Jews and The American Conservative

I got an email this morning from a conservative reader. The headline was “Amconmag Goes Neocon.” It appears that someone has signed me up on a conservative email list. I don’t think the author will mind me sharing its contents:

It’s official

Ron Unz, the Jewish owner of the American Conservative, has become a mestizo apologist.

American Conservative now reads like the neocon Weekly Standard in support of open borders

This is not surprising, considering:

Buchanan and Taki no longer have anything to do at all with the American Conservative

Ron Unz opposed Prop. 187 in California (a 1994 ballot initiative designed to prohibit illegal immigrants from using social services)

A link was provided to a new article by Ron Unz, the Jewish owner of The American Conservative, called “His-Panic: The Myth of Immigrant Crime.” Razib Khan of Gene Expression assisted Unz with the technical data. After visiting the site, I noticed that it is the cover story of the March issue. Personally, I’ve never written a single word about Hispanic crime at this website. VDARE and Amren have addressed the issue and should respond to Unz in some fashion.

In addition to “His-Panic,” there is another headline article called “Open Arms, Open Doors” from The Washington Post that argues U.S. immigration policy is killing Haitians and that the best way to help them is to let millions of starving refugees flood into the United States. What’s that doing in a paleoconservative magazine? Some of you might recall that last month Unz published Peter Hitchen’s “Far Wrong” hit piece on the BNP. You don’t need a crystal ball to see where this is going.

The choice of “His-Panic” as the title of the headline article in the new TAC is revealing. Geraldo Rivera (the Jewish/Puerto Rican liberal journalist) has a book called His-Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S. I knew the term sounded familar. I want to say that the neocon Linda Chavez has also written something under that label.

After hearing this, I think most White Nationalists will have the same reaction. A cardinal belief of White Nationalism is that Jews control the media and that their collective influence has pushed America in a more liberal, anti-racist direction. An important corollary is that Jews should be totally excluded from our media and organizations. This is why Amren’s inclusion of Jews has stirred so much controversy within the racialist community.

As The American Conservative goes the way of National Review, a few chastened paleos might learn something from this experience. Even if you disagree with White Nationalism, you can’t build viable conservative institutions with Jews in leading positions of influence. It never pans out. The idea that Jews could be relied upon to restore a healthy White Christian America was always absurd. 

Unfortunately, I doubt this episode will put an end to that fanciful notion on the Alternative Right.

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  1. KP:”The encroachment of Aztlan is a problem that would have to be solved by military.”

    Yup, that’s right. We need Whites in the U.S. National Guard stationed at key points of the border, plus we need to start building a HUGE granite white wall which spans the entire U.S./Mexico border in order to further keep out the Mestizo hordes – – IF WE BUILD IT, THEY WILL BE REPULSED:

  2. @Crypto-Aryan
    >For instance, why does El Paso have such a low crime rate?

    El Paso’s crime rate is low because of the high amount of lithium in the water supply. Studies have been done. Google it.

    That being said, El Paso with a low crime rate is poor, alien, and backward. I wonder if Unz would desire its population be relocated to Israel? …Didn’t think so.

    Jews are hypocrites.

  3. Razib Khan is a non-White sub-con who ought to be sent packing back to his native land once we regain control of the USA; he is laughably effeminate so dealing with him will be no problem whatsoever: Khan talks and acts like a girl –

    As the above video shows, Khan works for the ‘Unz Foundation,’ i.e. he is employed by an anti-White Jewish organization and his bills and rent are paid by JEWS: thus he of course must be careful not to offend his pay-masters and he must constantly prostrate himself before them in order to stay employed and keep getting his Jewish-authorized paychecks.

  4. We need to start having foundations with fellowships and stuff.

    Instead of saying “I like so-n-so”, I should be like “I hereby award so-n-so a Fellowship in the Wikitopian Foundation”.

  5. I know that non-whites and jews will consistently over-reach and make themselves unbearably obnoxious. They will not be graceful in the victory of Aztlan.

    To an extent they already are. Look at the smarmy journalism of scum like Frank Rich and Paul Krugman who openly fan the flames of anti-white resentment. And all of the ‘social justice’ organizations looking for more ways to redistribute wealth from whites to other groups.

    Why just two nights ago in my city savage ‘groids robbed and attempted to murder University students (i.e. two robberies and they shot a 19yo male student who lived). In a sane world we would hunt these animals until they were dead. But instead news like this is so commonplace as to be banal.

    Where is the will to resist this open, absolute hatred?

  6. Wow, what a total sleazbag!

    We are North West Europeans, not simply ‘Whites’, and it is obvious Our Kultur and Our Heritage really is different from all others the world over, including some other Whites.

    Fuckin’ A, man, fuckin’ A. We’re NW Europeans, man. Me, Z (the NY guido), ‘Kasimir Petrenko,’ all of us Good.White.N.W.Europeans! And, goddammit, no NWE ever, in the history of the world, took anything that didn’t belong to him. And us and the other, what, 50 million genetically and familially unalloyed NWE’s under 70 years of age are gonna gang up and kick out the other 300 million people on the American landmass any day now. (And it had better be soon, because otherwise it won’t be 300 million to send packing, it’ll be 400 or even 500.)

  7. Silver,

    My apologies, I did not in any way mean to exclude my fellow White Americans like yourself and the other guys here–in any way, shape or form.

    I consider you and all Whites who share in the American culture my brothers. The ‘NW Euro’ thing I meant and view through a far more cultural prism, than through a racial or ethnic one or way.

    I’ll give you a quick example: When I was in grad school in DC, we had a lot of students from ‘Latin’ America, and a seemingly large, disproportionate number of ’em had names like ‘Arturo Nielsen’ or ‘Fernando Strosser Munez’. Kid you not, many of these people were of part, and sometimes full ‘NW Euro’ descent, yet they often were these obnoxious globalist, anti-American and anti-Western elitists. So they were, in my eyes and estimation, no better than their other ‘Hispanic’ compadres, and were ‘Latinos’ themselves (although these same Liberal gasbags were quite the hypocrite when it came to socializing with their more indigenous ‘Latino’ (Mestizo) ‘hermanos’.

    So the above story brought back some memories.

    BTW – I love your site.

  8. Instead of saying “I like so-n-so”, I should be like “I hereby award so-n-so a Fellowship in the Wikitopian Foundation”.

    Jews are great at self-promotion. All of the ridiculous award shows they create to reaffirm their significance and excellence. All smoke and mirrors.

    Sure, why not, let’s play along. TOQ and OD should roll out the red carpet and give awards.

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