CofCC: Under the Microscope

Bob Barr Addressing CofCC

OD now reaches around 30,000 unique visitors a month. Last month, Occidental Observer had 90,000 unique visitors and TOQ Online reached 18,000. At a minimum, Stormfront, Amren, and VDARE combined must be reaching over hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month. The other pro-White sites in America reach tens of thousands of more unique visitors and cater to any number of diverse sub-cultures within the movement.

Here’s the rub: with such a huge online media presence, why are so few people involved in pro-White organizations? I’ve lost count of the number of people over the years who claim they want to do something. Most take a look at the existing organizations and find some objection that deters them from joining. The ubiquitous splinter groups in the White Nationalist movement and the social penalties that follow from membership aren’t exactly inspiring.

This troubling fact raises important questions. The long term plan here at OD has always been to spend a few years building up a huge online media presence and then create an activist wing down the road. With pro-White sites already reaching so many people, why aren’t more Americans coming out from behind their computer screens? What is the point of reaching more people with more media if the extent of their involvement is limited fighting with each other on internet blogs and forums?


In this post, I want to take a hard look at the Council of Conservative Citizens. I’ve known of the CofCC for seven or eight years now, but until recently I haven’t paid much attention to them. What are the strengths of this organization? What are the weaknesses? Where is the CofCC headed in the future? What are the objections to joining? What are the counterarguments?

This is a whole can of worms that hasn’t been explored here. I believe this is the first post in OD history (correct me if I am wrong) about the merits of a pro-White organization. It is a small mystery in itself why we have talked about Red Jeffrey and Guy White over a dozen times, but until now haven’t discussed the ways in which we can get involved in the real world to bring White Nationalism out of the fantasy realm and into reality.

Pros and Cons

1.) I would rather start my own organization.

One of the most demoralizing aspects of White Nationalism are the thousands of splinter groups that have one or two members, do absolutely nothing, and wither and die within a year. It gives new recruits the impression that the movement is hopelessly disorganized and will never get its act together.

This problem can be traced to the radical individualism that has always been prominent in American culture. Everyone wants to be the chief. No one wants to be the Indian. In the White Nationalist movement, this translates into hundreds of little micro-fuhrers each with their own small website that they call an organization. Several Facebook groups of this sort come to mind.

It is usually a better idea to join an established organization than to start a brand new one. Established organizations have the resources, networks, and knowledge that micro-fuhrers lack. If you join an existing organization, you can work within a community to make your own division or unit a success.

There isn’t as much pressure. You will be taken more seriously. It is easier to make a name for yourself and get things done.

This is probably the greatest strength of the CofCC. They have been around for twenty years now under that name. Their roots can be traced to the Citizens’ Councils of America which fought integration in the 1950s and 1960s. CofCC has a fifty year legacy of resistance to integration and multiculturalism.

In a manner of speaking, CofCC is the oldest bank in town. It is a safer place to invest your time and resources. Of the existing pro-White organizations, it is the largest and most stable.

2.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because they are full of cranks, kooks, losers, or sub-cultures that I would rather not associate with.

I’ve been involved in pro-White discussion groups for almost ten years now. This is the major reason why I stayed on the sidelines for so long. My impression of the movement was that it was full of individualists who cared more about parading around in white sheets or flaunting their swastikas than making a serious effort to preserve our racial and cultural heritage.

Now that I am meeting people in real life, I have discovered that the loudmouth types who I see all the time on the internet, who I mentally associated with White Nationalism, are usually keyboard commandos. I’ve been to a few pro-White events and the people I met there were ordinary, intelligent, and normal Americans.

As the old saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly, you can’t judge the White Nationalist movement by the crazy people you see on internet forums.

CofCC has managed to ward off most of these types. They have done a better job of this than any other comparable pro-White organization. If you want to be around sane, normal, ordinary Americans who are concerned about their racial future, I can’t think of a better established organization.

3.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because I can’t afford the membership dues.

The cost of joining the CofCC is $25 a year. That is trivial. Anyone can afford that. It is equivalent of two cases of Bud Light or eating a steak dinner at a chain restaurant.

4.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because I want to protect my identity.

Use a pseudonym. If you join under your real name, the information is confidential and your privacy will be protected.

5.) I’m still not ready to join an organization.

Every White Nationalist should determine his or her own level of involvement. If you aren’t ready to join an organization like CofCC, there are still things you can do.

You can show up at events. You can donate. You can write articles for the newspaper or blog under a pseudonym. You can buy things like books and t-shirts. You can participate in online blogs and discussion forums. You can advertise and recommend pro-White organizations. You can invite people to the relevant Facebook groups.

6.) I’m a White Nationalist, not a faileoconservative. Why should I join the CofCC?

I’ve had this debate several times with Matt Parrott. I consider myself a White Nationalist. He calls himself a “conservative” and “White Advocate.” When you get beyond these labels, there isn’t much difference between our respective views. This is mostly an argument over semantics.

There are lots of White Nationalists involved with CofCC. At the 2010 CofCC Conference, Sam Dickson bluntly described himself as a racial nationalist in his speech. Everyone involved in CofCC is pro-White and anathema to mainstream conservative circles.

Personally, I want to create a Jew-free, White ethnostate in North America. That’s why I call myself a White Nationalist. Moving beyond that minimum, I flesh out the details:

– I want to see a White ethnostate created in the American South.

– I want Anglo-Celtic Southerners to be the ethnic core of the White ethnostate. In other words, I want the White ethnostate to be a Southern homeland.

– I want to restore the Confederate States of America as an independent nation.

– I want the South to be South again. I want to return to traditional, authentic Southern culture. This means doing away with the garbage that is pumped in here through print, radio, and television.

– I want a healthy Protestant Christianity to be the predominant religion of the South: old school, middle class, sensible and sturdy Christianity, not the Evangelical nuttiness that spread like kudzu here in the twentieth century.

– I want a federal national government and a constitutional republic. The states should have more of a say in their own affairs than they do now.

– I love Confederate monuments. I was raised to believe that Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis were heroes. There is no conflict between White Nationalism and wanting to conserve the history, heritage, and tradition that made the South great.

The moral of this story is that there are plenty of things about the South that I wish to conserve, namely, our race and culture. I’m simply of the belief that revolutionary action – a dissolution of the United States – is the indispensable prerequisite to any Southern racial and cultural revival.

7.) The CofCC isn’t strongly enough opposed to the Jews.

There is no shortage of Jew-awareness in the CofCC. Everyone involved knows about the problem and understands its significance. Get involved and you will see for yourself.

The Jews played a prominent role in destroying the Jim Crow South which the CCA fought so hard to preserve. That fact has hardly gone unnoticed. At the same time, most people in the CofCC are intelligent enough to recognize that they are all sorts of factors pushing American decline. The Jewish Question is only one aspect of a larger problem.

8.) The CofCC is hostile to Westerners and Northerners.

This is not the case. The CofCC has chapters in New York, Indiana, and California. They are based in the South, but are eager to expand into a national organization.

It would be great to take back the whole country. I’m all for it. If I had to choose between a Southern or American ethnostate, I would choose the latter. I don’t think it is practical or possible to take back all of America, but we should certainly try, and Northerners and Westerners should be actively building chapters in their own states.

9.) The CofCC is Christian. I am not a Christian. We should be attacking Christianity which is a Jewish religion.

There is no religious litmus test for membership. I think attacking Christianity – the religion of 85% of White Americans – is a complete non-starter. Instead of attacking Christianity, we should encourage Christians to return to their roots.

For 300 years, American Christians didn’t have a problem with “racism.” If Christians examined their own religion, they would find that mainstream churches didn’t embrace anti-racism until the twentieth century, and then on dubious theological grounds. The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t embrace anti-racism until the 1990s.

10.) CofCC is a bunch of old fogies. We need a brand new organization that caters to White Nationalist youth.

I’ve already explained why a new organization is a bad idea. In the podcast, I explained why the age ratio within CofCC favors younger members: simply put, there are plenty of opportunities to advance. Within twenty years, younger CofCC members will be leading the organization.

CofCC has evolved in the past. In 1988, it changed its name to Council of Conservative Citizens from the Citizens’ Councils of America. What could Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers with the CofCC? That day will inevitably come.

11.) I want to get involved in mainstream politics.

CofCC is the largest pro-White organization and the only established organization that has any influence in state politics. If you live in the South, CofCC is the logical organization to join.

Conclusion: It is better to join an established organization and make your mark than to launch a risky new start up with zero name recognition. Of the established organizations, CofCC is the largest, oldest, the most normal, the most tolerant and flexible, and offers the most opportunities for young people (in particular, Southerners) to advance. They already have connections to the political mainstream. See the image and caption.

OD reaches thousands of racialists in Virginia, Texas, and Florida. We have a lot of people in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina as well. Shouldn’t we join existing chapters or start new ones where they don’t exist? What is the purpose of pro-White media aside from promoting pro-White activism?

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  1. As we saw with the Confederacy, the problem with decentralization is that any new White ethnostate will immediately come under either armed attack or economic pressure, and even a decentralized republic will be forced to centralize for practical reasons.

  2. The Confederacy was doomed by its lack of industrialization.

    I keep hearing from both liberals and “conservatives” alike that if the US were to break up into small, decentralized states, they would immediately begin squabbling amongst themselves (my personal favorite is the argument that some “warlord” would sweep across the land in a fury of ‘unification’).

    To that, I say, Switzerland; a culturally homogeneous state with a high concentration of guns per capita, and a very small army.

    As to economic pressure. Spend some time on to learn how abandoning the criminal enterprise that is fractional reserve, fiat currency…and adopting a commodity monetary system (gold and/or silver) will provide protection against economic pressure.

    As far as “practical reasons,” in culturally homogeneous populations, there is a much greater social [rather than legal] imperative to pursue life, liberty, property and happiness…in a way that does not damage society.

    Unless by “practical reasons” you are referring to the ease with which edicts can be handed down by the political class.

  3. This discussion reminds me of an argument I once heard. Two catholics were arguing about whether or not mass should be conducted in Latin. The second catholic said it didn’t matter since the first didn’t even go to church. That’s basically how this discussion is playing out. A group of atheist authoritarian WNs debating the merits of pandering to the christians, libertarians, and ordinary conservatives.

    Mr. Jones,

    I think the Mexicans would still come to this country if there wasn’t any welfare. This place is a paradise compared to most of their homes in Central America and they’re willing to sweat and bleed simply to be here. The people who rely on the government are all “citizens.” First generation immigrants avoid going to public places and generally fly under the radar. It’s their children, the growing latino underclass, who screw things up.

  4. That’s true.

    It is equally true that behind the demise of the Confederacy was a philosophy of government: opposition to industrialization, opposition to tariffs, opposition to government subsidized railroads, opposition to centralization, opposition to internal improvements, opposition to public schools, opposition to building a Southern Navy and merchant marine.

    When the War Between the States finally came, the Union blockaded the Southern coast and strangled our commerce. They used their railroads to pump in hordes of German and Irish troops. They used their factories to churn out weaponry. The Confederacy was crushed by sheer numbers and armaments.

    It was less a contest over socialism than one between Jeffersonianism and Hamiltonianism, or small government versus big government, and the latter won. The ideological debate ended as soon as the war began as the Confederacy began to centralize by necessity. By 1864, it was far too late to catch up.

    A White ethnostate will need a strong federal government to deal with the antagonists it is sure to leave behind in the rump Union.

  5. The remnant of the United States will never consent to allow us to create an independent decentralized White version of Switzerland in the South. If a partition ever happens, it will be a bitter one.

  6. Ron Jones says:

    You’re kidding me, right?

    You know how to spell euphemism, yet have a hard time grasping what I mean by “spontaneous personal accountability”

    No, I am not kidding. It is clear what you are hinting at, but I wondered if you wanted to clarify.

    It is interesting that you consider government intrinsically completely wrong and advocate vigilantism and anarchy.

    It brings to mind CompassionateFascist and his toxic “hard right” philosophy. CompassionateFascist thinks forbidding miscegenation is absolutely wrong and that no government or other authority should be allowed to restrict or control mate choices in any way, but he lusts for a total bloodbath and the death of millions of people.

    The “hard right” and anti-government types who downplay the importance of race and have a monomaniacal fixation on government (or some conspiracy) being the source of all problems in the world have confused, mixed-up priorities.

    Unfortunately, many white racialists confuse being anti-government with being pro-white and are fooled by the “hard right” and “patriot” types. Downplaying race to focus on anti-government sentiment and conspiracies does more harm than good. I doubt it turns the “patriot” types into racialists, and it diverts the focus of racialists to irrelevant issues and pointless nonsense.

  7. Richard Hoste on the false idea that cutting off government is a panacea:

    To repeat what someone else said, those of you who think we should just cut off welfare to the low IQ and they won’t be able to support themselves are wrong. First off, most people reading this have no idea how the mind of somebody with an IQ of 85 or below thinks. Don’t expect foresight from these people. And when there children are born, do you think that our society is just going to let them starve? Even if you cut off government, some charity will make sure people aren’t dying in the streets. And even if there wasn’t any charity, if stray dogs and cats can survive in a modern city than stray humans with IQs of 60 can too.

  8. Ron Jones: Switzerland is not culturally homogenous. The people there speak four different languages, German, French, Italian, and Romansh, because they are four different peoples united to protect themselves against flatlanders of their own kind. Their provinces (cantons) are more independent than our states, and most of them are dominated by one or another of the four groups. The lesson of Switzerland is not that an ethnically homogenous country with lots of gun owners can defend itself, but that Whites who respect each other’s separate cultures and territories can join together to defend common interests.

  9. Response to Ron Jones:

    1.) Anti-Nationalism is what has brought us to our present state as a nation.

    – White Americans are denied a positive racial identity.
    – White Americans are instructed to think of themselves as autonomous individuals, not as a group with ethnic interests.
    – White Americans are loaded with racial guilt.
    – White Americans are taught that their culture is bland and oppressive and that they should seek liberation from it.
    – White Americans are not allowed to control their own public spaces.
    – White Americans are taught that the presence of racial aliens “enriches” America.
    – White Americans are taught that it is evil and inhumane to control our borders.

    The whole thrust of the present system is to discredit and delegitimize any form of nationalism among White people … unless it can be harnessed to promote Jewish or capitalist interests through waging foreign wars abroad.

    2.) As we saw in the War Between the States, Hamilton had the better argument. The North industrialized and won the war.

    3.) Liberals hate White Nationalism.

    4.) Southerners didn’t have any problem with nationalism. That’s a myth. The same people voted for Andrew Jackson, ethnically cleansed the Southeast of Indians, waged aggressive war against Mexico, and advocated further expansion into the Caribbean, in particular, the acquisition of Cuba.

    If Southerners were opposed to nationalism, why did they stridently demand the North enforce the Fugitive Slave Act? How did Jackson, Harrison, Polk (Young Hickory) or Taylor get elected? The truth is that Southerners were opposed to being the minority section in the Union and losing power to the North. That’s why they bolted the Union.

    5.) It was the Republican Party that kept the U.S. on the gold standard. The Populists and Greenback Party, based largely in the South and West, wanted to inflate the money supply with “free silver.”

    6.) The North forced the South to adopt Jim Crow laws? Where did you get that idea? The whole point of the 14th Amendment was to repeal the black codes that the Southern states were passing after the war.

    Jim Crow took root in the South after Southerners fought for three generations to regain control over domestic race relations and the North became exhausted with the conflict and moved on to foreign expansion and industrialization.

    7.) Southerners emphasized states’ rights and local government for one reason: to justify their control of blacks. Whenever Southerners controlled the national government, they were aggressive expansionists and nationalists, as we saw from Jefferson through Polk.

    8.) The South would never have seceded if it had not been steadily losing control over the national government. Look at how Southerners backed Ol’ Hickory when he slapped down South Carolina over the tariff.

    9.) Baptists are Protestants.

    10.) I’m not a National Socialist.

  10. Lena, I agree strongly about getting rid of free trade and protecting the white working class. That issue is also a winner with most whites. There is an effort by the part of the globalist plutocrats to turn “protectionism” into a dirty word, you see it on the talking head shows on the weekend on Fox news. As if protecting our high quality of life and livelihood is a bad thing? What’s the opposite of protectionism, UNPROTECTED TRADE, is that what they are advocating? Promiscuous unprotected trade with every third world dung-heap on the planet? Globalism is the cause of this economic recession, the jobs were already gone earlier in the decade, the Fed covered it up with a housing boom that covered up the problem for half a decade by pumping fake money into the economy. Now that that scheme has fallen apart it’s obvious that the problem is the real economy that existed in this country 25 years ago has been stolen from us by globalists (an act of CAPITAL TREASON that should be punished accordingly) and those jobs are alive and well…in China. I just look at all the stuff sitting around by house that I bought in the mid nineties, my coffee maker, can opener, a pack of ball point pens, all say MADE IN THE USA on them. I go into the store today I see the exact same products sitting on the shelf, when I look at the box I get that cold slap in the face from the globalists when I see that MADE IN CHINA written on the bottom. There was no “superior innovation” or “spirit of enterprise” involved, they simply picked up every single mold, machine, and conveyor belt from some factory in America and set it back up in China the same way. The only difference is now instead of one of our own having a decent livelihood, “ching fing” is now working 14 hour shifts with one day off a month for a bed in a dormitory and a bowl of rice a day. A lot of companies had no choice due to the rotten system, but those who advocated and implemented this change of our economic policy to unprotected trade, need to be put on trial and sentenced to death for their crimes.

  11. Republicans don’t care. They would rather lose every election than be called “racist.”

    In Medieval Italy mercenaries, called Condottieri (“contractor”), pretty much did all the real military work. Before long they settled into a theater approach to warfare; they knew tomorrow they’d be working across from the guys on the other side, instead of fighting them. They had more in common with one another than the people they represented.

    Did you know Italian politics was largely freelance, even that far back?

    Yes, Republicans will be content consigned to perpetual also-ran status.

  12. Decentralize. Then we’ll have the opportunity to create an ethnic homeland.

    You seem to be creating a distinction without a difference. Decentralize, create an ethnic homeland, they’re the same thing. It’s not like the Beast is going to treat one struggle as any different from the other, or roll over because we never mentioned race. Obviously there’s a lot of talking we could do about strategy & tactics, but I wanted to point that out.

  13. Free trade is great when you have the competitive advantage. After the industrial revolution Britain had it for a long time and enforced free trade wherever it could because it was good for Britain. America followed suit when it took over as top dog and it worked out fine for a while. But now China has such an overwhelming competitive advantage holding onto free trade like it’s some kind of religious fetish for historical reasons is economic suicide.

    All free trade means now is letting jews make billions monetizing productive capacity that somebody else built up, off-shoring it and then stashing the proceeds into Swiss banks ready for if they have to run.

  14. I’d rather see a currency backed by oil, or labor units, or corn or energy units than one backed by gold or silver. But then I am an economic illiterate. 🙂

  15. Very well said Nightowl. What you have described is how the White middle class has been financially dispossessed. The criminal malfeasance of the plutocracy in wrecking Western economies, does indeed, need to be exposed, and politically used to WN advantage. White economic self-interest and frustration is the key motivating factor, that can be turned to our political advantage.

  16. “Unfortunately, many white racialists confuse being anti-government with being pro-white and are fooled by the “hard right” and “patriot” types. Downplaying race to focus on anti-government sentiment and conspiracies does more harm than good. I doubt it turns the “patriot” types into racialists, and it diverts the focus of racialists to irrelevant issues and pointless nonsense.”

    I would say over the last two to three years the sort of people who care more about conspiracies than race have become the majority on Stormfront. There are also tons of Fox News retards. The problem started to get out of hand in the run up to the 2008 election. Lots of people, mostly Southerners who watch Fox News and who had no previous awareness of white nationalism joined because they were upset that Obama was going to be president. These people have now taken over the forum and make hundreds of posts a day about Glen Beck and Alex Jones. Typically, these sorts of people are extremely pig-headed and have no interest in learning about the history of white nationalism or anything intellectually more challenging that a Rush Limbaugh broadcast. It’s pretty depressing really.

  17. This was a special article because it might be a small step to try to find a deeper reason or formula as to why we don’t seem to be succeeding as much as it would seem, given the number of people who visit pro-white websites. When in doubt, ask people why they aren’t getting more involved. Reader’s comments are valuable.

    I think there are two reasons. Demoralization. And second, we join groups because we see some people there like ourselves. Otherwise we don’t much join. That’s important.

    We are trying to save a civilization under attack. A civilization has a huge number of types of people. I think pro-white groups forget just how many types of people there are, and how varied are human temperament and characteristics. Maybe we need some people who know how to get varied subgroups of people to work on common goals.

    But if you find the right button in a person, you have a committed person for life – provided you are honest.

    ATBOTL is right about groups taking over a movement. For instance if there are tons of FOX news type posts in a group, or tons of conspiracy posts, well, there is something about human nature that, at a gut level, does not want to go against the majority of posts. These people say, bye bye discussion group.

    (in addition to the above factors, we have the media to go against. I watched a DVD today of Tom Selleck’s “Stone Cold”. The movie is mainly about a serial killing spree. But there is a subplot of, hold on, a football star and friends who I think are all on the football team, raping a 16 year old girl. A theme in both the serial spree and the rape is how easily criminals can get away with coming out innocent in the public’s eye, provided they make the right claims of being innocent. By the end of the movie, after a good deal of difficulty for instance from high powered lawyers, the criminals are sort of all caught, but the point is made – usually it would have been easy for them to get away with the crime. The movie wasn’t totally like Nifong and the Duke rape case – everyone in the film is white except the chief of police’s assistant – but as soon as the thing appeared in the film, I thought, oh no. Anyway, it’s films like this that set up even the conservative public – I think of Selleck as conservative.)

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