Is America Doomed?

Jared Taylor kicked off the debate.

Scott Greer wrote a response to Jared Taylor.

Greg Johnson wrote a response to Jared Taylor and Scott Greer.

My take on this subject is that our situation is dire, but America is not doomed. It is futile to participate in mainstream politics. And yet, it is also the sensible thing to do.

Basically, I believe in historical cycles. I think a normal historical process is playing itself out. Regimes collapse. It has always been a feature of our history. The American Revolution was the violent end of one regime and the beginning of a new one. The War Between the States was the violent end of one regime and the beginning of a new one. The Great Depression / World War II was the violent end of one regime and the beginning of a new one. We are inside a crisis era at the end of a cycle.

As Nick Griffin explained at The Political Cesspool conference, the post-World War II era is coming to an end. We have spent our entire lives living through this era which has its own unique mindset, morality and art all of which is best understood as an elite reaction to the lessons of World War II. Liberal democracy triumphed and was established as the hegemonic Western ideology in World War II.

In 1700, it probably felt like the Age of Louis XIV would last forever. In 1780 on the cusp of the French Revolution, however, the French court had become dangerously out of touch and isolated at Versailles. It was a relic of a bygone age. Davos is the Versailles of our global liberal elites. Globalist elites gather there every year to brood over the rise of illiberalism and populism in the West. Joe Biden is a walking corpse and his decrepitude is the embodiment of the current exhausted state of Western liberalism.

History shows that the death of the current regime is inevitable, but how that will play out and who will emerge victorious from it is an open question. I think a constitutional crisis is the most likely culprit that will set off the demise of the current regime. I also believe that Donald Trump will play a starring role in bringing about this constitutional crisis in much the same way that Lincoln’s election in 1860 was a result that the Southern elite could not abide. It spiraled from there until the constitutional crisis culminated at Gettysburg and the defeat of the Confederacy. This event led to an era of Northern dominance.

Elections have played a central role in bringing down the previous two American regimes: the election of 1860, which was the catalyst for Southern secession, and the election of 1932, when the Republican Party collapsed for a generation after being discredited by the Great Depression. In the Civil War, the Democrats who had dominated the country in the antebellum era collapsed, which is what opened the door to epoch defining constitutional changes. In the Great Depression, the Republicans collapsed, which is what led to epoch defining constitutional changes. The current crisis is likely to end when something happens that fractures one of the two major parties and temporarily empowers a clear victor.

Every criticism of Donald Trump that I hear in person or on this website or on X is largely true. He thinks he is the King of Israel. He sold out to the big donors. He squandered his first term in office. He does not care about White people. And yet, I still believe that Trump, as a lightning rod and a driver of polarization, is uniquely destabilizing to the system in a way that is not true of Ron DeSantis. I also believe that the way out of this era somehow leads through Trump and the reaction of the forces opposed to him.

So I remain optimistic.

In my lifetime, I believe that I will witness the demise of the current regime, and the birth of the next one. The collapse of a regime is not like, say, the Roman collapse, but the demise of one elite and its replacement by another following a major internal crisis which leads to a new settlement and equilibrium. The French Republic was the successor to the Ancien Régime. Similarly, I expect America will be reforged in some new form long before the 2040s.


  1. Yes history repeats

    We need to look for a strong man from the provinces .

    An Andy Jackson
    An Alexander the Great
    A Napoleon
    Yeah an AH
    Vladimir Putin fits this model he was the last KGB station chief in East Berlin on the border at the end of the Soviet Empire on the Western wall

  2. We won’t witness the fall of the empire. We may witness the fall of the republican senate as a mechanism of power though. What will replace it is the salient question. Jared still thinks the way things were when he was younger is something to aspire to. We are all going to suffer the consequences for the hubris of the boomers.

    He fears change because he can’t see the way forward. People my age have never lived in his america. We grew up watching our feLlow americans burned to death at WACO. We don’t have his illusions.

    Change is inevitable. Balkanization is inexorable. There will be new power dynamics. Its notable that the boomers have maintained this status quo for as long as they have. Alot of these epicycles are less than a generation long.

    • In the near term, Boomers are retiring, cashing out and losing influence. Millennials are going to inherit a huge amount of wealth over the next two decades.

      For better or worse, politics in the 2030s will be significantly less influenced by Boomers. This is one of the biggest changes ahead of us

      • 2030s will be significantly less influenced by Boomers.

        Boomers had a slight degree of racial awareness, will millennials have more or less ?

      • Millennials are going to inherit a huge amount of wealth over the next two decades.

        Won’t all that wealth just vanish into the black hole of national and commercial debt ?

    • Good analysis ISA. The Democrat Mob Blob main source of power is mass centralizing democracy. They did this by universal manhood suffrage. Then universal womanhood suffrage. Now, universal anybody suffrage and unilateral legislatures.

      They also put an end to Federal style structure in State government by eliminating county elections for Senators to State Senate’s, and strict one for one voter lower house elections. This is how they crippled rural and small town America political power.

      Fortunately, and finally there is now a movement to try to overturn those old laws, which is why the Dems are now demonizing rural voters and people. They know their is a mass reaction to their power grab by both rural and suburban biters and Whites, so the Dems see a final fatal jab to the body politic as the final effort.

      Even in heavy rural states Big City mobs predominant. Take for instance Nebraska. There they actually eliminated bicameral legislatures completely. The result is that heavily rural state is run by big agra banks based in the few cities the state has.

      In other states they got rid of electoral college style elections of state executives. So instead of elections for Governors like we have for the President, we have straight majority vote systems. The result is majority tyranny in many states and but for the fragmentation of power created by early populists last century, all of the others as well.

      The overall result is most states have became dominated by Big City urban voting machines usually run by Democrats. Most of these cities are now solely financial hubs now that theyve deindustrialized the county. With financial concentration completed in the 90s, that means they in turn are dominated by New York City and Chicago.

      Ultiamely what was done to the states the Dems are going to try to do the same thing at the Federal level. Then with new political power they will force thru further global financial systemic concentration. Indeed, they already tried it with National Popular Vote, something almost half of Republicans supported. Had it passed Clinton wouldve gained victory in 2016 and we’d have a permanent one party dictatorship even sooner than we are now approaching.

      This could be pushed back by overturning those constitutional changes at the state level. The GOP has dominance in most of states now, so it could advance. But, Republicans have a huge number of stupid dumb asses and corrupt sell outs in the party. So, getting rid of the Senate as now constituted is definitely on the Democrat’s immediate  war objectives.

  3. “the way out of this era somehow leads through Trump and the reaction of the forces opposed to him”:

    Trump is a reactionary, and the forces that react to him are also reactionary (against socialism). The reaction by reaction to reaction that leads to establishment of yet another “new” reactionary, capitalist era or regime is a circle, not linear progress. The super-wealthy elite capitalist class of about fifty families who own most of the wealth of the world, remain in place, remain in power, through it all. System-conserving Populism/reformism is NOT revolution.

    “The French Republic was the successor to the Ancien Régime”:

    The revolution did overthrow the regime, but within twenty years, thanks to the military and financial support of all the remaining monarchies, and the Financiers, the Bourbons were back in power, but now covered with a veneer of bourgeois “democracy.” Rappelez-vous: Mais pas de république sans paysans!

    “the demise of one elite and its replacement by another following a major internal crisis which leads to a new settlement and equilibrium”:

    Like one Egyptian dynasty meeting its demise and being replaced with a new dynasty, the equilibrium of ancient Egypt (the ancient Egyptian class system) endured many internal crises over thousands of years until it was overthrown by a stronger OUTSIDE force.

    “I believe in historical cycles. I think a normal historical process is playing itself out”:

    Human progress is linear or vertical, not cyclical and backward. Reaction is cyclical, circular, backward and dead-ended.

    “Regimes collapse. It has always been a feature of our history. The American Revolution was the violent end of one regime and the beginning of a new one. The War Between the States was the violent end of one regime and the beginning of a new one. The Great Depression / World War II was the violent end of one regime and the beginning of a new one. We are inside a crisis era at the end of a cycle”:

    You mentioned three wars ending three cycles. How can you be at the end of a fourth cycle now, without having had a fourth major war? Maybe you cannot reach the end of the cycle until AFTER World War Three, the hottest war yet, which the U.S. is trying very hard to bring about.

    • “Human progress is linear or vertical, not cyclical and backward”

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals both had larger brains than modern humans, who are quite obviously degenerating. Modern civilization is built upon layers of previous knowledge and hangs by threads which are thinner than most people realize.

  4. We are doomed unless we disclose and candidly discuss the 800 pound gorilla in the room- Jewish Power and influence- ironically the one topic Jared refuses to acknowledge or discuss.

    • doomed unless we disclose and candidly discuss the 800 pound gorilla

      More than discuss, find workable solutions.

      Jared must have some reason to avoid the that most crucial of all subjects.

    • @Blowtorch Mason
      ” …the one topic Jared refuses to acknowledge or discuss…”

      Right – he never speaks of it. Why ?

    • Concur…even if for no other reason than their lock on the money system, which enables their power. A serious discussion about White survival while ignoring this 800 pound gorilla is a waste of time.

  5. Economy is the key. For the revolution, there must be something what forces millions out of homes and to the streets.

    Economy is one of those mighty forces what can do this. Fighting on the barrcades is dangerous thing and most people prefer to avoid it. As long people have affordable housing, food and job, they can avoid extremities and there will be no revolution.

    This is also key for secession. Food and fuel and other shortages become critical and at some point demand immidiate action. So people are forced to quit hoping cavalry what never arrives and take things in their own hands.

  6. The Blackrock Jews endorsed Trump. So Trump must have promised Blackrock total ownership of most of Ukraine. Ten Trillion dollar promise, that who will pay for? American taxpayers.

    But what is the real deal with the Blackrock Jews? Very possibly it is meant as a rejection of “Biden”. One more voice, an important one, telling the Dems to replace “Biden” on the ticket.

    It is getting extremely serious, now that Russia is suddenly losing the war badly. Russian air defenses are almost worthless. Shoigu and company told him for many years that nothing could get by the s-400s, but it was always a lie. Now Putin is paying the price for running a regime based completely upon graft.

    Putin has one major escalation left, the nuclear one. If he doesn’t use it soon, he will lose that option, and the Jews will succeed in destroying Russia.

    The wisest American voice for the past ten years has been Paul Craig Roberts. He was exactly right all along.

    • You’re misinformed. Russia isn’t losing, they are taking their time and simply grinding the Ukes. Ukraine is running out of manpower, it doesn’t matter how much money or weaponry we send them. It’s going to be another failure for the the neocons, although a bunch of Whites got killed, so it’s somewhat of a win for them.

    • Re: “The Blackrock Jews endorsed Trump. So Trump must have promised Blackrock total ownership of most of Ukraine. Ten Trillion dollar promise, that who will pay for? American taxpayers. But what is the real deal with the Blackrock Jews? Very possibly it is meant as a rejection of Biden. One more voice, an important one, telling the Dems to replace Biden on the ticket”:

      If the Blackrock elites endorsed Trump – for the Republican ticket, not necessarily for POTUS – it means the Elites might be satisfied that “Russiagate” has been punished sufficiently and he is eager to become the “commander” of the full destruction of Russia. Red State / Fox News Whites, like you all, will be lusting for the full destruction of Russia when Trump, instead of Biden or Obama, is “leading” the war, as the Elites’ (s)elected puppet figurehead.

      “Russia is suddenly losing the war badly. Russian air defenses are almost worthless. Shoigu and company told him for many years that nothing could get by the s-400s (…) Putin has one major escalation left, the nuclear one. If he doesn’t use it soon, he will lose that option, and the Jews will succeed in destroying Russia”:

      There is some truth in Craig Roberts’ criticism of Putin’s “inaction.” Putin is a true-believing capitalist, surrounded by dozens of U.S.-established (in the 1990s) oligarchs who continue draining the peoples’ wealth, although Russia still has some vestiges of socialism such as national health care, and other legacies and history of socialism, which the U.S. intends to erase from history. Only a real socialist leader and party can arrest the oligarchs, end the disastrous experiment with capitalism, win the war with the U.S. decisively, and save Russia from complete destruction. Putin was a revisionist fake communist (like Gorbachev) who grew up believing in the U.S.’s “magic of the free market.” If he ever changed his mind about capitalism, he still fears and is surrounded by dozens of powerful, super-wealthy oligarchs who will turn on him and set up another puppet in his place, if he ever dares to go socialist.

      The U.S. has begun destroying Russian nuclear infrastructure, reducing Russia’s ability to defend itself with nuclear weapons, and the news is being blacked-out:

      • “Russia is suddenly losing the war badly. Russian air defenses are almost worthless. Shoigu and company told him for many years that nothing could get by the s-400s (…) Putin has one major escalation left, the nuclear one. If he doesn’t use it soon, he will lose that option, and the Jews will succeed in destroying Russia”:

        @Merthyr Rising – are u nuts or a Jew plant ? I think ur a Jew

  7. Another great topic of conversation and my personal response, REVELATION 18:10 KJV, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, Alas, that great city BABYLON, that mighty city, for in one hour is thy JUDGEMENT come. …….they weren’t looking for him the first time either……

  8. The very big difference between this collapsing regime all the regime changes of the past is that the population stayed the same. France was a White country before and after Louis IX. America was a White country before and after the revolutionary war and the civil war and WWII. The Marxists have replaced us. Our women will interbreed with the new democrat voters and we will no longer exist as a race. It’s a world wide coordinated strategy that is working its evil magic in Europe, Australia, Canada and NZ. Obama doesn’t play for second place or a Billion$ bribe. He wants to go down in history as Julius Cesar, Alexander the Great, Joseph Stalin. Obama wants to be remembered as the man to destroyed White people world wide.

  9. There is always two ways of looking at everything. America is doomed or our prospects for future prosperity have never been brighter. All it depends on your point of view.

  10. Disagree. America is doomed. The fix was in before anyone here was born.

    Every institution, every agency, mass media, all entertainment, every major industry, all of academia K-PHD, are all controlled by leftists, many of whom now openly call for communism. There is an invasion going on that is not only intended to demographically replace White people, but ensure communist takeover cannot be stopped. Treason and unaccountability at the highest levels, and corruption from top to bottom are daily business as usual.

    Most White people do not take these things seriously. They also do not take seriously, China’s role in what is happening. Communist China has openly stated that they will take America down, and they really want to take over completely. White people scoff at the idea that is as even possible, but they are not paying attention to details, and there are many. There are literally several divisions worth of Chinese military aged males who just happened to walk over the border since Resident Joe was installed. All this is just a tiny example of what China is doing. Americans scoff at it, they just don’t get it.

    Our young people have been brainwashed into all manner of nihilism and self destruction. Drug overdoses, mostly fentanyl, are now killing roughly 100,000 Americas, most of whom are White, per year. Feminism has fulfilled it’s intended purpose and driven a wedge between White men and White women. White Americans have had it beaten into their heads that is “racist’ to even defend themselves against open physical attacks by anti-Whites. Our Veterans, mostly White, commit suicide in unfathomable numbers. So do White men.

    There are many pieces to the take-down of America. What we see happening today has been in the works for the better part of a century, we are just watching the final play. We are not watching just a new era unfold, but the onset of marxist-maoist revolution. All this is cover for who is driving the whole mess…

    Most White people still think some version of “That can’t happen here because we won WW2”. They are full of hubris, unable to pay attention to detail, can’t be bothered to take a stand, are not very good at math, and do not understand the concept of cascading effects. They will fight you to remain asleep. Point any of this out to them, they regurgitate some crap about “conspiracy theories”.

    So, yes. The United States of America is in fact doomed. You can “voat moar hardur” all you want, that means nothing. You’re not “voting” your way out of this. The days of looking the other way while all of Western Civilization is being destroyed from within, and thinking everything will be fine, are over.

    The idea of hopeful optimism is misguided, and the clock is ticking down…

    • A pretty good summation of the strengths weaknesses and threats. However, I am theologically commanded to not despair. God is great!

  11. No? I agree with Taylor.The blacks and browns aren’t going anywhere. And Brad, no personal offense, but your Christian ethics would not allow to be done what is “necessary”.

        • “…Christian ethics would not allow to be done what is “necessary”.”

          I think you are implying that violent coercion is what is mandatory. Nope. Not needed.

          I have several post where people said all these immigrants were here to stay and there was nothing we could do about it. I used straight simple math to show we could deport 100 million on the pretext that they used government funds, making them public charges. I don’t know where the law is, but I assure you somewhere there is an immigration law that says you can be deported if you are a public charge. Anyway, the numbers came out to 100 million aliens deported at $2000 a piece, could probably be less, would cost us $200 billion and could be done in less than one year. This is a bargain. I read cost for illegal alien child education runs at $50 billion a year, so we could come out in the black in a few years. I expect we could save far more, sooner, the faster we deported all these people.

          Here’s where I show the math.

          Now the exact same thing can be done to get rid of a huge amount of Negros. How easy. Pay them reparations. The catch is they have to give up American citizenship and be removed. On a cruise ship or something like that, or possibly flown. We make a program where any African American that wants recreations gets $250,000. Paid out over 5 years. The first payment would be in the US of $50,000. This would also include $50,000 for every child she has. But, once the contract is signed. That’s it. We then invade Liberia and take over the place, putting in our own lackey. We crush crime there, or our lackey does, and build mass produced high rise apartment housing that is as self sufficient as we can make it. And I do mean fairly decent stuff. This will be where they will be moved to. Once we have the numbers needed, then we know how many apartments to build. Since no one will be deported while this building goes on it will seem as if no one is going anywhere and with a huge “super wonder apartment in Wakanda”, mass add campaign, movies, videos, pull out all the stops, we will get a big take on this.

          Now all the Negros will not fall for this BUT the most troublesome will. How many do you think will be able to resist that $50,000 mass payment? I bet it would be a lot.

          The ones most likely to take it are the ones that have the least sense of thinking about things in an abstract, long time based preference. The same attitude that causes troublesome human behavior. So lots will stay, but they will be reconciled to the fact that they are here and were given the opportunity to be paid recreations and didn’t take it.

          Once we have that settled, we can end all this mass funding for all this special treatment, saving us a fortune. Not to mention the stupefying decrease in crime that would happen.

    • Christian ethics would not allow to be done what is “necessary”.

      Is that ever true.
      The African resettlement plan of the founders was the nicest and best solution. Then there’s the bigger problem group.

    • Population transfers or resettlement habe been done under Christianity since day one. This includes the many population transfers by Americans (White Protestant Christians) to the American Indians for the benefit of Americans (so they wouldn’t be killed). The question is whether it will be White Christians doing it for the benefit of White Christians this time around or whether they will be transfered to be killed for the benefit of non-White Christians (Non-Americans).

  12. IMO the U.S. is lost. The future path leads to a Brazil like society, without the friendly people & good food.
    Europe is the our only hope. In my thinking some catastrophic decision by the U.S. government, be it a lost war or an economic disaster, will lead to a breakup of the U.S.
    Once the U.S. government & empire is destroyed, this will lead to a rebirth of the ethnic nationalism of Europe.
    Italy will purge the non Italians , Spain the non Spanish etc.
    Most of Europe will rebound , except Great Britain, France & maybe Germany may be lost.
    Once the dollar is no longer accepted as the reserve currency, what’s left of the U.S. & whatever becomes of the breakup factions will be poor economically, which will lead to a cycle of social upheaval.
    Our only hope as a people is to repatriate back to Europe, once the Empire collapses to rebuild.
    Another aspect of the U.S. empire collapse will be the rebirth of The Catholic Faith, the defeat of the Jews & Muslims . A recognition of the disaster & consequences of Protestantism , liberalism, and “democracy “ , a return to traditional values.
    This is our only hope & path forward imo.

    • future path leads to a Brazil like society, without the friendly people & good food.

      And not the good climate.
      Brazil will go to hell If there’s a global recession, unable to export its vast resource based economy.

      Amazingly, Brazil and the US might go similar directions, as both are racial messes.

    • You Catholics are something else. Please explain how Protestantism as opposed to Christianity in general is the cause of all this. Catholics played a large role in wrecking the demographics of this country. The future of the Catholic Church is very rich, in melanin.

    • Silly dreams that Europe will be future safety home. True, we are heading toward a Brazil without the good food and interesting people. But, the future of America is more like the Brazil of the movie “Brazil,” than the sunny tropical paradise we were all promised under neo-liberalism, Blair’s Britannia, or Merkel’s Europa.

      The future Brazil of America, or Britain, or Europe, is an authoritarian progressive corporate Brazil: cold, with dog food pretending to be steaks, robots, stupid people, and fake bullshittery causing everyone madness. Its also full of soy boys, working in corporate America-Brazil, with their tiny cars, tiny homes, modernist buildings, and computer paper tracking down the last White Supremacist hot chick.

      The White Supremacist hot chick is the state enemy, because she is a hot White chick and is therefore Myrthyre’s people’s commissary enemy of the state and people, the White Supremacist. Just like today where Biden screams White Supremacy beside a flnkong guard of dark foreboding masked Marines and some deeply red authoritarian backdrop.

      Of course said soy boy in the future Brazil, perhaps Hunter’s son, falls in love with said White Supremacist hot chick and becomes himself a state enemy. Thus begins his own revoltion to do what his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents failed to do and well, I can’t spoil the ending. 

      This is future America the Brazil. Europe will be no different, in fact parts of it, especially like the UK come closer to Brazil the movie every day. You want to see the future where Hunter’s kids will live in if we don’t start kicking ass, watch the movie Brazil. The fight is both spiritual and religious in nature and not just intellectual and physical. The enemy’s poison is deep.

  13. Excellent article and we should always bear in mind that history is cyclical. I foresee the coming events in America as echoing Russia from 1917. Losing in a major war and a civil war at home. These events should be occurring very soon.

  14. America is doomed unless American White gentiles realize that their demise is planned and caused by the rise of Jewish power and influence in all facets of our lives. Focusing on other supposed causes- like Blacks or Boomers is not only a waste of time and resources, but arrant foolishness. We saw what happened to Hitler when he opposed Jewish domination of Germany- his fate was sealed when he threw the Rothschild’s out of the Central Bank of Germany in 1933. They’d do the same to us if we tried to end the Fed. We must throw off the yoke of Jewish domination before they get us involved in a nuclear war! They would love to provoke a war between America and Russia or America and China- two gentile nations killing off one another- the best of all possible worlds for them.

    • When the Fed was in Gentile hands, under Benjamin Strong, at its inception, 1914 to 1928, America had its greatest growth ever.
      Then the jew , Eugene Myers , took over in 1930 and convulsed us into the worst depression ever, nearly destroying the republic.

      As that chancellor said, “Jews are the fungus of civilization”. Unless scrupulous measures are taken they will spread and corrupt everything they contact.

    • I think most, if not all of the Anglosphere, France and Germany is doomed to Brazilification.
      However, there’s a chance for the rest of Europe to survive if it discards America and its woke neoliberal imperialism and Zionism.
      Europe should follow Russia, not America, Russia has its head screwed on straight, America’s head is up its own rear, and Israel’s rear.
      Russia, Belarus and Hungary are the west’s future, now, not America, we are lost.

  15. We are already knee deep in war, but Whites are just going shopping and watching TV like all is normal. We are fucked.

    RIP West. Cause of death: minority worship.

  16. Long before Susan Sonntag, Wyndham Lewis (in the Art of Being Ruled) paraphrased Bertrand Russell asserting that the European is a yahoo. And before that Jefferson said it would be better if there were an Adam and Eve in each country, I take it he meant in Catholic monarchies. The SOURCE of the ideology is the key.

  17. The French Republic was the successor to the Ancien Régime

    You fail to mention a little thing that happened in the interim, The Reign of Terror, not too pretty. The republic was unstable and wiped away by the dictator Napoleon.
    Additionally , France was populated entirely by the most advanced White people in the world, who had forbidden the immigration of blacks,1739, 1769.
    We’re in a different world, there may be some parallels, but never before has there been the turbulent mixing of such disparate races.

  18. I believe in something similar.
    That we’re transitioning from the Old World Order to a New World Order.

    However, the old world order didn’t begin in 1945, it began ideologically in 1981 with Reaganism (neoliberalism) and geopolitically in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union.
    1991 marked the end of the previous world order AKA the cold war era (1947-1991), which was characterized by American social democracy (liberal democracy with some socialism thrown in) versus Soviet authoritarian socialism.
    This left America as the sole superpower, a position it used to spread neoliberal imperialism all over the globe.

    We are now transitioning from the unipolar American, neoliberal/neoconservative world order into a new world order.
    No one knows for sure what this new world order will look like until it’s been fully unfurled, but we can speculate.
    Many say it will be a multipolar world order, and I tend to agree.

    In this multipolar world order, America will be reduced to the regional power in north America, if it doesn’t collapse into two or more smaller entities that is.
    America will no longer be the world power, there will be no single world power in this multipolar world order but several regional powers (atho there may be an international law some or all of these regional powers subscribe to, to keep the peace between them and maintain some broader order, whether it’s still UN or some other entity).

    The US in North America
    The EU in Europe
    Brazil in South America
    Russia in Eurasia
    India in South Asia
    And China in East Asia

    It’s difficult to say what ideology each of these regional powers will embrace.
    The US and the west is still dominated by the old, neoliberal imperialist way of thinking, which may be obsolete, but we shall see.
    Russia and the rest of the world however are moving on ideologically without the US.
    Alexandr Dugin’s 4th way/Eurasianism is perhaps as close to Russia’s official ideology as we’re going to get.
    Russia is merging capitalism with Russian traditionalism, rooted in Orthodox Christianity and Russia’s unique culture, and the rest of the world appears to be doing something similar, practicing capitalism with some traditionalism, protectionism and collectivism thrown in.

    Overall, Asia appears to be where the center of power is shifting, as opposed to Atlanticism; where the center of power has been for the last several centuries.
    We are moving, back to an Asian centered world, and so perhaps this will be a more traditional world, where some of the progressive ideas of the west like capitalism are absorbed into the traditionalism of the east.

    • The more traditionalist east had to incorporate some ideas from the more liberal progressive west in order to stay competitive with the west.
      It had to incorporate its industry, medicine, science and tech.
      It had to incorporate capitalism, and a bit of socialism to smooth capitalism’s rough edges.
      It had to incorporate first wave feminism, because dishwashers, laundry machines and vacuum cleaners made traditional women’s work less valuable.
      Much of the east incorporated representative democracy, for what it’s worth, making the masses feel like they have a say.

      However, two ideas the east has no interest in incorporating is woke (reverse racism and reverse sexism) and LGBT, especially the T.
      I think the east feels it’s learned all it needs to from the west, they want nothing to do with the latest fads/trends coming out of the west, they’re writing them off as degenerate or simply absurd, and rightfully so.
      Instead the east is rediscovering its own traditions, Orthodox Christianity, Islam Confucianism, while looking forward into the future.

      Meanwhile the west is still doing woke neoliberal imperialism, but for how long?
      The west seems awkward, out of place in this new world, living in its own bubble and on borrowed time.
      There’s decay, and signs of fracturing, from the hyperpartisanship between the woke left and the poopulist right, to what may be a growing divide between uncle Sam and uncle Schlomo on the one hand, and Europe on the other.

      Recently the ICC (whose headquarters is in the Hague, Holland) is seeking an arrest warrant for Netanyahu while Ireland, Norway and Spain recognized Palestinian sovereignty.

      Many say the USA will collapse, much as the USSR did, and I tend to agree with them.
      After this collapse, perhaps what’s left of the USA and the rest of the west will be able to chart a new course(s) for itself in this new world, perhaps rediscovering its own traditions…or perhaps not, only time will tell for sure.

  19. it is doomed.
    we literally have anyone and everyone who would otherwise do something and be useful to their own people… having a religion given to them by the actual enemy which has them worshipping and defending the actual enemy, to the end of time.

    not only that, the epitome of good to most of them is anti-racism. so job one is also defending the weapons being used against us.

    TOTALLY doomed.

  20. I think, HW, that the overarching reality of racial and religious incompatibility, has yet to “trickle down” to the deepest recesses of your psyche. Jared Taylor is not religious. We both know that. But he is white. “Hu-white” as people used to make fun of him, saying the proper pronunciation of the word for our skin color.

    There was a group of people in the 1980s that began the theological analysis of restoring a – if you will, “Augustinian“ mindset. Others derogatorily labeled it “Calvinist.“ Either way, it’s the foundational element of the Western religious expression of the Catholic faith. Romanists will disagree, and are free to do so. But it is an inescapable fact… America was founded by protestant Calvinist Englishman, by and large – many of whom were Scots-Irish. Another term for this ideology was known as “Kinism.“ Detractors called it “Skinism.“ They weren’t that far wrong; even as they were insulting.

    These folks were led by an Armenian clergyman who had become a Presbyterian, by the name of R J Rushdoony. The “Christian Reconstructionist“ movement was his – lock, stock, and barrel. Along with his son-in-law, Dr. Gary North, and a number of other people, his “Chalcedon Report” laid the groundwork for what the Moral Majority proclaimed was their ideology. It wasn’t. The Baptists stole it from the Calvinists, And subsequently made a hash of the whole thing.

    But the point of the CR folk, was the realization that religion – in particular, Creedal Christianity, was an inescapable part of both our nation, and indeed, all nations. Men must follow SOME religion. They cannot follow NO religion. Therefore, only the TRUE Religion is valid, and only those who uphold the True Religion can be counted as the legitimate successors of any political system of governance -in short, only White Christians can rule a nation founded by White Christians.

    Taylor is substantively correct. We cannot live as Whites in a shithole nation. We cannot coexist with shithole people, led by shithole ideologies, suffused with shithole religions, and their shithole religious leaders/precepts. It’s not ‘kosher.’ It’s ‘traif.’ It’s heresy. It is completely “Other.”

    The Church has long known this. The entire Bible is a document of racial and covenant exclusion, not inclusion! I mentioned the Romanists earlier. It is their heresy and aberration of an error promulgated 500 years before the Reformation, that has led people to believe the lie, that Christianity is a universal religion. It is not.

    The Catholic faith – and I include in that all of the great major protestant denominations as well as Orthodoxy and Anglicanism… Is aware of the racial delimiter of Romans 1:16–17.
    “To the residents of Judea first, and then the Helene.“ Geographic and racial exclusionary statements – indicating the extent of the White Roman Empire and it’s free, White Caucasoid citizenry. None other may enter. None other are allowed. None other are the Imago Dei. If Christ has incarnated as the last atom, then at mankind must be white. In short, the Son of God is a White man. (Which is why all of the fake “Jews“ out there, when they start to point out the fact, that “we are not white,“ also corroborate the fact that they are not the [sic] ‘chosen people’ of God.)

    Now, once you realize this fact, the natural prohibitions of the founding documents, the sundown laws, the ‘separate, but equal’ measures enacted in the South after the Civil War, ‘Jim Crow’ statutes, the supposed “dichotomy“ between ‘clean and unclean’ in Scripture, all make perfect sense- To anyone raised on a diet of sincere, Pious Christianity.

    But for Unitarian Universalist Yankees, such things are anathema. Because they abandoned the Calvinism of Jonathan Edwards, and took up with the universalism of Van Dyke, instead- And set this fraudulent theology with hymn tunes by Beethoven!

    No, politics will not save us. Even racial separation, (as fundamentally and absolutely necessary as that must be) won’t do it, alone. We must be like the usurping and counterfeit “Jews,“ -who have neither claim, racial consanguinity, or covenantal legitimacy before YHWH, but their praxis, at least, is correct.

    We need to restore the theocratic nature of the early American Republic, and make religion and race indivisible, and only then will we have, “one nation under God.”

  21. There is an enormous elephant – a much worse doom, a universal doom – in this room of doom of the White racial majority in “America.” Not just the Whites but ALL of the U.S.’s “homeland” conglomeration of multi-ethnic and alienated human resources is doomed, by the ruling class’ necessity to foment nuclear WW3 with Russia and China to cover their criminal tracks and conserve the system in the worst crisis of its history. Full hot War is now the only way that They can avoid full revelation of their grand global usury scheme. “Yesterday, as the Ukrainian regime fired a wave of US-supplied, long-range ATACMS missiles at Russian forces in Crimea, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called for a vast escalation of the war (…) The leak of a call between German military officers revealed that US and British troops are already in Ukraine targeting the missiles launched against Russia (…) Stoltenberg argued that improving NATO’s strategy means taking all necessary measures to inflict a humiliating and devastating defeat upon Russia. The problem with current strategy, he claimed, is that NATO governments want ‘Ukraine to win in a way that Russia does not lose’ (…) NATO officials’ calls for military action that Moscow has said will lead to total war shows that, in the ruling classes of key NATO countries, the decision for war with Russia has already been taken. Leading politicians in NATO member states are admitting that war is being actively planned. Yesterday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Russian state media outlet RT that his government wants to find ways to avoid becoming involved in the war that NATO is feverishly planning. He said: ‘What is happening today in Brussels and Washington (…) We can safely call it the preparation of Europe’s entry into the war. There are working groups within NATO that are assessing the best ways for the bloc to further boost its participation in the conflict. Hungary’s position must be redefined, our lawyers and officials are working on ways to allow Hungary to continue to exist as a NATO member without participating in NATO activities outside the bloc’s territory (…) These promises are worthless. If NATO attacks Russia, Hungary — like other Eastern European states whose leaders express concerns over the war, such as Slovakia and Bulgaria — will be swept up in a continent-wide and global war (…) they and most of the world will be incinerated by nuclear weapons. There is no national path to averting the catastrophe (…) The comments of Stoltenberg, Blinken and Cameron show that the NATO powers have no interest in reaching a deal with Putin”:

    • Sorry, the link above was incorrect. This is the correct link to the quoted passage:

      Meanwhile I noticed a similar article has appeared on

      The U.S. keeps hitting and hitting and taunting Russia to dare to strike back, because the U.sury S.ystem (U.S.) wants and NEEDS a full hot war to cover its criminal tracks and blame its victims’ losses on the war and on Russia and China.

      On your Decoration/Memorial Day tomorrow, you all should reflect seriously on the evil of the U.S.’s imperialist wars.

    • Is America doomed? From the Whitney article on linked in my other comment:

      Yes your “America” is doomed, because “you all” continue to wage your aggressive war against Russia (and China, etc.) because you are “so drunk with hubris.” America will never stop hitting and taunting Russia, and lobbing missiles into Russia, until Russia finally is forced to retaliate with its nuclear arsenal and the U.S. “homeland” (which is where YOU live) is completely destroyed: “Ukraine is the critical gateway to Central Asia which is expected to be the most prosperous region of the next century. Western plutocrats intend to be the main players in Central Asia’s development, the pivot to Asia, which is why they are trying to remove the biggest obstacle to western penetration, which is Russia. Once Russia has been weakened and rolled-back, Washington will be free to spread its military bases across Eurasia laying the groundwork for containing rival China through provocations, encirclement and economic strangulation. That is why Haass’s definition of ‘success’ is more flexible than ordinary people think who evaluate these matters in terms of the enormous human suffering they cause. In the globalist view, these things are only of secondary importance. What really matters is power; raw, geopolitical power in the form of global hegemony. That is the ultimate strategic objective. Nothing else matters. That is why the Biden administration is about to approve the use of American-made long-range strike weapons to destroy targets on Russian territory. Because, even though it does not increase Ukraine’s chances of winning the war, it does help to advance the globalist geopolitical agenda which regards Ukraine as a mere springboard for launching attacks on Russia. The elites are so drunk with hubris, they have convinced themselves that Putin will not see these missile-strikes on Russian territory as a declaration of war. Which they are.” “Reflect” very seriously on that, on your imperial military Memorial Day “holy”day, and every other day, and every waking moment!

  22. The Yankee Empire is doomed.

    Hopefully, the South will repent and leave before it is too late.

    I may be wrong but I think Germany or a German led coalition will finally take out the crippled USA with nukes/etc after our land has been devastated by a most severe drought.

    I pray that the South will wake up and separate from the Yankee Empire and pray God will have mercy on the South that has been held captive by this godless regime for the past 150 plus years. Otherwise, we will be doomed along with them.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Amen! Southerners voted overwhelmingly for independence in 1860 and 1861. The current u.s. occupation of South is illegal and immoral. Pray and work for a free and independent Dixie!

  23. Voting for the GOP gets you…

    Daniel Concannon
    The overwhelming demographic majority of Republican voters overwhelmingly supports preserving America’s White European heritage.

    In response, the Republican Party openly caters to every non-White racial and ethnic group on the basis of their racial and ethnic identities – while telling White people that identity politics are evil – and operating as though America is already a post-White society.

    The continued support of the Republican Party by White Americans may be the most suicidal tendency in the history of organized politics.

  24. Yes, America is doomed. Whites will breed themselves into a mocha race and it will become Brazil of the north. A people so stupid and easily manipulated can’t be expected to survive.

  25. Agree w Taylor against Greer and Johnson’s optimism. Our best chance is to cluster together in environments relatively rich in ethnogenetic resources. There are three big factors, imo, frustrating a national turning. 1. We are being replaced demographically which changes facts on the ground and makes a white ethnostate politically impossible. 2. Technology is doing more to manipulate and contain us than facilitate a restorative movement. 3. The younger white generation is more morally depraved w less reference points than previous times. A lot come from broken homes w vagabond lifestyles, constantly moving and regular rootlessness during childhood which I think we tend to underrate. Most of the youth are dopamine addicts and will miss opportunities in exchange for online play and slaves entertainment. So, it goes both ways. We are facing asymmetric power. Meanwhile, our stock population is highly degraded. I believe cutting losses and organizing with what remains is the best path. We’re going to have to learn how to thrive in small scale and personal ways, retaining as much as we can of our people and history. The rest will just be chaos and insanity.

  26. “Millennials will inherit a large amount of wealth from the Boomers in the coming years”- Dream on, Hunter- what the Boomers have left, after all of this inflation, will disappear in the coming economic depression! If you want it, you’ll have to earn it yourselves!

  27. Libertarianism is officially gay. This is the latest of my memes to become reality lol.

    HW. RE: your discussion with Walt Bismark about the libertarian to alt right pipeline, the fracture this nomination is gonna create in libertarian circles is an opportunity for growth of the Right. Trump even went to the libertarian party convention to speak, so he sees it too.

  28. These earlier cycles you talk about occured when the West was whiter. Now they’re much darker, I can’t see the next cycle representing an improvement.
    The boomers will be largely out of the picture in the 2030’s, yes, but are they really the issue here? I think it’s a racial, rather than generational problem.
    Beyond the 2030’s, the Jews, blacks, Asians, alphabets and white left will all still be there, and calling for more of whatever they think they need at that point.
    It appears to be slipping your Rader as to the damage China is causing the West, and the planet. Like a malignant tumour, they’re causing grief on many fronts, from spying to the theft of your manufacturing sector. They’re sending their excess populace to your southern border, many of whom are likely CCP identities, as well as filling US streets with Fentanyl. And how many Americans and other citizens worldwide have lost their lives to COVID? Then you have my pet hate; interracial marriage, usually of Asian women and cucked white men, who never stay in Asia, but marry and raise children in the West.
    All of this is hurting us in a gradual, subtle way so as to not generate any action.
    The boiling frog approach, if you will.
    I know it’s happening, because I see it right in front of me. My children can’t buy property in any decent areas of the country…… because Chinese billionaire’s always outbid them, pricing them out of the market. It’s called being ‘tolerant’.
    We’re expected to tolerate being inconvenienced, and being replaced.
    That’s why I oppose any war activities overseas. It’s our own leaders we should be pointing guns at, not Muhammad in Iran or wherever.

  29. Lol, “Jabba the Bannon”. Bannon: Harvard, Goldman Sachs, Hollywood, Cambridge Analytica, Kikebart, slid right into the snake’s administration as a Trojan Horse. One more snake. Sloppy Steve.

  30. How China Pulled So Far Ahead on Industrial Policy

    “The United States and Europe are trying to catch up to a rival skilled in using all the levers of government and banking to dominate global manufacturing.”…..nytimes

    Hiring lots of German engineers, buying lots of German companies that are industry leaders, while Germany is growing brown in self-destruct mode.

    Chinese are loyal to China, China is ethnocentric, unlike white sellouts.

  31. The only solution is to adopt co-ethnic kinship, social groups, communities, affinity for hiring and business transactions. Good luck with that. White people never had great affinity, even before joo domination.
    The old unions and socialist clubs had sports groups, bars, picnics–it was somewhat effective, but we have none of that now.

    • I’ll disagree, there have been several groups that tried to form White communities. Many were destroyed by that tribe.

      Americans really didn’t need White associations for most of our history, as the entire society was racially segregated. Communities were White by racial land covenants. Schools were racially segregated up into the 1960s.

  32. @IronicSockAccount and Hunter,

    Bannon is a Papist Paddy problem child. He’s good (at times) at rhetorical flourishes, sometimes favorable to populism and nationalism. In execution he fails miserably and worse, usually implements a covert agenda of typical Irish-American Papist mobsterism. Bannon is either an idiot-savant who detonates at critical moments of political decision or he is a Paddy Papist Pied Piper used to direct rightwing patriots into cul de sacs and worse. Kind of like the older Irish Catholic  equivalent of the Latino Papist Gay Grand Inquisitor.

    For example, during the Trump Administration, Bannon had his infamous chalk board with all sorts of objectives which he would use to leak to the press to gain advantage in the WH. What did he do with this influence? He hired like two or three people, one of which was just himself so he could double dip. The rest of the time he waged this internecine personnel war inside the Trump WH, in which he pushed for hiring a bunch of shit bags. Most of these shit bags weren’t ever part of the Trump team but were just grifters that came out for handouts after Trump’s victory. They weren’t even his people or people from Breibart, or people from anywhere of legitimate politics. They were the people of whoever or whatever mob boss Bannon actually works for.

    Similarly, he then went to Europe and promptly pissed off the entire European rightwing. He came in pushing for creation of a US style think tank, staffed with his miserable group of American Big City grifters and mobsters and their associates in Europe. His whole plan in execution didn’t follow European rules and regulations let alone involve the actual nationalists doing things in Europe. He did get a bunch of money though, which went no where. So, he ended up being indicted for corruption.

    He also pushed for the creation of American style political campaign laws in Europe, and especially pushed them to be adopted in Italy. To show he is a lying piece of shit on populism one of the rules his stupid institute tried to push in Italy was to open up political campaign financing to out of district finances without limitation, including foreigners.

    In Italy, unlike the US they have strict campaign laws which limit contributions to natural persons, who are citizens of the constituency they are contributing to, and who must put the money into a bank account run by the State. Obviously, Italy is notorious for its corruption, but its not because the political campaign laws legitimize bribery like in the US, rather that people secretly set up accounts that are under the table and so say “fanculo” to the laws. Nonetheless, these laws and regs allow for actual grass roots candidates to succeed on a level they never do here. Bannon tried to put an end to that in some quixotic attempt to replay the CIA’s 1948 Italian job, thereby pissing off all the conservative rightwing and populist groups and the ruling establishment. 

    The result of Bannon’s combined foreign interference in European politics, illegal lobbying, and attempts to restructure political campaign laws in Europe was that an arrest warrant was lut out on him backed by most of Europe’s Trump leaning parties. What was Bannon’s answer to this? Pushing back against Le Pen’s National Rally by backing her conservative competitors, turning on the AFD by backing Gert Wilder’s conservative competitors, backing the Hindu in the UK, and helping to form a new rightwing party in the Italy against the populist Salvini and his Lega Party, called the Brothers of Italy.

    The later successfully won, and is now busy trying to push thru his changes in election campaign laws and regulations while also accepting more immigrants from Middle East North Africa. That in itself sums up what Bannon is really about. Bannon is a typical mobbed up American Papist whose main role is to talk tough on issues important to the right, then get into power and insert mobsters and corrupt underlings of America’s big city empire into the victim country. Oh, and yes, as Hunter said, no one takes him seriously, except to keep an eye on him and his Pide Papist Piper tactics and keep him and his covert agenda away as far as possible from rightwing movements.

  33. (((Liberal democracy and universalist Christianity))) in Western nations turned out to be the European race’s Darwin Awards.

    • Actually it was absolutist authoritarianism and Roman Christianity in Catholic colonies which turned out to be Catholic European nations Darwin Awards. Forced myscegination was a Papist directive in Spain’s and Portugal’s colonies. To this day the Roman Catholic Church looks to spread its control by encouraging myscegination among Whites in America and Europe. Its why most “White” Latinos still have the “Mongol spot” when born, since they were commanded by “God’s vice regent” to mysceginate with Indians (((Mongolian origin))). Its why despite 90% of the Black African slave trade going to Latin America, there are hardly any Blacks left in Latin America except perhaps in Brazil and along the Spanish Main. The rest all mysceginated with Euro-Catholoc colonists by commandment of the Pope. In turn, its why Nick Fuentes and other Latino and Euro-Catholic America Firsters are part nigger.

  34. Let’s start studying, building models that have worked in the past and are working now like:

    The City State

    Athens, Sparta, Hong Kong, Singapore

    These successful places had access to rivers, seas, oceans for international trade .

    Much as our people HATE these coastal elite cities like:

    New York City
    San Francisco

    These were/are successful trading ports that some land locked still White place like Montana has never had and will never have.

    I’m hearing great things about Orania – its on a river, like lost of German cities, the Nile etc.

    Also, as we slip in to minority population status, let’s get away from democracy, one man/woman/trannie/Hutu voting.

    We can have some democratic/republican elements, but not everybody in the world gets to vote to take our sh#*@.

    Also, look in to Kings, feudal estates, corporate states like the Dutch East India company. Independent White family farms aren’t practical in ANC Black misruled South Africa – but some corporate agribuess states with White farm managers, Wells Fargo Company law, paramilitary – yeah.

    We don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Feudalism worked in majority White places in the past. We can cut in, bribe some POC, Blacks, Indians again.

    • Basically this model was how the Indo-Aryans maintained power over the more Dravidian and Dark races. Its how the also rules darknraces of the Iranian plateau. Its how the Greeks ruled dark races in the Hellenistic east. Its how the Hidalgo crusaders ruled Southern Spain and the Franco-Normans ruled Southern Italy and Sicily. Its how even today the White Hispanics run non-White majority Hispanic countries.

      Unfortunately, over time, without reinforcements these polities, except the more recent Latino American ones all dissolved under the weight of the more numerous dark races. At best its a holding pattern until the White working and middle class nationalities can get some freedom of development in segregated areas. But, yes, in general its a good point and something to be paid attention to.

      In the short term, under minority white conditions, it requires an elite vanguard of mannebund organized forces to take power, usually clandestinely, and often by extra judicial violence and bribery. Its how modern gentrification worked in big cities. Unfortunetely, not enough Whites moved in and we allowed continued settlement of non-Whites via immigration to eventually overwhelm the gains made in the 1990s and 2000s. Non-White immigration must be ended and even reversed to make your suggested strategy work in the long term.

  35. Zion Don has promised Zion pajeet Nimrata a position inside his administration.

    Recall at the retardican debates, Nimrata infamously said, “Israel doesn’t need America. America needs Israel.”

    Never forget that Trump has been awarded the Triple Crown for shabbos goys, and that he promises to deport supporters of Hamas and Palestine.

    Daily Wire
    Just days after Donald Trump said Nikki Haley would be on his “team in some form,” the former UN Ambassador gave her response.

    “It’s not personal for me, this is about America.”

    European America has been doomed since crossing the Atlantic Ocean to fight in brother wars for jewish financiers.

    • They fought their own brothers at home for the enrichment of Jewish financiers a mere fifty years before. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was bullshit propaganda and countless Yankeetards fell for it. The Southern fire-eaters who wanted to expand the ‘peculiar institution’ were no wiser. Every other nation in the Western hemisphere managed to end the practice legislatively with minimal bloodshed. After the brother war in America was under way, the Banksteins’ French puppet-empire invaded Mexico to install an Austrian aristocrat as its ‘Emperor’ (and collect principal and interest upon the monies owed to its owners). Smedley Butler was right – even then.

  36. Merthry Rising- American white gentiles are not the source of America’s anti-Russian animus- instead the source is our old perennial bugaboo- the Jews! Victoria Nuland, the Jewish neocon archtect of the Ukraine war, is Exhibit A .

    • “Merthry Rising- American white gentiles are not the source of America’s anti-Russian animus:

      I never thought that American white gentiles are the source of the anti-Russian animus. The source of the animus, or necessity to destroy Russia and erase it from history, is THE NATURE OF THE SYSTEM, not “Whiteness,” and not the Talmudists either. If you would ever succeed in exterminating all Talmudists, and you would still maintain/conserve the same evil class-and-usury system, with its global imperialism and endless war destroying the planet, although the system would now have a “White” face on it.

    • You’re correct that white gentiles did not come from the womb hating Russia, as opposed to Satanic spawn like the War-Sow Nudelman (who came from the womb hating humanity). That being said, the present insanity has vast support among white gentiles. This support has two prongs: 1) The descendants of Yankee Prots and Catholics who now are part of the Church of Woke, whose pope is Noseferatu of the ADL; 2) The largely Southern-Midwestern Prots who’ve drunk Cyrus Scofield’s Flavor-Aid of Zionism (aka Jewish Supremacism). Some younger ones from the first group are out marching with the imported mobs and discovering the truth of Kevin Alfred Strom’s “Voltaire” aphorism (which is better than most of what Voltaire actually wrote): “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

      Yes Jews have always been a problem. The error that some folks make is that of monomania – which means they completely ignore the fact that Jews would not have been able to achieve the power they presently have were it not for many whites who cooperate with their directives to enrich themselves, advance their own careers and fame, etc. The cowardice, greed and corruption of whites who have worked hand-in-glove with Jews (the spiritual spawn of Satan) to overthrow their own societies are a worse problem than the Jews themselves are. There would be no support for a fake country halfway around the planet – as their own country is being invaded – were it not for legions of sell-out whites.

  37. I would say that America as an outpost of Europeans which is what it was from the beginning until some time after World War 2 is probably doomed. There has been just too much crap, much of it in the name of equality and diversity that has damaged society particularly the rule of law. If there is one thing that the Trump trial in New York has shown, is how far the left is willing to go to destroy somebody they don’t like. they have turned political differences into felonies. And this is far from the beginning of this.

  38. Their are two camps, minorities and traitors and the americans and our supporters. It was always the plan of those who took control in the 30’s to use group 1 against group 2. If things get to the point where that happens and group one is Victorious they’ll destroy the whites who helped them to remove the possibility of an American threat in the future and america will be over. No matter what you vote our population gets smaller and group 1’s bigger, Secession is our only option. Push
    a political party in your State to Secede, make them add that to the party platform. Our Capital is in the grip of amoral atheists who have all the funds and Lockout any newcomers if they don’t follow the status quo. The Communists won World War II, we were Communist controlled as well as the USSR and Great Britian, they were the only Victor.

  39. The US Empire is over. Zionists and other Communists have set it on a collision course. The States if the people will se the political tools to push them out will be fine. What Americans have to realize is that no one in Washington is going to do anything but follow the status quo which means less Americans and more of a push on us.

  40. We need to keep our states and state governments intact, in order to survive the collapse of the federal government.

  41. Is America doomed? I think so, but America (the U.sury S,ysytem) is fighting very hard not to be doomed: In the news today, in California: The rotten, right-wing, evangelical so-called “Christian” Shawn Fain-led UAW bureaucracy conspired against rank-and-file striking union members to have a California judge issue a strike-breaking order and unleash militarized police on “recalcitrant” striking workers, and the students and faculty who are continuing to protest against genocide and imperialism on University of California campuses.

    Note well that most if not all White nationalists are LAUGHING at the plight of the protesting students, teachers and unionized employed staff as they are being beaten, pepper-balled, arrested, doxed and fired! This is yet more proof that the so-called “dissident” Far Right does not really dissent, but reacts, and is always effectively on the side of the class and usury establishment, an essential part of the establishment effectively working to conserve it despite using controversial “racist” language and symbolism.

    If America is doomed, the Right is certainly not responsible for it.

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