Joe Biden’s Debate Implosion

I was wrong.

I thought the presidential debates wouldn’t happen.

Trump was ahead and had too much to lose. Biden wouldn’t share the stage with a convicted criminal. I did not anticipate that the Biden campaign would be so desperate to change the narrative after consistently trailing Trump in national polls for months that Biden would call for a debate. Trump was also more eager than I thought to go after Biden to settle old scores. It was a wise decision.

As for the conspiracy theory floating around that this debate was engineered by Democratic elites to take out Biden, I don’t buy into it. If Biden stepped aside, Kamala Harris would become the nominee. The time to replace Biden was in the primary. They could have forced Biden out of the race six to nine months ago and had a clean victory for a successor in the primary who was teed up to take on Trump.

The disaster that we saw on stage last night was completely organic. It was the product of cowardice. No one but Rep. Dean Phillips was willing to challenge Biden. Everyone was a good soldier and dutifully towed the party line that Biden was in spectacular health up until the debacle on stage last night. The Robert Hur report was an off ramp that the Democratic establishment could have taken.

Anyway, it is clear now that the choice is four years of Trump or four years of Kamala Harris. Joe Biden is not going to make it another four years. I don’t see how he recovers from this.

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  1. Kamala Harris was picked only because of her race and gender. No democrats actually want her to take over the presidency as she would scare away an insane amount of voters.

    • Do you think her Jewish husband , the ADL, AIPAC want her and her husband in, mend the temporary Black J rift and unite against White

      RACiSTS, NAZIs?


  2. “I was wrong
    I thought the presidential debates wouldn’t happen.”

    I was wrong.
    I thought Biden would be dead by now. (He looks it)

  3. Truly a display of how clownish this country has become. 350 million people and this is what rises to the top of the political cesspool. This is not a serious country, and it is a danger and a toxin to the rest of the world.

  4. They just have to imprison him or rig the election as they did last time. Nobody will do anything. They could outright cancel the election on the grounds that Trump is transphobic and a very bad man. They don’t want to be made to dispose of the illusion that we have a choice, but really an in-your-face tyranny is the aim anyway.

  5. Why didn’t the Dems allow a primary race where real candidates could challenge Biden? Could it be that Barack Obama has been running the country since 2008? Obama ran the deep state 2016-2020. Victor Davis Hansen has written about this. Elon Musk has asked if Obama is the real power in the White House. Maybe the reason there was no Democrat primary is that Dem voters would choose Bernie Sanders and Sanders cannot be controlled by Obama. Maybe Obama wants a fake “moderate” puppet to gas light the country. Maybe Obama doesnt want an open Marxist as his puppet because it would scare the Normies.

  6. As you know, Mr. W., I’ve long depended on you for explanations of topics that come up in America’s electoral politics, but I never thought there’d come a day when you’d have to explain to me golf handicaps.

    • A handicap is your measured ability on the golf course by scoring averages. It is used for competitions on the course. So Fat Johnny can fairly play against Fast Eddie and the handicap evens out the experience and talent inequities. That being said…trust me… as a lifelong golfer, Joe Biden has never sniffed a 6 handicap. Complete lie. Hence Trumps reaction.

  7. Joey could suddenly get worse and decide to select a new running mate, like Guv. ‘Greathair’ Newscum. (The super-delegates would of course already have a plan for this). Grand-paw Sniffy might also meet up with some 450-pound pale Magatard in motorized wheelchair who miraculously pulls out a rusted .22 revolver and empties it into the zombie before the fearless SS officers snuff the hapless creature with 100 rounds at short range. Since Murika is already a Turd World country, why not just go full banana?

  8. Manchurian candidate
    a person who is not loyal to, or who harms, their own country or political party because they are under the control or influence of another country or party…”


    During debate Trump stated:
    “We have the largest deficit with China. He [Biden] gets paid by China. He’s a Manchurian candidate. He gets money from China…”

  9. That is not Joe Biden. The actor did a great job. His role was to come off as incoherent and he succeeded. Now they can nominate whoever they want, and ditch Camel too.

  10. Morning Joe isn’t looking so good himself.
    Maybe all the booze and meds he’s on are finally catching up with him.
    Maybe all the stress from having to BS millions of Americans live on national television year after year is catching up with him too…or maybe he’s too much of a steely eyed psychopath for that to bother him and it’s just the booze and meds…we may never know.

    So it’s painfully obvious to even the most gullible shitlibs that imperator Joe has no clothes.
    What clown/puppet are they going to replace him with to run against clown/puppet Zion Don?
    Will it be Heels-Up-Harris, who’s likability is somewhere in the vicinity of cancer, or someone else?
    Gavin Newsom…Michelle Obama?
    Gonna be pretty hard for them to circumvent Kamala for a straight white man like Gavin, no matter how slick he is, I mean how are they going to explain that one to their woke base?

    I remember Roger Stone predicting they’d replace Biden with Michelle.
    At least it’d be entertaining, a former first lady and talkshow host running against a gameshow host.
    Will Trump beat a 2nd, 2nd lady?
    Deny America its first woman president, twice, and a ‘woman of color’ at that?
    The horror…
    I don’t know if shitlibbery will be able to absorb that.

  11. big Jew wants Trump. Biden will remain in the race. Trump and his zionist churchtards will save Isntrael from )))them(((, and (((America))) from )))us(((.

  12. Don’t forget Hair Gel Pelosi (Gavin) or Big Mike.
    Barry wants that fourth term because there is a lot of burn it all down Fundamental Transformation left.
    Is Trump the only non-OSS candidate.
    Burn this MOFO Down is a feature and not a bug after all and no shot out to Bathhouse Barry of Man’s Country.

  13. Anybody a big fan of the BBC mini series “ I Claudius “ from the 1970s?

    I am .

    When Roman patriots assassinated the sadistic, pervert God emperor Caligula , there was a scrabble for what would happen next.

    Some Praetorian Guards liked their cushy inside the Beltway life, same as Biden inside the Beltway , loving the Swamp Democrats and the Praetorian guard made the stammering, thought to be a fool, old uncle Claudius the new Emperor.

    That’s what this is like.

    • Good serial, as TV goes.

      I often wonder if the controllers of the deep state aren’t using TV plots for their schemes, e.g. Biden s administration is copied from ‘Patterns of Force’, Stark Trek episode.

    • That series was amazing. The cast was amazing, especially Siân Phillips the Welsh actress who portrayed Livia (the wife of Augustus). It’s based on two novels by Robert Graves which are in turn based on the histories of Suetonius, Tacitus and others. There are so many priceless lines in the BBC TV adaptation:

      ”Oh, goodness had nothing to do with it” – Livia after a botched poisoning attempt where her target came out alive (temporarily)

      ”The won’t let me in because I’m a woman and they won’t let you in because you’re a fool, which is strange as there’s nothing in there but old women and fools.” – Livia to Claudius. about the Roman senate.

      Even features a younger Patrick Stewart (with hair) as the notorious Praetorian Prefect Sejanus.

      You’re comparison kind of falls apart at the end though because in the series (as in actual history) the “fool” Claudius turned out to be no fool at all apart from choosing the treacherous snake Messalina as his third wife (which was some years later). Claudius is the one who actually invaded Britain and made it a province of the empire. Anyone interested in Roman history should watch it. Despite it being very well done entertainment, it contains some actual history also. It couldn’t avoid it as it was based in large part on the ”Twelve Ceasars” of Suetonius (who wrote his gossipy history over a century after the events portrayed.

    • Oh, and I almost forgot – It even features the priceless scene where Caligula elevated his horse Incitatus to the rank of Senator. We can be assured that Incitatus was a far better senator than Lady G, Mr. Tim, Mittens Underoos or the Kentucky Undertaker could ever aspire to be.

      Caligula even remarked that the promotion “did wonders for his social life”.

  14. Cowardice, or maybe greed. My theory is the big fight was just too profitable an opportunity, even though Joe went down in the 1st. Newsom was grinning from ear to ear, I guess he must have had money on himself. Pelosi must surely have been in on the action too. *Big* bucks were made last night – just look at the chart.

  15. Trump to eventually see there is no alternative to Putin’s proposals on Ukraine — diplomat

    Commenting on US politicians’ perception of Vladimir Putin’s proposal, Sergey Ryabkov pointed out that “Trump is not the entire US elite”

    MOSCOW, June 28. /TASS/. Former US President Donald Trump, regardless of his status in the future, will eventually understand that there is no alternative to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposals on Ukraine, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told reporters.

    “Time will come and Mr. Trump, regardless of his status in the future, will understand that there are no alternatives to what President Putin is proposing,” the deputy minister said in response to a TASS question about Trump’s words on the unacceptability of the Russian president’s peace proposal.

    Commenting on US politicians’ perception of Putin’s proposal, Ryabkov pointed out that “Trump is not the entire US elite.” “I have a vague idea of what today’s elite in the United States is,” he noted. “I think in the United States we are dealing with the deep state and the politicians who have set the course and are currently setting the course,” the senior diplomat emphasized.

    Former US President Donald Trump said during a televised debate with his rival in the upcoming election, incumbent President Joe Biden, that he did not consider Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conditions for peace in Ukraine acceptable.
    — TASS Website

    • Anyone with sense knows the Ukes do not have the manpower to re-take that land. It could only possibly be done with full NATO participation, which would be insanity and probably the final death blow for European White Man. Yahweh’s Chosen roving rats sure would love it, though.

  16. “No one but Rep. Dean Phillips was willing to challenge Biden.”

    Robert Kennedy Jr.? He’s been trying hard to be allowed to debate.

  17. They’ve pretended this incompetent, senile, anti-White boob was a viable candidate in 2016 — and suddenly its a problem that the “Emperor” has no clothes??! Something very foul is afoot…

  18. It would have served Trump better to refrain from any personal attacks on Biden’s faults that played a part in his performance…..faults he can’t control. A display of humility during key moments would have humanized him more and attracted extra admiration.
    He didn’t hear what Biden’s last words in the sentence were……fair enough. Claiming Biden didn’t know either made him look mean and arrogant.
    If you want votes, you must take advantage of moments that can work in your favour if you play them correctly.

  19. I was only moderately saddened…at these two being the only “candidates” that are offered. Biden was pathetic, but I’m not surprised, as none of you should be. he’s been out to lunch ever since 2020, and the media being “shocked…” what can you say?
    What I will say to you, Goose, is something I don’t mean to be angry about, but to say Trump was attacking Biden is false and marks you as having false sentiment. Trump was pretty restrained, and Biden was the one making wisecracks and attacks, as well as shaking his head or his eyes widening…that entire, corpse-ridden body. To think that the system chose this dead brain shows their contempt for us. Trump was restrained commenting on Biden…for an evil, sleazy crook who went along with every lie hurled at Trump. When Trump said that he couldn’t understand what Biden was saying, that wasn’t an insult. That was what 90 percent of the viewers would say. I had to turn off my TV and go to the laptop because I couldn’t understand what the old piece was saying. You imply Biden deserves sympathy. My brother said that. Well, the hell with that. Biden is crook and wiseguy. He lies, supports corruption and murder. I have nothing but contempt for him and his dirtbag family. In half the countries of the world, people like the Bidens grab, oppress, and slime a country until the revolution comes, and they wind up getting put against the wall…if they don’t miss the last chopper out.
    I don’t agree with your compassion. Their side has no compassion for us. No working together. Randy Weaver, Charlottesville, January 6…that’s THEIR compassion.
    If Biden is replaced, discount any “kindness” for his stat of mind. It’s because he’s served his purpose, and it’s time for a new puppet. As we said back home, don’t be so broad-minded you’re flat headed.

    • You’re correct. Biden deserves no sympathy of any type. He’s a pedophile and an utterly evil individual for whom eternity in hell is well-earned many times over. He’s hardly alone in that regard. Perfect example of Vox Day’s axiom:

      Once you take the ticket, no matter how high you rise, you will eventually be thrown from the high horse. Sic semper tyrannis indeed.

  20. Looks like the Trump Train is running full throttle again. It’s all a show of course – lots of noise and hoopla, signifying nothing whatsoever. Not buying this time around. That’s not how real change happens. Voting in any federal election is largely pointless. I say largely because there might still be a few districts which are not yet controlled by the likes of AIPAC (which is merely the largest of a number of similar rackets). Perhaps voting locally or regionally has some meaning in places – again those not already resettled with masses of foreign colonists. War is on the menu regardless. I think finding a new place to live is in order, perhaps overseas.

  21. All this political flak Biden is receiving over a bad debate performance is not enough. This Communist-in-Chief is destroying this country and the ultra-liberal news media is covering for him and he is unabashedly putting his political opponent in prison based on politically motivated unfair trials with Dem prosecutors and anti-Trump jurors. Biden needs to be put in prison right now and not allowed to do any more damage.

    Never forget that Biden is a cold blooded murderer for knowingly, deliberately, arrogantly opening our borders up to illegal foreign invaders. These Biden invaders are killing citizens of the USA. Biden should hang for this. No mercy!

  22. This is going to be bizarre, but consider:

    There’s good evidence suggesting a small group of wealthy, internationals, are loosely connected, in league, and running America (and other “western” nations). While this group is not exclusively composed of ethnic jews, jewish culture influences and defines this “elite” the way black culture influences and defines prison life.

    Now for the weird: many of these “elite” – at least, a significant portion of them – take astrology very seriously. This goes back at least as far as Rockefeller and is, today, perhaps, being used by PhD level physicists and mathematicians on Wallstreet (see the book “Physics of Wallstreet” for a fascinating look).

    Again, as bizarre as this sounds, according to vague astrological nonsense, there’s a new “age” approaching, probably 2026 (“…when the red star aligns with the sphinx…”)…which “they” (our illustrious leaders) hope will be the completion of the Great Reset and society at-large will have collectively undergone a new myth-making process which will have forged us together in a new identity for ourselves (nationally or, perhaps, internationally?)

    It’s all b.s. but Trump, at least, knows these people personally and is always dog-whistling to them. Recall his interview with Tucker. He inexplicably brings up the Panama Canal of all things. Trump knows the “elite” have plans down there that’ve been on hold since H.W. Bush.

    In any case, if the “Great Reset / Astrological / Elite” theory is true, then “they’ve” decided to put their domestic alchemy on hold in favor of military action, and for that, Trump is the ideal tool.

    There’s a reason Jerry Sinfield and Roseanne Barr are Conservative icons all of a sudden. There’s a reason Hollywood is re-making everything (it’s so on-the-nose Orwellian, literally re-writing the pop-culture’s image of itself).

    Again – I know how bizarre all this sounds but at the very least, and at this point, I think it’s naive to suggest anything at all that happens in our ridiculous American political theater is organic…

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