1. I’m a big, big fan of this artwork since it does lean on the Futurist Movement of the early 20th century and does have the required ‘vitality’ that is necessary for inspiring us and driving us into a glorious future and away from the degeneracy of the present.

    Here is my favourite Hyperborean Realist work:

    Aryans in Atlantis – Marhta Stewart (1999)


  2. A few people are debating the merit of Drago’s art at the Facebook group of Imperium Europa. Here are the comments thus far (user names have been redacted to initials):

    “RV: Scaringly kitschy…

    FW: Not at all. You are a boring “traditionalist,” afraid of any kind of modernism. In terms of art, you are a village-style Nazi and Kalajic is a Futurist Fascist.

    RV: I may be boring and I may be an anti-modernist. I’ve no problem with that.

    But my notion of art is not so narrow-minded as you seem to think. I’m quite open for new ways of artistic expression, both in music as well as in graphic and sculporist art.

    However, I can tell kitsch from art. And this is kitsch.

    FW: What is your definition of kitsch?

    PM: “Futurist Fascist”-very good description of Dragoš Kalaji? and his work. By the way he was one of the greatest Traditionalist who had honor to meat and talk with Jullius Evola or Ezra Paund and many other intellectuals in Europe.

    He have wrote many books some of them are.
    “American Evil I & II” published in 1991 and 1994 when even Serbian nationalist have supported America.
    In 1994 “Russia is rising” when everybody was laughing to that words…. See More
    Also “Betrayal of Europa” that year.
    “The last Europeans (or through enslaved Europa) “-2001
    2004-“European Ideology”
    2005-novel “Serbian children of Empire”
    That year he was murdered.

    Some of his earlier books:
    1972-” The Stronghold”
    1974-“The End of the World”
    1981-“The Maker” -novel
    He also made TV serial called “The mirror of 20th century” where he have spoke and made interview with that time living most popular artist in the world – showing what the modern art really is .
    1997 &1998 he had also TV Serial called “Mon Blanc” in which he tried to explain to greater number of people the Idea of “New Europe” – totally different from the idea of EU.

    RV: Kalajic lacks artistic skill. His painting are simply not good from the craftsmanship’s point of view. Often the perspective is wrong; the reason for this is obviously that the painter has copied popular photos which one has seen umpteen times before (e.g. the stone eagle from the Reichs congress ground in Nuremberg) and those photos were taken … See Morefrom different perspectives. Moreover, Kalajic cannot make it plausible that this is intention (as it is in cubistic art).

    But the lack of skill does not make kitsch in the first place.

    It is the enumeration of topoi of “national” or “Traditional” connotation which stay utterly on the surface. Kalajic may be a good man but his “art” is awfully tasteless. It does not inspire. Kalajic tries to communicate a certain message, and this message is flat and one-dimensional.

    PM: Maybe,but knowing that his intention was to make his ideas understandable to greater number of people can explain that.

    RV: His intention may have been of the best kind. I don’t doubt that. But the medium he chose to “bring about” his message was the wrong medium.

    E.g. I’m not a musician type of person, therefore, I’d never try to use music as a vehicle for my message. One has to be self-critical enough to know if one is not good at this or that. And if you’re not good… See More at it, simply use a different means of transport for your ideas.

    I don’t attack the painter as a person nor as a politician. But his paintings are terribly kitschy.

    To make it more precise:

    There’s a fundamental difference between good and well-meant. And well-meant is simply not good enougn!”

  3. I am usually the first one to yell “ENTARTETE KUNST!” at any and all modern art, but there is an undeniable potency in Drago’s work.

    I am interested in hearing from others with similar aesthetic sensibilities. What say you, comrades: Kunst oder Kitsch?

  4. I like Europe Eternal’s concept but his imagery is a bit too contrasting. The bright yellow and light blue tend to scream at each other instead of melting into a gestalt.

  5. The artwork feels deeply aspirational and integrally White. It’s a nice balance of realist craft and aspirational symbolism. It’s easy to retreat to the strict realism of the ARC when confronted with the degenerate Jewish modernist “inside joke” art, but it’s a retreat.

    It’s nice to see an artist who transcends that, treating the eyes to backgrounds of gold which bring out the radiant beauty of our women’s hair and azure blues which bring out the striking quality of our womens’ eyes.

    Please keep these kinds of posts coming.

  6. Kunst oder Kitsch, tut mir leid… Ich weiss nicht genau.
    Vielleicht, Propaganda Kunst?

    My first instinct was to sort of glance at the artwork sideways and murmur… softly… “kitschy…” but not Kitsch. The enlarged thumbnails reveal that the originals would certainly be worth a second glance.

    Most of the images would make excellent artwork for postage stamps – as the images are striking and the colours extremely contrasting. The same palette is used throughout each of the images, and could possibly allude to Drago’s preference to treat similar shapes, surfaces and spaces with the same colour on each piece – either as a matter of convenience, communication or both (Interestingly, acoustic memories were awakened and I found myself tapping my feet to one of Laibach’s ditties).

    There certainly is no reason to demolish the man’s artistic capability solely on the premise that he failed to affix a white toilet on a Guggenheim’s wall.

  7. Any exaltation of the Northern man and woman I find intriguing and pleasing to the eyes. It may be a bit kitschy, but it’s quality kitsch.

    The color scheme reminds me of some of the cartoons from the 80s.

  8. I’m sorry, but that is really bad taste. The color combinations alone are awfull. It doesn’t get better because has put some blonde women in.

  9. That art is pretty good despite it being semi-kitschy. It’s certainly not great, just pretty good — decent kitsch.

    I like the artistic, philosophical, and pro-White racial thrust behind the paintings better than the actual art though.

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