1. Lots of good observations. Looking forward to your review of Oppenheimer. Back to the podcast, this summer really does have the feel of Pompeii in the weeks leading up to the great eruption of Vesuvius – everyone going about their daily lives oblivious to the rumbles and whiffs of sulfur coming from the nearby volcano. Perhaps we should be talking about ways to help our people survive through what is surely coming. There are many who seem to be totally lost, even in our own families. That’s just something we must accept, sad as it is. Perhaps some will come to their senses before things go down altogether, but such ‘road to Damascus’ experiences are rare – which is why they’re referred to as miraculous.

  2. I enjoyed listening too you last night, I had looked forward too it all day, you done very well, the leading SOUTHERN intellectual of this generation, should be heard much more often……yes, their is a STORM coming, the winepress is full and that storm is well on it’s way and if you haven’t done so already, it’s about time, too build your house upon the rock, when this STORM hit’s, even though, everything and everyone around you may fall, you and your house, will stand upon the rock and that rock is JESUS CHRIST……..

  3. There are many things to consider, if there were to be a nuclear exchange with Russia and/or China, North Korea. The late Gore Vidal compiled lists of people and nations around the world who hate the US with reason going back to the late 1940’s. A nuclear exchange would give those peoples and nations a chance to get even.

    There will be a lot of silly talk about guns and ammo, but, there are many small things that would become invaluable in the aftermath of a nuclear exchange.

    The survivors of a nuclear exchange, would flee the metro areas that get nuked, where would they go, how would they be fed, what would they do for medical care and even for water?

    I don’t know, if it’s true or not, that the Russians have evacuated their cities, including Moscow? This could be a very voluntary thing, where people thinking for themselves have moved to their dacha/country houses, and villages where they have relatives. This is what the Russians did during WWII, even though the authorities frowned on it.

    Yeah, Brad. It’s getting scary.

  4. “Is America on the brink of disaster?”

    No, we’ve been living in a disaster for many years.


    MOST MANUFACTURING SHIPPED OUT – (small towns, and smalltown churches falling in because young folks cannot stay)

    ENDLESS WARS waged under false auspices.

    MASS NARCOTICS dumped in our communities, including from pharmaceutical companies, and no enforcement.


    OUR HISTORY and traditions pillaged and villainized by an oligarchy-run government that uses front groups to do the deed.

    ELECTION SYSTEMICALLY SHOT by every method of cheating.

    FREE SPEECH long gone.

    UNIVERSITY SYSTEM usurped by Judeo-Bolshvik professors who ought, at the least,. be deported.like Emma Goldman was.

    A LYING MEDIA that lies so often and grotesquely, lying has become a public virtue.

    A COURT SYSTEM that systemically reinvents the law to suit it’s ends.

    DECENCY AND SHAME replaced by the opposite.

    WHITE REPLACEMENT – oh, yes, how dare I forget that Jewry, and the anti-racist New England have conspired with The Chamber of Commerce to make European Americans a minority in the country that we built. There was no America here, before we came – only a patchwork of many Indian Nations that in no way resembled such.


    That we, the people, have done nothing, do nothing, and may well continue to do nothing but, moan.

    The spirit that guides this self-absorption and cowardliness is totally unAmerican.

    Thus, this disaster may well continue for many years, because we get in this life what we put forth. No effort in, no effort out.

    No, the disaster is no coming, it’s already here.

    • Of course everything you say is true here, Ivan. “The spirit that guides this self-absorption and cowardliness is totally unAmerican.” Yet you have hordes of country music fans chanting USA USA at the Jason Aldean concert. People seriously need to wake up. All the levers of power are in the hands of people who despise them. This country is an abomination of what it was meant to be. Drinking more beer and voting harder isn’t going to fix their country.

      • @Tikkun…

        Thank you for the confirmation, Sir.

        Unfortunately this situation is a tragicomedia, as you so clearly outline.

        As a Rural Southerner, I deal with this disconnect all the time, for everywhere I go I see the signs that people are praising the very things they also hate.

        When Colonel Douglas MacGregor was being interviewed by Dr. Steve Turley, Turley brought up Dr. Victor Hansen, and what he thought, MacGregor said, ‘I really respect and like Hansen, but, I do not agree with his optimism, because we have no leadership.

        Leadership is definitely what we lack, though in Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, Governor DeSantis, Sarah Huckabee, Clarence Thomas, RFK JR., and, yes, President Trump, I see the stirrings of something that, just ten years back was not there.

        One thing I will say to you – the situation in the culture is so bad that I am almost tempted to tell : it cannot get worse..

        But … we will see.

      • @Kapper…

        Yes, how very true.

        To that I attribute the evolution of this country from an agricultural land, most people living in rural environs, a century ago, to an artificial urban life that stress fitting into a system.

        People have lost that rugged independent spirit we once had.

        Modernity has joys, but, it is also very very troubling.

        Of course, I say this fully aware that there is systemic misinformation involved, as well.

        Thank you for your comment!

  5. I saw Sound of Freedom this weekend

    Highly recommend. Recommend to your friends. Point out to people the frenzy that the movie caused in the media. Such a reaction would have been unthinkable only a decade or so ago. (Because the satanic, evil LGBTQRZ lmnop lobby had yet to seize the power that it now yields).

    Groomers are real. It’s disgusting what is happening practically out in the open.

  6. I haven’t seen it but am interested in streaming it on I tunes as soon as available. Somehow I bet they found a way to make Edward Teller, the anti-communist, the villain. Even though he was one of the tribe, they hate him to this day because he lived through the brief post WW1 communist government in Hungary and hated communism. Most of the rest of these scientists were Aspie Jews and gentile nerds who thought it was all dandy to “share equally” the bomb info with Uncle Joe… The same kind of idiots who in the 80s wanted to unilaterally disarm because the Soviets weren’t really the bad guys…Reagan was! And if we just put the guns down we could all sing Koom Bai Ya!

    Somehow I also know that they managed to fill that Barbie movie with modern, anti culture even though she was supposed to be the icon of mid-20th century femininity for little girls to aspire to instead of the firemen, fighter pilots, male career paths, etc lesbian-feminists want little girls to be today.

  7. You see things that are so crazy and so stupid, just a complete inversion of morality and reason, like businesses firing employees who try to stop shoplifters. It’s like half the country has gone completely mad.

    Jason Aldean gets hassled for simply defending the rule of law. Do the liberal weirdos have any idea what out and out anarchy will be like? This is totally insane.

    Who wants circumstances where almost everyone is afraid to put their head out of the door?.

  8. It only gets worse under Joe Slovo Brandon.
    Sabotage disguised as incompetence under the third socialist president in almost 30 years. (Barry Soetoro, Slick Willie)
    The disaster is live and about to blow right up in your face.

    • @Van Speyk…

      Thank you for the post.

      That’s extremely good news.

      I’ve been waiting for a state to do this, as it is NOT the business of the Federal System to oversee state elections!

      They do this under the pretext of the 13th,14th, and 15th amendments, all passed during the Reconstruction Era, when the White South was being represented by New England Yankee patronized Negroes.

      It’s not valid, but, it’s but one of many issues that need to be revisited, and, I suspect, will be one day, perhaps soon.

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