1. Even with guilty verdict, Trump unlikely to be put behind bars before November’s election

    Trump will likely be granted wide latitude to appeal his conviction in the Stormy Daniels hush-money case, meaning he may not face prison time for years

    Even after being found guilty of trying to cover up hush-money payments to make stories of affairs go away, Donald Trump may well remain a free man until long past November’s election.

    The former president and the Republican Party’s presumptive candidate once again this year, was found guilty by a Manhattan jury on Thursday of all 34 counts of falsifying business records for allegedly helping orchestrate a cover-up of the payments. He faces a sentence of up to four years.

    But Trump has many avenues through which to pursue an appeal of the verdict and to slow down sentencing, which will likely keep him out of jail for the foreseeable future, legal experts say.

    “An appeal in his case could take many months or even years to resolve,” said Peter Pullano, a veteran New York state criminal-defense attorney.

    That would certainly push any resolution to Trump’s felony conviction past November. And as that case is likely to be the only one of the four criminal cases he faces to go to trial before the election, he will likely face voters as a free man.

    A federal case in which Trump is charged with illegally trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election and helping whip up the Jan. 6, 2021, riots at the Capitol building as Congress was preparing to certify Joe Biden’s victory, has been postponed pending a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on Trump’s claims of immunity. A decision could come by late June, by which time it is unlikely that the case would make it to trial before November’s election.

    A separate federal case in Florida in which Trump is accused of illegally withholding hundreds of classified documents after leaving office and refusing to return them when asked, has also been delayed indefinitely as the judge handling the case has declined to set a trial date citing complications surrounding a number of pretrial motions that need to be resolved first.

    And a state case in Georgia alleging that Trump and his advisers engaged in racketeering while illegally attempting to overturn the 2020 election results there also remains on hold. Trump’s attorneys in the case are seeking to have prosecutor Fani Willis removed from the case and prosecutors have appealed a ruling that dismissed three charges against Trump.

    So that left the New York case as the only one that has so far gone to trial, and is likely to be the only one to be completed ahead of November’s election.

    With a verdict in place, the case now moves into the sentencing phase, for which several procedural steps must occur before a formal appeals process would even begin.

    The judge in the case, State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, on Thursday set a sentencing date of July 11.

    After the verdict, Trump vowed to fight the outcome in court.

    “This was a disgrace,” Trump said outside the courthouse. “This was a rigged trial by a conflicted judge who was corrupt.”

    “We will fight for our Constitution. This is long from over,” he added.

    In preparation for Trump’s sentencing hearing in July, the probation office will conduct a pre-sentencing investigation in which they will review Trump’s background and interview victims, Trump’s family and even Trump himself, to make a recommendation for sentencing.

    During this period, Trump’s lawyers can file any number of motions that could slow the process down, Pullano said.

    After that, Merchan will issue his decision on sentencing which could range from a term in prison, home confinement or even a sentence that doesn’t include jail time.

    If Trump is hit with a prison sentence, he would then likely move to appeal the verdict and sentence, Pullano said. The appellate court could then issue a stay on sentencing until whatever issues Trump’s legal team raises are resolved.

    “While there are no guarantees, the appellate court could issue a stay of any sentence he might receive. It’s not a right, but it is not uncommon,” Pullano said. “It’ll all be in their hands.”

    The verdict brings an end to a string of good fortune for Trump, who has faced a long list of legal and financial troubles ahead of his third run for office.

    In March, Trump staved off a potentially crushing $464 million legal verdict in a corporate fraud case in New York after an appellate court agreed at the last minute to allow him to put up a far smaller in bond to appeal the ruling.

    Short of that decision, Trump faced the very real possibility that New York Attorney General Letitia James could have begun trying to seize his properties.

    That same month, his Trump Media & Technology Group DJT, +1.41%, which owns the social-media platform Truth Social, went public and became a popular meme stock, soaring in value and boosting Trump’s net worth by billions.

    The cash infusion came at a time when his campaign fundraising had significantly lagged behind his opponent, incumbent President Joe Biden, and he had been forced to use much of it to pay his legal fees.

    How the verdict will impact the presidential campaign was not immediately clear, although Trump’s support has remained steady throughout the trial. For much of the year, Trump has maintained a slight polling edge over Biden. Trump has also been able to effectively utilize his legal troubles in order to raise campaign funds in the past.

    • I so hope Trump is elected and pardons himself.

      I wonder if Adderall Joe will leave the White House or try to declare the election invalid?

  2. Deep State: Yeah, we got his ass! Even after his professional fellatio on Israel. I’m not a Trump supporter, but this is raw political power. What’s next?

  3. anyone who thinks the courts are honest,Well now you know their completely rigged..just like the elections have always been,You fools are and always have been their cash cows….

    • Arizona, ” YOU FOOLS ” chew on this, Mathew 5:22 ” But I say unto you, that whosoever shall say to his brother, ” THOU FOOL ” shall be in danger of HELL FIRE,……chew nice and slow Mr.Arizona, it’s easy too choke on your IGNORANCE ………….

  4. Will he try to do something about these people if he win the election or will he act like the swamp doesnt exist like he did the last time he lived in the White House?

  5. Between escalating the war on Russia, reimplementing a virus lockdown, going full speed ahead on the anti-White mania, lgbtqp madness, and now convicting the only political opposition of 34 felonies mere months from a national election he’s leading in the fake polls.. it is as if they expect no popular blow back or consequences. That means either their AI models and NSA monitoring assure them the public will be docile or they judge they have no option but to aggitate the cattle regardless the risks.

  6. How do you make a good soldier?
    You persecute him.
    How do you make a good Christian?
    You persecute him.
    How do you make a good President?
    You persecute him.

    Deo Vindice

    • ACN

      Absolutely. There’s a reason the Framers didn’t think it a good idea to bar felons from high office – because politics merely descends into lawfare if you do. DJT is a living breathing (as of writing) testament to their wisdom. The persecutors are not Christians. If they were they’d know where the power of a martyr comes from.

    • As Cantwell says, if wait until it’s time to vote, you’ve waited too late. You have to get involved way before the election.

  7. I’ve been thinking about this and I have one question—What are we being distracted from?

    This is a complete circus.

    • Very good question. As the deliberate extinction of our race, aka Genocide, proceeds unimpeded just about everyone is distracted with Trump and his enemies. So far Trump hasn’t shown the slightest inclination to even mention our Genocide. He’s just another “safe”, mainstream candidate we are supposed to support because Biden is so terrible? Once again, the supposed lesser of two evils who will do nothing on behalf of White survival?

    • “What are we being distracted from?”

      Exactly, yes, one purpose of the heavily-promoted courtroom drama and “everything else that is going on” (“all the news that is fit to print”) is to distract the minds of hundreds of millions of parasitized, blood-drained victims of the system from noticing or thinking about what is the real, fundamental problem, which the system’s “news” media never mentions.

    • “What are we being distracted from?”

      Yes, this 24/7 media-hyped frame-up psyop is distracting “you all” from giving attention to the great real crimes of the U.sury S.ystem, such as its ongoing genocide of Palestine to secure its chief colony and military proxy controlling the Middle East, and even worse: its final preparations to launch a full-scale “preventive” nuclear attack to destroy Russia “once and for all” to make the world safe for the fifty or so elite families to continue their looting, killing and blood sucking of the workers of the world.

      yes I think Trump is actually telling the truth that it is a complete frame-up and he had nothing to do with the crooked woman, and even if he did many of judges and accusers are hypocrites who did the same)

    • The shitty war racket boondoggles the GAE started in Ukraine and israel that can’t be morally defended to anyone by anyone including in the so-called “homeland”. Oh and also the the wide open border that let in a cool 20 maybe 30 million aliens, mostly young men. Thats just a start of what they want us to be “distracted from”.

    • The Trump frame-up show trial (and other U.S. (s)election drama) certainly seems to be distracting O.D. from the much more important trying and condemning of the REAL and infinitely greater crimes of the U.S. and its most important colony (Israel) by the International Criminal Court. Democracy Now has published an excellent report on U.S.-Israeli obstruction of the court and threats to the lives of some court members:

    • > Karene: I’ve been thinking about this and I have one question—What are we being distracted from? This is a complete circus.

      Many things. Real inflation (not gubmint fictional figures) as noted above. I’d say top of list is World War III. Three fronts: Russia, China and Middle-East (for muh’Izrahell). Betcha they’re getting the selective service system set up again. They will need lots of meat for the grinder.

  8. Accelerationism. These guilty verdicts further radicalize the country while encouraging the smug bastards in the ruling class to do worse things; who is going to stop them now? They suffer from hubris, believing they can do anything and never be held accountable for the evil they do. They plan to rule by diktat after their boy, Dementia Joe or, more likely, Gavin “Pretty Boy” Newsome gets selected in November.

    The country is on the cusp of multiple crises: foreign policy, war, financial, economic, social etc. The very people who fix, build, run things on a daily basis, usually behind the scenes, are the deplorables the ruling class hates. They are also the young White guys who make the military function and are the people who are no longer volunteering to serve GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire. All of this while the people running Dementia Joe in Washington are antagonizing nuclear armed China and Russia and dissipating U.S. military power defending Our Greatest Ally and Ukraine all at the same time.

    This will not end well. When GloboHomo gets its tit caught in a wringer it’s going to demand the hated deplorables line up and serve it as the ruling class commands. Everyone knows the diversity is incompetent and unreliable especially in a crisis.

    Actions like Trump’s trial further antagonize the people the Government will need in the crises to come. For normal White guys the proper thing to do is give GloboHomo the finger while preparing personally for the troubles to come then sit back on the couch and watch GloboHomo implode. It is not our problem, let the ruling class’s beloved diversity fix things.

    • Screw it. I’ve thought about it long enough. They want to accelerate. OK.

      Let’s get the entire rightwing to assemble their representatives, meet up in convention, and declare that New York is an outlaw state, in a condition of insurrection, and declare war on the criminal regime. Then launch a “Stop The Kidnap” campaign to free the President by descending on New York City to demonstrate for his release.

      The Colombian who colonized our country and now sits as Judge of our people and our President, this Bogota born Papist Juan Merchan, sees fit to accelerate the Balkanization of the country by persecuting his American political enemy, Donald Trump. I can’t think of anything better than to see the foreign occupier and Latino Papist Swamp Nigger Juan Merchan’s current city become the next Sarajevo and see what happens to his property and wealth in a conflict he has initiated.

      Perhaps, these New Yorkers will hesitate at the brink and consider what will happen if they take Trump hostage in their kangaroo court. We will know on July 11, when they decide his punishment. A slap on the wrist or go over the falls into Yugo war.

    • @12AX7
      probably the most eloquent statement of our problems I’ve ever seen; if you were running for Prez you’d have my vote

      • Hi praise indeed, sir! If I were even thinking of running for Mr. President I would ask Hunter to have me committed to a lunatic asylum instead.

  9. The Globalist Occupational Government (GOG), started a new phase of accelerationism all on their own. The question is will the jury and judge imprison President Trump under these fake charges? Will GOG Jeffrey Epstein the former President in jail? What will the American people do about it?

    If they imprison President Trump, I foresee a response, called “Stop the Kidnap.” It will likely include all the people from “Stop the Steal” plus all the new boomers, gen xers, and normies radicalized by Demented Biden screaming “Smash White Supremacy” behind a blood red backdrop and masked intimidating unAmerican Marines.

    We could witness this new “Stop the Kidnap” culminating in a massive march on New York City by several hundred thousand Patriots and likely ending with them storming the prison to free the President and seizing New York’s authorities like the Patriots did to the Loyalist authorities in 1775-1776. Its literally the prophetic dream of every true blue Patriot since the 1990s. Weird.

    • > Will GOG Jeffrey Epstein the former President in jail? What will the American people do about it?
      Interesting questions. My guesses: 1. Possibly. If Trump is a genuine pain in the overlords’ collective ass, they’ll Epstein him; 2. Nothing. Most are far too stupid, drugged-up, drunk and otherwise distracted. It could shock some into facing reality. (I assume you refer to white American people as then foreign colonists will all be fine with it).

      > We could witness this new “Stop the Kidnap” culminating in a massive march on New York City by several hundred thousand Patriots and likely ending with them storming the prison to free the President and seizing New York’s authorities like the Patriots did to the Loyalist authorities in 1775-1776. Its literally the prophetic dream of every true blue Patriot since the 1990s.

      The woke military would turn such an attempt into a mass-slaughter. Bad strategy though it would cause more to see reality – which could end up sparking a serious revolution. Hate to see good people sacrifice for such a thing though. Maybe if they knew warned about and know what they were going into – like the 300 Spartans at Thermapolaye. GOG, as you quaintly name it, is many orders more evil than the British Empire of 1775. It’s not a bad term though, with its Biblical connection. I might even start using it myself.

  10. 34 felony convictions for Zion-Don, who fellated as hard as he possibly could. Meanwhile, Garfinkel’s Just-us Dept. can’t figure out what to charge Hunter Biden with (if anything). Absolute perfect example of Clown-World’s notion of law. The sooner it goes down in flames, the better.

  11. The USA Left is the worst. They offer nothing but the black flag. Never mind worrying about the bad optics of dragging your top political opponent through a log jam of trials just months before an election. They don’t care. They want him politically dead before there is an election. Notice they all address him now as the “convicted felon” candidate. How fair are these wicked people…God only knows…

    They are almost as bad as the Yankees.

    The radical Yankees didn’t just steal an election from President Jefferson Davis. No, they “stole” the entire nation he was the president out from under him and unlike DJT they put him directly into prison (he was also chained at first) and he was never brought to trial which may have given him a chance to win which would have overthrown the outcome of the war.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  12. “The very people who fix, build, run things on a daily basis, usually behind the scenes, are the deplorables the ruling class hates. ”

    You could never get them to see the difference between, Tyrone, Jose, and Joe redneck. All slaves look the same to them. We see race, they see money.

  13. I agree about come out of her my people 12X.
    Contribute as little as possible to this steaming fourth world sodomite sewer pipe rainbow sprinkles turd.
    Get over vintage legacy America as well, gone and never to return.
    The 51% wanted Fundamental Transformation, comrade, we all voted on it, now get in the fire for the good of the collective.

  14. Encountered at YouTube the following …

    “Congratulations to Donald Trump for being the only person in 2024 to be convicted of any crime in New York.”

  15. Dump wins no matter what now. Outside of possibly epsteining him in jail, which will now involve a secret service detail (unless they get involved *cough JFK) they have to rig now, hope it’s better than the horseshit they pulled in 2020.

  16. Rabbi Don and his family of Grift Inc raised $200M after his conviction. There’s a lot of doublewides in AL and MS that won’t be getting new roofs because that money was donated to Punished Blompf instead.

  17. Vote – not because you expect it to make a difference, but because the Constitution says you can and not voting, like not owning a gun, is surrender.

    Vote for Trump – even if there is only a 1% chance he’ll change things this time. We know for certain there is zero chance of change otherwise.

    I don’t like Trump. I really don’t like the fact he has his head up Israel’s ass. But I sure as heck hate the other guy and everything he stands for a great deal more.

  18. For those asking, yes, I think Hunter went fishing again, if not a little vacation. No updates or new posts for four days. It’s a lot for some of you. So we sent our team at looking.

    We think he went on vacation. He was also spotted hunched over with his fishing pole at his favorite fishing pond, brooding. He did not seem friendly and was very intensely looking at the slow moving pond water. We’d show the pic, but those aren’t allowed here.

    Anyways, it looks like the combined effect of child rearing, honey-dos, marital maintenance, and oncoming political destruction got the better of him. He’ll be back, just have patience. We are sure of it. Of course, we have been wrong at times. Sort of.

  19. This and other trials they have cooked up against Donald Trump are clearly election interference by the Dems. Should they happen to win in November it doesn’t matter. They have already done their dirty work against the leading Repub candidate – Donald Trump as evidenced by this political show trial and a victory in the Fall should not be allowed. In fact the Dems’ candidates should be stricken from the ballots and not allowed to run as candidates for President in November. This is the only fair way to deal with these left-wing Communists.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  20. If you want to read an excellent summary of the charges (and just how completely bogus they really are), go here.. He was convicted in a clown-court of 34 counts of ‘Falsifying business records’ Most of the time, this is termed as ‘in the second degree’ – normally a Class A misdemeanor. However, since the foreign blackrobe alleges that Cheetohead deliberately falsified the records to commit or conceal another (un-mentioned) crime, it moves up to Falsifying business records in the first degree, where the “intent to defraud includes an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof”. Clown blackrobe specifically told moronic jury that they didn’t have to decide any specific crime Trump committed or concealed. So he was convicted of 34 counts of a Class E felony. Stay tuned for sentencing (July 11) just before Gay Old Pedoburo confab.

    So much for “rule of law” in Weimurika. Trump, Jared, et al are raking in the cash big time with this laughable shit-show. Bet he’s sentenced to some jail time. That will just cause his followers to throw even more money at him. Makes you wonder if the whole show is part of a massive scam. Anyone with half a brain would have avoided any kind of trial in a woke shithole like NYC, which is by now utterly perverted it could only be improved with around 30 megatons of ‘urban renewal’ delivered by air-express at this point. Sodom and Gomorrah have nothing whatever on DC and NYC (or California, Atlanta, Chicago, etc.)

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