Joe Biden Announces Mass Amnesty For Illegal Alien Spouses of U.S. Citizens

In spite of everything Trump will likely do regarding Israel, immigration remains the clear difference maker in this election. It is why Trump is the lesser of two evils.

New York Times:

“President Biden’s new immigration policy protects some 500,000 people who are married to U.S. citizens from deportation and gives them a pathway to citizenship.

The election-year move comes just two weeks after Mr. Biden imposed a major crackdown at the U.S.-Mexico border, cutting off access to asylum for people who crossed into the United States illegally. …”

National Review:

“The amnesty the White House announced today is simply the latest — and maybe not even the largest — of its many unilateral decrees legalizing and/or letting into the country individuals who have no right to be in the United States. Unless Congress is willing to completely cede its power over immigration, as it has over war-making, it will at some point need to radically restrict a president’s discretion, in detail and without waivers or wiggle room. …


“President Joe Biden on Tuesday unveiled major new actions that his aides and allies hope will galvanize voters disillusioned with the rightward drift of his approach to immigration.

But in issuing a new policy granting legal protections to undocumented spouses and children of American citizens, the president was trying to lure Donald Trump into a very specific debate, too. …”

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  1. “new immigration policy protects some 500,000 people who are married to U.S. citizens from deportation”

    If they say ‘500,000’ you know it will be millions.
    Just like Reagan’s amnesty turned out being millions more than advertised.

    (Notice how they always craft the words to skew the narrative , ‘protect’ sounds so wholesome in it’s connotations.)

  2. Re: Nordic Resistance labeled terrorist org

    I’ve read the guy responsible for this is a dual citizen.

  3. I don’t want families to be broken up, even the illegal ones. I don’t want spouses to be separated either. Dementia Joe is correct, that is a bad and unnecessary thing.

    I propose immediately deporting all the wogs together as families even if some are U.S. citizens. This would keep families together back in their shithole countries where they belong. Most of them got their citizenship illegally anyway and therefore, in a sane country, not GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire of course, they would have been summarily deported years ago.

    They ultimately stole U.S. citizenship by committing fraud and thieves aren’t entitled to keep the profits of their theft, that is well established in law.

    • >>>>. ultimately stole U.S. citizenship by committing fraud


      What the fool public doesn’t understand is that this dilutes the value of our citizenship and lowers our standard of living.
      New houses, now 500k+, new cars 50k, people complaining they can’t afford groceries, all a part of ever declining living standards.

      Rents are too high, 2k/mo for a 1bdrm in a seedy area of LA.
      Ppl don’t understand simple law of Supply and Demand, more people equals less per individual.
      And I’m not mentioning anything about the low quality of the ppl.

    • “I propose immediately deporting all the wogs together as families even if some are U.S. citizens. This would keep families together back in their shithole countries where they belong. ”

      same here – agree

  4. Some “right wingers” care more about Palestinians than Americans. These are the rootless cosmopolitans of the Dissident Right. The interests of Americans should always come first.

    Trump is the best option for Americans in this election.

    • Now that you mention it, there are quite a few grapedrank-Americans, taco-Americans, curry-Americans, and gefilte-Americans I don’t give a damn about.

    • “Some ‘right wingers’ care more about Palestinians than Americans. These are the rootless cosmopolitans of the Dissident Right”:

      The RIGHT are not nationalists, but they may be rootless cosmopolitans. A TRUE nationalist is necessarily also a true internationalist with respect for all peoples and for international laws and norms.

      The Right as such is never truly nationalist, and has no respect for foreign peoples or ANY people, only for the “rights” of CLASS (the “rights’ of the elites, upper class and their upper bourgeois allies to exploit people for profit.

      “Trump is the best option for Americans in this election”:

      It is no election, just a ridiculous and evil puppet show that is staged by the system to entertain fools. Participation in it, and even paying close attention to it (being entertained by it) equals giving your tacit consent to the evil class and usury system and everything it does. You are a conservative, helping to conserve the evil system.

    • So let me get this straight, putting a Jew puppet con-artist in there is good for America because he’s OK with killing Palestinians and if you’re against that then you are blinded to the many advantages of having a Jew puppet con-artist as President?

    • Sehr interessant links. The fighting in the Near East looks like it will lead to Our Greatest Ally attacking Hezbollah late this summer. No doubt that will blow up into a much bigger war with Our Greatest Ally demanding U.S. troops in Lebanon and an attack on Iran, too. All this in the middle of the ridiculous (s)election campaign for the next Mr. President.

      What will the candidates, King Cyrus and (most likely) Gov. Gavin (Pretty Boy) Newsome do? The military is badly understaffed, underequipped and stretched thin, especially the U.S. Navy. Will the candidates support or oppose conscription? How will their support of Our Greatest Ally look as casualties rapidly pile up, further diminishing military capabilities? An appeal to patriotism for war support will fall flat as the U.S. Government is once again focused on hideous people’s problems thousands of miles away while allowing the country to be invaded across the wide open 1,500 miles of southern border.

      A pox on both their houses and especially the oligarchs who buy and sell these horrible politicians like the $10 whores they are.

  5. The United States is terminal and will underdo a Soviet style implosion in the decades to come. I will be surprised if the U.S. even makes it to its tricentennial in 2076. No nation can long survive on open borders and fiat money especially when its outsources in industry and insources it professional and technical labor and makes war on its founding stock

    • The 250th anniversary of 1776 is only two years away and there isn’t a peep about it. There were years of planning behind the bi-centennial in 1976 with commemorations starting in 1973 with the 200th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. It was a different country then, deteriorating rapidly, too many wogs already but still an overwhelmingly White country and much more sane.

      There is really nothing to celebrate anymore. The U.S. has morphed into GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire, colony of The Usual Suspects, replacing the founding stock with the Third World who hate the country. Instead of civil war again it’s more likely that national disintegration is what the future holds. The old U.S.A. is gone and it’s not coming back so Whites would be crazy to sacrifice for GloboHomo when it demands White conscription to fight for Our Greatest Ally or Taiwan Asiatics.

      That is why the scumbags in Congress are trying to update the Selective Service System and require women to register too. They got caught this time trying to bring back the draft and retreated but they will be back, they always are. They can’t fight their wars without White men and it looks like Our Greatest Ally will demand U.S. troops for its war against Hezbollah it’s planning to start by the end of this summer.

    • Sadly, you are probably right. In such a scenario, expect the mafias, criminal gangs, oligarchs, and FBI/CIA officers and managers to transition to organized crime businessmen just like in Russia during the Wild Wild East. Hunter may be bored with war, uninterested in paramilitary training or deprivation prevention, but those things are interested in him and look increasingly like they are going to get his attention.

      In that near future Hunter folk will have to sell squeezes of toothpaste for a some partially eaten Top Raman. People like Hunter will have to pay protection money to former Spec Op CIA war bands just to buy bait and go fishing at their swimming hole. Later only to discover its too polluted with toxic chemicals from unregulated “businessmen.”

      Even if Trump becomes a true patriot crisis President, there is going to mass civil resistance to him. If he doesn’t, there will be erosion of law and order and mafiazation of business and government. Separation as some Dissident Rightists proclaim will only ensure foreign invasion and continental war. Russia’s post Soviet Union collapse is looking more like our future. Trump could very well be the Yeltsin of our time and Russia’s Wild Wild Eadt our Wild Wild West.

  6. Dump’s not going to do shit but court the new arrivals to his cult of personality. Cokes and pepsis are trash, the real throw away vote.

  7. > In spite of everything Trump will likely do regarding Israel, immigration remains the clear difference maker in this election. It is why Trump is the lesser of two evils.

    I seriously doubt he’ll do anything about the invasion. He had his chance to cross the Rubicon in 2018 when the organized caravans first started to cross the border. He utterly failed to take it. Trump is a grifter and a puppet who will do as he’s ordered, or else he’ll be removed and replaced by another puppet more to the usual suspects’ liking. The only possible argument for casting a vote for Cheetohead is that he’ll collapse the empire faster than the opposing clown will.

    • Basically, yesterday, he gave a speech which quite possibly tipped this election back to contention. Amazingly, Trump repeated the words of Mitt Romney and pre-groyper mugged Charlie Kirk, when he said he would stamp a green card to any willing foreign student graduate.

      Since, US post secondary education gets to charge a higher level tuition for foreign students, and they pay cash, we can count on Trump’s Green Card program he laid out to tech billionaires, to be expanded massively.

      After 8 years of direct national political experience, two Presidential and five Congressional races, loads of opinion polling, and the clear knowledge he was elected in 2016 on the immigration question, and lost it on 2020, and that he knows he is winning now, we have a clearer understanding of him with this speech.

      He doesn’t give a shit about Americans. He is showing his true colors, namely, he is willing to sell out American students and workers, if he thinks it won’t cost him an election and will give him money. If he wins, expect the de jur invasion to continue.

      Right now, the University of Columbia’s graduate program is majority foreign student. Columbia-s undergraduate program runs at about 20% foreign. Counting Columbia’s overall student body, its total student population is majority foreign. Counting Columbia’s US born foreign origin sutduents, its overwhelmingly foreign origin.

  8. This is great. More white guys will get pushed out and more white women will then be forced to breed with the white guys ZOG allows to remain, because obviously ZOG “selects” the best. Ubermensch imperium is nigh. Biden is secretly a super Nazi. Democrats really are the racists! Putin is a resentful incel.

    • @anonymous – stay anonymous; u misstate a bit.

      Biden is secretly a super Nazi (Biden is secretly a super anti-white, pro-Jew). Democrats really are the racists (that’s true, if u mean racists against Whites)! Putin is a resentful incel (big nope).

    • “Blood and Soil for me, but not for thee,” says the anti-White Zionist. Have y’all seen that cartoon, I think it was made by something like White Rabbit radio, about resurrected Hitler literally bringing open borders to Israel?

      A problem with most Christian churches is that they think a nation should be like the church. Just because the gospel is for all nations doesn’t mean that nations shouldn’t exist in their true sense of ethno-Nationalosm, the “nat” or “natal” (birth) in “nation.”

  9. This is not unexpected.

    Reagan’s blanket amnesty to 3.5 million illegals was a true betrayal. Just goes to show that both scumocrats and retardicans are complicit in The Great Replacement of European Americans.

    • “Conservatives” never conserve anything except the gains of the left.”Conservatives” are the flip side of the same coin. They’re there to make us think we have a choice. We don’t.

      • Rev. Dabney said as much back in 1870. Too few paid attention back then and too few do now. So, we end up in this Ground Hog Day type of hell where the conserviletards keep on doing the same thing over and over expecting it will be different this time..

  10. I ended up reading the comments on an article of this blog from this blog.

    The article itself, about Arthur Kemp, is irrelevant. But the comment section had much more posts and with a significant higher quality comparing with present, and there was the entertaining Denise.

    Nowadays there’s pretty much only boredom with the likes of “Merthyr Rising” and the sewage with “Aryan Globalist Bro.”

    • “Nowadays there’s pretty much only boredom with the likes of “Merthyr Rising” and the sewage with “Aryan Globalist Bro.””

      Jewish infiltrators; perhaps ?

      • Pretty sure that Merthyr is a genuine Christian socialist. Which is actually probably truer to the original version of that religion.

    • I hear you, bro. Ever since Brad welcomed the newest addition to his family, he has utterly given up on actively monitoring this blog. The result is there no possibility of any contemporaneous exchanges between commenters, or between Brad and his followers.
      Given that reality, the more cogent and/or interesting commenters have simply stopped engaging the topics or the perspectives presented. Why bother expressing yourself when it constitutes mere shouting into the void? I suspect most perusers of this site concluded, as I have, Why Indeed?
      That is our loss, because once Occidental Dissent was a place of genuine dissent, presented forcefully, colorfully, and informatively among the alternate perspectives of all of us. If the capacity for give-and-take returns, so will we. If not, read “War on the American Republic,” a 2023 book by Kevin Slack. Professor Slack explains how it all came to pass better than any other source I have personally discovered. Bravo, professor.

      • I agree.

        I just don’t have the time to monitor and approve the comments anymore. My work schedule / family life gets overwhelming at times.

        I have finally appointed a moderator to help improve the comment section. This should vastly improve the speed at which comments are improved as well as the discussions here

        • Hunter,

          Thanks for all the good work you do, you have a great website and one of the few places on the internet for truly dissident voices. Your family must come first so it’s understandable that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. Putting family first is a very dissident way of looking at the world now, unfortunately.

        • “family life gets overwhelming at times.”

          This sight alone is a full time job.
          I’ve always said that sites such as this require a cooperative team effort.

        • Thank you for extending Southern hospitality on your blog, to this White non-Southerner (me) through many months, or several years. I know that you are intellectually curious and tolerate sincere expressions of different views, and you do not want your blog to become an echo chamber of exclusively conservative and right-populist discourse. Nevertheless, I think my comments have been too different from your position, and that many of your regular or long-time White nationalist readers and commenters are bored and don’t want to encounter any expression of the Left viewpoint here. So I have decided, very respectfully, to stop commenting here. Your blog is interesting and unique, and I really have learned from it. I do appreciate, understand and agree fully with your Southern ethno-centrism and “rootedness” in your native land. I was introduced once to your blog and really haven’t commented anywhere else on the web, on any other blogs or websites, so you see I am making a clean break from the time-wasting and evidently useless weblog commenting habit.

          Now may the Lord bless, guide and direct you. We know all things work together for good for those who are the called according to His purpose, and that there is one truth that makes men free. May everyone come to live in it.


    • You went thru some articles and comments then decided to say nothing but complain about the commentary and singled out two people who regularly comment here.

      You think Merthyr’s content is boring despite its roots in Ezra Pound and his American biographer. You think my content is sewage, despite having met said biographer and other luminaries and discussed with them about their past and philosophies and articulating how the present e celebs and their policies are gay and shallow in comparison.

      I bet you’re just another Papist Nazi follower if not grifter of the Gay Grand Inquisitor and his Latino psuedo-Nazis.

  11. “Hochul should appoint special prosecutor to combat antisemitic hate crimes: ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo”. Nypost

    Always, special favoritism for those all so very special people.

  12. None of this is going to stop until the debt is called on the USA national deficit and states stop using the Fed reserve dollar as fiat currency. Then the federal government won’t be able to pay people to do their dirty work, let alone give away “money” to alien invaders.

    • “None of this is going to stop until the debt is called on the USA national deficit”

      I don’t know what you mean by ‘called’.

      But the debt will have to collapse by its own mass.
      Right now we have fed res buying the debt and Treasury issuing unlimited money to create a false market.

      The markets are very much false accounting, like most Jewish frauds, Enron, ftx, Drexel, Madoff etc.

      Yellin and her goy puppet, Powell, are buying up both ends of the Treasury market to keep everything floating on a cloud.

  13. Last December gropey dopey Biden went to Mexico for talks with the Mexican president. According to reports, they struck a deal. The Mexicans would restrain migration, at least until our election, to give U.S. voters the impression that Biden secured the border.

    In exchange, the Mexicans asked for more aid for Latin America and an amnesty for their citizens illegally residing in the U.S. Maybe this executive amnesty is part of that deal

    • “voters the impression that Biden secured the border.”
      Yes, the electorate is dumb enough to believe it.

      “Maybe this executive amnesty is part of that deal”
      Very likely. Quid pro quo.

  14. At best electing Trump will slow down the browning of America a bit, it won’t stop or reverse it.

  15. The National Review article was written by Mark Krikorian. Krikorian was born in the United States to American-born parents of Armenian descent from the (former) Soviet Republic. Why is it never a Jones, a Taylor, or a Smith? Why is it it the most vocal critics of immigration are always of foreign blood? Because they are just like us, right? When are the Amish going to start sounding off over immigration?

    • “Why is it never a Jones, a Taylor, or a Smith?”

      Despite being the largest voting bloc, the largest voting bloc opposed to immigration, and the ones who created the country, those voters aren’t allowed to have a public voice. Its only Polaks, Armenians, Italians, Jews, Irish, Mexicans, Blacks, etc that are allowed to have the megaphone. Americans were pushed out long ago and because of foreogn inspired insidious dividers in their camp, are kept disunity. Only the bought, the subordinated, the collaborators amongst them who are given a voice. This is how the Romans conquered most of their enemies, especially the Gauls. Its being done by the Romans again now to Americans.

    • I strongly disagree that waspy Founding Stock Americans are letting things slide on immigration while white Americans descended from immigrants speak out against it. I have seen many examples of just the opposite. Some of the most based people in the country are in the South and Interior West which are full of people named Jones and Smith. A lot of the most stable leaders in our movement seem to be of Southern heritage and waspy background. I despise this “ Anglo Saxon Founding Stock BAD, all other whites GOOD” narrative that a lot of people promote in our circles. America is the wrong country for that mindset.

      • ” most based people in the country are in the South and Interior West ”

        They just won’t unite.

        A fatal flaw.

        • Yes…hollow materialistic competition and extreme individualism makes for a weak core.

      • I am not saying the American WASP base is doing nothing. Rather, their voice isn’t being represented. Post 1965, they have gotten together for some nationalist movement, heritage movement, political movement, religious movement, etc that promotes their interests. Then what happens is Catholics, Jews, Ellis Islanders, foreigners, etc somehow suddenly take over the movements and become their representative voice. Worse, sometimes, said Papist takes over and slowly morphs into being Nazi, or of its a Jew, becoming a single issue only Zionist.

        For example, look at the immigration restriction movement. Lots of Native Americans (British Colonial Americans) have pushed it for generations. Then the one, literally the one voice with a megaphone they get is Peter Brimelow.

        Peter was of course working at the time for the Papist William Buckley at National Review. Buckley thought his Judeo-Catholoc team could use him to triangulate the Natives. I love Peter… been following him for decades. One of our State directors has been following him since he appeared on TV shows in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. He’s even British. But for Lord’s sake he’s foreign born. Worse, he’s now declared himself a Papist. Good grief, we can’t even win for losing.

        Its because its fixed. Its fixed by the Judeo-Catholic mob who gate keeps the media and works to silence nationalists, especially Anglo-Protestant nationalists on behalf of the globalists. The latter includes Anglo-Protestant Yankees. They are almost all internationalists and don’t like even Southerners. Together this Judeo-Catholic Yankee establishment is especially interested in smothering us.

        Its not like there aren’t bus loads of articulate, educated, Southern born, Native Americans, who believe the same thing. Its just they get gate kept out. Even Brimelow was purged by his Papist overlord William Buckley for not following Buckley’s orders. Brimelow was a Protestant back then. So, without the Papacy to hold Brimelow accountable on questioning Immigration, Buckley purged them. They won’t even let a foreign born Anglo-Protestant get far with the megaphone.

        As a result, there are still no WASP Native born Americans who have a megaphone for advocating our ethno-sectarian interests. Not one. Well, except perhaps now Tucker Carlson, and he is rather late to playing the tactic despite being in the game for decades. What we need are more of us, advocating for us, with megaphones. What that requires is a resolve to gate keep out the Papists. We should be done working with them, and especially work to neutralize their take over the grass roots movements.

      • While what you say about the WASP founding populace is partly true – especially in the southern and midwestern regions. While there are some serious issues even with this group (Christian Zionism being the largest), they’re the ones who form the real remaining core of the American nation as founded. However, there’s the ”other part” of the founding stock, the ones from New England in particular plus their colonies in the northern midwest and northwest who are by now the absolute worst of all of our enemies, even jews (who as the literal spawn of Satan deserve no sympathy or mercy).

        While I don’t have much use for (((Curtis Yarvin))) and his kvetching, he does make a point about the fanaticism of the yankee types. They were willing partners of the Rothschild agents who set the stage and paved the way for the invasion of the south (as Rothschild-France invaded Mexico) and the absolute worst type of treasonous scum in the reconstruction years afterward. Read Margaret Mitchell’s novel (the 1940 Pedwood movie is a ridiculous caricature) for a fairly good portrait of the archetype. Hell they even aligned with Rothschild-owned Britain in 1812. The Church of Woke’s boots on the ground are largely white with a high percentile of WASP stock. Elizabeth Warren, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates and countless others fill the ranks of enemy. Jews, Italians, Armenians and the rest are all jockeying for their own interests. Anglos are literally divided so seriously that they are unable to organize as any attempts are infiltrated by fellow anglos who side with those seeking our extermination.

        While Ash-can Nazi GloboPedo Bro continues to bleat on about ‘Papism’, that which calls itself Protestantism is no better. The ever-polite Jared Taylor recently penned an article about the total rot present on not only the obscenity in Rome, but the farce that Protestantism has degenerated into as well. He didn’t address the folly of Christian Zionism, instead focusing on the ‘Christianity’ morphing into the Church of Woke, whose god is Satan and whose pope is his vicar Noseferatu.

        • Exalted Cyclops, my argument wasn’t to suggest that WASPs overall are better. I was simply responding to this one sided anti Anglo Protestant rhetoric that is so popular in our movement.

          No other group of whites gets attacked within our movement as much as Protestant Anglo Saxons do ( which I expand to include Founding Stock whites in general as well as other British whites like the Scottish etc….). White people who are descended from immigrants are constantly celebrated both within our circles and outside our circles whereas Founding Stock Americans are either constantly bashed or treated like we are irrelevant. Celebrating the Germans as the largest ethnicity in America, when they really aren’t, the British still are…….is just one example of this.

          In your response to me, you mentioned how not just Yankee WASPs but also Southern WASPs and Interior West WASPs have some negative qualities ( the latter supporting Zionism). Okay, can we now hear negative things about Italians, Germans, Swedes, Poles etc…. in this country? Those groups are by no means universally conservative. Not by a long shot. Many of them vote for Democrats.

          I also can’t help but notice how the South and Lower Midwest, and Interior West are always the reddest states in America and they are also some of the most WASPy parts of the country. The parts of the country heavily settled by European immigrants tend to be blue or at best swing states with the exception of New England which is blue but also WASPy. I believe the Pacific Northwest is a mixture of WASPs but also white immigrant descendants of Germans, Irish and Scandinavians.

          I just want a more balanced discussion on this topic instead of the “ Anglo Saxon Protestant BAD…… White immigrant Catholics GOOD” arguments that are far too prevalent in our circles. Celebrating immigrants over the Founding population in this country is one of the biggest mistakes we ever made.

          • It’s true that one used to encounter some mild praise for white immigrant groups like Poles, Swedes, Italians and Irish from the Mighty Wurlitzer but that mostly vanished with Columbus Day being declared a national day of mourning and atonement for YT. With the advent of Woke dogma ca.2010 all of these sub-groups are just more white-devils to be hated upon by the POX and awoken hwytes. Some haven’t got the message yet obviously.

            Germans were starting to be lumped in with the Anglos since around WW I and basically kind of been rolled into the hated honkies pen after basically vanishing from the screen after WW II and the Austrian painter. The white immigrants were from an earlier time when assimilation to WASP-ish norms was demanded. Many did so.

            WASPs started being an object of derision long before any of the others did though. That got under way once the jews established their Mighty Wurlitzer lie-machine in the early part of the 20th century. WASPs were the first target, and the Mighty Wurlitzer continues to blame all ills upon them. You’re dead on about that one. Your point about the reddest parts of the country being the ones with the highest concentration of WASPs might be true, and makes me wonder about some the NE states and yankee settlements (some of the bluest places) in terms of WASP level in the population. Some of the more prominent examples of self-hate and shitlibbery come from those places to be sure, but do they represent a large segment of the founding stock or are they mouthpieces for ethnic enclaves in large cities filled with morons?

            In light of Taylor’s article, I also find this entire Catholic/Protestant argument to be pretty absurd. Both branches are in utter ruins – dead and decaying rapidly in west. That’s one of the reasons the RCC hierarchy supported the 1965 open-borders law written by jews. An abomination anti-pope now sits atop Peter’s throne.

            Catholics overall have a fairly massive concentration of shitlibbery, especially since ones like Barnhardt (who names Bergloglio as an anti-pope) are very rare. Fuentes the Federale is totally fake and gay so there’s not much point in even taking him seriously. Besides Barnhardt (who can be a bit much at times) about the only RC who I’d take seriously would be the Kurgan, who is a full-fledged sede-vacantist (all popes from John XXIII are anti-popes because of Vatican II, which is apostasy). E. Michael Jones has made a complete idiot of himself over Bergoglio, Vatican II and his embrace of Magic Dirt. Move some Congoloid dindoo to Poland and … voila …. he’s as Polish as Jan Sobieski after a while … because magic dirt exists but race does not.

          • Exalted Cyclops, thanks. Fair enough. In regards to white ethnics like Italians, Poles, Germans etc….. ( anyone who isn’t Founding Stock or from Great Britain), you are right that those groups get attacked by mainstream society now along with WASPs, but within our circles on the Right it seems those groups are worshipped whereas British people are uniquely attacked constantly.

            I lump the Protestant Germans ( and the French and Dutch) who were here during the Founding, in with the British in this country, but I don’t do the same for the Germans who immigrated here in the 1800s and settled the Midwest. They are largely self aware of who they are and are proud to be Germans. This sets them apart from the British in this country. They are the reason everyone says they are German in this country ( or Irish) , outside of New England, the South, and Utah.

            It is something that really irritates me and is why Germans are always counted as the largest group in America when it is really the British. There are a lot of people in the Plains states, the West Coast, parts of the Midwest, and even the Northeast who want to identify with a small part of their ancestry that is immigrant ( German) instead of claiming their whopping larger percent of Founding Stock ancestry. So it is hard for me to lump most Germans in this country with the British. They seem proud to be immigrants just like the other groups.

  16. Trump meanwhile is vowing to “staple green cards to diplomas”, even 2-year degrees. This will lead to endless amounts of fraud.

    The “skilled” labor Trump wants will be nothing but street shitting pajeets, coming here in even greater numbers. Immigration will continue at civilization destroying levels under Trump. His value, is the insane overreactions he causes.

    • Immigration will continue at civilization destroying levels under Trump.

      Under anyone, until there’s massive unemployment and the electorate starts to think.

      The typical white is just too stupid to protect his precious race, unlike our ancestors.

    • “His value, is the insane overreactions he causes.”

      A very good way of putting it. Leftists are mentally ill to begin with, so it is somewhat satisfying to watch them become even more unhinged.

  17. Trumptards of the world unite. Your Orange god promises to staple a “green card” to the diploma of every foreigner that graduates from a ZUS college, Junior colleges included.

    Keep on keepin on Trumptards, deceiving and being deceived.

  18. That crowd in the images at top of post look wicked. They want to do/say anything to deflect away from the truth of what they have done — released millions of illegal invaders into our country to finally overrun the descendants of the original founding stock and put an end to all conservative resistance to their relentless drive for a communist takeover.

    There is a debate between Trump and Biden this coming week. If I were Trump who will supposedly have the last word in the debate I would tell Biden in the final remarks that on day one of Trump’s term in office (if Trump wins the election) that Biden and all those others responsible in his administration will be locked up immediately as murderers for deliberately, arrogantly letting illegals pour into our country and commit crimes and even murder USA citizens…

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    • At least two kikes in that photo, three non-Whites of indeterminate origin, and a white traitor of the highest order.

  19. President Biden pledged to give citizenship to illegal-alien married spouses! Ignore that the figurehead puppet-mouthpiece-of-the-system (Biden) has also pledged the U.S. military to join Israel in a full-scale invasion of Lebanon and Syria, which will initiate full-scale hot war with Iran that is pledged to defend Lebanon and Syria, and with Russia that is pledged to defend Iran, and with China and North Korea that are pledged to support Russia.

    The conservative, reactionary, and even populist Right focuses your attention on the danger of immigrant spouses receiving “citizenship” in the “homeland” of your so-called “nation” (global empire) and wants you to ignore the almost infinitely greater danger of the Empire’s global imperialist wars against real nations that could nuke your racially- and ethnically-mixed, globally-cosmopolitan so-called “national homeland” completely out of existence!

    The open invitation to illegal immigrants (more “human resources”) is a mere symptom of the real, deadly disease, which is the class and usury system, which involves (it requires for its continued existence) waging endless global imperialist war – hot, cold, psychological, financial, biological, covert, proxy and hybrid – to destroy the sovereignty of real nations, to control and fully exploit all the “human resources” of the entire world.

    The Right (including right populism) focuses your attention on how to treat a symptom (immigration) in order to protect the disease itself from being noticed, in order to conserve the disease.

    • There can be more than one crisis at a time. The immigration/illegal alien invasion has reached crisis proportions to the point where it has destabilized the U.S. The White population has basically been driven out of LA, for example except for a few wealthy types usually associated with the degenerate “entertainment” business/spectacles. The same can be said for SF, Chicago, NYC etc. Life is simply impossible in these places for regular, working class, normal families. These places and many others are Third World sewers now.

      When Israel attacks Hezbollah there will be another crisis on top of the existing immigration/illegal alien invasion crisis. The U.S. Govt., taking orders from its master, will offer whatever support including combat troops Our Greatest Ally demands of its colony, not the other way around. This will be a military crisis because the U.S. doesn’t have enough troops, ammunition, supplies or anything else leading to a political crisis because the public will not support conscription.

      This will also lead to an economic crisis as the U.S. Govt. prints even more dollars backed by not even one Troy ounce, not even one grain of gold or silver. This will precipitate even greater inflation than has already been experienced. If Iran is attacked also leading to the cessation of oil from the Persian Gulf this will immediately cause a monumental international crisis.

      With the U.S. all bollixed up in the Near East, still supporting Ukraine too it will be an ideal time for China to seize Taiwan, yet another crisis. With the country in an uproar domestically over raging inflation and constant shortages the Federal Govt. will be in a crisis of legitimacy caused by its manifold failures and incompetency across the board. All this during election season too.

      There can easily be more than one crisis at a time besetting the dildos in Washington and allied capitols, as a matter of fact, it’s inevitable.

  20. “Ron DeSantis is right; Barack Obama deported more people than Donald Trump did

    Under Trump, from fiscal year 2017 to fiscal year 2020, the Department of Homeland Security recorded 2 million deportations, a combination of all three metrics. (Fiscal year 2017 included about four months of the Obama administration.)

    During Obama’s first term, fiscal year 2009 to fiscal year 2012, there were 3.2 million deportations (removals and returns). Fiscal year 2009 included about four months of the second George W. Bush administration. During Obama’s second term, covering fiscal years 2013 through 2016, there were 2.1 million deportations (removals and returns).”

    • “David did the same with Uriah so that he could lay with Bathsheba.”

      That’s one of many lessons that Judaism draws from the treachery of the Torah. There are many more.

    • The terrorist attack on the Sebastopol beach was the work of US ATACMS cluster munitions almost certainly fired by US or NATO troops out of uniform. It happened on the exact anniversary of CIA triple-agent Prigozhin’s attempted coup of the Russian government. I’ve seen rumors that the 10 American soldiers who operated the ATACMS/HIMARS launcher have now been sent to their eternal reward in hell. If true, that’s ten who won’t be around to fire weapons on folks like Hunter and his family when the genocide campaign starts in earnest here. Good riddance to bad trash.

  21. There must be very ineffective policing and very high crime in the countries these so called “migrants” are coming from judging by the audacity of some of these outrageous crimes they have been committing. Snatching women and girls for rape and murder. I bet Maduro is emptying all his worst of his worst offenders out of his prison system and handing them a one way ticket to the Rio Grande border in hopes they raise havoc. I bet this is a rerun of the whole Mariel Boatlift thing where Castro shipped his criminals to Miami.

    • The Empire’s owners are running the invasion. They’re paying foreign governments, cartels and a long list of NGO’s to transport ‘caravans’ of invaders numbering in the ten-thousands each at least monthly to the southern border of Murika, from where they are put on buses and planes to be resettled all over the country. It’s all being done with the active connivance of both parties, numerous corporations, NGOs, churches, etc, who are all profiting from the invasion. Meanwhile, having completely purged the military of anyone save morons, traitors and foreigners, they are busy ginning up WW III for which they will draft the remaining whites (wymyn included) to be sent to some God-forsaken meat-grinder in Ukraine, Lebanon, Iran, or Taiwan. Get it? See that target on your back yet?

      “Trust the Plan”, zeks. Voat moar harder.

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