Tucker Carlson Interviews Rep. Thomas Massie

This is the biggest challenge ahead of us.

Along with Candace Owens getting fired from The Daily Wire, the fact that Tucker Carlson and Thomas Massie are openly discussing it shows that the ice is melting on the last taboo.

Note: Tucker Carlson is a gate opener.


  1. Thomas Massie is correct about many things, although he is still a staunch capitalist who can’t see the forest for the trees. He might be the very best of the worst in the U.S. Conress, or the least evil of all the lesser evils, but he is still evil. Tucker Carlson doesn’t really open any gates, or reveal any new truths that have not already become obvious.

    Don’t look to The Right – populists, conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, Neocons, Neo-libs – and all the other flavors of capitalism for relief or deliverance from the daily torments of the class and usury system which is sustained by endless imperialist warfare. Please ignore, don’t even pay attention to, any member of the ruling-class Republican party, and also don’t support anyone associated with the EVEN WORSE “Democratic” party! Carlson, Massie, M.T. Greene, et al — they are all false hopes, distractions from real revolution, and a dead end!

    • I agree with guys like Massie and Rand Paul (right-libertarians) on quite a bit of stuff.
      The biggest problem with them is they’re social Darwinists with 0 respect for organized labor and worker’s rights.
      For that reason I can’t get behind them.
      Another problem is they’d do little or nothing to protect our food, air and water from pollution (I mean real pollution; toxic chemicals, carbon is not a pollutant) and our forests from being cut down at a faster rate than they can regrow.

      Really there is no existing ideology I can fully support, not even close.
      This is because all prominent ideologies are thought up by rich people.
      Poor people like myself don’t think like rich people, rich people have 0 interest in representing us, we can only represent ourselves.
      What ideology supports worker’s rights, consumer’s rights and the environment while simultaneously supporting civil liberties, traditional values, strong borders/little or no immigration and a multipolar world order where America peacefully coexists with Russia, Hamas, Iran and China?
      There is no such ideology, but this is how many working people think.

    • You still don’t understand that Communism is the other side of the shekel of Capitalism, do you ? Who do you think financed the Bolshevik “Revolution” (Capitalist Jews). Normal people I think want a somewhat “left-wing” government when it comes to economics, but a “right-wing” direction for societal and immigration issues, bu those parties don’t exist anymore (they were purged in 1945).

      Politics are fake and gay, politicians are actors of the Jewish Central Banks, and that’s worldwide, we can’t vote our way out of this shit. The BRICS are in on it too. Swallow the blackpill my friend.

  2. Amazing interview. Over two hours and I was hanging on every word. Thomas Massie is a genuine renaissance man with a promising future. A nice guy with a sense of humor and as brave as they come. Well worth the time it takes to watch the whole interview.

  3. Any politician that supports Israel will always favor Israel when there is a conflict between the interests of Israel and his voters. This will eventually happen with Javier Milei in Argentina.

    It really has become a litmus test for me. Anyone afraid to confront Israel’s control over our nation will not have the courage to carry out their other campaign promises no matter how good they sound.

  4. Better than nothing I guess. Easily indulges in newspeak with the fake pathological phobes and isms that are nonsensical, like “anitsemite”. The Arabs are semitic so does that make jews “antisemites”?

  5. Soooo muuucch trroooootthhh.. I can hear Zionist heads exploding everywhere. They are losing control and the harder they try and shut down the opposition the worse it’ll get. Massie’s recent big win despite (because of?) AIPAC’s ad campaign shows where this is going. Folks are getting wise their game. It’s about freaking time.

    AIPAC babysitters for each GOP congressman.. Oh boy is this gonna end badly. Whatever Trump is, he’s always been good at picking up the mood in his base. Apart from the hardcore Scofielders, many of them are rapidly getting Z-pilled by the likes of Tucker and Massie. Be interesting to see how he handles this trend as November approaches.

  6. If Massie is who he appears to be, than he doesn’t get invited to the parties where illicit drugs and minors are being abused while hidden cameras are rolling, and where some of the real reasons for why we have the foreign and domestic policies we do are being discussed, but the Biden, Clinton, Kennedy, Bush and Trump crime families have been to those parties, and they help ensure they’re Israel first candidates and that they vote the ‘correct’ way every time.
    This is how things are really conducted in Washington.
    Crony capitalism, imperialism, Israel and organized crime, that’s what just about every politician represents.

  7. Hearing TC talk about the faux nation of ‘ISRAEL’ as if it were some Pseudo-Semitic Disneyland for Evangelicals, is both bizarre and typical.

    Bizarre in that I realized some years ago, that, as a Christian, Christ God’s Resurrection and the Destruction of the Temple, means that ISRAEL/PALESTINE NO LONGER IS THE “HOLY LAND.” With the establishment of Christendom, (i.e., White Europe) the torch has passed, the covenant has been superseded, the People have been removed as the ‘Chosen’ and ANOTHER PEOPLE, ANOTHER GROUP, has taken their place.

    Scripture (as the Christians who read OD know) makes this clear in the arguments in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, starting with Chapter 3, v. 6. Abraham and Sara are the model for the ‘transfer of conditional privilege’ as Provan’s little (but great!) book, ‘The Church is Israel now’ calls it. V. 8 says it quite plainly: ‘AND the Scripture, foreign that God would justify the Hellenes by Faith, preached the gospel BEFOREHAND to Abraham.’ (Yes, I know that the many versions use ‘gentiles’ but that is an incorrect translation – cf. Rom. 1:16-17 – there are only TWO GROUPS for whom the Gospel came – both are of the same genetic stock (Adamkind/Israelites) but the GEOGRAPHY states either JUDEA or the HELLENIC World, as the sole recipients of the Gospel- thus, my saying ‘Hellenes, above)

    Continuing on in v. 16 of Gal. 3, we read: “Now the promises were made to Abraham and his seed (sperma in the Greek- so it’s clearly a DNA/GENETIC/RACIAL thing) and it is referring to ONE, ‘And to your offspring, which is the Annointed one.’
    (Again, cf. Woodwards’ massive book, ‘God Made a Racial Choice’ for clarification of this very bad translation, ‘which is the Christ’- What Paul is saying here, is not just that the Jews have been passed over (Passover!!) but that there exists only ONE ANNOINTED RACE that is the recipient of the promises fulfilled initially in Isaac- and it ain’t the Jews, baby!

    For, if you look at v. 22, you see this plainly: Jesus Christ is not His own redeemer!? Rather, the ‘Annointed race’ is! For ‘that [what] was promised to [those who had] faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe. For, it follows as the day does the night, that ‘if you are that Annointed Race, then you are Abraham’s seed, heirs according to the promise.” [ v. 29]

    Now, I know this is diffferent from the standard Roman heresy/error, passed on as well to the Protestants, but what do you make then of the allegory of Hagar and Sarah, since these were two distinct (yet related) TRIBAL LINEAGES?! In short, genetic groups?!? Cf Chap. 4 All of a sudden, v. 25 in Chap. 4 means a whole lot more, when you realize that the JEWS are HAGAR, and the Christians are the son of the HEAVENLY JERUSALEM. IF Hagar ‘corresponds to the present Jerusalem’ yet the JERUSALEM ABOVE IS FREE, and ‘she is our mother,’ then THERE NO LONGER is a need for the CARNAL, APOSTATE ‘JERUSALEM’- at all!

    Typical, in that for 95% of Protestants, since they have neither Temple, nor Priesthood, nor Sacrifice, nor salvation, they make up EVERYTHING in their heinous theology, to excuse/blind themselves to their spiritual poverty. The ‘this-worldly’ Jerusalem is in bondage, forever. She is HAGAR, and the Church is the Heavenly Jerusalem, ‘coming down from above.’ The Church (Catholic, but not necessarily Roman!- esp. now, with Fag Bergoglio!!!) is all we are going to have, this side of Heaven. We should look no longer to the ‘wood, hay, stubble’ of this disgusting race and their FAUX NATION of ‘ISRAEL,’ because, as St. John says, ‘ ‘and the SLANDER of THOSE who say they are Jews, AND ARE NOT, but are a SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.’ [ Rev. 2:9] means that the city itself- the KIKE RACE itself, is nothing but a habitation of demons, and was the reason for the complete DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM, in AD 70.

    No, Pissrael has NOTHING to see. Like Disneyland today, it is a cheap, shoddy faggotized carbon copy of the reality that is contained in the Beauty, Grandeur, and Marvel of Christian Civilization, and Christendom as the in dwelling heart of the West. And the reductionist Prots had better repent of their pride and schism, and learn that lesson, before they drag us into a WWIII of their (and Zionism’s) own making.

    • @Fr. John+
      “Bizarre in that I realized some years ago, that, as a Christian, Christ God’s Resurrection and the Destruction of the Temple, means that ISRAEL/PALESTINE NO LONGER IS THE “HOLY LAND.” With the establishment of Christendom, (i.e., White Europe) the torch has passed, the covenant has been superseded, the People have been removed as the ‘Chosen’ and ANOTHER PEOPLE, ANOTHER GROUP, has taken their place.”

      Yes indeed, the torch has passed, the People (the Jews) have been superseded as the ‘Chosen’ and ANOTHER PEOPLE, (Christians) are Chosen, for they recognize Jesus Christ is the redeemer!

  8. One takeaway from Tucker’s long interview is that “Our Democracy” is well past its sell-by date. Rep. Massie acknowledges this in a backhanded, ironic way when he states plainly that the emergency facilities for Congress to assemble away from Washington have been closed. These facilities were built in Greenbrier, WV during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations to be used if there were a nuclear attack on DC. Congress would assemble beneath a luxury hotel in a bunker equipped with food, medical care, TV/radio communications etc. about 300 miles from Washington to maintain continuity of government.


    This is no longer needed because if there were a nuclear attack on the U.S. now the Deep State would simply dispense with even a pretense of needing Congress. A nameless, faceless bureaucracy would simply rule by diktat. That is going on to some extent now but there is still a nod to the Constitution and some limits on the Deep State. Congress is so corrupt though that it’s merely a minor pest to the Deep State.

    As Herr Epstein showed the world, as though there were a grain of doubt about it, the ruling class is overwhelmingly composed of corrupt, amoral, degenerates. Oligarchs, politicians, both foreign and domestic, Hollywood types, prominent lawyers, academics et al. were all in it together, poking under age girls, caught red handed, the prime witness murdered in jail and nobody held to account. The FBI is holding the DVDs and video cassettes Herr Epstein made of his “guests” and their under age girlfriends as useful blackmail that ensures no one looks under the hood of the FBI (or other agencies) as they enjoy their new headquarters. This is not a political system that is reformable, this is a system headed for disaster as Rep. Massie alluded to also.

    • There is supposedly a replacement for the old Greenbriar hotel escape via a deep underground railway to some locale beneath a mountain somewhere in the Appalachian range. They closed the Greenbriar bunker back in the 1980s as I recall. I think this route is only reserved for the select few who would give a legal fig-leaf for whatever diktats were issued by the Deep State and its owners. With the delivery systems in place now it’s doubtful there would be enough time for many to escape nukes targeted at Sodom-on-Potomac, or Gommorrah-on-Hudson for that matter.

      • It is difficult to believe that the scumbags at the very top of GloboHomo would leave themselves without excellent protection for the time that is most certainly coming when der Heimat comes under attack by China, at least. The resulting destruction and subsequent chaos will be the time to go to ground for a while, let the little people work things out as best they can, then come up for air and rule the wretched survivors with an iron fist. Just like Lucifer they believe ’tis better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.

        It would be nice if there were an ounce of justice in the world and the scumbags who have caused one catastrophe after another could be made to pay for their crimes and incompetence.

  9. @Karl Logan,

    National Socialism did and does. Check it out for yourself.

    The dissolution of “labor unions ” was done because they did more to ferment communist revolution than improve worker’s conditions, health, and other quality of life issues.

    Under the Third Reich, laborers and tradesmen were happier and had better lives in every metric.

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