George Stephanopoulos Interviews Joe Biden

“They” are trying to force him out of the race.

Joe Biden is determined to beat Trump in the 2020 election though.


  1. If we want Trump to win as the lesser of two evils (as I do), we should encourage Biden to remain in the race. Prop him up so that he is not replaced by Michelle Obama who will be a sure win against Trump.

  2. If he steps down how is it not Kamala then? How could it be anybody else?
    Clearly the Trump campaign thinks so, they’re attacking her now.

    It would be a thrilling episode in American history to see the presidential election blatantly rigged against a far more popular candidate to install at the last minute a proud b’lack woman of color who got no time for no keeds and no broke brothers neither to open the oval office to her rich jew husband.

    • President Kamala would be truly hilarious on some level. The Democrats don’t even like her and didn’t want her. Perfect example of a broken system. She’s a multi-level mongrel, which is the preferred and promoted heritage of what our ruling class wants us to become. A DEI hire becoming President would be the perfect exclamation point on the greedy, dishonest, corrupt, and twisted journey this former nation chose to take.

  3. I’m pretty certain Trump wants Biden to remain as the leader. He’s likely hankering for a “get even” rematch with him. Winning against another candidate will be nowhere near as satisfying for Trump.
    A Trump win will have the street level Left in a teary tantrum. That alone should be an incentive to vote for him.
    Trouble is, if he turns out being just fantastic,and exceeds all your expectations,he has to go after four years.
    Your system is flawed in many ways.

  4. “They”= [[[THEY]]]. Let’s just be as honest, open, and ‘transparent’ as we can.

    Jews are trying to buy off both candidates. Take their money, and then screw them. Miriam Adelson is all but dead, what can she do if Trump goes his own way?

    I am so tired of Jews pretending they even have ontological existence legitimacy before God, I cannot tell you….
    Romans 9. – “Vessels fit for destruction.”

      • They have to keep some of us sub-humans around so each of them can have 2700 slaves when the messiah comes. Yes, some of them actually believe that.

    • “Miriam Adelson is all but dead, what can she do if Trump goes his own way?”

      They don’t operate as individuals.

      Her agenda, the agenda she is pushing, will be passed on to whomever is designated as her successor.

      She may be gone, but the agenda will carry on, in the hands of someone else who will hold the power over Trump as she does.

      Their scheme is more pervasive than individuals.

  5. Trump cannot be allowed to win the upcoming election. It it comes to it, assassination is on the table. He’s just too unpredictable. In uncertain times like this he is likely to do something the elites won’t like.

    He has good instincts though. He was smart enough to avoid the Epstein pedo stuff and just stick to regular hookers but that means the blackmailers have nothing to control him with.

    Newsome probably doesn’t want to be at the helm of a sinking ship. His wife might, but he doesn’t seem to. Probably lots of blackmail material on his wife. Plus he has a young family.

    I can only Kamala steering us over the cliff.

    • This happens with a degenerate electorate, allowing the illiterate to vote, the uneducated to vote , the immigrants to vote, people without roots in our ancestry to vote.

      The American people have been fooled, lulled into the feel good complacency of “everyone can vote”. It’s as stupid as drinking poison.

    • The Lügenpresse is simply lying, it’s their stock-in-trade. If the Lügenpresse says Trump is down by two points or polls are tied that translates into ‘Trump is ahead by ten points’. The Left is excellent at maintaining discipline; voting discipline, messaging (propaganda) discipline, ideological discipline. They have their disagreements, like right now over whether Dementia Joe should stay or go, whether Cackling Kamala, who would become the next Mr. President if Dementia Joe resigns, would be fatal to them on (s)election day. Once these disagreements are resolved the entire Left will fall into lock-step behind their psychopathic leaders, whatever they decide.

      That’s just how it works on the Left. It’s sort of like a cult except there is no religious belief at its center, only vicious political hatred against their enemies i.e. normal, happy, decent White people. This intense focus on enemies, especially personalizing as much as possible their enemies (Trump right now) has been an extremely effective tactic. Saul Alinsky, Hillary’s inspiration wrote the manual in using these tactics in political warfare in his Rules for Radicals. Trump and the Republicans have an opening now because they have used this Alinsky tactic by personalizing Dementia Joe’s decrepitude and Cackling Kamala’s stupidity as the alternative to Trump, an extremely unpalatable choice.

    • Hey, look at the battleground state of Pennsylvania, where the voters in residence allegedly selected Fetterman.

      Like the prospective campaign slogan sez: Biden / Fetterman – It’s a no brainer!

      Also remember Mencken’s famous quote: Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American people. That observation is from a century ago, when the place was 90% white. Just imagine what old H.L. would say now.

  6. @Terry Smith

    Bruh! God give me patience with the Jesuit influenced.

    The Southern Protestant Churches, like the country itself was set up by Masons. They didn’t infiltrate it, they practically created it.

    If they’ve been infiltrated its been primarily infiltrated chiefly by Counter-Reformers of the Vatican, especially by Jesuits. Secondarily, if its been infiltrated its been infiltrated by Pro-Zion Dispensationalism thinking. Thirdly, if it’s been infiltrated, its been infiltrated by communist agents. In reality, overall, the overwhelming majority of Southern Protestant Churches are conservative and Biblical. They split among evangelistic and traditional. They have loads of Masons in them as they’ve always had since the country was first settled by the British. Therefore, the Southern Protestant Churches the places that are most American.

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