The Real Miss Alabama

Editor’s Note: In this special guest post, longtime OD commentator Courtney from Alabama corrects the record on the fake news story that went viral about Miss Alabama. – HW

I have mentioned a few times on The Political Cesspool that in Alabama we are like a big family. Please refrain from incest jokes. That isn’t what I mean. What I mean is, like with a lot of other Southern states, we have an attachment to our soil and a ton of pride. When Alabama gets attacked it is like my family is getting attacked. I am writing this piece today to clear some recent misconceptions about Alabama that were irresponsibly spread by our media.

In recent news, an obese young woman in a red dress was plastered all over the internet along with the words “Miss Alabama 2024”. Her picture along with that phrase was repeated all over social media for at least one day (at least). It didn’t take long for the usual Southern = fat jokes to fill comment sections. I saw predictable comments like “ well it is Alabama” or “ isn’t she fitting for Alabama?”.

One of the problems with the above narrative is that she isn’t Miss Alabama 2024 in the first place. When the story was passed onto me, as a woman from Alabama, something didn’t seem right about it. In Alabama we take pageants seriously and have a long history of sending beautiful women to Miss USA and Miss America. So unlike so many sheep out there, I did my own research.

It took me less than a minute to find the real Miss Alabama USA 2024 who is pictured below. Her name is Diane Westhoven and she was crowned on June 1st of this year. She will go on to represent Alabama in the next Miss USA pageant. She looks far more typical of what Alabama sends to such pageants. The obese woman, Sara Milliken, won a far less relevant pageant that focuses on “inner beauty”. The only reason she is famous is because the media labeled her as Miss Alabama.

What is sad to me is the number of people in our own circles who fell for the hoax and misrepresented my great state on social media, further initiating the usual fat jokes about Southerners. I try to be classy and won’t dare call out names but you know who you are. Shame on the people in our movement who did this. It isn’t the first time I have seen it. This sort of thing just spreads further regional animosity within our ranks, and it is part of why I am so protective of Alabama and the South on The Political Cesspool.

The people who perpetuate these Southern fat jokes have obviously never walked around any college campus in the South. I have personally known men from up North who came down here for school and were blown away by the beauty of the women. I don’t say this out of arrogance but just to emphasize that we have plenty of our own beauty down here just like any other region does both here and in Europe. Most of you reading this should already know this.

I would like to end by providing the link that shows the candidates who participated in Miss Alabama USA this year. The faces here are typical of what you see in pageants down here. But maybe I should falsely convince all of you that 90% of women in Alabama weigh 200 pounds. It might keep more transplants away.


    • Yes, a good article to correct the false narrative.

      “people who perpetuate these Southern fat jokes have obviously never walked around any college campus in the South.”

      How could they, living in Brooklyn?

  1. First they came for the Calvin Klein models and I said nothing because I wasn’t a model. Then they came for Miss Alabama…
    Thank you Courtney for setting things straight!

  2. The real Miss Alabama (the white chick) has a certain look/phenotype/beauty that isn’t as common or popular in Hollywood and latte/limousine liberal elite circles, a more innocent, sweet, warm, wholesome beauty that I find refreshing.
    I find most Hollywood celebs look kind of hard in the face, they have that ‘girlboss’ kind of look; stern, cold, angular.

  3. There was a mulatto (half Jamaican) “Miss Wales” crowned recently, indicating the spread of wokeness that is replacing and destroying Welshness in Wales. However, “beauty contests” in general are a bourgeois pseudo-cultural phenomenon, a very harmful distraction from reality and what is really important (that needs to be done). As in the Joe Hill song, “the only and thoroughbred lady is the rebel girl,” one who is “true to her class and her kind,” who “fights for real freedom” for her people with all her strength and spirit – which means real freedom, NOT “woke,” fake liberation!

  4. I most certainly am not defending beauty pageants in this article, but the integrity of white Southerners in general. I don’t think Alabama is at the point yet that it stoops so low to worship obesity over beauty in a major pageant. The false story created way too big of a buzz on the internet including within our circles, so it warranted a correction, especially since the online propaganda generated the typical South bashing we see too much.

  5. I remember in the 80s and 90s when major media chose attractive people to star in movies and TV shows. Nowadays you’d think such people don’t exist anymore if you went by what they present to us in the media. But of course we know none of that is true as this article illustrates so well.

  6. One woman loves fast food, the other loves exercise and healthy eating.
    Obesity should never be promoted or normalised. It will mean a hearse to your resting place twenty years earlier.

    • She’s not “very dark” at the roots. Lighting and shadow in the parting does that with blonde hair. She is blonde, although it has definitely been lightened. Just think…the envious kikes and globalists are doing just about everything possible to make her type even rarer(or non-existent) than what it already is.

  7. British and French heritage dominates the Deep South. Natural blondes are rare down here. A lot of women were blonde as kids and associate themselves with that hair color and use the bottle. But they still have pretty faces usually that look good either way.

    I once heard an Indian male student commenting on all the blonde women he saw everywhere when he attended Auburn University. A jealous Indian female student said “ yeah but it isn’t a natural color “. He got a big smile on his face and said “ I don’t care…….. they look GOOD”.

    Thankfully I never see beautiful Southern women with Indians or blacks. Almost always white men get them.

    • My friend grew up in Lexington and graduated from UK. Said the amount of gorgeous white girls drowning in athlete bbc would make you sick to your stomach.

      Not surprising, really. Their fathers worshipped sports, they’re doing the same, just a little different

      • I sometimes hear people in our circles share horror stories about attractive white women in the South race mixing but I have yet to witness it. The worst race mixing I have observed was in the Mid Atlantic area of our country for whatever reason.

        • Most race mixing occurrs between Hispanics and everyone else. Hispanics are heavily influenced by Catholicism which as a rule, promotes race mixing and in fact created the Latin Meztizo race as a literal new race for purposes of the Papacy known as the Black Legend of Latin America.

          Thus, Hispanics which are predominantly Mestizo, are more open to race mixing both as an ancestral, religious, and cultural historical movement directed from the Papacy, than Anglo-Protestants and other Nordic Protestants which founded the country. Hispanics are mostly in the Southwest and the North East, the New England and Mid-Atlantic Atlantic region.

          In turn, the Southwest was dominantly Anglo-Protestant even unto this day. The New England and Mid-Atlantic region were also uniformly Anglo-American Protestant into the early 20th century and little different than independence America. But by the Middle 20th century due to the Yankee Protestants lust for cheap labor against their Dixie Protestants cheap Black labor, became predominantly White ethnic Catholic areas.

          This eventually became a self reinforcing political movement as more and more Papists immigrated to the North East and later, joined by immigrant Ashkenazi Jews transformed old American neighborhoods. Places which featured Washington, Hamilton, and various Yankee communities turned into grotesque communities called little Italy, Little Poland, Little Minsk, Yodtowns etc. filled with their own laws, gangs, and politics which became the modern mafias of today.

          As a result, these Papist occupied areas of America like the North East were more amenable to Catholic Hispanics. In turn, whole these other ethnic White Catholic groups are less influenced by the Papacy Latinization myscegenation program they are more open to race mixing with other Catholics as culturally acceptable.

          The result is that where there are Hispanics in general, there will be more race mixing between Whites and Hispanics. In areas where there are dominantly ethnic White Catholics and Hispanic, there will be even more race mixing. This includes with Black Hispanics. As a result, most race mixing in America is between Hispanics and Blacks, White Hispanics and Ethnic Catholic Whites, Black Hispanics and Ethnic Whites. The South was generally historically free of Papists, and its Anglo-Protestant population still doesn’t race mix. In the North East Papist Italians and Poles rap to songs celebrating screwing blacks, but in the South, one of its best country songs is how crazy it would be for a woman to do one.

    • The fix is in, even in Asia.
      The most recent Miss Philippines is a half-black half-filipina.

      Yes, there are jwz in the Philippine media with there consequent influence.

    • It’s only the Jewish trademark? You ever hear of the Mafia? Or the Irish Mob? Who runs the brutal Narco cartels? Joseph Kennedy was kingpin of Hollywood for decades. Cheap modern music was run by the mafia. Stupid labor standards was run by the Irish mob. The world is complex. Lots of competing enemies of America from Moslems to Hindus, Latinos to Bantus, and Papists to Jews. Repeating “Duh, Jews” done it all hysteria is the hallmark of lazy mindedness.

  8. What Hunter and Courtney experienced is the divisive disinformation which is everywhere today. Sadly, I see Hunter and many others here repeat many of them when it fits into their clown world regarding “Duh, Jews,” “Duh, Anglos,” “Duh, NATOs,” “Duh, Wars.” I saw thru the disinformation on Miss Alabma but there is so much of it here, I usually don’t comment.

    As a scion of the South, with 18 grands in the generation of the war, of which 14 were Confederate veterans, and the other 4 British Empire veterans, and dealing with Southern bigotry all the time, I dont like to see things like Alabama voted a fat woman as Miss Alabama. So thank you Courtney for setting the record straight. What Alabama needs is more Alabamans having children and more Whites of Alabama ancestry return to the state. But, otherwise, yes, keep the others out. Maybe repeat Deliverance movies to the other White ethnics and Yankees.
    Or better still to keep em away from the women, have em watch Justified.

  9. The fix is in, even in Asia.
    The most recent Miss Philippines is a half-black half-filipina.

    Yes, there are jwz in the Philippine media with there consequent influence.

  10. This subject is a hallmark of Western media.
    Pump our minds full of junk subjects to keep us from addressing serious topics.

  11. In bourgeois beauty pageant news today, the new MISS MARYLAND USA is a transgender and an apparently half-Irish (Kennedy) half-Cambodian. Most Cambodians in the U.S. “homeland” are the result of the U.S.’s long imperialist war against Cambodia including massive aerial bombing, invasion, divide-and-rule political influence or “meddling,” and genocide of millions of Cambodians by the Pol Pot regime which was allied with the U.S. and resulted, as with the war against Vietnam, in a flood of refugees into the U.S. “homeland.” The U.S. is still waging a “cold” hybrid war against the Cambodian people, causing continued migration, and this Maryland beauty queen moved to the U.S. just twenty years ago.

    • Miss Maryland of the Miss USA mass distraction “beauty” contest event is not literally half Cambodian. “Her” new name Kennedy is Irish or “American.” (BTW, independent journalist Brian Berletic who is based in Thailand informs accurately about U.S. “relations” with Cambodia on his The New Atlas Youtube channel and his Land Destroyer blog.)

      • Mo Levy bowed to the Sicilians when it came disagreements over turf. The reason, they protected him and he gave them money. While, the Jews had their own thing, especially in entertainment it was overshadowed by La Cosa Nostra, aka “Duh, Papists.” But, keep focusing on “Duh, Jews,” it helps Rome.

  12. Thank you so so much Mrs Courtney from Alabama . You are a great representative for all that was/is good and great about the South .

  13. I have known girls in high school that dated only Blacks whereas I’ve known other White girls who dated Blacks when they were in college away from their family eyes. However, of all the girls I knew that did this none of them married Black guys. When it came time to marry, they married White men. I just wonder if they ever spilled the beans to their new White husband about their past. I suspect not.

  14. I despise these so called ‘beauty’ pageants.
    Much of the ‘beauty’ is synthetic, dye, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

    If anything, women should be judged on character, intelligence and accomplishments.

  15. The Spartans had better values.
    Women were judged on physical endurance, strength and athletic prowess. Which virtually guaranteed healthy children.

    Spartan women were said to be the most beautiful of the Greeks .

  16. “Like with a lot of other Southern states, we have an attachment to our soil and a ton of pride. When Alabama gets attacked it is like my family” No diffrent here in CA. You have more allies here than you think. Pride is overdoing it though, to put it lightly. I have family, some I like, some I don’t. If my own family is shitty than they deserve their comeuppance.

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