I’m Voting For Trump In 2024

I’m voting for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

Until yesterday, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in November. I voted for Donald Trump in the Republican primary in Alabama. I saw that as a vote to end Nikki Haley’s career. My vote hardly matters here in Alabama and I was on the fence about voting in the presidential election. I have been hesitant to endorse Trump because I don’t want to own all the blackpills which are sure to follow.

My position on Trump vs. Biden for the last two years or so has been that Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils. In many ways, the Trump presidency was a demoralizing disaster for us, but the Biden presidency has been a bigger disaster on key issues like immigration and foreign policy. Biden is objectively worse than Trump on immigration for intentionally dismantling immigration enforcement and allowing over 8 million illegal aliens to invade the United States in four years. In contrast, Trump often meant well and made an effort to restrict immigration, but was stymied by lawfare from NGOs in the federal courts, personal feuds and distractions, resistance from within his own government and opposition in his own party.

By 2024, I had become a lukewarm Trump supporter who has been on the fence about voting. I wasn’t swayed by his criminal trials although I agree he is being targeted in a witch hunt. I wasn’t swayed by his big promises about ending the wars, mass deportations and dismantling the Deep State all of which I doubt he will deliver on. I wasn’t swayed by Joe Biden clearly having one foot in the grave in the presidential debate and the prospect of four years of President Kamala Harris.

Yesterday afternoon, I was running some errands and going about my business when I was rear ended by an illegal alien from Venezuela with no automobile insurance. Thus, I have finally been personally screwed over by Joe Biden’s disastrous immigration policies and will have to pay out of pocket for car repairs because someone who has no money and no business being here is driving around my community. I am grateful that I was the only one in the car and that it is still drivable. In that instant, all I could think about is how much worse it could have been if I had gotten T-boned with our baby in the backseat.

Anyway, I have interpreted this event as a sign that I should vote for Trump. The illegal alien couldn’t speak English and was using a translation app to communicate with the police when they arrived. I have been in similar accidents before with White people here in Alabama. I understand that accidents happen, but these people are citizens and have insurance and can be sued without vanishing. I was told by our insurance company that this has become a huge problem in recent years. It happens all the time now.


  1. Happy you are okay.

    “Trump often meant well and made an effort to restrict immigration”

    I disagree with this. I think he could have done more and cared very little about the immigration issue. The wall was an election year gimmick, not a serious proposition.

    • He tried to “build the wall.”

      Remember, the GOP Congress refused to pay for it and he got sued and it was tied up in the federal courts for years until SCOTUS allowed him to use military funds to pay for it. That’s qualitatively different than Biden dismantling immigration enforcement on Day 1 with executive orders.

      • @Hunter Wallace,

        I believe that the Trump choice is right because the deep state is going to put up a diff. candidate than Biden; but Trump could have enforced immigration on Day 1 with executive orders.

      • REP. Chip Roy over at Gab was saying he demands Kabala Haaretz remove Jews Joe via the 25th Amendment.

        HW, what does the 25th permit, and what does it exclude? If it would exclude any other candidates (Newsome, Kennedy, Moochelle O’Bummer) and mandate that Kabala MUST be the nominee, wouldn’t that be a death knell for the DEMS, even more than they already have, now? I’d love your take on that angle.

  2. HW, I am so glad you were not injured. Every one of these Biden Bummers needs to be deported. They are like moving “land mines” released by Communists who have no concern for those of us whose families go back several centuries except that we be overrun and destroyed by their vicious lethal political games.

    Trump says he will deport them all but we all know he probably won’t do it.

    However we do have a backup option.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Thank God the illegal alien didn’t kill you. Since the 1990’s I’ve been involved in half dozen collisions caused by illegal aliens. No injuries, just fender benders except for one car that was totalled when I was rear ended by one of them. They’re a scourge. Now I drive a beater. It’s cheap to insure and to register and if it’s totaled, I’ll just buy another one. They’re never insured, frequently unlicensed and often can’t speak English. This is the cost of opening the borders of our country.

      We have a two tier society. Whites have to be licensed, registered and insured but the non-whites are free to do as they please.

      • it’s not white and non- whites; it’s whites and Latinos. Only now that non-Latinos are also coming in, in droves, is there talk of a problem from MSM. And then the pivot is always to Muslim terrorists, or as Hannity and Watters and all on Fox and right- wing media say, “Chinese” coming in. What’s a little murder of a 12 year old if done by 2 Latinos and not a Muslim! The agenda of the deep state, MSM, State dept and la raza embedded in every govt institution, is to turn the USA into a Latino country. Hannity, Watters, right wing media generally, are either clueless or on board with it and pivot to talking about evil Muslims behind every rock already plotting an attack. No Chinese or middle eastern person, person would come here for a better life, Hannity says every day. If he said that about Latinos, he’d be off the air and his bigotry would be the talk of the MSM for weeks.

        • ALL non-Whites are unregenerate and irredeemable Xenoi. The fallacious ‘universal jurisdiction’/’universal salvation’ mantra the Cult of Rome has been hawking since 1100 A.D., is behind all of this.

          Some preamble:The problem is this: Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to, nor during the first 1000 years of Christendom’s existence (i.e., the Millennium), were NON-EUROPIDS made an organic part of the Orthodox and Catholic Church- only the White Caucasoids of Magna Europa/Christendom were the recipients. “In the mouth of two or three witnesses,” remember?

          The word ‘world’ (ecumene) meant the INHABITED WORLD of FIRST CENTURY BIBLICAL JUDAISM, which was the ‘world’ of the Roman Empire. Nothing more. Read ACTS, and the Day of Pentecost- only FAITHFUL ‘Jews’ (i.e., genetic residents of Judea- that is, Israelites) were gathered there, not Blacks, Indians, Asians, etc. And the lands where they travelled from? ALL WITHIN THE ROMAN EMPIRE.

          Romans 1:16-17 give you the ONLY TWO GROUPS that the GOSPEL was sent to- the JUDEAN and the HELLENE. Geographic, as well as defined ‘racial’ groups. And, sure enough…. that’s the only groups that remained orthodox in their Christianity for the millennium of building the Kingdom!!! That Kingdom of God is known as Christendom.

          [Just watched a documentary on Japan, in which the commentator (2018) said only 1% of Japan is Christian; even after centuries of evangelization, a solid, honorable culture, literacy, etc. THERE IS A REASON for this!]

          Both Rome and the Protestants are mired in the same heresy. The Eastern Orthodox have a saying that illustrates that: “Rome was the first Protestant.” The heresy that fuels and ‘legitimizes’ this universalist heresy, is ‘filioquism’- a false view of the Holy Spirit.

          Rome has EVER been only interested in ROME, not Christianity, since at least 1100. She is (as the Reformers noted of her) ‘… no TRUE church.”

          Her adoption of a FALSE model of ‘caesaro-papalism’ after she schismated herself in AD 1054 (via the addition of the ‘filioque’ in the Creed) led to two ‘innovations’ that directly affect your concerns, as expressed in these comments. Rome adopted two CONTRARY ideas to Christianity’s mission, and focus, over a thousand years ago. And most Westerners don’t realize that fact. The Eastern Orthodox do, and have manifestly been very vocal, ever since! What are these heresies?

          1) First, by making one member of the Holy Trinity (the H.S.) a ‘created thing’ rather than God (for that’s what the filioque does, ‘philosophically speaking,’ [ godhistorydialectic.wordpress.com ] it left a ‘hole’ in the Trinity, that the Papal Office was more than glad to fill. Thus, a mere man came to be thought of as GOD on Earth. Sorry, big heresy there.

          2) Then, the Pope promulgated two subsequent heresies. One (since he was ‘as the voice of God’) was “Universal jurisdiction.” Instead of Christendom being concentrated/located in the bosom of the Roman Empire (i.e., Europe/Christendom) the pope, full of himself, claimed that the WHOLE WORLD was ‘his own.’

          Following on that (and, with the discovery of the “New World”) His Popiness also proclaimed something that NEVER was in the minds of the first 10 centuries of Christendom- that ALL RACES, ALL PEOPLES, ALL HOMINIDS, were to be ‘converted’ – the next big heresy.

          For the “Faith” that Christ said He was come to proclaim, HE also said He was only to deliver to ONE people- the “Lost Sheep of the HOUSE [Gr. “oikos” race, clan, ethnic family, in-group] of ISRAEL.” i.e., WHITE MEN.

          Protestants have been playing ‘catch-up’ with the conquest and ‘colonization’ of Rome’s vassal states (France, Spain, Portugal) ever since- THAT is the reason for the British Raj, the Belgian Colonies, the Dutch South Africa, the Chinese Opium Trade, and the attendant ‘missionary’ expansion to RACES WHO NEVER WERE INCLUDED IN THE OFFER OF THE GOSPEL. Because even St. Paul said, only ‘ALL Israel’ shall be saved, etc.

          Not the Chinaman, the mestizo savage, the Incan heart eater, the African beast. ONLY WHITE ISRAEL.
          Your entire edifice of ‘bringing the Gospel to the world’ was a ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT STRATEGY for world domination, and not the GOOD NEWS, at all!

          Learn the Truth. All of your IMpastors/denominations are preaching ADULTERY and Miscegenation- both forbidden in Scripture. [Ex. 20, Ez 9:2ff. – also Tob. 4:12]

          • Okay, that’s a pretty cogent argument overall. I totally agree about ‘filioque’ though it took some time to actually figure it out. That one was done for the Jewish-infiltrated Frankish elite (back to the Merovingian dynasty). Quelle surprise. Like Vatican II, history may not repeat but it certainly rhymes. The papacy itself as set up from the of Charlemagne’s coronation as Holy Roman Empire was built upon a lie.

            What about the Orthodox church in Axum/Ethiopia (yes I know that the Amharic/Ethiopians were not bantu but a semitic group – only written African language before Arabic/Islamic conquests)? What about the one on the west coast of India founded by St. Thomas?? What about all of the Orthodox populations in Syria, Iraq. Lebanon?? Your typical Nordic-obessed WN would not consider any of the above to be white.

          • US of AIPAC– Why your foolish response?

            1) Do you WANT nonwhites to be your ‘brothers in Christ’? Whatever for? Have you seen what non-Whites do to Everything they touch? I’ve grown up watching Catholic congregations lose their ethnic identity, have their liturgical expression trampled upon, up to and including the Mass going from Latin, to English (well, Vatican II) to Spanish, leaving the Anglos in the dust! I realized ROME had left me, not I, Rome.
            2) Are you even a Christian, or are you just mocking a religion you don’t love? Cheeky of you, if so.
            3) Did you think I hadn’t already thought of that? I had, and read many others on this point. Here:

            All the world?

            “As is illustrated in Luke 2:1 the expression “all the world” simply denotes the known inhabited earth. According to Luke 2:1 “all the world” was enrolled in the Roman census imposed by Augustus.18  Deuteronomy 2:25; 29:4; 1 Chronicles 14:17; Ezra 1:1; Psalm 118:10; Jeremiah 27:7; Daniel 2:38; Acts 2:5; and Romans 16:26 are other examples in which “all the world” or “all the nations” refers to the known inhabited world and not every nation without exception.”- https://revelationrevolution.org/matthew-24-commentary-that-generation-shall-not-pass/

            Exalted Cyclops. While your response is less cheeky, it still partakes of a universalist mindset.
            WHY DO YOU WANT THESE SHITHOLE NATIONS IN YOUR CHURCH, if you (also) go to Church? Just asking for the extremely xenophobic Israelites, who, (until Christ) NEVER sought to ‘convert’ the people around them. Amos 3:2, in other words.

            But, to answer your question more fully. Do you not realize that only those National Churches that hold to ALL SEVEN ECUMENCIAL COUNCIL’S decisions, are considered TRULY ‘Catholic’ or “Orthodox”? Neither the Ethiopian nor the Thomasites are fully conciliar, and this is the case with ALL of the non-White [sic] “Christian” groups from the Copts to the Armenians, as well as the now defunct sects and cults that once existed. There is a REASON for this. If YHWH God says, ‘YOu alone of all the Tribes/families on earth, have I known” [ Amos 3:2] the primary reason for both their exclusion as well as their heterodox viewpoint, is because GOD NEVER PREDESTINED THEM TO BE A PART OF THE BODY, in the first place.

            I can claim Irish or Scottish ancestry by descent (sometime, back in the past, my ancestors were ‘FULLY’ Celtic, but, until and unless the National government says I am a citizen, then I am only able to claim ‘ancestral communion.’ I know that analogy falls flat, in that I am white, and DO have Scots-Irish ancestry on both sides of the family, and have a genetic similarity to those groups, that is readily apparent when among those ‘tribes,’ but the point I am trying to make is, With the non-Chalcedonian ‘churches’ what they ‘say’ they are, and what they actually ARE, are two very different things.

            As two well-respected Orthodox writers have said: “Every nation or ethnic group has its own church, and this division of church authority makes preaching effective. Thus, every nation has its own characteristics and its own spirit that is the foundation of each local church. “- St. John Maximovich of San Francisco

            “This is the nationalism advocated by this writer and Orthodox nationalism in general. It implies that nations have every right to protect their borders and ethnic integrity. Nations are creations of God as families are.” – Dr. M. R. Johnson

            I’ve merely observed the reality of Church intersecting with race, and geography, and put two and two together. I want what the Founding Fathers wanted – a White, Anglo, Ethnostate with one religion and Body (of Christ) that is ours, ALONE. What the other nations do, and what other communions do, is none of my (and frankly, God’s sovereign) business.

          • More bs from Friar Tuck. There are rules, but there are always exceptions to the rules. Blacks like Candace Owens and Thomas Sowell are very “redeemable” if you ask me. Better people than many whites. Many other examples from every race can be found who fly in the face of your constant bs. The Bible doesn’t mention races because it was written by men who knew little of the world outside of their sphere. Christianity is UNIVERSAL.

            “Romans 1:16-17 give you the ONLY TWO GROUPS that the GOSPEL was sent to- the JUDEAN and the HELLENE. Geographic, as well as defined ‘racial’ groups.”
            Because it was written by jews and Greeks. They were ignorant and that was the extent of the World to them, at least the part that mattered to them.

            “Just watched a documentary on Japan, in which the commentator (2018) said only 1% of Japan is Christian; even after centuries of evangelization, a solid, honorable culture, literacy, etc. THERE IS A REASON for this!”
            Yeah, because they honor their ancestors and are perhaps too smart to fall for Semitic bs.

            I agree on the Pope, but if a God actually existed who created all of humanity only to send a redeemer for one small part of it, then that god is evil or totally incompetent. After the jews rejected Jesus, “Israel” referred to all people who accepted Jesus. That is just one reason Israel is a fake and fraudulent nation.

            Prove that Hebrews are the original Whites. You can’t because it’s all bs. They were one of many Semitic groups in that region who had fantasies about genociding other groups in the area, who they were closely related to, to steal their land.

          • Too many points made here to illuminate how they are being used wrongly. But in essence, your only Whites are Christian because that is the way it was in the beginning. But as Exaltes Cyclops notes, that is not the case. The Ethiopians were mulatto ruled by mostly Whites at best. There were the Nubians were were certainly Black and Christian long before the Bishop of Rome became a Prince of the Church and lay claim to universal jurisdiction. Christianity is made for all men and nations. How they worship, their liturgies, their sacred language, etc is all up to them. There is plenty of room to keep our church nations different but in single communion with Christ.

          • Titus. Either substantiate your propositions with valid sources, or Shut it.

            You just don’t like being told that you are not God. Sorry, NOT GOD.

            Are you and AIPAC ‘roommates’?

          • 2) Are you even a Christian, or are you just mocking a religion you don’t love?

            Mocking their dogma.

          • @Fr. John I am all for my people but you are wrong on salvation. Christianity was to be spread to all of the world to every creature. A racial view that Christianity is only for us whites is wrong.

          • @Ft John, I am Eastern Orthodox and you grossly misrepresent our church. We have missionaries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The Russian Orthodox Church has churches in Africa. We have non White saints including African saints in the Orthodox Church. I have personally met genuine Black Christians. So everything that you say is grossly anti Christian, and demonstrably heretical.

          • Friar Tuck, your only “valid source” seems to be the Bible, which was written by ignorant men in ignorant times, to serve their own purposes. Debates continue about the true authors. It contradicts itself everywhere. Any verse you pick can be refuted by some other verse. It is literature, not historical record, and certainly not inspired by some perfect, supernatural being.

          • Matthew 24:14
            And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.
            Mark 16:15-17
            And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues;
            Luke 16:16
            “The law and the prophets were until John. Since that time the kingdom of God has been preached, and everyone is pressing into it.
            Galatians 3:8
            And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel to Abraham beforehand, saying, “In you all the nations shall be blessed.”
            Revelation 14:6
            Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth’to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people’
            Mark 13:10
            And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations.
            Matthew 28:19-20
            Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

            It seems you are quite wrong, Friar Tuck.

        • They key to understanding why this is being done by Sean Hannity and much of the rest of the conservative media is because they are Papists just like the Latinos. This is a full on Papist invasion and you guys are all following Papists sperging out on Jews. You will be crushed by the Papists if you don’t see the threat they are break off from them NOW!

          • I’ve always said they never should have been let in. This nation should have been restricted to non-Catholic Northern Europeans. Racial and religious diversity has always led to friction and conflict.

    • They won’t secede, they are waiting for a Joo Messianic global monarchy toreplace themselves as sovereign’s and their agent the several Republic’s of Dixie…. all fools… as that is their hope… and trading their personal sovereignty and freedom for global top down dictatorial tyranny and communistic (i.e. no right of property) despotism …

  3. Trump never addressed the illegal invader problem. Nor will he this time around, for all the reasons given in these threads for weeks running now. Indeed, for all you know the Venezuelan may well have arrived under Trump’s teleprompter-readership. That’s kind of beside more important points though.

    Yes it absolutely sucks and I am thankful that your wife and kids was not in the car, the car was still able to be driven and that the Venezuelan at least had the human decency not to just flee as they typically do in such cases. That was very white of him. Perhaps the best way to address this particular problem would be a class action lawsuit in behalf of victims of the invasion (like yourself) against all of the NGOs receiving taxpayer money to support the invasion and colonization. They all have very deep pockets and all it would take would be some genuinely enterprising lawyers to tap them for literally billions. It would be interesting to see whether the insurance outfits (all part of the usury racketeering system) would join out of opportunistic greed.

    At the end of the day, Trump is just a symbol. Your state’s electoral votes are already in the bag for him so you might as well go with the flow since at least it will help you to get along with his many supporters there – who are mostly white and generally decent folks, despite their overall naivety. The empire is going to end sooner or later regardless so even trying to figure out which figurehead will bring about the collapse faster is a fool’s errand.

    • I agree Cyclops,Trump did nothing and will do nothing about our replacement.I imagine the beaner would have left the scene if he could have done so,so I wouldn’t give him credit for decency.Great idea about suing the NGO’s except the Jews control the courts etc.I watched four years of Trump crap on people like Kobach(Kansas),Sessions(AL)McDaniel(Ms) who endorsed him and were fighting hard against the invasion.Who did Trump instead endorse?Lindsay Graham,Nimrata Randhawa Haley,Mitt Romney,and on and on.The man is a boob who just like Biden is controlled totally by Jews.I believe our only help is God.He is allowing the truth to get out and many now know of Jewish control.Also the Jews are having their pets in Congress and the Statehouses enact rules saying we can’t even mention Jew power which makes people start to wonder.Then their murderous campaign in Gaza is uniting the world against the Synagogue of Satan.

    • “Perhaps the best way to address this particular problem would be a class action lawsuit in behalf of victims of the invasion (like yourself) against all of the NGOs receiving taxpayer money to support the invasion and colonization.”

      That is one of the smartest things you’ve said yet. Of course, it’s smart because I proposed back in the 1990s. I spoke to Peter Brimelow about doing it aroind then. In fact, he formed some sort of partnership with a law firm. They were using it and it was going somewhere, but then it blip, the effort disappeared.

      Brimelow said they parted ways as a joint entity but that the legal guy was still doing it. Since nothing has come of it I suppose it just didn’t get any traction.

      My full proposal was to also go after the cities and counties for intentional negligence. Probably use a Southern venue which allows multiple class action lawsuit suits across multiple jurisdictions.

      Basic legal strategy was using the old “city failed to protect or warn” someone who subsequently got injured and collected damages. All those sanctuary cities, counties, and governments, or corporations that employ them should be sued to kingdom come.

      Ultimately, isong the legal approach in the South is probably the best way to push things forward to change the corporate and government culture short of arresting bloody everybody in a mass RICO like campaign. Perhaps, we can use Hunter’s recent accident as a test action?

      How’d you like that Hunter. Potentially be the recipient of a big wad of cash collected from various sanctuary cities and their enablers like the SPLC? I mean if this took off we could bankrupt the entire ruling class.

      • It’s a fine idea. Why not do it? Even better (and you’ll like this for sure): A class action as I describe could be brought against the Roman Catholic Church in its several manifestations: The archdiocese, Catholic Charities, orders who support the invasion (Jesuits for example), etc, etc, etc. I would not exempt Prots from this either (though you might). We all know that you’d exempt jews and frankly, it’s actually best to leave them for last. Take down the easier targets first and build a snowball into an avalanche.

  4. ” I was rear ended by an illegal alien from Venezuela ”

    Trivial, compared to all the rapes and murders illegals have done.
    Over 10,000 people die annually from illegals in traffic and crime incidents.

    Why can’t people project themselves into others situation,” it happen to dat guy, well maybe could be, happen to meez”? What happens when your wife, children or other loved one is stabbed or shot?

    Libtards in Sweden welcome ‘immigrants’ that rape, beat and permanently paralyze a 12 yr old girl, not caring about her ruined life, but “look at me, I’m so liberal, I’m so goody-good, pay attention to me”.

    Most People don’t wake up until it directly effects them, then it is often too late.

    Not only do people lack basic empathy, they lack the self preservation common sense that ‘it happened to him, it might happen to me’.

    Most everyone seems to think, ” I’m just so special, I’m immune to reality, it happens to other people, but it can’t happen to me.”

    Glad you weren’t hurt and hopefully the damage is minimal.

        • Always.

          “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account … (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

          [Only took 2000 years to finally admit what Christendom has been saying all this time!]

          Oh, and yes- Just Who is “Israel”- in God’s eyes? Here….

          Excerpt from “My Farewell to Israel- The Thorn in the Mid East” By Jack Bernstein

          ‘ASHKENAZIC JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES. Before going any farther, it is important to point out to Gentiles, especially Christians, that Ashkenazic Jews are not Semites. Virtually all Zionists are Ashkenazic Jews. When anyone criticizes wrongful acts by the Zionists, they cry out, with false indignity, “You’re anti?Semitic.” Yet, these Ashkenazic (Zionist) Jews are not Semites. To be a Semite it is necessary to be a descendant of Shem. Ashkenazic Jews are not descendants of Shem, but descendants of Japhath. Sephardic (Arab) Jews, along with Arab Moslems and Arab Christians, are descendants of Shem and thus Semites. Since Ashkenazic Jews are not descendants of Shem, but descendants of Japhath, they are not Semitic Jews ? they are artificial Jews. Being artificial Jews, they have no biblical right to Palestine, now wrongfully called Israel.’

      • Hunter, so sorry you were involved in a collision with an undocumented migrant who was also uninsured. In the Southwest we have been dealing with these types of antics for years.

        We had inspection and registration stickers on our license plates until the increasing frequency of them being removed by those here illegally. So we moved them to inside our windows.

        Many of us also buy extra insurance for uninsured drivers. It’s not as expensive as you think it is or was not. All of you know your financial situations better than I do, but thanks to our open borders, the odds of being hit by an uninsured illegal alien go up statistically.

    • @United States of AIPAC
      “Why can’t people project themselves into others situation,” it happen to dat guy, well maybe could be, happen to meez”? What happens when your wife, children or other loved one is stabbed or shot?
      Libtards in Sweden welcome ‘immigrants’ that rape, beat and permanently paralyze a 12 yr old girl, not caring about her ruined life, but “look at me, I’m so liberal, I’m so goody-good, pay attention to me”

      the answer is trivial; they’ve been brainwashed since birth – Lenin said:
      “Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

    • Hw, the incident that happened to you is only a small example of the harm done to people. Imagine losing your home, business, because immigrants moved in around you. Having to leave your childhood home and move to another state. That’s true for city after city that you were near in Socal. They ripped apart the entire social structure of Calif.

      You know all this, I’m just putting emphasis on it.

      (It’s not just illegals, legals as well, vietnamese, Chinese, Hmong from Cambodia, Indians, (((Iranians))),etc. Iranian Jews are big owners of carwashes in socal and hire tons of illegals.)

  5. Why not vote for the Constitution Party?
    They are better than Trump on both immigration and foreign policy.
    Trump will win Alabama without your vote, but a message needs to be sent that Trump, while better than establishment Democrats such as Biden and Clinton, is not good enough.

    • That’s not a bad point. The problem with the CP is the same problem with every attempt I’ve seen over the years with alternative parties. They spend far too much time, money and energy on a presidential race when they need to be getting members elected at the local and state levels, then into congress. Massie would not have to worry about a knife in the back from his own party at AIPAC’s behest if he were not a Republican. Ditto for Steve King of Iowa.

      • Good point.
        Farage and Galloway are attacking the system from the right and from the left in Britain by working to get seats in Parliament.
        The Constitution Party and the Green Party should do the same in the USA.

  6. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    ? George Orwell, 1984

  7. HW,

    I am really sorry to hear about your experience with open borders anarchy. It just goes to demonstrate that Great Replacement DIEversity metastasized to even backwaters in Alabama.

    I am happy that no physical harm came to you or your family.

    One would think that a deep red state like Alabama would crack down especially on illegals, and citizens driving around the state without a driver’s license, and at least, liability insurance.

    Where I live POC criminality became diurnal a decade ago, and one must drive, walk, ad infinitum tactically to remain somewhat safe. It’s a hell of a way to live or exist, and it is obviously spreading like kudzu nationally.

      • It would be interesting to find out who his ‘sponsor’ was in getting him into the country or into Alabama, which is pretty damned far from Venezuela. Catholic Charities, some other POS NGO flush with taxpayer cash? Sue them. They are directly responsible. I’m willing to bet they’d pay for your repairs rather than it giving other victims the idea to sue the treasonous assholes.

      • The immigration authorities should have been called immediately, and his sorry butt taken to a detention center!

    • “metastasized to even backwaters”

      Yep, it spreads, just like cancer.

      This is one issue that makes me angry with Midwesterners and Southerners , they had a snide contempt when Calif was being overrun, until it spread to their communities.

      • The problem with California was/is the white shitfaced libtards who come from there. Arizona (where a close relative lived until recently) used to be very redneck conservative when moved there (back in Reagan’s term). As he remarked recently, it got ‘Californicated’. The white shitlibs were the first to come (already coming in the mid 1980s). Not long after Regan’s amnesty, the Mexicans started coming – first a tricke, then a stream, after NAFTA (which was sold as a cure for Mexicans streaming over the border by McStain, et al) the stream became a river. Now it’s hardly any different than CA. A de-facto one-party state whose “opposition” part (the Gay Old Pedoburo) are Cucks, Inc. There does seem to be some kind of fatal genetic flaw in white people overall. It’s so bad that they might go the way of the Dodo.

        • “problem with California was/is the white shitfaced libtards who come from there”

          Traditionally Socal had been very conservative, then they were flooded with vietnamese in the mid 70s, which was the watershed of their decline. Nocal has been the hotbed of libtards for over 60 yrs.

          • Orange County CA started to go purple following the defense and post-NAFTA manufacturing cutbacks in the 1990s. Those conservative-leaning military members and workers left the state, retired or died. They were replaced foreigners, legal and illegal as well as liberals from LA and blue states back east. The first sign of the transition was when Bob Dornan was defeated by Loretta Sanchez.

          • Robert,
            You’ve summed it well.
            The infusion of 100000s of Vietnamese didn’t help matters.

      • United States of AIPAC, the only reason Southerners were ever smug about these things is because maybe we knew that California has too many white people voting for bad policies? Even though I know there are good whites there too . I just see what you just described as a different situation from people in New York City looking down on red border states like Texas for “being racist “ and having to deal with the issue and then going “ uh oh” when it happens to them. All this aside, Southerners have been dealing with large populations of blacks much longer than other people have.

        • +Southerners have been dealing with large populations of blacks much longer than other people ”

          Very true.

          California was a very blessed state. Our first governor , Peter Burnett, made sure California wasn’t a slave state or a free state , he didn’t want any blacks in California. That was California’s tradition up until 1947, then the south gave 100000s of blacks free busfare to California, saying “there’s easy welfare and good jobs in California”.

          Geez, thanks Southerners 🙁

          • “Geez thanks Southerners “

            Thank Yankees up North for meddling in the South in the 1860s and the 1960s and in between. Was it really Southerners sending California bus loads of blacks or was it the usual outside agitators?

          • >>>>> Yankees up North for meddling in the South in the 1860s and the 1960.

            Yep, a cascade of malevolence.

            >>>> Southerners sending California bus loads of blacks or was it the usual outside agitators?

            The southerners could see that Jim Crow was going to be abolished and they needed to get rid of the black majority or be swamped by black votes and the resultant black government.
            So, yes, outsiders caused a sequence bad effects.

            ……still wish you’d kept those blacks.

        • “Southerners were ever smug about these things is because maybe we knew that California has too many white people voting for bad policies? ”

          The WHITES were predominantly conservative. It was the black/Latino/asian vote that tilted the balance to libtards.
          Surprisingly, asians vote overwhelmingly liberal.

          • Maybe I am showing my age here being born in the 80s. For most of my teenage and adult life California has been known to have lots of white liberals even though there are still good ones in the ranching areas etc….. When I was a kid I used to watch the 1960s Disney Parent Trap movie with Haley Mills and thought California was full of cowboys. My perception changed in the 90s. I do find the whole thing sad, being someone who likes the whole cowboy culture. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of white Southerners settled in California at first. I think the same thing happened to Colorado that happened to your state.

          • >>>>> I do find the whole thing sad

            Lord, is it ever.
            …… My term is ‘tragic’.

          • At United States of AIPAC and Courtney of Alabama and others,

            It’s true that California was predominantly conservative before immigration, both legal and illegal swamped it. It was a most beautiful state, filled with loads of people from the South and Midwest and still filled predominantly by original Californians and even older Spanish Californios like Leo Carrillo. It was the epitome of WASP ruled, healthy, conservative, but modern America. It was the jewel of America.

            Its also true California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Utah would be Republican top to bottom and even Washington and Oregon would be predominantly Republican, and with it the entire country a one party Republican country with far right segregationists battling for dominance in the country against hard right populists, but for immigration.

            Its also true that White Californians were not uniformly American like White Southerners. There were too many Ellis Islanders and Yankees there to make it like the South. But, it would be very close. Southern California had more Confederate Battle Flags than any place I’ve seen almost even more than the South. Its because Southern Whites were the largest ethnicity of Whites in California. But nothing dominant like the South. That place and the Midwest looked down on California out of both jealousy and ignorance.

            Thus, when people in CA complained about what was happening, even starting as long ago as the 50s, most of the rest of Whites even White British Americans ignored their fellow cousins. This continued and didn’t stop until the 90s smothered their voices. The later were forced to conduct a rear guard action filled with their own secret police and semi-vigilante actions, locking down Mexicans and Asians in various localities, and creating local laws and regs that most of the rest of the country thought was progressive but actually saved California from being overrun. Basically a kind of compartmentalized ship was what California turned into. The effort started in LA, where the evil first spread the most. Legends long forgotten who were even then dealing with liberal do gooders while extinguishing the villains.

            Its taken forty years to awaken the Midwesterners and Southerners from their little bubbles of selfish tranquility as California sank into the sea. Entire lives, families, communities, people, where wiped out by the privileged blacks and immigrants. Meanwhile Southerners and Midwesterners mostly wanted to go fish at their favorite fishing hole, and larp at seceding or pretending to recreat Antebellum little societies like some Society of Creative Anachronism does Medieval life.

            Well the Patriot Californians are all overrun, dead, or in exile. Nearly 7,000,000 White Californians are in exile out of the state of their birth. Their communities gone with the wind. Millions more deprived of any family any hope of fortune, any future. Meanwhile, the orcs are coming to Hunters Fishing hole. In fact they are already there. If things aren’t turned around his extended families, their communities, and their lives and many others will be destroyed just like the Californians had theirs. But there won’t be anywhere to move too. They will live to see the boys and the girls and the old armed. They will ask, how did it come to this? “Because you went fishing,” will be the whispered answer.

          • Aryan Globalist Bro,

            This long post you just wrote sounds different from your usual tone. Not sure why everyone is jumping on this bandwagon blaming the South for California’s plight ( I am not going to bring the Midwest into this because unlike other people in this movement, I consider that a vastly different region with little in common with the South). Anyways, this blaming of the South is a first for me. How about blaming blue state whites who settled parts of California at a certain point, and started voting for these terrible policies. Something like that had to have happened at some point. It had to be something internal. Blaming the South doesn’t make any sense but a lot of you are jumping on that bandwagon right now.

        • What was the South’s plan for the slaves once mechanization made them obsolete?

          Slavery and imperialism bring non-Whites into our midst for the benefit of the elite.

          • I don’t think it is fair to look back at people during that time and to judge them using hindsight bias. Slavery was practiced in many places around the world at that time. I can assure you it wasn’t like Southerners at the time were sitting around celebrating the day that blacks are freed and integrated. I doubt they even saw that coming. Blaming Southerners of long ago for the racial problems in our country today makes very little sense to me. Not saying you or AIPAC are intentionally doing that but this discussion reminds me of other comments I have seen elsewhere.

          • California of the 1960s and California after the 1980s are two different worlds.
            Southern and northern California are two different states.

            California 1960, 92+ % WHITE
            California 2024, 32 % WHITE
            Different worlds.

          • >>>>> What was the South’s plan for the slaves once mechanization made them obsolete?

            Long before that pres Monroe wanted to return all blacks to Africa. The plan persisted up to and including Lincoln.
            Britain had done it, so had France, that’s how Liberia, Sierra Leone, cote d’ivoire were formed, as slave resettlements to Africa.

          • >>>>> Slavery was practiced in many places around the world at that time.

            Still is, in Africa and Haiti.
            In Equatorial Guinea 1/3 of all children are sold into slavery, by their parents.
            Little girls young as four are put to work in furniture factories.
            In Haiti, Little 8 yr old girls can be bought from brothels for less than 100 dollars.

          • I agree but I was not referring to the morality of slavery but rather the wisdom of slavery.

          • Robert wells.

            Yes, slavery can be dumb, depending on who is enslaved.

            Romans and Persians both enslaved Greeks, which was a big boost to both civilizations. Most every great Roman structure is the result of Greek engineers. Most great Romans were tutored by Greek teachers.

            Leads me to believe, the quality of slaves will effect the quality of the civilization.

          • Robert Wells, yes I understood your comment and addressed it above. What I said was that it isn’t like Southerners at the time were sitting around predicting that slaves in the South would one day be freed (from pressure from outside agitators in the North) and that Southerners would later be forced at gun point to integrate them as equals into society ( again thanks to outside agitators). This isn’t really a topic that non Southerners in this movement really need to be getting uppity over. If Northerners in this country were so much smarter on this topic than Southerners then why didn’t they act to deport the blacks when the Civil War was over as opposed to doing all the things they did from Reconstruction onward?

          • Yeah…there was no plan. They foolishly thought the arrangement would go on in perpetuity. Kind of like most White Fatmericans on this very day. I watched them waddling around, having a good ol’ time, either unknowing or uncaring about how the country is going to be for their children.

      • I’m from the Midwest, and I’m 60 years old. There was no “snide contempt” for California — just bafflement and bewilderment at the insane, kooky anti-civilizational ideology of what seemed to be the most ideally situated state in the country. We had CBS, NBC, ABC, and sometimes PBS back then… We had no idea the entire southwest was being invaded.

        • “We had no idea the entire southwest was being invaded.”

          So much for the media keeping people ‘informed’.
          (I heard many people mocking the plight of California, might be a skewed perception.)

        • In California there 15,000,000 Mexicans, and about 13,500,000 White Americans.
          In Arizona there are 3,000,000 Mexicans and 4,500,000 White Americans. In New Mexico, there are 1,500,000 Mexicans and 1,000,000 White Americans. In Texas, there are 11,500,000 Mexicans and 13,000,000 White Americans. In the heartland of the Southwest, there are about 30,000,000 Mexicans and about 32,000,000 White Americans. Fifty years ago, there were hardly any Mexicans. Ask Cartman what happened to his fishing hole, I mean his Waterpark. Hunters new anthem. Welcome to the club bro.

          This isn’t infiltration and invasion, it’s conquest and colonization. Its already happened. No one listened. In the South and Midwest they were mostly worried about taxes, regulations, the budget, and some n@ggers. Thanks alot. Secede now? Laughably insane.

        • @Courtney,

          Cousin, not putting down Southerners or blaming them for what happened to California. Rather, expressing frustration at Southerners and Midwesterners, for failing to heed the invasion that was happening. Southerners have so much power, especially in the GOP but they’ve still operated mostly passively to the direction these mostly faux conservatives are giving them. Neither are they preparing for the coming invasion in any meaningful way, despite having more unity that Californians ever did.

          For example, more than 20 years ago, I was warning Southerners about the threats to their heritage monuments and academies. At that time, I got pretty good results, especially in places like South Carolina and Virginia where we we organized mass demonstrations in support of the battle flag and 2nd amendment which literally paralyzed government and held back that initial kulturkampf. But that was the last hurrah until the giant kulturkampf came of the Obama years and genocided many of the monuments to our veterans.

          Another example was the loss of White control over most big cities and even many small towns. The later were particularly hurtful as that was where true Southern power once lay. Both where mostly unnecessary and where simply the result of Southerners no longer trying to fight the 1960s-1970s Black supremacy movement. Instead they mostly started getting out of town even though some stayed behind even i to the early 2000s.

          Most of this was caused by Southerners fleeing desegregation. I get the full frontal assault the Feds did, but by the 1980s that had mostly been neutralized. Nonetheless, more and more Southerners just stopped pushing back against integration, Black political takeover or even worse, defend the old curriculum that championed Southern heritage and history. Instead, they just started going out to the new suburbs are even into the rural areas and relaxing.

          Now, loads of Southerners live in rural areas and even smler towns. There, Southerners like Hunter, generally try to forget about the world and go hunting, fishing, and barbecuing. They spend copious amounts of time watching n@ggerball, rooting for their favorites thugball team, and barely acting Southern, let alone worry about something as important as immigration or pushing for Southern heritage in curriculum.

          Today, Hunter’s Alabama is about 10% Hispanic. In Louisiana its even worse. In Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia its approaching 20%. I remember when California was 20% Hispanic. In a very short period of time,, this demographic change brought about by more and more small and medium sized businesses importing them, this mostly Hispanic immigration wave will sweep all that remains of the South away in just a decade or at most two more.

          Yet, despite totally controlling the countryside, owning almost all the bait, tackle, gear, and huntsman businesses, and running the local authorities, they are doing nothing, NOTHING, N-O-T-H-I-N-G to preserve their communities character. This despite these communities being almost all White. They have total demographic control. They could probably elect a local George Wallace in a landslide. But there isn’t any.

          Are there any new buildings to Confederate and Southern heritage in these areas? Are the communities doing anything like take a page from the so called progressive Californians of the 1940s-1960’s to preserve their farmland, wetlands, and rural communities? Is anyone stopping developers from coming over and building another bunch of houses to oave over a Confederate, Frontier, or Colonial battlefield or heritage site? Where are the ladies associations which formerly did this things in the old big cities and farmlands?

          I’ll tell you where they are at, sipping sweat tea, gone fishing or hunting, and talking nonsense or at best talking worse nonsense like speaking about secession. I remember the League of the South when it was formed with the aim of getting civic, business, and political organizations into a single solidarity movement which could actually take control of Southern infrastructure to make secession possible. Now, they just larp on about Secession Now! or at best try to form self defense groups for apocalyptic purposes. Lame.

          Please don’t mean to take my words as an attack on you, or our friends and extended family and distant relatives. I might not be born directly from your communities, but I come from them and would never impeach them for problems that hit California. Rather, I am trying to warn you all what’s coming and to get @ss in gear and get ready. No more fishing for Hunter or whomever. Lets get to work!


          Correct the news did a very good job to hide or disguise the depth of the problem from the common man in both the Midwest and South. But, there was still enough info out there to become aware of it if you looked for it. There were plenty of politicians who knew about it from conferences and travels and what not. It didn’t happen because of laziness on the part of our fellow Americans in those places. Its now time to take a deep look at what happened to California, take some notes on ways they managed to mitigate the problems caused by immigration in local communities, and above all, make stopping immigration and naturalization the number one issue in the governments.

          • Two things, Aryan Globalist Bro …

            1 — It seems odd to me that you think American whites outside California gave no thought to what was going on there. My impression was that they were aware of it and, I think, that they knew it could (would) spread beyond California. You write as if Hunter Wallace, our host, gave the subject not a single thought until his recent car collision. Though I can’t point to any particular statement that he’s posted here, at Occidental Dissent, I’d say he and others here have been talking about it here for years. I don’t think it’s news to him that it has spread to Alabama. I remember an occasion about a third of a century ago—circa 1990—when I myself touched on the subject, more or less, with the father of an acquaintance of mine, in an outer suburb of Philadelphia. I’d have been approaching forty at the time; and when I remarked to this man about the danger of the illegal immigration across America’s border with Mexico, he knew exactly what I was talking about. He said—and again, this was decades ago—that “they,” by which he would have meant the Liberal Front, would not allow the border to be sealed. Again: a third of a century ago and far from California, even a bit before California dropped off the edge of the world.

            2 — I found very interesting your statement that white Californians, in an effort to preserve their civilization against the onslaught of immigration, “[created] local laws and regs that most of the rest of the country thought was progressive but actually saved California from being overrun.” I’d appreciate your detailing that.

          • > I found very interesting your statement that white Californians, in an effort to preserve their civilization against the onslaught of immigration, “[created] local laws and regs that most of the rest of the country thought was progressive but actually saved California from being overrun.” I’d appreciate your detailing that.

            Seconded. That was an interesting story, I’d never heard before. How exactly did they do this? How successful were they and for how long? I expect this kind of strategy is going to be a seriously needed tool for whites to preserve themselves.

          • Aryan Globalist Bro,

            Thanks for the explanation. However, I see too many people in this comment section holding Southerners accountable for this and that when white people in the rest of the country have zero room to talk about any of this. I see this attitude elsewhere in the movement too. Do we really want to have this debate? Do we really want to go there?

            Look at the recent response from November to you down below where he brings up how much Southerners just love Jews. Okay so the South has too many neocons. Okay, well, all the other regions of the country have more feminists and white liberal leftists than we do down here. I don’t understand these arguments or what they are trying to accomplish. It is like Southerners are held to a higher standard or something as opposed to this being about other regions of the country actually being better.

  8. The invaders that are present legally, established, Anglophone, and raising children fully acclimated are the real problem.

  9. Glad you are okay.I can tell you that the last weekend in this SC county eight Hispanic beans were arrested for no Drivers License(illegals)and several more for DUI/Driving under suspension.So the eight no DL’s couldn’t have insurance nor could the Driving under suspension.That was out of around 70 total arrested for the weekend.It really is madness.Imagine how many hundreds or thousands were not pulled over that weekend that were driving with no license or insurance.That is in one medium sized SC county.The End is near for the civilized yet the masses cannot somehow locate the problem.Once again,glad you weren’t hurt and the good Lord was watching over you.

  10. So many people hate Trump for not doing more but we are being demographically crushed by Biden. Trump is a con man. We get it but for the love of God we we have to slow or stop the flow or there is no coming back. We are probably past that point anyway

    • Trump is not going to save you. He was already “President” from 2017-2021. He utterly failed – even assuming for minute he ever meant to do anything promised in 2016 (very unlikely in light of his history). The Empire grew under his watch in every way imaginable. He appointed nothing except swamp creatures to “drain the swamp”. His “conservative” appointees to the court are about as “conservative” as those of Lyndon Johnson. He is merely another model of puppet operated by the same monsters who operate the “Biden” puppet, the Obama puppet, the Bush puppet or the Clinton puppet. If you’re not an infidel, get on your knees and start praying. Even the Muslims with all of their faults pray five times a day.

  11. Yes a personal experience will often remind you of why you held certain views to begin with.
    He shouldn’t get off Scot free because he was uninsured. He should be required by law to reimburse you for the cost of repairs, rather than you making a claim from your insurance. Surely there are provisions in place that force him to do that?
    If they’re uninsured, they’re usually also unregistered, unlicensed and the car unroadworthy. The car is often also stolen and the guys are usually intoxicated.
    In the experience of a cop I know, it’s never just one thing. It’s often five or six things. They have an inability to sort their affairs out and know right from wrong. They never say to themselves; “I’ll make sure my licence is up to date but the insurance doesn’t matter”. If they disregard one issue, they’ll disregard all of them.
    As for Biden, he’s doing everything possible to ensure a Trump victory. Trump must be like a kid in a candy shop right now, wondering why he’s suddenly become so lucky!

  12. If we secede, the gibs/free stuff/etc will no longer be available to anyone in the seceding states. Hopefully, a huge swarm of illegals will head out of the seceding states for greener pastures somewhere else in the Yankee Empire.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    • If Trump is the worst, you should vote for him. He will bring about the collapse of the evil empire faster. You’re not seeing the larger picture. Lenin’s dictum applies: Worse is better.

    • A vote for Joe is a vote for Kamala. But maybe that’s what some of the flag wavers need to see… that this country doesn’t belong to them anymore.

    • Rangewolf,

      When someone “catches the biggest gator ever caught in history”, this is measured with a yard stick, denominated in feet and inches.

      When you say “Trump was the worst president in history” … to which objective rule of measure are you appealing? Is this just a vague intuition you have? Do you judge “better” or “worse” presidents based on something as ambiguous as GDP (itself a highly-contentious metric)? Is it something as vapid as “good for white people”? (If so, that’s even more abstract and difficult-to-quantify)?

      Enlighten us, sir…

  13. Seems we’re always faced with the lesser of two evils and never the greater of two goods. Combined with forced integration we have more than enough 3rd worlders to get the job of White Genocide done. With the current crop of political “choices” we’ll never vote our way out of it.

  14. Do you have any way of knowing that this immigrant wasn’t here between 2016-2020 when Trump was in power? I’d be 100% sure of that before I absolve Trump.

  15. Lol, now Hunter hates the Venezuelian invaders, but not half as much as the Mexicans hate them. I have seen them on some job sites, and the tension is fierce. Raging raw hatred between those groups.

    Over the years my truck has been hit by three illegals, one flip, one Iraqi, and one a street crapper (Woman). Illegals will often ram you on purpose. Yes, that is a thing.

    • Yep. I once saw some poor dirt farmer of a redneck in his truck in Texas get rammed by a group of illegals. He got out of his truck and grabbed out one of the illegals from their truck and started beating him. While the kids in our car started crying, the other sp!cs got out and started wailing on Redneck before another guy in the Texan’s truck got out grabbed a shovel and smacked it down on top of the spics, allowing the original redneck to pull his gun. Then the sp!cs ran. That’s your future in multiracial community America. You’ll have to be a tough as heck redneck to survive in post failed America. Doubt it? Go ask the Rhodesians and Afrikaaners how it’s done. Maybe they’ll rename Alabama, the state of Mfumeland.

      • Yes, in a situation like the one you describe, Aryan Globalist Bro, with that Texas truck, the Aryan does well; he’s in his element. Unfortunately, the cosmos has presented him a greater challenge, one he’s failing to meet.

        • So very true, sad to say. You’re quite observant in many respects. Let’s ask you the famous question posed by Lenin in the late Czarist days: ??? ??????? (old orthography) or What is to be done?

          • As I said in Occidental Dissent’s recent post about that video from the Abbeville Institute, Exalted Cyclops, the flourishing of the Aryan will be a matter of habits. Behavior that does not conduce to that flourishing is to be avoided. That means avoided in every moment. That is where the future is forged.

            No serious person trifles with the development of his child’s power of mind, yet many an Aryan casually, gleefully does so—with talk of Santa Claus. Yes, there is something sweet about the delight that children take in that; but the Aryan is inventive enough to provide his children sweet moments without something that completely confuses a child, about basic realities. If Santa Claus brings gifts to children of every house, how is there poverty in the world? Any child with an emerging mind would wonder that. The development of a young Aryan’s ability to think is critical.

            Avoid not pausing to reflect. How surprised would you be to learn that there are Aryans who, in reading what I wrote above, would react with a thought like, “We’re talking about the future of the Aryan breed—and your advice is ‘Avoid talking about Santa Claus’?” Well, yes—that is one of my pieces of advice. I remember an occasion, oh, many years ago, when I made this comment, about Santa Claus, at another pro-white website. One of the comments in response was something like, “It’s good to tell your children about Santa Claus. That way, they learn that there are persons who will bullshit them.” You probably know as well as I do that many an Aryan would say something that idiotic rather than pause, reflect, and say, “You’re right.” I’m sure I’ve never heard a Jew say something that idiotic—and that is why the Jews do well. It is a matter of habit.

            Avoid any utterance that denies dignity, however slightly, to any element of culture. Do you hear an Aryan speak derisively of “book learning”? He is undermining his own breed. You will not hear a Jew do that.

            Avoid tough talk. I remember an occasion, again, years ago, when I saw an American-heartland type of Aryan—a gun-understander, let’s call him—describe his reaction to his young son’s having been injured by a fall on a motorcycle. He’d advised his son to “Suck it up.” Well, yes, I would hope the son would comport himself with dignity in that situation of injury; but a wise Aryan’s reaction to something like that is to review the event, i.e., to say to the son, “What did you do? How did you err? What must you avoid if you don’t want to fall that way again?” Simply to say “Suck it up” and thus leave the youngster with the understanding-lack that got him into trouble is simply to leave him to get into such trouble again. You can’t do that sort of thing over and over again, in the common day, and be surprised that your breed, as a group, is perishing. The cosmos gives nobody leeway.

            Avoid “we.” Political organization is the flower of growth, not the means of it. The question, at every moment, is what does “one” do? What does one avoid, in every moment, if one has it in mind that the Aryan will flourish? If one avoids the right things, there will come a point at which he’ll be able to act effectively with others who have avoided those things.

            Avoid esteeming only the warrior type. Some years ago, I commented at various pro-white internet-spots about supposedly-playful comments that various pro-whites were making about the supposed shortness (physical height) of an Aryan who had many insightful things to say about the Aryan plight. “You never hear the Jews, who are dominating the Aryan worldwide, comment that way, about the height of one of their thinkers,” I said. Again, there was at least one reflexive, idiotic reply, along the line of “It’s just a joke.” Only one commenter replied, “You’re right.” Such a rarity was he among Aryans that his comment startled me.

            These statements are what have come to me at this moment, Exalted Cyclops, as I’ve considered your question.

          • John,

            Concerning St. Nick, have you ever considered the line from G.K. Chesterton:

            “…fairy tales don’t teach children dragons exist. Children know dragons exist! They teach children that dragons can be slain…”

            Many so-called “Aryans” are so befuddled with government-schooled materialistic-naturalism they are unable to see the wisdom of our ancestors. Identity doesn’t pass from father to son through cerebral and rationalist multiple-choice questionnaires, rather it passes through – what southern historian Clyde Wilson refers to as – the “mytho-poetic” of a people. Stories form our identity.

            Teaching children of the Christ child and the ultimate triumph of good over death and decay is the height of good parenting. Packaging it all in typically white fables which add to the austere magic of Christmas is the pinnacle of white life.

            The crass materialists, the atheists, the History-Channel pagans, the mouth-frothing Calvinists, and everyone else who attacks Christmas is no friend to our people. This is especially true of those who pervert the Holiday and who’ve turned it into a celebration of Baphomet and all the boundary-transcending imps in that fallen degenerate’s employ…

          • No, Scott, I’ve not considered that Chesterton line, with which I was not familiar, but I can tell you I fully expected someone here, at Occidental Dissent, to post a reply like the one you’ve posted, to my comment. Santa Claus is not a fairy tale. Children are presented Santa Claus as a fact.

            I have no idea what you mean by “austere magic.”

          • PS I think I understand now what you meant, Scott, by “the austere magic of Christmas.” You meant the austere magic (as you see it) of the Nativity story. You applaud its being enlivened (in your view) by the Santa Claus bric-a-brac. In fairly-recent times, as I’ve noticed, they’ve been combined. The item on sale at https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Praying-Nativity-Art-Spears/dp/B08KWT3L6S is Aryan mindlessness par excellence. It should be marketed in a product category headed “Race Suicide.”

            Allow me to add that I was struck by this statement of yours: “Identity doesn’t pass from father to son through cerebral and rationalist multiple-choice questionnaires ….”

            That could serve as the type-specimen of the Aryan non-utterances to which I was drawing attention. The glibness, the meaninglessness, of that phrase “multiple-choice questionnaires,” in response to what I said about a father’s cultivating his son’s fitness for life. It’s mere talking (or in this case, writing), reflexively employing one’s verbal apparatus to swat away a notion one can’t be bothered to consider. It belongs in a handbook that I might have to assemble: “How to Talk Like a White Man—Everyday Guidance for the Member of a Dying Breed.”

            Also—this: “Teaching children of … the ultimate triumph of good over death and decay ….” Evidently, you attach meaning to that string of words. I do not.

            I fear you’re right, Scott, about what presently constitutes “the pinnacle of white life.”

            And PPS: Notice what is additionally insidious, destructive, about Santa Claus, this “typically white fable,” as you call it. I’m speaking of the use of it to manipulate children into proper behavior: Santa’s watching; he knows which children have been good or bad and will reward (or not reward) them accordingly. Is that how the Aryan rears his children? It seems like a ruse that would be employed by a vulgar single mother, who hasn’t a clue how to manage her offspring. Well, yes—I guess that does qualify it as the present pinnacle of white life.

            Keep perishing, Aryan. You’re good at it.

          • While the TV/Plastic version of Santa Claus is indeed crass commercial packaged as part of the nativity. The real St. Nicholas of Myra was over 300 years later. He as famous for giving gifts to children and for punching heretics. Me thinks we need to be focusing on the latter aspect of his ministry more than the former.

  16. “Seems we’re always faced with the lesser of two evils and never the greater of two goods”

    You said so much.

  17. Hunter, sorry to hear about the accident. Glad your okay. I’ve been hit by Hispanics three times in my life, my family members have also been hit multiple times and seriously injured. Some of these Sp!c perps were illegal, some not, but all originated South of border. Thanks to 50 years of this b.s., everyone in the Southwest has been victimized by Mexicans. That’s just the car accidents. In winning an election by campaigning to solve this, Trump instead dilly dallied while in office. He either appointed or allowed via the grand poobahs, Establishment idiots to dominate his administration and allowed Papist controlled Congress to prioritize their agenda. The result was massive failure to implement an agenda which got him elected. Will he do it again? He will if we don’t hold his feet to the fire.  

    I worked on Trump’s campaign starting in 2015 so I know what I am talking about. Overall, it was Trump’s fault. I am not sure illegal immigration was as big an issue to him as it was to us. I think in hindsight, he really didnt take all that he was saying seriously. What he did take seriously was himself, his family, and his fortune. When the Establishment sued for peace with him after his election he slid back to real Trump. Illegal aliens took a back seat to Rich Men North of Richmond getting tax breaks.

    Nonetheless, his base believed Trump. This included not just Joe six pack, but many intellectuals, conservative activists, union leaders, military and intel people, and businessmen. In turn, they had created a number of ad hoc special interest organizations built from the ground up. These organizations had people with high qualifications and expertise.

    I was a member or leader of a some them. One dealt with the illegal immigration issue. We had a number of plans we kept very secret on how to stop the invasion. One, was the wall. It was literally envisioned as a systematic fortification of the border not a simple steel fence, not a ballard fence. That was already approved by Congress and “build the dang fence McCain.” It envisioned full use of the military, militarization of the border, and deployment of large law enforcement teams led by US Marshals. It was in essence a replay of Wilson’s deployment to end the Mexican Bandit Wars.

    Our plans included large scale military deployment to the border, militarization and fortification of the border, martial law in the large sections of the interior, including most of the Southwest, and an internal Operation Wetback III. All must be done in combination if we want to secure the border, remove illegal aliens, stop immigration and save the country from imminent collapse.

    Amazingly, much of this, particularly deploying US Armed Forces to repell an invasion dont require Congressional approval. But they do require a cadre of leaders and managers to implement the President’s orders throughout the bureaucracy. But, Trump didn’t have any of these. He was least loyal to those who were most loyal to him.

    When Trump got in, I dont think but 5% of the leaders of any of those many organizations were appointed by Trump to his administration. All of his promises and all of the solutions from the Middle East to immigration, to trade was abandoned by Trump as he pursued a strategy of sucking up to the Establishment. Meanwhile their leftwing faction began a systematic campaign of violent extremism and subversion. The secure the border strategy and all the rest was simply forgotten by Trump because he moved on and everything turned against him. The result, was Trump was boxed in politically and unable to execute what he promised effectively even when he tried.

    For instance, when the globalist, cartels, and Latinos recovered and restarted their invasion, Trump was caught unprepared. Remember the vast numbers of unaccompanied minors? All organized by the enemy, all of whom are Papists, not Jews, by the way. He floundered because the people who chose to reward where sh!tbag Eatablishment pukes. They had no interest and little knowledge how to stop the invasion. It took some serious behind the scenes work to wack Trump across the head with a 4×4 to wake him up and remember our solutions.

    Trump doesn’t need Congress to do most of these solutions. He simply needs to declare a state of invasion and insurrection. But he did need to have some form of vestigial Congressional approval to undertake long term and large scale fortification of the border and deportation of illegals. Without Congressional approval he was limited to straight military action at the border and limited duration removals.

    As an example of how Trump failed us and then himself, deploying the US Armed Forces to the border is the necessary first step in securing the border. Although he couldve done that without Congressional approval, he couldn’t even do that, because he lacked the balls and personnel to stare down people like General Mattis. I am not afraid of General Mattis. I would’ve made the General jump at the President’s orders or put his back up against the wall standing at attention on his tippy tows.

    But, Trump didn’t have me or someone like me. As mentioned earlier, he abandoned his best supporters. Instead he appointed typical wormy little sh!t eunuch GOP types to his team. These guys were GOP Donor yes men and “the corridors of power” type snake dudes. They weren’t going to do what was necessary to put Trump’s directions into orders and execute them. So, Mattis, refused to execute Trump’s direction.

    That left using some form of military action to fortify the border and go around both Congressional approval and usual military chain of command. He had to change his appointees in the Defense Department, but once he did, with our help, he managed to find the authorities necessary to divert military funding into building the fence.

    Once he did that, he once again decided to make peace with the globalists and go fishing and golfing. Rather, than have a single Executive agent using the funds to build the fence, he “outsourced” it like the good businessman he is, thereby allowing hostile bureaucrats to stymie the construction. The result was the fence was but painstakingly slow.

    By the end of his office, Trump had a built a measly 500 or so miles of ballard steel fence. He did this only by managing to use defense dollars to fund previous Congressionally approved steel fence line! It was done at extremely low speed, with Trump spending most of his political capital on performance art theatrics utilizing the atrocious corrupt Papist Bannon, and other grifters who would later become famous during Stop the Steal Rallies.

    Hunter, if you want to support America by supporting Trump, ensure that he follows thru on his promises. That means organizing volunteers and donors to support Trump as means of withdrawing future support or causing agitation, if he doesn’t follow through. It also allows you to gain access to political power brokers who you can negotiate with to get things done. If you only manage to complain on the internet you will only get about 10% of what you can and will be back here complaining about Trump in short order.

    In sum, I am sorry to hear about your accident. Bit, consider,, things like what you suffered have been suffered for decades by your fellow Americans. Over time it has caused your fellow countrymen to abandon their homes and leave. That is why there are less Whites in California today than there were 30 yeaes ago. So, if you want to help you gotta do more than just use propoganda here on the internet. Thats not enough to do anything but just keep you as a target for when the Globalists, the Papists, and their Cartels take over. We dont want them to do a Patton on you. They like car accidents and robberies “gone bad.” If you fail, your fishing hole will be paved over to make room for a multi dwelling tiny units filled with illegals playing mariachi and bamba music, getting drunk, and causing mayhem thereby leaving a grim future for your children.

    Note, the guy who used to do the Mayhem commercials should’ve been a Mexican. If we lose, it will be mayhem everywhere. In that case, we should all be a Mexican then.

    • Quite interesting assuming for the moment it’s true (meaning you’re account of involvement). If so, you’ve basically provided the answer about Trump’s real intentions. He’s a total fraud. Just an unusually adept grifter, probably the greatest since Charles Ponzi. Case closed. I kind of sensed that when the first big caravan was at the border in 2018. I was saying at the time that it was time to cross the Rubicon or to be cast upon the trash heap of history. We all know how that one turned out, don’t we?

      • Why would I lie? Have you been to the RNC hq restaurant in DC? Have you been a local, let alone state leader in the party? Have you served in various institutions of the country at home and abroad? Have you fight the left more than just thru a keyboard? Have you worked with foreign leaders? What about working with the Dissident Right coordinating events? So, you and most of the Dissident Right can kiss my arse when it comes to questioning my experience. When you do, they’ll learn more than they knew before simply by osmosis.

        But, if your take away from what I said is Trump is a total fraud, you forget that half good is still better than all bad like Jesuit Papist Biden. Trump will stop the invasion. He might even roll it back. Will it be enough? Probably not. Will the Left fight him all the way? Of course. Will they will probably paralyze the country? Yes. Will you just complain instead of joining the few Patriots to meet them on the street? Probably. So, the least you can do is vote for the guy, however imperfect and stupid and venal, who will give those of us willing to put boot to ass the most chance to organize and fight back we’ve had in my lifetime.

        • > Why would I lie?

          Because you do it often on behalf of a) jews; and b) republicans (a totally fake-and-gay “opposition” party even more fake than Fuentes – if that’s even possible). There is no good half of Trump. He’s yet a another grifter republican sellout: worse than useless. There solely to conserve the advances made by the other side of the asset-stripping racket, while his cronies (like the Kushner Krime Family) rake it in.

          > But, Trump didn’t have me or someone like me. As mentioned earlier, he abandoned his best supporters. Instead he appointed typical wormy little sh!t eunuch GOP types to his team. These guys were GOP Donor yes men and “the corridors of power” type snake dudes. They weren’t going to do what was necessary to put Trump’s directions into orders and execute them. So, Mattis, refused to execute Trump’s direction.

          He did indeed abandon them – and (more importantly) his base. You basically admitted here that he sold them out. That is the root of his failure. It’s not changed one bit either. There will be no change until the donor class is destroyed. Obviously (see Bonaccorsi’s interesting reply to my question above), whites are going to need some serious soul-searching and face some hard truths about themselves (not the ones shitlibs are railing about) before any real resistance can arise to destroy the donor class, who absolutely have it coming. Yes, escaping reality to the fishing holes is not a plan. Neither is fighting wars on behalf of jews who want all of us exterminated (something which you endlessly advocate here).

          Obviously some serious out of box thinking is required. You do have a good point about how California was lost. It’s pretty accurate. Takeaway: Never believe anything a Republican promises. The Republicans were the ones who tossed all those decent whites under the bus far more than individuals from the south and midwest ever did (they voted Repuke too). It seems one of the first priorities should be to utterly destroy the Gay Old Pedoburo. Note that blacks and foreigners get things in return for their support of the D-jerseys – while Repukes (including Trump) endlessly pander to these groups who will never vote for them. No opposition at all is actually preferable to a fake opposition as it will have the result of forcing more of the endlessly clueless into facing reality (they want us dead). Or, as Lenin phrased it: Worse is better.

        • Ashkenazi Globalist Cabal Troll,

          I find it very curious how you NEVER mention HIAS, ADL, NAACP, The Bail Project, AIPAC, AJC, WJC, MSM, and the innumerable jewish financed and controlled organizations that affect White European dispossession and replacement in America.

          With you, it’s always the “Papists.” Makes one believe that they are the biggest threat to jewish hegemony in the West. Personally, I believe it would be a European unified front against your tribe that would be secular and non-secular in composition with the same goals of neutralizing all enemies foreign and domestic.

          You finding your way to a Southern Nationalist blog and commentary site is not a cohencidence, as any jew worth their kosher salt already knew that the American South has a long history of being philosemitic going back to chattel slavery and the Confederacy (Judah P. Benjamin), and of course, the jewish psyop known as the Scofield Bible.

          With your posts, we in the know witness the jewish talents of subversion, deceit, and high verbal IQ.

          Hopefully, it is not just a few of us that understand your subterfuge.

          • “You finding your way to a Southern Nationalist blog and commentary site is not a cohencidence, as any jew worth their kosher salt already knew that the American South has a long history of being philosemitic going back to chattel slavery and the Confederacy (Judah P. Benjamin), and of course, the jewish psyop known as the Scofield Bible.”

            And please tell me what exactly white people in other regions of America have done to prevent this country’s current predicament. Please tell me which parts of the country currently have the most jews. The South has too many neocons, sure….. but we also have far less white liberals or feminists than the rest of the country does as well.

          • Yes, assume for a minute that he’s not some Schlomo in one of the numerous hasbara troll-centers (kind of like a Pajeet call-center, but run by the IDF and other Zionazi orgs), AGB has the tick that’s like Browning’s Irish fixation on steroids. All branches of Christianity in Clown-World are zombified, even the Orthodox in Greece (part of EUSSR and NATO) and Romania (ditto). Both Protestantism and Catholicism are basically zombies. The apostasy takes two basic forms: a) Embrace of Church of Woke dogma (so-called ‘mainline’ – like the mainlined Fentanyl – Prots and all Cathars who fail to totally reject Vatican II); and b) the oxymoronic ‘Christian-Zionists’ who end up worshipping Jews instead of Christ, thanks to the dispensationalist heresy.

            Uncle Jared, son of missionaries to Japan, gives an excellent overview of the first form of apostasy (a) in his article at Unz. He covered Prots and Catholics. Orthodox are somewhat rare in the west so he ignored them, but the ones in Greece, Romania and elsewhere in Clown-World are no better off. Indeed the CIA has set up the so-called ‘Ecumenical Patriarch’ in Istanbul so that the new fake-church set up by the Jew handless-pianist of Kiev can get its dogma (wokeism) from that sock-puppet. The Orthodox who don’t bow before that altar to Baphomet get bombed by the mighty Imperial legion or various cut-outs like ISIS in places like Iraq, Syria, the Caucasus, etc. Taylor was neglected to mention the CZ’s because of his (((wife))) and the (((donors))) she brings to AR. Uncle Jared is the very model of controlled opposition, which is slighly different than fake-opposition.

          • @Courtney from Alabama,

            The other regions of the United States (e.g., Northeast, Midwest, Mountain West, Southwest, and West Coast) citizens are not as subservient, loyal warriors for the central Judeo-American government in the District of Corruption as Southerners are.

            Southerners complain endlessly about Northerners, “Yankees,” et al, but when their nemesis comes calling to fight both brother wars, and wars for “Greater Israel,” Southerners are the ones that flock in droves to the nearest recruiting station to enlist to be janissaries. That is just a fact that Uber Southern Nationalist David Duke has repeated numerous of times.

            Do a ‘deep dive’ on how (((neoconservative))) ideology came into being from its origins to being the preeminent foreign policy in American, and the rest of the Anglosphere. Neoconservatism was created by Trotskyite jews in America. When Stalin had Trotsky murdered in Mexico, many jews were still bolshevik sympathizers, as one of the first laws passed by Lenin and his fellow jews was to make anti-semitism illegal, and punishable by death. Other jews, always playing both sides, so whichever one was victorious, they too would be there. When president Truman recognized the terrorist state of israel 12 minutes after it was declared, and the Palestinian Nakba was underway, jewish neoconservatives became anti-USSR because the Soviet Union armed and supported Arabs in their opposition to the zionist terrorist entity. In the decades that followed, the zionist and neocon agendas were tighter than two coats of paint. It remains that way to this very moment, so when you honestly concede that Dixie is disproportionately neocon in POV, you must also be able to understand and accept that the South/Dixie is also has a hugely disproportionately Christian zionist population in relation to the other aforementioned areas of the USA.

            All of that is not to say that jewish influence is less in other regions of America. Jewish populations are concentrated in large urban areas, but like an octopus, their tentacles reach areas far outside their primary concentrations.

            You also might want to do a deep dive into how far back into time Anglo-Southern and jewish relations actually go. You might be surprised to learn that Charleston, South Carolina was the jew’s first place of economic power in colonial America. It was only later that they made NYC and Wall Street their financial empire with the traitorous assistance of Anglo elites primarily in New England.

            One more thing that I wish Southerners would reflect on is their justifiable anger at being “occupied” by the Yankees.

            Going back to Southern overrepresentation in the judeo-American empire as soldiers in its war machine. Your people are occupying dozens of nations around the world from Japan to Korea to Germany to Italy. Because of your folk’s being the ‘muscle’ to the Judeo-American empire, those nations being occupied are also vassal nations of jewish neocons in Washington, D.C. Do you not think it is hypocritical to complain of being occupied, but also be involved in occupation at the behest of your occupiers.

            I would also recommend looking into the presidency of Virginian born Woodrow Wilson, and his numerous connections to international jewish financiers both here and abroad that included the Federal Reserve Act, WWI, citizenship of Puerto Ricans, and the authors of the Scofield Bible that went out for distribution in 1917 and began the Christian-zionist dispensationalist cult in the South.

            Anyway, as I wrote recently, I am all for Southern independence, but I do think their independence should occur after they stop taking part in the occupation of other nations wishing to be free from US occupation.

          • November, obviously Southerners aren’t perfect, and nobody denies it, but some of this stuff you bring up is a bit tedious.

            For example, the average Southern male signing up to join the military obviously isn’t thinking “ I am doing this for those Jews”. No, they are doing it because the South is the most American part of the country with the highest percent of whites descended from the Founders. So you can’t really fault Southerners for being “ blindly patriotic “ anymore than I can fault Northerners for celebrating their Ellis Island immigrant heritage which has led to its own set of problems.

            You also bring up some Jews who were in Charleston a long time ago. Okay, so what influence did they even have on the South at the time? It wasn’t the South who started the Abolitionist movement, Reconstruction, or Integration. That was provoked by Yankee agitators.

            You mention the blind support for Israel that church goers in the South blindly follow. Okay, but how have Northerners proven to be any better in regards to fighting off Jewish influence? They haven’t by any means. In some ways they are more brainwashed when you consider how liberalism is far more common among whites up there.

            I agree that Southerners aren’t perfect. They are human. But it sounds like you are focusing on certain issues and augmenting them into bigger things than what other whites around the country are guilty of as well.

            In regards to Anglo Saxons, it sure seems like a lot of people in our movement bash them while choosing to live in countries created by Anglo Saxons. Same with the South. So many people ( a lot of them in our movement) seem to want to move down here despite this place apparently being so awful.

          • Courtney from Alabama, is right.

            Southerners are pretty good people, overall.
            For every churchy worshipping the ‘chosen’ there are 5 in the north and west swallowing Holocaust hookum.

            I just wish they’d found something else to do with their excess blacks, like Liberia.

            I’d rate southerners a couple of notches above the typical American.

          • @Courtney of Alabama,

            I could do a full bullet point refutation of your statements, but it would not change you POV on either the South, North, East, or West, as your counter-argument(s) would not change mine.

            I will simply say that your post was simply an excuse laden diatribe for Southern motivations and history.

            I have yet to meet one person who moved from the Midwest to the South, except for senior citizens that retired in Florida, Tennessee Texas, so they did not have to suffer our sometimes brutal winters. Not a soul has ever mentioned moving to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, or the Carolinas.

            When you speak of problems caused by immigrants that arrived through Ellis Island, perhaps, you should be more specific in your critique.

            Jews such as Emma Lazurus who wrote the infamous “Colossus” poem added to The Statue of Liberty, and the communist, terrorist anarchist Emma Goldman would make any reasonable European’s banned list.

            Those wars thousands of miles away, and across oceans that Southerners in post-War Between the States America enthusiastically flocked to when jewish bankers and their WASP shabbos goys rolled out the flag were not defending the United States. There was no threat to the homeland from Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. They were simply pawns on a talmudic chessboard, and for their sacrifices, the homeland was inundated with refugees 0f non-Europeans from those unnecessary and immoral wars. Sell it as “patriotic Southerners of founding stock” answering their nation’s call, if you want, but that would be naive and ignorant of the facts.

            In the cases of Germany, Italy, Japan, and Korea, American military and political interventions and occupations have bastardized their traditional cultures, mores, and values, and been forced to swallow the poison of American Judeo-Anglo liberalism at gunpoint. Again, who are holding the guns for the evil empire?

            The South is more traditionally conservative, but today’s South would look liberal to non-Southerners, until the late 1950s.

            It is because the key centers of jewish power, influence, and political indoctrination are located in the North that the virus of liberalism is a more virulent strain. Like the GOP, the South’s Overton Window has moved leftwards, but at a slower pace.

            By the way, my aunt’s husband worked in the South with the Civilian Conservation Corp during the Great Depression. He never said a bad word about your beloved South. Obviously, he didn’t think to relocated there.

            Our differences only point out how those of us of more Germanic, Celtic, Mediterranean, and Scandinavian temperaments, and Southern Anglo-Saxons and Celts sometimes can be friends but not the best of neighbors.

            FYI, here is some information on jewish and WASP history going back centuries in the South.


          • “I find it very curious how you NEVER mention HIAS, ADL, NAACP, The Bail Project, AIPAC, AJC, WJC, MSM, and the innumerable jewish financed and controlled organizations that affect White European dispossession and replacement in America.”

            I am more bored by that than Hunter is bored about wars, Moslems, Jihadis, and Terrorism. Innumerable people have talked about those groups and its done little good. Meanwhile, similar groups among the Papists get little exposure even thought they do more damage.

            People like David Duke have been talking about those groups since I was a kid. He’s still talking about them. All he does now is just randomly use the word Jew like a swear word every other sentence. Still hasn’t changed things.

            But to be fair to those “Jews” you mention lets get things correct. The ACLU is predominantly Gentile. NAACP is dominated by Blacks. Otherwise, yes those groups are subversive. But, they are also surpassed by the number of Papist organizations doing the same thing.

            For example, Papists are more behind the NAACP than “Duh, Jews.” There are more Papist bail bond type organs out there than the Bail Project by orders of magnitude. Most of the pamphlets, apps, instructions, and logistics of the illegal alien rat lines are totally run by Papists. They don’t even pretend to be commies anymore. Lastly, most illegal aliens are themselves Papists.

            But, keep concentrating at “Duh, Jews.” Thats your Anal First game territory. I’ve got the PQ market cornered now.

          • “You finding your way to a Southern Nationalist blog and commentary site is not a cohencidence, as any jew worth their kosher salt already knew that the American South has a long history of being philosemitic going back to chattel slavery and the Confederacy (Judah P. Benjamin), and of course, the jewish psyop known as the Scofield Bible.”

            I’ve been following and at times involved with the Southern Nationalist movement since before you were born. I didn’t just happen upon this website or found about Hunter since yesterday. Hell, I knew about Hunter even before he married the scion of some movement bigwig. He’s like royalty now and I’ve been following his journey and success of the instructions given him ever since.

            I consider many in this and adjacent movements as more than just authors I happen to read. I’ve met them personally and over many years, and despite my counter signaling on issues recently, worry about them and wish them the best.

            As to Southern Jewry, it and its related Northern kin were not the same Jews that most people are familiar with today. They were Anglo-Jews. They in turn look down on Continental Western Jews. Who in turn look down on the Eastern Ashkenazi as often trash.

            Entire books have been written about those Eastern Jews getting offended for not being allowed into some exclusive Anglo-Jew club, especially Southern ones, when those Ellis Island Jews started appearing. Then the Yankees and Commies changed the story from Ashkenaz being excluded by other Jews to being excluded by WASPs.

            The point is, historical Southern Jews were heavily Europeanized. More so than up north they were also wealthy and adopted many of the traits of their surrounding Southern aristocrats. Over centuries most have even married into Southern gentiles and converted. To the few old Southern Jews still remaining, most Southernes who aren’t straight up ignorant White Trash will be extremely differential and respectful, like ancient faded nobles are treated in Europe.

            That has nothing to do with Southerns Philosemitism. In fact, it has everything to do with socio-economic class history. Newer Jews, especially the Ashkenazi aren’t liked. When they came down during the 1920’s-1960’s to transport liquor during prohibition or spread their ill gotten gains, or visit Boca in Florida, they had deal with a vast country of hardened Christian gentiles with history, class, and a willingness to use violence greater than them. It was a shock for those little Jew York Chicago people and their collection agents.

            So, no, Southerners aren’t by nature philosemitic. They just aren’t mean, but are willing to escalate if they are dealing with one. Dropping Anglo and going full Saxon with a Southern accent is very unnerving to other humans.

            Today, much like yesterday in the South, serving in the military is a right of passage, a duty, and a tradition all rolled into one. Additionally, they are good at it, so, especially before Affirmative Action, the military ranks were predominantly Southern.

            Consequently, serving overseas during the Cold Wars and the Jihadi Wars, one so plenty of Southerners. Also, they wanted to kill as many Moslem insurgents and terrorists as possible for 911. They’d still be that way but for the incessant warping and blasphemous of the military and Southern tradition by the Papists, Yankees, and Commies now running the DoD.

          • @United States of AIPAC,

            I grew up around kids my age whose families came up North seeking better paying jobs. We NEVER had any hostilities toward one another over the US WBTS. As a matter of fact, we played cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, and war together. In school and in our shared neighborhood we instinctually formed White protection groups (not street gangs) to keep black and Puerto Ricans from intimidating and bullying our friends.

            It wasn’t until I came to Southern Nationalist blogs that I encountered hostility being a Northerner.

            “For every churchy worshipping the ‘chosen’ there are 5 in the north and west swallowing Holocaust hookum.”

            Haha. No. They swallow the holocaustinaity BS with as much relish as the virtue signaling and gaslit bommers in the North and West, and wash it down with “Third Temple” and “end times” second coming of Jesus kosher gayop zionism.

            Who do you believe are the primary contributors to that father and daughter scammers at Fellowship of Christians and Jews? Northerners, Southerners, or West Coasters? I think we both know the answer.

            Strawman arguments inferring that I ever thought that Yankees, Northerners, or any other groups are perfect, and Southerners are inferior due to being from that geographical area is untrue.

          • November,

            Does doing a “deep-dive” on a topic just mean: a few quick glances through a wiki article along with vague allusions to one’s cousin’s aunt’s grandma’s neighbor’s friend who once visited the South?

            Sorry to be pernicious but it’s difficult for me to find an intelligible position in your commentary.

            Imagine flying the Battle Flag and telling people you love the spirit of Old Dixie, only to have November say: “Oh yeah?! You love Bill and Hillary Clinton? You love Woodrow Wilson? You love neo-con political theory?!?! You love dispensationalist theological zionism?!”

            It’s tone deaf push-back combined with strong emotional stands on vacuous hills. As our beloved african neighbors like to say: aint nobody got time for that.

          • @Scott Terry,

            Use of Wikipedia to illustrate the long history between Southerners and jews in what is known as Dixie was only utilized as a 1.0 FYI.

            It would be a huge waste of time and energy on my part to post the extensive evidence that can be found when one is motivated to seek them out. I had no intention of doing that sort of heavy lifting for Courtney or you when it would just fall on disinterested eyes.

            Stil, you have not disproven my point of centuries of philosemitism shown to jews in the South, and even by Virginians and founders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

            FFS, let’s not look into Judah P. Benjamin, right.

            “In the U.S. Senate he was noted for his proslavery speeches. After his state had seceded from the Union, he was appointed attorney general in the Confederate government (February 21, 1861). Later that year he was named secretary of war by his friend President Jefferson Davis. It was charged that his mismanagement of the war office led to several major military defeats, and he resigned, but Davis promptly named him secretary of state (February 7, 1862).”-From Britannica.

            That a sephardic jew had that much power and influence in Dixie before and during the Civil War was simply just him being in the right place at the right time, eh?

            It is some Southerners who still cling to the Civil War and the Confederacy as their “Une raison de vivre,” and continued hostility towards Europeans north of the Mason-Dixie Line, therefore, Benjamin’s position in the Confederate hierarchy is relevant.

            Anyway, I am really bored of debating about the South past and present.

            I wish y’all well on independence or succession. Whatever becomes of the South is not my concern, only how Southerners affect what does concern me.

          • Ashkenazi Globalist Hasbara Troll.

            IIRC, your presence on OD became omnipresent in the aftermath of Hamas freedom fighters’ assault on their jewish supremacist guards on 10/7. Cohencidence? Lol.

            Anyway, I do not believe you aren’t a jew. At the very best, you are as of Southern WASP decent as Lyndon Baines Johnson.

        • Ashkenazi Globalist Cabal Troll,

          Who were you the appointed AIPAC minder for on Capitol Hill and “J-Steet” in the District?

          • I was never appointed by AIPAC to anything. I am not Jewish. But, its true AIPAC like others did minders. In fact, every Congressman has a minder from any number of special interest groups. I’d say that while AIPAC was one of the top most powerful ones, it was beat by NRA. This isn’t because simply money, its money plus voter support. Today, AIPAC isn’t has well funded as before and voter support has also declined. Now, thanks to Hamas, they are getting a second life. The NRA on the other had has been broken by a deliberate effort by feds, states, special interest ones.

  18. We are dumb hicks. Trump brought the Venezuelans when he tried to overthrow their government with Maduro.

    Trump told spineless republicans to block the border bill so you would vote for him.

    Mission accomplished.

  19. Secede Now!

    No more fed regulations. No more free stuff. No more “special people” playing lawfare. Rule by martial law probably assisted heavily at the first with some get-the-job-done by vigilante groups which saved the South during Reconstruction. Literally no more BS. Right will be right and wrong will be wrong. Make my day — so to speak.

    The Saints will one day rule with a rod of iron…so what are you waiting for?

    May God Save the South!

  20. Trump is a neocon, and the republican party is still a neocon party, it probably always will be.
    With few exceptions, America and the west’s ruling class are basically neocons, neoliberal imperialists and Zionists, that’s why things are so messed up.
    ‘The left’ wears a woke veneer, that’s all it is, they are neocons too.

    Trump didn’t start any new wars, but he didn’t end any either.
    Blinken didn’t start any new wars either and he pulled out of Afghanistan.
    Blinken continued to fund Ukrainian’s war on Crimea and the Donbass and Israel’s war on Gaza and the West Bank, just as Trump did.
    These two wars happened to escalate under Blinken.
    Had Trump been elected instead of Blinken they would’ve escalated under Trump.

    Trump deported significantly fewer immigrants than Obama.
    Trump cut foreign aid to Latin America causing a migration crisis.

    “Foreign Aid Cuts: In 2019, the Trump administration announced cuts to foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador (the Northern Triangle) due to their perceived failure to curb migration. The aid cuts were aimed at pressuring these governments to take more action to prevent their citizens from migrating to the U.S. Critics argued that these cuts worsened conditions in these countries, leading to increased migration as people fled poverty, violence, and lack of opportunities.”

    He’s a grifter, all these so called rightwing populists with the exception of Orban and other politicians like him in eastern Europe appear to be grifters.
    May as well vote for the constitution party, or not vote.
    A vote for Trump is a vote for white genocide in addition to Palestinian genocide, and WW3.

  21. “1) Do you WANT nonwhites to be your ‘brothers in Christ’? ”

    Uh, how could you ever infer that ?

  22. HW,

    I don’t blame you for voting for Trump. The Dems are pure Communist demons. They are mentally warped! They are trying to destroy this country to such a degree that we could never recover even after we finally got rid of them.

    But I could never vote for a Republican (I have in the past) after reading all that Lincoln, Sherman, etc did to the South. NEVER!!!

    But I do pray Trump will win not because I believe he is going to help us but to rather free all the people that the Dems have captured through their political lawfare and to put Joe Biden in prison and execute him for murdering American citizens who were attacked by these invaders he willfully turned loose on innocent people. And also all the Dem operatives and others involved in helping Biden if they can be put in prison to rot for decades that would be great. That’s all I expect for him to do but even for him to do these I have my doubts.

    If Trump COULD specifically help us…i would want him to pardon all the Charlottesville political prisoners + the McMichaels who were railroaded into prison by that hypocrite Brian Kemp (maybe put Kemp in prison to take their place — that would help).

    But our freedom comes when we finally secede.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    • I think Trump should promise to depart everybody who’s come into the country illegally since January 2021, no amnesty, no nothing, quick summary deportation. He should also give pardons to everyone arrested on January 2021.

      • I was hoping Trump would have deported every illegal back after the 2016 election but we saw what happened. The sad thing is that even if Trump does deport them all (if he were to win the 2024 “election”) then the next Dem “elected” will open our borders right back up again and bring back in all that Trump deported and maybe add 10 or 20 million more. This is seemingly a never ending downward spiral.

        Secede Now!

        May God Save the South!

  23. “People close to Trump’s last-minute decision [to defer deportation of Venezuelans illegally in the US] said White House advisers Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were involved in moving it forward. The decision — which comes less than 16 hours before Trump’s presidency ends — will likely come as welcome news in South Florida, where he, his daughter and son-in-law will soon reside.”


    So what role does Jarvanka play in Trump’s cmpaign?

  24. It often looks pretty bleak, and our side doesn’t always look like its trying. I still don’t think we should give up. History is not going to look kindly on the morons who destroyed their own civilization, and expected to be patted on the back for doing it.

    • I do not advocate giving up. We simply cannot afford to. That being said (and hopefully understood) repeating the same failed action (e.g. voting Republican) is even worse than giving up. It destroys energy and valuable resources along with being doomed to failure.

      The root problem is that there are too many whites out there who are refusing to face reality – even now. One thing that we have to admit about the execrable Shitpants “administration” is that it’s exposed more ‘normie’ white folks to reality (they want us dead) than Trump could ever dream of doing.

  25. Coca-Cola and the cokes of America eerily share the same slogan “taste the feeling”. Back to the hampster wheel. If you think your vote doesn’t count then why participate in this corruption anyway? Reminds of degenerate gamblers.

  26. Hello Hunter, sorry this happened to you with the invader. Long time reader, first comment. I would not bother with supporting Trump after all of the stuff he has said. That being said, would not support Biden of course either. Trump and Biden are both pro-gay marriage and mass migration and we all know the powers at be will decide the vote anyways, minus maybe your local race(and even then big maybe).

  27. Hunter: Enjoyed the comments and your opinion, as I always do. I’m neutral on trump this time. “I’ll take the lesser of two evils.” Imagine if we got married that way. Maybe most of us have.
    Sorry about the accident. Last week, I was rear-ended when some jackass STOPPED on the interstate. I didn’t hit him, but got it from a van behind me. Three girls from Minnesota. Not illegal, but all the same. The car will take 40 days to repair. Probably duet parts. That’s holding up a lot.
    A friend of mine who is a librarian did have a nasty wreck last year. He was in St. Louis city parked on the street when a car sped, went over the concrete and smashed into his car, totaling it. The driver was from Albania, Illegal, had no insurance and license. So, this is happening everywhere. He ran off when the police came, so …

    • According to the collision center, we are looking at over $9,000 worth of damage. The car is probably totaled. We are waiting to hear back from our insurance company.

      • That sucks. Any word on when this bozo was allowed in the last time? It’s a shame there’s not a gang of lawyers willing to bleed the various NGOs and Churches facilitating this crap. You should get around 25K to buy a new car from them.

      • Like many lower countries, it will be stupid to have a nice car.
        Just get a plain junker that runs well.

        Law of nature: the uglier your car the less likely you’ll be hit.

      • “we are looking at over $9,000 worth of damage”

        Just wait till you get asian indians.
        They miss a turn, no problem, just stop and start backing, no matter how many cars are coming.

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