Bush “relief” operation, under Obama, also resulted in 4,000 peasants being kicked off their land to create the Caracol Industrial Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3s_mtWViWw There is still active mass opposition to the industrial Park land grab, and there are at least eight Haitian farmers’ unions and other groups actively opposing corporate development and strip-mining of their land. Now you can see why the puppet government talks out two sides of its mouth. The history of mining for gold, diamond, uranium, cobalt and copper by Western corporations in sub-Saharan Africa shows clearly it brings no real benefit, only great harm, to the vast majority of indigenous people and their natural environment. I always say that a high IQ is not required to understand how the system works.

          • If I take all you say at face value, Merthyr—even if I regard as a horror (as you apparently do) that Caracol Industrial Park, which looks to be the best thing I’ve ever seen in Haiti—my question is this: What do you want?

            I mean what would you, Merthyr, do about Haiti? I can tell you what a group called Open Global Rights wants. At the end of a document of theirs at https://www.openglobalrights.org/Land-grabs-Haiti-mining-threat-extractives-industry/ is the following:

            “Given the decades-long opposition to mining in Haiti, the mounting evidence of its catastrophic harm, and the growing number of countries banning the industry, Haiti may be well-positioned to become the first Caribbean country to ban metal mining. That is the hope of communities in Northwest Haiti fighting for their futures in a mining-free Haiti.”

            Is that what you’d like—no mining in Haiti?

        • “I was accurate.”

          I didn’t say your reference to the Global Hawk was inaccurate, Merthyr. What had struck me—though I didn’t mention it in my comment above—is that you didn’t say simply “Global Hawk.” You used its full, technical-sounding designation—RQ-4 Global Hawk or whatever it was you wrote. Marxists’ penchant for that kind of diction is, as I say, something I noticed decades ago, in the days of the protests against the Vietnam War. Four years of those protests—1969 to 1973—coincided with my latter half of high school and first half of college. Marxist flyers and handbills and posters and inexpensively-printed newspapers were before my eyes constantly in that period, and they all seemed to me to exhibit that kind of language.

    • PS Editing error in my comment immediately above, Merthyr: Should be “rattling off details.”

    • Yes it’s true. Check your clothing labels, because thousands do work in sweatshop conditions for U.S. corporations. assembling Levis jeans, Fruit of the Loom and many other brands, being paid about $5 a day, which often stretches to nine or more hours. The unions are controlled by the corporations, and any workers who become activists for more pay and a strict eight-hour day will be fired immediately and might go to prison. President Aristide was deposed by the U.S. because he wanted “higher” (not quite as low) wages for the workers in the factories. (I had mentioned that the U.S. can and does restrict immigration, of Haitians for example, and that whenever the elites don’t need any more cheap labour in the “homeland,” immigration will be controlled.)

    • The only reason sweatshops exist in Haiti is avoid the import restriction on Asian clothing. They sow a label “assembled in Haiti” on Korean imports to evade quota regulations.

  10. Do you find the irony in a guy like Rishi Sunak deporting foreigners from the UK to Rwanda? We’re just like you was the line of crap used on us to let Rishi Sunak and his kind in, but the same line, the same sales pitch is not working when African foreigners use it on Rishi. The Irish are no better.

    • “Do you find the irony in a guy like Rishi Sunak deporting foreigners”

      Just the typical two-faced hypocrisy that I expect from all dark races and white liberals.

      They’re all racists, but won’t openly declare it. They use their pretense to get in favor, then reveal their true feelings by their actions.

      Hell, in blackest Africa they butcher each other over racial differences, even though both are as black as coal.

  11. “Do you prioritize immigration or anti-Zionism?”

    The majority already decided this. Anti semitism is a nonstarter in the US. Nobody even understands what zionism is, and its fruitless to even try to make the distinction. Its far too easy to conflate the two and there is nobody on the right that is competent enough to draw the distinction without being immediately mired in accusations of antisemitism, cyncially by the Republican establishment, to say nothing of the Left, which will circle the wagons around jews as soon as they need to spite anybody to the right of somebody as milk toast libertarian as Rand Paul. Its pointless. The normies won’t be fooled by a rebranding of antisemitism.

    All rhetoric and political platforming needs to focus on pro white and pro american populist positions.

    I’ve got no more patience for the autism and recalcitrance around this point. We lose because of self inflicted wounds. Time to grow up. Tactics and strategy are how we win, and those are subject to practical considerations of achievability, not the abstractions of activists/idealogues.

    • In my view, it makes little sense to prioritize anti-Zionism.

      If Trump loses because some people want to sit out the election to send a message about Israel, then the result will be that Biden is reelected and we will have the same policy toward Israel which we do now which is that Israel has a free hand to kill as many people as it wants in Gaza. Trump is not the president and Congress has already moved to gut the First Amendment and send them tens of billions of dollars and ban TikTok and ban criticism of Israel on college campuses.

      Trump losing the election is not going to change anything regarding Israel.

      • THE ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED. The less Americans participate the better. I’m not voting for terd sandwich or giant douche. It’s not solely about israel. Cokes and pepsis are corrupt trash and I feel like a POS voting for any of these scumbags. You gain absolutley nothing with them in office.

    • Perfect summation by ISA. We need a fully developed nationalist movement, not an autistic special needs movement of nazis larping reenactments at nuremburg. What is needed is something that goes to the base roots of the American nation. The Confederacy and the South are part of it and that aspect needs to be reinforced. But its not the whole trunk of the American tree. We need something that goes to protect and promote the whole trunk. Something that starts with ancestral meaning.

      For example, why is there no protection for colonial, pioneer, and settler cemeteries and archeological sites across the US, like there is for American Indians? Such archeological and heritage sites are getting destroyed constantly by new infrastructure or building construction. But the second one such construction encounters anything American Indian, everything comes to full stop and a full phalanx of NGO and Government backed legal teams, archeologists, writers, and activists descends to investigate. There should be one for the many pioneer sites that are daily uncovered, but there isn’t. Why? Because there is no special interest group organized to do it.

      Considering the absolutely emotional response people have when they hear of these old church yard and family plots being dug up, there is a need being unmet. A special interest group by people who are ethnically and ancestrally related, which is organized to protect such cemeteries, burials, and historical sites, is a foundational building bloc for a wider American nationalist movement.

      We should be there by now. Instead we are stuck in first gear. Hunter’s recent conference hopping was good for his soul apparently. Indeed, these conferences that Hunter and others like to go to, are good for networking, hearing new ideas, and meeting new people and groups. But it’s just an iddy biddy part of the overall strategy. Soul recharging is necessary but it isn’t a long term solution. 

      Hunter and myself have been going to these conferences for years even decades, weirdly we usually never went to the same one at once. Often they are used to showcase to the elders the newest sperged out numsckull like Richard Spencer who puts on his boxing shorts to go into the boxing ring wearing the team colors before getting pummeled. But, as Hunter would agree, they are good for intellectualizing the thought, not so much putting thought into action.

      Likewise with the street action demonstrations. These worked well to advertise and get around the media cordon and enable us to shock and awe the public. Often at key times they were crucial, particularly when leftists street brawlers tried to suppress. Still, most often, they lacked either a legal agitation team or a political pressure group to target a subject for public relations purposes with message of the demonstration. Mostly, they did little except serve as a temporary moral boost.

      If you look at all of these aspects of the movement, all of the tools are there for a proper tool box and machine shop of a large national movement. If you have the conferences, if you have the street action, and you have a field organization, and all joined with a special interest group or groups, as mentioned above, then you have something. That is what we need, special interest groupz that can coordinate all of these groups, conferences, demonstrations, and join it with political pressure groups.

      Something like this was attempted with Confederate monuments a long time ago. Back before Hunter graduated from High School we joined SCV chapters, various local heritage groups, a cemetery preservation group, a historical society, a redacted 2nd amendment group, and various GOP groups to launch the single largest heritage demonstrations ever, and in two, TWO, states. They forced the left to retreat from their first attempt at kulturekampf and put the state legislatures on notice. It was sufficient to put the left in retreat for a decade on American cultural grnocide. 

      The problem was there was a period of about 10-15 years after 911 where this movement was sidelined by the war effort, and when many of its supporters went following dumb shits larping as neo nazis talking about Jews, or neo-isolationists complaining about how tired they were of war, or getting confused in the Tea Party Movement’s less taxes and Obama was a Kenyan talk. This interim period saw these various personages and groups coordinate if at all, on immigration and stopping amnesties. All good, but nothing was done to flesh out what was initially created into something bigger.

      So, there was no further effort to link the Confederate memorials with other historical era memorials, burials, cemeteries, etc. There was no effort to solidify 2nd amendment and partisan groups with the other movements. Most importantly there was never any serious effort at organizing above the shock and awe level of demonstrations. There was no effort to form actual fully staffed organizations that could pressure internal Republican party politics or local and state governments in coordination with these conferences, demonstrations and issues.

      Hunter and an entire new generation of youngsters and activists who remained during the time, literally spent about 7 years demonstrating on roads with League of the South and zero time organizing businesses into the League of the South. This is noteworthy as organizing businesses was one of the founding objectives of the LOS. Instead we got more conferences, the Confederate memorial defense strategy remained stunted, and the left grew its base into a Blitzkrieg army of Wigger stormtroopers backed by a large general staff.  

      Despite the huge losses suffered on the Confederate monuments genocide and the destruction of our recently gentrification cities, the actions we did do in combination with the recent Red Terror was enough to convince the people, that we were the mainstream now. But unless people like Hunter, James Kirkpatrick, and the elders work with people like myself who know how to politically organize these movements out of the JV level they are now in, the moment will be lost. Instead its then likely agent provocateurs like Nick Fuentes will get everyone demonstrating Leni Riefenstahl re enactments before they are all invited by him to the last great conference.

  12. It doesnt matter what the American people do or dont want. It only matters what Stalin, I mean Obama wants. It doesnt matter who votes. It matters who counts the votes.

  13. Which way, White man?

    It’s an excellent summary on how we ended up in the present state of affairs and what will happen if we do nothing. Trump will not change a thing from what Joey Shitpants is already doing. How many normie whites could face the reality presented in this short article? Are they ready for it? Are the magatards?? Siding with folks who want us exterminated is not an option. It really comes down to kill or be killed. As the Tree of Woe asks: What is to be done?

    • The Globalists/Zionists are ultimately trying to build a new Tower of Babel with their endless limited (for now) wars, “Our Democracy”, border collapse, bribery and extortion (e.g. Epstein) rings, surveillance state etc., all financed with fake money. Just as the original Tower of Babel came crashing down so will this one. The money will inevitably go bad, this time through inflation, not deflation like the 1930’s.

      The Federal Reserve (neither Federal nor with any reserves), full of unusually stupid “intellectuals” is concerned with deflation while they digitally print Mount Everest size mountains of dollars backed by nothing. They are like old generals fighting the last war, unable or unwilling to see the ruinous inflation they have unleashed over the decades. If they raise interest rates they collapse the fragile economy, particularly the various real estate scams such as commercial real estate (CRE) which collapses regional banks. If they don’t raise interest rates inflation runs amok, right before the so-called “election”, too.

      These scumbags are out of options so maybe they will turn to war as a desperate measure. Good luck against China with their diverse military, depleted inventories and scant industrial base. The next war they will have to fight with the colored folks too, good luck with that.

  14. This country WILL become the northern version of Brazil. There will be no civil war, no white separation….just degeneration. Some areas will be hellholes, other areas sparser and a bit paler, and not quite as bad. Thanks, kikes. Honorable mention to the Catholics.

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